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Things I Have Been Reading ...(Feb)

This really has been a labour of love because I have tried to post it twice only to have my laptop crash and have to start again!!!  

As I have been off work for the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of reading a butt load of fic (I believe that is the technical term).  I have also had some AMAZING recommendations sent over to me and please do keep them coming, feel free to tag me or send a link or send it to me by telepathy (although maybe not the last one because my telepathy skills are a little off atm).  It was quite tricky to narrow down this months list but here are some of my favourite things that I have been reading in February 2017.

P.S. If you make your way through all this and still want something to read then check out @lucifersagents who has been writing the most amazing drabbles and I love each and every one of them!


A huge thank you for all the SPN recs I’ve got this month! I have found some amazing writers who I hadn’t come across before so please keep them coming or there is a good chance this list will just be Gabe filth.

Pull them Harder@wayward-mirage gifts us all with this amazing Gabriel filth.  As a Gabe girl I have to say this fic gave me several ideas which I will probably never actually get round to writing.

Bringing Tidings Of Joy@bkwrm523 has written this fantastic little series and I urge all Gabe girls to pay special attention to part 2 before going having a cold shower.

While You Were Gone @luci-in-trenchcoats has killed me this this fic.  I haven’t got the words to describe how amazingly sweet and adorable this is a fantastic insight into Dean that warmed my heart.

You - @eyes-of-a-disney-princess is a writer who has recently come to my attention and from what I have read so far I expect great things.  This bit of Dean smut is fantastic and please feel free to make your way through her masterlist!

Off Limits –   @dancingalone21  I cannot begin to tell you how much I adore this fic, it is super cute and the relationship between Sam and Dean is brilliant.

Winchesters Don’t Giggle –  @rizlowwritessortof I read this a while back and it made me smile like an idiot.  I do love the softer side of Dean.

Research –  @nichelle-my-belle Here is another writer I have only just found but after making my way through her masterlist is definitely on my favourites list! This Sam smut is amazing and you should go follow her and read all the stuff!

Unexpected@percywinchester27 After reading this I want to have Sams babies. Lovely and fluffy and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


So as you can see this list is quite Steve/Bucky heavy so if you come across ANY other marvel fics that you think I should read PLEASE let me know. I love Steve and Buck but I’m a sucker for the underappreciated characters.

Not Over You@amarvelouswritings This series is killing me a little but in a totally good way.  

Try Again@promarvelfangirl A fine example of the breaking up and getting back together genre beautifully written and I may have had a stupid grin on my face quite a bit when reading this one.

Dirty Minded Cap – Steve - @fvckingsteverogers As a Steve/Chris girl I have no idea how I have not found this blog sooner but here is another masterlist I will be pouring over.  This Steve smut made me all tingly in my lady parts and I think I’ve found another favourite blog!

Homesick @thorne93 I have been reading this series from the very first part and as always my girl here has schooled me in the art of writing.  The fabulousness of series like this is why I don’t really write series because the bar is set really high x

What This Was@amarvelouswritings  THIS SERIES IS AWESOME AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE AND I WANT TO BE ON HER FOREVER TAG LIST BECAUSE EVERYTHING I HAVE READ OF HERS IS AMAZING!  Sorry, fangirling a little there but in all seriousness, you should go follow her.

Screwed - @just-call-me-mrs-captain  It is entirely possible that I binge read this entire series and squealed several times.  Bucky is so brilliantly written here, go read it now!

Hallelujah –  @bovaria brings you a bit of Bucky angst for you all.  You may want to get a box of tissues handy before you start this one, you have been warned.

I think she likes you@emilyevanston I am feeling the whole coffeeshop AU thing right now and as someone who adores nerdy Nat this fic is super sweet.  The interactions between Bucky and Clint are brilliant and I pretty much had a grin on my face all the way through reading this one.

Exs and Ohs –  @civilwarkilledme I feel there should be more T’Challa, especially if this is what is created!  

Star Trek:

I’m a little light on Trek fics (possibly because I’ve been drowning in the Steve/Bucky trash) so send me your recs and hopefully they will make my list!!!

Carnival Fun@atari-writes creates a lovely version of the gorgeous doctor in this fic and I absolutely loved it.  

Stop Apologizing@kaitymccoy123 a super sweet bit of Bones here.  It’s all fluffy and awkward and really cute.

More Than You Know and The One by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord are two amazing bits of the lovely Captain. A beautiful little fic and an wonderful series that are well worth a read but then again she is one of my favourite writers and I would put everything she writes on this list if I thought I could get away with it.

Other Fandoms and Fics:

Love and Spiders@little-red-83.  So I fully admit I’m a Fili girl and this adorable little fic crossed my path a while back and I thought it was super cute and super sweet and as someone who is terrified of spiders this would be something I would do. Plus @little-red-83 is my tumblr twin so go check out her work.

Sleepy –  @chrisevans-imagines I am a total sucker for a daddy Chris Evans fic right now and this one is super cute.

Treat You Better  - @dont-hate-relate-pls has written this beautiful almost heartbreaking little fic about the lovely Rob Benedict and she writes him so well I can hear his voice in my head as I read it.

Let Me Show You @wayward-mirage is a writing genius who I adore and her Mark Pelligrino fics like this one are absolutely sublime.  Go follow her and show her a little love.

Donnie x Reader - @totally-turtle-imagines this is a really sweet little imagine about how super cute, fluffy and awkward Donnie can be.

Sharpie Promises @another-tmnt-writer.  This Soulmate AU is adorable and the unsure, insecure side of Raph just makes me want to give him a hug.  I am really enjoying seeing what this fandom and this blog has to offer. Also check out Hold Me for an extra slice of @another-tmnt-writer’s Raph.

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~ still not gay ~

Word Count: 2 800

Genre: chat fic, coming out, coming to terms with sexuality, humour

Pairing(s): phan, tiny mention of kickthestickz

Warnings: swearing, so many spelling/grammar mistakes (all on purpose as it’s a chat fic), mentioned homophobia, sexual humour (not a lot)


crabstickzzz has added PJ to the chat.
PJ: what?
dannyboy: chris and co. think im gay

A/N Shout out to the (formerly) ~ still not gay ~ chat, thanks for not believing I was straight. (Loosely based off my own unconventional coming out.)

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Eavesdropping (Bucky x reader)

 ( pls dont worry about me im just bein an attention hoe thanks )

               Word count: 800

        You were lying around in the tower when your music suddenly stopped flowing in your ears and you could hear the conversation going on between Natasha and Buck. You were lying on the couch, and you could literally hear them talking in the kitchen. The conversation was blunt, but they were convinced that you were listening to your music and napping, not eavesdropping.

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anonymous asked:

Hello lovely!!! I love your blog and you (your tags are hilarious and give me life)!!! Sorry to bother you, but is it possible to request some platonic headcanons with the Paladins? Thank you so much either way and I hope your day is as fantastic as you are!!!

