seriously how true is this

Week 4: pipeyna (congratulations, your badassness level just doubled)

I mean seriously they are so cool! I could have done something a bit more serious but I like the idea of Piper trying to put Reyna at ease by doing stupid things and pranks like throwing herself in Reyna’s arms and yelling “CATCH!”

I like this ship.

@comyetti-spaghetti / @myebi I love the concept of Ink and I know he’s asexual but Ink X Blender is The Best Ship™ and ErrorInk is meh.

Also, yes those are crayola boxes, anime eyes and instead of drawing a star for his eye I just photoshopped the sun (Because it’s a star)

If this whole Malec leaked promo thing is true, then I’m honestly okay which the angst. Last time the angst was hard for me to watch because their relationship was still new, but now they’ve officially said that they love each other and their relationship has matured. I think that they’re gonna be able to handle some fights because that’s what couples do sometimes. This is the shows way of giving us drama for them without actually breaking them up like most shows do with their LGBT couples.

Pink Diamond Confirmed

You know, I honestly don’t get why people aren’t making a kick out of this…

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… The Pink Panther IS the Pink Diamond.

… PD was so awesome she had her own show for Earthlings for decades.

And now we know why the Pink Panther was indestructible.

… I just wonder what happened that the PP pissed off a fellow gem so much that it made it kill… it.

… And Inspector Clouseau finally failed in his mission. The Pink Diamond was shattered.

160306 MADE final in Seoul - encore

literally the moment i died

eclipse day + my favs

ignore the fact that this happened yesterday

•like any other event, chubs has been preparing and planning this for his whole life

•the gang all head down to south carolina so they can see totality because in the words of liam stewart “seeing totality is gonna be totally cool”

•everyone threw their glasses at him as the pun left his mouth

•the glasses were a pain to get btw

•chubs being the kind of person he is, got the fancy kind of glasses, like the kind that bill nye the science guy was rocking, for everyone

•but when they were packing up everything and chubs was busy putting away the huge telescope, because of course he has a telescope, vida is put in charge of bringing the glasses and in true ‘chubs spends months planning and something bad happens’ fashion she forgets about them

•chubs actually had have liam pull the car over to get and just stand outside for a minute

•everyone was taking bets at this point for how long it would take before chubs had a mental breakdown because of one of them

•once they get to SC they are set on a mission to get glasses so they don’t go as blind as chubs already is

•Zu is the one to find them and even charms the person selling them to give it to them for free

•chubs and liam basically bow down on the floor Zu walks on for the rest of the trip

•Ruby and Cole find the best viewing spot which chubs actually found but they take credit for it since setting it up was such a challenge while the others were out looking for glasses

•liam accidentally loses his glasses in span of 5 minutes which results in him and ruby just going back and forth with one pair

•chubs actually sheds a tear when totality hits and darkness consumes the earth

•vida spends half the time laughing at how ridiculous everyone looks like with the glasses. especially chubs with his regular glasses and the solar glasses at the same time

•ruby steals liam’s flannel and blames it on the sudden drop in temperature from the lack of sun

•also note they are all wearing matching tee shirts chubs had designed with the help of our lovely zu

•cole accidentally misses half of it due to a bathroom break

•Vida found it really cool and actually applauded chubs for dragging them down to see it

•Zu was ecstatic as it was happening and just kept saying “Whoa.” while looking at the ground that had these type of waves from the sun

•chubs almost forgets to breath and about passes out

•after totality is over chubs starts yelling at everyone to put on their glasses so they don’t go blind

•which the gang just listens to considering they don’t want a 3 hour long lecture on the importance of eye protection when looking at the sun again

•which already happened on the way there

•liam fell asleep on ruby’s shoulder 2 minutes into the lecture in the car

•also worth it to mention ruby got some pretty sick shots of the eclipse that chubs wanted framed

•which she totally gave him for his birthday next month

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depending on the reaction of readers (which i'm 110% sure will be 110% positive), are you/will you consider publishing bump in he might as an actual, physical comic book/comic series?

mm thats a thought ive only very very very briefly entertained since i feel like, when starting a webcomic, its a good thing to be realistic abt the comic itself and how its not a good idea to start a webcomic and make plans for merchandise or branch off into forms of product lines and stuff (not right off the bat, at least)

so taking that into consideration, plus the fact that the comic itself is mainly for me to a) explore myself artistically, b) explore myself in storylines, and c) just have fun, PLUS the fact that i havent even posted the actual comic yet, i dont have any plans for making physical copies or anything along that line

i think most yuri on ice fans don’t even realize the disgusting implications of a fatphobe bullying a boy for his weight, and then later, when he’s lost weight and is no longer “undesirable”, becomes his boyfriend. 

i just…how can y’all seriously call a relationship like that true love? why on earth would a kid want to be with a jerk like that who basically bullied them into losing weight? like the fuck?

why must fat people have to change their bodies to appeal to those who verbally abuse them? why must fat people have to change their bodies just to be worthy and appealing enough for a normal relationship?

