seriously how crazy is that


I’m seeing something potentially dangerous happening on my dash and I want to give out a friendly reminder:




Also be selective of the friends you give out your phone or other private info to.

I know we all like to think nothing is gonna happen to us and we have it all figured out but please listen (especially if you are a teenager) your phone gives away your location very accurately and anyone can have access to all sorts of information about you through your number. You may endanger yourself and your family in the process.

Don’t do it, it’s not worth it! Give your email, skype account, allow people to message you, kik, I don’t care, just don’t publish your phone number, especially not reblogging from an account that has thousands of followers

If the phandom never listens to me, just listen this once. Seeing that post going around is legit making me anxious and I know the intention is good but like…. yikes don’t do that


Okay at this point I’m completely sure that everyone is in 2017 now, so I just want to send out a really quick thank you to all 96 of my followers. 

Which include:

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I just created this sideblog last April, and I cannot believe that nearly 100 people enjoy my online presence. Thank you to everyone for being so incredibly welcoming and friendly. 

Honestly you guys are all considered friends in my book so please don’t hesitate to tag me or talk to me in anything


converts who have already been in the mikveh, converts who are almost ready to make things official, converts in the middle of their journey, converts who are just now starting to study seriously: you are Amazing!!! we are amazing!! how crazy is it that despite not being born Jewish, not growing up Jewish, we’re Here and learning things and growing and changing! 

if you grew up surrounded by a jewish community and always felt like you should be a part of it, or you have jewish family and are rediscovering your connections to the tribe, or you read a book or watched a movie about judaism and fell in love a little bit, or you learned about judaism in school and wanted to know more, or you stumbled upon it completely by chance and knew there was Something there for you

if you’re firm in your beliefs, or you have your doubts or and concerns and wrestle with your spirituality, or you’re an atheist or agnostic but you recognize the beauty and value in these ancient words and rituals and culture, whether you were raised in another faith or grew up without one

whatever your first language is, the color of your skin, your nationality, your race, your culture

if you’re struggling to increase your levels of observance, if you’re not able to go to a synagogue every weekend or you’re there 15 minutes early, if you’re working with one rabbi or you’ve met with ten, if your mouth has trouble fitting around hebrew or it comes naturally to you, if you sing along every friday or if you’re still learning the words to songs and prayers and stay quiet, if you’re waking up with the sunrise to go through morning prayers or barely remembering to stumble through the shema as you’re falling asleep, if your family and friends have welcomed your decision with open arms or if they’re confused or worried or angry 

if you’re converting orthodox, reform or conservative, if you get more excited with every new holiday, if you’re dreading not having a christmas tree, if you’re  working through the breakup of your love affair with bacon-wrapped shrimp, if you feel like you’re glowing the first time you’re invited to a shabbat dinner, if you’re wondering if you can join your school’s hillel, if you’re imagining what it will be like to stand under a chuppah someday, if you’re excited about the idea of someday helping your daughter prepare for her bat mitzvah, if you’re just starting to be confident enough to give your own opinions at torah study, if you’re struggling and singing and learning and studying and arguing and loving

stay strong! you are (or will be) an amazing addition to the tribe. you are enough. this is meant for you. keep on learning and doing. your experiences are just as authentic as anyone else’s, and you are (or will be) just as Jewish as anyone else. 

“Dearer to G-d is the stranger who has come of their own accord than all the crowds of Israelites who stood before Mount Sinai. For had the Israelites not witnessed the thunder, lighting, quaking mountains and sounding trumpets, they may not have accepted the Torah. But the stranger, who saw not one of those things, came and offered themselves to the Holy One, and took the yoke of Heaven upon themselves. Can anyone be dearer to G-d than this person?” 

(Tanhuma Buber, Lech L’cha, 6)

Fansign ~ [TRANS/Jungkook]       Q: Who is the person on your right side when you open your eyes in the morning?                     JK: You.


Promise To Be Happy COMPLETE (Sanvers)

In light of what may happen this Monday, this scenario has been rambling around in my head.  Comments, and notes warmly welcomed.  Reblogging is love. :)

Promise To Be Happy

“Kara, you can’t seriously be considering this.  This is crazy!”

