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PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung (Dope!AU)

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Pairing: Reader x PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, some violence towards reader(black eye)

Words: 4.3k

Summary: After your neighbours apartment is broken into, a certain investigator has some questions to ask you about what occurred that night. 

It was around one am when you started to hear strange sounds from the apartment next door. You had sworn your neighbour had gone away for the weekend so you had no idea why it sounded like he was trashing the place. 

Maybe he got back early. You didn’t really care. What you did care about however was sleep and he was currently preventing that.

You pulled on your nightgown, and slipped your shoes on before walking towards the front door, grabbing your keys. It wouldn’t be the first time you had managed to lock yourself out so you made sure you had them with you.

You walk to his door, lifting your fist to knock. Your eyes squint in confusion as you notice the door is slightly ajar. That was odd. You gently pushed the door open so that you could peer inside. 

The place was a complete mess, drawers were pulled out and scattered over the floor, their contents everywhere. Furniture was overturned and all the kitchen cupboards were wide open.

You noticed a man stood in the corner by the TV, he was dressed all in black, his head covered by a large hood. By the looks of it he was unplugging the TV from the socket. Maybe it was because you were still half asleep, but you finally figured out what was happening. 

The man in front of you was too tall and muscly to be your neighbour and he was definitely robbing his apartment. Part of you wanted to be a good neighbour and confront him, but it was one am and quite frankly you didn’t fancy your chances against the large man.

You were about to turn and go back to bed when the man span around. He had a mask covering his whole face, you couldn’t even make out his eyes beneath the darkness of his hood. It’s obvious that he sees you; he freezes. You just stand there. You begin to back away. As you turn to go back home he walks towards you. He throws a bag over his shoulder and carries the TV under his arm.

You were frantically trying to get your key in the lock of the door. He grabs you roughly spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall. You groan in pain.

“Didn’t want to have to do this darlin’ but you gave me no choice” 

You look at him with a mix of confusion and fear. Before you knew it you felt something hard collide with your face. You hand flies up to hold your eye. It was tearing up in reaction to the blow.

“Tell anything to the police and you’ll have more problems than a black eye” he laughs wickedly.

He lets you go before walking down the hallway towards the stairs.You couldn’t believe he had hit you. Well you could, your eye wouldn’t stop watering and by the pain you were in you knew you were going to have a pretty spectacular bruise to prove it.

You entered your apartment, going straight to the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. You place it on your eye, wincing a little at how cold it was.

You contemplated calling the police anonymously, but you didn’t really fancy a visit from that man again, so you figured you would wait until someone else did it. You would just pretend you slept through the whole thing and maybe report it in the morning if no one else had.

You crawled back to bed, trying to balance the frozen bag on your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Finn Balor - Endless Love.

Finn Balor -  Finn introduces his girlfriend to all his friends for the first time. Then Karl tells Finn that he’s never seen him so crazy about a girl - he then tells Finn that she’s the one for him.

- Warnings - Major Fluff

Word Count - 1,465 words.

Requested By: @nickysmum1909

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You tapped your manicured nails along the dashboard as Finn drove the both of you to the arena; you had been continuously tapping for around 10 minutes when Finn suddenly placed his hands over you.

“Love, why are you doing that thing with your nails- I know for sure you only do that when you’re nervous about something.” He questioned, glancing at you whilst trying to keep his eyes on the road. Your cheeks flushed a deep shade of red as he pointed out one of your most common habits. Finn saw the blush on your cheeks and sighed, “Love, why are you nervous? you’ve talked to most of the lads already and you know they love you.” You pouted your lips slightly as you tried desperately to think of a half believable lie.

“I’m not nervous at all” You tried; your voice meek and failing to provide any sort of legitimacy. He raised an eyebrow at you, practically begging for an actual answer. “Okay so maybe I am a little nervous- I’ve only spoken to Karl, Sami and the girls over twitter, so what if they just hate me in real life. It’s like the equivalent to them thinking they’ll see a cool tiger or something and then up I turn, just a turtle. Also just will put it out there, it’s insanely cute you know my nervous habit.” you let out a small giggle, intertwining your delicate fingers with his free hand.

“First, you’re welcome darlin’. But most importantly, turtles are cool.” Finn spoke, a soft tone echoing through the overly cramped car you were sitting in. “And don’t even try to argue with me about it. You just do you and you’ll be fine alright, if not… I’ll be there.”

“God baby, I know that and I don’t even know why I’m nervous. I just think it’s because you’re so close to literally all of them and I want it to stay that way.” You muttered. Obviously, by any means, you didn’t want to affect Finn’s relationships he’s built for years now.

