seriously how cute were these two

  • What She Says: I'm Fine.
  • What She Means: Barney and Robin were the most awesome god damn couple ever and they should not have broken apart just because of a simple travel issue. I find it hurtful that the writers would literally spend an entire season focused on these two's wedding and then within the first 10 minutes of the episode directly following the ceremony have them break up (while also breaking hearts) just so that they can put Robin with a half-fast reunitement of Robin and Ted despite Ted already being with the most perfect human being ever. So what do they do? They kill her off, just so they can put these two characters who have had no success in romantic relationships with each other. So not only do they destroy one adorable and beloved couple but two. Yes, I am still bitter over this.

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48 and 76 w/ Kookie please, can you make it like the boys were hanging out, when they started to talk about you, Jk's girlfriend, and how pretty, sexy, and hot you were, while Jungkook was silently listening to them when the talk came to a perverted one? Then Jungkook was all pissed, and suddenly burst in anger at his hyungs, scolding them and such and... the rest is up to you. xD sorry about this, and if you cant do it, its totally okay :D Love your works, btw. :)

Talk Shit, Get Hit (Jungkook x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Stop it.” + “Don’t you dare!”

Summary: It’s never been easy dating Jungkook, especially when he’s always away on tour or busy working. Luckily, the other members of BTS support the relationship wholeheartedly. In fact, they like you quite a bit! (A bit too much, if Jungkook’s being honest.)

Word count: 1.2k words

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On your screen, Jungkook’s image was slightly pixelated due to the dim lighting of his hotel room. Luckily, he got his own suite, so the two of you could FaceTime in peace. Still, it wasn’t like you minded the other BTS members.

It was usually really fun to talk to them, but you hadn’t seen Jungkook in weeks because of the tour, and you were seriously missing your boyfriend.

Jungkook ran his hand through his hair–still damp from his shower–and smiled slightly down at his camera. You tried not to swoon at the sight.

“Hey Y/N,” he said, his voice sounding tinny through your earphones.

“Hi Kook,” you smiled back, gazing at your small screen. You shifted on your bed, settling further underneath your thick covers. “How did the concert go?”

“It went well,” Jungkook replied shortly. After a moment of silence, it was clear Jungkook wasn’t planning on elaborating. Looking closer at his image, you could see his jaw was set tightly, and his brows were slightly furrowed.

“Are you okay?” you asked, concern lining your voice. “You seem upset.”

“It’s nothing, Y/N,” Jungkook said sharply, clearly sounding angry. Suddenly, he sighed loudly and rubbed his hand over his face tiredly. “It’s…just don’t worry about it. I’m fine.”

“You can tell me, Kook,” you said softly, frowning at your boyfriend sounding so distraught. “Maybe you’ll feel better if you talk about it.”

“It’s seriously nothing,” Jungkook whined, not sounding as angry as before. His eyes darted to the side, avoiding looking at you and the camera. “I’m kinda embarrassed about it, honestly. I was being stupid.”

“Now I’m curious!” you laughed. “You have to tell me now, Jungkook.”

“Oh, shit. You said my full name,” Jungkook gasped dramatically. “Things are getting intense.”

“Just tell me,” you whined, shaking your phone in frustration. You could hear Jungkook cackling through your earphones.

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Jungkook conceded. “Just…just don’t make fun of me afterwards, okay?”

JUNGKOOK’S POV (One hour earlier)

Like every other night, Jungkook was sprawled across Jin’s bed, his legs hanging off the edge. Taehyung was sitting somewhere above Jungkook, watching a movie on his phone. The other hyungs were there, too, just hanging out before they went to bed.

Everyone was dead tired after their performance earlier that day, but they had a nighttime routine they never dared to break. One time, Jungkook and Taehyung skipped the nightly chill session to binge-watch Haikyuu, and the next morning, Jin lectured them on the importance of family.

So, that was why Jungkook was doing nothing in Namjoon and Jin’s suite when he could have been FaceTiming his girlfriend instead. He sighed petulantly, but none of the hyungs paid him any mind.

“Are we gonna do anything?” Jungkook asked impatiently. “Or are we just going to sit here in silence? Because I’m supposed to FaceTime Y/N tonight, and I would really rather be doing that right now.”

“Oh, you’re talking to Y/N soon?” Hoseok piped up, his head popping into Jungkook’s line of vision as he sat up quickly. “Can I say hi? I haven’t spoken to her in so long!”

“No! This is like, the equivalent of a date, okay?” Jungkook refused. He pulled himself into a sitting position, his tired muscles aching. “Just message her or something, I dunno.”

“How’s she doing, anyway?” Namjoon asked more seriously. “No one giving her any trouble? You two have been pretty good at keeping everything low-key.”

“No, she’s fine,” Jungkook said quickly.

“You know, you’re so lucky Y/N’s such a good girlfriend,” Jimin sighed wistfully from across the room. “If it were another girl, she probably would have told everyone. Like, how do we even know girls like us for us? And not for our money, or something.”

“Yeah, Jungkook’s seriously lucky,” Hoseok agreed. “Plus, Y/N is so cute! Remember when she baked us that cake on our 3rd anniversary since our debut? So adorable!”

“You better not take her for granted, Jungkook. Otherwise, one of us might just steal her from you,” Jin joked.

Jungkook felt his right eye twitch in annoyance, but he knew better than to talk back.

“Yeah, Jin’s right,” Taehyung said, looking up from his phone. He had a glint in his eye, and Jungkook knew he was about to start something. “Y/N’s fucking fit. You know when she visits us in the studio? Sometimes she wears these leggings, and her ass looks so–”

“Stop it! Tae!” Jungkook bellowed, launching himself at Taehyung. The two boys collided and tumbled off the bed, landing on the ground with a loud thunk! Jungkook pinned the other boy beneath him, positively seething in anger.

“Whoa, chill,” Taehyung squeaked. “It was a joke, Kookie!”

“Don’t you dare pull that shit with me, Tae,” Jungkook spat, having his shoulders a rough shake before lifting himself off his friend. “It’s not fucking funny.”

Jungkook made his way to the door, his hyungs staring at him, wide-eyed in shock. Only Yoongi remained passive, regarding Jungkook cooly from where he sat at the desk.

“I’m going to cool down,” Jungkook announced, his voice strained. “Don’t try to follow me.”

“Jungkook, stop being a little shit,” Yoongi said quietly, though he still sounded terrifying. The look in his eyes had Jungkook shaking, but he wasn’t going to admit that. And he wasn’t going to apologize, either.

“Talk shit, get hit!” Jungkook growled, and then promptly spun on his heel and sped out of the suite. He practically ran down the hallway to his room, fearing Yoongi would chase after him and whoop his ass. Luckily, no one followed.

You burst into laughter immediately after Jungkook finished his story. He looked at you, the betrayal written clearly on his face.

“Y/N! You promised you wouldn’t laugh,” Jungkook pouted, his cheeks turning bright pink. “I told you it was embarrassing!”

“N-no, it’s not that,” you gasped out, breathless after laughing so hard. “You’re so cute, Kook. I didn’t know you were the jealous type!”

“It’s because I haven’t seen you in so long,” Jungkook explained bashfully, his blush worsening. “Sometimes it really sucks. I hardly get to spend time with you anymore, and I hate it so fucking much.”

“Hey, Kook. It’s okay,” you smiled, although you understood Jungkook’s frustration. “You’re out there doing amazing things and following your dreams. I don’t mind waiting for you–I’ll always be waiting, so don’t worry about that. Okay?”

“Yeah,” Jungkook replied softly. “Sometimes I just wish things were different, you know?”

“I don’t,” you said firmly. “Seriously, Kook. I know it’s hard, but we’ll make it through together.”

“I love you, Y/N,” Jungkook blurted out suddenly. “I-I just…fuck, this is embarrassing. Like, you’re so good to me and I want to say ‘thank you’ all the time, but that seems so weird. But…thanks. Thanks for being you, and thanks for sticking with me.”

“I love you, too. And thanks for being you,” you giggled, snuggling into your warm bed. “Also, you really need to apologize to everyone. Especially Tae. What were you thinking, Kook?”

“I will,” Jungkook pouted, sighing loudly as he flopped onto his bed dramatically. You laughed at your boyfriend’s childish antics, and the two of you talked until you drifted to sleep–both dreaming of each other.

- Girl in Luv

This one was fun! Thanks for requesting~ I notice a lot of you guys apologize when you send us requests. Why!!! We love you! You guys are the best!!!! Seriously, we appreciate the support so much. You could ask me to write a 100k word novel and I’d probably do it. (Also, have you guys listened to Winner’s new songs? Fool is my jammmmm) 💛

Taehyung Scenario: Jokes Aside

Request: I want to request a TaeTae scenario where you are childhood friends and he has always been a prankster and just really silly and generally how he is, but before the reader leaves for like college or something he confesses to her, but she doesn’t take him seriously at first. Super cute stuff you know. Fluffy Af.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Taehyung had been a close friend and a next door neighbor to you since you two were basically in diapers. Your houses had always been right next to each other, and since your families were so close, the property line between your yard and theirs was really only a formality. And since you and Taehyung were about the same age, it was only natural that the two of you became close.

But now you had both grown up. You had both recently graduated high school– and you were so ready to start this new chapter of your life as you headed off to college. You had chosen a school very far away from home, while Taehyung had opted for a local school. It was the night before your flight, and as you and Tae texted each other like always as you reminisced away as to how long you two had been friends.

Taehyung had always been a fun-loving guy, and while he never took his pranks too far, he never ceased to get creative. One time, on your first day of kindergarten, you were sad to be without your parents for the first time and to cheer you up he thought it’d be a good idea to hide a fake spider in your backpack. While you hadn’t appreciated the scare, it certainly did distract you from missing your parents as you chased him around the playground.

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DC TV Shows Preference – Mistletoe Kisses

Includes characters from: The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow

A/N: all the people that are listed are the only ones I will write for.


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Caitlin was intelligent. She’d fought meta-humans and helped come up with lifechanging technologies but the one simple task of getting you and Cisco underneath a mistletoe seemed to be her biggest challenge yet.

She’d placed mistletoe above every possible doorframe and you just didn’t seem to go anywhere near it and neither did Cisco. Caitlin didn’t actually know for sure if you liked Cisco – she just assumed as much and this was her attempt to try and help you.

“Cisco – Cisco, go!” Caitlin hissed, shoving at his arm when she saw you walking towards one of the many mistletoes she’d placed around the house. Cisco frowned as the eggnog he was holding had sloshed onto his coat and looked at Caitlin with annoyance.

“Use your words.”

“Go quickly to the mistletoe with (Y/N)!”

This caused him to be even more confused, “what? But (Y/N)’s under the mistletoe with the guy she likes?”

Caitlin stopped shaking his shoulder and looked to where you were now standing shyly, not meeting the person’s eye that was standing opposite to you. Barry held a glass tightly in his hand, a light pink colour coming to his cheeks as you’d just pointed out to him that there was a mistletoe above your heads.

“I mean, it’s tradition after all. If we don’t kiss, we’ll probably get some really bad luck.” Barry said coolly, using his free hand to gently cup your chin, “is this okay?”

You nodded quickly, standing on your tippy-toes as you met his lips halfway. The room fell silent as you shared a light kiss, both of you aware of your audience but Barry wanted nothing more than to toss his drink to the side and kiss you deeper.

