seriously how can he be so precious


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  • hoseok, with as wild and open as he can be, is someone that romantically needs familiarity,,,,,,,like he’s the classic case of “oh no im in love with my best friend”
  • except he’s really good at hiding it from other members and people because yeah he initiates skinship with you, throws his hand around your shoulder when you’re showing him something on your phone, ruffles your hair, tells you you look cute when you wear something new or cut your hair, but hoseok is like this with literally everyone so you never know whose special to him ,,,,,,in that way
  • but hoseok plans his confession,,,,he doesn’t fall into his feelings headfirst like jimin or get straight to the point like yoongi,,,,,,he takes the time to learn what you like and who you are as a friend and then,,,,,when he feels like it’s right 
  • he asks you out and it feels like a shock,,,,because you?? hoseok chose ,,,,,,,you??
  • and it’s not secret that everyone always makes up assumptions about hoseok’s love life because with a personality so bright and so,,,,,hot,,,,,there’s got to be a long list of people willing to do hoseok’s every bidding
  • but here he is, standing in front of you with flowers on a saturday night and he wants you,,,,,,,to go on a date with him
  • and it’s a date that seems almost perfectly catered to you. hoseok remembers that movie you wanted to see,,,,,,he remembers that you like popcorn a certain way even if he doesn’t like it like that,,,,,,he knows that you always pick seats towards the middle of the row,,,,,,he gives you his jacket because the theater is cold
  • and after he knows what restaurant you’ve been dying to try,,,,,he picked a theater close to it,,,,,,he points out that he likes how you look in the lighting and that afterwords you guys should take a photo together to remember this day
  • when the waiter takes your order hoseok asks if the dish you’re getting has anything that you might get sick from and it’s so considerate?????
  • but that’s hoseok and ,,,,,,,he knows,,,,,,you,,,,,,he knows your quirks and habits and what you like and don’t like,,,,,,,,,,
  • and when he’s walking you home,,,,,,hoseok asks  you to close your eyes for a moment. he wants to give you a gift
  • and so  you do and you feel something drop into your hands and quietly you ask if you can open your eyes but he says,,,no there’s one more thing,,,,,,,
  • and that’s when you feel his hand on your cheek, gentle and delicate,,,,,,his warm breath and how he smells really good up close,,,,,,
  • “can i?” he asks for permission, just like a gentlemen and when you nod he kisses you with such softness???? such,,,,,,restraint because you can feel a chill go down your spine and his almost at the same time
  • and hoseok wouldn’t want to be rude and take it to far on the first date but if you grab him, open your eyes and ask him to kiss you again well,,,,,,
  • then hoseok takes a hold of your waist, lets you tangle your fingers in his hair and he kisses you the way he’s been dreaming of kissing you for soooooo long and you can see his restraint is broken,,,,and your lips are both going to be swollen,,,,,but it doesn’t matter because
  • now hoseok knows another thing about you: you,,,,get weak in the knees for his lips hehe
  • and hoseok is such a charmer,,,,,you get home and you’re still giddy over everything and you get a text that just reads “my angel, goodnight~” 
  • and just that makes you fall over onto your bed with hearts in your eyes because,,,,,,,,,,oh god you’ve liked hoseok for so long and finally,,,,finally he’s shown you that you’re,,,,the one he likes too
  • but hoseok has a bad habit of being selfless and you learn this over the course of your dates where sure you two will do things you like,,,,,,,but you never hear hoseok as much as mention what he wants to do
  • so that’s why you always ask hoseok that instead of doing something for yourself or whatever how about you two do something new???
