seriously how did i not know this existed before now





“105… Baby you’re really sick,” Luke said pulling the thermometer away from you. You had  fever and it was going through the roof. “Ugh, nooo! You have to go writing with Cal today, I really wanted to come with you.” You pouted up at  him feeling disappointed and so mad at your freaking stupid sick body. “Y/n in this state you shouldn’t leave the house at all. You can barely get up,” he said folding his arms down at you. “Of course I can!” You said before attempting to get up from the bed before stumbling right back down. You felt really weak and probably did need to lie down but you wanted to be with Luke. “Okay that’s it, I can’t standing the thought of leaving you here,” Luke said shaking his head and walking to get his phone from the bedside table. “What are you doing?” You asked. “I’m calling Calum to tell him to go with Ashton instead. I am not leaving you.” He dialed Calum’s number up quickly whilst crawling up behind you so that you were sitting between his legs. “Damn Baby, you’re really hot.” You were and you felt awful. You hated the fact of taking Luke away from his work but you needed him here. You leaned onto him, his tall form comforting you, though you were probably just heating him up. When he got off the phone, he readjusted himself and laid you down on the bed then got up. “I’m gonna call my mum and ask her to bring some ice and I’ll fill up the tub ‘cause I need to give you an ice bath.” He went into the bathroom immediately his phone to his face already to call Liz. Your eyes could barely keep up with his movements due to how heavy the felt and you just wanted to crawl into a ball and die. He came into the and took off his shirt before crawling into the bed with you before opening his arms up for you to come in. It took all your strength but you crawled into his arms and he engulfed you. “Gimme all your heat baby. Don’t worry I’m going to make you feel all better.” And he did. He took care of you for the entire week even after you felt better and you were going about normally he still insisted on wanting to give you showers and baths ;)


“I’m sorry I made you sick babe,” you say as you sneeze into a tissue again as you look over to Calum who was coughing into his elbow. You had been sick with cold for a few days now and with Calum living with you eventually your boyfriend had gotten sick as well, and now, you both are on the bed sniffling and coughing away in your pajamas, which was just one of Calum’s shirt for you and his sweats for him. Using his clothes as often as you did was probably what got you both sick in the first place. “It’s okay y/n. It just good that the guys and I are not on tour now. Plus that just means more time with my awesome and amazingly hot girlfriend having fun,” he smiles and pulls you on top of him. You giggle as he pulls you to end up straddling him. You look down at him and twiddle with his hair playfully, “What kind of fun is that?” you raise your eyebrow cheekily already knowing where Calum was going. “Hm… Well…” Calum smiles as his hands travel up your legs to your bum and messages it a bit. You moaned a bit before replying “I like the sound of that.” You leaned down and close your eyes going in to kiss him. Calum wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you a bit closer to him bringing his head to yours. Right as your lips were about to gloriously meet, you felt a sharp blow of air and what felt like moisture on your face. You opened your eyes and realised Calum had just sneezed on you. When he opened his eyes he looked a bit embarrassed at first but when he saw the extremely amused look on your face you both just busted out into a fit of laughter. You could not stop laughing. “I’m so sorry babe,” Calum  said still laughing through his words and you just laughed more.  "It’s okay Cal, it’s just-“  "Mood killed.” He started to laugh again. “Hell yeah,” you say plopping down next to him.


Michael walking around the room extremely anxious as you threw up all the contents of your stomach from last night in bathroom. You had just ran into the bathroom spontaneously and started vomiting and he has worried immediately. “Y/n are you okay?” he asked knocking on the door before walking in. “Not really Mike,” you said leaning against the sink before grabbing your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth. “So… are you like, pregnant or something? 'Cause if you are I’m here for you and I’m gonna take care of you and are kid and be an awesome Dad I swear,” Michael blurted out feeling extremely awkward. You stopped brushing you teeth immediately and cleaned up your mouth before turning to him eyes wide. “I’m not pregnant Michael. That’s not possible I’m on the pill. I probably just got food poisoning from someplace I ate yesterday,” you say chuckling a little shocked a little shocked by his words. You saw his scared face become a little relieved as you spoke but then he went and pulled you into a big engulfing hug. “Mikey, don’t worry. I few of those dissolving thingys and I’ll be fine,” you laughed into the crook of his neck. “I know, I guess I just overreacted for a sec and got scared. I would always be there for you though, y'know if ever or whenever.” He just hugged you tighter. You felt taken aback for a second because you never expected him to react like this to you just throwing up but then you relaxed into his embrace feeling happy because it meant he really did care about you and was taking you two really seriously. “I know Mikey. I love you,” You said for the first time looking up at him. He smiled and kissed you sweetly before saying, “I love you too y/n. I really do.”


“How the hell did you get chicken pox y/n?” Ashton asked from the other side of your shared bedroom door. It was extremely weird and popped up out of nowhere but somehow you got chickenpox, which was extremely weird to you because you didn’t even know people had that anymore after the chicken pox vaccine came around. You hadn’t gotten one because you just thought that this stuff was non-existent by now. you don’t know who you got it from or how but yesterday you started itching like crazy. When you realised you threw clothes at Ashton and kicked him out of the room not wanting him to get it either. He called the doctor yesterday and asked him to come to your flat this morning so he was just waiting on the other side of the door until the doctor came to treat you. he had been slipping you lots of water and had went to and bought you some fresh warm chicken soup to make sure you feel better. He really didn’t know what to do as it came to medication and stuff which made him feel awful but the doctor was already on his way. You sat on the other side of the door feeling terrible and dying to be with Ashton but you just couldn’t and you refused to open the door until the doctor got there. Whilst you were waiting in boredom your phone randomly began to make noise next to you. You pick it up to see Ashton Skype calling you. You smiled and and answered the call to see Ashton’s goofing smiling face fill up your phone. “There’s that face I’ve been missing,” He said grinning. “There’s my Tarzan you does’t know how to comb his hair,” You giggled at your phone. “Hey don’t mess with the mane,” He attempted to sass which just made you laugh.“Can’t wait to run my fingers through it again,” You say looking longingly at your phone screen. “I know, the phone not enough. The oxygen is getting boring, I need you to take my breathe away,” he saw smiling back at you. “Whatever you cornball, that was so cheesy… and perfect ugh.”  "What I’m just a romantic!“ You started laughing again. "Wow so I’m in love with a jungle haired cheesy drummer boy. This will be the end of em not the chickenpox.”  "More like other way around babe,“ he said winking at you. From then you just spent the rest of the time in pointless conversation on your phone until the doc came to give you a few stuff you help you itching and stuff. Ashton stayed in front the door the entire time never leaving you.

This one is dedicated to vanessnettness who is sick right now. I hope you get better!