seriously i dont deserve all these things

yeah i know this is probably the edgiest self portrait i’ve done so far.
i was in a really shitty mood and wanted to make something uplifting, so nobody has to feel that way
turns out i’m not the best at pep talks, not even to myself. figures.

but it is still a heartfelt thing from me to all the people feeling lost and broken and alone.
i’ll remember all of you. keep going
nobody deserves to be forgotten.



I mean it’s no Tangled (2010), but it’s a really good continuation of my favorite movie

Things I loved:

- everyone seems so in character (except one). Rapunzel is the sweetest girl and Eugene is hilarious. Pascal is the best friend anyone could ever have and Maximus is still rocking is charge. Getting to see more of those characters and others really helps in loving them more. Cant wait for more adventures

- Cassandra is awesome! I didnt like very much the fact that rapunzel was out at night with only her and no pascal or eugene in the music video but watching the whole thing makes perfect sense now! Sorry for judging too soon!

- Mom and Dad moments! I totally love how comprehensive her mother is and I love when she says ‘’I only ask that you’d be safe, smart and, above all, be true to yourself’’. I can also understand her dad’s point of view but since I didnt like him that much I’ll discuss that in the ‘’things I didnt like’’

- THE WIG THING. I had a huge problem with the wig when it appear on the trailers because it was never established in the world of tangled that those things existed and I really disliked rapunzel with it. It seem something more for beauty and the beast and it make me think of cinderella 2. But, again, after seeing the movie it all made sense. I knew whe was using it to hide the hair but its not something they just threw in, so I’m gald and sorry for judging too soon.

- the hair growing back again made sense (even tho she touched the stone thing and not the ground where the flower was but okay). I really want to know what are those spikes

- the animation is really cute and consistent

- OTP IS BACK YEAH - eugene is so romantic and caring and funny and protective and everything rapunzel deserves. I loved when he declared himself her best friend because yeah they can be a couple of best friends!

- I also liked cassadra’s realtionship with eugene. sassy buddies

- I love the songs! (even tho they’re few!!)

Thing I didnt like:

- some cliches or plot holes like the opening scene (where they want us to believe rapunzel is running from trouble when it was all just a game they took too seriously?? i dont get the point of it, it seems forced just to indruduce the world she wants to visit), why is a rat delievering a paper to lady cane, how did she got into the castle (just because you put a fancy wig doesnt mean your automatically royalty), there are few guards on jail because most where at the coronation doing their incompetent jobs?

- my biggest problem is the king. Yes, the man that cried so emotionally that made you cry, the man that cried even when his wife didnt, the man that even without any lines whatsoever thill now delievered a great and super emotional performace. That man is now a stupid cliche ‘’i want to protect you so you stay locked forever’’ father. Dont get me wrong, losing his dauther would probably make him take those decisions but he alwasy seems so strick with rapunzel for no need. I wanted him to talk to rapunzel with kind and sad eyes explaining things to her, how he feels and how he felt, what he fears and trusting her a bit more- but he’s always like ‘’dont embarrass me’’, ‘’dont go out’’. I think he’s reaaaaally out of character

- I understand why rapunzel said ‘’no’’ to eugene’s proposal but why did they create that situation where she would be forced to say no? she would have never said no otherwise. I think they deserved better

I think that’s all I have to say



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new hc: the longer the team works as paladins the less they care about their Hero Appearance and dont take things as seriously bc theyve just seen so much absurd shit that nothing fazes them anymore. they encounter lotor one day and he monologues about how World Is Mine and at the end of it all instead of a serious and hope inspiring response, lance leans in til his mouth is touching the microphone and says "i fucked your wife shitlips." everyone cheers and then they punt him into orbit the end

allura, watching lance drag lotor:

