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Block Your Shot - Zach Werenski #9

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about/request: Can you possibly do something where werenski does something that really hurts you (find out he cheated/ your relationship started as a bet) and you end up crying and he has to make it up to you

warnings: none

authors note: super cliche but i haven’t written anything close to a ‘relationship as a bet’ thing in a while so i tried my hand at it again. i hope you like it!! i’m also sorry there isn’t much of a him making it up to you part because i got really into my strong, independent woman feelings woops

word count: 1372

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A last word

Lutteoficweek Day 7:  “It’s very rude of you to make me fall in love with you. Inconsiderate, really.”

This went over way too fast but it was a lot of fun and stress but everything is stress to me lately and I want to thank everyone who liked and tagged and spread some love! Love you all ❤

Her parents might have named her after the moon, but all her life Luna heard how she was more like the sun, always shining and warm and genuine, always brightening up a day. However, even someone like her could get mad and Luna was this close to exploding. The reason, naturally, stood in front of her in person of an arrogant Italian boy and wore the cockiest grin she’d ever seen.

“Matteo, what was that supposed to be?”, she lamented because he had added some new moves again, and it got on her nerves too much to keep ignoring it. “What did it look like?”, he teased her but she refused to give him the satisfaction of another banter.

Instead, Luna rolled her eyes and simply put on the music, hoping he’d get it right this time.

Since Juliana assigned them both the main roles for the next competition, Luna had to put up with twice the amount of training and twice the chico fresa. Now they used the empty rink for the last half an hour before closing time to “get into the story, to feel it”, as Juliana put it earlier. According to her, the dance told the stories of two lovers and if Luna was being honest, she felt that part way too well when she skated with Matteo. In fact, she felt it around him all the time, skates on or not.

Okay, maybe not right now, since he drove her insane with his inability to stick to the choreography. Either he pulled her too close or lifted her up or whirled her around when it wasn’t what they were supposed to do. At all.

Of course, he repeated these moves and of course she found herself too close to him when they finished the sequence. Looking up, her eyes settled on his lips before she got lost in the sweet comfort of his brown eyes.

Luna broke away.

He had to stop messing with her like this on purpose. She needed to learn these moves by heart if she wanted to impress their trainer and flirting with him certainly wasn’t the way to go.

“You can’t always do that, Matteo, there are rules. You know how strict Juliana is, you can’t just change the steps all the time!”, she growled. He chuckled, unnervingly amused. “You need to relax, chica delivery. I’m only improving the choreography.”

With crossed arms, she snorted and took a step back, increasing the space between them just to be sure. “Improving? That’s what you call it?”

Still nothing but a stupid grin on his face. “Look, I get it”, Luna went on, sick of the training, sick of dealing with him, sick of fighting back her feelings, “You don’t want me to be your partner, but can’t you just tell me now, or go to Juliana and ask if you can skate with Ámbar? You’re her little favorite after all, she’d probably do everything for you. But I can’t afford to screw up, okay?”

Finally, the grin disappeared. However, the astounded expression replacing it didn’t make sense either. “Wait, who says I don’t want you as my partner?” Luna huffed. “Well, you certainly act like it.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” He mirrored her, crossing his arms as well, his mouth drawn into a stiff line. She should have seen it coming, Matteo’s mood changed faster than the Argentinian weather, but in this moment, all it did was piss her off more. Why did she have to develop these messy, complicated feelings for him?

“It means you’re rude,” she snapped. A rant built up inside her, one she had no idea hid in her. Like a hurricane in its beginning it spread out until she felt it ripping through her skin. “Rude? Me?”, he shot back, obviously offended.

That’s when she seriously was done. The most done.

“Yes! You’re rude! You stick neither to the rules nor to the choreography and you don’t care if that means you’re disrespecting Juliana and you always want to have the last word, and then, then you skate around here like you own the goddamn place but guess what? You don’t. Or you’ll ask me something and expect me to spill out all of my secrets while at the same time you never tell me anything. You’re so secretive, like what, I don’t deserve to know the real Matteo? Is that your way of telling me I annoy you?”

Her breath went hard and quick, being the only sound cutting through the silence. Matteo stared, his jawline clinched and she realized his walls were up, way too high for her to reach out. How she despised him in this moment, how she despised his attitude and the way he looked down on her like she could never compare to him and the way it still looked so hot although it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair at all, arrogance was not supposed to be so attractive.

A grunt escaped her mouth. “Ugh, whatever, I am done here.” With that, she skated off, not looking back, not seeing how his eyes followed her until she disappeared and not seeing how his walls crushed down to reveal a baffled and broken-hearted boy.

She kind of expected him to ignore her the next day.

He had every reason to, Luna figured late at night when their conversation ran through her head repeatedly while she tried to fall asleep. He had every reason and yet, he acted completely normal – normal as in like the snob he was – when she bumped into him in the hallway. It got even worse, in fact. Every time he ended up in her view he shot her those long glances, and winked and raised his eyebrow and it made no sense. Why did he look at her like that, even when she had said all those harsh things?

Shouldn’t he be fuming with anger? Shouldn’t he be running to Juliana first thing after school and ask her to switch partners?

None of this happened, though. Instead he waited for her outside, standing in the sun like a perfectly crafted statue from Ancient Greek. Only as their eyes met and it was too late for her to turn around and run away, he moved and walked up to her. “Matteo, eh, hi”, Luna stammered. “Going to the rink, chica delivery?”, he wanted to know, his voice so soft she wondered if she dreamed. Or hallucinated.

Hesitating, she nodded.

“Uh, about yesterday – I’m sorry. I overreacted and… sorry, really. I had no right to say all that stuff.” With her glare stuck on the ground, she didn’t dare to look at him. “It’s okay”, Matteo replied with what sounded like a smile on his face, “We’ll just practice it again and do it your way if it makes you feel better.”

