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Hey Kitty! Are you going to get the LoK comics? I was amuse to discover that the second volume will feature Zhu Li running for president (I tried to link but Tumblr won't let me - but the Avatar wikia has a blurb). Would this be super-OOC for IatS Zhu Li? (A ficlet response will turn my still IatS-bereaved heart to utter mush).

“Zhu Li,” Varrick called as he heard the front door, “why are reporters calling me and saying you’re running for president?”

He made it almost to the front hall just as she was leaving it, and he followed her as she strode past him into the house. Spine straight as ever, never any sway to her hips, always that walk like she was heading to an appointment she couldn’t miss.

“Oh, that.” She waved a dismissive hand, shopping bags hanging off her arms.

“… you’re not, right?” he asked, because she was not actually being clear on that point.

“I am,” she said, setting her bags down on a table, “but don’t worry.”

“I’m worrying,” he said. “Or – wait.” He gasped, clapping his hands together. “Is this a scheme? Is that what this is?” He circled around her, bending to see her face better as she sorted things. “Did you find a loophole in the laws around campaign financing?” he asked gleefully, like she’d bought him a gift.

“The scheme is that I’m running for president,” she explained.

He sagged with a small frown. He squinted, first left, and then right. “I don’t get it,” he admitted, dropping his hands.

“I was running errands today,” she said, “and while I was at the store–”

“Without me!” he added, indignant. “You didn’t tell me you were going to that cake place I like, why didn’t you take me?”

“I bought you some cakes,” she said, patting his arm and not even pretending that she wasn’t patronizing him.

“It’s not the same. We should go again.”

“We shouldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because, dear,” she said, “every time we go you eat all of their free samples and then you go the hat store next door and insist on trying on every single hat and swanning around the room and adopting the voice and mannerisms that you think best suit the hat, and it takes hours, and if you want to join me when I’m running errands then first you should prove that you can control yourself around a fancy hat.”

She had started to lean forward and tilt her head back, and so he had started to lean back and stand taller, and they stared at each other at an impasse.

Varrick surrendered first, crossing his arms petulantly. “You could have just said no,” he muttered.

“Sorry, dear,” she said, patting his arm and not pretending she meant it. “The point is, while I was out, I ran into… Buttercup.” The name had never been said with more venom.

“… ah.” Matters were getting clearer. “You two don’t get along.” It wasn’t really a question.

I,” Zhu Li said, slamming a new paperweight down with enough force to dent the table’s finish, “am more than capable of being civil. She was the one being rude.”

“We did try to have her kidnapped,” Varrick reminded her.

“We tried to have her husband kidnapped,” Zhu Li corrected scornfully. “She was just there. And it was his own fault in the first place for being so unreasonable! And! And!” She jabbed a finger in Varrick’s face and he recoiled. “He put us in jail. But do I hold it against him? No. I put it behind me, like a mature adult. So for her to say that you–” She cut herself off abruptly with a huff, her hands forming angry fists at her sides. She was flush with indignation.

“So you’re running for president,” Varrick said.

“I am,” she said. “It seemed like the most effective way to destroy not only their lives, but also any legacy they might otherwise have had.”

He nodded, because the safest place to be when Zhu Li was on the warpath was behind her.

She frowned. “And I’d like to do something about the roads,” she added. “They’ve gotten really bad lately, have you noticed that?”

“I have,” he agreed.

“The infrastructure in this country is just a disaster waiting to happen,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. “They’re always complaining about money, and it’s no wonder with the tax code the way it is. By the time I’m done with ours, we barely owe anything!”

“You’ve got a real way with deductions,” he agreed, and he winked. She giggled, covering her cheeks as she turned pink.

“You always know just what to say,” she said. Then she frowned again, dropping her hands. “But, seriously, I think we get more back in subsidies than we pay.”

“I don’t even know why we get those.”

“We shouldn’t.”

“You’d think kidnapping the president and trying to start a war would disqualify me from some of those.”

“It doesn’t.”

“You know,” he said, “none of this explains why you’re running for president.”

“It doesn’t?”

He splayed out a hand on his chest. “You do know someone charismatic and well-loved who enjoys public speaking and being in charge of things,” he pointed out.

She smiled. She reached out with both hands to cup his face, stroking his cheeks with her thumbs as he leaned closer to her. “Oh, Iknik,” she said. “I love you. But part of loving you is being aware of what you can handle, and what you can’t. Like hat stores, or huge amounts of poorly-checked power.”

“… I love you, too.”

“Republic City’s laws also fail to account for spousal assets when it comes to the presidency, which means that Varrick Industries will be able to continue operations as normal once I’ve won.”

He considered this. “Is this why you didn’t actually want legal partnership in the company?”

“There’s a lot of reasons why I wasn’t interested in legal liability for a corporation I was already profiting from. But yes! It all worked out.”

He leaned forward until he could kiss her forehead, making her turn pink again. “Zhu Li, you’re a genius.”

“I know, dear.”

In which Fenris is the Inquisitor, snippet #2

I need a title for these

Hawke burst through the doors of the Chantry, rustling some loose papers and blowing out a few candles as she swept inside, her jaws set and steel in her eyes. Cullen stood near one of the pillars close to the door leading down to the dungeon. He looked up, startled, and visibly tensed when his eyes landed on her.

Before he could say anything, Hawke demanded, “Where is he?”

Cullen nodded his head to the dungeon.

“He’s in a cell,” he replied.

“He what?

Cullen swallowed, but straightened up and squared his shoulders. “Cassandra and Leliana are holding him for questioning.”

“Are they.” Without waiting for a response, Hawke pushed past him and strode to the dungeon entrance. She ignored the footsteps behind her that belonged to Cullen, who hesitantly followed her at a distance.

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Inko helping Katsuki with his crush on Ochako.

Now, now, I get it. I’m tipping in dangerous waters. I don’t think Katsuki would ever seek any help from anyone. Not his parents. Not Izuku. Not anyone. It’d be an experience he’d suffer in silence.

But Inko is good at reading people, or she at least has experience in love.

She visits U.A. for Izuku and Toshinori, and at this point, she and Toshinori are dating. She doesn’t see Katsuki often there, but she has met Ochako. She has Inko’s approval. Mama Inko’s approval is precious.

One Saturday she’s going to meet Toshinori for an afternoon date, and she accidentally sees Ochako and Katsuki together. It’s a completely innocent thin, as far as training can be with those two, and Inko’s able to spot a smitten boy when she sees one. 

She doesn’t tell either of her boys what she sees. She does ask questions about how Ochako is doing, and how Katsuki is doing. 

Izuku thinks back to the night where he found them eating late night snacks together, but says nothing to his mother and mentor. 

While Inko doesn’t tell Toshinori, he might catch on one day during class when Ochako says hello to Katsuki in her cheerfully, happy way, and the boy literally destroys his desk in a fit of flustered, burning butterflies. 

“Oh.” He thinks, “OH.” He goes on to tell Inko, and Inko just laughs becuse she’s known for months and felt no need to intrude. He agrees with her, but he can’t stop seeing the signs. 

Inko’s in a fit of giggles one day when she sees Katsuki walking back to his dorm, “You should let people know how you feel about them, Katsuki. It’s how your mom got your dad, after all!”

Seriously, the face he makes is hilarious, and he stands in the hallway, dripping wet with sweat, as Inko hums off to where Izuku is waiting for her.

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Ask and you shall receive (though if need more, tell me. If you have a lot, put this on the back burner cause we both know I'd wait forever for you cause I know how busy you've been lately...I'll stop rambling now and get to requesting) "Cuddle with me. Right. Now." with Barry (Flash)

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Lustrous (pt 2)

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Hybrid!Kook x Reader AU

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4

(A/n): Aye~ I’m finally updating something~ Sorry for any mistakes, I literally reread this so many times also thanks to @kikkohime for going through as well ;* anywho, I apologize for not updating so much ;-; school has me so exhausted right off the bat t-t

Warnings?: Violence, kind of?

When you grow old and have children of your own, you’d love to tell wild tales of your life as a youth and boast about young and stupid loves and wild, heart pumping adventures. As wild and heart pumping as the adventure you were having at the moment, your legs beginning to burn with fatigue while continuing to carry yourself through the maze of alleyways and corridors. Adrenaline shooting through your veins, and the will to survive, the only things keeping you from collapsing right then and there. Certainly you would emphasize that your future children hurry home before it gets dark and walk with a partner or group, instead of acting like a stupid ass such as yourself who walks home from school at sunset… alone.

You had your suspicions when you’d heard the ominous footsteps that shadowed yours, a chill crawling up your spine whenever you looked back to only find nothing. But the magical aura you sensed was unmistakable.

It was a mistake to stay late at school, it was also a mistake to send Hyejin home when she insisted that she stay with you, but now here you are, running like a headless chicken from your impending murderer.

“You’re getting tired aren’t you? Why don’t you stop running away for a bit?”

Risking a glance back, you suck in a breath at the male’s glowing white eyes, lips pulled back in snarl and bearing his large, pointed teeth. Fuck no, you think as you stumble slightly and push yourself harder.

I don’t want to die, you inwardly cry, what have I done wrong in life!

As if your thoughts were heard and twisted against you, the young man kicked off his dominant foot and threw his arms out to tackle you to the ground. You thrashed, breathing hard now that you’re no longer running, and desperately trying to push at his shoulders to keep his pungent teeth away from you. Right foot pushing up with all your might, you nail him right in the crotch, giving you much needed seconds to try and get away.

Your heart pounds in your ears as the seconds tick by, your hands grabbing and scratching along the pavement as you literally attempt to battle crawl out from under him. He regains his senses and is immediate to launch himself at your leg, hastily gripping at your ankles before he latches his sharp teeth onto your right calf.

Crying out, tears spring to your eyes, quite ready to accept your fate until you notice a flash of marine blue along with a sudden tsunami of overflowing aura that seemingly overpowers the emanation of your attacker’s spiritual power. The monster is shoved off of you, leaving you sprawled out on the ground with a large ring of bite marks dug into your calf. Liquid pours from the wounds, rolling down your flesh and onto the ground.

Who knew that after a week in school where humans studied alongside the supernatural, that you’d be in this sort of situation of fight or flight. Seeing as you’re no being with amplified abilities and fluorescent eyes, your only option had to be flight.

Your savior growls, a deep grumble that erupts from his chest as he bears his canines at the perpetrator who goes to pounce at him. However, the other is way too powerful and easily swats away the man before slashing across his front with his claws.

“Get the fuck out of here,” he snaps, snarling viciously with a glimmer of his irises that remind you of the vast ocean.

With your attacker running away like a frail little pup, whimpering with your blood smeared all over his mouth, you glance up and gasp softly when Jeon Jungkook kneels down in front of you. Despite being in a few class with him, sitting next to him in potions as well, you’d never actually spoken a word to him - well other than your meek thanks on the first day of school.

His eyes are noticeably glowing a bright shade of marine, and his wolf-like features are slowly returning to normal - his claws and canines receding. In contrast to how you felt a while ago, you felt comforted to see a familiar face, relaxing and finding his eyes absolutely gorgeous.

“(Y/n), what the hell are you doing out so late, and alone?” he starts, grimacing when he goes to help you up. You wonder what’s stopping him, noticing how he stiffens and hesitates, his hand raised but not moving to reach out to you. Eventually he helps you up, peering down at your wound with a deep frown on his face. He’s breathing heavily, chest heaving and shoulders rising and falling, you can only guess that it’s because of his little bout with your attacker.

“I was at school for a little longer than expected… I didn’t think much of it…” you mutter meekly, feeling embarrassed and idiotic under his scrutiny.

“Never walk home at night and alone again,” he sighs, tearing his eyes away from your leg to glance at your face, “You’re lucky I was around, or else that stupid wendigo would’ve had you for dinner.”

“W-wendigo?” you blink, thinking back to the young man with the gleaming white eyes and the teeth as sharp as those of a shark’s.

“They’re shapeshifters, they feed on humans,” he says with a nod, “there’s quite a few around, most are usually confined in mental institutes, away from humans.”

“…Um, I should walk you home…” he says shyly, scratching his cheek as he motions for you to lead the way, “Just to ensure that you get home safely…”

You blink and realize he’s waiting for you, stumbling over your feet and beginning to find your way out of the alley. Pain shoots up your right leg, causing you to wince and shift the majority of your weight to your left leg.

“Are you okay?” Jungkook questions, sensing a change in your emotional scent. He doesn’t move to aid you, keeping his distance, but still showing his concern.

