seriously how can you not ship it

i dont know how overwatch fans take the game’s story so seriously. you can write a million sadstucks about how mercy “turned genji in to a killing machine against his will” but that wont change the fact that the game has a talking monkey from the fucking moon that talks almost exclusively about how much he loves peanut butter

every time you imagine sadstuck overwatch or get your knickers in a twist over a ship you dont like, just remember the moon monkey. remember the twitch streamer in the giant robot that says “epic win.” remember the cowboy. take a deep breath and think of the horrible hentai loving swede and calm down. its not rocket surgery. its not the greatest novel ever written. its a game about talking monkeys and guys in skeleton costumes shooting eachother and putting on hats 

Ignis calling Aranea an ally

Ignis: “Are you hurt?” *heals Aranea*

Aranea: “Are you always this kind to enemies?”

Ignis: “No. But I am to my allies.”

Aranea: “Oh..” *shy/slightly embarrassed chuckle*

She seriously didn’t know how to react at this point.

This was such a short but heartwarming moment for me even tho I do not ship them.

I can imagine that no one ever called her an ally before.

so ive seen a lot of hate for certain ships, the topic of pidge’s gender, and season 2 of vld and like
people just need to chill out about everything. im seriously getting tired of all the hate.

1- people should be able to ship whatever they want.
everyone’s going to have a different opinion about things and thats alright because thats how life works.
but people ship different things; and its seriously not okay to be spreading so much personal hate about such a small matter as this.
even if it is your opinion; you can have an opinion and voice it without making someone feel ashamed about theirs.

2- like ok; you can think whatever you want about pidge’s gender, but the official creators and cast of voltron use she/her pronouns for pidge.
im honestly disgusted at some of the hate ive seen aimed towards people who also use she/her pronouns for them.
like use whatever pronouns you want, i dont care; but dont be so ignorant about the matter.

3- we got a new season with amazing development to not only the plot, but the characters; not to mention the animation is spectacular.
if you didnt see exactly what you wanted, tough luck; you didnt make the show.

honestly, if you cant deal with this just leave the fandom.

How Otabek changes Yurio

This guy

 literally somehow turns Yurio from this.

to this



Yurio, headstrong and someone who despises physical contact with people unless he knows them well (eg. grandpa), somehow agrees or initiates this. How can you not freak out.

And from this

to this

My cat son is SHOOK. He has a full-cheek blush.

From this

to this

From an uber competitive fighter 

to supportive bff

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this ship kills me every day.


Chat: Zen vs Jumin Me: More like Zen x Jumin @mysticleafy

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Last thing from me tonight.

If Iris West from the Flash TV show can literally tell Barry Allen–a boy she grew up with after he was orphaned then later adopted into her family with the infamous cliché line:

“You’re like a brother to me.”

Then proceeds to realize she has always been in love with him and not only still sees him as her family but also as a romantic love interest as well.

And are now together and later to be married (canon in the comics too).

That just means Sheith is halfway there.

What a day to be alive.

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Saturday, January 7th is unofficially Killugon day! Please  join us in the celebration if you love this ship too!

How can you join in?? Post any fan work – art, fic, meta, shit posts – WHATEVER YOU WANT – under the tag #killugon day on Jan. 7th!

Please don’t feel the need to go all out and post your magnum opus! Doodles, drabbles – it’s all good! This is just an excuse to inspire fan works ♥

On 1/7 I will be reblogging things tagged #killugon day and doing a “power hour” of reblogging some of my favorite killugon posts at 8:00pm EST.

If you know any interested parties, please spread the word. Thank you!!

Long loooong time ago I saw some buttons spreading shipping peace (if you know who made them please link so I can properly credit the inspiration!!). Made this last year because I wanted to do something fun and constructive out of something so immature and dumb as shipping wars. Transparent, so you can put it your blog and spread peace.

How many of you are really able to reblog this?

the thing I hate about Het ship shaming, or hating people who enjoy Het ships (or Ship shaming IN GENERAL tbh) is that.

