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Breaking Point (1/2)

Part of the “Smaller Than He Seems” AU, in which Ford was accidentally de-aged into a kid during his multiverse adventures, while retaining all his memories. He appears about 12 at this point.

Last one shot here.


Rating: T (for some language)

Word count: ~4000

Summary: In which Stan drags Ford to the mall to buy some shoes. Ford dodges an awkward encounter with a local. Stan says something he regrets.

Ford sat in the shadows of his old sitting parlor, trapped deep in a labyrinth of thought. Two bare feet dangled over the edge of the couch. Thanks to his diminutive stature his legs couldn’t reach the floor, and it was making him feel ridiculous. A pity he’d never acknowledged what a blessing being taller than 4’9” was before he fell into this predicament. And what a dreadful, annoying predicament it was. He found it hard enough pushing himself to extremes beyond the portal as an adult, trapped in an unforgiving world where he often wouldn’t have food to eat for days and had to constantly remain vigilant of the agendas of those around him. But traversing this road in the guise of a child?

Sometimes he truly wondered how he was still alive.

He’d tried his best to move past the set back then. He’d tried his best to keep his morale up, his wits about him despite his clear disadvantage. He’d tried to ignore dwelling on the logical repercussions. However, the unspeakable reality was that— barring supernatural intervention— he was stuck like this forever, a man with decades of life experience reverted in form to an age no older than the great niece and nephew he’d met only yesterday. Ford fancied himself a master of denial towards this fate before his brother activated the portal and unexpectedly dragged him home. But now, everything and everyone around him just served to prove how wrong this all was, how wrong he felt in his own skin.

Thirty years.

He’d been gone for thirty damn years, long enough for Stanley’s hair to grey and the skin of his face to crease and sag with age. He was supposed to look like him. He was supposed to age alongside his brother, and now no one would ever think to guess they were twins.

His wrists faintly quivered as he lay his palms out flat on his lap. He stared at his hands intently until his eyes watered and he was forced to blink. The skin was too smooth, too young and unblemished. Long ago a small part of him marveled at how the adjusting of his biological clock erased the decades of wear and tear, but now he’d do anything to see his old healed over wounds and scars. Anything…if only to remind himself that those past fifty or so years were real. He wrapped the scarf he brought back with him through the portal— plum purple in color— tighter around his neck.

A knock on the door rapidly shook him away from this maelstrom of thoughts. Hastily, he shot to his feet, thoroughly embarrassed at the thought of someone seeing him dangle his legs on a too-deep couch.

“Come in,” he said, cursing internally at just how small his voice sounded.

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Anon asked: Marvel ladies preferences! their reaction when they see you having a really bad day

Warning: none?

(A/N): more preferences! yay!, I’m slowly writing the requests I have, sorry for the delay, I have 83 requests, counting the ships. Be patient with me please ~

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anonymous asked:

i can't exactly see if the requests are closed or opened so if they're closed, please feel free to ignore this ^^ how would the RFA react to MC being a past pageant queen who was very successful, yet is very insecure because her pageants had brought her attention to her flaws that she became obsessed with trying to be beautiful, even to this day when she isn't doing pageants. i'm so sorry if it's too much to ask!

Such an interesting request, and it feels very close to home. As I said before, I used to do pageants as a kid, and up until these days is still very bittersweet. So… I honestly don’t know if I did s good job with this, I aplogize in advance if this wasn’t what you wanted :(

Anyway, here it is… don’t hate me if this is bad. 

RFA react to MC being a former pageant queen


  • He caught you going through some photos one day. Tons of photos of you smiling, waving, holding the crown and probably the tears.
  • You mentioned your pageants before, but very superficially. So he thought it was something you weren’t really proud of.
  • But he’s watching you seeing these photos and… oh, he knows this look, you’re looking for flaws. Yeah, he does that occasionally watching himself, which part he can improve, what he could correct, these kind of things that perfectionists enjoy.
  • “Hey, babe, what are you up to?” you show the photos and tell him the story behind every pageant, you don’t talk much about the ones you won, your attention is all on that one you’re a runner up.
  • You keep on going about the winner of that particular pageant. She’s so beautiful, so nice, so talented, so charismatic, ugh… she’s just… flawless.
  • So he gets it, he’s usually very worried about what other people think, and you… are struggling because of what you think of yourself. He would be sad for any person on this situation, but being you… it hurts him a lot more.
  • Because he keeps telling you how perfect you are, and how you two are such a perfect couple… is he pressuring you on the same way these pageants did?
  • And the press isn’t really helping, talking about “power couple” “just imagine their kids” and all that shallow bullshit.
  • So there’s one thing he can do, it won’t solve your self-image problems entirely, but maybe you’ll be able to at least move on from that one pageant.He takes you to meet the girl who beat you. It’s so weird, you haven’t spoken with her for years… you feel so embarrassed for all the jealousy you felt back then.
  • “Jealous? Girl, you won every state pageant you’ve been on since you were a teenager, you made the word pay attention to South Korea and showed million of women how asian is beautiful. I know all that because I’ve been your fan for so long, and beating you was the most bittersweet feeling I ever felt. So, on that note… I think you should have this…” and she hands you her sash.
  • “Oh no… I can’t take it, it’s… no, this is wrong.” “Please… you have to! Wouldn’t you do this for the winner?” you sigh and reluctantly let her put the sash on you.
  • Zen gives you a bouquet and hugs you, then he whispers to you: “Now, prance, my queen.” You blush and weirdly stride, waving and smiling with the two of them clapping, and now you don’t hold your tears.


