seriously i cant wrap my head around this

Seriously though, Rishid.

[there’s one thing I cant wrap my head around in the Yugioh series.]
Rishid Ishtar is not shown to be that stupid or improvident, contrariwise he uses brilliant trap strategy and is presented as thoughtful and consistent all along. 

Yet, he FAILS big time when it comes to impersonating the single person he has lived with HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Like seriously, if you love Marik that much and wish to carry out every single one of huis biddings, then WHY the hell couldnt you just fucking NOT SUCK A HUGE dick in posing as him?
None of the following wouldn’t have followed
Joey wouldn’t have pointed out you’re not the real deal.
Marik wouldn’t have forced you to play the fake god card. 
You wouldn’t have played it. 
It wouldn’t have struck you down.
You wouldn’t have gone unconscious. 
Marik wouldn’t have gone bat shit insane. 
None of the BIG BAD MESS would’ve happened. 
If only you fucking have done your job right. Yes, acting is not for everyone, but you could’ve at least tried to be a little bit like your precious little brother? 

You love him , you let him go that far and once he got THIS CLOSE to fulfilling his plans, you, my dear Rishid, screwd up everything just by not being the slightiest bit malicious in your duel with Joey. 


Natalie is literally the most cutest and beautiful human being to ever be cast on the show so I seriously can’t wrap my head around the fact that the other girls (the fatal 5) don’t like her and want her out when all she wanted do in the game is to be surrounded by strong women and for a woman to win the season. Like the past two days she’s been trying to bond with the other girls in hopes of aligning with them and accepting her into the group. She’s been trying to get close with Nicole especially by doing her makeup and hair and asking for a sleepover in the hoh room because she looked up to her on her first season and wanted to play the game with her. But she can’t even do that without being accused of doing it for strategy. She just wants to have fun and be accepted by everyone but all they do is make fun of her and think she’s dumb and naive. like its bad enough the guys hate her guts for no reason but the girls too? I AM SO MAD!!!