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Goal Songs: Reimagined

Even though the NHL has the shortest offseason of the four major sports leagues, it still seems like this offseason has dragged on and on. I too, wondered what to do with my life until the game finally returns. While I was watching a few highlight videos to pass the time, I realized that not only do a lot of teams use the same goal songs, the ones that are thankfully different leave something to be desired. (Let’s start a petition right now to ban Rock and Roll pt. 2 from every sports game from now on.) So I put all of my excess offseason energy to good use and re-imaged goal songs for all 30 teams in the NHL. Let’s get started.

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Dance The Night Away (Part 16)

Part 15Heyo!

So This might be the last update until Christmas, because I’m doing the Miraculous Secret Santa (which I’m hyped for) and it goes without saying but a huuuuge thank you to tempmlss for organising everything after it all went to shit.

Summary: Marinette is terrified - what is she meant to do? Say? - but a few comforting words and a DDR challenge from her boyfriend is all she needs (In other news, Adrien has a DDR machine???)

Ship(s): Marinette x Adrien/Ladybug x Chat Noir

Word count: 1480

Warnings: too OOC to even fathom and quite shit

Disclaimer: if Miraculous Ladybug was made by me I seriously doubt anyone would watch it

Enjoy! (also sorry for the lateness)

Part 1 | Part 15 | Part 17


“He saw the article, and he wants to meet you.”

Marinette didn’t know what to say.

It’s okay? I’m scared? What’s he gonna do? How long can I avoid him? What’s the best thing to do? Can I run away now please?

But those were all questions. She needed something to say, not something that would just complicate everything further - she could see how worried Adrien was - but something to say.

“Okay, how bad could it be?”

Dammit Mari that was a question.

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Slowly, and Then All at Once

Title: Slowly, and Then All at Once 

Written by: Me (yay)

GUYS I FINALLY WROTE AGAIN. And yes, this does fill 5 requests in one story just like I had mentioned previously. It is essentially one large fic comprised of smaller ones. 

I did this more from Lydia’s perspective because I think her feelings thus far have been more of a mystery than Stiles’ feelings and I’d like to see more of what’s going on in her head. Here are some snapshots of Lydia falling in love with Stiles. One scene is set during season 2 and the rest are set in different points through their relationship. And yes duh, the title is from TFIOS. 

(Longer AN at the end.) 


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