“Oh! (Y/N) likes Barry, how did I not see that?” Caitlin somewhat shouted, causing you and Barry to pull a part and for you to practically run to the bathroom.


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You and Caitlin chatted quietly off to one side of the West household. It was a small get together to celebrate the year you had (and survived) and you leaned against the door frame, watching as Cisco came to greet the two of you as you waited patiently for dinner.

“Caitlin, (Y/N). Would you like to see a magic trick?” he asked, presenting a deck of cards and both you and Caitlin were already amused.

“Since when did you do magic tricks?” Caitlin asked, crossing her arms and thinking for just a moment she felt a breeze come past her. She glanced to see if the front door was open but it wasn’t – she thought nothing of it.

“I’m full of surprises, Ms Snow. Now pick a card, any card!”

He offered you the cards and you reluctantly took one, both you and Caitlin already knowing the easy trick he was about to do.

“Really? We already know it’s a trick deck.” You said as you looked at your king of hearts card.

“Exactly. But how did the mistletoe get above your heads?”

You looked up and saw that he was right; a mistletoe had somehow appeared above you. You furrowed your eyebrows but Caitlin was already glaring across the room to where Barry and Iris were grinning madly and Cisco was somewhat running to their side, afraid of the reaction Caitlin may have. Everyone – but you – knew about Caitlin’s adoring crush on you and had been trying to convince her to ask you out for months.

“Those idiots,” you laughed, drawing back Caitlin’s attention, “might as well give them a show, don’t you think?”

And usually shy Caitlin Snow suddenly pulled you towards her and kissed you. Maybe it was because she was annoyed or because of the alcohol but she was somewhat thankful for finally have this opportunity to kiss you. You could tell just by the passionate kiss that she’d been wanting to do this for ages; and so had you.


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You carefully settled the ladder underneath the doorframe, mistletoe and tape secured underneath your armpit as you gave your first attempt to climb the ladder on your own. You barely made it onto the first step before you got back down, turning to look helplessly at Caitlin and Cisco who were working on a project together.

“Could one of you hold the ladder for me?” you asked, Caitlin telling you earlier that you shouldn’t put Christmas decorations up high because even you didn’t trust yourself with ladders. And like usual, she was right.

Cisco wordlessly put down the gadget he was holding and swiftly walked to where you were, tightly grabbing the ladder and smiling at you.

“M’lady,” he joked as you hesitantly climbed up, grabbing your mistletoe and taping it around the nail you’d left in from last year’s attempt at hanging mistletoe. Last year’s attempt had resulted in the mistletoe continuously falling off the frame every time Barry sped out of the lab and the only two people who’d been caught underneath it were Joe and Harry and neither of them had been too eager for a kiss.

“Is it right in the middle of the frame? Does it look Barry proof?” you asked after finally deciding that there was no way it could fall this time. Cisco judged for a moment and gave a nod of approval.

“Barry can’t ruin anyone’s chance of getting a kiss this year.”

He helped you get off the last step, you proceeding to move the ladder to the side so both of you could admire your work. Despite the many pieces of tape secured around the top, the mistletoe fit in with the rest of your decorations around the lab. It was truly beginning to feel like Christmas.

“You two realise that you’re technically underneath the mistletoe together,” Caitlin piped up, a smug tone in her voice, “you have to kiss. It’s tradition.”

“What?! We’re just admiring our work!” you squeaked, both yours and Cisco’s cheeks turning a bright pink.

Cisco scratched the back of his neck, “well – I suppose it is tradition.”

You knew this was your own fault and you wondered if you’d subconsciously did this on purpose. You’d had a crush on Cisco for such a long time – you were surprised he hadn’t noticed it yet.

Before you could argue, Cisco had leaned towards you and placed a small, soft kiss on your lips. You froze, feeling him beginning to pull away and no doubt preparing to say a funny and witty line but you weren’t done yet; you’d been wanting this for such a long time. So, you grabbed him by the collar, pulled him towards you again and kissed him just a little harder. His eyes widened, surprised by the almost desperation you possessed but he soon shut his eyes and kissed you back eagerly. Everything was beginning to make sense.

Caitlin felt like she was intruding on the moment by watching but she couldn’t help but grin; it was about time you did this. She considered texting Barry but it was as if on cue, he sped in past the both of you and the force of his speed caused the mistletoe to fly off the doorframe and land on Cisco’s head.

“Whoa, what’s happening here?” Barry smirked, unaware of what he’d just done as you snatched the mistletoe off of Cisco.

“Seriously? Stop ruining the decorations, Allen!”

JAX (Legends of Tomorrow)

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You and Jax were the youngest members of the Legends team and it was only a matter of time before you developed feelings for one another. And there was no doubt that every team member shipped the two of you together and found you adorable, Mick even making a few remarks about how cute the two of you are (but in his own words, of course).

Neither of you admitted it though. You both thought it might end up being awkward or even annoying being under the constant watchful eye of your friends but they weren’t going to let you off easily.

Christmas was coming up soon back in your era and the team seemed to be more festive than usual. Christmas had occurred before on the ship and all had been forgotten about the event but not this year – the ship was currently covered in colourful stockings, tinsel, decorations and mistletoe. Lots and lots of mistletoe. You’d seen Mick and Ray get caught underneath a mistletoe and Mick shoved Ray away so hard he nearly put a hole in the wall.

“Is it just me or is there a lot of mistletoe around here?” Jax asked, frowning at a mistletoe he walked under as he joined you in the cargo hold. You were looking through Sara’s countless weapons, deciding which ones you wanted to learn to train with and you let out a rather unattractive snort.

“It’s not just you. I’m trying to figure out who wants to make out with who – maybe Nate with Amaya?”

Jax shrugged, walking to where you were standing and looking over the weapons as well, “damn, are you gonna train with that?”

Before you could answer, Jax let out a noise that you couldn’t quite describe. You looked to him and he was staring above your heads with his mouth hung open and when you followed his gaze, you saw a mistletoe hanging above you. Your cheeks started to burn and he gave you a weak smile, trying to play it cool.

“I guess we kinda have to?” he said, worried about your reaction and was shocked when you suddenly threw your arms around his neck and kissed him.

Jax stumbled back, securing his arms around your waist and picking you up ever so slightly. He couldn’t believe this was finally happening; he was really kissing you and he had to thank the hundreds of mistletoes around the place.

As you pulled away, both of you grinning like idiots, you heard one slow clap followed by countless others. Jax placed you awkwardly back to your feet and you looked around to see the team all standing at the door and clapping with big smiles on their faces.


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You and Laurel were laughing like maniacs, running around with glasses of wine in your hand as you tried to dodge the countless number of mistletoes placed around the office. You kept thinking you were safe, settling comfortably in a spot but then a co-worker would decide that would be the perfect place to hang a mistletoe.

“They just won’t give up, will they?” Laurel said, watching as your boss tried to set up another couple in the office.

“She thinks she’s cupid. She did warn us that there’d be a lot of mistletoe – I just didn’t think there’d be this much,” you pointed around the office, “I’m just here for the free food and drinks.”

Laurel nudged your side, “plus you like spending time with me, right?”

“I suppose it’s a bonus. I guess.

You both laughed as your boss began to walk over to the two of you, thankfully no mistletoe in her hand but had a plate filled with snacks. You decided to stay in the spot you were in.

“I was waiting for you two to finally get caught underneath one of these!” your boss yelled excitedly, using her free hand to point above your heads. You and Laurel stared at each other with wide eyed expressions, glancing up to the mistletoe above you.

“Oh – come on, we’re just friends,” Laurel tried to reason, attempting to walk out from underneath the mistletoe but your boss stopped her.

“Don’t ruin tradition, Ms Lance! Just give (Y/N) a quick kiss or else you’re fired.”

“That’s not very fair.” You murmured, going to kiss Laurel on the check but being surprised when she put her glass down, cupped your face and kissed you hard on the lips.

Your boss started to cheer in a drunk manner as Laurel’s hard kiss turned soft when she began to feel more comfortable; her hands relaxing around your face as she moved her lips gently against yours. She pulled away agonisingly slow, looking at you in a way she hadn’t before.

“Wow.” Was all Laurel said before stepping back, picking up her glass again and taking a big sip. She was going to need a lot more wine if she was going to get through tonight.

LEONARD SNART (Legends of Tomorrow)

Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

You and Leonards stumbled onto the Waverider, both of you attempting to help the other as you drunkenly walked through the ship. Rip was sitting in the bridge, looking as if he was going to give you a lecture but instead, he just shook his head and said nothing as he walked to his quarters.

“He should do that every day,” Leonard said with a smile, “not speak.”

You grinned, gasping when you saw the box of decorations that had been left on the table in the middle of the room.

“It’s Christmas!” you laughed, pulling the tinsel out of the box and wrapping it around you like a scarf. Leonard rolled his eyes, walking towards the box and peering to see what was inside.

“I hate holidays. Besides, how can anyone tell it’s Christmas?”

You threw a bauble at him and he easily dodged it, “don’t be such a Grinch, Leonard.”

As you shuffled through the items, playing with all the festive items and even convincing Leonard to wear a Santa’s hat, a smug smile came onto his face as he hid something behind his back.

“Shut your eyes, (Y/N).”

You stared at him suspiciously, “nope, I don’t trust you. It’s something gross, isn’t it?”

He walked towards you and you began walking backwards, both of you walking until your back hit the wall. Leonard’s face was close to yours and the smile hadn’t left his lips.

“Close your eyes.”

This time you did. And one moment later, he was kissing you. Leonard was cold and rude but this kiss was warm and gentle, everything that he wasn’t. You could taste the whiskey he’d been drinking and he could taste vodka, the combination weird but causing you to absolutely melt. You nearly whimpered when he pulled away and you saw that he was holding a mistletoe above your heads.

“Maybe I don’t hate Christmas that much after all.”

NATE HEYWOOD (Legends of Tomorrow)

Originally posted by dailydcheroes

You and Nate were in the corner of a Christmas party, scanning the crowds for any sign of Damien Darhk or the speedster. So far, you both thought you’d followed a cold lead and you and Nate were sharing fond Christmas stories from when you were growing up.

“I love Christmas,” he said, leaning against the door frame, “if it were up to me, I’d decorate the ship. Lame, I know, but I feel like it’d cheer everyone up.”

You smiled. His spirit cheered you up more than anything.

“Oh,” Nate suddenly laughed, pointing above you, “mistletoe.”

You both laughed, scanning the crowds once more but your mind didn’t leave the fact that there was a mistletoe above your head and this may be the only chance you get to kiss your crush. So, you leaned towards him, watching as his eyes widened and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

Nate was stumped as you began to pull away from the small kiss, suddenly grabbing your waist and kissing you. You gasped, dropping the glass in your hand which smashed to the ground but none of the crowd noticed as you made out in the corner of the room. You didn’t want to pull away, your hands getting tangled in Nate’s thick hair as he gripped onto your waist tightly.

“I heard a glass smash!” Jax yelled as he ran to you, slowing down as he saw you two kissing. You quickly pulled away and you awkwardly tried to flatten out your dress whilst Nate didn’t even realise how messy his hair looked.