  • He saw you looking those photos, he would stare at them like this too as you look stunning in all of them.
  • You told him about the pageants and he didn’t feel less than impressed. Wow, his girlfriend is a big deal on something huge like this, he’s proud of you, more than that, he’s proud of being with you.
  • But you don’t look amazed, you’re more like scanning those photos or something, as you were seeing something really wrong.
  • “Hey, honey, what’s up?” you tell him about the pageants and how you lost that one in particular, nobody ever mentioned this, but you’re pretty sure you lost because you fell on the stairs.
  •  You access Youtube and look up the video of your fall, it’s painful to watch. No, not your fall, your face while you’re watching this.
  •  You keep telling him you still don’t understand what happened, did the gown crawl up on your heel? Did you miss one of the stair’s steps?
  • Well, he doesn’t know much about gowns, and heels or pageants, but he knows all about being self-conscious. So he gets your struggle, and it hurts him even more that you would feel like he used to feel almost everyday before you came along.
  • Yes, he has you always lifting him up, telling him how great he is, how he can do it. Why can’t he be like this to you?
  • He sees you as the most amazing person in the world, sometimes he feels he’s not enough for you, and you’re struggling for something it happened years ago, and doesn’t represent you or your pageant career?
  • But this isn’t about him, right? No… it’s time for him to lift you up! He’s not sure of what he can do, but he has a goofy idea that can at least bring some smile on your face.
  • So he appears in the living room, you just notice his legs trembling, when you look down… you see your boyfriend wearing a pair of heels. “Can you teach me how to walk on these?”
  • You… aren’t sure how to react, is he… making fun of you? “N-No! Not at all! I just… think it’s a very difficult thing, and I saw how you move so elegant on these, so you might be the right person to teach me. Please don’t let me destroy them or Seven will kill me”
  •  “And why would you want to learn something like this?” “For the same reason you wanted me to teach you how to play LOLOL.” Your heart flutters, he just wants you to show him something you’re really good at it.
  • So you give up and teach him. The right posture, some tricks to don’t look so uncomfortable, stuff like that.
  • He’s trying so hard, you can see the pain on his face, but he keeps on going, you would never laugh at him, but you can’t hold back a chuckle when he falls in your arms and blushes. “That’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with falling sometimes.”
  • And you realize what you just said, did he… did he do this just so you could come to this conclusion?
  • “Not really, I… just wanted to make you laugh at me for being a dork. But let’s stay with your way of seeing this.”


  • You’ve already show her the photos prom your pageant days, she loves your smile on each one of them
  • Actually, she loves all the stories about it. The places you went to, the people you met, the works you did, it’s very impressive.
  • And then there were the photos about that one pageant, that one you won, but didn’t feel like you deserve it, as all the rumors pointed out that you slept with one of the judges
  •  You haven’t told her this, she knew because of a little research she did after getting so fascinated with your pageant career.
  • And she knows you pretty well by now to know it wasn’t just because of the rumors, it was because you couldn’t understand why people would think you couldn’t win this by your own merits.
  • Yes, that’s the problem. You really didn’t deserve it? Why? What was wrong with you? Did you answer the questions too vaguely? Did you look dumb? But that kind of dumb who’s smart enough to make a move on one of the judges?
  • It kills her to see you like this, you have no idea! She used to have a very low self esteem, but you and your encouragement boost her confidence so much!
  • You’re beautiful, no doubt, but your ability to make other people feel  beautiful, inside and out, it’s something completely hors-concours
  • So yes, you should be more aware of this talent of yours, so she organizes a lady-only day in the café.
  • And she asks you to give a small workshop about ways of finding your inner beauty and boosting your confidence.
  • “But, Jaehee, I know nothing about this, I’m not… smart enough to give a workshop!” “Of course you do! You’ve been giving me these workshops ever since we met.”
  • “Well, that’s different…” “Okay, so before you start, shall I tell these ladies what you’ve done for me?”
  • And she shows pictures of her before meeting you, she didn’t look hideous, of course, but she looked tired and unhappy… a very different person from this glowing woman standing in front of all these ladies.
  • “Looks aren’t everything, but it’s so fulfilling when your outside reflects your inside,  I learned that thanks to this amazing woman here. She won several pageants and agreed on doing this for free, so listen to all of her wisdom with attention, it can change your life like it changed mine.”
  • Well, nothing you say can sound more amazing than that, but you did your best, mainly because your super amazing girlfriend was watching.


  • You two were on a business party and one of his associates recognized you.
  • “I heard you won Miss Congeniality, good consolation prize, huh?” “Yes, it feels very special knowing the other girls saw me as the most congenial.” Oh, this smile… this smile is so fake, Jumin can tell very easily.
  •  And you didn’t smile genuinely for the rest of the night, he couldn’t help to be concerned.
  • When you go back to his place, he observes you looking to your Miss Congeniality’s sash, it isn’t pride, it isn’t admiration, it’s disappointment.
  • “You are, indeed, very congenial” he hugs you from behind. “I was also not really a threat, not real competition, that’s why they gave me this, because I’m sooooo nice.”
  • He’s confused, being nice isn’t something good? Oh, but when it comes to competition, if you’re just seen as nice, maybe you’re not taken serious… but why wouldn’t be taken serious, didn’t you make it to the top 5, after all?
  • It hurts seeing you like this. You not taking yourself seriously and valuing what you accomplished bother him a lot.
  • Yes, you’re nice. But you’re also smart, and spontaneous and creative, and don’t even mention your beauty, sometimes he even wonders if you’re real.
  • What could he do to make you feel better? Generally, you’re the one thinking of ways to cheer him up.
  • Showering you with gifts? Body worshiping in bed? Giving you Elizabeth so you can pet her? How does this pull these self-loathing thoughts away from your mind?
  • So he comes up with this very goofy solution. Not only because he thinks it’ll work, but also because you keep telling him how you would love to see him being silly sometimes.
  • “Jumin, do you really want to play Monopoly at this time of the night?” “Well, I haven’t realized there’s a right hour to play Monopoly, my dear. Give it a chance, maybe you’ll enjoy more than you think…”
  • And you’re killing on Monopoly, seriously, who’s the business man around here? “You’re letting me win on purpose, Jumin?” “I wish I could say that, but no, I guess this is your doing, my love. You are fierce competition, after all.”
  • “You’re so goofy!” and you smile, but right now is genuine.


  • He knows basically everything due to the background check. You’re a big deal on this, aren’t you?
  • What he didn’t know is how sometimes your jokes can be very self-depreciative, why would you be so mean with yourself?
  •  And when you’re taking pictures together, you always refuse to make funny faces, also, you never let him post it in the chat room if you think you don’t look pretty enough.
  • That bothers him, you’re so amazing and beautiful, why would you doubt this and be so hard on yourself?
  • You explain him how strict some of the rules of your pageants were, you could never get out of this plan they made for you, so acting silly was pretty much off the table most of the time, but you couldn’t control yourself, and that’s probably why you didn’t make it to the finals on that pageant.
  • He feels really sad for you. Restraining yourself like this for something it’s over? For one particular pageant among all the ones you won? Jesus, what kind of brainwash they do on these girls?
  • He knows self-loathing thoughts very well, so he knows how torturing it can be. Hiding your truly self like this… you should never hide your wonderful self!
  • What can he do to make you understand you don’t need to be perfect all the time? That your flaws also make you this special and sweet girl too?
  • “Oh, MC… could you come to the kitchen for a moment?” you go and don’t even have the time to respond, he welcomes you with a pie in your face. “What the hell, Saeyoung?”
  • “What? I thought you like whipped cream!” “Yeah… but not like this! I… I… oh! I must look hideous right now!” “You look always beautiful to me, but I’m kind of biased here, so…” “Oh, yeah? So take this bias!” and you shove a pie on his face too, yeah, your boyfriend prepared a bunch of these pies so you can just throw it at each other’s faces.
  • And when you ran out of pies, it became a truly food war, that only stopped when Saeran showed up: “What the fuck?”
  • “Hi, Saeran! Wanna join?” you ask throwing the spaghetti that was all over your hair on him. “Oh no! I must protect my lady!” Saeyoung runs to you, falls on the floor and drags you with him, now you’re rolling on this mess, you don’t even hear Saeran cursing, you’re having so much fun! And you show everybody how much fun you’re having spamming the chat room with pictures of your mess.