“Though founded on pragmatism, Henry and Elizabeth’s marriage had nevertheless blossomed throughout the uncertainty and upheaval of the previous eighteen years. This was a marriage of ‘faithful love’, of mutual attraction, affection and respect, from which the king seems to have drawn great strength ” Thomas Penn, The Winter King

Thanks @harritudur for the screencap from THC

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[sidles up, looks side to side surreptitiously] so about that mcgonagall femslash you got in that trenchcoat

WELL. i imagine the works of tetley and kelly chambliss should keep you busy for a while. and our angie @featherxquill‘s remarkable improbable threesome has much to recommend it.* go with god, my child.

can we take a moment to appreciate how tyler wrote the most meaningful, sweet, and heartfelt love song without mentioning anything about jenna’s body other than “my taste in music is your face” and her smile??? tyler instead talks about how she has helped him and how much he cares for her and how true she is AND SERIOUSLY TEAR IN MY HEART IS BECOMING KINDA UNDERRATED IN THAT ASPECT 



I have compelling evidence you have captured Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, brainwashed them into believing they’re actors who don’t know each other, then forced them to play Steve and Bucky in a movie and you didn’t tell them the story is actually true. But you couldn’t erase muscle memory so you try to keep them apart as much as you can when there are cameras, so the world won’t find out how evil you are.

But I have evidence. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.


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Okay but, even if aphobia was just people ""being mean"" to aces and aros, why is it so laughable that someone...wouldnt want people to be mean to them?? Even if this wasnt a matter of discrimination, being a bully still isnt ok

True and seriously I can’t believe how many ppl will “ironically” call themselves “aphobes” it’s shitty on so many levels

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how does jack hate himself there isn't anything that suggests it in the book he is proud of everything he does, in fact ralph is the one that's unsure of himself and asks for piggy's help, not to mention ralph always needs other people's approval -as in the hunting scene, whereas jack didn't need approval for his hunting he did it because he was crazed as f, and no he didn't do it to impress ralph that's another hc of the fandom. there isn't such a thing as low self esteem jack in the orig book

are u sure abt that anon… are u RLLY sure bc look here. lookit the scene in which jack first paints his face. (this is halfway thru ch 4 if u wanna read along)

now this line raised some questions for me: did he dislike the paint or did he dislike the face underneath?? jack is canonically ugly, bony, and a ginger (which has been regarded as undesirable since the dawn of time apparently) so it would make sense if he didnt like the way he looked. i made a little note on it and continued, deciding to analyze later.

then.. this passage a few paragraphs down

“an awesome stranger” … jack looks down at his reflection and sees someone different!! wouldnt that be jarring for the typical egomaniac? he’s excited to not look like himself, indicating a previous disdain for his own face.

and if thats not enough for you, please direct your attention to the highlighted line. (ngl its where i started screaming in the annotations) jack has a new face, one which “[liberates him] from shame and self-consciousness.” jack was ashamed of himself. he was self-conscious about himself. he hated himself. and now he has a chance to look like– to be someone new!

the idea of not being himself is so exciting to jack that he actually dances (what a cutie), which he only does in cases of extreme happiness (see: when he finally catches a pig)

furthermore, there are questions that arise when considering jack and piggys relationship: why does jack hate him so much??

the simplest answer is that piggy is an easy target– already an outsider on multiple fronts and an easy scapegoat/punching bag. but bullies do things for a reason. and there are about a million studies that say people hurt other people because theyre hurting.

so yes anon, jack seems proud of all his actions, but just like the paint that jack hides behind, that’s a mask too. theres a difference between ones thoughts and ones actions, and for someone like jack (a liar, manipulator, and all around bad dude) that difference can be incredibly huge

but dont worry anon!! you didnt catch it because you didnt look hard enough. and thats exactly what jack merridew would have wanted.