Jax pressed the comm in his ear, shaking his head, “don’t worry, Sara. They were just swapping saliva and (Y/N) dropped her glass.”


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Oliver was stubborn. This wasn’t a secret but it was really beginning to affect the people around him who wanted him to be happy.

Thea and Diggle had made it their mission to get Oliver to admit that he has feelings for you. It was obvious to everyone; even you knew Oliver liked you but you decided to not try and force him to admit to anything. If he wanted to, he would.

Oliver had just finished a mission. He was tired and just wanted to get out of his uniform and then go home and sleep – he was even starting to think he might just go to sleep in the Arrowcave.

“Oliver!” Diggle yelled as he arrived, sprinting towards the doorway and stopping him from walking, “good mission, man. That move with the last guy was just… great.”

Oliver frowned, “thanks. I really just want to get going.”

“I get that but just one quick thing,” Diggle stopped him from getting past, “uh, how are you?”

“John,” he warned lowly, willing to get past him with force when your voice suddenly filled the room.

“Hey Ollie!” you yelled, jogging to join the two men in the doorway, “Thea said you wanted to talk to me?”

Just the sound of your chirpy voice cheered the angry man up but it soon processed in his mind what you’d said.

“What? I don’t need to talk –….”

Diggle suddenly stepped away from the both of you, “oh look, mistletoe.”

Oliver just wanted to go home but he knew he couldn’t unless he admitted he liked you or he kissed you. He decided to go with the latter.

You were looking confused as you looked between the mistletoe, Oliver and Diggle (who was practically running away in fear that Oliver would hurt him) and Oliver shrugged.

“I guess it’s tradition.”

And he kissed you. He considered just kissing you quickly and then falling asleep on the table but as soon as his lips met yours, something inside of him woke him up. You nearly froze in shock but Oliver eased you more into the kiss, gently placing his hands on your cheeks as you hesitantly wrapped your arms around his neck. He felt like he could take on the world but for now, he’d just like to kiss you a little longer whilst Diggle and Thea hid around the corner and watched.

RAY PALMER (Legends of Tomorrow)

Originally posted by arrowcwgifs

The team rarely got drunk together but you were celebrating a victory and it was Christmas. The Waverider had settled in a deserted area of New York during the winter, snow sprinkling the land outside and drinks being passed around inside the ship. You sat on Ray’s shoulders as you put the star on top of the Christmas tree you’d managed to salvage and everyone cheered as you did so. It felt good for all of you to celebrate and Ray helped you back on to your feet, thoughts bubbling in his mind as to whether or not he should tell you he has feelings for you now that he’d had some alcohol. Everyone had been trying to convince him that you liked him too but he just wasn’t confident – not after all the disasters he’d had in the past.

So, Sara took it upon herself to push the genius.

After putting up the star, Ray and you were making sure that there were enough decorations on the tree and Sara danced over to the two of you with a cunning smile on her face.

“Kiss, you little lovebirds!” she sang, dangling mistletoe between the two of you and you rolled your eyes at her. Before you could say anything, Sara looked at you with a very serious expression. “You have to – it’s the law.”

Ray snorted, “it’s not the law, actu –.”

But you cut him off by pressing a firm kiss on his lips, Ray trying to figure out what to do with his hands that were just awkwardly dangling by his side. The team let out a drunken cheer, Mick yelling at Ray about how “that’s not how you kiss a woman!” which caused him to wrap his arms around you and kiss you a little harder. He smiled into the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his neck, mumbling “finally” against his lips.


Originally posted by petermkay

You’ve been awkwardly avoiding this one guy all night and Roy sees him holding a mistletoe over your head so he goes up to you, takes the mistletoe and then kisses you and the guy is pretty shocked

You’d decided to go to a terrible Christmas party on the outskirts of town with your friends, only agreeing because you knew your best friend Roy was going to be there but you had instantly regretted your decision. You hadn’t been able to find Roy yet and a guy you worked with had been following you throughout the event, not picking up your pretty obvious signals that you weren’t interested and being determined to get at least a kiss out of you.

“Look, I’m not interested! Can you even take no for an answer?” you yelled over the music, turning around to the guy who was now holding up a mistletoe between the two of you. Your nose wrinkled at the sight but the people around you just attempted to shout you on, unfortunately only encouraging the man more. You looked around for an escape route, shocked when suddenly the guy was being shoved aside by none other than Roy Harper who was now holding the mistletoe instead.

“Thanks man. I’ll take it from here.” Roy yelled before turning to you, a small smile on his face as he continued to hold the mistletoe with a rather confused look on his face as to what he was meant to do with it. “Sorry I’m late!”

“No problem. Thanks for that!” you took the mistletoe from his hands and tossed it to the floor, pressing your lips against Roy’s rather giddily and you weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or you were just so relieved to see him you got the courage to kiss him. Either way, you were kissing him and you weren’t sure you were going to stop until he pulled away ever so slightly.

“Did you do that because you like me or are you just so relieved that I’m not that guy?”

You shrugged, “a bit of both. Can we continue kissing now?”

SARA LANCE (Legends of Tomorrow)

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Sara planted mistletoes everywhere.

In the library, the bridge, captain’s office, fabrication room, medical bay, cargo hold, engine room and even the brig. She’d placed mistletoe in every possible room and doorframe on the Waverider and still hadn’t managed to be caught underneath one with you.

“Is it just me or is there mistletoe everywhere?” Ray asked as he walked into the fabrication room, looking up at the doorframe where he spotted yet another mistletoe that had been strategically placed. Sara groaned, putting on her 20s-styled coat; at least someone had noticed.

“I put them up,” she admitted, ignoring Ray’s astonished expression, “I’ve been trying to get a reason to kiss (Y/N) and haven’t found any yet. I think she’s oblivious to my feelings for her.”

“Maybe you should just tell her you like –,” Ray stopped speaking abruptly as you walked in beside him, noticing the mistletoe just above your heads.

“Hey, how cute! A mistletoe!” you laughed before standing on your tippy-toes and kissing Ray on the cheek. His cheeks flushed pink and he tried to avoid Sara’s hard glare.

“I’m just gonna go to tell the team we’re nearly ready.”

You and Sara stood awkwardly in a doorframe at a bustling Christmas party. You were in New York, 1922. It was freezing cold, creepy men kept trying to hit on you and you couldn’t find your target. You both attempted to cheer the other up; it was Christmas there after all and it was also Christmas back home.

You swapped Christmas stories and traditions, laughing at the embarrassing things that had happened in the past and a childlike enthusiasm coming over the both of you. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched Sara speak about her family, especially Laurel. For once, when she spoke about Laurel she didn’t speak about her with an angered or sad expression – she spoke about her with fondness and love.

Jax’s voice came over the comms as he told the team about your targets entering. It was now up to you and Sara to carry out the rest of the mission smoothly and just as she went to leave, she noticed you freeze up.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” she asked quickly, looking around for any sign of danger but everyone seemed to not even notice either of you were there.

You blushed, “I just didn’t realise we were under a mistletoe that whole time.”

Sara began to consider whether or not this mission was really worth doing. She knew she was going to get her ass kicked for not following the plan but she couldn’t wait any longer.

“Oh hell,” she said to herself before grabbing your face and kissing you fervently. Your body seemed to freeze up but you went to move forward to kiss her more but as soon as you started kissing, you stopped.

“What are you two doing? He’s getting away!” Professor Stein’s voice yelled into your ear, ruining the moment as you practically jumped a part.

You were blushing but had a small smile on your face and Sara, on the other hand, was grinning like a mad woman and she held her hand out to you.

“Come on, we can finish this later. There’s mistletoe all around the ship anyway.”


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Laurel was determined to cheer Thea up this Christmas holidays and she knew the best way to do that – for the two of you to get together. Thea had loved you for as long as Laurel remembered and with all the chaos going on, she deserved to have a good Christmas. Therefore, when she heard there was going to be a Christmas party she saw that as the perfectly opportunity to get the two of you stuck underneath a mistletoe and be forced to confess your feelings to one another. It seemed like a simple and easy plan but as the night and party progressed, it proved a lot harder than Laurel thought.

You and Thea kept getting caught underneath mistletoes as Laurel planned but what she didn’t plan was that you both kept getting caught with the wrong people. This meant that throughout the night Laurel was pouncing on both of you and forcing you away from the people you were meant to end up kissing and as the night started to draw to an end, she thought that maybe you two just weren’t meant to kiss. However, she was at least providing entertainment for you two.

“Laurel seems to not want me to kiss anyone.” Thea told you when you finally got time alone, “she just appears out of nowhere when I’m about to kiss someone underneath the mistletoe and then pulls me away.”

You raised an eyebrow, “that’s weird, she’s been doing the exact same thing to me all night. Do you know what her problem is?”

“Beats me. You know, we’re underneath a mistletoe now. Think we can beat Laurel to pulling us away?”

You laughed, taking a quick sip of your drink, “challenge accepted, Ms Queen.”

Ever so quickly, the two of you shared a kiss and both smiled when Laurel didn’t appear. Thea had dreamt of this moment for as long as she known you, unaware that you’d been wanting the same thing for such a long time. The kiss you shared was short but amazing, both of you pulling away and looking at one another knowingly but the moment was ruined when you heard Laurel began shouting excitedly.

“Yes! It’s about time you two finally kissed! I’ve been waiting all night for this to happen!”

WALLY WEST (The Flash)

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You get caught underneath the mistletoe with Barry and Wally sprints from the other side of the room so you can’t kiss him

Wally liked you and everyone – but you – knew it. Everyone smiled when he began talking about how brilliant you are, even inviting you around for a Christmas dinner with him, his friends and family. It was turning out to be a good night and Wally had just left to get you a drink when he walked back and saw you and Barry both giggling when you noticed the mistletoe above your heads.

You’d known about Barry and Wally being speedsters and had been involved with many of the Flash’s missions and there was nothing but friendship between you and Barry. You decided you’d just lean up and kiss him on the cheek, nothing too passionate but when you were about to kiss his cheek you heard a thud and Barry was no longer there but Wally was. He’d been pushed back away from you and Wally was in front of you, holding empty glasses as the liquid inside of them had spilled out as he ran across the room and a sheepish smile was on his face.

“I guess my feelings for you are obvious now.” Wally murmured, trying to think of what his next move should be but was shocked when you leaned up and kissed him gently on the lips.

Wally nearly threw the glasses to the floor and kissed you deeper until he became aware of the growing audience. You pulled away, a shy smile on your face as you looked around at the smiling group of people who were watching rather creepily.

“We can finish this later when no one’s watching.” You winked, leaving Wally speechless.

Astro Reaction: to someone commenting that you two would be a cute couple

MJ (Myungjun) :

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The two of you had just finished watching a movie and were in the process of exiting the theatre when someone tapped you on the shoulder, commenting on how cute you two were. You had stared at the person shocked, unaware of how to respond. However Myungjun would be smiling at you not at all affected by the comment but rather your reaction to it. Regaining your composure you would politely reply back ‘Oh, I’m sorry but we are not dating.” You would then bow content with your response and ready to go. However as you were about to leave from your peripheral vision you would see MJ shaking his head, smirking a little before stating, “But we would be very cute if we were, I agree.” 

Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

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You two had gone shopping together to get some supplies for a surprise birthday party for one of them members. You two had taken it very seriously at first but after a while the two of you had begun to play around with all the different decorations and knick-knacks. Both his and your loud laughter had just begun to die down when you were approached, the teenage couple would comment on how cute you two were, making your cheeks hot. Jinwoo would look down at you his heart beating faster upon seeing you cheeks turn a rosy red. He would then politely smile at the couple, pointing at you and simply stating “Thank you,but they’re the cute one here,” making your cheeks turn an even brighter shade.


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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You and Dongmin had been walking and chatting in your favourite park, enjoying each other’s company, when suddenly an old lady in front of you tripped and dropped all her belongings. The both of you had immediately kneeled down to help her pick up the fallen items. That’s when she would comment about how cute you two were. You would just politely smile at her not saying anything but then you suddenly heard Dongmin respond “Thank you, I think so too,” whilst simultaneously sneaking his hand into yours. You would be confused and look over to him only to see him smiling at you widely.


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You were attending a picnic with Moonbin and some friends. The two of you kept making jokes, entertaining not only yourselves but the others around you. Suddenly someone would comment on how you two were perfect for each other and how you two would be such a cute couple. You would immediately blush, stunned and unsure of what to do or say in response. When Moonbin looked at you and saw how surprised you were he would smoothly grab onto your hand holding onto it tightly. He wouldn’t let go of your hand for the rest of the picnic, earning more comments on how cute you two were.


Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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After accidently bumping into someone, you were apologizing to them profusely before Minhyuk interfered, aiding you in sorting out the situation. With his help the problem seemed to be over before you knew it. That’s when a young girl would approach the two of you commenting on how cute of a couple you were helping each other like that. She would then quickly bow before scurying away giggling. Minhyuk would laugh at her comment, turning to you in order to gauge your reaction. When he saw your puzzled face he would laugh a little harder before linking his hand in yours, “We are aren’t we?”



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Sanha and you would have been hanging out in an arcade together, just laughing and having a good time. After hours neither of you had noticed how loud your laughter had become, as the both of you were in your own happy world. That’s when another couple would come up too you two commenting on how cute you two were, leaving both you and him shocked. You would just smile and laugh a little not knowing how to respond and he would do the same, not being bold enough to correct them. However immediately after he would look at you and then look away, smiling. The comment would reply in his mind throughout the day, making him smile whenever you did anything that caught his attention.

Imagine Anthony teasing Chris about you.

You stood at a distance while a reporter from ET interviewed Chris and Anthony; they were the first pair to be interviewed in-between filming. You’d just finish your scene with Sebastian and decided to crash their interview. You could’ve waited for yours, but your interview buddy- Sebastian was still busy going over the scene you’d just filmed with Anthony and Joe; he was going to be a while.

ET reps had actually encouraged the cast to crash each others’ interviews as they wanted to portray the candid relationships and chemistry between cast members; Marvel casts had a lot of that. They particularly wanted you to crash Chris’ interview as all your fans enjoyed seeing the two of you together; as the only married co-stars on set, everyone loved your chemistry.

“Uh uh,” Anthony spotted you walking over and a cheeky grin spread across his face. Chris turned around and smiled when he saw you; you immediately smiled back. “You can just stop the interview right now, no way my boy is going to be able to concentrate with his pretty lady around.”

“Shut up,” Chris chuckled, wrapping an arm around you as you joined his side. “How’d it go?” He asked you and you nodded, smiling. “Nailed it as always?” He smirked, making you laugh. “That’s my girl,” he pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head.

“See what I mean?” Anthony gestured to the two of you; you’d both completely forgotten you were in the presence of others and a camera. “I mean-” he winked at the both of you and you both smiled. “They’re super cute, don’t get me wrong. But we can never get any work done when they’re in the room together, very distracting couple.”

Chris scoffed then chuckled, “that’s rich coming from you, Mackie.”

“Yeah,” you agreed with a giggle, making Anthony roll his eyes. “You’re the one known for dropping the productivity rate by ten percent.” Everyone laughed when you childishly stuck your tongue out at Anthony, who was doing the same back at you.

“Boom, take that to the bank,” Chris egged on, pulling you closer to him.

“See what I have to put up with?” Anthony addressed the reporter, trying not to laugh. “Now that they’re married, they’re constantly backing each other up. You can’t get away with anything anymore, not around them anyway.” You and Chris laughed, nodding when the reporter turned to the both of you for confirmation. “I can’t even play pranks on them anymore, ‘cause one is always giving the other a heads up.”

“Aw,” you pouted mockingly and laughter increased. “Poor Mackie.” He shook his head at you, biting back his smile. “Tell you what, the next time you want to play a prank on Chris- I promise I won’t stand in the way.” Chris scoffed and chuckled simultaneously. “Sorry, baby,” you turned to him and patted his cheek. “But sometimes you gotta take one for the team.”

“Yes!” Anthony fist pumped. “I got a good one on the back burner, Seb and I have been planning it for months now.” Chris shook his head with a soft chuckle whereas you laughed. “I promise it’s nothing that will ruin your husband’s good looks.”

“It better not be,” you warned playfully. “Other than his good looks, what does he have?” You teased him, poking his side. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed when Chris nuzzled his face into your neck, pretending to bite you.

“Oh God,” Anthony groaned, feigning annoyance though he loved seeing how happy his two best friends were together. “Both of you stop, this is a professional interview.” You and Chris both laughed softly, turning back to the reporter who looked perfectly fine with the candidness of your interaction. “You have no idea how much Chris loves Y/N, he has been all smiles and heart eyes since the day she walked into his life. We all thought things would simmer once they got married, but we were so wrong.”

“The two of you are very cute together,” the reporter told you and Chris; you both smiled. “I’m sure the fans will be very happy with this interview. Probably not the ones who want to be with either of you, but- majority of them will be.”

“I’ll tell you what will make the fans happy, me included,” Anthony gestured to himself with his thumbs, his cheeky grin had returned. “The two of them having children.” He said and both you and Chris shook your head at him with wide eyes. The last time he brought up babies, the two of you were placed under baby watch and bombarded with a thousand questions on when it would happen; it was not fun. “I mean how cute would a little Evans/Y/L/N baby be? With Chris’ eyes and Y/N’s cheekbones, that baby will come out with a modeling contract.”

“Seriously, Mackie?” You chuckled. “Did you not learn from the last time?”

“Oops,” he pressed his lips together, not a hint of guilt or regret in his eyes.

“Get out of here,” Chris waved him off, laughing. “Go have babies of your own.”

“In all seriousness,” the reporter saw it as an opportunity to ask the question many have been wanting an answer to for a while now. “Are the two of you planning to have children any time soon?” You and Chris looked at each other, sharing a smile. “You’ve both spoken about how family is important to you, is a child on the way?”

“Oh God, please yes.” Anthony muttered under his breath; you and Chris laughed. “Sorry,” he looked at both of you, acting a lot more innocent than he actually was. “Did I say that out loud? How embarrassing,” he said with a small smirk.

“We’re definitely thinking about kids, yes,” you answered with a nod. “We both agreed we’d wait until our contracts with Marvel are over so we can take some time off and um-” You trailed off, chuckling; there was no way you were going to say what you almost said on live TV. Anthony, of course, had no filter.

“Have at it?” Anthony smirked.

“Oh my God,” you laughed. “Mackie!”

“I’m going to kill you,” Chris laughed, shoving him from the frame.

“That’s Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Y/N Y/L/N,” the reporter addressed the camera, trying not to laugh at the three of you play fighting in the background. “We’ll be back later with Sebastian Stan, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jeremy Renner.”

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Hii, how are you?~ I would like some headcanons about how the MCL and Eldarya boys wake up next to Candy/Gardienne please uwu

Hello sweetheart ^^
I’m fine, and you? :D
I hope you really like these headcanons and have a really nice dayyy!!

Here we gooo!!!



  • It was the first time you two slept together after dating for a long time
  • You fell asleep on his chest last night and his arms were wrapped around you
  • He woke up really early with his cat, white trying to get to his bed
  • So with the hand that wasn’t holding you, he picked white
  • He then looked at you
  • You were sleeping peacefully and looked like a doll
  • Your beauty was something from another world
  • He couldn’t help but smile
  • He couldn’t believe he was laying next to the love of his life
  • And believe me, he loves you more than anyone in the world
  • He kisses your forehead several times thinking about everything you both went through together
  • And he is so happy to have you
  • He wishes that moment never ends
  • He maybe wants to kiss you or bring you closer but he’s afraid of waking you up
  • So he just plays with your hair while admiring you
  • And calling himself the “luckiest man alive” and thinks of how much he wants you both to be together untill the very end


  • Well, I believe this was after your first hot night (i’m sorry)
  • You both fell a sleep in each other’s arms
  • But Castiel woke in the middle of the night for no reason
  • You were really close to him and he can’t help but giggle
  • You look so cute while you are sleeping
  • It made him think of how much he loved you
  • You were a special girl he loved a damn lot
  • And he would do anything with you and for you
  • He wishes he could tell you all the words he has in his head but he just gets too embarassed
  • So he tries to show it through actions and wonders if you know how much he loves you
  • Probably mutters something cheesy
  • Or maybe “I love you”
  • And blushes a lot even though you aren’t even hearing
  • He trusts you a fucking lot and hopes you two can last
  • And when he thinks it
  • To him you’re the best gift the world could give him, and he’s really happy to have you
  • Will kiss your lips while you’re a sleep.


  • You stayed over the night because it was raining and you couldn’t go home
  • You both fell asleep cuddling in the sofa because the lights went off 
  • He wakes up when the electricity comes back
  • The first thing he does is to check up on you
  • You had a blanket aand it was covering your face
  • He slowly takes it from your face so he can see how gorgeous you are
  • You are his dream for sure and he couldn’t wish for more
  • He admires you with a smile in his face while brushing off some hairs from your face
  • His plan was actually to lay you in his bed
  • But you seemed really confortable
  • And he was too confortable with you there
  • Also, he was too busy admiring you
  • Man, let’s be serious he probably thought of some song to write of how much he loves you
  • I mean it’s obvious that he loves you so much
  • And he let’s you know in every way
  • He would never mistreat you
  • He thinks you’re his world
  • He eventually starts cuddling with you again
  • Thanking gods for giving him the woman he’ll spend his whole life for sure


  • It was a really hot summer night and you both fell alsleep on his room by accident
  • Like, Armin was like a star and you were there sleeping like a baby on the last 6 cm of the bed with no problem
  • He woke up at 12PM because he was hungry as hell and it was really hot in the room
  • He then saw what he was doing to you and then pulled you slowly closer to him
  • You were unbothered but “oops?”
  • He always tries to don’t move a lot in bed but he ends up doing it everytime
  • And he’s worried about you, like did he hurt you
  • As the other boys, he would find you the most gorgeous girl in the world
  • You were his princess and he loved you more than he loves himself tbh
  • This man would take like one hour of his day to admire you!
  • But since you were asleep he could take two hehehe…
  • He can’t hold himself back so he hugs you, kisses your cheeks, nose, neck, forehead, lips… EVERYTHING! but really carefully 
  • He thinks you look absolutely stunning any time of the day and any time of the year
  • But when you’re a sleep you have a small smile on your face, especially when he holds you
  • That makes him think if you’re thinking of him or something
  • He then starts to waking you up sweetly so you could make out with him
  • And probably asks you to marry you just for the laughs
  • But on the inside he’s pretty serious 
  • He just loves his princess and can’t hide it right?