Shifting his hand from your palm and placing it firmly on the top of your thigh, a faint sigh left his lips. “You, yes you. Need to stop worrying so much.” He uttered, tensing his hand in order to squeeze your leg with a small smirk etching on his face. 

After a car journey which seemed to have lasted a lifetime and the constant halting at what was practically every red light across the state you finally reached the arena. You leant your body to maneuver yourself out of the car door, instantly letting your eyes roam to the colourfully bannered arena wall; Finn’s face plastered all over it. Soon after, the muscular physique of your boyfriend appeared next to you, his arm immediately wrapping around your shoulders for your bodies to meet in a tight hug. “My baby looks good on a building.” you giggled whilst nuzzling your face into his shoulder; the familiar smell of his cologne strong against your nose.

“I always look good. Now c’mon you goof, we better head in.” He chuckled in return, leading your frame in through the entrance to the arena and towards the main area which is a direct contrast to the peaceful area you were previously in. His arm released from your shoulder slightly, twisting your body to face his, “Karl said he’d meet us up the corridor, you ready babe.”

With yours and Finn’s relationship, you never liked to be apart under any circumstances and with his job and the one you were currently training to partake in; it was hard to find time for each other… that’s why whenever you were together, your bodies were in contact at all times. Continuing to walk further into the busy bustle of people in the corridor, both your and your boyfriend’s fingers found each other’s as his long-lasting friends Karl and Luke were seen only a mere few steps away.

“Ay there’s our Finn.” Karl exclaimed, tugging him into a so-called ‘bro hug’. “This must be Y/N, it’s nice to actually meet you in person. I know a lot of the girls have been asking about you coming, they want to see you.” He laughed getting an approving nod from Gallows.

“Oh thank you, it’s nice to finally meet you guys.” you exclaimed before wrapping your arms tightly around Finn’s as he backed away from his brothers. “Well, it’s nice to actually be face to face with the two people who he’s going on non-stop about every single bloody day.”

Light chuckles could be heard from everyone’s lips as you received a small nudge from your boyfriend signaling his unamused response at your playful remark. “Darlin’ I know we literally just got here and I’d love to introduce you to everyone but I do seriously need to get to this creative meeting and then do my paint. I really do hate to leave you but I’m sure one of the others will find you sooner or later.” Finn spoke, glancing down at the glistening metal watch fastened tightly around his wrist.

A small smile crept over your face knowing just how sincere he was in his realisations. Of course if you both could you’d be together every second of every day, however, a little time apart can be the best time of all. Especially when he’s stressed; when he’s stressed he’s cranky and when he’s cranky he’s unresponsive. You tugged your arm to be released from his hold and placed a playful push on his perfectly chiseled bicep, “Just go, I’ll be fine babe. I promise.” After a matter of seconds and a few more nudges, the figure before you slowly made his retreat leaving you in a situation of pure independence…

~ 2 hours later ~

Finn’s POV

Strolling down the corridor, my eyes searched each and every open door to spot her; her perfect body, her intense eyes and her contagious smile. But still, even after reaching the 5th door frame, I was with no luck whatsoever. Multiple ongoing thought surged through my mind; I guess I couldn’t help it. I needed that assurance she was always fine- there’s no way in hell I’d be able to think clearly not knowing otherwise…

My head jolted around every corner until a familiar figure caused my attention to draw his direction. “Karl brother, have you seen Y/N? I can’t help but worry and I know it’s stupid but have you seen her.” I exclaimed in a flash, hurriedly approaching the seated body of my ‘best buddy’. 

“Woah woah, relax- slow down there. She’s fine, come take a walk with me.” My friend mumbled, leaping off the crate he was previously perched on to walk further down the overly cramped arena corridors. I followed unsure of where we were going but the same comment stuck in my head the entire time spent walking; “She’s fine.”

No more than a mere minute later I found myself stood in amongst the currently unoccupied seats of the sold-out arena. My eyes gazed intently on the squared-circle before me, and most importantly the person in it… She didn’t recognize me staring and part of me was glad for that fact but still, even with this much distance between us, I could still see her eyes glisten in amongst the multicolored lighting, even if she wasn’t looking my direction. She just had that effect on me- an effect that no one else on the planet could. “Jeez Finn if you stare anymore, I’m afraid you’re gonna let her take my place as your main babe.” Karl joked, his elbow jabbing the exposed skin on my arm.