goodqueenalys  asked:

Jon/Sansa #7 things you said while we were driving? THANK YOU! :)

part 1/? of a road trip thingy I’ve had in my gdocs since … October:

Sansa had spent several hours baking in the heat, but she didn’t look nearly so bad as Jon did five minutes after he pulled up to the curb. He tugged at his shirt collar, which was already damp, and as they loaded her things into his pickup, she noticed the sweat beading at his temples.

“Is that it?” he asked after the last bag was packed away. There was still room for more. The observation stung, even if she knew it shouldn’t. Jon came all the way from Queenscrown to get you, she reminded herself.

“That’s all,” she said brightly, choosing not to take his remark as a jab. Jon wasn’t like that anyway; he didn’t make fun of people. Or at least he hadn’t been that kind of person the last time she saw him, which was at least five years ago, before the big move.

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anonymous asked:

I was looking through your frozen shade tag and notice the worldbuilding problems in some of the posts. Could you expound your problems with the world of Frozen?

To be honest I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m just going to make a bullet point list, and if someone wants me to elaborate on one or more things, they can let me know.

  • No origin story for Elsa’s powers.
  • What is the history of magic in general?
  • The trolls were the perfect opportunity to give some background on the source of Elsa’s powers and magic in general, but the movie blew it.
  • Why is magic considered frightening/bad? What happened in the past of this world for Elsa’s ice powers to be seen as dangerous?
  • Elsa’s gown is not only ooc, it’s also what I like to call oowc: out of world character. It just doesn’t fit within the aesthetic established in the movie. So, where did Elsa get the design from? Was she on some kind of secret 1800’s couture fashion mailing list originating outside of Arendelle? Because the one good thing I can say about Frozen’s worldbuilding is that the aesthetic of this fantasy world is very clear, and Elsa’s ice dress just throws a wrench in it.
  • Who was taking care of Elsa and Anna and running the kingdom before Elsa’s coronation? Seriously, who? I’m going to assume no one, since Anna just goes and makes Hans the temporary ruler of the kingdom at her leisure, and another noble tells him “If anything happens to the princess, you are all Arendelle has left“…SERIOUSLY? That is 100% not how any kind of monarchy works. This entire story is fucked.
  • How and why do the trolls have memory-altering magic? That’s some pretty serious shit right there.
  • The Duke of Weselton talks about Arendelle as a trading partner. Trading in what? What does Arendelle have to offer? B/c I sure as hell didn’t see anything. Arendelle is a seriously bland kingdom. If you’re going to introduce it as a trading hub (the entire basis for all those other people/kingdoms docking at port to celebrate the coronation), it needs at least a modicum of elaboration.
  • We know why Elsa locks herself away in her room, but why is Anna also locked away in the castle? Why is she never allowed to go beyond the gates?
  • Hans is able to pronounce himself king simply by claiming that not only is Anna dead (without anyone else seeing the body), but that supposedly he and Anna said their marriage vows before she died (without anyone else hearing it). Either the citizens of this world are fucking stupid as hell, or there is literally no judicial process/council/checks-and-balances system that regulates ANYONE. Again, this entire story is fucked.
  • No one in this movie cares that the trolls basically kidnapped a kid? Is kidnapping normal or something? Sure, he didn’t have any parents, but the trolls weren’t even like “hey we’ll adopt and raise this orphan”, they just fucking TOOK him without telling the ice harvesters, because apparently the ice harvesters have absolutely no emotional connection to Kristoff or to Kristoff’s deceased parents and don’t care he was kidnapped and WHY???
  • Why is there absolutely no repercussions for Elsa abandoning the kingdom? How the hell can she just waltz back in and be queen, completely unchecked? Do people like Anna and Elsa with royal blood simply hold ALL the power in their kingdom?
  • Is there really no criminal punishment for Hans attempting to assassinate the royal family and usurp the throne? Instead he just gets a punch to the face and gets shipped back to his kingdom??? How will Elsa and Anna even know he has been punished for his crime?
  • In summary, I would NOT want to live anywhere in this entire ridiculous, rule-less, history-less world. Let alone Arendelle.

As much as I enjoy Supergirl season 2, with gay Alex and the dctv crossover and all, I really, really miss season 1.
I miss Kara having to balance her day job and being a superhero. Now she is hardly seen working. She hangs out at the DEO most of the time now. And James has wayyy too much free time. How can you be the boss of such a big company like Catco and be the Guardian at the same time? I mean, we all see Cat having to work ‘til night time. How does he fit all that into his schedule? Did he take his work seriously? Miss Grant’s going to be so mad if she knows. And I miss her. I miss Cat Grant so damn much. Kara needs a mentor and Cat is the perfect one (also probably lover too, but the writers hate us SuperCat fans). I miss her perfect insults and advices and I just really miss Cat Grant right now.
I miss the SuperFriends too. The whole group with Winn and James and Kara. Now it’s more like “Winn and James” and “Kara and Mon-el”. I know they are trying to make a new love interest for Kara, but still. And how did Kara just get over James after pining after him for 20 episodes? I don’t ship Karolsen, but that does not make sense. And where the heck is Lucy Lane?
I just really miss season 1 okay?

anonymous asked:

This has been bugging me for quite some time in the Hetalia fanfics department concerning Taiwan. Hungary and her are depicted as being major slash fangirls in fanfics. Which I found very odd for Hungary as the country doesn't seem found of it (was researching something about Hungary when I found this out). I don't think Taiwan is a big slash fan either as the fans make her out to be, despite the recent same sex marriage allowance. So why is she depicted as such when in reality she is not?

Ah, anon, you’ve really hit home with your observation. Admittedly, it’s one of the reasons I got so fed up with Hetalia fanfiction in general: Taiwan’s portrayal is almost always cringey. I honestly can tell you right off the bat it has very little to do with the actual countries themselves and more with the Hetalia franchise and fan culture. So here are 4 REASONS I hypothesize contributed to the depiction of Taiwan as a horrible fujoshi, a REALITY CHECK, and my own VERDICT on Taiwan’s portrayal:

1. She is a female character in a franchise with mostly male characters and has, more or less, a kind of…..“yaoi” culture.