  • You and him were sleeping like a spoons (is that what you call it?), you were the little one.
  • First things first, he looooves sleeping with you like that
  • So he’s like the happiest little puppy in the world
  • And you absolutely love it!
  • Just like to Armin, you’re his princess and he loves you so damn much
  • Like he really does
  • But then, when he wakes up you were already awake
  • He loved to wake up next to you because you looked stunning
  • Even though your hair was a mess and you probably did have drool on your chin
  • He kisses you while smiling
  • Happiest man tbh
  • In his mind he’s wondering how many kids should you two have
  • What about 60?
  • Sounds great.
  • But seriously, he couldn’t wish for more than all those cute things you did in the morning together
  • Like tickles, kisses, make out sessions, flirt
  • Idk man, he loves you
  • And he’ll make you the happiest girl on earth 



  • I believe that Ezarel can either have a lightly sleep or be a soundly sleeper, it really depends
  • So this night he was really tired and fell asleep in your arms
  • Which is a bit rare even if you date because he prefers to you to be on his arms
  •  You woke up first
  • Also rare
  • And you were stroking his hair carefully so he wouldn’t wake up
  • After a long while, he does wake up and the first thing he does is looking at you
  • “Good Morning Gorgeous” he says
  • He looks at you like you were his world and gets close to you
  • He really loves you and trusts you
  • Even if he doesn’t say it that often, but he woke up in a really good mood so of course he’ll tell you
  • “Did I ever told you how much I love you?” his voice sounded a bit shy
  • You just kiss his cheek and stay there with him for the whole morning
  • Untill probably someone knocks on your door
  • It’s probably your responsabilities
  • He enjoys every moment he has with you but, waking up next to you it’s just the world’s 8th wonder
  • I mean, this guy is pretty genuine
  • But he’s really shy 
  • So he doesn’t say what he should when he should
  • He just loves you, and wishes to you to never leave his side
  • If you weren’t there one morning, he would be dead
  • Like, he would be really bad moodded for the whole day
  • Because you’re his good mood and happy vitamin


  • Nevra is a sunshine that is freaking out when he woke up next to you
  • Not freaking out like in a bad way 
  • It’s just that you look too cute sleeping on his chest while lightly snoring
  • Tbh, you sounded like a cat and he was dying
  • He also had hearts coming out of his eyes
  • He kissed your lips and admired you for a moment
  • But then you woke up
  • And he was like “shit sorry”
  • You together with Karenn are his protected ones
  • Like you could’ve killed ten random people, but it would never be your fault
  • He protects you from everything, even the dark hehe
  • Because you’re afraid of it hehehe
  • And he finds it adorable
  • He may seem like a playboy but he’s planning your kids names, don’t be tricked
  • But srsly, he doesn’t have emotions nor words to describe how happy he is to wake up next to you…
  • Like he didn’t even smoke but just from looking at you he gets “high”
  • You’re his angel and anyone can NEVER take you away from him
  • He tells you he loves you all the time and from time to time writes you letters with his feelings
  • I mean it doesn’t sound like him but…
  • …  at work he’s always thinking of you so since there isn’t big things to work on, he tries to write them
  • Sometimes they’re really cheesy and a bit embarassing but you love them as much as you love him


  • He gets really shy around you and maybe doesn’t tell you how he feels and how much he wants to love you
  • So when you’re asleep next to him he says everything 
  • Like you’re soundly asleep and he’s confessing his love to you
  • You’re his sweet dream
  • You’re his sugar bun
  • He’s even afraid to hold you because you’re so fragile
  • But he loves you, and loves how funny you are when you wake up
  • He wishes to lay with you forever
  • He wants to love you
  • He has eyes for only you
  • He probably has adoration in his eyes looking at you while you sleep
  • He feels lucky
  • He ends up caressing your cheeks and kiss them
  • But nothing more
  • Then he would either cover you and leave
  • Or sleep again

Hey babies!
I’m really sorry that these things are taking a while to post but I want them to be as good as possible
I think I did better this time…
What do you think?
I’ll try to post more 2 one shots/headcanons idk yet
I hope you enjoy this and my blog
Feel free to request.

Love you all

diana xx


Taiki is a Japanese model and Noah is a Korean model and these two are known to be dating for quite a while. 

now all seriousness aside

i’ve been following these two for quite a while

my japanese is pretty limited scratch that i can barely decipher the characters but my korean is somewhat basic so i have a close idea on what noah’s saying so hey hey hey

i have always had numerous of thoughts whenever i see taiki and noah together: 

“how did they meet” “how did they get together” “why are they so cute wtf” 

i had always have this assumption that maybe they met through friends because taiki had worked with korean models or maybe they met while they were working iDK but one thing for sure

they are hella cute together

i went to backtrack the timeline once again

taiki started posting about noah around september 2015:

[left: taiki | right: noah] and taiki’s caption was “With #koreanidol hahaha #seoul #korea #koreanboy #idol”

noah also started posting about taiki around september 2015

[left: taiki | right: noah] in fact, this post is one of noah’s earlier posts, his caption being: “With my lovely #japanesemodel”




(p/s: anyone wants to talk about how cute they are hit me up)

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Headcanons for sneaking over to cuddle with Jeremy? (Preferably an easily flustered Jeremy?)

im madly in love with this

because cuddling is great 10/10

  • alright so. sometimes u just rly wanna cuddle since cuddling is amazing and cuddling with ur bf??? also amazing 10/10 at least i would assume haha im lonely and pathetic
  • almost always u will send jeremy a ‘hey im coming over’ text with a lil blue heart emoji since thats u guys code that basically means ‘cuddle time, bitch’
  • usually he’ll send u one back 
  • which means ‘k’
  • basically
  • (he’s only stopped u a few times because cuddling??? hell yeah)
  • (at least once u have driven past michael. the two of u made eye contact and he’s like well i see how it is tbh)
  • ok but like. the first time u texted him like ‘i wanna cuddle’ he was basically like ‘right now?’ because it was like
  • midnight
  • ‘yeah do u mind if i come over’
  • u went over there anyway
  • u climbed the tree next to jeremys window and just kinda tapped
  • he freaked out a lil because wtf
  • he let u in tho
  • u two cuddled
  • jeremy was blushin btw because ur head was on his chest and ur arms are wrapped around him and ur just??? rly cute and happy and its just
  • wow
  • ur cute
  • sometimes u plant lil smooches along his jaw and cheek and neck and he just starts??? blushing???
  • i actually had cuddling headcanons for jer on my blog somewhere
  • michael has 100% walked in on the two of u just cuddling and u were probably asleep and jeremy just got
  • rly flustered because michael u didnt- oh wait he did text him
  • michael sees how it is, jeremy
  • in all seriousness y’all are cute and michael’s glad that jeremy and u are happy
  • thats all i have
  • cuddly jeremy who honestly blushes because w o w ur cute
in love with you

quick a/n: I’m still working on requests. I’m sorry. I’m slow af and I’m such shit at posting. This took me forever, so I hope it’s okay. I promise I’ll try to get better at posting. 


Derek turned over and stretched his arms out to your side of the bed, only to find it empty. It was then that he opened his eyes, looking for you, but not seeing you in his room. He checked the time to see that it was still early, so he knew you didn’t leave for work yet.

Sitting up, Derek got out of bed and pulled on a pair of joggers and trudged down the hall, still trying to figure out where you were. He didn’t have a message from you on his phone saying that you ran somewhere, and it was only 9:30. He couldn’t think of anywhere you would be and it was very rare of you to leave without texting him or leaving him a note on your pillow that you had to be somewhere or something.

When he made it to the end of the hallway and into the living room he smiled, seeing you in the kitchen in one of his shirts.

You had woke up before Derek, and you wanted to make breakfast for the two of you before he headed off to the studio and you had to head into work, so you pulled on your panties and grabbed one of Derek’s shirts he had laying around in his room and headed through the living room into the kitchen.

You loved cooking. Well, it wasn’t your favorite thing in the world, but you loved spoiling Derek. He was so good to you. He treated you better than any man ever had before. You loved having Derek be a part of your life. He made you so happy, and in your opinion, he deserved the world, and you tried to give that to him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Derek just watched as you pranced around the kitchen, lightly singing along to the songs that were playing on your phone. You were so adorable. The way you were so full of energy in the mornings, it was one of Derek’s favorite things about you. You made his mornings better. Waking up next to you most mornings was something that put a smile on Derek’s face.

He watched you adoringly. You were so beautiful.

He approached you, the sound of his feet padding across the floor, yet you still jumped when he wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“morning baby” his voice rasped in your ear, giving you chills.

“good morning” you smiled, placing your hands over his on your waist, and turning to kiss him briefly on the lips.

“what are you doing?” he asked, letting you go, but his touch still lingering as his hand slid down your side a bit as he leaned against a spot of the counter.

“I thought I’d make you breakfast” you smiled.

Another thing Derek liked about you. Your smile. The way one side would turn up half a second before the other. And the way your dimples revealed themselves, or how cute and chubby your cheeks got. It was breathtaking.

“you’re too good to me” he teased, watching as you continued to make his breakfast, which was smelling delicious.

You just turned and pursed your lips at Derek’s little comment and rolled your eyes. 

The two of you were playful. You joked around and teased one another, and your sarcastic nature just made it come…well natural. You loved how there was a sense of seriousness to the two of you, but it was mostly fun, because in your opinion, too much seriousness is boring.

You had finished Derek’s breakfast and had it all on the plate nicely and set it down in front of him at the little breakfast bar of an island he had in his kitchen; which was rarely used unless you were there.

“damn baby, all this for me?” he asked, practically drooling over the food.

“of course” you smiled

“you really are way too good to me” he smiled, leaning over a bit to place a short and gentle kiss on your lips.

“you deserve it D.” you smiled, reaching over and dipping your finger in the whipped cream of his waffle and then bringing it to your mouth, licking it off your finger, only to bring it into your mouth, sucking the rest of it off.

your little action turned Derek on a bit. Especially this early in the morning, when he had already woke up semi hard. His eyes raked you up and down, a shade darker as they were filled with lust.

“what?” you let out a short little laugh, unsure why Derek was staring.

“I’m just such a lucky man to have you in my life babe” 


After breakfast, and some steamy sex in the shower, you were getting ready for work and Derek was getting ready to head to the studio.

You found an outfit in the drawer that used to harbor Derek’s socks before you stumbled into his life; but now was filled with different articles of your clothes.

When you were finally ready, you kissed Derek goodbye and headed off to your job, Derek following you on the way out as he headed off to the studio.


Derek was at the studio with Nate, KDL and Sammy and Stassie were there as well. Nate was in the booth, and everyone else was out sitting around, but Derek stayed on his phone, texting you.

Yeah you were at work, but you were a dress designer. Wedding, red carpet, prom, any kind of dress you made it. Derek was so attracted to your work ethic and determination. He admired it actually. He loved when he would come home and see you on the couch at his place, since you had your own key now, and he would love to see you with your pad in your hand and a pencil in between your lips, drawing out your next new design.

Derek was dazed, wrapped up in his own little world. He couldn’t help it. Whenever he wasn’t with you he wanted to be. He didn’t even notice Nate come out of the booth.