“That might just have to happen to be honest. It’s hard to even keep my eyes off her for two seconds here and those past two hours killed me.” I added; a wide grin becoming an ever-present part of my facial features now.

“No seriously Finn, I’ve never seen you so crazy for a girl before. It’s actually unbelievable how much you both care for each other and it shows. Even in that ring full of 5 other women, your eyes have never left her and that’s an accomplishment in itself. She’s honestly the one for you Finn; it may have taken long but you finally found her.”

I guess I always knew I’d found that one special person from the moment I laid eyes on that girl. My heart may not have wanted to show it for a while but now, every waking moment I spend not being able to hide my love for her. It’s impossible. But in other words, it’s also impossible to believe that I found her; a living angel in a world of 7 billion people…

A/N - Yeah sorry guys for dragging this out for so so long! I just felt like it was so crappy for ages but I finally finished it so I really hope you enjoyed it and it was okay. Sorry again for being inactive for so long, both of us had a lot to deal with over the past couple of weeks xo ~ Nikkii

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Seriously though, I’m not sure how to feel about this movie.

It has some really intense, really good, and very well done moments. The final showdown between Luke and Darth Vader is really gripping, and the following execution of the Emperor at the hands of his own lackey. The Speeder Bike chase is incredible. I have never seen something like that before, it’s so creative. And the raid on the Death Star and the battle before it is just as thrilling as always, if not more, since the special effects have improved quite a lot since the first movie.

However, it does have a few other things that kind of make me scratch my head. The Eewoks. Yeah, alright, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I don’t like them. They are cute, I’ll give them that. Also that overly long introduction scene in Jabba’s Palace. It had a good ending but it went on forever. By the end of it I was so sick of the color yellow and the stupid sand. I am never going to a desert for the rest of my life. Also the tone is surprisingly comedic. I don’t know if this is meant to compensate for how dark “Empire Strikes Back” was, but there’s contrast and there’s…whatever this movie is doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t hate it but I don’t think it’s on the same level of the previous two. Then again, I don’t think that takes away from the enjoyment, of course. This is Star Wars, a movie series that’s solid and that can’t possibly do no wrong.

And now, if you excuse me, I have to pledge allegiance to the dark side of reviewing. I guess they’ll make me open up a YouTube channel.


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“Darling one, how did you get your scar?”

They were lying in bed, on one of their rare days off, cuddling in the blissful aftermath of their love making. Liz looked up and blinked at Jaal stupidly. “My what?”

He indicated his own cheek. “Here.”

Self-consciously, Liz held her hand up to her face, feeling the angry red gouge. Really, she should have expected this. Scars by their nature implied a story, and the angara liked a good story as much as any Milky Way species.

Jaal misinterpreted her lack of immediate response. “I’m sorry. Was that too personal?”

In spite of the sincerity of the question, Liz laughed. After sex, the idea that anything could be too personal between them anymore felt a little odd. “No, it’s not too personal, just not something I talk about much.” She paused, then added, “If we didn’t know each other as well as we do, then yeah, it would have been rude. At least for humans, anyway. Dunno about other species. For krogan, I’m pretty sure asking about scars is another kind of flirting.”

Jaal’s chuckles were deep and full, and Liz enjoyed the way they vibrated against her face as she nestled against his chest. “Then I will have to be careful asking Drack about his scars. I would not wish him to misinterpret me.”

Liz laughed, and they lay comfortably for a time. “I tripped.”


“I was at a dig site when I tripped and faceplanted right into a sharp rock. That’s how I got my scar.”

“That's… Hmm.”

“Embarrassing? Anticlimactic?”


Liz laughed harder. Jaal’s sometimes blunt honesty could be charming. “I know, right? Who gets a scar like that just from tripping? We fought off batarian pirates a week later, and I wanted to let my friends back home think I got it from that. But Scott saw straight through it and got the real story out of me.”

Lazily, Liz traced one finger down the side of Jaal’s face. She liked the feel of it: his surprisingly smooth skin, the tingle of his bioelectricity, the contours of his skin folds. All the things that made him both unforgettably nonhuman and yet dearly familiar.

When her fingers reached a familiar gap, she stopped. Longer and deeper than the souvenir from Akksul. It didn’t feel like a bullet wound, though she’s no expert on angaran medicine. “What about this scar?”

“Mmm. That is from a challyrion.”

Liz paused mood stifle. “You mean those nasty cloaking predator things from Havarl?”

“Them, yes.”

“Yikes.” They lay in silence for a minute. Liz waited for the rest of the story, but it never came. She poked him in the side. “There’s got to be more to it than that. Did it ambush you while you were out for midnight stroll? Or were you defending an orphanage from kett raiders? C'mon, gimme the story!”