You notice his eyes have returned to their normal shade of mocha, no longer gleaming a bright hue of blue. He catches you staring, holding your gaze before you both simultaneously turn away with rosy cheeks.

“Y-yeah… it just stings… I did just get bitten by a wendigo,” you answer, noticing how his aura fluctuates a tad bit.

“You did…” he agrees through gritted teeth, forcing himself to keep from gazing down at your wound.

After a while, you look up at him from under your eyelashes. You can’t help but think about how the moonlight bathes his lean figure so perfectly and compliments his unearthly looks. He’s quite literally out of this world, dazing off into space while at the same looking like he’s from heaven.

“I was wondering…” you speak up, catching his attention and earning his curious stare in result, “What were you doing in the area anyway? The majority of the students had gone home… it was a miracle that you managed to intervene in time before I became ‘dinner’.” Dinner emphasized with little motions you made, creating air quotation marks with your index and middle fingers.

At this blood rushes to his cheeks, eyes lighting up as he looks away immediately. You begin to wonder why Hyejin wanted you to avoid interacting with the young man, he was the epitome of cuteness. He was quiet as she had said, only speaking when he saw it fit, but you can’t help but note how shy he was.

“…W-werewolf,” he blurts out, “I was close by and could smell your fear, I heard your breathing and heartbeat…”

You nod thoughtfully, accepting his answer, before you both once again slip into a rather comfortable silence.

“Um… this is it..”

Once at Yahiko’s place, your home, you turn to bow your head thankfully at Jungkook. He grows flustered at the gesture, glancing warily at you. Before you can say thank you, he’s already retreating with an abrupt goodbye, see you at school and a please get your leg treated. His overbearing magical aura seems to ebb away the further he gets away from you until his tall figure is consumed by the darkness.

Yahiko’s motherly side had activated upon seeing you limp into the house. She had reprimanded you as she sat you down to tend to your leg.

“Wendigo?” she repeated after you in disbelief, her eyebrows rising into her hairline, “Well where’s the young man who saved you? You should have invited him in! It’s a miracle he had been close by!”

You pout when she decides to emphasize her disappointment in you, smacking you lightly upside the back of your head. Her expression is stern, but you notice the playfulness that sparks behind her eyes.

“Was he good looking?” she asks, laughing good-naturedly when your face flushes instantly.

“Yeah… he was.”


Come Monday you’re able to apply pressure on your right leg and walk normally. You come to school wearing socks that rise to your knees, successfully hiding the bandages Yahiko had wrapped around your leg.

“Did you get home alright on Friday?” Hyejin immediately asks when you see her in homeroom, her eyes looking over your figure for anything out of the ordinary, “I should have just stayed with you!”

“I got home fine!” you lie, wondering how she would react if she knew you were attacked by a man-eating shape-shifter and saved by the boy she told you to avoid speaking to. She’d totally freak out. Then again you did get home alive at least, thanks to Jungkook being around to save you.

At the thought of a certain ebony-haired male you can’t help but reminisce the gleam of his eyes, an alluring hue of azure. Especially bathed in the light of the moon, glowing irises gazing at you from under his sooty lashes, you wonder how someone could look so exquisite.


You blink and snap out of your trance, glancing at the clock and your surroundings to find everyone standing to leave the class. Hyejin is out of her seat, watching you with furrowed brows, wondering what has you so dazed.

Shooting up from your chair, you hastily grab your belongings and apologize meekly.

“You sure you’re okay?” she asks with narrowed eyes, you both walking to your next class.

As usual, you’re met with a variety of auras until one in particular grows in size and hits you like a monster truck - quite literally when you come face-to-chest with a student. Stumbling over your feet, you’re more overwhelmed by this sudden strength in magical atmosphere than by your collision.

Hands reach out to steady you on your feet as you look up to gaze into the chocolate depths of Jeon Jungkook’s orbs. He grimaces down at you, retracting his hands once he knows you can stand on your own.

There’s a flicker of blue that sparks in his eyes, but you must be imagining it. You feel your throat close up, unable to utter a word as he bows his head briefly.

“I-I’m sorry,” you blurt out, bowing as well, glancing nervously at onlookers who watch the ordeal with curious eyes, “I-I wasn’t looking and–”

“You okay?” he asks softly, his words only audible to you.

Blinking at him, you vigorously nod, at a loss for words under his scrutiny.

There’s a twitch at the corner of his lips, it’s minuscule and so quick that you think you’re hallucinating but it’s there as he nods and leaves you with a soft I’ll see you in class. His two friends, are grinning teasingly as they prod him about you. One of them, in particular the one with honey skin and amber eyes and sooty hair, makes an obnoxious comment about how he could smell your blood and would love to have a taste. At this, both you and Jungkook stiffen, the latter shooting his friend a look before continuing onward to his next class.

“What was that about?” Hyejin immediately asks, voice and expression stern, however you catch something you don’t quite recognize underneath all that. “Please stay away from him, he’s not someone you want to be around.”

By the time last period - potions - comes rolling around, you’re confused as to why she would say such a thing. He was anything but dangerous in your eyes. Sure, he probably had the enhanced strength to be able to snap your neck with one flick of his wrist or even tear open your throat, but you never once felt that he would harm you. In fact, the way he held himself back and distanced himself told you he was weary of himself, not wanting to hurt you.

“Hi,” you blurt out lamely when he takes a seat beside you.

Glancing at you, he nods, “Hi.”

“I-I’m sorry about what happened in the hallway… a-and–”

“Is your leg okay?”

You notice that he’s peering down at your covered right leg, his eyes flickering with that familiar shade of the ocean.

“Your eyes are so pretty…” you whisper, and upon realizing what you’d blurted out you cover your mouth with a sharp gasp, “I mean - yes! My leg is alright… my guardian treated me when I got home… a-ah that reminds me! I never got to thank you for that night… um th-thank you, I would’ve been.. You know… dead meat.”

You trail off, feeling your cheeks tinge with an embarrassed heat, inwardly hitting yourself on the head for rambling. Risking a peek at him, you freeze at the intensity of his dark eyes staring at you. There’s some sort of darkness that has crossed over his handsome features, brows furrowing and eyes narrowing down at you.

“(Y/n)… that may be so… but my eyes are anything but pretty.”

I'll Fight for You (JJK)

Words: 978


“It feels so nice being back home” Junkook said smiling as he threw himself on your bed.

“My home became your home now?” You laughed, sitting next to him.

“You’re my home, y/n” he thought. He couldn’t think it out loud, though. It would cause you both trouble. Junkook just laughed with you.

“Should we go out? We have so much to talk about” you smiled at him, standing up and pulling him up with you.

“Lets go to that park we used to always go to when we were younger” Junkook suggested and you nodded in approval.

You both walked next to each other quietly through the night’s cold air. You looked up at Junkook and saw him smiling faintly at the empty park’s pathway.

“What are you smiling at?” You asked him as you stopped in front of him.

He looked down at you and his smile got sadder. Your heart sank and you thought of everything bad that could be said.

“Y/n” his voice called softly and you looked up at his eyes.


“Let’s stop seeing each other” he told you and your eyes immediately filled up with tears.

“B-but why? I’m fine with you disappearing every now and then and not contacting me on so-” he cuts you off by pulling you into his chest. Your breath got heavier and you shut your eyes tightly letting a few tears escape your eyes.

“It’s not easy for you to see me anymore, is it?” He asked you and you pulled away.

“Why not?” You asked him in confusion.

“I know you like me. And I feel the same way towards you” he answered, making your entire world spin. He knew? When you made sure he won’t notice it. You tried your best not to let your feelings spill out, but here you are now standing in front him who had caught you.

“If I stay next to you, we can’t be happy. I can’t hold myself anymore. My company isn’t letting me get involved in a relationship”

“We can just be friends. Like always?” You suggested desperately.

“It’s not easy, y/n” he whispered.

“I’ve been there. I’ve liked you way before you liked me. Ever since we were kids. Not being able to say anything, not being able to tell you how I felt. It’s suffocating” he said and you let your tears escape as you sat down on the bench. It hurts.

“I’m so sorry” his voice got shaky. You opened your eyes and looked at him. He was holding back his tears just like you earlier.

“Maybe we could meet later. When we’re a bit older. When the lights around me had dulled down and the screams of fans faded. I will never forget your support and I will always know you’re out there, supporting me” he said, trying to stable his voice as you cried your heart out on the bench.

“Are you seriously leaving like that?!"you cried as he turned around and walked away.

"Junkook! Jeon Junkook!” You called his name. You tried running after him but he was already gone.

He thought letting you go will make you happier. He thought there were so many people that are better in the world. People that he could be easily replaced with.

You watched as his car disappeared into the distance. That fool whom you’ve loved for the longest of times. Whom you dreamed of growing up with was now just someone you’ll have to pay to meet with.

Junkook cried in the car. His best friends didn’t know what to do. They just looked at their youngest boy, crying as his heart ripped into pieces.

“Yah, Jungkoogah” Jin reached out for him quietly, pulling him into a comforting hug that made him cry even more.

“We can talk to the manager if it’s way too hard for you” Jimin said from the back of the car.

“It’s no use!” Junkook replied through his tears.

“I’ve tried and tried. They threatened to kick me out of the group. There are fans out there waiting for me. Waiting for us. I can’t let something personal get in the way” he explained to his hyungs as they listened attentively.

“If that personal thing means the world to you, you have to fight for it” Yoongi told him.

“If you love that girl, go after her. Risk everything you have for her. And just not seeing her won’t fix your heart, nor her heart. Junkook this isn’t one or two or even three years of friendship. You guys grew up together, loved each other, supported each other. And now admiration is involved. You can’t just let her go like this!” Yoongi advised. The car fell silent.

“Should we go back?” Hoseok asked him with a small, reassuring smile.

“Please take me back to where you picked me up from” Junkook told the driver and his hyungs cheered.

You laid in your bed, looking at she ceiling as your tears dried off. Your heart ached deeply at the mere thought of not being able to talk to him again. It wasn’t only friendship now. He likes you and you like him. As a man to woman. And that made it even more bitter.

Through the darkness of your mood and wild thoughts, someone rang your door bell. You didn’t feel like moving, but that person kept ringing it non stop. Frustrated, you got up and dragged yourself to the door. As soon as you opened it, you saw him.

“Jungkook?” You asked in confusion at his sudden return.

He didn’t say anything. He just kissed you through your pain. Everything washed off as soon as he pulled away and held
Your face in his hands.

“I’ll fight for you” he breathed.

“You’re everything I want. So I’ll fight for you”

Heroine from the future (part II)

[Hi guys!! I’m so sorry for the late about this update, but I’ve been really very busy in this last period. Luckily, I was finally able to write this second part here, which I hope that it would be a bit more intriguing than the first part! As always, I apologize beforehand about grammar mistakes or similar things, because I’m not a native English speaker.

Fandom: BnHA, Pairing: Izuocha

Words: 1140

Rate: T

So….Here we go!!]

Summer was definitely approaching and that was easily noticeable by the fact that the people walking by the streets were, at this point, all wearing light clothes in order to deal better with the warmer weather that was already testing the tolerability of a few of them. Some were in fact already complaining about the hotness while drinking cold drinks or eating ice creams to cope with it, while more optimistic ones were enthusiastically planning with their friends to go to somewhere good like the beach or the pool to have fun, especially the young ones, who rightly wanted to enjoy their youth to the fullest.

Some heads turned at a certain point because a figure ran past them at a very high speed without stopping, a very odd vision to see in that hot weather, but nonetheless, she kept on running anyway. The girl had noticed by now that she was already sweating very much and that her legs were about to give up, but she knew that she didn’t have any time to spare for her to rest, so she kept going on with her fast pace.

Thankfully, her kind saviour give her a very fresh dress and shoes, so she had been handling the warm pretty well till now. She regretted very much for not being able to thank the middle-aged woman for her precious kindness more appropriately, but she couldn’t do anything about it even if she wanted, because she really needed to reach her destination as soon as possible.

While she was still thinking about all of this, a sudden thought crossed her mind.

”Wait a minute…..Now that I think about it, how much did I go back in time?”

Dread began to envelop her entirely, because she didn’t think about this at all  and only now she understood how much importance this held in her situation. She needed to know this now.

So she finally stopped herself from running and, while panting exhaustedly, she began to desperately search for something that could help her to figure out if she went back in time for just a few hours, days, months or (in the worst case scenario) years. She fervently hoped that she was lucky enough to have come back for just a couple days at most, because she absolutely had no idea of what to do otherwise.

