seriously i ask that myself

I wasn’t ready for this...

“Do I want to make love to Armin?“

“I’m ready for this?”

“I must confess that I am both terrified and excited.“

“if we continue like this I’ll have to seriously ask myself about it“

“anyway one thing is for sure: I do not want my first time to be with anyone other than Armin“

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Warm Me Up Ch. 29

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Saying that spending time with Will and his family was awkward would have been an understatement. Nico had no idea what Will had told them about their relationship, but he knew they knew Will and Nico had dated. He couldn’t help but feel like both Mr. and Mrs. Solace didn’t like him or wanted to investigate everything they could about him.

The only relief Nico had from their blue-eyed gaze was the small redheaded girl who liked him from the moment she’d realized he was the same person who’d helped with her bear. She liked to sit on Nico’s lap and she liked to play with his rings and play with his hair or cover his faded scars in Band-Aids and stickers.

Will insisted on having Nico join him and his family for the week of their stay and his parents assured him he was welcome. Nico wondered if maybe it was all in his head that they didn’t like him. But sometimes he caught Will’s dad looking at him like a puzzle and a threat until his wife or Will or Kayla pulled his attention away. And Will’s mom didn’t ask Nico much about himself. It was like Nico either wasn’t there or wasn’t an important presence.

It made Nico anxious, and he decided instead to stay beside Kayla and Will whenever possible.

It was the last day they were here and Nico was slightly relieved, but he didn’t show it because he knew Will would miss his family.

“Thank you guys so much for coming,” Will said as he hugged them goodbye. “I’ll miss you so much.”

“We love you, sweetheart. Hopefully you can come home if only to visit soon,” Naomi said, giving her son a warm smile that made Nico have to look away. He didn’t want to join that day because he figured he’d be intruding, but Naomi had said Kayla wanted to say goodbye to him too.

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how to anatomy please explain i demand it

Something like this. You can add nicer hair or a beard.

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Hi! I have a sudden urge to write polyamory themed fanfiction about haikyuu characters, and thinking about writing bokuteru, but sadly dont have any plot ideas?? And before I let this urge go i thought about asking those who ship them too?? So pls someone hmu thank

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone’s got any bokuroteru fic requests please let this angel know, we always need more fics for those three!!!! *O* <3<3

Anon said:  Pssst. Do you ship tensemi???

I DO !!!! They’re my fave Semi ship and one of my two fave Tendou ships!!

Anon said: There’s this fanfic in AO3: Need, by ConesOfDunshire. It’s a kuroteru fanfic that you may like? Though it depends on if you like fanfics with sex or nah. I personally prefer without sex (or without too many sex) but this one I couldn’t stop reading just to know how their relationshio would evolve.

!!!!!!!!! A N O N oh my god, okay you know how sometimes you have these ships and they’re, like, good ships and you enjoy them but you’re not deep into it or anything, and then some day you find that one piece of fanwork and suddenly you’re so deep in you’re never getting out that’s an otp right there and you’re d y i n g GOD

so yeah if anyone ever wondered how I ended up shipping KuroTeru they should go read that fic that’s it that’s why

Anon said:  I just want to say that I love your art and the way you represent the bakusquad and just generally the rest of the bnha characters is amazing. Thank you for being alive.

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! Oh my god that’s!!!! Such a nice thing to say !!!!!! <3<3<3

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Gakukai no questions. *runs away*

proud bfs ready to take on the world together


  • Me: *tries to show family stuff I'm interested in*
  • Family: This is stupid
  • Me: *doesn't involve my family in anything*
  • Family: Why are you pushing us away????

Boromir would have acknowledged that Thorin Oakenshield is a King approximately 10 seconds after meeting him.

He would’ve immediately volunteered to come along to the Quest, because the military situation in Gondor is manageable right now, and besides they really do not need the possibility of a dragon allying himself with Mordor, seriously, orcs are bad enough.

Boromir then proceeds to appoint himself as the official protector of everyone around him (because that’s what he does) and after a while he starts to challenge the people who sound like they’re being less than respectful towards Thorin, because fuck that. From what he’s seen and heard, this guy has been fighting tooth and nail for his people for who knows how long, so hold your tongues you’re talking to a King.

And the Company is just staring at Boromir, because there’s no way they’ve somehow managed to find a human Dwalin. Not possible. But there he is, asking those Men if they’d like to have Gondor declare war on them, because that can be arranged, and oh Mahal, definitely a human Dwalin. How???