“It is not so dramatic as that,” Jaal laughed. “But very well, I will tell you. When I was young, a kett ship crashed not far from our house. I thought to prove my bravery by salvaging from it, so I stole one of my mother’s guns and snuck out in the middle of the night.”

“You got your scar fighting kett?” Liz asked, momentarily forgetting what he’d said about predators.

“Hardly. I was not halfway there when the challyrion ambushed me. I was so excited thinking how my family would praise me when I returned, that I forgot to keep watch. It burst from nowhere, and tackled me to the ground, tearing out the side of my face. It would have killed me if one of my older sisters, Zelip, had not followed me and wrestled the creature off me.”

Liz mentally rifled through the images of the many, many angara she’d met at Jaal’s house. “Which one is Zelip again?”

Jaal yawned. “My second oldest sister. She lives on Voeld now. You haven’t met her yet.”

“Well remind me to send her a fruit basket or something for saving your life. She must have been relieved to have caught up with you in time.”

“Relieved? Probably. Mostly I remember her shouting at me for being such a fool the entire walk back. She made sure to tell the whole story to my mothers, so they could shout at me further.”

“Huh. I didn’t realize angara families could be such hardasses,” Liz remarked.

“When our children behave as stupidly as I did, we are. If Zelip had not found me when she did, I might have been lost forever, like my father. I’m sure that’s what our mothers feared when they found me gone. Their anger was born of love.”

“…huh.” Liz thought about her own family. She’d visited home on shore leave not a month after her own accident, and her mother had clucked and fretted over the fresh and angry looking injury. Her father had merely grunted and not looked up from his AI research. Later, Liz learned that Alec had gotten the story from her commanding officer weeks before. Knowing her dad, he probably hadn’t seen much point in expressing concern once he knew she’d never been in real danger.

Still. He could have said something. “You know Jaal, there are times where I seriously envy you.”

Jaal murmured wordlessly, but said nothing. Then, “You know, or stories aren’t that different.”

“How so?”

“Both our scars came from moments of foolishness.”

Liz snorted. “Hardly. You at least got a valuable life lesson out of yours. All I got was, ‘Don’t be such a klutz next time, Liz.’ Yours is way better.”

Jaal frowned. “It is a competition? Is this a human thing?”

Liz opened her mouth, then closed it. “Yeah, kind of, but now that you mention it, it’s kind of stupid.” She sat up and stretched. “Come on. Let’s go make breakfast.”

Welcome to the Con Part 18

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Summary: Your friend Lauren and yourself are having the best time at a Supernatural convention. You meet Jared and Jensen in the photo op, and they’re just as awesome as you imagined. Jensen is charming and you seem to click right away. But as life goes, you sadly have to say goodbye. During the panel, however, the unexpected happens….

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14 Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

Jensen was very reluctant to go back to work. You were home again, with Lauren a phone call away if you need anything, but he felt as though he had to be there. To make sure nothing would happen. So a day after you’re released from the hospital, he’s kissing you goodbye and heading back to Canada to finish the season. Sitting around your apartment, watching Netflix, reading, and sleeping gives you a lot of time to think. You think about your job. You think about Jensen. You think about how far away he is from you. You think a lot.

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We’ll Make It Work (Joeck) - Part 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Two days after the club outing, Jack showed up at Joe’s door, forcing his way in before he pinned Joe back against the wall, hands roaming across the smaller man’s body.

That time, they didn’t make it to the bed.

They barely made it to the couch, where they lay curled up together, Joe half asleep on top of Jack, who was running his fingers along Joe’s flushed skin.

“What is this?” Joe questioned, lifting his head so his chin rested on Jack’s chest, gazing up at him.

“Do we have to label it?”

“I’m just so confused.” Joe sighed, “What does this make me? Straight, gay, bi?”

“Joe,” Jack ran his fingers through his hair, smiling softly at him. “You are just you. You don’t have to choose anything. We just have this…thing, that formed between us. I don’t consider myself bi or anything. I just like people. And I really like you.”

“I really like you too.” Joe blushed, kissing Jack’s chest gently. “But, what about the others?”

“What about them?”

“Should we tell them?”

“Nah.” Jack shook his head. “I like it just being between us. Makes it more fun.” He winked down at Joe, his hands moving down to cup the smaller man’s ass. Joe let out a small squeak, smacking Jack’s arm who just laughed.