  • and hoseok loves this,,,,,because hoseok likes going out and being active and you guys throw away the notion that you have to stick to what you know to have fun
  • like sure why not go to the new amusement park, get scared on the rides together and scream your lungs out while holding hands????? a new rollerskating rink is open,,,,,can either of you roller skate????? what does it matter! you have each other!!! a cafe just got opened and they have raccoons??? ok hoseok might be a little frightened but he wants to go and wow now you guys get to tell everyone in bts you petted a raccoon named sylvester like,,,,,,,life is for living so why not do it together with the person you trust the most
  • and hoseok every now and then will pull out the romantic,,,,picnic by han river, cuddling under the stars thing that you like but you always make sure to set up a nice date at the practice studio where you and hoseok put on random music and dance around while no one else is there
  • namjoon once walked in on you guys dancing and hoseok was doing a handstand while you were holding his ankles and namjoon was like,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,im out
  • and you and hoseok were like,,,,,,we might have scarred him,,,,,oh well
  • but what hoseok is really the best at,,,,i mean he’s the best at everything, but what he does that no one else has ever done for you is he supports you with his entire heart.
  • he never has doubts about your dreams and he never makes you feel like something is impossible. he trusts your decisions and gives his wholehearted love to you,,,,,,,
  • if you have a dream, hoseok shares that dream with you. that never changes about him
  • even if everyone else tells you you’re pushing it, even if they’re your family or close friends, hoseok will tell you with all his honesty that he thinks you can achieve anything
  • he’s always smiling, arms open to hold you, in your times of needs and that kind of emotional support is something that isn’t common. not the the level of hoseok
  • and sure he worries about your safety and well-being but he knows your potential and he does everything for you to know it too,,,,,,like how can somebody embody the word positive - idk but hoseok does 
  • and being around him never makes you feel weaker or discouraged because hoseok respects you,,,,,,,,and wants you to succeed 
  • he puts you before himself and it’s so lovely to have someone whose first thought when you tell them you want to try something is “do it! ill be behind you, supporting you the whole way!”
  • the sad part is,,,,,,hoseok fails to support himself the way he supports others but that’s ok because now he has you!!!! 
  • people see him for his smile, his athleticism, his never ending cheer but hoseok is honestly hard on himself. and you catch it in how he refers to himself as “ugly” or “unwanted”,,,sure he might say it jokingly but you know better
  • and when you’re alone, you can see the darkness the festers inside of him sometimes and that’s when you tell him how much he means to you. how you’re not joking when you tell him he’s the sun,,,,,he’s everything warm,,,,,,he’s kind and handsome and so so so so talented and that his family, his friends, and you are so proud that he’s here. all that he’s achieved and more
  • and hoseok cries sure ,,,,,, but when you give him that comfort and that assurance he just holds  you so tightly because you are everything precious to him and he is everything precious to you
  • and with each other you can really do anything,,,,,,,
  • and WOW that WAS EMOTIONAL,,,,,,but seriously as hoseok’s significant other you have to give him all this love because he deserves it. buckets and buckets of love. but yes on to the cute parts of boyfriend!hoseok
  • he loves giving you compliments and cheesy-gooey-lovely nicknames,,,,,,,,,,he loves it so much every damn week your name in his phone changes to something cute and sugary followed by every heart emoji avilable
  • and jungkook was like “hoseok, i want to call you s/o what’s their name in your phone?” and when hoseok said it out loud jungkook was like u know what nvm im not calling some named honey bunny all that is my heart -______-
  • you once played a trick and hoseok was like whats my name in your phone!!!! and you were like oh it’s just hoseok and he got all pouty and sulked and asked hoW could you do that to him
  • but you were like baby im joking it’s ‘prince of my heart, i love you 2 the moon and back’
  • hoseok had literally lighted up like a christmas tree and pulled you into his lap to give you eskimo kisses and tickle your sides for tricking him but he was smiling the whole time,,,,,,,,
  • he really likes it when you tell him about your day and you get to something frustrating and you get all cutely animated and he’s just grinning and you’re like!!!!!!!! it’s not funny
  • and hoseok is like no no it’s not,,,,,,you’re just so adorable i can’t help myself
  • and you hit him playfully but he catches your hand and kisses it you’re like rolling your eyes,,,,,,but it’s so sweet
  • but seriously hoseok loves when you’re open and truthful with him,,,,,,,communication is everything to him
  • to the point that you two can be sitting in silence, you’re in between his legs with your head on his chest texting on your phone 
  • and he’ll just lean to whisper in your ear that right now, he loves you so much like it’s random and whatever but he just has the need to say it
  • knows you like a specific kind of cologne on him so he carries it with him everywhere,,,,,,even if he’s far away from you he has it with him
  • knows your takeout order by heart
  • you know his by hear too
  • yoongi: this is the epitome of love, knowing that your s/o wants menu number 4 on sundays and menu number 2 on mondays.