I believe this is the biggest reason why. The treatment of female characters in Hetalia have always been traditionally bad. Rather than as individuals in their own right, female characters are seen more in relation to the popular male characters by the fans. To a lot of Hetalia fans, whose main concern lies with the popular “Boy Love” (BL) shipping, they would typically be most concerned with female characters not being an obstruction to their ships. Yes, I am saying that this depiction is likely a byproduct of Hetalia fans not wanting female characters “getting in the way of yaoi ships.” 

This is achieved in two ways, by 1) demonizing the female character, and 2) relegating the female character to a role that does not threaten their ships, i.e. the “sister” or, as you have observed here, a supportive “yaoi fangirl.”  

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Winter Headcanons
  • Nathaniel waiting for Candy in the hallway, hot chocolates in hand. They came from the dispenser in the teachers’ lounge. Normally Nathaniel wouldn’t have taken the risk, but what is the point of being Student Body President if you don’t take advantage of the perks? Besides, Candy looks cold, and he wants to be the one to make her feel warm.
  • Castiel teasing Candy for complaining as they walk through the snow in the courtyard. He’s practically a human furnace, but Candy is shivering, her nose and cheeks flushed from the cold. He throws his arm over her shoulders and pulls her against him. When Candy’s eyes widen, he scoffs at her and says something about “all that teeth chattering getting on his nerves.” But then his cheeks get red, and it has little to do with the weather.
  • Lysander taking interest in the Candy Gram event at school for the first time in his life. He’d always found it to be trivial, a waste of money, and he’d never had anyone to buy one for. But Candy changes this, as she changes everything in his life. The days go by, and he finds himself unwilling to resist. He goes to the silly table, gives the teacher a dollar, and writes down a little poem he had worked on the night before. They’re in class together when the Candy Grams are delivered, and he watches her face flush and her lips pull into a smile as she reads his. In that moment, Lysander wonders how he had ever found the event to be trivial. Her smile is the furthest thing from trivial; it’s worth the world.
  • Armin challenging Candy to a snowball fight. He’s one of the few who takes snowball fights seriously, and can’t help but be stunned when he sees Candy prepare just as vigorously as he does. They build forts and collect ammunition, and the battle that ensues brings him the greatest thrill he’s had all semester. Candy lands a blow to his face. She grins in victory, and Armin doesn’t think he’s ever met a girl this perfect.
  • Kentin forgetting to do laundry the night before and having to wear the ugliest holiday sweater he owns to school. It has wild patterns and big reindeer in the center; the works. He’s mortified, but then he sees Candy wearing a bright red sweater with Christmas trees and candy canes. She runs to him and pulls him into a hug, telling him how better she feels knowing someone else looks just as ridiculous as her. He snaps at her for calling him ridiculous, but there’s no bite to it. Inside, he’s still reeling from the hug. Alexy and Armin tease him later, but for once, he doesn’t really care.
It’s In His Kiss

apirateslass said:

Here I am! Requesting my first prompt, and how fitting it be from my wenchie. :) The gif you send me today actually gave me the idea, so here goes, decided to go with keywords and let you run in any direction you like with it: Sexy eyes, talented fingers, fluff, and smut!

And this is where my imagination ran (I was a litllte surprised): also on and ao3.

It was one of those quiet autumn evenings she especially enjoyed – not cold enough to need to wrap herself up in really thick layers of clothing (a short-sleeved t-shirt and soft sweatpants were sufficient), but chilly enough to have Killian light a cackling fire in their fireplace. He had pulled an armchair near and had comfortably slumped down on it, the ear plugs of Emma’s iPod in his ears. Music in its vast variety was one of the things that fascinated him the most in this modern world, and he was soaking it up like a sponge.

His knees had fallen open, and Emma had settled on the fluffy rug on the floor between his thighs with her book, her legs crossed and her head leaning against his left knee. While the music was filling his head, he looked down at her with a smile. She looked so very young and girlish the way she was immersed in her book; her left arm was lightly hugging his leg, her hand holding the book, while her right hand ran up and down his leg from time to time in an almost absentminded way, without her even noticing it. It was a very casual and natural, very intimate gesture.

Sometimes, Killian softly hummed along with the songs he already knew in a low, melodious voice (he’d found that guitar music was the one he liked best), and his hand was playing in her hair, lightly massaging her neck with the tips of his fingers. Emma didn’t even really notice it, because she was so immersed in her book – an ancient spellbook Regina had given her – and because basically his hand was always playing with her hair.  

Suddenly, he stopped his fiddling and chuckled briefly. Emma looked up from her book and turned around with a smile. “What?” she inquired.

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She’s beauty, she’s grace ; Theo Raeken // Part IV


| part one | part two | part three |

Originally posted by saverockkandrolll

warnings: moRE THEO FLUFF AND A SPRINKLE OF ANGSTY LIAM & why do i feel like this part is just going to disappoint all of you? like srsly this part is a mess & so many things are happening all at once im just crossing my fingers hoping you’ll like it

requested?: yeS

“What the hell does that even mean?” She swore, her eyebrows furrowing at the unfamiliar words her eyes were scanning. “I mean, seriously, how does knowing what a transverse and a longitudinal wave help me in my life? I don’t see a point in remembering it, really, it’s one of the most useless information to ever exist.”

Theo laughs, turning his head to look at her. Her face is covered in confusion and frustration. He doesn’t think much about it anymore. It’s gotten to the point where he didn’t want to stop himself at all. He’s just letting himself fall deeper and deeper for the younger girl. 

Despite the feelings that have been growing for her, he still doesn’t stop the plan. He needed this to work; to keep her safe. The pack has been taking a liking in him, too. Which didn’t make any of this hard at all unless you took account for the love he felt for the girl he knew since first grade.

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A wake up call to the Naruto fandom regarding Sakura!

Recently in the Naruto manga, Sakura was saved by Kakashi. I understand how some of us, me included, want Sakura to be awesome and fight but unfortunately we can’t expect something like that. She hasn’t got a power-up and we’ll just have to accept it. 

I am seriously pissed at the people who are calling her ‘useless’ or 'damsel in distress’ just because of this chapter [688].

I’m sure Sakura would beat any other shinobi’s ass but this is the freaking mother- Naruto and Sasuke even with their god like powers has not been able to put an end to Kaguya. Some are/are not aware of it but too many of us are comparing Sakura to Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi and Obito. Sakura is incredibly powerful in her own way. Also, Sakura helped tons by getting Sasuke back- if she wasn’t there, they would not be able to retrieve Sasuke.

Sakura has not gotten anyone killed and she has not been a burden.