You’re honestly just being a huge self righteous cunt. Full stop. Period. You are. You can’t justify it no matter how much you try. Don’t believe me? Try it. Inbox open.

Not only are you shaming people for enjoying what they enjoy but you’re also demonizing it. Like the most deplorable thing someone could do is ship Solider76 with Mercy. Or Junkrat with Mei. It’s not. And if you think so you seriously need to get off your fucking computer and go look outside at the world. And thinking that way is fucking stupid. Objectively. Period. It goes the other way around. Pretending like the worst thing someone could do is ship Mercy with Pharah or Zarya with Mei or Trans!Reinhardt with Ana or WHOMEVER you want, is wrong. Ship what you want. Make what you want of your favorite characters. Have creative freedom and don’t fucking be a giant cunt to people who do the same. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong. There are blacklisting ways for a reason. Just because it makes you “uncomfortable” doesn’t mean you should shame someone for it. There are ways to Blacklist things so you don’t have to see it without trying to censor someone. 



It’s like. Random Example (there are many I could make with many ships, this one just happens to be mine):

My favorite ship is Mercykill. And I don’t like it purely because “oh wow look, it’s a het ship. That’s something I can get behind.” That’s stupid. If that was the case I wouldn’t enjoy McHanzo, I wouldn’t enjoy Roadrat and Pharmercy. I wouldn’t enjoy all the many iterations of ships there are out there that I enjoy!

No. I like it because of the angst, the EMOTION.  It wouldn’t matter to me what gender they identified as, or even I the ship was platonic, I’d still like it because it still tickles my heartstrings. It makes me have feels. 

But NOPE. Just because it’s mostly represented as being a cis/het romance fuck-times, it’s wrong and I should feel terrible for being het/cis scum. Which I’m not fuck you very much.I’m cis scum, but I am also panromantic. Irrelevant but fuck you anyway. I’m sick of all the hate building up around things that are there to make people happy.

God fucking christ almighty. I just wanna visit my favorite ship tags without being assaulted by assholes who wanna spread hate or make people feel bad for enjoying a thing.

Edited: Changed some wording around to better get across my point without sounding like a transphobic dick (hopefully). As that was not the intention. I stand by my original points however that ship- shaming any ship is wrong.

  • me @ Julian: wow stop flirting with Barry
  • Julian: I was the odd duck.
  • me: okay so you're gay!! tragic backstory unlocked!! but like honestly with the flirting
  • Julian: You can stay.
  • Barry: Do you want to maybe get a drink?

Ok so like

I had this thought

you know how in the flash and legends of tomorrow, they slipped in all these prison break jokes and it was awesome?

well they started filming season 5 of prison break after they finished filming legends, wouldn’t it be great if  they slipped in at least one flash/legends joke? like “Michael, can’t we just do this thing?” “yeah sure, let me just jump in my time ship and I’ll get on that” or “who do you think I am? some kind of super villain?”

“I seriously can’t believe that there are Pearlmethyst shippers who are still trying to convince themselves that Pearlmethyst will be canon and how the Mystery Girl will make Ame jealous. Really, it’s okay that you ship it, just stop being in denial that the romantic possibility between Pearl and Amethyst is dead. Theres still their friendship/familial love for each other.”


Okay I'm sorry but this has to stop.