“How can I not, Alex?  Barry needs me.  This "other Earth” needs me.“

"And what about me?  Huh?  I need you too!”  Alex was pacing the length of Kara’s living room, but now she stopped and faced her sister, the deep hurt and anger writ clearly on her face.

“I know that.  Of course I know that,” Kara replied, stepping forward to pull Alex into her arms.

The other woman was stiff at first, but then slumped against her superhero sister, allowing the blonde to support her.

“It won’t be forever, Al - ”

“You have no idea if that’s true,” Alex cut her off and then pushed back to arm’s length before swiping her hand across her traitorous teary eyes.  "You could die over there, Kara.  You could die and we might never know.  Or you could be stuck there forever.  There’s no guarantee that Barry and “his people” can get you back here to us.“

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(i was seriously just thinking about how the 100 being renewed today would make everything so much better i can’t believe it)

If the idol that you claim you love comes to your country

show them how much you love them by giving them space to explore and enjoy your country. they want to look around, but can’t do so if you follow them around like an absolute creep :)


An international breed competition in IPO trial, levels 1-3.

Who Bites the Best is a team competition, with the team score calculated as the sum of the scores of the best three dogs in each team. A team may include dogs of all three levels. The best three teams will be awarded. One team / breed / country may be entered to the competition.

Doesn’t beat last year’s video though if you guys want to watch it out. Seriously, it’s crazy good! I absolutely love how they really nail competition invitations!

“Geez and I thought I had long hair…I saw this bitch with like…past floor length hair. It was so long it was twice the size of her actual fuckin’ body. How does one take care of that much hair without wanting to chop it all off?!”

the best friends

i sometimes think about how crazyD can only fix others not josuke and then remember jotaro’s words saying ‘your ability is really kind’ and think about how many times josuke threw himself to dangers only to save others then i want to C RY


Eek! Where did another hundred of you come from?! This is crazy you guys, seriously. I know how every writer says this, but it’s really true. I never thought this many people would somehow find me and semi-enjoy my work. It means the freaking world to me when people follow, like, reblog, etc, my stuff. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I can’t put into words how thankful I am!

I don’t have any ideas (again) for a celebration, so i don’t think I’ll have one this time, but I’ll come up with something for the next milestone (if I ever get to another one). The next fic is a WIP and is nearly finished so I’ll hopefully post sometime today or tomorrow. Again, everyone, thank you!


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Wow this is so moolicious ❤️

Thank you, I have over 4000 followers. I’m seriously considering posting more on tumblr! This is crazy how many of you love Hucows and milk erotica…let me see how creative I can get …. my own bikini is coming! Designed by a fan ❤️ When it’s done I will model it for you all and see how much milk can go through the top 😊😘
Truly grateful
Yours Mooly

But seriously though

Like, can you imagine how crazy it would make Sirius that Remus was taller?

Like, Sirius was always the tall one. And James was only a little bit shorter, so it was no fun to tease him. Peter was too sensitive, so Remus became his all-time favorite target with short jokes. Like, he’d use Remus’ head as an arm rest, or at breakfast he’d purposely serve Remus two less pancakes than everyone else because “The muggles call it a ‘short stack’ Remus just like you”

But then the summer before sixth year, everything changes. Remus hits a massive growth spurt that skyrockets him to over six foot, and his limbs are so lanky he doesn’t even know what to do with himself. And he thinks he’s so damn awkward but actually he is an adorable baby deer-wolf aww

And he goes back to Hogwarts and is waiting in the traincar for his friends, and Sirius swaggers in like a cheeky little bastard and exclaims “Moony! Give me a hug, you devilish fiend!”

And Remus stands up to hug him and suddenly Sirius has to crane his neck upwards and the chatterbox that is Sirius Black is stunned into silence because “Oh Merlin Remus is so damn tall”

Oh, from there on out, you can bet your ass that Remus NEVER let it go. Oh no. He gave it to Sirius ten times thicker than Sirius ever did him, because it is not often Remus gets to take revenge

And after these two assholes get together Remus chooses to call Sirius pet names like “Dear Heart” and “Sweet Star” and Sirius thinks all of the teasing is behind them

But one day during a furious snog in their dorm Remus pulls away and whispers softly in Sirius’ ear “I have a surprise for you”

And it’s a fucking Be-Jeweled step-stool with Sirius’ name on it in hot pink sparkles