Oh my gosh thank you! i dont even realize people read my tags most of the time so i dont even know what im ranting off about in them. Im glad you like them though, ahah! And of course you can get some headcanons <3 Love those requests (even if i often dont have the motivation to do many at a time)

And im assuming that for platonic with the paladins, you just want bros bein bros? I can do that.

  • So, on the ship, aside from saving the universe and training and sleeping occasionally and eating semi regularly, there’s really not that much else to do? So the paladins spend a lot of time together
  • Basically they’re roommates who are stuck together 24/7 so naturally, yeah, there’s some fighting and bickering, but mostly they just learn to live and be around each other all the time
  • They know how to act around each other, they know how to read people’s moods, they have been together so much that they just work
  • They know that Pidge stays up too late even if she shouldn’t, but it’s easier to just let her go. She’ll still get up on time for training but once every two weeks or so she’ll just crash and have to sleep all day. They all take those days off. Allura isn’t totally happy about it at first but she sees that that’s just how the schedule is going to have to work
  • They also know that yeah, Pidge may stay up too late, but if you see her still up in the wee wee hours of the morning, something is wrong. She’s probably thinking about her family. And any one of the Paladins know that if you see her light on that late at night, go visit her. You don’t have to say or do anything, in fact she’d prefer you to not, but just be there with her.
  • They also all know that Pidge hates doing dishes so her chore is to sweep and straighten the kitchen when meals are done. She complained a bit but then Coran told her she could either do that or she could have bathroom duty…so she sweeps very well now. It may take her forever to do it, but it gets done.
  • Lance is that roommate that can’t wake up on time to save his life. Even after months of being in the Castle he can’t wake up for training. He misses breakfast all the time which upsets Hunk and Coran greatly. So the Paladins start helping him out
  • As they walk by his room in the morning, they have a routine that helps to get him out of bed. Shiro is the first to go by and he’ll knock loudly on Lance’s door until he hears movement, Keith will open the door and turn the light on and yell at Lance to get up. Lance will just groan and roll over. Pidge will go by next and she’ll go right in there and rip off his sleeping mask and headphones and tell him to get his ass out of bed. Then Hunk will come by and actually make Lance get out of bed and get ready and they’ll head to breakfast together
  • Keith is really bad for going off on his own and forgetting that he has people around him now that he’s not living alone in a shack. So on down time, the Paladins get used to searching out Keith to hang out with.
  • They’ll have movie nights with Keith (alien movies are weird btw. But they haven’t been close enough to earth yet for Pidge to pick up any signals to piggyback and grab some movies) and they’ll just talk and basically make the place feel like home for everyone.
  • Keith likes when they hang out on deck looking at the stars eating their weird space food and talking. He never says too much but he likes listening to everyone and adding in when he feels like it.
  • Hunk tries to basically be the most awesome roommate. He offers to help everyone with everything and do all the chores and like, he’ll finish people’s laundry for them if it’s in there? Hunk, my buddy, you’re too nice. And basically he just works so hard to make sure no one is mad at each other bc they’ve all noticed that it has a direct link to Voltron being shitty when they’re mad at each other.
  • And people don’t realize Hunk is doing it at first? But one day they put it together that it’s always Hunk who’s doing everything, they had just assumed that it had been a mix of all the other people, but Nope. All Hunk. Naturally they instantly feel super bad, and they basically have a Hunk vacation week
  • They do everything for him all week so that he doesn’t have to do chores or anything to make up for being such dicks and making him do everything for so long. By the end of the week it turns into a huge joke too. Like, they’ll do ridiculous stuff for him, “Sir, may I fluff your pillows?”
  • At the end of the week it goes back to normal but this time they’re all careful to share the duties and Hunk learns to not do it all himself.
  • Hunk is also their go to guy now when they meet people for the first time. He rates them on trustworthiness. He has a 95% success rate.
  • And then there’s Shiro. Shiro, like any proper early to mid 20 something has his vices (despite spending years training under a strict military regimen). He’s seriously addicted to coffee. Luckily coffee, or at least variations of it, seems to be a universal thing. They have a huge stock pile of it. He drinks at least a pot a day. And if someone is up before Shiro they’ll put a pot on. If they notice it’s getting low during that day or if it’s looking old and sludgey they’ll start a new one.
  • He’s also incredibly whiny when he’s sick. Injuries are no problem for him, but give him a scratchy throat and a sniffley nose and he’s down for the count. Everyone likes to tease him for it.
  • Shiro’s also that roommate who will just be chilling in the middle of the living room doing yoga or something and everyone is just carrying on their conversation around him like, Shiro, what are you doing bud

Basically I love thinking about the Paladins being best roommates forever. I mean, they have to be around each other all the time, and if you’ve ever had a really good roommate you know how you just learn to work with and around each other. And the Paladins are teammates, friends, bffs, they do everything together and they would just learn to fit together so well. They may not be perfect, but they know each other. And they’re so good together,


