seriously how do you even


Why are we not talking about the fact Lena spent the entire day looking for ways to help Kara and was about to spend her whole night going through ten years of accounting data of one of the biggest corporations on Earth? And that she did it by herself instead of delegating the task to an army of accountants?

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

here have some AUs as if there aren't enough on your dash already
  • “i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” au
  • “this is totally awkward considering before this the only interactions we’ve ever had have been casual nods to each other in the hallway but there’s a huge fucking spider in my bath tub and you seem like the friendly neighbor type please help me” au
  • "you’re the only delivery person who gets to my house in any semblance of the word fast which is why i keep requesting you but you don’t believe me and tease me constantly about it” au
  • “okay i get it you’re a great thief and don’t want to go to jail but i’m the exhausted af detective that’s assigned to catch you i stg if you let me bring you in so i can sleep i’ll get you a good deal” au
  • "okay i get that there are no seats left in this cafe but like i am trying to read here no you cannot have this chair my feet are using it thank you very much please get out of my face now” au
  • “my parents moved me halfway across the world when we were twelve and before that we were best friends but now i’m back and moving in across the hall from you so hi?” au
  • “i’ve been travelling a lot and somehow you’re in every single city i go to seriously what the fuck who even are you how are you doing this” au
  • “we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you” au
  • “ngl i thought you were the weak one of this friend group but your whole life just went to complete shit around you and somehow you’re still acting the same so if you want to be weak you can be around me” au
  • “my guitarist quit the night before the gig that could mean the big break for a band that i have put my soul into and supposedly you’re really good but i swear to god if you screw this up for me i will hunt you down and slit your throat” au
  • “it seems we’re the only two people in this class that actually know what the fuck is going on want to team up for this project and ruin everybody’s lives” au
  • “we started arguing about which hogwarts house this one character would be in and we completely lost track of time and now you’re demanding i take you out to dinner is this a date” au
  • “i’m the private investigator that was hired by your ex to track you down and you totally caught me sitting outside your apartment in a rental car so hi what up” au
  • “i came to check out this support group but things have kind of been majorly sucking lately and you were there and i didn’t even know anything was wrong but we’ve known each other for months what gives” au
  • “i’m the lawyer helping you get custody of your daughter and oops you’re all kinds of adorable with her and also i think she’s growing attached to me is this good or bad” au
  • “i meant to text the contact one above you in my phone’s contact list for a booty call but i didn’t realize i hit your name until i sent it so now i’m just sitting here feeling those little three dots hardcore judging me” au
  • “we started dating after months of sexual tension between us but then you moved across the country so now we’re trying to figure out how to make this brand new relationship work long distance” au
  • “so not to be rude or anything but i’ve been coming to this cemetery at this time on this day every week for fucking years and i’ve always been alone up until now seriously what the hell” au
  • “it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

Synchronization of the Cat & Bug Team


Kung Food


Christmas is cancelled!

I will admit to some EXTREME gratification when Jack spied Elizabeth and Will kissing through the glass and said “That’s extremely revolting.” He still loves her thank you very much good night.

“Asian eyes makeup.”
Warning: Rant ahead, proceed with caution.
I’m not even touching this as a Bang Yongguk fan, no matter how much i want to.
I’m calling this out as an Asian woman who, during a brief stint in an american high school, got ridiculed by then Caucasian schoolmates because of my ‘chinky eyes’ and called me and my cousin asian prostitutes when we wore kimono in school.
Look at how the tides have turned.
I guess it wasn’t as famous back then because if it is, i would have been asked tips on how to make their eyes look like mine instead of just pulling it at the corners.
Seriously. Asian eyes isn’t even a thing. Do you know how diverse Asia is? How much people’s looks vary from one region to another?
I’m not going to go too deep because this will turn into a 10 page rant.
Sigh. The type that carries all the disappointment and frustration that I felt, and still feel, about this.

no seriously, do you even realize how much iggy knew that ardyn was a dangerous motherfucker

i mean, pay attention next time you do a playthrough

who’s always right between noct and this gucci hobo

who’s always glaring daggers at trash jesus over noct’s shoulder

who preferred to stay alert and on his feet to watch every move that daemon piñata made at camp

who’s ready to step in the second that chancellor bad touch makes one single wrong move



I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how


year 2016 & bts

Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



Swallow me whole

the redbirds must have their due. oh you, wicked children who come close to the banks of the river, do you not know what waits for you? do you not hear them coming, wading, reaching out with blood red hands to tear you asunder, to eat you whole? is this not the fate that awaits you for your terrible deeds? the redbirds must eat. they must eat. they must feed.


A couple of years ago, I had a dream about a pretty frightening scenario concerning a race of strange creatures with origami birds for heads called Redbirds, who lived in the water and snatched any children who wandered by to eat them alive. My brain comes up with some pretty cool (but scarily weird) concepts, what can I say!