Thorin isn’t exactly sure what’s happening or why, but this Lord of Men is defending dwarven honour and there’s no way he’s ever forgetting that. Boromir doesn’t know it yet, but he’s just accidentally secured an alliance between Gondor and Erebor. 

Dwalin is nearly beside himself with approval.

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They should know he's a guy by now but anyways how are u doing today ?

// Well between dealing with a handful of people stealing, tracing, and otherwise reposting my art, telling me I’m wrong for politely calling them out and handling it like an adult in DMs, trying to help handle the #savebendy bullshit, people ripping off my designs for Lendy & Acute & Alice, having my characters misgendered repeatedly after already making a post on the matter, being insulted directly to my face on a handful of servers, handling some personal drama, and generally feeling alone in groups of people (not their fault) I’ve been… okay. Mostly just extremely tired and admittedly a bit pissy. I haven’t hardly eaten this week and today I can’t stop so if I don’t post a lot its because I’ve made myself sick, sorry in advance.

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I wish i could view the nsfw stuff/ but im broke as hell lol

I’m not doing too great on money myself. Lol! So I really enjoy when I can give patrons access to exclusive content as thanks for supporting me and allowing me to continue dedicating my time to art ^ ^;

It’s fine if you can’t become a patron now or ever, I TRULY UNDERSTAND, you don’t need to justify it.

If you really want to see it, hopefully it will still all be there when you when you’re in a better place ^ ^;

      This is me, having doubts about writing or not a fic I talked to about with one of my dearest friends because I really don’t know if you guys would read it. The thing is, it all started with… me listening to “I’m Gonna Love Ya” by Sofia (weird, right? so unusual from me) and the idea of a Mevie Modern!AU popped into my mind… a one night stand fic to be exact where both of them would be +21 and basically is all smut.
       That’s why I don’t know if I should or not because I know some of you are quite sensitive about this subject. Any advice? I will gladly take it.

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So I imagine Pidge and Lance doing weird shit to the rest of the team(excluding Shiro) like prancing them or just pissing them off in general then playing innocent. They exclude Shiro because "if we really did those things, why hasn't it happened to you?" They think they're getting away with it but honestly Shiro is just so done he doesn't even care as long as no one gets hurt (He also laughs when he sees or hears some of the shit go down)

If ya’ll ever wanted to know what me as a parent would be like it’s 110% this

I didn’t ever expect to have such an interestingly huge crush on an animated 43-year old supervillain obsessed with the 80’s and still holding a now over 30 year old murderous grudge against Hollywood who cancelled his TV show when puberty happened to him like nobody’s business, but here we are and here I am.

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Your fic Hard Deviations has had me thinking a lot about Dooku and Obi-Wan's relationship... imagine an AU where Dooku kidnaps Obi-Wan and tries to go through his mind/memories, like Kylo Ren does to Rey in TFA, because Dooku wants to see how Qui-Gon died... maybe Dooku uses some sort of Sith thing on Obi-Wan so that he has a hard time shielding his thoughts

He…actually kind of does this in a short story that I’ve linked to before (which I love love love) when Dooku has Obi-wan captive on Geonosis. 

But I also like the idea that Dooku learns from Obi-wan himself just how Qui-gon died. And in rifling through those memories, most likely reads the anger and pain that Obi-wan carries with him from that event and what transpired right before with Anakin in the Council Chamber. Dooku feels Obi-wan’s loneliness, and *that* is something he can understand (and according to Dark Rendezvous, this is really a core element of Dooku’s personality). And so here they both are, two men who have lost nearly everything - one dark, one light. 

And you know - I could really see this going either way. Dooku finally recovers from the shock that the Sith killed his Padawan. The Sith - who made so many promises, who he decide to join - he sighs. It was a Faustian bargain. He knew that. But so much was broken…the Jedi, the Republic. It was, an admittedly somewhat idealistic crusade, perhaps a miscalculation on his part. But the Sith - they killed his dear student, and Dooku is suddenly struck with images of a young, scruffy Qui-gon holding an armful of plants, soil spilling out onto a somewhat expensive rug in their quarters. An adolescent Qui-gon - tall, lanky - purposefully using the wrong silverware at a diplomatic function just to irk his teacher, a hint of a smirk on his face and mischief in his eyes. The newly-Knighted student - the pride that Dooku felt, but perhaps never showed. The deep philosophical discussions over tea about the nature of the Living Force, about the role of the Jedi in larger society. How long ago had that been, really? Maybe Dooku looks at Obi-wan’s own thoughts, his own memories of Qui-gon - and sees the shadows of himself it Qui-gon’s reticence, his reserve with this young, talented, but angry boy. What had gone wrong? Why had Qui-gon become that way? 