• his positivity and smile pretty much was like a magnet and you were drawn to it hella fast
• when he first met you his already big smile got even bigger and even brighter that the members had to wear sunglasses bc he WaS SO HAPPY THAT HE SAW U AND U LOOKED REALLY NICE N LOVELY
• when it came to asking you out, he was the most extra he could ever be like everything about him just all went up 100 entire levels like his aegyo was overflowing and his teeth were like extra white and his smile was huge and he had 10,000 things to give u, flowers, chocolate, clothes, books, cards eVERYTHING BC HE NEEDED TO CONVINCE U TO B W HIM COZ HE LIKES U LOTS
• but you honestly kept thinking he didn’t need to go over the top w it all bc you liked him back all the same aw
• and when u said yes his smile grew sosososo big and his mood just increased 100x and he like shoves all his presents in ur hands and gives u the biggest bear hug in the world bc he’s so hapPY
• your first date with seokmin consisted of playing laser tag and eating food. you two were in opposing team for laser tag and pretty much ignored your other team members and just missioned yourselves to shoot each other lol it was really easy to find him bc he couldn’t stop laughing so u sneak up to him and shoot him and he’s all like aW DAMN IT
• then after the game u two went out for pizza but couldn’t decide what topping to have to you just had everything lol and u washed it down with Coke yas and had burping competitions as to who could burp the loudest and all the other customers that were eating there just gave yalls the stank eye and left the store but whO CARES U HAD THE TIME OF UR LIFE
• but you two ate too much that you both felt sick aw how cute
• as for nicknames, he likes to call you the worst things in the world.
• “hey my little cutie patootie”
• “honey snuggles!!! yooHOO!!”
• “darling o’ mineeeee”
• your first kiss with him wasn’t as romantic as others but it was rlly cute all the same, I guess he got real impatient that it had been like ages and u haven’t had ur first kiss yet so like one day he just yells out of the blue “jAGIYA WHEN ARE WE GONNA KISS????!!1!1!” and ur sooo thrown off guard and start to stutter bc ?? but u still find urself nodding bc idk and he’s like actUAL and ur like yeAH and then he just takes ur face in his hands and kisses u and uR A FLISTERED MESS ON THE FLOOR CRY
• public skinship? yessss, he likes to hug u all d time and hold ur hand and kiss u because he doesn’t see u a lot so when u two are together he wants to spend it being close as f to you, even public.
• “get a room.”
• he has a habit of being greedy towards things that he likes aka wenchang chicken (he doesn’t like to share that) and more importantly, you (he def doesn’t want to share you and wants u all to himself) but he knows he should but whY??
• lee seokmin lives for kisses all over ur face he lOVES TO SMOTHER U EsPEICALLY W KISSES like you’d just be standing somewhere and when he sees you he’d yell your name and come charging at u and u think your gonna get run over but noP he’ll stop to kiss you all over the face bc hE MISSED U
• his favourite kind of hug is the kind where he goes up from behind and wraps his arms around your waist… really tight, with a big smile, and he lifts u up and ur just dangling in the air while he holds u there and starts swinging from side to side and ur like a little doll while he cooes at you
• will whine like a baby when in need of affection “JAGIYA STOP TALKING TO HIM AND COME LOVE MEEEEE” and you’d like run to him bc lee seokmin stooop
• tends to tickle you a lot to get you to do stuff for/with him. like he’d want you to say that you love him but you won’t just to tease him so he begins to tickle you mercilessly until you say it
• also likes it when you show him your aegyo bc he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world
• he ALSO likes it when you take care of him bc it makes him feel special when you do it COZ u don’t do it to anyone else but him anD OH GOODNESS WHATTA PRIVILEGE like sometimes he’d pull a fake sick just so you could spend the entire day feeding him and cuddling w him but sHHH YOU DONT NEED TO KNO THAT
• dislikes it when people don’t take him seriously at the times where he is serious, which is why he loves you so much bc you understand that he can’t be happy all the time and treat him right whenever he needs you aw
• he secretly leaves little positivity notes around the house for you to find to make your day like he’ll wake up at 2 in the morning as many mornings as he can so that he can grab 5,000 post it notes and scribble down 5,000 reason why he loves you and confidence boosters just to make you happy :)))) you always ask if it’s him leaving these notes and he’s just like whAAA NO
• has an addiction to his bfffffff kwon soonyoung like those two are inseparable he’s pretty much in a whole other entire relationship with him, when he’s not practicing or spending time with you, he’s with him and it doesn’t help when soonyoung keeps teasing you and saying seokmin loves him more ::(:(:(:(:((
• “he loves ME”
• constantly pesters you to buy some more bc your ‘in need of spares’ and you need to be couple goals and you need to look kwl in front of the members… seokmin what’s ur defintion of kwl
• you don’t want lee seokmin to ever get jealous, and it’s not because he’s scary, and it’s not because he’ll get offended… no, he’ll just WHINE. “YAH JAGI WHY WERE U TALKING TO THEM?? WHY WOULD U EVEN LOOK AT SOMEONE LIKE THAT WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE LIKE ME?? IS IT BC OF MY SHOES COME ON JAGIYA TELL ME”
• and ur like chill bab ily
• his phone background is a collage of pictures of you that he took in the most inappropriate times, like you in the middle of yawning, sneezing, sleeping and you literally started to cry when you opened his phone and that photo came up. LIKE DELETE THISSS
• your phone background is a photo that he personally made, it was a photo of a sun with his bright, smiling face photoshopped onto it, this was because he was the light of your world, off your life and everyone needed to know that lmao
• competitions on who can sing higher yas
• his role as a main vocalist for seventeen does tend to stress him out bc he always needs to be the best he can be, it’s usually him with the high notes so one single voice crack could ruin the whole performance, that sort of burden always rests on his shoulders but you always make sure your there for him in the times he needs you.
• because seokmin is usually happy, you find it hard for him to express some of his feelings to you. like if he’s upset, he won’t tell you, because his job is the 'mood maker’ so if he’s upset, everyone else will be too. which brings me to your first fight, you got a little mad and upset about the fact that he’s always keeping his upset feelings bottled in, you two bickered, yelled back and forth and eventually he cracked and started to cry bc someone cared about him, nobody took the time to ask if he was ok like you did and God he loves u
• and you ended up apologising to him for yelling like that and he promised to be more open about his feelings
• “sometimes, you don’t have to be okay”
• he sends you to sleep by singing the most softest sweetest lullaby in the world then proceeds to whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you fall asleep aw
• wakes you up by yanking the curtains open and letting the sun blaze down on you and when you open your eyes to yell at him your blinded yet again by his smile.
• lee seokmin trusts you with his life, he would do absolutely anything to see you smile and loves you with all his heart. you are so lucky to have him, and he sure as hell is lucky to have you
• “jagiya, I loVE U” - seokmin, said with the best English

Things I have been reading... (Jan)

Okay, so this one is MASSIVELY late but I blame my pneumonia for the delay and totally not the fact that I was so busy reading stuff that I have only just finalized January’s list!!!  So here are a few things that I have been reading this January and I think you might like them too.  I have been sucked into a few new fandoms thanks to @bkwrm523 , @thorne93 and @sdavid09 and so the last section has kinda grown more diverse.  If you read or write something and you think it should be on my list then please tag me or send me a link or print it out and send it by raven.  Well, without anymore of me rambling, here’s my favourite fics in January 2017.

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Cuddled Love@sdavid09  I want to cuddle with Dean after this fic!  If you are having a bad day then just go read this and it will make everything better *well maybe not, but you will feel happier after reading it*

Dancing on my Own – @jelly-beans-and-gstrings I’m a sucker for a choose your own ending and this one is fantastic.  So who would you choose? Sam or Dean?

Dirty Thoughts of an Archangel@dont-hate-relate-pls  By now you should all know how much I adore Gabriel and this fic is just an amazing mixture of cute, awkward and hot. I may or may not have read this one several times.

A Kiss for the Night –  @thethingwewrite This is a smutty Crowley for you should you be that way inclined.  I really liked reading this one, I have a soft spot for the King of Hell.

Whats-His-Name– @l8nitl0vr I think this is one of my favourite Lucifer fics.  For me I think the characterization is spot on and I could totally picture him being like this, plus I would probably do what the reader did too.

A Little Too Late -  @lucifersagents  This series has had me hooked all the way through. There are so many things that keep you guessing and it is so well written I’m kinda sad that it’s finished.

Woman of Letters - @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  I love this series, everytime I see theres a new part it brings a smile to my face.  One of my all-time favourite writers and all round lovely person.  If you aren’t already following her I highly recommend you do.

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Matchmaker–  @callamint Bucky and Natasha playing matchmaker is my new favourite thing and this series is brilliant.