She was still scanning the whole area when suddenly something caught her attention; it was a very huge billboard that was standing at the top of a very high building near to where she was now. It showed an advertisement of a new shopping mall that was about to open, but when she looked at the reported date of its inauguration she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She had come back in time exactly in the same day of seven years ago.

Seven years ago.

Of course it was just her luck that it was precisely the worst case scenario that would happen to her. Her hopes were meaningless from the very start.

But before she could start to seriously panic because of all this absurd situation, she forced herself to take a very long breath and, when she felt a bit more calm, she begin to concentrate so that she could reflect upon everything much more straightly.

“Ok so I came back to seven years ago, so….what was I doing in that period of the time?…..If I remember correctly, by this time we had just gained our provisional hero licences so we might have just started to do our internships with the pros….So this means that we of Class 1A were already staying all together in the UA dormitories…….If that’s the case, maybe this could make things much more complicated than I thought.”

She didn’t notice that she was muttering everything that was crossing through her mind in an almost audible way, so some people walking in her direction begin to stare at her, a mix of worried, confused and indifferent expressions all at once; when she came to this realization, she heavily blushed for the awkward situation and also because she didn’t even know that his featuring muttering habit rubbed off on her. Maybe it was some sort of a backlash for being always with him during all those years.

Since thinking about him alone would only bring sadness to her in these difficult circumstances, she quickly shook her head and started planning step by step what was best for her to do now knowing much better her current state.

She was now standing in front of a clothing store and she started focusing on her reflection on its window; she appeared like a normal girl, with a bit of disheveled hair and redder cheeks than normal, probabily due to her hasty running from before, but she suspected that if she did meet someone who knew her pretty well and that would look at her closely enough, according to her that person would probably be able to recognise her.

“I think that it would be the best if no one can recognise me, otherwise it will be really too much to deal explaining this whole thing…..So maybe it’s better for me to disguise my appearance a bit…..At least for the time being.” she thought.

So, with this newfound resolution, she entered in the store without further hesitation.


“Thank you for your purchase here!” said the saleslady with her ringing voice while the girl was exiting the shop.

She intensely prayed that wearing a big pair of (fake) glasses, having her hair tied in a braid and putting on herself less “cute” and more anonymous clothes (so that she could lower to the highest the probability to be picked on by some youngster) would be enough for her to conceal her appearance (and so with it, her identity) for the time being.

“Okay, now I have to move quickly again to reach the UA academy, hoping that I don’t meet anyone that I know along the way!”.

But she didn’t even had the time to finish this very thought that she almost instantly bumped against someone, who didn’t expect the impact too and fell hitting the ground at the same time as her.

Not believing her own clumsiness, she frantically begin to apologize: “Oh my I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking ahead of me at all, really I’m very sor-“

“No…..This can’t possibly be…..Not him, of all of people…”

A young boy, still distracted for the pain of the sudden fall, was in front of her, with a very curly dark hair, a bit of freckles on his face and some sort of a plain look that she knew almost too well.

Sitting on the ground was none other than Midoriya Izuku.

(P.S. I’m tagging @c-jay321 and @karanmamaeryl because I remember that you wanted to know when I would update this again, I hope that you’ll like this!)


in honor of getting 100 twitter followers on my sterek fic rec account @getsterekt​ im making a rec list of my all time favorite fics. so strap yourselves in.

all fics are sterek. some may have bg relationships. all are complete.

(fics with a * are my ultimate favs)

 Night And Day (You Are The One) by  maiNuoire

Derek has a hard time sleeping sometimes, and mornings are tough for Stiles. Together, they get through the day.  

WORDS: 1082


RATING: mature

WARNINGS: inferred depression and anxiety (its literally mostly fluff tho)

 Like A Baby Duck  by ALoza

Derek hoists Stiles to his feet, and the six-year-old topples forward into the ten-year-old’s chest. He grunts and wipes at his cheek.

“Sorry,” Derek blurts, eyes wide with worry, as he steadies him.

Stiles smiles and shrugs, “‘s okay.”

Derek smiles back and crosses his arms, “Okay, you have to be the prince and I’ll be the knight that has to rescue you, okay?”

Stiles nods, “Okay.”

“Go to sleep in the treehouse and when I kiss you, you have to wake up,” Derek instructs.

WORDS: 1300


RATING: general


 Cherry Pie by kaistrex (weishen)

Derek Hale is a dreaded customer at Beacon Hills Bakery, but perhaps he’s not as terrifying as Stiles has been led to believe.

WORDS: 1616


RATING: general


*The Sun After 10 Years Of Rain. by  eeyore9990

When he was twenty five years old, John Stilinski fell in love at first sight. It’s not a story he shares often – Claudia’s name alone is hard enough to speak these days – but he thinks maybe it’s time to tell it.

Because there’s a werewolf on his front porch looking at his son the same way John used to look at Claudia.

WORDS: 1804


RATING: general

WARNINGS: mentions of minor character death and minor underage

**i could never find the words by stilinski

Stiles scoops up the food before Scott can get any ideas. “I talked to Derek for almost six hours straight this morning,” he says. “I’m having an internal crisis.”

There’s a pause, and then: “Finally gonna admit you want to tap that?”

WORDS: 2821


RATING: teen and up

WARNINGS: referenced non-con

LIKE REAL PEOPLE DO  by omghoechlinplease

There’s a beat of horrified silence for Stiles before he sees Derek’s shoulders rapidly shaking.

“Shut the fuck up,” Stiles hisses, throwing his phone on the couch and walking over to the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Derek. But that only makes Derek laugh harder and Stiles responds by biting Derek on the shoulder. “I hate you.”

“Liar,” Derek says through a smile.

WORDS: 3043


RATING: general


**the office by  stilinskisparkles

“Sure, I like him,” Derek scowls right at the camera, “We’re friends.” He blinks, expression suddenly going hopeful, “Why, did he say something?”


“I have worked at Beacon Hills Office Supplies for two and a half years,” Stiles pretends to hang himself with his tie, glances out of the conference room to where Derek is signing for a package with a suspicious look on his face. “It’s not all bad, I guess?”

WORDS: 3197


RATING: teen and up


Five Times Derek Literally Falls for Stiles (and One Time…They Both Fall) by myhomeboy_stilinski

Five times Derek is a failwolf and literally falls for Stiles Stilinski.
And one time they fall together.

WORDS: 3463


RATING: teen and up


**********Derek Hale’s Possible Heart. by MellytheHun

“To The Person That Conquers My Little Brother’s Possible Heart: Safety Tips, Cheat Codes and Partial User’s Manual.”

WORDS: 4301


RATING: teen and up

WARNINGS: may make u cry 

Children’s Tales by  artemis69

Be careful, little girl.

Don’t go causing troubles in Beacon Hills, because the Hales live there, little girl.

Keep away from Beacon Hills, little girl, or the Hales will destroy you.

In a world where the Hales are alive and the protectors of the town of Beacon Hills, the humans politely fake ignorance of their not-really-human status, and they all live happily ever after.

Then Kate comes in. Well. Tries to.

WORDS: 4690


RATING: general

WARNINGS: kate argent 

***You are waiting for a train… by  wiski

Stiles woos Derek with his amazing poetic prowess at a New York City Subway station.

Or, in which Stiles was a dumbass who wrote ridiculous(ly awful) haikus, and Derek was the dumbass who liked them.

WORDS: 4765


RATING: teen and up


The One With The Napping by  Captain_Loki

It is a unique and somewhat unhelpful talent, but Stiles can fall asleep anywhere.

WORDS: 4768


RATING: mature


Feline Purrfect. by  halelujah

Derek tries to get Stiles to Shift. Or bug Scott into telling him what exactly his best friend is. Neither one is any closer in actually happening, but he’s nothing but persistent.

The fact he’s standing in a teenager’s room at fuck o'clock says so.

“’m not tellin’ you, Derek.” Scott mumbles into his pillow. “No matter ‘ow early you come ov'r.”

“But why?” He hopes he doesn’t sound like a petulant child stamping their foot.

“'cause not my secret to tell,” is the muffled reply, before he’s dismissed with a back turned his way.

He doesn’t go home to sulk, he doesn’t.

[Or the one where Stiles is also an animal Shifter, but for the life of him, Derek can’t seem to find out what exactly Stiles Shifts into, until all the clues come together.]

WORDS: 10006


RATING: teen and up


Babcia Knows Best by  thepsychicclam

Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there’s a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.

WORDS: 11886


RATING: teen and up


***I Was Present While You Were Unconscious  by  CharWright5

Stiles had often thought about how he’d meet his soul mate, the literal muscular man of his dreams. He just didn’t ever imagine finding him on Facebook where a friend had shared a news article about a werewolf John Doe in a coma after a car wreck four hours out of town. And he also didn’t expect to bond and fall in love with the guy’s family before ever saying two words to him out loud.

WORDS: 19421


RATING: mature

WARNING: derek is in a coma, a lil angsty

Introduction to Zero-Sum Anthropology by apocryphal

Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.

The war begins.

WORDS: 19773


RATING: teen and up


here is the deepest secret nobody knows by  owlpostagain

“Derek,” Stiles groans. “You have me. You’ve always had me, you absolute moron, how many physically impossible feats of life-saving heroics do I have to perform before you get it?”

WORDS: 22322


RATING: teen and up 


******Between Dogs and Wolves by artemis69

“This is…not four million in cash,” remarks Stilinski.

“Isaac. Did you fail to get my money back and decided to pick up a stripper on the road to bribe me? Because let me make this perfectly clear: this would totally work. Well done.”


The mafia!AU where the Hales owe four million to the Stilinskis, Laura rents Derek (but not as a stripper), Stiles gets a new favorite, Derek gets a new boss, a new puppy and a new family.

Sometimes they break people, but mainly, they just snark at each other.

WORDS: 25813


RATING: teen and up

WARNINGS: graphic depictions of violence

if this river don’t drown me, it’s down i’ll mean to roam by  wolvesinthemoonlight (EndlessSnowfall)

“Who the hell are these guys.” Commander Hale barks, his hand automatically going to his hip holster and Stiles lunges forward, stopping him from pulling his gun out.

“No! Ah… Um. Commander Hale. These are…. These are Atlanteans.” He manages to stutter out, removing his hand from Commander Hale’s person under Peter’s deathly glare of death. He takes a step back but watches as the Commander doesn’t immediately pull his gun out so he counts it as a win.

“What?” Kate hisses, turning to look back at Stiles with a shocked expression. “You can’t be serious. Atlanteans? That’s impossible!”

WORDS: 35403


RATING: teen and up

WARNING: graphic depictions of violence

All In by  myredturtle

Scott finally pulls a a stunt so boneheaded that Stiles can’t think of any way to get him out of it. Hoping to outrun the fallout, he packs up his father and they move to Canada. Unfortunately, nowhere is safe.

WORDS: 39120


RATING: mature

WARNING: major character death/s, (happy ending) graphic depictions of violence

He Was Pointing At the Moon but I Was Looking At His Hand by  monopolizeme 

Stiles is sitting on the couch with a box full of cereal (a mouth full of cereal) when the doorbell rings. The fact that someone has chosen to ring the bell is of itself strange enough, because his father is not home so he is not expecting anyone official – and Scott always just opens the door like it’s his own house and Derek uses Stiles’ bedroom window.

WORDS: 53,265



Just The Same by ericaismeg

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

WORDS: 68066


RATING: general


The Moon’s Gonna Follow Me Home by  turningterrific

Derek doesn’t want to call the window repair guy. He doesn’t want to sweep up the glass. He’ll inevitably miss a few shards and pull them out of the bottom of his bare feet for weeks.

He doesn’t want to try to make this place feel like home when it isn’t.

Derek stayed in Beacon Hills and tried to make it work because he wanted pack, wanted purpose. He gave his best effort and found himself back where he started: alone, with a few begrudging allies. He’s tired, and even though his werewolf body heals quickly, he feels the weary ache down to his center.

He packs his car with the few things he cares about enough to drag them from place to place. He locks the loft and calls a realtor about listing the building he’d bought in a misguided attempt to secure a future.

And then he leaves.

WORDS: 82866


RATING: explicit

WARNINGS: past abuse

An Artist’s Personal Statement by  howl-to-the-wind (greenleaf)

Being the middle child of five siblings, Stiles was used to taking the backseat. He was twenty-one years old, mouthy, pale skinned, and twitchy, and was probably the most overlooked in such a talented and good-looking family. Not only that but more often than not, he was bullied, teased, exposed (in a literal sense) and also ended up getting banged up and bruised. Thank goodness, there’s Dr. Hale to patch him up after all is said and done.