First if all, that’s a lie, I’m not sorry for this post, not in the slightest bit. Please stop with all the hate. First off, the Sabezra thing. I personally do ship it, and if you don’t, well that’s great for you, but you don’t have to go on an on about how it’s the worst ship in the galaxy, and how it should burn in hell and die with the people who ship it, as one person so beautifully put it. I mean, seriously? Grow the fucking hell up please. I apologize for the language, and I usually try to keep this blog suitable for all ages, but this is frickin ridiculous. If you don’t like a ship, that’s wonderful, but please don’t fill the tags with horrible things. Secondly, the filler issue. If you can’t see that every single episode in this season has significance and is important, then I have no clue what you want more. Every single episode we have received has been incredible, written with thought, and each battle scene has been more intense than the last. The dynamic between the characters is incredible, the dialogue is amazing, the villains rare superb. What kriffing more do want? The last battle: an incredible episode, one of my favorites actually. It was a complete tribute to the clone wars and I loved it. Rex was incredible in it, and it was definitely NOT a filler. There were so many droids in the clone wars, but where’d they all go? This episode was really good in creating a scene for Rex, plus it brought back a lot of old memories. One episode I CANNOT believe people are calling a filler is the Antilles Extraction. Like, seriously? Wedge Antilles joins the Rebellion. How can that not be important. The imperial super commandos episode was so significant in so many other ways. There were hints towards Boba Fett, the early concept for Bounty Hunters and Mandalorians, and it’s more background for Sabine, with a great Sabine/Ezra/Chopper family bonding dynamic. The iron squadron episode was really good, not only because it’s a reminder that this IS a kids show, but also its a great way to show how the Rebellion has been growing. Also, Sato has a nephew guys. How is that not adorable. Finally, the latest episode has gotten a lot of hate, so stop. This episode was awesome, and not only because Sabine was so worried for Ezra there, but also because it showed how Ezra is blind to Hondo’s tricks, and he finally realises that maybe Hondo ain’t so great after all. Also, it’s always good to see Captain Orellios. That’s all I gotta say. If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s not my problem, you’ll just have to deal with it or get lost. I’m sorry for being so rude, but ive really had enough of haters in every single fandom. A fandom comes to life, and haters aren’t far behind, dedicating blogs to hating on the fandom.. Like seriously. Fuck off.

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When we say you should keep your romantic/sexual shipping in private, we don’t mean that you can’t write fics, or make fanart, or fanmade videos about these ships. Because that’s great, that’s cute, and I can appreciate all that because it takes some talent and hard work to make all of that.

However, you don’t have to send/show erotic fanart/fics/vids about your ship to your ship. Seriously, that’s disgusting….

Yesterday Baekhyun wrote a really cute birthday message to Chanyeol on his ig using a picture of his lips. Sure you can write how you think it’s cute and that you love their friendly affection for each other. BUT DON’T WRITE SEXUAL COMMENTS ON THEIR SOCIAL MEDIAS INVOLVING YOUR SHIP!!!!

Also for the love of god, don’t make everything about your ship…. I have a pure dislike for kaisoo because of the oh so many delusional shippers…. Where one is, the other is always brought up. Yes I am talking about you too baekyeol shippers:)))

You can have a ship, but don’t be a dick <3

People are seriously sending complaints to the BBC website about the episode tonight? Really?

Sherlock is a brilliant show. It has amazing writers.

While yes, I too ship johnlock, Mark and Steven would probably want to keep true to ACD’s stories. You can’t keep shitting on them because Sherlock isn’t going exactly how you want it to go. They are the writers. They know what’s going to happen. They get to decide that, not us.

Yes, we are the audience. We are the ones watching the show. But they are putting all of their time and effort into this amazing, beautiful show and we should be so much more grateful instead of complaining about the two main characters not getting together.

If Sherlock and john are gonna get together, it’ll happen. You can’t keep getting angry and upset each episode it doesn’t happen. Just keep looking forward to the next episode. What are you expecting? For them to just start making out?

The Final problem was a really good episode and I’m sure the writers, cast, and crew are all proud of this season. And you should be too.

Just accept how the writers are writing their story.

Even if you’re upset about it,

it is what it is

I can’t stop thinking about how like… Nate could have shielded ANYONE. While basically every other member of the team (except Stein, maybe, it’s probably a toss-up) is better in a hand-to-hand fight than un-suited Ray, they’re not bulletproof. And it’s not like they had a plan for Capone opening fire on them. Which means Nate’s instinct was to shield Ray. Not anyone else. Ray.

How is this not the biggest ship, seriously.