Imagine Wade Wilson introducing you to Matt Murdock - @imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This. Is. Amazing.  Seriously, this little imagine is sooooo good.  I love @imamotherfuckingstarlord anyway because she’s one of my favourite writers but her Deadpool is simply sublime.

Iron Icarus@serzhantjamesbuchananbarnes  Jeeeeeezzzzz, this one hurt my heart.  Poor Tony doing pretty much what Tony does and you want to punch him and shout at him and then give him a huge hug and wrap him in bubblewrap, or maybe that’s just me.  Beautifully written and well worth a read.

Homesick - @thorne93 This series is the perfect blend of fluff and angst.  A reader with amnesia, Steve picking her up in the park, the introduction of Bucky… Go read this right now and then you too can know the delicious torture of waiting for the next part.

Sassy Stark - @redlipstickandplaid  Every imagined what it would be like to be Tony Starks daughter?  Imagine no longer, this fic is super cute and the relationship between the reader and Tony is exactly how I would picture it.  Loving this series.

Mess with Them - @redgillan  I love Friends, I love Marvel, I love this series.  The relationships between all the characters is so on point and fluffy!  

No Regrets@mar-gega  A lovely little series where Bucky is definitely awkward and clueless and it is gorgeous.  

The Lonely Tree @sarahwroteathing  This is one of my favourite series of all time ever and I am super sad that it’s over but the ending is just perfect.  I fell in love with Steve all over again with this fic and I hope you will too.

Road to Schkeuditz@aubzylynn   Being stuck in a car with Steve, Sam and Bucky as you drive across the country!! Set in CACW this is what ‘may’ have happened as they drove to Leipzig airport on their mission to clear Bucky’s name.  I like to think that this is how that journey went.

For Your Convenience@brighterlights  Oh. My. Goodness!!!!  Steve or Bucky?  Bucky or Steve?  This amazing series had me going from one to the other, back and forth.  It is such a good read and I think you should go binge read the entire thing now.

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Star Trek:

Shore Leave@imamotherfuckingstar-lord  This series officially killed me.  I am now dead.  How are you supposed to live your life after you get involved with McCoy AND Kirk?  I will never be able to write smut as well as this genius but as long as I can read her work I think I’m okay with that.

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Other Fandoms and Fics:

Wrong Number@totally-turtle-imagines I thought this little fic was so sweetand I’m kinda hoping that there may be more parts. I’m beginning to suspect I might be team Donatello when it comes to this fandom.

Flirt –  @plumfondler I’m not usually a massive Lance Tucker fan but this fic just seemed perfect for him.  I don’t think I could just be friends with him either.

Muffins@just-a-little-crazy  So a little foray into the Gotham fandom here and a little fluff with Victor Zsasz.  Even ruthless hitmen deserve muffins.  

Even the Playing Field - @sdavid09  So I have totally fallen in love with Fili after falling back into the Hobbit fandom.  The relationship between Kili and Fili is so well written and I really enjoyed reading this, it brought a goofy smile to my face.

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A/N: i hope you guys have a safe halloween!!!! enjoy yourselves and stay away from people who could murder you!! dont eat too much candy or youll throw up!! be safe!!!!

prompt: soulmate!possession!:
when ones soulmate loses something, it somehow always ends up with their soulmate (ex, lose a sock, your soulmate gets that sock)

pairing: peter parker x the reader


warnings: one swear word, fluff

Y/N shrugged on a sweatshirt she had found in her closet over her jeans, and headed out the door to the bus stop. Once she got to school, she headed to her locker and got her books out. She felt someone watching her, but she tried her best to ignore it, and insteaded headed to her first period, which was English.

Y/N sat in the middle of the of the jumble of seats, and got her stuff out. She could still feel someone watching her every move, and she shifted uncomfortably.

“I like your sweatshirt,” The kid sitting next to her commented, making Y/N glance down at what she was wearing.

“Oh, this? I don’t even know if its mine, it just showed up in my closet, i think.” Y/N awkwardly laughed, since she had just noticed this sweatshirt in her closet this morning.

“That’s weird..” He agreed, nodding.

“You’re Peter, right? Sorry I’m not good with names and I don’t pay attention to this class.” Y/N slightly shrugged, making him scratch the back of his neck.

“Yeah, it’s Peter,” He awkwardly laughed, before focusing his attention on the teacher who had just walked into the room.

“I know we just got back from our three day weekend, but I’m going to assign you your partners for your project.” Collective groans came from all around the room, including from Y/N.

Y/N wasn’t a fan of paired projects, since none of her friends were in this class, and if they were they mostly fooled around instead of working. All she wanted was someone who at least took their work seriously.

“Peter, you’re with Y/N.” Y/N mentally sighed in relief, knowing that Peter probably took his work seriously, and he was nice.

“If we don’t get much done today, you could always come over afterwards.” Peter shrugged, making Y/N turn to him.

They started discussing topics for their project, but soon enough their class came to an end when the bell rang. They agreed to meet up after school at Peter’s house to finish up their project. The day continued, both Peter and Y/N would acknowledge with a nod if they passed each other in the halls, other than that nothing more than that happened. At the end of the day, Y/N met Peter by his locker, as he was getting some books out.

“I hope it’s okay with you, but we have to take the bus, then walk a little after we get off of the stop.” Y/N nodded, watching as Peter stuffed a textbook into his backpack.

The two of them headed to the bus stop, making small talk as they did. Y/N had found out that he was interested in some of the same things she was.

“Which ones your favorite one then?” Y/N thought for a moment at the question.

“I think any of the original trilogy is my favorite. I stan Luke Skywalker.” She laughed as Peter agreed with her.

They both got on the bus, which took them down New York a little. As they made their way towards Peter’s apartments they played a game of 20 questions, getting to know each other more.

“Favorite musical? Mines probably Hairspray?” Y/N laughed, agree with Peter.

“Yeah I like that one too.” She smiled. “What’s your favorite song from it? Nines probably Without Love or I Can Hear The Bells.”

“I like The New Girl In Town, reminds me of Hercules. Anyways, let me get my key.” He paused, shuffling through his bag. Peter unlocked the door, gretting the lady who was sat on the couch. “Hey Aunt May, this is Y/N, were working on a project for english.” His aunt nodded, flashing a smile at Y/N.

“I’m Y/N.” She stated, giving a small wave to her, then followed Peter to his room.

“So what else should we do for our project?” Y/N asked, taking a seat on Peters nicely made bed.

As Peter began explaining his ideas, Y/N’s eyes began to wander, looking around his room. She noticed a sweater on his chair, which looked exactly like her Disney sweater.

“I really like that Disney sweater you have, I have one just like it.” She interrupted him, tilting her head to look at the sweater. Peter stopped talking, and looked at the sweater too, confused. “You’ve been to Disneyland?” She asked, since you could only find those sweaters at Disneyland.