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YoungQ! Prompt: There are small moments where James, Moneypenny, Alex, M, and MI6 forgets how young Q is and they realize that’s a good and bad thing. – anon

Hope you like it, lovely. Jen.

“Never watched it.”

“What?” Eve turned round to him. “Andy Pandy. You never saw it?!”

“Nope,” Q replied, not looking up from his screen, pushing his glasses up his nose with a finger. “I was more of a Barney, Dexter’s Lab guy.”

“You do surprise me,” Eve smirked. “Never ending story? Princess Bride?”

“A little before my time,” Q said, flitting to another screen, brows contracted with worry. “Seriously Eve, I’m a little busy, if you could just…”

“You’ve never seen the Princess Bride?!”

Q rolled his eyes, taking Bond off the loudspeaker. “Oddly, double-oh seven, no. I haven’t. Nor did I watch the original Batman series. Now if you could please focus on the small matter of the two cars pursuing you…”

“But how could you not have…”

“Bond, now is not the time.”

Abruptly, Bond’s voice lost the mocking edge. “Q, can’t shake. Need to open fire.”


The moment Q uttered the word, Eve felt her breath catch. Bond didn’t; he was busy doing as required, the sharp shots half-audible even with the speaker turned off. Bodies falling, lifeless, while Bond did whatever he considered necessary.


“Moneypenny, bugger off, I’m busy.”

“You’re so young.”

Q whipped around, and shot her an absolutely lethal glare. “Is now the time?!”

“Still with you,” Q replied, eyes still on Moneypenny. “Are you clear?”


Bond’s voice rang through Q, and he exhaled, eyes closing very briefly. “Excellent. Flight at 15:10, tickets will be waiting for you. Congratulations, double-oh seven.”

“Received. You really haven’t watched the Princess Bride?!”

“I’m going to kill you both.”

“But Q…”

Oh my good sweet lord.”

“You just ordered several people’s deaths,” Eve noted quietly. “Q, how old are you?”

“Absolutely none of your business,” Q replied curtly. “Old enough that Tanner looked vaguely pale and M didn’t believe I was competent for a good few months. I mean Mallory, not past-M; she believed in me from the outset, interestingly enough. In spite of my age.”

Eve continued to look quietly, awfully concerned. “Please, Q,” she tried. “I don’t mean to pry, but…”

“Since when are you the resident mother figure?!” Q managed, looking at her with palpable disbelief. “And stop giggling, double-oh seven, you’re annoying the life out of me. I’m old enough. I’ve been hired. Yes. Good. Everybody fucking happy yet?”

“Alec bet you’re in your teens.”

“Alec’s a moron.”

“Oi,” Eve interjected – she’d been dating Alec for over a year – and then gave up. “Yeah, okay. Bit of a moron. But he means well.”

Q raised an eyebrow. “Sometimes. But yes. I’m young.”

“You’re a baby.”

“I’m going to kill you.”

Bond’s grin was audible. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

Finally, Q’s grin was there, was everything, and Eve could see why Q and Bond worked well together. “Don’t tempt me, double-oh seven.”

He was young. So young. Too young.

He was also the best Quartermaster in MI6 history.

“I need a cleanup,” Q was saying, babbling into his headpiece with CCTV running over and over again, tracing streets in a country worlds away from MI6. “Double-oh seven has two dead, need them out of the way. You have thirty minutes and counting.”

He was brilliant.

Heavenly Captive

Pairing: Family- Sam & Dean x Reader (Little Sister)

Word Count: 1921

Warning: Language?

A/N: I think that this could be a long fic but its all up to you guys! Give it a like or reblog if you want a part 2! Love ya <3

“What is wrong with you?” Dean’s deep voice bounced around the car. “You almost got yourself killed!” I’ve never seen him this angry before, but I was sick of it.

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can we talk about how shitty aoba’s parents are?

like okay seriously

pick up some kid off a random beach- you’ve never seen him before in your life but you’re both like ‘yah i mean totally we should be his parents its not like we have to sign some papers or anything pfft adoption agency? stable income? fuck that shit we’re adventurous! We live in the moment!’ then you bring this random 4 year old to your mom’s house all like 'HEY SO FUNNY STORY’ and she’s just seething all 'WHERE WHAT WHY I DONT EVEN’

Yeah eventually you get into a routine where the kid is being fed and played with and taken care of and you’re all kind of like one big happy family AND THEN ONE DAY OUT OF NOWHERE NOT EVEN A YEAR LATER one of you goes “you know what? being a parent is hard and kinda sucks. Lets just leave.” Of course, the grandmother’s like “YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE YOU HAVE A BABY OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” but then a little voice pops up from little aoba, all teary-eyed just like “no no it would be selfish of me to want them to stay and take care of me and actually be my parents” and you’re like “GLAD YOU UNDERSTAND SON WE’RE GOING NOW BUT WE MIGHT BE BACK. MAYBE. EHH. PROBABLY NOT.” Meanwhile this little 5-year-old can feel his self-esteem and daddy issues developing rapidly.