@ yall who keep saying im a pedo for having this username or some shit

1- im younger than keith so like. if u wanna accuse me of anything, u shouldnt be using That Particular Term. if ur gonna be petty at least get ur terms right and maybe Learn a little about the person u want to be petty towards
2- i took this username way before any ages were announced. like WAY before. originally my username was going to be either “shirosock” or “keithmobile” so my intentions were literally nothing to do with sexualization of a minor 
3- its not particularly sexualization. i didnt take this url with the implication “oh this is so cute bc its sexualizing keith!!” like dude. u dont need to have sex to own underwear. seriously. 
4- i like the idea of keith being not straight (as a not straight mlm myself) and having feminine qualities and aspects and therefore some “feminine” clothing, which, in this case, includes cute undergarments! because they are cute and he is cute and deserves nice things for himself
5- you all REALLY try too hard to make everything seem problematic. like usually i am totally one for fixing whatever mistakes i have made, and i like to be educated so i dont make those mistakes. but in this case this is rly ridiculous. you’re judging a person’s account by the URL before even looking at the blog itself because you’re entitled, and believe you know what is right and wrong before even clicking on the content and situation of the admin. christ, im hardly even active on here anymore and yet apparently I am an active threat in multiple ways according to this fanbase and I hardly DO ANYTHING. it’s amazing like idk how to even run a blog in this fanbase withOUT it being deemed problematic in some way. really I’m hardly on here, and I don’t even express my opinions too often on here anymore, and I try my damn best to understand and be educated of actual issues, but this is just petty entitlement and I’m really tired of seeing it every time I log into this account. real issues exist in the world other than a minor’s fucking view and characterization of a fictional character. if you’d like to call out what is problematic, do so for those actual issues. im really damn tired

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Noooooooo*burst down your door*ooooooooo*places Robbie chase Wilford ie any of the egos that will cuddle and take care of you*ooooooooooooooo*turns on YouTube for you*oooooooooo*gives food*oooooooo*smooches your head with a hug before quietly leaving and placing door back on it's hinges* in all seriousness hey if you ever need to vent or talk or just want to get your mind off of things I'm happy to be there for you, ok? (Tya who cares for you very much because your their friend)💙

….. awww. Thank you (my anxiety just acts up sometimes and brings in a lot of…. dark thoughts i would prefer remain hidden. But seeing all of these people honestly concerned with my well being? God- it makes me want to cry) thank you so much. I dont deserve any of this kindness.

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I know Billy in Stranger Things is a fucking prick and deserves no sympathy to some degree (dont treat your sister like crap how dare you) but can we fucking acknowledge his introduction where he comes out the car while “Rock You Like A Hurricane” by The Scorpions blasts in his kick ass car then his boot hits the ground with that sound effect? Seriously I somewhat like him because of this scene and music taste. HE HAD METALLICA’S “KILL ‘EM ALL” HANGING ON HIS WALL.

Motherfucker is a metalhead and I approve of this shit.

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unlimited-gay-works ha risposto al tuo post “it bothers me that nobody seems to care about izuku’s past or the…”

I agree with all thats said here, but i dont think his classmates or all might even KNOW. Bakugou doesnt care and would say deku deserved it, but izuku wouldnt even tell anyone because… Like maybe thinking no on would care or that it doesnt matter anymore? Which isnt tru at all, but thats prob why he hasnt told anyone how bad it was.

yeah the thing is his classmates most likely noticed but never took it seriously because “hey they are childhood friends maybe that’s just how they interact + have some bad blood going on but nothing serious. Like it’s very possible that since none of them takes Bakugou’s scenes seriously, they just assumed Izuku is used to them. And if Izuku’s never told anybody the truth, they would keep waiting for them to resolve things and become friends once again.

 This also fits with Ochako telling Bakugou to just stop being a baby and going back to be Izuku’s friend, because if Ochako of all people thinks they should become friends, you just know Izuku has always downplayed the situation and never told anyone the full extent of Bakugou’s bullism.