“Never in my life, not sure how that got there.” He told her honestly, looking at the sweater.

Y/N picked it up, seeing a bleach stain in the exact same spot she had hers. She eyed Peter suspiciously, starting to get weirded out. “This looks exactly like mine, it even has the exact bleach stain at the bottom…” She paused, continuing to exam the sweater. “It even has my last name that was written on the tag after we got it! Oh my gosh are you stealing my clothes?!” She accused, looking st him with wide eyes.

“Me? I should be asking you that since you showed up at first period wearing my sweater!” They both looked at each other, exchanging confused looks.

“I found this in my closet this morning, but how did it get there?” Y/N asked, a little freaked out. “And how did my sweater end up here? This is like some satanic shit i suddenly have to go.” Y/N’s face scrunched up, Peter laughing.

“We can Google it, its probably not something satanic.” He laughed ar her theory, making Y/N roll her eyes.

The two of them gathered around Peter’s computer, Peter typing rapidly. All that came up was some soulmate stuff, Y/N laughing at it. “Honestly, my theory made more sense then this. Soulmates? Seriously?” Y/N snorted at it, Peter looking at her weirdly.

“I think its cool concept.” Peter frowned as she continued to laugh at it.

“Okay and how does us being soulmates explain why we have each others things? Is that just how you know who your soulmate is? You have their things?” Y/N snarkily commented, Peter scrolling through some website.

“It says theres different ways, sometimes its we can get each others stuff, you have the same mark, and a bunch of other things. Whats so bad about us being soulmates anyways?” He asked, Y/N bit her lip.

“Nothings wrong with it, i’m just not one to believe in soulmates.” She shrugged.

“I find them interesting, guess you’re stuck with me then.” He paused, winking at her, before sitting back on his bed, looking at the paper for their English project. “Any ideas for our project?” He asked nonchalantly, like they hadn’t just figured out they were soulmates. Y/N rose an eye brow at him before shaking her head.

smol school tips which sound unimportant but could come very handy at times (for high school especially)

  • if you wear contact lenses, carry your cases by yourself if possible
  • have a water bottle, even if it’s empty, you can fill it anytime
  • if you are a doodler type, carry a lil’ notebook by your side which you use on lessons to draw in, so later you won’t curse yourself because you don’t understand a thing of your notes. sometimes i can’t hold it either even if i have a sketchbook by my side but trying means something
  • sometimes even bags need a bit of washing
  • don’t carry extra books which will worsen your posture/make everything harder
  • even if you are the straight a student or you are just great or you don’t feel great but probably you are, a bad mark CAN BE IMPROVED. yes, anytime, just put your effort in improving! but you can do it, nothing is lost and it feels shitty i know especially if you feel like you’ve gave your best or you felt like you were good and then boom, but no, nothing stops here. u have plenty opportunities just grab them
  • if you are in a hurry, you’ll have a little time in breaks to put that mascara on, don’t worry, just drop it in the bag and go
  • health is very very important so no one gives a fuck about what a teacher or student says about you missing school or smg like this, just make sure you are okay
  • same with mental health and i know it’s very difficult stuff but if possible, talk to a teacher about it. i haven’t done that and i really regret it because this would make easier to explain why am i late for the first class, and that sleep deprivation, anxiety are real
  • sometimes, even as a total chill and nice person you might find yourself (or someone else) being angry quicker, sometimes even a bit harsh, and after taking up too much shit it’s understandable. you aren’t here to satisfy everyone but you get back on track trust me, the most important is to notice when you feel like you’ve gone to far
  • how i save a lot of time even as a terrible procrastinator is knowing my teacher’s mindset. it helps a lot, try to understand them so you won’t worry over writing an essay for tomorrow when you can ask them to slip it 1-2 days later. it might sound like not filling your duty but there are times when everything comes once and all so it won’t make you a bad person
  • even if someone else looks hella sexy, your style is also great and probably a bunch of people think that you are rockin’ it. style is relative and style is yours, and even if you are poor, it doesn’t define as much as it seems to do
  • once or twice not showering or brushing your teeth is not much of a big deal trust me but being clean and fresh will make you feel more powerful and confident about your body
  • but if you’d rather just jump into the bed than sitting under the shower, you can do that and make it in the morning or later
  • against myths, you don’t always need a clean space for learning. of course it helps ALOT, but as i said, prioritize. especially if you are a huge ass procrastinator like me, cleaning up a messy room (i tend to start with this bc this disturbs me) will take your time from actual studying
  • you don’t have to make the perfect notes but certainly you have to make readable notes, more like recognizable. i have a lot of exercise books filled with silly doodles, one page filled with history, one with geography, and i am just a huge mess, but it’s nearly impossible to learn from them, and after a while, guiltiness comes in when you ask your friend for the 42nd time for notes
  • don’t worry, not everyone is as neat as they seem to be, we are all wrecks, but we can be happy wrecks so let’s choose that
  • complimenting people is nice
  • ask questions all the time like a little child
  • make a bunch of memories, whether they are from stupid pranks or nice evenings, just make memories. if it seems to be stupid or someone says you are crazy, good. it means you are into life. attend stuff, apply to stuff, and just make the widest variety of memories, so you can also tell what you need in your life and what you don’t and meanwhile you grow
  • sometimes actually studying is better than reblogging about studying so i recommend using queue
  • facebook is the biggest time stealer
  • family is important, even if it’s broken. but if you don’t have a family or issues are terribly big, there is always someone you can rely on
  • friends are important
  • people who are rude are important so you learn how to not let people fool around you
  • people like witty and creative things so spread your ideas like wildfire and don’t let them in this is important be a butterfly
  • if you totally changed it doesn’t mean anything wrong, having other kinds of friends mean nothing wrong, being friendly with everyone is fine, or being in a small group is fine, if you never attended parties but now you start to and classmates are teasing you about it don’t even give a fuck and just do what you’d like to do in the sake of your growing personality. or if you start learning suddenly even if you were a “bad” student that is also amazing
  • pads & hairbrush & painkillers are the holy trinity but ofc i almost never have all of these by my side, but if possible, carry them with yourself
  • i always ask people if they want a bite of my sandwich because we all know it’s terrible if someone leaves their money at home and their stomach is just growling in the morning
  • don’t involve yourself in unnecessary arguments between other people around you. seriously, it’s hard to let it go when it’s completely nonsense but save your energy, because this can be really shitty for your nerves
  • make actions and search for opportunities which bring smiles on your face. make a funny drawing for your classmates or a great presentation or go out at night or make researches, and later when they call you crazy or unbeliveable it will just only make you smile even more and it is beautiful because you just let yourself being you and not only you but people will love that too, because your point is not pleasing everyone but spreading positivity
  • it’s hard for everyone so at least you and i can try to make the day a bit better by kind words and nice gestures and honest feelings

 I originally posted this on my twitter @/septicrelp so here’s a copy paste here but im adding more from my recent rant. Also I was inspired to make this from someone else i forgot but they probably know who they are already.