WORDS: 87818


RATING: explicit


Breathe Me by  mommymuffin

Stiles tries desperately, but the air just won’t come to him. He can’t do it himself. He needs someone. Someone to help him.

And Scott left him.

WORDS: 127,098




written for @surfacage‘s newest greatest Pokemon Go comicsome dialogue was borrowed (with permission). 

I personally view Blanche as gender-fluid, but for comprehension’s sake, Blanche was given the pronoun “her”.
- - - 
Something was wrong. He didn’t know for certain what, but something in the bottom of his gut was telling him he was needed.

Like a lightning bolt, Spark darted through the woods that surrounded the clearing of his gym on the high mountain. He knew its terrain better than any trainer under him and he quickly zipped through the trees, pulling a Pokéball from his hip just as the trees began to thin. 

“Pidgeotto, go!“ 

The great Pokémon appeared above him, its wings spread wide as it soared through the air, taking a moment to stretch its feathers. Spark kept his gaze ahead of him, his sights set on the approaching cliff and the magnificent view of the valley below. With one great leap of faith, he threw himself over the edge and for one adrenaline-pumping moment, he flew. But before he could begin his quick descent back to the unforgiving earth below, Pidgeotto streaked towards him and ducked under his fall, catching him with practiced grace on its back. 

With a clear view of the valley before him, Spark suddenly understood what had made him feel so anxious. The large, blue and white Tower of Mystic’s gym was engulfed in smoke. 


Without waiting for a command, Pidgeotto soared towards the once-glorious building at an impossible speed. Spark’s bright orange and yellow gloves protected his hands from the bite of cold air and his dark jacket billowed out around him as the large Pokémon circled the blue needle at the top of the tower. The once intricate and sparkling glass was now cracked and broken, and like silent birds of prey, they revolved around the needle until they found an opening they could dart into. Inside, Pidgeotto found a high perch to settle on to overlook the gym. 

A horrible feeling welled in Spark’s chest as his bright eyes took in the destruction below. Giant shards of glass from the supporting pillars and ceiling littered the gym and the once-flawless diamond floor now held spider web cracks that stretched across the entire length of the battle arena. The worse of the damage was in the center, where Blanche was lying unmoving with her Pokémon just as injured beside her. However, she was not alone.

Candela, the third major gym leader of the region, was beside her, but she was in no better shape. Her jacket was torn and the Flareon that never seemed to leave her side was sprawled on its side. This was no Pokémon Battle. This was an attack. 

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise to see Team Rocket standing across from the pair with an army of Pokémon behind them. It was not the first time the infamous group had attempted to take one of them down in sake of destroying their gifted power; but this was on another level Spark had never seen before, and though the trio squabbled like siblings, there was anything one wouldn’t do to protect another. 

"Down,” Spark ordered.

Without hesitation, Pidgeotto sprang into action, its large wings flapping to life before they descended downwards towards the party. Team Rocket noticed his approach at the last second, but before they could ready an attack, Spark dropped to the floor as Pidgeotto used its large wings to send a biting gust of wind in their direction before it retreated once more to the high perch. 

“Spark!” Candela called. Her tone was equal parts surprised and relieved.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Now that he was closer, he could see the other gym leaders were better off than he first suspected but neither looked able to continue their fight. Blanche was sporting a rather nasty cut to her arm and Candela’s cheek was bruised. The injuries made his stomach twist in knots.

“Better late than never,” Candela smiled.

She gathered Blanche further into her arms as heavy-booted steps thumped behind him. He turned as a member of Team Rocket stepped forward, obviously presenting himself as the leader. Spark didn’t recognize him, but the smugness surrounding him was undeniable. “Well, look who decided to join us, boys. If it isn’t the baby of the Big Three.”

At the insult, Spark’s eyes narrowed dangerously. However, it was Candela that spoke first: “The Big Three.” Spark didn’t need to glance back at her to know there was a confident smirk etched into her face; he could hear it in her voice. “I think you forget that Spark earned his title, just as Blanche and I did.”

“There is more to a gym leader than power and ability,” Blanche added. “It is equal parts ambition, wisdom, and instinct.” Her voice was rough, but it still held the undertone of a confident, experienced trainer and leader.

Spark stood slowly as he adjusted the cuff of his gloves. The doubt was evident in the leader’s expression, but he merely faced him head on as the anger began to boil just under his skin. No one touched Blanche and Candela without answering to him.

“Team Leader? Don’t make me laugh.”

“I think you forget you’re standing in water,” Spark murmured. He could already feel the power of Zapdos spreading through him, like little pinpricks of lightning running through his veins, causing his body to vibrate with building power as his skin broke out into goosebumps. “And you know what electricity loves?”

Confusion rippled through Team Rocket, but he didn’t give them time to answer as the beat of wings reached his ears.


A monstrous clap of thunder reverberated through the air as a bright bolt of lightning blinded them. In a moment that seemed to last forever and yet only an instant, it was gone, leaving deafening silence in its wake as the three leaders found themselves alone once more. What remained of Team Rocket was nothing more than a giant hole in the glass doors of the Tower’s entryway.

Relaxing his stance, Spark scratched the back of his neck as he glanced back at the other leaders. “Sorry about the door, Blanche.”


shit i’ve actually said starters.

  • ❝I just didn’t wanna answer the door wearing SpongeBob booty shorts.❞
  • ❝I hate Christmas! I HATE IT!!❞
  • ❝I don’t really hate Christmas. I was quoting the Grinch when I said that.❞
  • ❝Yeah, sorry Santa. False alarm.❞
  • ❝Finding Dory was truly what changed 2016 for the almost-better.❞
  • ❝Your two options are spicy meatball and nonexistent meatball.❞
  • ❝Hurry up and make up your mind.❞
  • ❝I’m not just standing over here doing jumping jacks for my health, you know!❞
  • ❝Wait, that came out wrong.❞
  • ❝No one wanted to believe me when I said I was stupid.❞
  • ❝You need to lowkey stop whatever you’re lowkey doing.❞
  • ❝In all seriousness, you can just play New Jack Swing at my funeral.❞
  • ❝Like, just tell a rousing speech about my life, and then start dancing to “Poison” or something.❞
  • ❝That girl / boy is poison!❞
  • ❝It was Robbie Rotten! HE WAS NUMBER ONE!
  • ❝It’s too cold outside, and it’s raining.❞
  • ❝Why are you looking at me like that? I’ve gotta maintain my “burning in the flames” aesthetic at all times.❞
  • ❝Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls. You should just chase, like, a small babbling brook or something.❞
  • ❝I’m definitely the best at quoting old, random, and obscure song lyrics.❞
  • ❝I’m second only to Satan, maybe.❞
  • ❝We’ve got an ongoing competition going on, so stay tuned.❞
  • ❝Wanna go running later?❞
  • ❝Well, I was thinking we could go sprinting through the Red Light District.❞
  • ❝I took a trip down to a local graveyard once. I thought, “Wow, that’s a lot of dead people.”❞
  • ❝I can’t eat Frosted Flakes. I mean, I CAN, but I don’t want to.❞
  • ❝Me and Tony the Tiger have a long, ugly history, okay? Don’t ask.❞
  • ❝I’m only hugging you because you approached me with your arms spread out.❞
  • ❝I was just like, “Oh. Hey, Satan.”
  • ❝He told me to tell you he hates you and wants you dead.❞
  • ❝Basically, he said he wanted to consume my soul. And then he started quoting Disturbed.❞
  • ❝I wish I was joking. But unfortunately, I’m not.❞
  • ❝Is that Bleach’s third opening theme I hear?❞
  • ❝My dream is to be able to do the screamo part.❞
  • ❝I should keep on dreaming, right?❞
  • A-HA!
  • ❝I have located the vibe!❞
  • ❝Fasten your seatbelts! It’s about to get LIT!❞
  • “I really wanna post extensive documentation of this LIVE BIRTH on Instagram!”——has no sane person ever thought ONCE in their entire life.❞
  • ❝I hate you so fucking much, in the most tender and loving way.❞
  • ❝You never know——maybe they’ll have FaceTime in Hell?❞
  • ❝Please pass the pain and suffering…❞
  • ❝Please pass the happiness and rainbows.❞
  • ❝So… no cummies?❞
  • ❝I love you, dawg.❞
  • ❝Yeah——I love you. I just said that.❞
  • ❝So I chilled with Santa Claus the other day.❞
  • ❝Guess what? You’re getting nothing for Christmas!❞
  • ❝Santa told me he wouldn’t even waste coal on you.❞
  • ❝You have consistently chosen to keep acting the fool.❞
  • ❝Eating food is only important to people who want to continue living…❞
  • ❝I just had the most disgusting canned soup of my entire life.❞
  • ❝Yo, can I get yo’ number?❞
  • ❝Zodiac is life, brah.❞
  • ❝I want to marry an Aries.❞
  • ❝I want to meet a nice, beautiful Virgo man and fall in love.❞
  • ❝Just because you proved via the Scientific Method and extensive research that it’s not true, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true!❞
  • ❝My kindergarten teacher implied that I had the highest reading level in the class once. It’s been the foundation of my self-confidence ever since.❞
  • ❝Oh. Sorry. Continue on with your marriage proposal.❞
  • ❝Only your taste in music can rival mine.❞
  • ❝Heaven could just be a continuous loop of the Austin Powers series, and I’d be in bliss.❞
  • ❝Awww, that was so cash money of you to say!❞
  • ❝I’ve raised you well, poodle.❞
  • ❝Dude! They’re not even poodles!❞
I'll Think About It (Jay Park x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

Originally posted by pervingonkpop

You loved to draw since you could remember, it just felt nice to be able to paint a picture and make it however you want, it was a a hobby that made you feel better, it calmed you down. You took classes and soon enough you decided that you wanted to do it seriously.

Being able to bring a picture to life for someone else and mark someone’s body with something so beautiful and plenty of times meaningful to them was the best career path for you, you loved how people fell so in love with just a pictures and chose you to make it permanent on their skin. The career you chose was harder in many ways, not only ot was male dominant but in Korea it was also illegal unless you are a doctor. Even that did not stop you, you started under other artists you managed to find, when you got on your feet you made your own path.

Jay fell for your artwork, no one could deny how talented you were. It was Hyun-jung’s first tattoo and they called you to the studio to do it there, since getting a studio was too risky. But jay fell more for your face and attitude, he could tell you were foreign not only from your looks but also from your manners. Don’t get it wrong you were respectful, but you were also intimidating, when you walked in the room the second someone laid eyes on you they could tell you were powerful, your eyes had this strong gaze that could make anyone feel small next to you.

Hyun-jung’s tattoo was perfect as expected. You were packing up your stuff when you felt a hand on your shoulder! Startled you turned around your fists ready for defence. Being a foreign curvy girl in Korea wasn’t the easiest thing, so you took boxing classes. Jay raised his hands up in surrender

                          “Chill it’s just me”

“You scared me”

You said as you put your hands down. He smirked at you when you turned around to pack your things, the view was nice so he wasn’t complaining about seeing your backside

“Hyun-jung already paid me”

“I’m not here about that but good to know”

You stopped. If he wasn’t here for that, then why did he came here attempting to give you a heart attack?

“I wanted to ask for your number”

You turned back at him, now it was your time to smirk matching it with an eyebrow raised.


“Cause I want to use it for a spell to slay the magic dragon. Why do you think a guy is asking you for your number?”

“Cause he thinks he is the shit and that he can have any bitch he wants”

You fired back. His eyes went wide while you smiled devilishly. He should have expected that, you had already roasted half of the crew, it was inevitable. “So…. can i have it?”

“I don’t know, can you?…. i’m sorry I always wanted to say that”

You gave him your number and he texted you so you can have his. You took your equipment and you were about to walk out, when you heard him call you

“Hey (y/n), we are having a party tomorrow, would you like to come?”

“I’ll think about it”

And just like that you left. You said your goodbyes to the others and got out of the studio. Kiseok -who heard everything- went to his side and put a hands on Jay’s shoulder

“She is a handful, I think the famous playboy Jay park found his master”


Boy was he right. Jay went all in with you, he did stuff he hadn’t done in years, he texted you, he called you, he complimented you, he was a gentelman. It’s not like he had a choice, you demanded nothing less, he had no room to fuck things up, he had to be on his best behavior  or you would be gone, you were the one calling the shots. You had to admit that when you saw his new m/v you got a bit jealous, you didn’t like how he was looking at her, how he touched her, you should be in her place. Maybe it was time, you made him wait for too long, eve though you had established that you were in a monogamous relationship, you still haven’t moved on.