Nate laughed when he saw Derek’s phone in front of his face, not even paying attention to what was going on around him.

“what’s up with him?” Nate asked no one in particular.

“take a wild guess” Sammy spoke, letting out a little chuckle like it was obvious.

“really?” Nate asked, sitting down on a couch.

“yeah man…he’s got it bad” Sammy replied, earning him a nudge from Stassie.

“don’t be a dick Sammy…You were the exact same way with me…Plus c’mon…it’s obvious he loves her, give him a break. Your first real love is so important.”

Hearing the word love caught Derek’s attention, his head quickly snapping towards where the conversation was coming from.

“what?” he kinda laughed, because Derek Luh certainly didn’t fall in love…ever. Mostly because Derek doesn’t cuff.

“oh c’mon D, Stass is right, you love her” Nate spoke, a blunt hanging from his mouth.

Derek just shook his head no. He didn’t fall in love. He didn’t get feelings. He didn’t cuff. He didn’t do relationships. That’s never been what he’s been about.

“no?” Nate asked, eyeing Derek.

“are you guys even together?” Sammy asked.

“No” Derek spoke.

Derek gave everyone little details about the two of you. Obviously everyone knew who you were, first meeting everyone at a club Derek invited you too, and then a house party, and now whenever they all hang out or do something you show up with Derek.

And yeah, talking to the guys Derek definitely talked about your sex life, which was pretty wild.

“so you wouldn’t mind if I hit her up then?” Nate asked.

Derek glared at Nate, who had a smirk growing on his face every second Derek didn’t answer.

“is that a yes?” Nate laughed.

“touch her and I’ll fucking kill you.” Derek spoke, causing Nate and Sammy to smile and laugh.

“yeah dude…you definitely got it bad for her” Sammy spoke.

“whatever” Derek spoke, not wanting to deal with this anymore. 

The rest of the time at the studio Derek’s mind was still on you. Did he love you? I mean, he’s never felt how he does about you about anyone else. He’s actually never felt anything close to how he feels for you about anyone else. Derek’s mind was spinning trying to figure everything out.


You were back at Derek’s place before him, so you essentially started working on dinner. He told you way back when you two first started hanging out so much ‘you’re welcome whenever’ and you tried not to just randomly show up at his place. You’d let him text you or call you telling you to come over, but a few months later when he gave you your own key you practically came and went as you pleased.

You and Derek didn’t really ever talk about what you two were exactly. You didn’t see anyone else, and well you and Derek spent a lot of time together so you were 99% sure he wasn’t seeing anyone else.

You two had no label, but you didn’t mind. He was your man and you were his girl. You had the pet names for one another, and you didn’t mind it. You’ve been with him exclusively for about 6 or 7 months now, and you were fine with that. You never talked about how you guys felt, because well…in your opinion you felt that your guys’ actions spoke louder than words anyway.

When Derek got home you of course greeted him.

“hi babe” you smiled, walking up to him and throwing your arms around him, like usual, and standing on your tip toes to give him a brief little peck, but to your surprise your lips met his cheek instead of his plump lips you’ve gotten so used to feeling against your own.

Shrugging it off though, you let your arms fall from him. You’ve always been good at reading people, and it also didn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that something was off with Derek.

First he turns his head to avoid your kiss, and he wouldn’t even look at you, or talk to you. His response to you was literally a little grumble and him walking away.

“was everything okay at the studio?” you quiz from the kitchen where you were finishing up dinner, having a clear view of Derek sitting on the couch in the living room 

“yeah” he spoke shortly.

you had no idea what was wrong with Derek, but you knew something was up. Sure he’s had bad days at the studio and came home and had a bad attitude and he had been pissed, but he never acted like this, he was more quiet then.

“okay…well dinner’s almost done if you wanna go wash up or anything” you spoke, trying not to let Derek’s attitude bother you, but you had to admit his coldness towards you was starting to bother you a bit.

Of course Derek didn’t say anything, just got up off the couch and headed towards the bathroom. You didn’t even notice him stop halfway down the hallway to glare at you from a distance, a million thoughts running through his head.


Dinner was quiet and awkward. You had eventually given up even trying to talk to Derek. He was either short or just didn’t even reply. And you tried not to let it bother you, you really did, but after nearly and hour and a half of nothing from him but coldness it had started to bother you.

Derek was back on the couch while you were in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner and putting left overs in containers to put in the fridge, doing the dishes, everything really. You kept looking over at the back of Derek’s head, which now had the gold studio wireless beats you had bought him for his birthday.

You sighed as you continued cleaning the dishes. Your heart ached. You were so into Derek, and of course you heard the stories, knew his reputation, and of course had thousands of girls tweet you hate saying how you weren’t good enough for Derek, or how you were ugly and he could do much better. But he always told you to ignore it. Sure no one knew how close you two really were, but pics of the two of you together were always all over snapchat and twitter and ig, just hanging out. But you know how fangirls get.

You started thinking maybe he’s started to listen to his fans. All you knew was that you couldn’t stay here. You rather be at home cuddling up on the couch and watching tv than to be here and be ignored.

Once you were finished with the kitchen you headed down to Derek’s room, where the two of you have shared numerous long nights, and you started to gather some of your things that you would need at home, like your charger, straightener, makeup, things like that.

Once you were finished getting your things together, you headed down the hall and towards the door, not uttering a single word to Derek.


Derek couldn’t get out of his own head. All night he was stuck with all these thoughts jumbling his head. He barely said a word all night. He just couldn’t get out of his own head. 

He didn’t even realize the body language or signs he was giving off to you all night.

So when you walked through the living room with a bag on your back he sat up a bit more, confused as to what you were doing. It was usual for you to stay over on Wednesday nights, along with Fridays and Saturdays.

“what are you doing?” He asked, sliding his headphones off his head, looking at you oddly.

You stopped at the door and looked at him with an expression he wasn’t used to seeing.

“going home” you stated, hand on the doorknob.


you didn’t say anything, just avoided his eyes and shrugged your shoulders.

“stay. please” Derek spoke. 

Truth is Derek needed you here. He needed to be around you to figure things out.

“why?” you scoffed, surprising Derek with your sudden attitude.

“I need you here” he spoke simply.

“you have a really funny way of showing it” you snap back, no longer standing at the door but more so behind the couch.

“what do you mean? what’s wrong?” Derek spoke, grabbing your arm and pulling you around the back of the couch to sit by him, not that you put up much of a fight.

“Derek, you’ve been cold all night. You’ve barely said 5 words to me, you won’t kiss me, you’ve hardly even looked at me.” you admitted shyly.

Derek didn’t say anything, zoning out again. He had no idea he was acting like that.

“I…I thought you didn’t want me around anymore.” you continued.

Derek still didn’t say a word, he instead put his head in his hands, groaning and running his hands through his hair, pulling at the ends.

He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to say ‘i love you’ because he wasn’t entirely sure what ‘love’ felt like. He didn’t know what it was like to be in love. All he knew was that he wanted you and no one else.

Noticing how upset Derek was about something you reached and placed your hand on his thigh, rubbing it soothingly while asking “D…what’s been up with you today? you were fine this morning…did something happen at the studio or what?” 

Derek couldn’t fight the small smile pulling at his lips when he looked at you. You were  so beautiful and so sweet and you were so caring. You made Derek feel like he was loved for more than his follower count and success. You made Derek feel loved for who he really was, not that his fans love for him didn’t make him feel good. 

“c’mon Derek. Talk to me. Please.” 

Derek couldn’t help it. All his thoughts seemed to become a bit more clear.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled. playing with your hand in his, not being able to look at your eyes.

“why? What’s the matter?” you asked, squeezing his hand reassuringly in your small one.

“I’m sorry I’ve been acting weird tonight (y/n). I’ve just…the guys were saying some shit at the studio and I just haven’t been able to shake it.” he admitted.

“it’s okay Derek…I just…I care about you so much Derek. Know I’m always here for you and you know you can talk to me about anything instead of ignoring me or giving me the cold shoulder.”

“I know…it’s just…” he starts and then stops.

“just what?” you ask, concerned. You’ve never seen him like this…vulnerable. 

“I think I’m in love with you (y/n)…and it honestly terrifies me.” he breathes out, eyes locked on the floor.

You didn’t know what to say. You were shocked. You’ve never had someone say that to you. Ever.

After a minute of silence Derek slowly turns to look at you, a sad look in his eye.

“are you gonna say anything?” he asks.

You just look in his eyes speechless. still. you couldn’t form words even if you wanted too. Your instincts kicked in though when you just smiled and grabbed the collar of his sweatshirt he had on and pulled him towards you, locking your lips with his.

His hands went to your hips as yours went to his cheeks.

Pulling apart you couldn’t fight the smile on your face.

“I think I’m in love with you too” you whispered out, Derek’s lips twitching up into a smile as he leaned in again and placed his lips back onto yours.

Onsenmatsu-san Stamp Rally - The Turtty Uproar: Brothers 4, 5, and 6 Course Translation

Brothers 4, 5, and 6 Course

Totty has lost his precious thingy and turned into Turtty…! Even though he is still a VG…! Todomatsu has forced Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu to join him in his search for his thingy, even though they aren’t of any use. But this was only the prologue to a huge incident.

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Note: I really had to think a lot on this one haha. I hope you like it :)

Rap Monster

He`d probably sit you down and have a long talk about how much he loves you and that the time he has spent with you has been the best of his life and that he`d like to take the next step.

“So y/n, I`d love to have a baby with you. That is if you want to as well.”


Momma Jin would be a lot like Namjoon. Probably trying to pribe you With Your favorite food before asking. Like Namjoon he`d tell you how serious he was about it and that he`d love to start a family with you.

“I`d finally get to be a dad and you the amazing mom I know you`d be.”


I think he`d be very casual about it, just based on the fact that he doesn`t ask or does things just because he wants to but because he always has some kind of reason about it. If you were sceptical about it he`d reassure you that he`s serious about it and will do anything to care for you and the baby.

“You won`t have to worry about a thing y/n.”


Most likely the type to ask you while you two were walking by a Kindergarten and he`d find them adorable. Even though he`d ask very casual and suddenly he wouldn`t be any less serious than the other members. He too would try to calm you down and reassure you that he`s doing it because he really wants to.

“Look how cute they are y/n. How about we make a mini Hoseok?!”


Would be really nervous to ask you about a baby. You`d notice how nervous he was and it would ultimately be you who initiated any actual talk. He`d then muster up the courage to ask you, emphisizing that he`ll make sure you two would have anything you need and more.

“I`m serious y/n, I will be there for you two and take really good care of you, I swear.”


Another one who`d be casual and playful about it like J-Hope. Would suddenly appear behind you while you were shopping with baby clothes in his hand. You`d laugh and remind him that you two don`t have a baby and that`s where he`d blurt it out. If you ended up brushing it off as a joke he`d seriously talk to you about it.

“No no, I`m serious about this. Let`s have a baby y/n.”


Probably a mix of Jimins nervousness and Jins serious, yet cute way of asking. He`d wait untill you two were about to fall asleep when he asked you. He`d end up using another hour to make sure you get how serious he is and that he means to take care of you and the baby.

“I know it`s a big step but I`m sure we`re ready, well I am.. are you?”