Makorin Day 4: Kids

In which Rin overthinks everything.  

It’s 3am and Rin can’t sleep.

Makoto is lying beside him with a peaceful expression on his face, his arm splayed out protectively over Rin’s waist.  It’s warm and comfortable under the blankets, enough to lull him off on most nights, but his mind just won’t shut up.

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Missed Opportunities - Ch 2

Title: Missed Opportunities

Chapter: Part Two of Two 

Author: delusionsofnostalgia

Which Tom/Character: Actor Tom

Genre: Romance, Angst, TomxReader

Fic Summary: You and Tom have met several times because you were a crew member on several of his films. You have always had a sincere crush but were too shy to act on it and he’s always been sweet and charming towards you. But does he really want more with you or is it just that Hiddleston charm that he shows everyone? By the time you both figure it out, it might be too late………

Rating: M

Author’s Notes: Again, sorry for the mistakes with film terminologies. Thank you to all my lovely readers for all the notes on the first part of this story! You guys make it all worthwhile :) And to the lovely anon for your supportive message- cheers!. Also there is a brief mention of the actor Alfred (Alfi) Enoch in this part, he’s my second crush right after Tom, so I included him, hope you guys don’t mind. Do enjoy! Always happy for feedback :) xx

Part 2

You pull up outside the gin joint in question and aren’t surprised. It’s an upscale one on the high street of the town nearest to the film set.

“Young lady may I see some I.D.?” The burly looking bouncer at the door requests of you.

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Rereading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Chapter Nineteen - The Servant of Lord Voldemort

- FUCKING GOD DAMN we just got the trio to finally sit down and listen to the real story and now motherfuqin snape is coming in here INTERUPTING PEOPLE AGAIN. like damn does hogwarts not teach manners or????

“You fool,” said Lupin softly. “Is a schoolboy grudge worth putting an innocent man back inside Azkaban?”
BANG! Thin, snakelike cords burst from the end of Snape’s wand and twisted themselves around Lupin’s mouth, wrists, and ankles.

ah yes because that is the RATIONAL THING TO DO APPARENTLY???!?!? fuck u snape.

- also sirius is NOT about to take snape hurting lupin lightly he’s literally hopin up like ‘AW HELL NO’ 

“Professor Snape - it - it wouldn’t hurt to hear what they’ve got to say, w- would it?”

sad when the the 13 year old is the voice of reason in a room of adults.

- okay yeah snape is getting pretty scary up in here; i didnt remember him being this fucking crazy. the words used to describe him are ‘deranged’ and ‘beyond reason’ soooo if that tells you anything about the situation lol

- also FUCK the fact that he keeps calling remus ‘the werewolf’ like wow dude really

“Of course,” Lupin breathed. “So simple…so brilliant…he cut it off himself?”
“Just before he transformed,” said Black. “When I cornered him, he yelled for the whole street to hear that I’d betrayed Lily and James. Then, before I could curse him, he blew apart the street with the wand behind his back, killed everyone within twenty feet of himself - and sped down into the sewer with the other rats…”

yo fuck peter pettigrew, but the dude is smart. like people think he just tagged along with the others and was stupid but dude is SMART.

- hahahahah rons trying to be say scabbers has lived so long because of diet and exercise like OK DUDE LETS BE REAL…. 

“Harry…I as good as killed them,” he croaked. “I persuaded Lily and James to change to Peter at the last moment, persuaded them to use him as Secret-Keeper instead of me…I’m to blame, I know it… The night they died, I’d arranged to check on Peter, make sure he was still safe, but when I arrived at his hiding place, he’d gone. Yet there was no sign of a struggle. It didn’t feel right. I was scared. I set out for your parents’ house straight away. And when I saw their house, destroyed, and their bodies…I realized what Peter must’ve done…What i’d done…” His voice broke. He turned away.


- watching nasty ass peter pettigrew transform from a crusty old rat into a crust old dude would probably scar me for life

- HA sirius is putting peter on blast rn. hes like ‘rumor has it ur crew hates your guts’ and peters trying to be like huh wut BUT HES DYING ON THE INSDIE

“Er - Mr. Black - Sirius?” said Hermione.
Black jumped at being addressed like this and stared at Hermione as though he had never seen anything quite like her.

fucking hermione granger. leave it to her to be cute af in a moment of hostility. and sirius is right; NO ONE has seen anything quite like her. 

