seriously i can't find the video

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Where can I watch ikon dome tour 2017 eng sub. And also the tour DVD that was of 2016/2017 I can't seem to find them. Please help me out. Thank you x

You can find download links here (mega and google drive):

For the japan tour dvd, I’ll try to upload the videos soon & I’m currently looking for people who can sub and translate them! I’ll post as soon as I have them!

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I'm pretty sure Mark will do his "Tasteful nudes" or something of that nature at 20 million. (Maybe not actual nudes cause younger subs and stuff) I mean he has always been one to show off some skin and everyone is going to bombard him with that "promise". Not to forget, while he was talking in a video or stream (I can't remember) he talked about how he was comfortable enough with himself to do something like that. I don't know maybe I'm wrong??? What do u think??

I mean he kinda did give us a nude once THAT I CANT FIND AGAIN where he was standing naked (I think) in a fogged up mirror and you could see from the waist up where he cleared the mirror (SERIOUSLY IF ANYONE FINDS THIS PICTURE SEND IT TO ME PLS) so like he might actually be serious

A lil help, maybe?

Does anyone know where I could find that video of Adam singing Ignition (Remix) + Sunday Morning at a Voice event, a couple years ago? I’ve been looking for it like crazy, since it’s been deleted from youtube (all the ones left are in bad/moderate quality).

This was the day:

I don’t blame Stiles for reacting the way he did. I too would spit out my water if faced with a video of a shirtless Derek Hale running through the woods. Also ‘what kind of murder’ smh stiles of course Derek is wanted for mass murder as always. It’s like we’ve come full circle with the return of so many other people from over the years (OMG INCLUDING KATE?????) and Stiles finding Derek cause he’s wanted for murder

What you're actually saying with your Otherkin tag spamming Version 2
  • Inspired by this post:
  • What they say: Otherkin? Tumblr has gone too far!
  • What they mean: I do not know how to use Google, and I can't possibly fathom that unusual beliefs may exist in the world that I've never heard of and might not be able to 'get' from its tag on Tumblr.
  • What they say: Otherkin should be locked up!
  • What they mean: I hate mentally ill people and if something around me is strange, it must be because of mental illness, so just lock that up in an asylum or whatever.
  • What they say: Otherkin is just like clinical lycantropy and that's not good. Please get help.
  • What they mean: Everyone who has an unusual identity needs to stop being that where I can see them, it's weird and you've got to be one of Those Crazies to be like that. If you take a pill and visit a doctor, everything I dislike goes away and you become normal, right?
  • What they say: Some Otherkin use the identity as a COPING mechanism?? That's ridiculous! How can furthering into delusions be healthier for you?
  • What they mean: I am very overconfident and I believe that I can perfectly judge the mental health needs of every mentally ill Otherkin I see, disregarding that the vast majority have literally told their therapists about it and been told it wasn't something to be treated or otherwise a problem as long as it made them feel better.
  • What they say: I can understand some parts of Otherkin, but this one set of kintypes is ridiculous!
  • What they mean: I apparently have the ability to decide the guidelines of a group without even being in it, and I will now outlaw all the weird-sounding ones because I can't fathom that people may find a kinship with something I couldn't.
  • What they say: Otherkin make people take trans people less seriously!
  • What they mean: I have no idea what the definition of Otherkin is beyond Urban Dictionary and I don't care.
  • What they say: You guys think you're oppressed! I hate you!
  • What they mean: I learned everything I know about Otherkin from the Tumblrisms video and I like to be mean to random people online because it makes me feel better and shows I am a better person!

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I don't get why people are taking that Lilo shoving story so seriously. There's video on youtube. You can see they were kidding like always and it's no big deal. People are legit choosing sides over this big nothing? Wow just when you think the fandom can't get any goofier. Disappointing.

I feel like you could probably sell a good chunk of this fandom magic beans and fairy dust as long as any gossip/tabloid site cosigned it. I’m disappointed too. Because we’re 5 years deep into this. How can people not understand Louis’ personality by now? I don’t find him to be malicious at all with any of his bandmates. More like a mischievous chihuahua. LOL

Anyway, have we forgotten Liam has had moments of genuine struggle since Zayn left? He’s been in tears on more than one occasion. Don’t we think Louis gets it? Don’t we think he knows how hard it would be for him if Harry were snatched off tour? It seems obvious to me all the hijinks on stage are Louis’ way of supporting Liam through this. That’s just his personality.

This means I’m here for you Liam:

This means it’s ok Liam:

This means I love you Liam:

I dunno. People have a need to see things in such black and white terms–good guy/bad guy and villain/victim and simple minded media bullshit. Does that make it easier to deal? Maybe so. But that isn’t real, imo. Evolving friendship and supporting each other through difficult times in their own quirky way–that’s real.

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I'm a dude who just finds leafy funny however I don't understand why the tumblr fanbase (including you!) sexualize and go on about his good looks so much. Is this just in the nature of girls who become fans of someone? because I can't think of any famous females I find funny or entertaining who I feel the need to obsess over stupid things like "gorgeous hands" seriously wtf? this is the same for all my guy friends who like leafy too. I feel a divide here even though we are all fans of leafy lol

Okay man, I understand you, and at first like…well I didn’t get it either, when I started watching him and realized his fanbase was like incredibly thirsty, I basically just laughed, like wtf dude.

BUT THEN - one day, out of nowhere he mentioned another YouTuber in a video that I thought was a girl (wasn’t lmao), and I felt like…JEALOUS??? I was like, “oh shit, what the fuck is happening to me”. And then one night I stayed-up super late watching his videos and fell asleep to one and like this part of me was like, “his voice is kinda dreamy ooooooh” and then I wake up and realize I CAUGHT THE FEELS FOR A FUCKING YOUTUBER????????

So Idk how it was for other girls, but basically I just developed a huge crush on him, which lead to like…all of this, and it’s weird bc other YouTubers I watch who do the same/similar things to him, like Pyrocynical, Luna, IHE, Grade A, etc. I’m not into. Idk.

Basically I think that Calvin just like…has this thing about him, like a certain kinda charm that we all flock to. It could be different for others of course, but for me at the time, I was getting over another guy, and his videos made me laugh and smile, plus I think he’s attractive, so yeah. I guess that’s my best way of explaining it. Oh, and btw, my guy friends that watch Leafy too? They think it’s the weirdest thing ever. So you’re not alone.


Buzzfeed put this fantastic video together… which body type do you find the most attractive?