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LB Gets Woke: A Bullet-Point Crack Fic

I told @luciemiddleford​ how I would really like there to be a rival for Chat Noir’s affections in upcoming seasons.  Not like another superhero or akuma, but a normal civilian who notices how freaking awesome this cat is and makes Ladybug have to work for Chat’s affections.  Her reaction was something along the lines of “oh HELL yes” and she planted ideas in my brain, guys.  IDEAS.

I’m not a fanfic writer.  Brytte is, but she refused to turn her ideas into a fic.  Half of the blame for this goes to her.  Maybe 75%….no, no.  68.2%.

Seeing as how this glorious honor has been entrusted to me, you can guess where this is going.  Y’all should know my M O by now.

Chapter 1: The Not-So-Epic Beginning of an Average Relationship

  • Chat Noir and Ladybug Save the Day™
  • LB leaves and a civilian approaches Chat
  • Let’s call her…idk Marie-Suzanne 
  • because she’s French, you see ¬‿¬
  • she doesn’t want an autograph or anything
  • she just wants to make sure he’s ok and thank him for saving her sister
  • she has shoulder-length caramel colored hair with grey eyes that look like twin storm cl–
  • –what?  That’s been done…?
  • crap
  • ummmm….she looks like Jane Q. Public
  • that better?
  • …dammit I should’ve gone with that name…
  • ANYway, Chat is touched that some rando citizen cares about his well being
  • after blushing enough that it’s a miracle he’s still alive, they part ways…for now

The romance(?) continues after the cut…

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anonymous asked:

your inbox must be full of fic requests but maybe just maybe you could write about first Simon's "I love you"? p.s. I LOVE you writing style so much & your Bram and Simon are amazingly in character. I'm happy that Becky noticed you because you totally deserve it. Thank you so very much for your works!

Are you sure you’re not secretly @mavilez? Because lucky for you, she asked me to write something pretty freaking similar, and I just couldn’t resist. Have you seen those cute little Simon/Bram and Monty/Percy dolls floating around Twitter? She’s the amazing artist behind them. Seriously, go check out her stuff, she’s incredible. 

ANYWAY. Simon and Bram’s first I love yous. ao3. 

(ALSO OHMYGOD. Thank you. This is so incredibly sweet. I really can’t believe that it’s a thing still, that Becky freaking Albertalli reads my fanfiction. Like. What even. How do I get to exist in this universe. Seriously though, thank you so much!) 

Cute Watchdog couple watching…….something. I don’t really know what they’re supposed to be looking at. All I know is I have been infected by how many cute random Watchdog couples drawings there have been the last few days. (You can do it, nervous Watchdog! Grod speed, little guy!)

Seriously? People are getting mad at systems for having alters with a different race than the body?
What do you expect them to do? Apologize for existing?
Granted alters can be stereotypes of that race but seriously, they had no choice in thier existence.
Do you know how the brain works?
Alters are made from the subconscious, subconscious mind doesn’t follow the same rules of the conscious mind.
Alters are, and always have been made from things and people that the brain associated with the abuse or safety from it or protection against it, regardless of logic.
If thier next door neighbor that happened to be black or east Asian or something was a comforting person, during the abuse, you could end up with a version of them just because.
The subconscious mind doesn’t care what species or race or sex as long as it works protecting the conscious mind of the child being abused.


Skrillex and Friends - “Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)”

I thought I couldn’t like Sonny any more.

I was so wrong.