You dressed up in a tight black leather skirt that reached your knees and a thight maroon crop top, hiding the sexiest pair of underwear under these clothes. You wore your hair down and straight and your make up was dark with your lips painted blood red. When jay saw you standing on his doorstep his jaw hit the floor. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, since you were taller with the heels

“Hey babe”

Your voice was low and slow, he could feel your breath to his ear.He hugged you back but his hands went to your butt. You giggled as he gave it a squeeze, you closed the door with your foot and pulled away to look at him

“ so what we are having for dinner?”

“You need some dick, don’t ya?”

He had you over his shoulder before you could reply, you squealed and then started laughing. He walked in the room and pretty much threw you on his bed, you landed with a huff and hovered over you

“Babe the dinner”

“We got a microwave”


You laid on his chest, your legs tangled with his. That was when you noticed an awful tattoo on his left hand, you reached over and touched it

“When did you get that? And did you get it done by a toddler?”

“Shut up”

You giggled at his cute expression. He was very proud of all his tattoos except that one, he was drunk and he had no idea what was going on in his mind when he saw it the next day. You looked up at him with the smile he hated the most

“Oh no, I know that smile. What do you want?”

“Can I fix it?”

You asked and pouted. He wanted to fix it but he knows it’s extremely painful, so he just delayed it and did others to keep the spotlight away from that drunken mistake.

“It will sting like a bitch”

“I’ll be gentle”

You teased and pecked his puffy lips. He smiled st your words and kissed you back, his hand going on your hair

“Come on please?”

“Why do you want to do it? Do you want to mark me?”

“Yes, so when you going to have bitches grind on you in your mv’s I will still have a permanent mark on your skin”

“I knew you would be butthurt”

He cackled and you just looked at him with a serious expression on your face. He turned you around so now he was on top of you

“Do you really think I did anything with her?”

“No, I know you don’t want your studio to be burned down”

You replied. He huffed as he reached over to brush the hair away from your face, your hand found it’s way on the back of his neck and brought him closer so your foreheads were touching. You slowly licked your lips before you spoke, that made his lips art and take a deep breath.

“So what do you say?”

“Fine, but it will happen here on this bed”

“If you are a good boy you might get a treat after”

“That’s what I want to hear, but let me get a taste again”

Garrett and Marian Banters - Mark of the Assassin
  • Fenris: Manservant...
  • Isabela: Aw, Fenris got his feelings hurt
  • Tallis: It's just a cover
  • Fenris: I'd like to cover him with six feet
  • Marian: Seems a bit excessive. Where are you planning on getting all these extra feet? I'm not donating mine to the cause. Or are you hiding more on you, aside from the two attached to your legs?
  • Fenris: It seems that the last six years have not dulled your absurdity, Marian
  • ---
  • Marian: Remind me why we're /looking/ for the big scaly things that can kill us?
  • Garrett: You wanted to impress a cute elf
  • Tallis: You think I'm cute?
  • Fenris: *smugly* Unless you have suddenly taken to referring to yourself as 'he' and 'him', then I am afraid you are out of luck on that front
  • Garrett: They were /her/ words, not mine
  • Marian: What, she /is/ cute!
  • ---
  • Tallis: I told her not to touch it! What part of that didn't she understand?!
  • Garrett: You clearly don't know my sister. With her 'don't touch anything' means 'touch everything'
  • Tallis: But that makes no sense!
  • Garrett: You didn't grow up with her
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are you married?
  • Marian: Are you talking to me? Really?
  • Tallis: Well, it's just- You're the Champion of Kirkwall, or one of them anyway. Big. Important. I don't know... just wondering if there was a wife behind the throne?
  • Marian: *laughs uncontrollably* As if I'd be able to stand through the ceremony long enough!
  • Tallis: So the stories are true
  • Marian: Come on, I thought everyone and their grandma knew I have the attention span of a nug!
  • Tallis: I meant that you snort when you giggle
  • Isabela: Ooh, you got caught out Birdie!
  • Marian: Blast, my darkest secret revealed!
  • Garrett: That's nothing. When we were children, she used to- Hmph!
  • Marian: And that's enough out of you, little brother
  • ---
  • Tallis: So... you and Marian are together?
  • Isabela: Yep
  • Tallis: But you have no interest in marrying her?
  • Isabela: Why would I? I don't need a piece of paper to prove anything, and I hate being tied down
  • Tallis: And her flirting with me doesn't bother you? At all?
  • Isabela: So long as you ask nicely and promise not to steal her away, I'll share. There's a lot of Birdie to go around
  • Marian: Love ya Queenie
  • Isabela: *laughs* I love you too Birdie
  • ---
  • Marian and Garrett: What?
  • Tallis: You really are twins, aren't you?
  • Garrett: Is that why you were staring?
  • Marian: But we're identical in every way!
  • Isabela: Might want to look down Birdie, I think you've lost your beard
  • Marian: Blast, not again
  • Garrett: You can borrow mine if you like
  • Marian: What, and get Fenris cooties all over my face? No thanks
  • ---
  • Isabela: I heard something interesting the other night. About Castillion
  • Marian: You have pretty eyes
  • Isabela: Don't even try that on me Birdie. What did you and Fenris do?
  • Fenris: We did nothing. It was a complete accident
  • Marian: He ran into my knife
  • Isabela: Birdie, you didn't!
  • Fenris: *smugly* He ran into her knife ten times
  • ---
  • Marian: You've done something with your hair. It looks... different
  • Isabela: What? My hair always looks like this
  • Marian: No, it's usually sleeker... Straighter... Is that how it naturally looks?
  • Isabela: Ugh, Andraste's granny pants...
  • Marian: It looks gorgeous. You should leave it like that more often
  • Isabela: ...You think so?
  • Marian: Absolutely Queenie. I mean it
  • Isabela: Oh stop you, before I feel grateful enough to drag you into the bushes for some private time
  • ---
  • Tallis: So are /you/ married?
  • Garrett: Are you trying to see if I snort when I laugh too?
  • Tallis: *laughs* Damn he saw right through me. But... in all seriousness you /are/ one of the most important people in Kirkwall. Just curious
  • Garrett: Well, I'm not. Though I might have someone in mind
  • Tallis: So why are you not-?
  • Garrett: The situation in Kirkwall is precarious. There'll be time enough for that later, just... not now
  • ---
  • Tallis: So, you and Garrett?
  • Fenris: Must you poke your nose where it does not belong?
  • Tallis: I'm just curious
  • Fenris: Take your curiosity elsewhere. Our affairs are not yours
  • ---
  • Garrett: How do you stand it?
  • Marian: By putting it on its legs
  • Garrett: *groans* Not the table, I meant these parties. I just- ugh, how could you possibly enjoy it?
  • Marian: How could I enjoy fine clothes, free food and all the gossip in Thedas? How could you not?
  • Garrett: The free food is nice, I suppose
  • ---
  • Marian: Don't turn around
  • Garrett: Fifi De Launcet?
  • Marian: Dulci actually. She looks like she's itching to come here and complain about something. Maybe because you didn't shave?
  • Garrett: Ugh
  • ---
  • Marian: Ah wine, excellent. I need to be even more plastered than I thought before this is over
  • Garrett: Is there a reason you're taking /my/ wine glass?
  • Marian: Mine had an unfortunate encounter with Lady Thrennhold's dress. Took a mind of its own when she implied that someone needed to fix your 'unkempt appearance'
  • Garrett: What's unkempt about it?
  • Marian: Your hair mostly. Particularly the hair on your face
  • Garrett: We can't all compete with Duke Prosper over who has the most impressive facial hair
  • ---
  • Garrett: Avoid that Comte if you can; the old one sitting on that bench over there. He was saying some... rather unpleasant things earlier
  • Marian: Like what?
  • Garrett: Nothing too awful, but...
  • Marian: Gary...
  • Garrett: He was complaining about your... sense of humour
  • Marian: What's wrong with it?
  • Garrett: You really need to ask? Don't worry. I took care of it
  • Marian: What did you-?
  • Garrett: You'll see when he tries standing up
  • ---
  • Marian: I can't believe you
  • Garrett: Hm?
  • Marian: All these years, and I thought you had no sense of humour
  • Garrett: Ah, the Comte is having a little trouble with his breeches is he?
  • Marian: *laughs* The guards had to hold candles under the bench for a good ten minutes until the ice thawed. And the whole time he complained about the state of his privates. Seriously Gary, that was downright diabolical
  • Garrett: Anything for my big sister
  • ---
  • Marian: *sniggers* Knickers
  • Garrett: Making friends?
  • Marian: I already know most of the people here, but I only just wormed the knickers story out of Fifi de Launcet. Meanwhile, you seem to be acquainting yourself with the buffet
  • Garrett: It's one of the most interesting guests here that doesn't question our choices in lovers. But I did see someone interesting. Do you remember Sister Leliana?
  • Marian: From the Lothering Chantry, the one Carver fancied? Why are you...? /No/
  • Garrett: Just over there, in the pink dress. I almost didn't recognise her, but I'm sure it's the same Leliana
  • Marian: I didn't realise Chantry sisters attended high society parties
  • Garrett: What's more is that Tallis seemed to know her
  • Marian: I get the feeling that this is something we should keep our noses out of for once
  • Garrett: Agreed
  • ---
  • Marian: Leopold is going to be a wyvern with a very unhappy tummy
  • Garrett: Once you're done messing with the wyvern's lunch, can we move on before the cook realises you lied to her?
  • ---
  • Tallis: You know what you're doing. Who trained you?
  • Marian: My mother, believe it or not. Apparently you learn a few things about stealth when you sneak out to meet your apostate lover on a regular basis
  • Garrett: Wait, /mother/ taught you how to do this? Since when?
  • Marian: You had your training, I had mine
  • ---
  • Marian: *sigh* Why is it always the cute ones?
  • Isabela: Didn't you know? It's in the job description for being the backstabbing rogue
  • Marian: Well that explains a few things
  • ---
  • Garrett: More of these things?
  • Marian: You be careful brother dearest, else I'll think you're missing the Orlesians
  • Garrett: I think I'll take the nasty little gremlins thanks
  • Fenris: Is there a difference?
  • Isabela: *giggles* Ghast-hole
  • ---
  • Garrett: I get the feeling you wanting to help Tallis has less to do with protecting innocents and more to do with getting in her pants
  • Marian: *indignant gasp* How could you say such a thing? Do you really think I would be so selfish as to-?
  • Garrett: Yes
  • Isabela: Yes
  • Fenris: Yes
  • Marian: ...well okay maybe a little
  • Garrett: And you're okay with this Isabela?
  • Isabela: What? It's not like she didn't ask me first. Birdie might be a horny little shit, but she always makes sure I'm okay with it before she goes chasing after anyone
  • Marian: We do this thing called 'communicating.' You know, the thing you and Fenris recently learned how to do
  • Isabela: Only took you three years of blue balls to manage it
  • Garrett: Bela!
  • ---
  • Fenris: When you were speaking with Tallis about marriage... You said you had someone in mind
  • Garrett: I did
  • Fenris: And might I ask...?
  • Garrett: *sigh* Of course I meant you Fenris, why would I ever even entertain the idea of anyone else?
  • Fenris: ...Do you mean that? You would wish for us to marry?
  • Garrett: Yes, but only if that's what you want
  • Fenris: I ah... I merely thought that-
  • Garrett: Fenris, if I wasn't completely serious about us, about being with you, do you think I would have waited for three years?
  • Fenris: You make an excellent point. Perhaps we shall discuss it further later... Away from present company
  • Marian: Oh please don't stop on our account
  • Isabela: Keep going, I need to write this down. Varric will be green with envy that he missed /this/
  • Tallis: As romantic as this is, and as nice as the warm fuzzy feelings are, we do have to stop Salit. Like, right now

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

Keep reading


Here is the part 2 of the high school AU post. Find part 1 here

Moved on from Whispers by wishingonalightningbolt

5,346 [one shot]


He’s not dumb. Out of everyone in the school, Derek is second in grades only to Lydia Martin, and the only reason Stiles is third is because he’s taking more APs than Derek, so his grades are suffering the slightest bit. That’s why Derek knows, when Stiles arches an eyebrow at him, why what he said was so incredibly dumb.

Stiles didn’t break into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom to take a piss. He broke into Lydia Martin’s upstairs bathroom while Derek was in it, because—because of reasons.


Stiles is tired of pretending like and Derek don’t want each other.