Rant under the cut

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anonymous asked:

What is it with this fandom and glorifying jerks like Kageyama? Do people only like him because they like the stereotypical asshole rival cliche? It would be ok if you all could admit ‘yeah he’s a jerk’ but all I ever see is ‘poor wittle tobio suffered so much’. He deserved to be abandoned and hated for being a domineering asshole with anger issues. Have you ever had to deal with someone like him? I'm probably gonna drop the manga because of him or at least skip wherever I see his stupid face.

Oh anon-chan. Part of me thought about just deleting this since it’s the 2nd Kags-hating ask I’ve gotten. But I’ll answer it for 2 reasons. One, other people might still be getting asks like this and I want to help calm any tension out there if possible and speak for those who may not want to themselves. Two, you may be seriously wanting to know the answer to your questions? I can’t say if you’re just trying to start a fight or if you’re seriously baffled, so I’ll answer because HQ is about Kags just as much as it is about Hinata, if not more so. I’m sorry to dump this on everyone’s dash, but hear me out under the read more (sorry if you’re on mobile I got things to say). 

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Okay, Lets Make Peace? Stop with TMNT 2003 vs TMNT 2012  We are a fandom Family!

Alright, this wont be rant because, i just dont feel angry or upset, alright maybe a smidge of upset.

Look, this is my first fandom ever, so I know im being stupid, or thinking that things can change, or what not, but we need to make peace.

We need to stop this constant this vs this…

I get that you dont like some characters, I do, but please dont do the whole this vs that as your reasoning. Thats just stupid. THE REASON. NOT. YOU.

and about this whole hate deal, to haters that only see negativity, dont tag your stuff, please, because im sure the fandom or some what of the fandom is getting fed up.

((Theres a difference between critiquing and hating))

People have came to me and said they’re sick of this tmnt 2003 vs. tmnt 2012 war we are apparently going through.

Frankly im getting sick of it to. Its the same thing all the time, nothing changes.

Either 2003 has done this when 2012 hasnt.


2012 character is better then the 2003 character.



this fandom is taring each other a part  and over what? something silly.

We all love the turtles. last time i checked both 2003 and 2012 both had turtles master splinter, casey and April.

Its okay for 2012 Splinter to act the way he does, he cares for his family just as much as the 2003 one does.

He isnt perfect, he doesnt go along on their missions as much as the 2003 splinter did, and that okay, its okay.

Like the 2003 splinter isnt perfect, he had flaws to, and thats okay.

Characters are meant to have flaws, thats what makes them more relate to us, thats what makes them closer to us, they are human just like you and me.

Same goes for the other characters.

Guys, its okay to disagree, its okay have opinions. Whats not okay is comparing the characters from each incarnation, and hating on one character, or hating on those fans who love that character wheather itd be 2012 or 2003.

and this whole “2012 fans being a bunch of babies?”


We just dont wanna hear the constant negativity, and thats not us being babies thats us getting fed up with the constant hate. Thats us being human.

We are one fandom. One whole. One family.

Lets stop dividing ourselves and the incarnations and just start loving each other and agree to disagree.

my motto: Lets fight together instead of each other.

Seriously guys lets strive to get better, learn from our turtles, they fight, yell at one another, but yet they can some out fight together, lets take that in, and go with it. Lets enjoy this fandom instead of enjoying putting each other down.

Lets learn how to be a family, fighting is doing nothing to us, but hurting us.

We are just doing more harm, and getting nothing resolved. Lets try to work better on communications and discussion without being immature and horrible to one another, or to the incarnations we like..

Because for the people the love all the incarnations are getting sick of the constant back and forth.

Just saying.

Alright I think I done my damage.

As always you can question me or hate me here

now if you do send hate, be respectful, and intelligent, i dont waste time dealing with trolls. 

Seriously guys, I love this fandom, and it kills me to see us fighting like we do.

I already know im gonna get hate, im tagging this post in every tmnt tag i can think of, why? Because the fandom needs peace, and I know I cant stop it all, but im hoping i can tame it at least…or something. make some kinda difference.

I know, im being stupid, but I dont care. If I have to I will be the peacemaker of this fandom, because dang it, we are a fandom family.

Okay… Now Im done. Love you guys!

teaandsunflower  asked:

i love your writing! here have a prompt! sterek, one of them has been pining forYEARS but the other is in a relationship with someone TOTALY DIFFERENT from them, so obv even if the other will break up it wont be relevant. and then the other one breaks up and then hits on the first one whos all like Me??? But u like em blond/female/quiet/fragile etc. and the other's likeDID U NOT NOTICE HOW THAT ONE DIDNT WORK I WANT U. then, fluff. thanks anyway even if u dont write it!*brings u sunshine&smiles*

Aw thanks man! Sorry if this isn’t what you expected, but this just kinda happened? Also I’m sooooo sorry this took so long, I started off writing this completely differently, but that didn’t follow the prompt so I had to start again… Anyways, I hope you like it ^^

The door creaks when Stiles opens it, just like it always has. He’s been telling Derek they should get it fixed some time, but Derek never does anything about it and neither does Stiles. It’s not urgent or anything, but it’s another thing to add to the list of minor annoyances.

He toes off his shoes as he steps inside, hanging up his coat as he cracks his neck. He loves his job - don’t get him wrong - but spending seventy percent of his time staring at a computer screen does nothing to alleviate minor aches, or the fact that he should probably buy glasses some time soon.

“Honey, I’m home!” he calls out when he opens the door to their living room. They’ve been living together for - what - three years now? Since Stiles decided to get his Master’s anyways. They’ve certainly had enough time to build their own little quirks and rituals, and Stiles has had more than enough time to pretend the thought of Derek doesn’t send his mind reeling, doesn’t set his heart alight.

“Hey, I’m in here!” Derek calls - predictably - from the kitchen. Stiles can’t even remember the last time Derek didn’t cook a meal for both of them.

“What’s cooking, good-looking?”

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Forgiveness - Part Four

Summary: Your live has changed drastically since you’ve moved back to Colorado. Things have changed you life, that you didn’t even expect. And then there was Dean, coming back into your life, just when you were able to forget about him as much as you could. This is the sequel to my Punch - Series. You should read it before you read this one.

Words: 1384

Pairing: eventual Dean x Reader

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Warnings: language, angry reader, bit angsty maybe

A/N: It’s back! Bet you didn’t expect it. I’m gonna try to update this more often again and I’m also gonna try to start a new series along with this, so let’s hope I’ll manage writing two series’ at the same time. Feedback is appreciated as always!


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Thank you all, From the bottom of my heart.