Now she had to check. Indeed, he smiled. Weird. But whatever was going on, she had to admit she kinda liked it.

It felt like a switch had turned on inside of Matteo overnight. He no longer invented new steps or tried to “improve the choreography”. He focused on her as if she was the sun in the sky, the fixpoint in the galaxy that he revolved around. There was no shyness in his compliments, no resentment in his explanations when he told her where she went wrong and how she could fix it. Within half an hour, he lifted her spirit until the skates under her feet turned into wings taking her up high, higher than ever.

Although somehow, she still waited for him to lash out at her or at least tease her. However, nothing. During one of their short breaks, Luna just felt compelled to ask: “Why aren’t you mad at me?”

A grin slipped on his mouth. “I can’t really be mad at you for caring about the competition or me, right?” Luna stared at him, speechless. A knot settled in her throat as she discovered the mischievous spark lighting up his eyes. How did he…? “I do not”, she meant to disagree, but he interrupted her right from the top. “Aww, you don’t have to deny it, it’s alright.”

Luna had no idea how to reply to that, how to get out of this without lying or worse, admitting the truth. Because she cared about him, of course she did, just letting him know that felt too soon, too uncertain in its consequences. “Hey, do you want to go through the song once more?”, Matteo proposed upon realizing she wouldn’t respond. She nodded with a relieved smile on her lips.

Luckily, no one else skated on the rink, because ending up so close together already embarrassed Luna enough without any spectators. Usually his brown eyes drew her in, made her forget about the world around them. Not today. Today they awoke her senses, awoke every cell in her body until she felt them all buzzing from excitement.

“Beautiful”, he whispered. His hands offered her the support she so desperately needed when this tiny single word caused her knees to tremble.

“You know what’s the rudest thing you do?”, she muttered, lost in the moment. Immediately, he pulled back, hands gone, mouth drawn into a stiff line, walls up. Again. “There is something else? And I thought you had listed everything already.”

Luna smiled at him, tried to reassure him she wasn’t in the mood to pick another fight. “The rudest thing is that you make me fall in love with you and it’s not fair and inconsiderate and you need to stop.


At his wide-eyed startled expression doubt reached out to her heart, grabbed it in its cold strong hold. “I have to go.” The words stumbled over her lips and then, her feet were stumbling away from him. How foolish she’d been, confessing her feelings without thinking, without paying any attention to the possible outcome.

“Wait, Luna, no!”, suddenly Matteo moved behind her. Next thing, his hand grabbed her arm, whirling her around. “Did you just say you’re falling in love with me?” She shook his hand off. “I… I really need to go. Right now.”

“Luna, you can’t just drop a bomb like this on me and then leave. We need to talk about this! Please.” A certain despair painted his voice, but he still didn’t return her feelings and she still wanted to crawl under her blanket and hide there forever. “There’s nothing to talk about, let me go”, Luna shouted. Her cheeks burned like fire and she wanted him so bad to tell her he liked her too, to save her from this humiliation. Except for once, he wouldn’t save her.

She skated off the rink.

“And what if I told you I’m in love with you too?”

Her feet froze on the spot. “You’re not”, Luna mumbled. “I know, yesterday you said I’m rude because I always try to have the last word but believe me, I am. I am so, so, so much in love with you.” And because nothing worked better to guarantee he indeed had the last word, he kissed her.

She didn’t mind him being a rude boy anymore.  

Goal Songs: Reimagined

Even though the NHL has the shortest offseason of the four major sports leagues, it still seems like this offseason has dragged on and on. I too, wondered what to do with my life until the game finally returns. While I was watching a few highlight videos to pass the time, I realized that not only do a lot of teams use the same goal songs, the ones that are thankfully different leave something to be desired. (Let’s start a petition right now to ban Rock and Roll pt. 2 from every sports game from now on.) So I put all of my excess offseason energy to good use and re-imaged goal songs for all 30 teams in the NHL. Let’s get started.

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Dance The Night Away (Part 16)

Part 15Heyo!

So This might be the last update until Christmas, because I’m doing the Miraculous Secret Santa (which I’m hyped for) and it goes without saying but a huuuuge thank you to tempmlss for organising everything after it all went to shit.

Summary: Marinette is terrified - what is she meant to do? Say? - but a few comforting words and a DDR challenge from her boyfriend is all she needs (In other news, Adrien has a DDR machine???)

Ship(s): Marinette x Adrien/Ladybug x Chat Noir

Word count: 1480

Warnings: too OOC to even fathom and quite shit

Disclaimer: if Miraculous Ladybug was made by me I seriously doubt anyone would watch it

Enjoy! (also sorry for the lateness)

Part 1 | Part 15 | Part 17


“He saw the article, and he wants to meet you.”

Marinette didn’t know what to say.

It’s okay? I’m scared? What’s he gonna do? How long can I avoid him? What’s the best thing to do? Can I run away now please?

But those were all questions. She needed something to say, not something that would just complicate everything further - she could see how worried Adrien was - but something to say.

“Okay, how bad could it be?”

Dammit Mari that was a question.

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Slowly, and Then All at Once

Title: Slowly, and Then All at Once 

Written by: Me (yay)

GUYS I FINALLY WROTE AGAIN. And yes, this does fill 5 requests in one story just like I had mentioned previously. It is essentially one large fic comprised of smaller ones. 

I did this more from Lydia’s perspective because I think her feelings thus far have been more of a mystery than Stiles’ feelings and I’d like to see more of what’s going on in her head. Here are some snapshots of Lydia falling in love with Stiles. One scene is set during season 2 and the rest are set in different points through their relationship. And yes duh, the title is from TFIOS. 

(Longer AN at the end.) 


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