seriously i cant wrap my head around this

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What the fuck are you doing? No but seriously, what the actual fuck are you doing? I cant wrap my head around people like you. What the hell kind of person are you? And what in the world do you think you're doing? Im baffled

I have more important things to be doing like trying to make Louis remember he’s supposed to be my dad than reading stupid anons like this one

things i hate about bandom (feel free to add)

-most of you ignore travie (gee i wonder why)
-how dangerously close to superwholock levels of elitism the clique is
-yall think youre punk when you couldnt be farther from it
-the fact that you cant wrap your heads around mcr’s breakup
-when you tweet to band members about your stupid ships
-most of bandom is the epitome of “pizza netflix touch my butt uwu”
-you take yourselves WAY too seriously

Seriously though, Rishid.

[there’s one thing I cant wrap my head around in the Yugioh series.]
Rishid Ishtar is not shown to be that stupid or improvident, contrariwise he uses brilliant trap strategy and is presented as thoughtful and consistent all along. 

Yet, he FAILS big time when it comes to impersonating the single person he has lived with HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Like seriously, if you love Marik that much and wish to carry out every single one of huis biddings, then WHY the hell couldnt you just fucking NOT SUCK A HUGE dick in posing as him?
None of the following wouldn’t have followed
Joey wouldn’t have pointed out you’re not the real deal.
Marik wouldn’t have forced you to play the fake god card. 
You wouldn’t have played it. 
It wouldn’t have struck you down.
You wouldn’t have gone unconscious. 
Marik wouldn’t have gone bat shit insane. 
None of the BIG BAD MESS would’ve happened. 
If only you fucking have done your job right. Yes, acting is not for everyone, but you could’ve at least tried to be a little bit like your precious little brother? 

You love him , you let him go that far and once he got THIS CLOSE to fulfilling his plans, you, my dear Rishid, screwd up everything just by not being the slightiest bit malicious in your duel with Joey. 


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Jo. JKR. Joanne K Rowling is responsible, and she's certainly not a dick. Anyone with a shred of decency should remember that Harry Potter isn't about who ends up with who and that we're all in this together--and the author can say whatever she likes about her characters. Romione is still endgame.

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I went down three posts on the Clara Oswald tag and I had to bail to not behead some people. It was basically “Still hate her”“Jenna’s acting sucked”, and “Clara is not good enough for the Doctor and he knows that because he clearly still misses Amy.” I think we take the prize for dumbest fandom. Seriously. 

Adore Clara Oswald. Respect Clara Oswald. Or stop being a waste of oxygen.