 I could imagine these origami killers (see what I did there) as a sort of grand antagonist in a short story - perhaps a mother needs to find a way to kill them for good before they set their sights on any other child who comes too close to the water…

So, apparently, some ToppKlass decided to not vote for Sanggyun on Produce 101 because they don’t like the show. Now let me tell you why that’s fucked up.(and this post is only for those who call themselves “supportive fans” “real fans” and “ToppDogg stans”, not casual listeners who don’t stan ToppDogg, I’m not mad at you guys)

First of all, I’m pretty sure that 90% of this fandom is still not okay with the fact that Sanggyun is participating. When it was announced he was gonna be on the show, I didn’t see a single ToppKlass who was happy about it. But guess what? We still support him by voting for him.

Because it doesn’t matter if we like the show or not. Boycotting Produce 101 isn’t gonna do anything (especially if only international fans do it and Korean fans keep watching the show). The show is still gonna air, the boys are still gonna work their butt off without having proper meals and sleeping only 3 hours per night.

And that’s the thing: the boys are going to suffer during Produce 101. So, as fans, the least you could do is to vote for your boys, to show them they aren’t doing this for nothing. That they aren’t gonna be exhausted, malnourished and overworked for nothing. That all of their effort will be rewarded.

And you, ToppKlass, you who always complain that ToppDogg is “soooo underrated (insert sad face emoji)” and that people constantly “let them flop (insert angry face emoji)”… How are you helping? Instead of complaining all the time, could you actually do something to help the boys out? Because Sanggyun going on Produce 101 has a big chance of getting more Korean fans into ToppDogg, which means they might actually become popular. And it won’t even cost you anything.

I’m not asking you to create 10 accounts and to vote 50 times a day. Just voting once a day would be great. You don’t even have to watch the show! Just be an actual supportive fan and vote for Sanggyun.

CobyxLuffy: I Will Catch You

i like to imagine that in the future when they meet again coby will be like,

“oh my goodness luffy-san im so glad to see you again”

and luffy will be like

“what the hell why are you taller why is everyone growing taller than me this is stupid you’re a jerk coby”

and coby will cry

*long sigh*

Whilst homophobia cannot officially exclude you from the newsies fandom, you will have to accept the fact that the vast majority of us will hate you. Will you now shut the ever loving god up and stop trying to act like victims because people are calling you out for being homophobic and attempting to use religion to defend yourselves. Y'all are pissing me off.

  • Me: *Buying hair product*
  • Clerk: You know that's for men, right?
  • Me: ...
  • Clerk: It says Redken For Men on the label.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: You caught me. I am trying to covertly be less feminine and slowly transform into a man via hair product. No one has ever called me out on it, but you've discovered my secret of androgynous power. Man hair product on a woman. How will I go on, knowing that my secret isn't safe anymore?
  • Clerk: ...Cash or card today?
On my way to the Peace Corps!

Hey, so it’s my last day of freedom (so to speak) and I just wanted to give a big HUGE thank you to everyone who has listened to me bitch and moan and freak out. And also to everyone who gave me space to geek out to them too!

I’m going to have limited internet access so I’m going to miss chatting with ya’ll and endless scrolling my dash. But send me messages so when I do get online I can have something fun to look at!

First off thanks to @brightgreenencouragement and @edit-nameredacted for being the bestest friends ever in the “real” world and know that it’s your fault that I have this stupid tumblr thing and that I ever started watching this show called Supernatural. It’s YOUR FAULT. Yeah, that one fanfic about rat!Dean and Cat-stiel and the mac-n-cheese condom and TERRIBLE cat puns? That’s your fault. I’m blaming you. I mean, I regret nothing. But know that the internet has terrible content partly in thanks to you.

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Then a huge thanks to @unforth-ninawaters for being my first tumblr friend and not being scary and weird. Well, for being weird in many of the same ways that I’m weird and therefore awesome. And that thank you also extends to @ramblingandpie and their little potato who is the squeakiest. You guys rock!

Also a shout-out to my LotR homies @snovolovac and @fragiledewdrop. You guys laugh at my terrible jokes that no one else gets. I love it!

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Then of course thank you to all the folks that met me in the non-cyber world. @dragonpressgraphics, @eriquin, @trekchik, @kitkatcabbit, @buffenator, @braezenkitty, @doctorwhoberateduberdriver (I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL! I OWE YOU A NIGHT ON THE TOWN WHEN I GET BACK USING THE PEACE CORPS STIPEND), @formidablepassion (I know we didn’t technically meet up, but it was close enough), and @lshank017! I can’t believe you trusted that I wasn’t a super secret serial killer.

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THANK YOU TO THE @spncoldesthits crew! @dreamsfromthebunker (i can’t tag?), @whataboutthefish, @mayalaen, @rabidbinbadger, @reaperlove77, and everyone else!

Thanks to everyone who sends me stupid messages and likes and reblogs my shit even if we don’t chat! @thayerkerbasy, @hexmaniacchoco, @pietmuis1, @powerfulweak, @majesticduxk, @relucant, @yggdrastiles, @shannon-kind, @captainhaterade, @ltleflrt, @athene-noctua08

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And to everyone sitting there thinking … she forgot me. You too! Yes … YOU! Seriously! Just know that I have like 3000 more things to do before I head to airport tonight and my brain is just too full to work appropriately right now.

Now to stop shitting around on tumblr and to go finish packing those bags!