It’s like he’s all that by MemeKon

3,639 [one shot]

Teen and Up

Stiles is different. Stiles is not nice under any definition of the word, he’s such an asshole. Sure, he’s a good guy deep down, he punched Jackson square in the jaw when he mocked the McCall kid for an asthma attack that one time, and Derek knows he helped Erica Reyes get that video of her seizure taken down, but he’s so—

“Fuck off, Derek.” Stiles tells him without sparing him a glance when Derek sits next to him on chemistry. “I’m not up to play She’s All That with you, dude.”


(School crushes are so complicated.)

the one that I want by rebeccabethstilinski

4,376 [Incomplete; 3/?]


“Scotty, I’m just glad you now know what personification is, maybe you can pass English this year while I slave away in AP. Which, by the way, is a class I share with none other than Derek "Eyebrows McBroody” Hale. Hell yes.“

Five Times Derek Wished He Was An Only Child (and one time he was glad he isn’t) by Anyanka

1,767 [one shot]

Teen and Up

In ten years, Derek will get down on one knee and ask Stiles to marry him. In ten years, Stiles will go silent and freak Derek out before finally jumping out of his chair into Derek’s lap, yelling “Yes, you asshole! Yes, fuckin’ yes! I will!”

Right now, Derek doesn’t know all this.

Right now, his sister is embarrassing the hell out of him.

This is the story of how Derek’s siblings are the worst.

Propelled or Compelled by fauvistfly

4,336 [Complete; 2/2]

Teen and Up

Based on this prompt that I posted and then filled:

I need the Sterek fic where Stiles is the skater punk who’s really a good kid but always has a skateboard and sort of has a reputation, and Derek the All-American baseball player who has a great smile for the parents but is just not all that happy. And Stiles is always at the park in his flannel shirts, doing little tricks on his board to get his energy out, and Derek can’t help but notice because his shirt always flies up and gives him a glimpse of that fucking happy trail.

My Loser by sterektothemoonandback

1,302 [one shot]

Not Rated

"That loser is my boyfriend, okay? And you better stop harassing him or else you won’t be able to use your hands for months.” Derek hissed out as he leaned in closer to Gas, his eyes hard as stone.


or the High School AU where Derek is a good boyfriend that no-one asked for but got anyway.

Oh God, He’s Hot by lupus

6,062 [one shot]


When Stiles came home a couple of days before junior year started from a summer away, he was a little more than excited to see his best friend Derek, especially now that he’d finally gotten the courage to act upon his long standing crush on the guy. There’s just one problem; somewhere in the span of three months puberty hit Derek like the bus hit Regina George and all of the sudden Derek is hot.

And Stiles isn’t the only one who’s noticed.

you’ve got something i need by Resacon1990 

11,569 [one shot]

Teen and Up

WARNING: Implied suicidal thoughts, panic attacks

“You think he’s ‘practically perfect in every way’!”

“You can’t quote Mary Poppins. Especially not in reference to Derek.”

Wait For It by otatop

3,804 [one shot]

Not Rated

Funny, how you can exist adjacent to someone through elementary, middle, and high school and not really know them. Funny, how Stiles had always had some strange crush on Derek without actually being his friend.

(You Drive Me) Crazy by I_glitterz

5,631 [one shot]


When he catches Stiles looking at him, his lip quirks up the tiniest bit and Stiles’ insides melt as his heart starts to race. A blush spreads across his face and he looks back at Scott’s love struck face when he catches Allison walking into her classroom.

He’s pretty sure he’s just as gone on Derek as Scott is on Allison, but at least Scott has a fat chance in hell with Allison.

Just the Same by ericaismeg

68,066 [Complete; 7/7]

General Audiences

Something is seriously up with the captain of the lacrosse team. There’s just no way Derek Hale is human.
“I was wondering if you’re even human. You move so quickly. I mean, it’s ridiculously fast. No human should be able to move that fast, y'know? It’s unfair for us. I mean, it’s obvious you work out, and I don’t, so that could be why, but like…I was just wondering if you were human, that’s all.”

“Stop talking, Stilinski, or I'll—”

“Put me on the bench all season?” Stiles asks knowing full well that Derek Hale can’t threaten him with shit.

A Guide to Wooing Unsuspecting Jocks Accidentally by failwolfhale

1,673 [one shot]

General Audiences

Derek knew that he was good at approximately four things - six if you counted his strength and talent at lurking as being good at something. And he was okay with that. He was just glad to be good at ONE thing.

(I Hate to Be) The One to Ruin the Night by wishingonalightningbolt

14,550 [Complete; 2/2]


High school senior Derek Hale only has one goal for the rest of his time left at BHHS: avoid Stiles Stilinski. He’s wreaked enough havoc as it is, having spent all summer breaking Derek’s heart. Everything would be better for both of them if they just never saw each other again.


Derek doesn’t plan on ever getting mixed up with Scott McCall and his little gang of idiot friends. In fact, if he knew to avoid it, he would, but he guesses he just isn’t smart enough. Unfortunate, considering the consequences.

In My Veins by siriuslymcfly

37,759 [Complete; 2/2]

Not Rated

It is the beginning of his Senior Year and Derek is so ready for High School to just end already so he can get out of the stifling town. But his new fascination with one Stiles Stilinski makes him rethink everything about his perfect life. The Hale family are total meddlers in said fascination and Stiles flails quite a lot.

Here is the second part! Both of these parts were your basic kind of high school AUs, which is what I tend to do with my vague asks. You asked for high school AUs, so I gave you a lot of high school AUs that take place in high school and what-not. If you want a more specific kind of high school AU, don’t be afraid to shoot me an ask. I have so many high school AUs, it’s kinda ridiculous. Angsty underestimated me, and well, her response was “Jesus, Fluffy.”

Love and internet hugs, 


Jealous Rivalry (Boom!Sonamy)

A request made from my fanfiction account. Song is I Think I’m Fallin For You by Colbie Caillat. Enjoy!

“And a one and a two, and a one, two, three…” Knuckles began to smoothly play out the melody of a song on the piano as Amy swayed and tapped her feet to the beat, waiting for her cue to sing the lyrics.

I don’t know but I think I may be

Fallin’ for you, dropping so quickly

Maybe I should keep this to myself

Waiting ‘til I know you better

I am trying not to tell you

But I want to

I’m scared of what you’ll say

So I’m hiding what I’m feeling

But I’m tired of holding this inside my head

Amy continued singing the song, all in perfect pitch, as Knuckles continued playing, he couldn’t help but smile as he was impressed with Amy’s singing. He knew she had a pretty decent voice, but never heard it for what it really was. Although, listening to it more, the lyrics seemed oddly lovey-dovey and he wondered who on earth it could be dedicated to. Was it…him?

As I’m standing here and you hold my hand

Pull me towards you and we start to dance

All around us

I see nobody

Here in silence

It’s just you and me

I’m trying not to tell you

But I want to

I’m scared of what you’ll say

So I’m hiding what I’m feeling.

But I’m tired of holding this inside my head

“Alright, so what do you think? Does it need a little work? Am I too pitchy?” Amy pressed her fingers together nervously, waiting for Knuckles’ criticism.

“Work? Pitchy? Ha! I think you sound just fine, Amy. The song sounds great too. But uh…is it for someone?” he asked, leaning towards her slyly with a raised brow.

She instantly blushed. ’How could he have picked that up?' “Uh, n-no. I-I kinda just scribbled down some words and found myself liking it and making it into a song! Yeah…a nice..little song.” she stammered and started playing with her hair, becoming more nervous as she spoke, afraid he’d see right through her lie. Of course she’d written the song about Sonic, but he didn’t need to know that.

'It’s totally about me.' “Riiight.”

“Uh, anyways, thanks for playing it for me. If I had any instrumental talent of my own, I’d of done it myself. And I’m not one to sing in front of crowds, but it’s nice to have a friend to share my talent with.” she looked down bashfully, not sure if she was talking about herself too much. She wasn’t used to talking with Knuckles like this.

Knuckles, however, took this out of context as if she was being shy because she didn’t want him to 'know of her true love’ for him. Being the knucklehead he is, he decided to make it 'easier’ for her to 'express’ her feelings by giving her weird, flirty looks as they began playing through the song again to critique it. Amy noticed, but thought he was just being Knuckles.

I’ve been spending all my time

Just thinking about you

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my life and now I found you

I don’t know what to do

I think I’m falling for you.

I’m falling for you.

Sonic and Tails were walking outside of Amy’s house when Sonic’s ears perked up and swiveled towards the direction from where she was singing.

“Is that…Amy?” he rushed towards the window, not wanting to just barge in, and peered closely at the scene. Tails followed casually, eyebrow raised at Sonic’s actions, and stood by him, also looking through the window. They listened for a couple of seconds before Sonic scrunched his nose up at Knuckles’ flirty expressions towards Amy while he was playing. “What’s that knuckle-head think he’s doing? Are they giving a performance or confessing their love? Heh.” he chuckled at his joke, although afraid that the latter was a possibility.

Tails noticed how Sonic completely ignored Amy’s wonderful singing and just observed how Knuckles was looking at her. Maybe he didn’t like the idea of Amy being alone with another guy? “Who knew Amy could sing so well.” he dramatically stated as to see if Sonic was paying attention. No response. Tails sighed.

Nah, Knuckles and Amy? Not in a million years! She couldn’t be interested in him like that…not when I was almost certain she had a thing for moi’. Heh, yeah. I’m sure it’s nothin’.

“Amy’s got a pretty amazing voice, Sonic. Shouldn’t we go in and compliment her?”

Sonic snapped out of his thoughts and turned to Tails, as if he hadn’t noticed him standing there. “Oh, uh, yeah I guess.”

They walked in and Amy stopped singing once she saw the door open. She abruptly turned and blushed from embarrassment, afraid that they’d heard her singing. Knuckles stopped playing and, again, took this out of context as her being embarrassed that Sonic and Tails had walked in on them during an 'intimate moment’. He thought it was cute and smiled at her like a doof. Sonic noticed.

“Amy, that sounded awesome! Where’d you learn to sing like that?” Tails asked before looking at Sonic who had crossed his arms and looked away. He frowned at him, wondering why he was acting this way.

Amy slowly looked over her shoulder at them, still blushing. “O-oh…um. Thanks. I guess I’ve always had this talent, but I’ve…never really been able to bring it out just yet.” she said as she turned to completely face them.

“Sure doesn’t look that way. You had the guts to let Knuckles hear ya.”

Tails glared at him and slightly punched him in the arm for being rude. “Sonic thinks you sound great too, Amy. Dontcha, Sonic.” he eyed him, hoping he’d cooperate.

Sonic sighed, unfolding his arms. “Yeah yeah. You sound like an angel, Ames. But seriously, you couldn’t have asked me to play for you? I think a couple of guitar chords would go pretty nice with that tune of yours. Maybe even better.” Amy blinked at Sonic’s sudden mood change and couldn’t help but get the impression that he might’ve been jealous. She smirked, an idea brimming inside her head.

“Actually, Sonic, I think it sounds just fine with piano accompaniment.” she said whilst placing her hands on her hips sassily, leaning on one foot.

Sonic blinked and looked away, placing a finger under his nose. “Yeah, well…I’d need to hear it again to be sure. I’ve got an ear for these kinda things.”

'Well, I guess I have no choice but to sing now. Ah well, this’ll be worth it' “Alright, Knuckles. You heard the man.” she snapped her fingers, jumping on top of the piano for extra effect and Knuckles, who had been staring at her the whole time, snapped back to his senses( if he had any really) and began playing the song again.

Sonic and Tails contently listened to her sing, but Sonic’s eyes had wondered over to Knuckles who was looking at Amy, who was also looking at him for dramatic purposes. She noticed Knuckles was still giving her silly looks and wondered if he was either catching on to what she was doing and playing along or just still being a knuckle-head. Whatever it was, despite how awkward it may have been, it was helping her to see if Sonic was truly jealous right now. And by the looks of it, he had turned around, his back facing them, arms crossed. Jealousy was written all over his face.

Oh, I just can’t take it

My heart is racing

Emotions keep spinning out.

The song spoke for her. The realization that Sonic might actually have feelings for her was overwhelming and Amy’s little heart couldn’t take it. She continued singing, all the while looking at Sonic dreamily. Knuckles followed her eyes and was saddened to see where they landed. ’Guess I was wrong…this song must be for Sonic…Of course it’s for Sonic! Haha, What was I thinking! Oh…I wasn’t thinking. I don’t even have a thing for Amy…or do I?' Knuckles mused on but continued to play until the song ended.

