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What I love about Press Puns™️ is that you can actually see the exact moment Christen is done af

This country is so warped, crooked, corrupt and ass backwards I wonder how much longer voting will even be taken seriously among candidates and the people. So many rights taken away and denied under the guise of maliciousness and negligence. They’ve tried to stop people’s voting right under the table by purging registrations, ‘malfunctioning’ machines, taking away transportation to polling place in heavily black-populated areas, only opened ONE early voting site in Cincinnati Ohio which is currently holding a FOUR THOUSAND PERSON LINE. 4K people, waiting to vote. 

Its all a game. We pretend the rules are there and meant to be followed but the government is like that nasty cousin you were forced to play with growing up that throws tantrums and changes the rules when they think they’re losing. 

How can you follow the rules when THEY don’t? Who do you call to tell them to play fair?

How can you hope to change corruption when corruption literally keeps you from voting?

For the 4K people holding the line in Cincinnati, you’re an amazing crowd and you stick it to them hard this election. GO after those people that tried so hard to make is so hard for you to vote.

For everyone else. Get out there and vote. 

I don’t get to vote until Tuesday but if you have an early polling place around go there. Run if you can. 

#HoldTheLine #Vote