I mean it. Thank you. 100 days ago I made this tumblr at gallifreanpotterheads demand. The first 20 or so I spent fumbling around trying to figure out what to do, and then I found you guys. Or more, you found me. I never expected to reach this point, but I did, and Its strange to think that it has only been 100 days. Sometimes it feels like you have all been a part of my life for years, like I have had this tumblr forever and ever, and then I remember that its hardly been a second, and I have so much still ahead of me. Its hard to remember what I used to do with my life before tumblr; now all I know is I don’t sleep enough and never seem to get anything done and have become surprisingly good at pulling essays out of my ass at 3 a.m. before the deadline at 4. XD

In these last 100 days I have met so many amazing people, laughed till I cried, made a fool of myself in public because I was stupid and opened the posts you tagged me in *cough* iamtopdrawer *cough*, and all around have found a giant circle of equally screwed slores and fan-geeks and remarkable individuals who have been so kind and so nice to me that I dont even know how to begin to thank all of you.

100 days, 494 followers, more posts than I care to mention, 557 kind messages, a war or two ;) , and a family that always makes me smile, no matter what.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t tell you guys just how much I love you all, or what I think about you, or how much you make me smile. So, here it is. This is what I think, what goes through my mind (and I know I’m going to miss people and it doesn’t mean I love you any less or think anything bad about you it just means that there are so many people, someone might get left out):

my-achilles–heel you are MY swiftie; literally every time Taylor comes on you are the first thing that pops into my head. You are my civil war partner, my talk till 3 a.m. friend, and my lifeline when I make stupid bets like staying off tumblr..

lokihiddles2981 you are responsible for more squeals and fits of laughter than I can count, and you are one of the major reasons I keep writing. You are also super funny and you take all my jokes about satan in stride, which I thank you for because It would be awkward if you didnt.

lokiloveravengerobsesser you are one of the sweetest users I have had the privilege of getting to know and I <3 U so much. 

particularscarf I still ship us. I love you. You are perfect.

hiddlestories you and winterheart17 are the two writers who dragged me down the rabbit hole and turned me on to the fandom in the first place (and winterheart17‘s DEVASTATING YHMAL omg YOU killed me… I have read it all the way through 6 times, not even joking); and its because of hiddlestories that I found my French Tumblr crush, frenchfrostpudding who is just so sweet, omg. (Skye & Marine are my real life OTP). 

 mischief-soul-lover hiddlespeariums lokilaufeysonss iamtopdrawer ladywyldfire you all have a very special place in my heart because you are some of the first tumblr users to talk to me and get me to open up. Its because of you that I am the way I am now. 

Of course, I cant forget my blog stalker satansinsideouslaughter who always brings a smile to my face when my phone is blowing up in class because shes going through my blog, or hiddles-wholocks-galore who chose to share her wedding things with me (not just me but you know, tumblr) and who I spend an inordinate amount of time gushing over, tbh. 

the-haven-of-fiction and eve1978 your constant support of my poetry always makes me want to write more and I am so grateful for you. 

And of course, jossisgod beaglebitch and sarabeth72 whos comments and sarcastic responses are always top notch. 

Then there is sonicimperfection and 1macncheese and cinnamon-hiddles-buns and jrgggggg999999 and jdmookami who have just been around my blog for so long im pretty sure they have been there from the start. And jrgggggg999999 shares cute animals with me all the time, I mean you are just so sweet.

elfpunk I get lost on your blog somtimes, no joke. I will sit there and go through you posts and manips and it takes everything I have to not either cry or drool, there is no inbetween with your work. Same goes for jennphoenix, like seriously, both of you…

there is mamachilly1991 and mariposaboricua01 and victorywithseaandsun who are constantly in the “biggest fan” list on the activities feed and I have never said anything to you but I love you both and you make me smile so much.

lokipenguin I love talking to you, it always makes me smile. You remind me of home, if thats not weird… 

zorped your asking for my opinion on the russian accent came out of left field and I loved it and I am so glad you asked me because I always see you around online but ive never talked to you and I am so happy that you did. I honestly didn’t even realize you knew I existed but you do and it was a pleasant surprise and you can come on in an hit me up any time :)

mtllovelygirl dearmisterhiddles ladyoftheteaandblood chynna-is-not-here so-easy-to-love-me I see you guys on my blog and you tag me in awesome stuff and I love it. you are all so sweet to me and you keep me up with everything and idk what I would do without you.

And to all the rest, snugglyhiddles dorito82 lividmilkshake obsessedwithhiddles obviouslyhiddles khaleesi-of-loki khadineberry omg-i-cant-odd tomsdangerousvagina tomsdarling damageditem jeanny-d123 ellie-anders12 angryschnauzer anb916 antyc67 katthestrong munchkin80 emmastar1133 chexmix1 lets-run-to-london starinlokissky hiddles-in-the-tardis-with-pie hiddleston-is-my-cup-of-tea i-sing-the-body-elektra insanely-smart coalea trenchcoatthevegbian thoughtfullybeardedcastiel over-at-the-frankenstein-place remembermeinblackandwhite loki-in-winterfell scifigurl720 5somebodynew5 castiel-angel-of-the-lord malathigk hiddlesblog mrs-loki-hiddleston headoverhiddles through-the-other-side storylover92 hollow2016 bethaniealexander hiddlesofasgard yourlocaldeathstar whososirius bucky-loki-boki-lucky booksandcatslover catwinchester bluemarline98 sugarlessmess frostiron-and-stucky danceswithhiddles badwolflestrade scumsucking-roadwh0re marvel-anymomus-amburlampse simplyhiddleston strangebibliophile et al… I cant even begin to describe how much I love every single one of you. All of you, even if I didn’t rant about you in this long ass post that I dont even know where its going but its going somewhere. There are so many urls my brain actually hurts. Like part of me just wants to tag all 494 of you but lets be realistic, someone will probably shoot me if I do. You are all amazing, every last one. Thank you. Thank you all so much.

Me: *finishes post, curls into fetal position, and cries* WHY ARE THEY ALL SO NICE TO ME?!?!?!?

Okay screw it, sorry people who don’t like overly long posts, tagging under the cut:

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Happy 8 million subs! Since this is my fifth milestone celebration thingy, I don’t feel like repeating myself once again. 

So have a thing

Welcome to the fandom new Markiplites, here are some rules to follow: 

Be nice to other fans, especially the ones who have been here longer than you, feel free to draw fanart and write fanfics but if you post to the main tag keep it PG-13 (Mark’s rule not mine), ignore the anon hate and don’t believe a word of what they say (you’re worth more than that), we’re here to support and love each other and you can talk to any of us whenever you need or want to, there are tons of feels involved with this fandom (mostly the ‘Mark why?’ feels), charity livestreams are about once a month, respect his friends. They’re his friends. Not yours. So don’t speak to them like he speaks to them. (the ‘rude’ stuff and jokes that they make) It’s disrespectful and rude. (it’s been a problem in the past), Mark’s private life is not our business so stay out of it. What he does off camera (excluding all youtube videos, instagram posts, twitter posts, tumblr posts, and facebook posts, and occasional vines) is not our business. Don’t be in that 10% and make us all look bad. Also, just about everyone has a crush on Mark. So dont be creepy and weird and block-worthy by claiming him as yours. He’s not anybodys. You’re gonna get hate. We will ban together and it wont be happy fun times for you. Don’t send any type of hate. To anyone. Ever. You don’t know who they are or what they’re dealing with or if they’ll actually listen to you. 