Jake Guentzel #1 - Baby’s Day Out

Anon asked: Hey!!! Can you do a Jake Guentzel one based on the picture that Bonino posted on Twitter with him and Mazie?

Anon I am going to assume you mean these photos. 

So this is what I based the imagine off of. There is a slight change in the context of the photos but it is explained in the story. I hope you enjoy this!

You and your boyfriend Jake had been together for quite some time now and as one of the resident couples without children, you often found yourself on babysitting duty. You couldn’t really find it in yourself to complain, you loved kids and so did Jake so it was mostly fun. This particular time you were watching Maisie, the daughter of Jake’s teammate Nick Bonino. She was an adorable girl who was full of energy and kept you on your toes. She and Jake were currently sorting through her toy box, looking for things to do. You could tell by the faces she was making that she was growing restless and that it might be a good idea for a change of scenery.

“Hey Jake?” you called from your spot on the couch.

“What’s up?”

“Why don’t we take Maze out to do something? Maybe go into the city?”

The little girl looked up at her name and pushed herself into a standing position. She took the few steps to get to you and nearly hurled herself into your legs. You picked her up and bounced her lightly on your lap.

“Can you call Nick please and make sure it’ll be okay?”

Jake nodded and went to retrieve his phone. A few minutes later he returned and gave you a thumbs up.

“Alright girlie, let’s get your shoes on.”

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JB Imagine - College AU (Part 3)

A/N - Here’s part 3! How is everyone enjoying the Jaebum college AU series? I think it’s going pretty well and I’m enjoying writing it but I’d love to know what you all think so feel free to message/inbox me to let me know if you’re enjoying it or not~

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Another day, another set of lectures. Thankfully today you only had two with one seminar in between. Unfortunately though, two out of the three featured a certain someone who had been avoiding you. JB hadn’t spoken to you at all and had barely acknowledged your existence. The only time he had shown any sign that he knew you was when he’d go to talk to Jackson or Jinyoung while you just so happened to be sat with them. He would always eye you suspiciously whenever you were with Jinyoung in particular. It was rather territorial in a way and very unnerving. Not wanting to dwell on it too much, you headed out of your apartment with one of your flatmates who also had a morning lecture. She was a computing student who specialised in games programming. Super smart but also super fun. The two of you walked to your favourite little cafe to grab some morning drinks before the day properly started. You both ordered your usuals and sat down at the same table you always did while you waited for the drinks to be prepared. As the two of you got talking, you saw JB with in with Jinyoung behind him. Immediately, you caught eyes with your flatmate, who had heard all about your issues with JB. 
“Has he noticed you yet?”
“Don’t think so. Jinyoung might see us soon though.”
“Ugh, he’s so cute.”
“Who, Jinyoung?”
“Yes! Actually, I shouldn’t be saying that in front of you though, should I?”
“Why not? It’s not like we’re dating or anything.”
“Aren’t you? I thought you were. At least that’s what I overheard JB complaining about to one of my study partners.”
“He complained about us?”
“Yeah, about the night you all went out. He was saying something about how there was loads of chemistry between you two and that you were practically having sex with each other with just your eyes.”
“Seriously? We’re just friends, I swear. I’ve never even thought anything more than that of Jinyoung.”
“Oh okay, guess he got the wrong idea then. Does that mean I’m cool to flirt with Jinyoung?”
“Go for it, girl. Get your man.”
“Gladly,” she replied, winking flirtily at you, sending the two of you into fits of giggles.

The barista called both of your names, snapping the two of you out of your little bubble of gossip. As the two of you walked up to the counter to get your drinks, Jinyoung and JB smiled at you. Well, Jinyoung did while JB nodded politely. 
“Morning lectures for you two?” Jinyoung asked. 
“Yep, exactly what I wanted on this cold morning. But hey, that’s what we’re paying for, right?” You joked, taking a sip of your drink. 
“Have fun, you two. We’ll see you later,” he said before letting you both leave. 
“We will. Not,” your friend said laughing as you left the cafe together. The beginning of the day went smoothly and the first lecture was somewhat enjoyable considering it was for two hours. Although you had lost your train of thought a few times when your mind drifted to what your flatmate had told you in the cafe. JB had thought you and Jinyoung were interested in each other and possibly dating. Was that why he resent you so much? He was just really protective over his friend? So many questions had been running through your head but you couldn’t ask him or even Jinyoung about it because you didn’t want either of them to know you had been talking about them, even if it wasn’t in a bad way.

Later on, in your final school session of the day, you had a lecture. Even though JB was in this once, the chances of you having to talk to him were slim. Most lectures just featured people making last minute notes or reading a few pages beforehand, not really talking to anyone. As you sat down and got your notebooks and pens out, you could hear someone sitting down near you. Looking up, you met eyes with JB who you smiled politely at. This time, he smiled back and seemed to be a bit friendlier towards you. Did he overhear that you weren’t interested in Jinyoung? Or had he spoken to your flatmate maybe? Who knew. At least now he wouldn’t give you death glares, hopefully. The time passed by relatively quickly, the professor keeping everything interesting and worth listening to. Often professors would go off topic, leaving everyone mildly annoyed that their time was being wasted as they went on about something completely irrelevant to the lecture. Luckily for you though, this one was much more to the point and told you only the important stuff.

After everyone was packing their things away and leaving the lecture hall, JB came up to you. 
“You know, I never actually introduced myself to you. I’m Jaebum,” he said, smiling at you. 
“I thought people just called you JB.”
“Those people aren’t cute girls like you.” His comment made you blush, but also confused. How did he go from practically ignoring you to flirting all of a sudden? JB was also questioning himself. How could he just say something like that to her? It wasn’t normal for him to flirt so openly with girls.
“Well, I must be rather privileged then. But hi, Jaebum,” you replied, smirking at him. Wait, were you flirting back with him? You had flirted with guys before but it hadn’t been as natural and playful as this. 
“I suppose so. I did want to apologise if I seemed a little, off recently.”
“It’s okay. As long as we can be friends now though, right?”
“Yeah, I’d like that. Do you have anymore lectures to go to?”
“Nope, I’m all done for the day, thank god.”
“Any chance you’d like to grab some coffee with me then?”
“Sure, a great start to our friendship,” you giggled, putting on your jacket as you followed him out of the lecture hall. Part of you couldn’t quite believe you had so quickly agreed to hanging out with him, especially since he’d been avoiding you so much. But it’d be fun to spend some time with him and get to know him a little better. Something in you was hoping there’d be a little more flirting going on but you tried to ignore that side, not wanting to address it just yet.

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I ask how the boys would be asking their female s/o for a child? Like, they don't have any yet. Maybe they need some "convincing"?

I wasn’t sure what type of ‘convincing’ you meant…I read that there are some people who are like ‘I don’t want kids but I really want to come in you without a condom or pulling out’…this type of logic is weird to me. So I went with convincing as in ‘I doubt my abilities as a parent’. Hope that was okay. Also, I’m afraid imma have to divide this into two parts. Sorry ( ≧Д≦)

A Child To Call Mine-Part 1


You two would have been lying in bed when you noticed Noctis sighing deeply and tossing and turning constantly every few minutes, despite how tired he looked when he first came home. He’d almost gone thirty six hours without sleep as he’d spent the past day and a half working some problems with some rebels against the new king at the Citadel, and his exhausted ocean blue eyes looked as exhausted as he must have felt. You swore the bags under his eyes had bags. 

After an hour of being jerked out of almost being lulled to sleep with a loud sigh or the bed bouncing, you get fed up and ask Noctis what the hell was going on. 

Naturally, he told you. “They want me to produce an heir,” 

Oh. Oh. It wasn’t the first time the counsel had tried to hassle you two into procreating for the sake of a nation, but Noctis always told them that you weren’t ready for a child yet and they would just have to wait. But seeing his worry lines and hearing his deep and drastic sighs, that was clearly no longer the case as he starts rattling off different reasons why the counsel wants their King to produce the next ruler, most of the reasons being about the positive message it would send to others knowing that the future of the kingdom is officially secure. 

Not that you heard any of that, though. You were too busy being filled with dread. 

Your child wasn’t just going to be any child. They would be the future ruler of a nation and would have to spend night and day training to become the best monarch possible to lead the people to glory as their father would. Not to mention that they would be the target of every assassin, every person who wanted the Caelum line to die once and for all. Noctis could easily protect himself from assassins, but how could your baby be able to protect itself from dangers? What…

What kind of a parent could you be if you couldn’t protect your own child? 

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Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba

Imagine being in a secret relationship with Barba

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” you sighed heavily burying your head into the pillow.

You had only got home about an hour ago after a really long day you had dinner but as soon as your head hit the pillow your phone began to ring. You groaned into your mattress as you rolled over to your nightstand.

Grabbing your phone you answered, “Y/L/N?”

Rolling back over to Barba who was also lying on the bed. He was on his side leaning his head up with his elbow. As you gave vague answers into your phone he began playing with your hair. You kept on looking up at him pulling faces before you had to hang up. You turned to look at him and sighed.

“You got to go?” he asked though he already knew the answer.

“Unfortunately.” you answered getting out of bed and taking your pyjama shirt off for something more appropriate.

“My poor little detective. Is their anything I can do?” he teased.

“You can come with me?” you replied raising your eyebrow as you pulled your pants off.

“Ahh I would but one of the many benefits of being a lawyer. We don’t get involved until much later. Hopefully not until morning.” he said lying down on his back and nestling into the pillows.

You picked up the pillow from the chair and threw at his face. The impact jerked him upwards.

“Hey. No need to play dirty. We can do that later after I get long night sleep.” he teased once again.

“Stop gloating, I’m going to get you out of this bed before dawn if its the last thing I do.” you mock threatened pulling out a jacket.

“I dunno Y/N. Everything you do usually make me want to get into bed not out.” he winked moving along the bed so he was now at the foot closer to you. Lying provocatively.

“Wanna bet?” you said walking back towards the bed and getting up in his face.

“Depends, what do I win?” he said lifting his up so it was closer.

Their was a long pause complete with smirk filled stare-down.

“I have to go.” you chuckled

You kissed him briefly on the lips before beginning to walk out.

“I love you.” I called as you walked out the bedroom door.

“Love you too.” he called back as you walked across your apartment and out the front door.

You and Barba had been working together for three years and dating for two and half. No one you worked with knew you were together in fear that either one of you might loose your jobs. You had met when you joined SVU. You had met Liv at an interrogation seminar that you were leading. You were an interrogation specialist and had made detective quickly when you joined the NYPD. Olivia had called you for a specialist interrogation with a serial for was holding a girl whose time was running out.

You met the rest of the squad before you went in. When you got a location not to mention a confession in record time. You left the interrogation room. The squad had run off leaving a lone man standing at the window watching.

“Impressive.” he greeted as you stepped out the doorway.

“Thanks. Wasn’t too tough guys like these all you’ve got to do is play to their ego and bring up their mommy issues.” you replied.

“Still, I didn’t expect him to break so soon.” he commented.

“Like I said you play to whatever the deep routed issue is and they usually break.” you smiled at him.

“And how did you know what that was?” he questioned.

“You can tell usually by looking at them.” you answered.

“That’s hardly plausible.” he scoffed.

“What? You don’t think it’s possible?” you shot back.

“No, I don’t.” he replied, “It’s more plausible that you read his file before going in.”