Don’t look disappointed and sigh across her name, instead you should embrace this:

This determination is NOT 'damsel in distress’ material.

This willpower does NOT come from a useless person.

This instinct to save someone is NOT possessed by a coward.

This strength of mind is NOT portrayed by a helpless woman.

This strength of character is NOT what i’d call pathetic.

I always want Sakura to show off her abilities but i know that if she doesn’t, she’ll still be A GREAT HEROINE.

It frustrates me of how a tiny moment, lasting a couple of panels can make someone forget chapters worth of character development.

Instead of saying 'Sakura…is just the damsel in distress/useless Sakura’ we should be thinking 'actually, this woman has worked her ass off for so long, who cares if she got saved?’

It honestly infuriates me, how dare you call this character weak? She is the one who coped with a broken heart and moulded it into becoming stronger. She worked every day strengthening her mind, her body, her capability and what does she get? People calling her things that she obviously doesn’t deserve.

It’s not common to see other people doing that -Haruno Sakura is one hell of an impressive woman.

*I’m totally into what you guys have to say about this matter and would love to read your responses.

Delphine Cormier.
Delphine is not only my favourite character of the show (with Siobhan a close second) but my favourite character all together. It’s not original, I know, but like everyone else I have my reasons. Some say our favourite character is someone who is close to reflecting us as a person, whether it be personality or appearance. For me that might be true, I may have personal reasons but here that doesn’t matter. What matters the most is Delphine.

Now, I bet you remember months ago when we were enraged by the way certain TV shows were treating us with cheap cliffhangers and unnecessary deaths. Maybe I was in denial but for me it was difficult not knowing for sure, even though I knew (hoped) that the creators of OB weren’t silly enough to end Delphine in that way. Although I still prepared myself for that outcome just to be more on the safe side. I know we need to consider Evelyne Brochu’s schedule but if it were me I would have been begging her to come back if the original plan was to kill the character. A sigh of relief, around a year later we were relieved that Delphine is in fact still alive.

Ever since season 3 aired I have been trying to figure this character out. I’ve thought about her a lot and have come up with many theories, some improbable and even absurd but either way her past is interesting. There’s always a possibility that the unthinkable could be true. The fact that we know very little about her is exciting and it allows us to come up with many ideas of our own. If or when we are given information on this lots of ideas will be made but like many things on OB it’s difficult to develop the correct theory, because simply put; you just never know with this show. Also the extent is subjective, but I think we can agree not much is shared when it comes to the history of many of the characters. 

Of course, every season we learn more and we have been told that this season will include a tasty episode for all those Cosima Niehaus lovers. We love to know more, but will this be a case of ‘the more we know, the less we understand’ or will the truth we uncover finally put us at ease about Cosima? Either way I can’t wait for the fanfiction.

Back on track. If we don’t know the truth then we can at least consider the characters’ behaviour and decisions. Not entirely an assumption but one thing I’ve considered is the possibility that Delphine has lost a loved one. At an early age or later on in life, my favourite one is being fairly recent. Before I jump right to it I think it’s important we take a close look at the way she is in season 1 and 2 to season 3. Allow me to start off by saying Delphine’s turn of point was the beginning of season 3. Prior to that she made decisions that would come across as shady and as betraying Cosima, but these seem quite minor compared to season 3 – and no, I’m not just talking about the eye scene where she interrogates Rachel but her demeanour takes a turn. What I see, where some may see a cold-blooded stalker, is determination and braveness through the act of love.

Season one Delphine’s a puppet and is being pulled by the strings that belong to the DYAD institute and does her best when she’s thrown in the middle of work and love. We know she’s highly intelligent so it makes sense that she would take her work (her passion for science) seriously. We don’t know how long she had been working with the institute prior, though whether it was for a while or a short period of time perhaps she had no reason to question them. Which is why near the end she is surprised when she faces the thought of losing Cosima when what she wanted was to protect her – because she trusted the institute. To me, she remains innocent because she was unaware of the actual truth at that time.

Speaking of DYAD, it’s only fair to include Leekie and that it seems she may have had a sexual relationship with him. Though this is too innocent to judge her for, since it was before anything more than a friendship developed between her and Cosima, it’s worth considering why she had this relationship with him. It could have been a way of using him to gain promotions during her career with DYAD or let’s admit it – just an arranged decisions between them either for some fun or because there was attraction there. A more interesting one is that there could have been some information he or the institute was holding against Delphine like the situation with Paul.

Season two I feel like there’s not much to say other than she’s finding her feet and feels content. There’s opinions that clash that causes arguments but all seems well as Delphine’s choices are risks done out of good reasons for both Cosima and her sisters.

The scene when they confess their love for each other both seem sincere. I don’t need to tell you how this scene went but it’s worth mentioning the point when Cosima tells her ‘I have enough dirt on you to destroy your career’, to which at this Delphine laughs. Recently when I re-watched this I found it rather odd and pondered for a while on her response. I have a few solutions but my favourite one; there’s a slight pause, she realised how much her job doesn’t matter to her any more or how it wasn’t obvious enough for Cosima to know that. It could be nothing and that she found it simply funny and I’m reading too much into this, but little details matter me.

Season 3 was the most difficult season for me to watch. I have re-watched OB countless times but this one I have never returned to fully. If you are like me then the reasons could be quite self explanatory when the fondness for Delphine is taken into account. If you’re somebody who knows how it feels to have loved someone who doesn’t love you back (or doesn’t show it), then maybe it’s fairly easy to put yourself in Delphine shoes and understand some of her actions. Of course, it’s a great season and I won’t let the whole Shay and Cosima (and of course cophine) situation cloud my judgement. As I previously said, I have my personal reasons towards my favourite character so maybe I’m just salty. It’s just a shame there had to be a relationship involved as I have lost a fair amount of respect for Cosima for her actions. To this day I still question her actions and whether she loves Delphine, but I won’t talk about that here because I think it will be better suited in another post (I’ve tried writing here but it seemed more relevant with Cosima rather than Delphine).

From what we have seen in previous seasons Delphine doesn’t interact with a huge range of people. It’s usually in a professional manner and work related but when it’s not, it’s with Cosima. This makes it easy to understand how lonely she must have been during the season. The worst part is having nobody to confide in, but when she tries it’s with Cosima and basically gets ignored. Ouch, I’m not surprised she turned to drink for comfort. On more of a serious note, Delphine’s now the one feeling hurt and betrayed by the woman she loves. Doing whatever it takes to keep the clones safe there’s no wonder how angry she must have felt to have her efforts be taken for granted. There’s proof that she would even die for them. It’s difficult to put these thoughts into words, so in the best way I’ll put it this way; I can imagine a conversation in season 5 between Cosima and a salty Delphine.
“Why did you help us?”
“Because I’m the only one stupid enough to fight for what’s right.”