BUT it’s close to impossible that All Might hasn’t noticed anything between That One Time Bakugou almost killed Izuku and went “he’s ok as long as he dodges” or the exam. Which immediately raises the question of “why” Toshinori hasn’t stepped in even once. You could pin it to him not having firsthand experience with bullism, but even in that case, the video feed of Bakugou punching Izuku out of nowhere would be a pretty alarming sight

Also ^^^ Izuku shows a lot of behaviour you’d expect an abuse survivor to show (which makes sense, considering he is): severe social anxiety, flinches when touched unexpectedly, panics in Bakugou’s presence/hearing his voice,

So with all of this above written down, why is Izuku’s abuse treated as a joke or something to easily brush off? In part is due to people in this fandom just not caring about abusive situations for the sake of “the hawt yaoiz” or downplaying the fact that bullism can be a form of abuse, but a great deal of this comes from the fact that Horikoshi just can’t fucking write abusive situations in a way they’re horribly taken far for shock value (Todoroki, Eri) or used as a gag (Izuku, Bakugou himself).

In conclusion:

hey anyway unfollow me if u want esp if its good for u i dont wanna make people upset or uncomfy

im not gonna post abt shit like this i try not to i dont wanna have to deal with it and work shit out but

yall know i dont fuck with 99% of tumblr shit im just gonna agree or not agree. anti gross stuff like abuse and pedophilia and incest and shit? good be anti that bc its gross and thats not a problem. call that shit out.

ppl yelling anti abt stuff that isnt? purity politics? ):

i dont get too involved in that bc ive been manipulated with it and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth but seriously the purity politics on this site are awful and ppl get attacked for things they dont deserve it for and thats all. some posts abt antis? bad. generalizing. bad. others? good

disagree, sure. pls dont send hate or try to argue w me. its such a complicated and complex matter and it takes so much to get into but. yeah. block me if u need to i wont yet offended ^-^


smh . i most of th time still dont understand like, why do bts get so much shit??????? theyre the lovliest kindest sweetest funniest group of young men who are extremely talented nd humble n want to change th world with their positive messages n make people see the beauty in themselves and each other. sometimes i rly think that the boys r too nice nd good especially for this world . seriously why do ppl so passionately like to hate on them? sorry but i dont see anything the boys deserve all this negativity for. they dont deserve to have antis. they dont deserve to have ppl who use them for their own benefit in any kind of way. they dont deserve solo stans, ot6 stans, ot3 stans whoever the fuck else there is. also,, there are times where i think even we armys dont deserve them. all i know is that they only thing they deserve is pure happiness. 

I seriously dont know what i did to deserve all this pain. I need it to stop because i cant take it anymore. If loving so hard was a wrong thing to do then i must be the worst person on earth i might as well go straight to hell. I never questioned anything that has ever happened to me but God why whyyyyyy are you letting me experience all this?????? Whyyy what did i do wrong???

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djxjcDJXJXH OH MY GOODNESS AAAAH YOU’RE TOO SWEET!!! AAAH I WISH YOU A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL DAY AND AN AMAZING YEAR AND LIFE AND I KNOW YOU’LL DO AMAZING THINGS AND IMPACT A TON OF PEOPLE CAUSE YOU ALREADY IMPACTED ME AAAAAAA (i really love you too!! your words mean so much to me, for real - also pssh its fine, if i could be on anon on my own blog i’d do it you’re totally fine lol!) 💕💕💕

Answering questions about Kirkmall

So as I totally accidentally published the Christmas at Kirkmall ask (Accident because I like to try and draw stuff for my asks and i just wanted to write down all my thoughts on it to draw then when adding tags it published and i was like oh, thats what that button does, oops hahaha. I figured it only fair that i go in and publish all of them, even if its only with words! (I still want to try and draw everything even still tho haha)

Also! I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet and taking the time to send super rad messages and thoughts and all that <3 And also the likes and reblogs and super hilarious and sweet tags <333 You are all too rad! 

But anyway presenting LONG POST OF TALKING! 

I really need to draw Hawke punching more old people in the face. Like? That would make everyones life so much richer and more fulfilled?? 