He feels regret that this boy’s apprenticeship had turned out the way it did. Remorse that Qui-gon, independent to the end, had eventually been forsaken by the Order when that Sith struck him down. That Obi-wan had been forsaken by Qui-gon for this…prophecy. Their line, their lineage - it’s all distorted, it’s all gone wrong. Dooku can’t shake the feeling that if he had only been there, hadn’t left the Order…

And Dooku senses how similar he and Obi-wan are, and is just astounded at how the man could still cling to the Light even as he’s drowning in the darkness around him.. Maybe this pulls at Dooku to, to - to do what, Yan, he asks himself. Not rejoin the Jedi Order. No, that time has passed. But perhaps, he thinks, yes, perhaps - were the old stories really true? The Grey force users, the ones in the middle. That could suit him well. He could take Obi-wan under his wing, as he should have done so many years ago. Together…

~~~~Or! Alternatively!~~~~

Dooku could see that exact pressure points he needs to turn Kenobi. If he had only known earlier that they were so similar, if he had only known that the Order killed Qui-gon Jinn through their negligence, through their over-confidence in the fact that the Sith would never emerge again. The young man carried so much of the same doubt, the anger, the loneliness that he had before he had put those emotions to better use. It would not take all that much to turn young Kenobi, to make him see that it was the Order - Dooku raged inside at the image of his Padawan being skewered by that…thingThe Jedi need to end, the older man thought. He took one look at Obi-wan, now crumpled on the floor, panting, murmuring something that sounded like an apology under his breath, over and over. No, this wouldn’t do. 

“Get up,” Dooku ordered. Kenobi fell silent, obviously willing himself back under control, his breaths evening. Impressive, thought the Sith. Obi-wan gave Dooku a glare that would have frozen Tatooine as he unsteadily came to his feet. Dooku walked over to the young man, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. 

“The Jedi Order killed your Master - my Padawan, you must realize this by now.” There was no answer - he didn’t expect one. The response was in Kenobi’s eyes, which had hardened ever so slightly. 

“Come,” he beckoned towards the large doors leading to the guest rooms. “I ask only for your company at dinner tonight. Hear me out. If you disagree with what I have to say, I will let you leave this planet unmolested, and you can return to your precious Jedi Order.” It was a reasonable request, Dooku knew. Of course, he could take the man captive but it was so much better this way… Kenobi held still in defiance, but after a moment the man’s shoulders slumped and he limped in the direction of the guest rooms. Dooku smiled behind him, knowing that he had now just won half the battle. Kenobi would be his before daybreak.

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I really want to become a Hellenic polytheist but I'm honestly a little overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out where to start.

I understand!

Seriously, I have asked myself the question so many times of, “If I could go back in time and tell my younger self how to make my journey into Hellenism easier, what would I say?” And the thing is, I’ve got good news and bad news for you. And they’re the same thing.

There is no set path for conversion in Hellenism. There’s no agreed upon starting point, and there aren’t specific things you need to learn first. That can make it very difficult to figure out where to start. It also means that you can focus on the areas that interest you and that you feel will benefit you the most.

My suggestion is usually to start by learning about the Pillars of Hellenism/Pillars of Hellenismos. These are the core concepts which help shape and define our worship as Hellenic polytheists. They’re basically the rules behind Hellenism. Now, not everyone uses the same set of pillars, not everyone agrees on all the same concepts as pillars, and everyone is going to put different pillars as more important concepts within their own lives and worship. And that’s okay. For instance, xenia and sophia are super important to me, but other people may put more emphasis on hagenia. I do have some posts that go into detail about some of the different pillars if you’re interested:

The other area that I see people start with a lot is altars and offerings, the meat and bones of worship basically. And that’s a good way to dive right into worship, but not everyone is comfortable starting to worship until they have a better understanding of the faith, and that’s okay too. Don’t worry about trying to learn everything though before you start worshiping–there are days when I still learn new things. If you’re waiting until you know everything in order to start giving worship, then you’re going to be waiting a lifetime. Here are my posts on offerings and altars and stuff:

I have plenty more sources if you want, and if you want to come talk to me I would be more than happy to help you figure out where you personally can start. My ask box is always open, and I am here to help.