Sonic looked over his shoulder reluctantly, eye lids low, and exclaimed, “I still say a guitar would sound better, but you sound good, Ames. I’ll give ya that.” Amy looked away and blushed before looking back to see Sonic had turned around to face her again with a confused expression. “But I couldn’t help but wonder…who’s the song about?” Heat rushed to Amy’s face and her body tensed up instantly.

“U-uh…I just..wrote it. Heh.”

“Not without some kind of inspiration ya didn’t. The song’s pretty specific, Ames. Spill it. Who’s it about?” he placed his hands on his hips and smirked.

Amy didn’t know what to do but try and play it out. “I already told you, Sonic. Stop asking questions you already know the answer to.” she huffed and turned away, crossing her arms. 'I’ll just pretend to be angry and storm off. Yeah, that’ll work ’

“Well, I don’t think I was given a legit answer, to be honest. But, whatever you sa-”

“You callin me a liar?”

“I ain’t callin you a truther.”

They continued to argue as Tails and Knuckles stood by watching helplessly.

“Wow, you’re impossible, Sonic the Hedgehog! Geesh, this’ll be the last time I take constructive criticism from you.”

“All I asked was a question. All ya had to do was give me an honest answer.”

“Why should I have to explain myself? I wrote a song! A simple, yet very detailed song! It’s not my fault you were getting all jealo-” she slapped her hand over her mouth before she could finish her sentence. She looked at Sonic who she was pretty sure caught on to what she said. 'Oops’

“Y-you…thought I was…j-jealous?” he stuttered, nervous that his feelings might be revealed at this very moment.

“You were acting pretty weird, Sonic. It would explain a lot.” Tails explained, twisting his tails in amusement.

Amy laughed nervously, noticing Sonic’s equal discomfort. “Heh, that’s not what I meant! I just, um…ohh, would ya look at the time! I’m late for my lunch date with Sticks! See ya later!” she ran out the door and to the food court. Surprisingly, she was telling the truth this time.

'I’d rather we keep it our little secret' Amy thought, blushing to herself as she speed walked.

“…What was that about?” Tails looked at Sonic curiously. Sonic was eyeing Knuckles from the corner of his eye. Tails smirked.“You were totally jealous.”

Sonic’s head snapped towards Tails’ direction in a second. “I-I WAS NOT!”

“Knuckles, what do you think?…Knuckles?” he looked around to see Knuckles playing with a shiny object. He sighed and shook his head. “Of course. Well, Sonic, you’re off the hook I guess. Come on, I wanna show you what I tinkered up yesterday!” he skipped outside happily. Sonic followed, but gave Knuckles a sharp glare before he walked away.

“Jealous of him? Hmph.” Sonic muttered to himself, crossing his arms and pouting.

And Knuckles was none the wiser.

The End!

I'll Give You Slut: Luke Hemmings Imagine

Okay i’ve had this idea for a while and I really wanted to write it sO

Rating: its a little smutty?? maybe like one swear word?? idk


The cab ride back to your apartment from the bar was tense; you couldn’t have imagined time passing any slower. You felt the hairs at the back of your neck stand up every time Luke gave you a glance from the side of his eyes. His tense presence causing you to shift uncomfortably in your spot. You didn’t bother talking to him, knowing it would only make the situation worse. 

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fanfic: all my days i'll know your face [brooklyn nine nine, jake x amy]

juuuussst scraping in before the premiere! also, i’m sorry it came to this.

(also let’s assume this universe also swallowed a few select things from the end of season one: no teddy, no going undercover, no confession, no strict canonical timeline. definitely nothing to do with season two. there are still romantic-stylez feelings, though. obviously)

all my days i’ll know your face
four universes in which everything is the same at the nine-nine, except that soulmates are a thing. four times jake and amy definitely weren’t those soulmates. nope. not at all.

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Unintended Chapter 3


summary: Foreston Academy was the very last resort for angry, lonely Dan Howell. He never could have imagined meeting anyone like Phil Lester, and Phil never could have known that befriending his new roommate would change his life entirely.

Is there such a thing as being too forgiving?

betas: comefeedmyobsession and kaleidanscope

wc: ~4k 

warnings: descriptions of fire

a/n: i am alrEADY so sick of uploading this only another 10 chapters and an epilogue to go((((((:

Even though PJ hadn’t actually mentioned to Phil taking Dan down to Firespot, the thought had still raced through Phil’s head as an extension to their conversation as he headed back down the hallway.

Although this thought made him sad, Phil was ever an optimistic person, and believed that Foreston and his own supportiveness towards Dan together would eventually get Dan to come round. If Phil couldn’t take Dan down to Firespot tonight, maybe he could another night.

When Phil arrived back in the room, Dan and Alyssa unlocked lips to each give Phil an angry scowl.

‘I am not leaving,’ said Phil, stretching his arms with a loud yawn and starting to hum a tune happily as he took out a notepad.

Dan and Alyssa stared in shock.

'I’m just gonna draft out a letter to the family,’ chirped Phil, partly radiating his usual sunshine, but partly enjoying the horrified looks on their faces. Alyssa had been quite the bitch in the past, and even he wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get on her nerves a bit.

Still humming, he flipped the pages in his notebook noisily, crackling the paper and clicking his pen a few times when he saw Dan’s hand tracing back towards Alyssa’s boob.

He leapt up and smiled widely at the two teenagers.

'Mind if I put some music on?’ He was still happy and smiling, and skipped over to the mini-stereo without waiting for an answer.

He half wasn’t expecting one, he seemed to have shocked them so much, but Dan was clearing his throat and glaring at him.

'Uh? Yeah? I do mind!’

Phil turned up a Blink-182 track before doing a little dance and turning back to Dan, desperately trying not to laugh and to keep his smile genuine.

'What!?’ He shouted, cupping a hand around his ear, 'What did you say?’

'I said,’ screamed back Dan, 'turn the fucking music down!’


/I’ll add some blink lyrics here but I want something really good and couldn’t think of anything appropriate off the top of my head so any suggestions are appreciated!!/

'Turn it down!’ He turned back to Alyssa and Phil saw him tell her to ignore him, before trying to make out with her again. She looked back at him with disgust, clambering off the tiny bed with equal scowls of disdain at both of the boys, turning off the stereo and striding towards the door with her hips rocking.

'Wait! Alyssa! Where’re you going?!’ Dan slid off the bed towards the door but Alyssa turned round sharply.

'Out. I’ll come back when you can be arsed to put me before your loser roommate.’


Alyssa’s eyebrows shot up her high forehead.

'Don’t fucking call me that,’ she hissed, before spitting on the carpeted floor and picking her way out of the room and into the corridor, slamming the door as hard as she was able.

Phil knew Alyssa, and if Dan wanted to keep her, he needed to go after her now. Luckily, Dan was too busy being angry at Phil.

'What the fuck, do you think you’re doing?’

'Ew, gross. She spat on the floor.’

'Hey, wanker! Are you listening to me!?’

'I reckon you should clean this up.’

'What?!’ Dan was stunned. He hadn’t thought that his roommate was quite so… Audacious.

'Yeah, well, you seem happy for her spit to be in your mouth, so it shouldn’t be an issue to clean off the floor, right?’

Dan’s face was filled with such anger that Phil’s courage started to crumble.

This boy had been expelled. For what? What had he done? And what could he do to Phil?

Fury clouded Dan’s face and his chocolate eyes turned to dark stones. Phil started backing up against the other side of the room.

'Who. The. Fuck,’ he hissed, each word thrown as a silver knife slicing through Phil, 'do you think you are?’


'How. Dare. You!’

Dan’s hands had curled into quivering fists of anger. Phil thought of Chris and PJ, locked away in their own cosy room at the other end of the corridor. He didn’t own a mobile phone, and neither did Peej.

'Dan, I’m sorry! I didn’t realise she was… Important..?’ Dan had only met her today! Why was he so furious?! Especially after the way he had treated Phil all day!

Dan’s brain unfogged briefly, just enough for him to respond to Phil’s comment. Of course Alyssa wasn’t important. He didn’t even like her that much. But- But- Phil had-

What exactly had Phil done? Interrupted them? The reason Alyssa had left was because he, Dan, wouldn’t stand up to Phil.

Well, he thought, red flooding his vision again as he remembered Phil’s rude comments about him cleaning up Alyssa’s spit, Dan would stand up to Phil now. That would show him. That would show everyone.

'Dan,’ he heard Phil whimper as he approached the pathetic specimen, and all Dan could do was laugh. He loved it when he was more powerful than another, loved the feeling of someone else being completely helpless right in front of him. It made him feel whole, it made him feel alive.

'Dan, you don’t want to hurt me,’ Phil was sliding down the wall as Dan raised his fists with a cruel glare, 'no, seriously, you can’t get kicked out on your first day! Your parents-’

His parents. His parents. How did Phil know about his parents!? How could he possibly know!?

Dan’s hand slammed into Phil’s shoulder, pinning him against the wall, their noses only inches apart as Dan hissed into Phil’s face.

'What do you know about my parents!?’

'Nothing! Nothing, I just- what would they say if you got expelled again-’

Phil quickly flicked his face to one side to try and protect himself, assuming his comment would only rile Dan up, but it infact had the opposite effect.

Dan took a deep gulp, eyes beading with tears, and crumpled to the floor, letting go of Phil immediately, who ended up crumpled beside him.

To Phil’s utter horror, Dan’s eyes started streaming, his breath coming in thick raspy heaves.


'Why can’t I-’ Dan wailed, ’-do anything right!?’ He thrust his head against the wall and Phil had to dive out of the way to avoid being headbutted.

'Dan-’ Phil grabbed Dan’s shoulders and pulled him back as he attempted to hit his head again, 'Dan- please stop, please,’ the boy was scaring Phil now.

'I’m so useless! I’m just this huge fuck-up, Phil, I- I-’

'Dan, please stop. You’re not a fuck-up, you’re just-’


Dan dissolved into tears so ferocious that his body shook with each sob as he curled up on the carpet, arms wrapped desperately around his body. Phil was shocked to put it mildly; this outburst was worse than any of Dan’s tears he had experienced yesterday.

'You don’t know me,’ Dan muttered, gasping for air between the violent sobs.

'Then, Dan,’ Phil put a gentle hand on Dan’s shoulder, pushing him up into a sitting position, 'let me.’ Phil laughed at how anime he sounded, and Dan stared in confusion, his sobs slowing but the tears still running a river down his cheeks. 'I mean, um, let me get to know you. Tell me about you…’ He broke off as Dan fell into fresh howls of sorrow, this time completely and utterly inconsolable.

For the second time in the two days Dan had been at Foreston, Dan missed his dinner. But this time, Phil did as well. Although Phil could do nothing to help the boy, he stayed there holding his hand until the tears subsided and he collapsed on his bed into a troubled sleep.




'Where is he right now?’

'In our room, wiped out. That’s why I have to be quick- I want to be there when he wakes up. God knows what he could do.’ And plus, thought Phil, he wanted Dan to know Phil was there for him, no matter how much of a 'fuck-up’ Dan thought hewas.

'Ok, I can probably do that. You game, Chris?’

Chris shouted over from the corner, where he was busy tapping away on a laptop, 'Yeah, yeah Phil, you can count on us! I mean, I don’t have a clue what you actually want me to do, I wasn’t listening, So bear that in mind when I say I’m happy to help. If 'help’ means you want to cheer him up by selling my body to him, I’m afraid I may be out…’

'You’re a prat, Chris,’ snorted PJ as Phil laughed.


Dan was awoken by the tinkling of a tune he thought he recognised, but couldn’t place for the life of him.


As Dan’s eyes slowly unglued themselves, he rolled over in his bed (nearly falling out in the process) to watch a tall black-haired figure stumble across the room to turn off the glowing object that was emitting the weirdly familiar music.

Dan’s brain slightly waking up, he realised that it was Phil’s fancy clock, and that the music must be an alarm. A glance at the garish letters told him that it was past midnight on a Monday so, technically, as his sluggish mind pointed out to him, it was Tuesday.

Phil turned round when he heard Dan groan.

'You awake?’

Dan simply grunted, dragging his duvet clumsily over his head with another groan when Phil opened the curtain to let a bright stream of moonlight glow up the room.

'Come on!’ Dan pushed the cover away from his head for a moment to see that Phil was practically skipping with excitement.

Then he remembered.


'Come on come on come on!’ Phil was next to Dan’s bed, positively glowing with excitement, before he grabbed Dan’s hand and yanked him out from his warm cosy den of sleep, pulling him towards the door.

'Phil, I’m in my underwear!’

Phil turned round and looked the boy up and down briefly before the two of the dissolved into giggles.

