seriously i can't get over how cute this is


170320 x daily dose of day6 

cillian trevelyan & dorian pavus doin’ what they do best: being adorable nerdy boyfriends

my fave drew my fave gay mage sons (and carrick!) and tbh i basically haven’t stopped yelling about this since i saw the wip. thank you so, so, so much @pfaerie! i knew i was going to love your take on them. i didn’t know i was going to be this head over heels for it! 

okay to reblog, pls don’t use as it was a commission and if you remove the credit i can promise you an excruciatingly slow death. i WILL find you and it will not be pretty.
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I love Santa

ok so tumblr’s all over Adam Driver and believe me I am too

but have you also considered the adorable and talented ginger cinnamon roll that is Domhnall Gleeson

because I am ENCHANTED and I don’t see nearly enough of him on my dash and I feel the need to spread the good word


- cute floppy hair

- sunshine smile and infectious laugh

- charming and funny and delightful in basically every single interview 

- in some seriously good movies and is always excellent (you know how you discover a new fave and inevitably have to sit through their crappy stuff? not this time, folks)

- is both tol and smol 


- silly cutie one moment, “hold up how’d you get so sexy” the next

- pretty much born to wear a flower crown

- just add Oscar Isaac for extra hilarity


- ???????

- nothing he is perfect

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Reading Catching Fire (again) and I still can't get over how cute Peeta is. He just does all these little things that make my heart swell. I always find myself smiling while reading about him. He's just so perfect and I don't know how much more my heart can take. <3

Seriously….that book…oh. my. gosh. The moments that are in there are amazing. Ugh. Do I need to give one-word reminders?

  • Roof
  • Train
  • Arms
  • Buns
  • Kisses
  • Beach
  • Midnight
  • Wrapped