seriously how lucky am i

hey but please also consider those celebrity!AU I am thinking about right now:

-“i am your therapist and you’re a celebrity seriously you’re so annoying and i wish you could just go away but now that you hired me and seriously i need money right now i watch your work and actually it’s quite good but don’t assume i am your “trash” and seriously what does that even mean ?” AU

-“how lucky am i, little nurse that is still studying their arse off to get the best grades ever, to see you in my services after you had a car accident/tried to commit suicide ? i hope that i’m not too creepy because i’ll have to spoonfeed you for the next two weeks and also be in charge of your “adult diapers” so i really hope that you won’t mind me touching your butthole and being very tired ALL THE TIME because of my studies hehehe” AU

-“wow i’m super lucky today because as an acting student i’m getting the role of my dreams and actually they hadn’t told me that you, the celebrity of my dreams, would be my love interest (in the production of course) ? omg does that mean that we’ll get to stage-kiss and stuff ? wow i’m very nervous now i hope that they won’t fire me because i have no other job offer at the moment actually” AU

-“i work at a charity to help children get an education in Malaysia and you’re trying to save your reputation so you’ve been sent by your management where i’m working. seriously we did NOT need a celebrity right now with all the work we’re having here but hey you’re actually quite hot (and you look clever) so let me show you the place while i’m SERIOUSLY hoping that you’ll be more useful than my lazy colleagues who won’t move their arses for ANYTHING” AU

-“i’m a street artist and i honestly did NOT know who you were so i took you for a lambda citizen so when i’m asking you for a little penny to keep living you refuse to do so and say you’re busy so in a fit of rage i’m taking a picture of you as you go away and i make a post on Tumblr about how people are disrespectful nowadays but your fans recognise you so they’re pretty angry at you now and you’re forced to apologise to me since i have 10,000 followers on Tumblr. so that’s how i end up being invited for a drink at a local café for an interview and then we keep contact because you actually find me interesting and after a little check-out you’re not that bad either” AU

Seriously, how lucky am I?

After thoroughly terrifying myself by binge watching Harper’s Island in its entirety, my completely wonderful boyfriend brought me chocolate, watched the Bachelorette, and snuggled on the couch with me. It was a pretty great way to spend the evening if you ask me.