Remember, Mark is a free spirit and does whatever the fuck he wants… And he’s an adult *cough* child and can do whatever he wants, even put himself through pain of some sort for our enjoyment/laughter… testing his limits?.. something.. but all that does is cause angst (the, uh, 'mark why?’ feels i was talking about). And whatever he does, he’s researched it a lot so its better to just trust that he knows he’ll be okay. (those impossible lets plays tho) (is he still gonna do the labor pain thing? Cuz…). 

And most importantly. Mark sees all. 

He’s almost always lurking in the tag. Unless we know that he’s off adventuring somewhere. It’s best to just assume he’s on. 

If it’s in the Markiplier tag, he’s gonna see it. Tumblr mobile searches all posts with the searched term on it, so even if the post isn’t tagged but his youtube name is somewhere on the post, it can come up. So use ‘mark’ if you dont want it to show up in a search but you want your followers to know who you’re talking about. 

It never fails, but every time Mark does something 

Originally posted by laughingtillweredead

and I wish I was exaggerating. And I’m sure he’s aware it happens so he continues to do things. Like get a hair cut and breathe and take off his glasses on camera and, you know. Things people do. His hair has its own fandom and every time he gets a haircut, there’s always someone freaking out. And its difficult to draw, apparently. I’m a writer, not an artist 

It’s best to not take everything so seriously, it’s more than likely to be a joke. Vlogs have the least amount of joking, he’s always super genuine and truthful about what he’s talking about and is always thankful for us supporting him and then he chokes up or starts getting super emotional and everyone else starts crying. That’s a pretty standard vlog. I personally don’t think he’ll ever be able to show us or tell us the full extent of how grateful and thankful he is for us and everything we’ve done as a community so he’ll keep saying it forever and all of eternity

Is this point #7? idk. His channel is supposed to be family friendly (it was when i joined, over a year ago) but its, in all honesty, not very much anymore. dick jokes everywhere. innuendos everywhere. It’s not a problem since he hasnt gone overboard with it. if you find that you dont like it, his earlier videos are there, but leaving isn’t going to offend us. 

The upper body muscles are relatively new, like, in the last six months. 

Milestones are about two months apart now. 

Don’t talk about bread. don’t ask about the I Am Bread game and don’t go watch Jacksepticeye’s complete(ish) playthrough of the game. We don’t speak of it. 

He’s either back on schedule or really close to being back on schedule with his 8AM and Noon PST upload times.

um. thats a good… breakdown… of what’s here..  

Everyone tries all the time to get Mark’s attention so don’t feel bad if he doesn’t see your post, art, fanfiction, or creativity contributed to the fandom. Just keep working on the thing, the other Markiplites will be just as supportive. 

Okay. I’ll stop now. This post got super long.. 


first & foremost i’m obligated to say thank you !! i’ve been here for approx 4-5 months, and i’m honestly surprised that i’ve stuck with fushimi so long. i’ve had small periods of inactivity & i’m an avid shitposter, but i’ve never really lost muse for him – somehow, i always wind up coming back to him. and i’m glad, bc regardless of how terrible i am at approaching people and initiating interactions, i’ve met some great people and still follow a ton of great people i’ve yet to pester. anyway, the list thing !!

the honourable mentions™

@togovernwithdecorum : i feel creepy talking about u so much lately but ?? if i’m going to do a bias list i can’t exclude u so. anyway !! you’re literally my second follower on this blog and i think you’re my #1 fan on my activity rn,, i’ve admired your writing and your love & understanding of reisi for so long - 4/5 months now, even - and i’m really glad i mustered the courage to talk to you, bc regardless of the fact you’re like 8400000 miles away you’re someone i consider a very good friend. i’m glad my love for saru has made you love him more, too, bc that’s sort of what my goal has become over time, other than to make him & everyone around me suffer. :0

@tattara : kayla don’t think u could escape this list. we’ve not been interacting lately & i’m shit at keeping up conversation and get distracted by everything but ?? u still put up with me so thank you. you’re another person who’s been about since p much my starting tumblr rp, and you - alongside zoe and lia - were my first ever sorta #goals on tumblr – i saw your writing, your characterisation, your theme & your icons and was like ???? how can i ever get these ppl to think i’m cool

@kusanagisan : ik we don’t interact anymore but on the subject of people being my aspiration, i’m sure u know that you were my goals even before i made my saru blog lmao. i never even use my main blog that i used to im you anymore, strangely -?? but ah, i’m really glad you took the time to speak to me about stuff then, bc without that i might never have made this blog or met the people that i have. ;;

@soulcrux : i love u. i was just gonna write that then move onto the next one but,,, heck. ik you’re not always active but i will wait 100 years for mei & saru to be shitty and gay together. yuyado is ok- but really, both of your muses are A+++ and… any other muse i’ve seen you play. you as a person !! are really really great - also u are pretty - and i need to stop being so dumb and speak to u more again bc talking to you is always sort of stress-relieving, somehow?? you’re really a great friend and person and,, i hope ur studying and game playing goes well.

@idealcst : somehow even now i’m sorta nervous about talking to you?? and i really really want to because i love you and your writing sm and you’re fun to speak with and,, all of your blogs are A+ quality, honestly. whenever we talk about our characters n’ stuff you somehow manage to make me feel rly special?? seriously, every time. sorry i’m so awkward about it, but it really means a lot to me, and i hope u know i love your portrayal of your characters just as much. ps. i’ve had half a response to yukari typed for like 2 weeks but i’m waiting to make icons of saru in his jungle coat & forgot where i made those caps las t time sobs.

@wildcrcw : i’ve used the word love so much,,, gross,,, but i love u too, and your portrayal - ( & general love ) - of the smol angry bean. you’re another person who’s managed to make me feel special and generally?? you’re so chill to speak to and i’m really bad with words and again i should make more of an effort to speak to u again i’m just so evasive about talking to people lately?? i should stop bc i miss you and we have quite a few threads now, i think? a couple of which i’d like to respond to, i’ve just been so tired & lazy then i forget they’re there. >:0

@thexintrepid : u …… the one who always lurks in the abyss. we’ve had our differences & i do get annoyed sometimes but honestly i hope you know i’d never just sorta disappear?? or hate you, or even dislike you, really. when it comes down to it, you’re a good friend & you do always try 2 be there when you know i need help or something– you’re also another person who i admire for … well, admiring their own muses. i’m biased & like kai best naturally :// but we should rp with other muses sometime !!

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