One thing that is worth mentioning is that Delphine mentions being in boarding school. There’s speculation about whether the girl in her suicide attempt story is actually her rather than some girl. That being said, I think there’s definitely more to this story but unless it has a huge part to play about her I doubt we will know the whole story this season. My point is, things like this could have played a part that triggered her drive to be the way she was that season.

My theory (finally)
*Firstly, I would like to note that I couldn’t begin to imagine what it feels like to lose a child and this is not intended towards anyone who has been affected from this. I hope nobody is offended by this post but if you feel you could be impacted by this next paragraph, skip the one.

There’s not much to be said here. Like I said, my favourite theory is that she has lost a loved one. More specifically, a child of her own who was sick for months. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is far from the truth, but I still consider it interesting as it could seem possible. To me it makes sense. Countless times we’ve seen that Delphine would do anything in her power to help Cosima even if it meant going against her word and behind her back. Season 3 suggests to me that she was hurting deeply to the point where her past was brought back, hence her devotion to saving Cosima as well as her love for the woman. It makes sense that as a doctor she would try everything she could to save her child and feel useless as a parent and doctor when all fails. She knows how it feels to lose somebody she loves, why would she want to go through it again with Cosima?

My appreciation
This post is pretty much all over the place and I have probably left out a few things I should have mentioned, but I’m glad you’ve stuck out to hear what I had to say.

Orphan Black Season 5. The last season of the (add mind blowing adjective) series that has brought like-minded people together, creating friendship and even more along the way for many of us. In some cases the show has helped our lives for the better in ways we can and cannot explain. For this reason I have trouble accepting this as our last season, including the knowledge that some day the fandom will die. Maybe not soon after, but sooner than what a lot of us hope for. The worst part – most likely it will die out slowly. I’m not one for happy endings but I’m a sucker for OB and I’m not ready for it to end because I’m emotionally invested. And if you’re like me, a fussy bugger, you’ll have trouble finding a TV show as good as this ever again that includes amazing acting from brilliant actors and the best fandom I’ve been apart of for many years.

Perhaps that’s the whole point – to move on and keep this as an experience. I feel the need to include this as I have never made a post this long before, and consider this my only time on expressing my gratitude for this show and the fandom. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys and I bet that’s how a good handful of us fans feel. I would also like to add, everything I mention in this post is totally my opinion only, I’m making this clear so I don’t come across as some self-assertive ****.

Comparing season 1 to season 4, I would say there’s a significant difference and I am yet to be disappointed as they improve after every season, this includes the directing, scripts and producing. The surprises they keep rewarding us with is great, though with a few exceptions.

Overall, we’ve seen Delphine be selfless and risk dying for what’s right, but for our last season I hope we discover her doing everything in her power to live for what she loves. I know this for sure; Delphine Cormier is one of the Bad Ass Bitches I know on TV and deserves one massive thank you party hosted by the other characters.


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Hello muirin007! I was wondering of you had a list of Poto artists on tumblr? Thanks! Love your art and you! Bye!

Howdy! I sure do have a list! There are some absolutely amazing Phantom artists here. If I left anyone out, please let me know! In no particular order:

  • Alvadee is in all likelihood going to head up the Disney animation team one day. Her work is beyond incredible. 
  • Elf-in-Mirror’s work looks like something spun from fairy dust and magic, it’s so stunning. It looks like it sparkles. I have no idea how she does it.
  • Rumpelstiltskinned describes herself as a “kinda decent artist” but one look at her work will prove that “kinda decent” is one of the most woefully inadequate descriptions ever. She’s amazing. Another future animator, I think.
  • PhanWolf’s style is so unique and adorable that it’s immediately recognizable. I could see it in an animated Phantom cartoon.
  • PhantoonsoftheOpera Raphael is a legend in the Phantom circle. Seriously. I spent hours looking at his website before I signed up on DeviantArt and Tumblr. HOURS.
  • ElectricPortcullis Her Phantom cartoons are beyond adorable. Like, t-shirt adorable. And she’s a big Broadway fan, which is fantastic. And she loves Raoul. Which is just as fantastic.
  • Wicked-Elegy  has wicked art skills to match her wicked username. Unbelievable work. Spindly, delicate, just beautiful.
  • Quinnasaurus-Creations This is another one of those “This person is going to head an animation studio one day” things. Absolutely lovely work.
  • Viscountess Unbelievable Phantom-inspired costume designs. I mean unbelievable. 

Again, PLEASE let me know if I forgot anyone and I’ll edit the list—there are so many talented people here! 

Trans socialization

Okay, so, I keep seeing radical feminists talk about how ultimately trans women are “socialized male” which means that, even if we opt out of situational privileges (such as being respected by others or assumed to be correct when speaking about a situation our listener is not involved directly in) by transitioning, we still retain ingrained privileges (such as higher levels of confidence, the belief that our words matter and we should be listened to, academic advantages from having our needs better looked after as children, etc. etc.) They believe that because men often get these things, and people thought we were men, we got them too. Ergo we are more privileged than our cis woman counterparts and must be treated as sociologically male. 

I have a few things to say in response to this.

To save some time, for those who are inclined towards radical feminism, let me start with this assumption:

Gender is innate, and while sometimes fluid or evolving, it is a cornerstone of a person’s identity - even if their gender is “I don’t like gender and want it to go away.” It is self-recursive like that, a foundational bedrock of how our society works, a sub-unit of the family which is a sub-unit of the culture, a set of pretexts so fundamental that to attempt to deny its importance to individuals is completely, 100% fruitless. Moreover, gender is more than the socialization we are given externally, but how we respond to it internally and the identity into which we naturally settle as a result. In short, trans women are women in innate gender, and this is an important fact to our well being. We can argue later about sex/biology, and the following is an argument extending from the assumption that trans women are women in gender, to say that we are also not men in socialization (i.e. external gender behaviors) either, at least not in any meaningful way, particularly not after we come out. Because this premise is assumed for all following arguments, if you disagree with the premise, you may wish to return another time.

1. I propose we stop talking about “male socialization” and “female socialization” as the be-all and end-all when referring to trans people, because it implies that literally all acts of socialization, and the effects they have on a developing mind, are entirely determined by how the socializer perceives you - and not you yourself. That is complete rubbish. I propose we consider something called “trans socialization,” the particular between-worlds experience that one gets from having one gender, while being treated like another. The experience of receiving certain socializations is different when the socialization is explicitly gendered against your own gender. What I mean is, someone who is female, being socialized explicitly in a male way, internalizes that socialization very differently from someone who is actually male, particularly because we are also /passively/ internalizing messages about womanhood as self-referential. As a result, these explicit “male socializations” do not give us the same kind of benefits or power that they give to men - they create a sense of confusion and anxiety. At “worst,” it gives us a diminished sort of ego-boost, complicated by the mixed messages we’re receiving; at actual worst it turns into powerful, debilitating self-loathing. 