Haha probably something to that effect! And then that would go into the whole like hacking social media accounts can get SO DANGER. much like magic??? idk but yeah mages r totally nerds and the templars would b the jock equivalent yes totes

YESSSS. That is coming and in the works! Just everyone hipsters at the mall because yessssss <3 Also for me everyone in Inquisition like, fits a modern au so perfectly 

Oh Hawke definitely is. If anything she is the self proclaimed Champion of Kirkmall because she is vain and enjoys empty titles as much as Admiral Captain Isabela haha however everyone for some reason seems to love her and ask for her help with every stupid problem. No one has any idea why, but she gets the job done so no one really complains and is like omg ok we will call you champion w/e

Yesssssssssssssssss. Just yes. To all of this, so good! So accurate!

Oh of course hahaha omg basically <3 Flemeth just randomly appears everytime Morrigan trynna be cool and is just. So much cooler than her. Also for some reason I really want all of the Origins crew to be in a band, and Flemeth made Morrigan join even though she was like omg mom no they are all losers. (Leliana is like vocals and some hipster ass instrument like the ukelele, Zevran can be handsome sexy guitar, Morrigan can play bass, the Warden can sing and be lead guitar and Alistair can be like, triangle. For it is a hipster band you see. He insists to everyone he plays the drums quite well, Morrigan is like shutup u r triangle loser)

I think he would be a jack of all trades creative writing wise. Varric would try his hand at everything books, comics, EVERY GENRE UNDER THE SUN. Also omg Cullen would totally be in one of those just being a huge noodle haired nerd who is Merediths yes man.  As time goes on and he grows as a person he is less yay Meredith and more like, Imma work in this nerdy ass game store that sells those fancy stone chess sets and all those stupid mind puzzles and Hawke is like, oh my goooooddddd why are you so boring stillllll.

All of these kind messages and thoughtful comments have drastically improved the quality of my life. <3 but like no seriously they totally have and all of you guys are the greatest and so sweet you deserve every happiness :)))))) (that sounds so dumb but like, dude for real you are all collectively the greatest!)



heeyy everyone!! after months of saying i would make a follow forever, i finally did!! *(kami voice) i’ll make a ff when i hit 1.4k…1.5k…… halloween… 1.6K* hhahahaha bUT ANYWAYS, WOW 1.6K last time i made a follow forever it was my 700+ follower milestone and im kind of just Screaming thanks everyone :”) i tRIED NOT TO CRY (and failed) as i made this ff not just because u all bring me tears but because d a mn nezushi reunion.. WHEN,, so yeahh and btw! for those who dont know, i was kashimmas then i became mitsuhides and now im fullbustergray!! ok just needed to clear that up nOW MOVING ONN

firstly, thank you to all the people i follow for filling my dash with amazing stuff! like seriously ily ,, thanks also to all the people i’ve met during my time here (aka my FRIENDS) i’ve been able to talk to so many people about so many things and it’s been a ton of fun, i havent been able to chat with some of u in while because of school but i hope we get to catch up soon :”)

aND OF COURSE thank you to all my followers! some of u have stuck with me since the beginning (dont think i dont notice u i see you there) and im kinda just/?? thank you for putting up with me (you guys deserve an award that is no small feat) and liking/reblogging my posts it makes me really happy!! i love you all thanks again <33

another thing!! (dam nwhen will i stop) im planning to work on a no.6 week but i’ve never done a project like this before so i’d really like some help!! whether it be helping me make it happen or just reblogging/following/supporting it,, pl ease ;u;

okok i think i’ve said enough, please check out these amazing blogs that you should follow like.. right now (wow i follow a lot of people who have urls that start with k)

# - I

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AGAIN THANK U ALL SOSOSOSO M UCH ILY (if i spelled your url wrong, pls tell me!!!)

People seriously need to get it that idols have off time too. means, no fans & no pictures. Why is it so hard for some to get that into their heads?!

