seriously i can live here

no one talks about the fact that Kaz and the rest of MSF spent three years living in the middle of nowhere in Colombia, so he likely

  • has had a face-off with at least one jaguar
  • puts mosquito netting on everything, may use DDT despite known environmental concerns because yeah, it’s important for the future of the planet or whatever, but it’s more important his people not get malaria
  • had a healthy respect for venomous spiders, snakes, and scorpions, and checks his boots before he puts them on
  • since he has a high rank in medicine, probably learned really shitty field medicine with makeshift tools and minimal supplies
  • possibly learned to drive with that jeep on dirt roads, because when else would he have learned to drive
  • and, on an unrelated note, since the only vehicles they own are probably that jeep and Snake’s bike, has probably ridden double with Snake on that bike at least once out of necessity

Fic by Allopoppet

Prompt word by Susie:Tiger

Roadtrip series part 2/?


The journey from their home in the North of England to their first stop in Amsterdam takes just under half a day – that’s nine hours behind the wheel, not even counting the ferry from Dover to Calais part way through. They split the journey in half: Kili drives from their flat down to the port and Fili does the European side.

Despite the fact that they’re both exhausted from the early start, the trip begins well. The sun is up, the sky is blue, there’s nary a cloud to be seen, and the boys can’t help but be in high spirits. Kili drives with the windows down, so that the wind rushes through the car and sends his hair wild, although Fili pulls his hoodie tighter around himself and complains that he’s cold. They both sing along to whatever song bursts out of the radio, and any lyrics they don’t know, they make up.

However, once they cross into mainland Europe, things start to go a little downhill.

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