- sirius is going into detail about his time at azkaban, talking about how seriously depressed he was and how awful everything has been. and then just decides to tack onto the end ‘btw harry, great quidditch match mate!’ lollll like BYE

“Believe me, Harry. I never betrayed James and Lily. I would have died before I betrayed them.”
And at long last, Harry believed him. Throat too tight to speak, he nodded.


“Ron… haven’t I been a good friend…a good pet? You won’t let them kill me, Ron, will you…you’re on my side, aren’t you?
But Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.
“I let you sleep in my bed!”

hahahahha oh ron. i like that this is the worst possible thing that peter could have done to him.

“You don’t understand!” whined Pettigrew. “He would have killed me, Sirius!”

things are getting too real rn.

- ok so like…. lupin is saying that harry is the only one who can decide what they get to do with peter and um..NO??? like ya peter is responsible for the death of harrys parents but sirius is the one who went to FUCKING PRISON FOR THIS MAN. HARRY IS 13 YEARS OLD, THE FUCK HE KNOW ABOUT JUSTICE?

- hahahaha omg i totally forgot snapes been passed tf out this whole time damn

Ron’s face was set. He seemed to have taken Scabbers’s true identity as a personal insult.

god i love ron.

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It has officially been one month since the best day of my entire life. One month since the woman I have looked up to ever since I was 12 years old completely and utterly made my life. This seriously meant the world and more to me. I have never looked back on a moment in my life and just seen pure happiness before this day. There is no way to describe it other than magical. It was simply magical. I have never felt so much joy, happiness, pride, and love before this day. I will never know how to put into words what this means to me. I’ll spend my whole life trying, but it just will never account for how truly incredible this was and still is. It is still so surreal to me every day that Taylor knows who I am and took the time to know me. I am so thankful every day that she wanted to have a glimpse into my life. To know that she is in my corner cheering me on is all I’ll ever need to continue to live my life to the fullest. I’ve never had someone that cares about me so much in my life before. What you did for me was the best and nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, Tay. Just the note brought me to a sobbing, pool of tears mess. I love you so so much and I will never be able to thank you for this enough. I wake up smiling every day because your card is the first thing I see every morning. I have you to thank for how happy I have been this past month. You have completely and utterly made my life. Thank you for being the kind, beautiful, amazing, incredible, generous person you are. Thank you for allowing me into your life. Thank you for giving me hope. Thank you for loving me. I will continue to love you and support you through everything just as I know you will me. I can’t wait for the day I get to give you the biggest hug (hopefully soon) and thank you in person. I hope to see you on tour July 24th and 25th at Gillette Stadium. I’ll be there rooting you on and jamming big time, babe. Love you to the moon and back a thousand times <3


That is one thing that has frustrated me with this show. The lack of interactions and prominent female relationships is not only unrealistic but pretty damn sexist. To think after how many months/years now that Michonne and Carol have never stopped to have a significant conversation? They’ve never discussed ideologies or strategies for survival? They are two prominent leaders in the ZA with pretty significant influence on Rick. And yet they’ve NEVER spoken to each other (seriously, I can’t think of any conversations between them). Considering how similar they are and what kind of loss they’ve faced, but also how different they are in strategy and execution, there is so much potential there. And that’s just Michonne and Carol. Sasha and Maggie built a friendship in 4B, but haven’t spoken to each other since. Michonne and Rosita had a moment in 5B, but it would have held more weight if we’d seen them interact in prior episodes. It felt kind of random to be honest. Michonne and Maggie hugged once, but again, nothing before or since. And Maggie telling Tara how she was one of the most important people in the world to her was not nearly as impactful as Rick telling Daryl he was his brother (granted they had four full seasons together at that point but you get what I’m saying). The examples just go on and on. Any relationships between these women exists off screen (hell, go as far back as Andrea and Michonne who spent an entire 7-8 months together that we will never see) which hinders the audience from being emotionally invested. Seriously, there have been so many deep, significant M/M and F/M relationships, but so few F/F INTERACTIONS let alone relationships. Do better TWD!

Waige Episode 21 Review!

This episode is hard to review. Honestly, I think I’d feel better after watching episode 22 next week. But I keep getting messages in my inbox asking me for a review. So here I am. Just for you guys. :) 

And I’m just going to do a detailed review of the ending Waige moment. I think that is all I can handle for now! 