'Grab a t-shirt and jacket,’ he whispered, pushing him towards the wardrobe before the two of them started giggling again.




When Phil got back from Chris and PJ’s room that evening, he only had to wait another half hour for Dan to wake up.

When he did, Dan was a mess.

'Please don’t make me tell you anything.’


'I don’t want… I mean, I think… You would hate me… More than now… I…’

'Shut up Dan,’ Phil’s voice was soft, and he put an arm around Dan, the two of them now sat on Dan’s bunk with their backs propped up against the wall together, 'I actually don’t hate you, you don’t seem to be able to comprehend-’

'You would,’ Dan’s voice was almost inaudible.

'You’re not following me, Dan, I don’t care what you’ve done in the past, what’s important is-’

'Phil, I’m a fuck-up. You’re not. And I just… I just don’t want to talk about it.’

Phil did want to talk about it. In his experience, nothing helped better than a friend. But he didn’t want to push Dan away, so he decided to let it go for now.

'Can we be friends, Dan?’

Dan was silent as he stared down at his hands. Phil was starting to notice that Dan could never keep his hands still - he was always fidgeting, twitching his fingers or tapping away as though he was perpetually playing a keyboard in his head.

'I don’t know,’

'Why? Am I… Am I doing something wrong?!’

'No, no! I mean… We just, those other guys, David and Patrick and Alyssa,hey’re more like me. Not you… Not you, Phil.’

'How are they more like you? They’re all… Well, to put it bluntly Dan, they’re all kinda dickheads.’

Silence. And then: 'Exactly.’

Phil didn’t know what to say to that.

'You don’t have to be like them.’ Is what he settled for at length, trying desperately to break the silence.

'I am though. I can’t change who I am.’

'You’re not! I was watching you today, Dan, and you looked bored! You’re interesting and funny and creative and you don’t need to hang round with idiots like that because you feel like that’s what you deserve, or whatever it is you think.’

'Shut up waffling. And plus; those “idiots” are my friends.’

Dan’s voice was cold, and Phil panicked. Could he do nothing right with this boy? He had always thought he was good with people - he made friends easily and most people who knew him adored him -yet he didn’t seem to be able to do anything right with Dan.

'I’m sorry,’ he mumbled, also staring at his own pale hands now, 'I… please don’t hate me.’

Dan’s hands were slightly more tanned than Phil’s, his fingers less long and nails less nibbled. Phil watched as he interlaced his fingers agitatedly, giving away some of the emotion his passive face hid so well.

'I don’t hate you,’ Phil heard Dan whisper.

Phil knew what he wanted to say now.

'Come to Firespot with me tonight. It’s fun, you can actually get to know my friends… Maybe we can start afresh, If you want?’


'I told you 'bout it last night - the campfire thing out in the woods.’ Dan’s face was blank. 'Just after I turned the lights out and you were pretending to be asleep…’

Phil wondered if he’d upset Dan or if the boy would just deny it, but to his delight Dan just chuckled a little and looked up at him with a tiny sad smile on his face.

'Yeah… yeah, ok.’ At that moment Phil’s stomach gave a rumble, 'Hh god, you didn’t get anything to eat, did you!?’

'Oh it’s fine, I’ve sorted it,’ Phil flashed a wide smile at Dan, trying desperately and mostly failing to hide how overjoyed he was that Dan was coming to Firespot with him, before jumping off the bed and hopping over to the stereo.

'Help me pick something to listen to, friend.’



'So… What was your alarm song thing? I think I might have recognised it.’

'Oh, um, it’s from the soundtrack to some anime film.’

They spoke in whispers because they were creeping down the grounds together, having gotten out of the building successfully and gone out through the conservatory doors that were left open every Monday night for the students who were in the know about Firespot. Dan had insisted on putting on some proper clothes and shoes; there was no way he was going to a campfire in the middle of the night dressed only in his underwear.

'Which film? I love anime!’

'One of the Ghibli ones, I think? It’s bad, but I can’t actually remember, I’ve had it as my alarm for so long.’

'What’s your favourite anime Phil?’ The grass was soft and springy under Dan’s feet, the moonlight bright and Dan’s excitement was building.

'Film or show?’

'Either. Both. I don’t know!’

‘It has to be Iwatobi Swim Club in terms of show, I mean, all the muscles. I identify with Gou spiritually.’

‘Oh yes! I love that show, how it just,’ Dan clenched his fist, staring at the ground all of a sudden, ‘ended without warning.’

The moon shone brightly in the sky and autumn leaves crunched under their feet as they tiptoed down towards the dark treeline across the grounds.

They talked in hushed voices about things they liked and things they didn’t like, about books and films and shows and games, and because Phil didn’t ask about anything to do with Dan’s past, the conversation was light and easy and enjoyable.

Turns out, thought Dan, maybe he could hold a good conversation. Or maybe it was just Phil.

Soon they were close to the trees, and when he really listened hard during the gaps in conversation, Dan thought he could hear the quiet strains of music coming from somewhere in the woods.

They wandered a little further until they were past the treeline, Phil picking his way through the dark woods easily.

'Listen,’ whispered Phil mid- sentence, pulling one hand to his ear and the other grabbing Dan’s forearm, forcing Dan to stop walking and stand stock-still next to Phil. 'You hear them?’

Dan did hear them. the sound of music, and beneath it laughter and chatter and happiness. It filled him with a buzz, which only increased when he looked over at Phil, who was gazing at him with a strange mix of excitement and anticipation and… pride. He was proud of this school, of Firespot, of everything he had to show his new roommate, Dan realised.

Dan had an overwhelming urge to throw his arms around Phil and pull him into a tight hug, to say thankyou for helping him and understanding him and not hating him, even after the shitty way Dan had behaved over the last couple of days. He wanted to be here in the woods on this cool September night and hold his first ever… friend- since childhood- close under the moonlight streaming through the leaves above them and just… say thankyou.

The emotion was overwhelming when Dan realised that he considered Phil a friend. So much so that he honestly did consider trying to hug him, just for a second.

But of course he didn’t.


(a/n: this next bit is all about the campfire, inc. roasting marshmallows etc)


Just as they approached the clearing, Dan closed his eyes and inhaled the cool night air- it smelt like pine wood and burning and silver moonlight.

Moonlight has a smell, trust me. If you don’t know that then you haven’t been out in the middle of the autumn in a wood at midnight with a raven-haired boy with shining blue eyes staring back at you with excitement and pride, tiny clouds of warm air spiralling out into the darkness every time he takes an excited little puff of breath.

Phil took Dan’s hand in his own cold soft one, and pulled him forwards through the trees. Dan was so taken by surprise by the gentle contact that he for a second froze in Phil’s grasp, staring at their intertwined hands.

Phil followed his gaze, ‘Oh, sorry,’ he said, letting go, a hot pink blush flooding his pale cool cheeks.

Dan instantly felt the warmth leaving his hand. ‘No, no. I… I like it. Friendly. I…’ he wasn’t making any sense, so silently took another deep breath and a step forwards, grasping Phil’s hand tightly in his own. The boy looked at Dan and smiled a happy smile.

They stood there for a second in the shadows, moonlight playing on their hair and skin and faces, before Phil took the first step forward.

‘S’gonna be okay,’ he whispered to Dan, who had not really relaxed ever since the arms of the trees had first surrounded them- he hated trees, and to be right in their midst felt incredibly claustrophobic and intimidating. But with a warm hand squeeze and a smile from Phil, the two boys walked forward together through the dark silhouettes of the trees, taking their steps slowly as their feet crunched on the autumn leaves beneath them.

And with a precipitous blaze of surprise, the trees around them were flickering with golden light, and the laughter and the music and the happiness filled their ears and a radiant beam filled Phil’s face from ear to ear, and Dan dissolved into a dreamlike state as Phil dragged him around the circle and introduced him to everyone, and the music tickled his eardrums and tempted his body and the fire- the huge fire in the centre of the clearing- made everything golden and his eyes stream and his nose smell soot and barbeque food and the flames danced around him expressing every emotion at once.

He was surrounded by beautiful people bathed in golden orange light dancing and twirling and laughing, everyone with huge smiles on their faces and uncaring of what other people would make of them- simply having fun with their friends. There were two boys further back sat on a log, cloaked in shadows, playing guitars, a girl tapping a tambourine, and lots of people singing. Dan could see a few other instruments around- a ukulele lay abandoned, another girl held a flute in her lap- but they weren’t playing. Dan hoped he’d get to hear them later.

Dan was afraid of a lot of things- for example moths and darkness and trees- three things that were all present tonight, in fact- but he wasn’t afraid of fire. He wasn’t afraid of the way fire danced and flickered and shone light upon everything in its vicinity. Dan found fire exquisite and enchanting, and soon was so under the happy friendly dancing spell of Firespot that he found himself understanding why Phil loved it so much. He found himself loving it.

‘Dan,’ whispered Phil in his ear, ‘earth to Dan!’

Dan looked up at Phil, sat on the log next to him, smirking and handing him a stick with a marshmallow speared on the end of it. PJ and Chris were already crouching beside the flames, the fire licking their marshmallows and painting them black. Dan’s mouth started to water- he hadn’t eaten any dinner.

As Dan and Phil got up from the logs and approached the fire, Phil leaned again to Dan and whispered, ‘Peej and Chris went down to the kitchens for us earlier- we have tons of food to eat! To be honest, everyone here usually makes quite an event of the first night back at Firespot- a midnight feast, if you will.’

Dan felt drunk with happiness as he toasted marshmallows over the flickering dancing heat with Phil, Chris and PJ joining them so they could all take their first bites together- and it was all the gooey slimy sugary burn-your-tongue goodness that Dan could ever have dreamed of. It felt like heaven.

‘So… Tell me more about,’ Dan gestured around him, ‘the people here.’

The looks on PJ and Phil’s faces were made simultaneously of sunshine and moonlight, flickering flames and light laughter. Phil’s tongue poked out of the corner of his mouth.

‘We here,’ said Phil, ‘we’re /all/ misfits.’



These people- they liked him. They accepted him.

At least, Dan thought they did. He surely must be wrong- but…

He couldn’t ask- he couldn’t- he would sound so needy, so lame…

But he loved it here. These people were so much more fun than who he had spent time with today. He realised how much rather he would be here, accidentally setting sausages on fire over a bonfire with Phil, than making out with a girl he barely knew- someone who deep down, he didn’t actually really like…

But why would these people like him? Why would anybody actually like Dan? He had been so awful…


Dan even considered that it was all an elaborate set-up, that at some point Phil and Chris and PJ would jump out and go ‘ha! We hate you really! You fell for it! Idiot!’ Dan knew it was stupid, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Dan watched the flames, overwhelmed by the personal conflict, until as if he had heard his thoughts, Dan felt Phil nudge his arm.

‘I’m really glad you’re here Dan,’ he whispered, blue eyes shining bright with honesty.

‘Really?’ Dan’s comment was almost inaudible, but Phil heard it.


Dan had to turn away before Phil saw the tears of happiness that were pooling in his eyes. He had to do it, he thought. A new leaf. A fresh start.

Perhaps…. Perhaps it was possible after all.

Dan lay his head on Phil’s shoulder. The boy looked over, surprised, before relaxing into his side with a smile, their warm bodies pressed together.

It was so late, and Chris’ eyes were so heavy, his senses dulled by the food and the fun and the extraordinariness of the night. But he had never felt more happy than now, as he leant back against the bark of a tree and watched the silhouette of his roommate spiral joyously through the flames, completely unaware of how beautiful a dancer he was. Chris yawned and closed his eyes for a second, the image of PJ burning into his retinas, a feeling of longing sweeping over him along with the powerful wave of tiredness.

PJ was far too perfect- he was kind and funny and ridiculously creative- he danced like a god with a orange halo of light highlighting every loose strand of his wild hair, the flickering flames causing the sweat on his face to shine, his lips an orange-pink.

Chris had only known him two days, so how was it that he felt he had loved him for all his life?

Stop it, Chris he was drifting off, eyes closed, head back against the tree trunk, Stop being stupid, his head was so heavy…. You barely know him

That night, as PJ (with assistance from a tired Phil) carried Chris back to the room, unable to arouse him, they didn’t know that he was deep in a dream containing the very boy who held him.

4. nightmares - masterpost

i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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London Calling


Dean cranks up the stereo, doing his best to drown out the sound of Cas talking. He clenches and unclenches his jaw, feeling the muscle pop as he does, trying to give himself something else to focus on besides the freeway.

His efforts are in vain, and right now there’s just him, Cas, and the open road to Kansas City International.

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