At shows, concerts or even still at the airport (not the plane though!) i think its okay to take pics AS LONG as you keep your distance and show some respect. But as soon as they’re in their company, their van, hotel, dorm or in a restaurant us fans have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do there!! No following around, no taking pics - nothing. Easy as that. Is this really so damn hard to understand?!

Zelo simply wanted to take a swim in the pool after working hard. He never wanted to show his chest during a concert which obviously means he doesnt want us to see - its too intimate for him. And we have to accept this.

So why in the name of all fucks do some fans feel the need to disregard this simple little wish of his?!

And if you think “If he didnt want us to see he shouldnt have gone swimming with no shirt on” you are so wrong. It was his free time. One goes to the pool with no shirt on normally so why should it be different for him? Just because he’s an artist? I dont think so. He should be able to do what he pleases in his free time without having to worry about crazy fans taking his picture.

If you so happened to stay at the same hotel and saw him, fine. Just dont take pictures. But i seriously doubt that those fans were there by pure coincidence…

Respect idols and their privacy. Its really not a hard thing to do at all.

They do so much for us and work off their asses (sometimes literally) and the least they deserve in return is being treated with respect and consideration.

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Can you write some advice for a girl that's just been rejected?

well yes but i know it’s hard advice to follow bc i basically cant follow any of my own advice so yeah ill tell you what i thinkand then ill tell u what i feel

i think you should fucking forget whoever rejected u, they are a fool and they don’t deserve you, you are worth more– no matter how you feel about yourself, no matter what the other person is like, if they don’t want you then they don’t deserve you. my advice is don’t ever bother yourself with those feelings again

however i understand that disregarding feelings for someone who has rejected you is the hardest thing imaginable so here are some things that have worked for me in the past and i hope will work for you

- hot chocolate, or if you’re me, chocolate coconut water

- sweetly scented candles in a hot bath 

- find a celebrity (or even better, a fictional character) to temporarily focus the feelings on. it helps i swear 2 lorde

- doing something for yourself that just helps you feel more confident, like getting a facial or trying on sexy lingerie in victorias secret and taking selfies in the dressing room. do some nail art. 

- listen to aqua, hilary duff, jojo, paris hilton, and rihanna’s first album

- eat the tastiest thing u can possibly think of, because u deserve 2 taste the rainbow u feel me????????

- go out and dance as hard as u can and dont think about anyone else around u

- watch my little pony. seriously i know it sounds corny 2 some people but the messages in my little pony are 2 real and will HELP

- vent all the shit to a stranger. go on second life, omegle, chat roulette, whatever it is. use a fake name and type all of it to someone who doesn’t know anything about who you are or wtf is going on. it helps

- stand in the mirror and tell yourself over and over, i am the baddest bitch. i am a princess. i am the baddest princess bitch. repeat it until u feel it

everything will be okay. u r a queen, and rejector does not deserve u


 So im gonna start off with my reaction to this ^

*sees follow forever* 

“Oh im not in it, never am tbh”

*sees username* 



I slowly started to read what this beautiful amazing girl wrote and I told myself “Nonononono not gonna cry.” and then I read  "one of the best Alois’ ive seen.“ 

And thats when the tears fell.

Ive been thinking about deleting this blog for a while now. I’ve started losing touch with my Alois and I just didnt know what to do but….this changed everything. it funny how a sweet comment like that can change your entire outlook.  

but I had to re-read just to make sure that this was for me. but it was my url. then things made sense. cue the "OMFG!” and I hugged my laptop like it was a life line. muttering things like “OMG BAE NO I DONT DESERVE!” or “NONONONONO SWEETIE YOUR AMAZING DONT EVEN SAY THAT!”

all and all thats a fucking honour


Seriously, I cant even believe that I got you back into this fandom, after so long. im so glad that I met you and I saw you follow me. and then I found out that Cielois was your OTP and then I freaked and fought the urge to go: “Your mine.” and not let anyone else come near you.

Also you my dear are FANTASTIC! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3