Remember when we all thought the ending Waige moment in episode 20 when Walter saw Paige with Drew/Ralph was heartbreaking and shattering? Well, this ending Waige moment in episode 21 is even more painful. Honestly, it was difficult to watch. 

First, can we give HUGE PROPS to Elyes and Kat for their acting in that scene? That was one of the best acted scenes I’ve seen in a while from ANY TV show. You know a scene is amazingly acted when it is literally painful to watch because of all the intense emotions that a viewer feels while watching that specific scene. Elyes and Kat were just superb. We couldn’t have asked for better actors. 

Walter is betrayed by Cabe in this episode. Here is a father figure whom he cares about so much. So the betrayal hurt him. NOW fast forward to when Paige walks into the garage at the end of an already emotional episode. Walter is happy to see her. Paige is like Walter’s “safe haven.” So when she walks in, he looks relieved. 

They move over to talk privately. Walter tells Paige that she is their glue. That she holds the team together. And BAM. She says that she is leaving. Watch Walter’s reaction closely. He even asks for her to repeat what she had said. I think because he was hoping he heard wrong. Guys, Paige is a mother first. Her top priority is her son. Ralph is her whole world. In this episode, she had to watch her son almost dying in front of her own eyes. Imagine that feeling! That fear. That your small child is so close to death. So Paige is terrified. She wants to leave so that she can protect Ralph. I understand her point of view. She is emotional and scared. She is only thinking of Ralph. 

Now watch Walter’s breakdown in this scene. We have NEVER seen Walter THIS EMOTIONAL and this open before. Seriously, watch the first episode of the show again and compare it to episode 21. TO THIS moment. To this fight. This is a guy who keeps saying that he cannot feel. That he doesn’t have emotions. And YET, in this moment, all of his emotions come out full force. You can see how Paige coming into Walter’s life has helped him. His journey and growth as an individual has a lot to do with this woman. This amazingly kind and compassionate woman. Now, she is saying that she is leaving him. And it’s like this empty space suddenly fills Walter. 

They start arguing. Walter says, “Is it so awful being me? Being around me?” in the most raw and vulnerable way. He is basically CRYING. How is that for emotion? They are not just discussing Ralph here. Walter is bringing their relationship to the focus here with his specific “being around me?” Walter has done EVERYTHING he can to make Paige happy…to protect her. Remember all the times he risked his life to save her? And all the little things he has done to make her happy? Like cinnamon coffee…lavender diffuser…saving that painting because she loves art. Making sure she gets off the helicopter first despite math/science, getting her on time for her test…and the list goes on. It’s like Walter’s world is crashing here. He has tried SO HARD to be a better person. And now he feels like he is not good enough. And this is HEARTBREAKING to watch. Painful. His whole face. His tears. 

AND what about Paige’s tears? It’s breaking her heart to leave. That’s why she starts thanking him for all he has done for her while CRYING. But she feels she has a duty as a mother to protect her child. “I just don’t want him to become you.” OUCH. That hurts. Here, Paige is referring to not wanting to see Ralph risking his life like Walter. Guys, we’ve seen Walter put his own life at risk in almost every single episode. Imagine a mother having to watch her son putting his life at risk like that? That’s terrifying. But Walter is crushed here. And we have a pause as they both look at each other with TEARS in their eyes. BOTH OF THEM CRYING. And both in pain. And Walter’s face…as he is close to breaking even more when he starts yelling at her…telling her that she is going away with the man who abandoned her. I think this is honestly the first time we’ve seen Walter yell like THAT at Paige. But he’s broken and lashing out. Also, there has to be some jealousy here. Walter LOVES Paige. To me, that is beyond obvious.  

Paige cannot take it anymore and starts to leave. She stops to say goodbye to Toby/Sly/Happy. Walter is just standing there and watching her…he is shocked and heartbroken. And he doesn’t know what to do or say. So he just stands there. AND Paige is in tears. She looks at the team. And she cannot even give anyone a hug because she is under so much stress and shock as well. That’s why she pauses…and then walks away. Walter’s eyes are still following her as she is leaving.

Guys, this scene was difficult. I know. :( BUT I strongly believe next week’s season finale will end on a GOOD NOTE for Waige. Come on, we’ve had 2 heartbreaking Waige moments in a row in episodes 20 and 21. Surely, they cannot give them an angsty ending in episode 22 as well. That would be too much! Keep the HOPE ALIVE! Paige looks terrified in the promo when she sees Walter in danger. I’m expecting EPIC Waige moments!