2. Another part of trans socialization is devastating insecurities and confusion, a crippling sense of inadequacy that we are always trying to make up for. This is not a privilege, it is a burden. While trans women may get more inexplicitly gendered support in our youth (such as an intrinsic belief in our ability to succeed at anything, or even being held more as a baby because people care more about men), we also get more cripplingly destructive messages about who and what we actually are - deep inside, our gender still exists, pre-eminent in many cases, which means somewhere we know we’re trans. And, as trans people, we are bombarded with socialization that tells us that as trans people we are the worst of the worst, the absolute scum of the earth. People HATE us and only in the last few years have any major media begun to treat us with any level of respect. When current trans women were growing up, none of that existed. Our socialization is complex and cannot easily be equated to the socialization of a male, because it is rife with unique socializations that apply only to trans people, and with almost universally devastating results - there is no good way to be trans except not to be trans. 

3. When we come out, we lose all situational male privilege. That is reality. It just fucking disappears. At which point, two things happen - we don’t pass, and suffer from transmisogyny (arguments about why transmisogyny is real, which apparently I have to make, will have to come another time) - or we do pass, and suffer from cismisogyny. They are unique, but related, forms of oppression. Both are terrible. I won’t try to make the claim that one is worse than the other in terms of the kinds of oppression they inflict. It is enough to say they are both truly horrific, and whether we pass or not in any given situation, we experience at least one of them (sometimes both, if the person knows we’re trans, gets that we’re a woman, and internally codes us both cis and trans). 

4. If we develop and retain any intrinsic “male” privilege - arguable, considering points 1 and 2, but for sake of argument suppose that we do - what does that really give us? Women everywhere know there is a glass ceiling. No matter how confident, assertive, or war-like you are in the corporate ladder, if you pass as female, you won’t be taken seriously in the vast majority of cases. And in order to pass successfully, many trans women have to deliberately give up our more assertive tendencies anyway, crippling our sense of self-worth to fit into a perceived mold of who we are supposed to be. And if we don’t pass, we won’t be given any big-up opportunities anyway (again barring rare exceptions), so the issue is totally moot. How, exactly, do we stand a better chance of resisting the daily oppressions leveled against us (such as being denied housing, work, access to life-saving medical care, bathroom rights, etc.) in this case? Where does the privilege come in; what, exactly, does it do? And how does that make us somehow less worthy of protection or consideration than cis women? I literally can’t see it.

5. It has been argued a trans woman early in her transition could still “dress as male” and be taken seriously, and some of us can - and those of us who do, well, perhaps that is a form of privilege, but it is a twisted, complex one. Because it is also a form of psychological torture. Having to live as a gender you are not has been proven to destroy people’s sense of self worth - just look at the suicide rate for the trans community and you can see bloody, brutal proof of what I’m saying. 

6. In short, if we have any situational privileges, we lose them in coming out; not coming out is a form of prolonged psychological torture; and our intrinsic privileges are more or less meaningless in terms of avoiding oppression, both internal and external. Not all of the “being hugged more as a baby” in the universe can fix that. Ergo it would be wonderful if we could start talking about the unique experience of “trans socialization,” breaking it down into male, female and non-binary perhaps (and while we’re at it, re-dubbing “male” and “female” as “cis male” and “cis female.”) And if we could stop suggesting that because of “male socialization,” trans women are somehow permanently tainted by maleness in a way that makes us irredeemably privileged compared to cis women, that would be just perfect. 

7. It’s hilarious that while in the general populace, the world thinks trans women are an odd commodity at best (to be seen and not heard, of course), and a collection of freaks who deserve to die at worst, there are still some radical feminists who think we have anything resembling privilege. When most states won’t even recognize us as a class to be protected from employment discrimination; when we can be sued by the state for going to the damn bathroom; when in 49 states in the union, it is still legal to use the panic defense to try to justify murdering us. Yes, do go on about how we have so much privilege.
-The privilege to be denied an authentic expression of our true selves for years and years (or our entire lives), and an almost constant refusal on the part of others to accept that authentic expression;
-the privilege to have to constantly and vociferously justify our very existence to everyone around us;
-the privilege to have our identity be defined in the minds of most people as nothing more than a fetish,
-not helped by the fact that we also have the privilege to be unable to work most jobs in early states of transition,
-which grants our less-networked and less-wealthy individuals the privilege of their most reliable source of income being prostitution or other sex work which is unreliable and dangerous;
-the privilege to lose most of our family or have to lie to them for our entire life, just because we exist;
-seriously, /what privilege?/
The preceding points were meant to be a logical rebuff but now I’m just riled up. 

8. This argument about socialization/privilege is often a precursor to why trans women should be excluded from certain “women-only” spaces. I can’t get into that here, but I might do it soon.

9. Thanks for reading!

Essay partially for m00nbat

a missing scene from 5x18 because it needed more Captain Charming.

The idea comes to Killian with a very familiar mix of elation and that sinking feeling in his stomach. All of his reckless ideas – so, almost all of his ideas, period – carry that feeling with them.

He isn’t sure whether he should even bring it up. It might not work. It might backfire. It might make things worse.

In the end, he does say it, because if it were an option for him, if he had a heartbeat, he’d do it in one.

“There may be a way out, for Snow.”

David rounds on him. “What?”

“A trade,” Killian clarifies. “I can’t work miracles. But it might be possible to…” He exhales heavily. “To exchange your name for hers.”

“What?” David says again. “How?”

Killian brandishes his hook.

“Seriously?” It isn’t often that Killian can see a resemblance between Emma and her father, but in that moment, David’s expression is almost exactly the same as hers would be. “I know you like to use that thing for everything, but I don’t think it’s that simple.”

“Ah, but it might be,” Killian says. “Hades enchanted it when he tried to force me to carve the names. Perhaps I still can.”

The realisation slackens David’s scepticism. “So we cross out her name, and write mine,” he says slowly. “A life for a life.”

Killian shifts his weight onto his other foot. “I know it doesn’t solve the problem. I just thought, given how desperate she is to see the boy—”

“No, you’re right,” David says, clapping him on the shoulder. “Come on. It’s worth a shot.”

Killian’s stomach clenches at the sight of the three headstones, his eyes drawn to Emma’s name. She’s trapped here because of him. They all are.