“Plausible, but incorrect.” You fired back, “ All I did was look at him. If you don’t believe me. I can do you.”

“Excuse me?” he said shocked as if he had misheard you.

“I’ll evaluate you.” you repeated.

You looked him up and down for a few seconds.

“Is this…” he began.

“Spanish American. Early to mid thirties.” you interrupted, “Unmarried most like single probably due to the heavy workload as …I would guess as an attorney. I’d say raised by a single mother. So you probably have some sort of Daddy issues due to his absence.”

“And who are you exactly…” he began to ask annoyed only to be interrupted by Olivia.

“We found the girl. Alive thankfully. EMTs says she’ll pull through.” Olivia informed.

“That’s great.” you beamed.

Seeing the awkwardness between you two she introduced you both.

“Oh Detective Y/N Y/L/N meet our ADA Rafael Barba.” Olivia introduced.

“Counsellor.”you greeted stretching out your hand.

“Detective.” he returned shaking your hand.

After that case and after finding out you were up for transfer she offered you a position on the squad. You work together for six months before you started dating. You’d talk at work and exchange pleasantries but not much else. You can’t really pinpoint a date but something just happened between you two. You’d started making jokes at each others expense and started to have a healthy bickering with each other. You got to know each other a little better. You got really close when a case came up where the complaint witness was deaf girl and you were the only one who knew sign language.

You translated as he interviewed her and prepped her for trail. You spent days with him working will all the witness most of whom who were deaf themselves. You testified for her as a translator. The trail was long and lengthy. You spent an extended period together. Late nights and high running emotions lead to deep personal conversations. He talked about his Dad and how he always felt slightly abandoned, his childhood and working his way up. You talked about how you grew up in an upper class family. Talked about how after your older brother and father died in car crash with fleeing drug runners your mother became a drug lord herself. Leaving you to practically raise yourself and your younger brother. And how you got him and yourself out of her criminal activities.

It was after the trail when he asked you out on a date. He asked you to meet him in the empty courtroom. He was leaning against his desk. You’d expected him to be happy especially because you had won. You asked him what was wrong and after some probing he admitted that he was feeling about down because you two were going to see each other as much. Then as a fix to his problem you suggested that you could ask you out which was followed by him you actually asking you out.

Your first date went great and so did all the others that followed. You really liked Barba. He wasn’t like anyone else you had dated before. He was snappy and sarcastic just like you. He could handle all your insults and fire them right back. He thought it was cute that your were a bit childish but appreciated your seriousness when it was needed. He knew you never got to be a kid when you were an actual kid.You liked how sassy he was and you loved all of his awful teasing. You admired how good he was at his job and how hard he worked and vice versa. You were a good fit.

He told you he loved you about two months into it after you failed to make his favourite dinner. He came home to his apartment almost burnt down and you swinging a kitchen towel in an attempt to get rid of the smoke. You apologised incessantly as soon as you saw him but all he did was kiss and tell you how lucky was to have you. And then as he wiped the stray flour off your face he told you he loved you. You said it back obviously. You moved in with each other after eight months together.

And it all went on from their and no one you worked with suspected a thing. Which was surprising because you worked with a bunch of talented detectives. You maintained your sarcastic bickering banter at work so not to arouse suspicion from your co-workers. It was funny though. You and Rafael constantly joked that all they needed to do was look at the pictures on his desk and they would see a picture of you two together that you took on a date. He kept it tucked right under his computer monitor he said it was so he could see you whenever things got tough but you thought it was because no one would notice unless they were looking but you didn’t mind either way.

You two had a great relationship but you did fight. Mostly about not seeing each other enough much like the situation tonight and sometime disagreements from work spilled over at home despite your attempt at a no shop talk rule. Your most infamous fight was last year when you came back from a forty-eight hour shift and you had asked him to send a cheque for younger brother who was studying at Stanford for his rent. He had forgotten and your emotions were running high due to extremely bad day at work.

You started screaming at him and he started screaming back thinking you were simply over-reacting. You told him he was absolutely useless and that he was always too focused on himself to do anything for anyone else. He argued back that he had been working just like you and it was a mistake as he just forgotten. Then you screamed you couldn’t take it anymore and told him it was over before you left, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t go back home that night either. You stayed at a hotel that night and you turned off your phone not wanting to talk to him. You kept it off until work. you felt bad for the way you treated him realising you were taking your frustration with the case out on him.

You walked into the squad-room slightly dishevelled due to your lack of stuff. You walked in to see Rafael pacing the squad-room. He caught sight of you and immediately the look of worry and concern dropped and was replaced with relief. You knew that you had scared him. At that second he couldn’t do anything as everyone was around but later on that day you went to his office after he had whispered for you to do so in passing. When you got their he hugged you tightly and showered you in kisses before berating you for worrying him so much.

“Sorry, to drag you out of bed.” Sonny said meeting you at the entrance of the crime scene.

“Don’t worry about it. I was barely in it.” you commented raising the crime scene tape and stepping in it.

“That’s why I go to bed as soon as I get home. You can eat at your desk but you can’t sleep at it.” he pointed out.

“I’ll keep that in mind. So what have we got here.” you asked.

He rattled off the details. Female, early thirties, lives alone was found earlier that night when the neighbours dog started barking at the door, ME says she’s probably been dead a few days and that their were clear signs of sexual assault. You moved away from the primary crime scene and went into the woman bedroom. Something definitely off.

“Carisi!” You called from inside the bedroom.

“You find something?” he asked stepping into the room.

“Something look off to you?” you asked motioning to the room.

“No.” he answered stepping besides you.

You walked crossed the room and with your pen you picked up watch from the side table.

“A watch?” he asked confused.

“A mens watch.” you corrected.

“How do you know that?” he questioned.

“I bought a similar one for my boyfriend on our anniversary.” you answered examining the watch.

“Am I ever going to meet this boyfriend of yours?” he asked taking note of the watch.

“Their’s also mens clothing in the closet. Kind of suspicious especially because you said she lived alone.” you informed ignoring his question.

He peered into the closet and you two started bouncing ideas off each other when a some guy started screaming outside the apartment. Claiming he was the boyfriend of the victim you took him downtown. He was career drug dealer but he had an alibi and demanded a deal of immunity before he revealed what he knew to either of you.

“I think we should call Barba in before we offer anything.” Sonny said exiting the interrogation room.

“Should I call him?” you offered barely able to contain your excitement over winning this bet.

“I can do it.” he said beginning to walk out.

“No.” you began stopping with your hand, “Let me. Their is nothing that will bring me more joy than getting that asshole out of bed at 3.00 am.”

“Alright,” he chuckled, “I swear, Y/N. If you weren’t in a relationship he’d ask you out in an instant.”

“You think so.” you probed.

“Oh definitely. You should see the way he looks at you when you talk. Also you guys are great together. Work-wise, obviously .” he commented.

“Hmm. Too bad I’m in relationship.” you sighed snapping your fingers before walking out and picking up your phone.

You went into the locker-room knowing no one would hear you in their. You called Rafael and it took three rings before he picked up.

“Hello.” he answered groggily into the phone.

“Hey counsellor. This is your official wake up call and announcement of your defeat.”you teased.

“Ahh, what crazy reason have you made up so you can drag me down there?” he asked.

“One of suspects isn’t going to talk without a certain sexy smouldering ADA offering him a deal.” you informed flirtatiously .

“Tempting, but I’m sure this could have waited until morning detective.” he replied.

“On the contrary Counsellor. Justice for a murdered young woman shouldn’t wait until morning.” You argued.

“Alright. I’m on my way. You win.” he sighed giving in and clearly getting up.

“Ooo, what do I win?” you asked suggestively.

“The presence of my fine ass.” he answered before hanging up the phone.


I would like to know why the 6ft tall manly, genius rapper Kim Namjoon was made with two of the most angelic dimples on the planet. You know how they say dimples are where you were touched by an angel? The angel must have fucking stabbed boy joon with how deep them dimps are.

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that cute little thing he does where he talks seriously and then breaks out into a smile??? the purest thing on earth

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he aint even smiling and he tryna drown me in that dimple boy tf

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my handsome joonie !!!!!! so !!! handsome !!! models are shook!!!

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this is the most beautiful thing on earth his gorgeous thick lips and eyes and everything about him stops my heart with love

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the softest boy

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this concludes day 2 appreciation. i wanted to do something soft and happy today because namjoon is a soft happy boy. 

day 1 

Study Date (Tim Drake x Reader)

Requested: Yes
Request: Tim and reader have been friends forever and they flirt all the time but don’t realize it until Dick and Jason point it out.
Summary: A coffee house study date turns into more.
Word Count: 566

A/N: I feel like this is really bad… I’m not good at writing for Tim. I’m so sorry….

You waited patiently by the counter as Tim, Dick and Jason went to find seats. You looked over your shoulder to see them setting up their laptops at a table in the corner, by the window. You caught Tim’s eye and he gave you a smile that gave the butterflies in your stomach something to flip about. You turned back to the barista to hide the pink blush that was growing across your cheeks.

“Two large black coffees, a mocha frappe with extra whip, and a green tea with honey?” the tall red haired woman called out as she set the tray of drinks on the counter.

“That’s me,” you answered and took the tray of drinks to the table.

“(Y/n), you really are the best,” Tim smiled as you presented him with his cup. You passed around the drinks and took a seat beside him. You nudge his shoulder with yours.

“You’re only saying that because I brought the coffee,” you chuckled.

“No, no, I mean it, I couldn’t ask for a better friend” he set his cup down and began typing in his login and passwords. You looked up to see Dick and Jason exchange a knowing glance before turning back to their laptops nonchalantly. You shrugged it off and opened up your own computer to begin the English assignment you had been putting off for over a week now.

So, when did you two start dating?” Jason blurted out after a few moments of silence. Your face turned bright pink as you narrowed your eyes at him.

“We’re not dating,” you and Tim both answered at the same time, causing your cheeks to burn red.

“Really?” Dick asked. “Because I was just thinking how cute you two are together,” he shrugged. “I mean, with all the flirting, the spark is just there,” he added. You turned your eyes to him. What was going on?

“Seriously, guys,” Tim crossed his arms. His cheeks were also bright red and you couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at the thought that maybe he had been crushing on you too.

“Fine, fine,” Jason raised his hands in defeat. “We’ll just get out your hair, lovebirds,” he winked as he closed his laptop and stood with his drink. Dick followed suit and they trotted proudly out of the cafe without a glance back at the two teenagers glaring at them.

“I’m sorry about them,” Tim sighed after a moment. You peaked at him through your lashes.

“They were just being older brothers,” you shrugged and chuckled. He smiled and his cheeks turned even redder if it was even possible.

“We should maybe get coffee some time?” he forced out awkwardly. You laughed.

“We’re getting coffee right now, Tim,” you told him as you raised your cup to your lips.

Well, I meant…” he struggled. “How about dinner?” he suggested.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” you asked as it dawned on you.

“Yes,” he nodded. A smile spread across you face and you threw your arms around him.

“I would love to!” you answered excitedly. Behind you, you heard muffled cheering. You turned to see Dick and Jason through the store front window watching you. You couldn’t help but laugh as they high-fived.

“I guess they saw it coming?” you looked back at Tim. He rubbed the back of his neck and chucked.