seriously i don't even have a pen

toriel-femur  asked:

Hey toasty, i gots some questions *clicks pen even tho i don't really need it*. Do you got any advice for drawing kisses? Let's just say i need some, practice~ *wink* (but seriously tho i really need help they look like two dittos trying to smush when i draw them from a pov other than the reg side profile it's like whyyyyy also thank u for your time UwU sorry if my ask was awkward)

HI YOU HAVE COME TO THE wrong person probably but I’ll try and help if I can!

To clarify: I’m not advising against the smushkiss, it’s like “the smushkiss is what happens with no tilting” kind of thing.

but yeah def. see if you can find some ref too.  I usually just muck around until I get something that looks kind of okay, but as you can see this is not my forte. ;v;