He kneels before the stone bearing Snow’s name, and looks back up at David. “Are you sure about this, mate?”

David nods. “Do it.”

The task is made awkward by the angle of the stone and the apprehension coiling in his gut, but he was right. The hook slices through Snow’s name, and Killian takes a calming breath before he does what he swore not to: he carves the name of a friend into the unforgiving stone.

When it’s done, he gets to his feet and steps back to look at his handiwork. David Nolan is written under Snow’s name, the letters harsh and angular and accusing.

For a moment, they’re both silent, looking down at the stone.

“You have terrible handwriting,” David says eventually. “I have no idea why Hades wanted you for the job.”

Killian grins. “Apologies, mate. It appears my penmanship has gone downhill, as it were.”

David barks a laugh. “I’ll let it go, just this once.”

“It isn’t permanent, if that makes you feel any better,” Killian offers.

That gets him a look, and he’d almost swear that that’s pride in David’s eyes. “Damn right, it’s not,” the prince says. “Come on, let’s go find the others. And Killian?”


“Thank you.”


A screenshot of Anita outright lying about no new IPs at E3.

External image


Also Anita, how quick are we to forget about Bayonetta after you called her a single mother. May not be a new IP but how do we forget female protagonist. Why can’t you just admit that you were caught lying.

I also noticed how she failed to bring up all the sex workers she insulted in her new video only retweeting the people who are ass kissing her and saying she did research on the video when she was caught getting her backers to do the work for her. When one of her backers posted the information, she insults him right here. Professionalism at its finest.

And everyone who favorited that tweet on Twitter can go fuck themselves. You people are the problem and why no one takes feminism seriously. 

UPDATE: I went further into her Twitter and YES, SHE DOES ACKNOWLEDGE SPLATOON. This makes things worse because the statement she says is a few days afterward basically ignoring that yes Splatoon features female characters and is just seeing how many people will notice that she flipped flopped on her statement. 


twixtandshout  asked:

Looking at your icon, I have to ask: Have Clint or Natasha ever brought a Roomba with them on assignment? I can just see Mr Fantastic hovering over Hawkeye's head and checking for approaching life signs while he's sniping (maybe even a acting as some kind of low-flying zip line?), or Widow threatening a target, completely seriously, with a knife duct taped to her favorite Roomba (does that one have a name, by the way?) and held to their throat, steady only by how long it can withstand the dirt.

Attempting to use the Roombas on a mission is like trying to use a cat.  If it works, it’s going to be an act of luck, not planning.  Even with the best of intentions, the Roombas aren’t particularly bright.  The need to clean pretty much over rides any other impulse that they might have, and unlike most of their other subordinates, they do not have a healthy fear of Nat to keep them in line.

Nat’s favorite is called Fluffy.  She very carefully labeled it in front of Clint, just to make him crazy.  He’s spent a great deal of time since then trying to rename it (via a sharpie) but so far, he hasn’t managed it.  Like many of their other running jokes, this one is going to result in someone ending up in medical.  

Fluffy is unaware that the impending chaos.  Jarvis is well aware of it, but resigned.

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do helen gansey for the headcanon thing


  • ok so stiefs likes to joke how helen doesn’t work, but. she obviously does something super-secret and incredibly awesome like run a CIA unit or moonlight as a superhero (or maybe both. it’s Helen Gansey we’re talking about here. come on). no but seriously i see her being a political power behind the scenes- where Gansey runs from it, Helen embraces it and makes it her own 
  • also she’s Declan’s boss so one day Ronan and Decs are fighting and Helen just glares at them and they both back down mumbling apologies (Decs because she’s his boss, Ronan because she’s Helen) and Gansey’s just like ??????? how did you do that 
  • Helen lowkey has a girlfriend (she’s the biggest gay F IGHT ME) who doesn’t come from money and it was an issue for a while but now they just do rlly cute stuff together like going sightseeing in the helicopter or just chilling in her tiny apartment but she still gets to keep her independence (this is why when Gansey says ‘we fought’ about Adam Helen doesn’t need to question it) 
  • she’s also a fantastic racer and occasionally will completely EMBARASS k and the dream pack in her pink Volkswagen and one day Gansey and Ronan are out at night and they’re like is that HELEN???!!!!! and she just laughs (and when Ronan says he’s gonna race her, K’s just like man its your funeral) 
  • She dresses very elegantly and conservatively at Gansey family events but in her downtime she’s a super cute dork who wears like oversized glasses and high ponytails and sweatpants (also she’s got a secret tattoo somewhere) 
  • SHE HAS FRECKLES (just a few and she covers them up with concealer at formal events, but she doesn’t on down days and it’s aDORABLE)
  • She loves thunderstorms, and there’s nothing she loves more than taking the helicopter out on a cloudy grey day
  • Her other hidden talents include classical languages (honestly she’d totally SMOKE Gansey so he doesn’t even try), baking (Gansey will occasionally find muffins/pies in the fridge/bathroom at Monmouth, he still hasn’t figured out where they come from but they’re really good like wow), also she’s really good at coding 

send me a character/ship and i’ll send you headcanons 

The Melissa McBride Journal Of Love with Rockofages24

The CARYL community is full of amazingly creative and brilliantly talented people whose contributions and masterpieces inspire all of us to continue celebrating what Carol and Daryl are today, what they could be “together” in the future and who their characters/actors are individually. 

Without the numerous fan-fiction stories, fan-edits, fan-metas, fan-art and all the other things that boost out “feels” on a daily basis, the CARYL tag wouldn’t be nearly as awesome and our spirited enthusiasm wouldn’t be nearly as determined to remain hopeful. 

These dedicated workers take their time, their talent and their vision, to create CARYL/Carol/Daryl/MMB/NR testaments that are invaluable to all of us because without the constant influx of positivity and celebration of what we all love so much, our FEELS and our own enthusiasm would most definitely suffer. 

Everything the artists submits or posts in their community is always filled with such passion, such beauty and such dedication, that their existence alone reinforces and confirms the validity of the magic we see for ourselves. 

The solidarity alone is beautiful to see. 

The Artist I wanted to fan-girl about today is someone who I feel needs a lot more recognition and attention than she gets right now because not only does she produce amazing work but she’s been showcasing it in a very unique way.

Rockofages24 is a very talented photographer, artist and writer, whose LOVE for Melissa McBride/Carol Peletier and passion for artistic perspective, is documented and displayed in a JOURNAL-Like journey of discovery and personal progress. 

Her vision is truly different but captivating to see because her choice of presentation doesn’t just show you how much loving dedication and work she’s put in, it also engages you as the spectator in the evolution of where and what she’s leading up to…..which just makes you FALL IN LOVE right along with her! 

Keep reading