  • hoseok and u: can’t tell if yoongi is being sarcastic but thanks yoongi
  • hoseok tells  you about how he really just wants to make his mom proud so sometimes when he’s practicing you take videos and send them to her
  • and hoseok finds out and is like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why!!!!!!!! and you’re like “because your mom said she likes seeing you dance!!!!!”
  • and hoseok is like,,,,,,,,,heart shattering because you’re so cute,,,,,how are you so damn cute
  • takes pics of pretty things he sees on tour and is like “reminds me of you!” 
  • loves to buy things for you,,,,,,like you’ll be like don’t i don’t need anything!!! but he has an impulse to spoil you,,,,,that’s just how he is hehe
  • looks super hot coming back from practice,,,you know wet hair from sweating and low hanging tank top and he knows you’re into it so he’ll send you selfies in the mirror and you’re like !!!!! don’t tease me jung hoseok
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,wish you were here ;)))
  • but intimacy with hoseok is really just again about trust and being there for one and other and hoseok has the capability to be so gentle and loving when you need him to make you feel good because the day has been shitty and whatnot
  • but hoseok can also snap,,,,,and become this sensual,,,pleasure above all person with kisses that burn into your skin and a grip so hard and so needing that it makes your head spin
  • but like anything, he puts you first and sometimes you seriously have to flip him over and be like “ok, my turn - no no no hoseok stay down”
  • likes it when you wear his accessories more than his clothing (because you’re better without the clothing cough i didn’t say that) but he thinks it’s cute when you wear like a bracelet of his or that time you stole the keychain off his bag
  • and it was the keychain of the hiphop monster version of jin and you were like hehe so cute but hoseok was like ,,,,,here take this one instead
  • and traded that jin version for his and you were like you’re right,,,i should carry you my boyfriend around with me instead
  • hoseok,,,,blushing,,,,,,,,,,but also smiling because being called your boyfriend makes him so happy
  • concentrates when watching dance videos and his mouth is always open, tongue peeking out and you’re like dammit hoseok and he’s like huh
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,what no i didn’t say anything and he’s still eyes glued to the screen like uhuh and you’re just like seriously what how is he so hot he’s literally not doing anything and im turned on????
  • hoseok’s magic wooo
  • yoongi is especially fond of you for taking care of hoseok and he won’t admit it but you guys are his favorite couple and when you get all pda and soft if jungkook opens his mouth yoongi shoves some candy into it and he’s like “let hoseok have this - do you understand me?”
  • you lay side by side with him when he’s tired and falling half asleep
  • and he’s at this stage where he’s just mumbling his answer and you’re just ever so quietly like hoseok,,,,,,,,are you made of stars,,,,,how can you be so bright
  • and he mumbles and cuddles his head into your neck
  • and you hold him and you think he didn’t hear you but the next morning hoseok hums to himself about him?? made of stars??? if that’s true,,,,,,you’re made of gold
  • and you overhear him and blush like i,,,,,,,im gonna go take a shower
  • hoseok: ok ill come with you!!!!
  • hoseok scribbles lyric ideas down on random scraps of paper that he can forget about but you collect them and tape them up in your room and when hoseok sees he’s like ???? you keep them
  • and you’re like shrugging and telling him you love reading what he writs
  • and hoseok touches the paper and looks at you and you’re just standing there smiling and hoseok is like “i,,,,,i love you so much you know that right?”
  • you: yes you’ve said like the 53rd time today. not that im complaining i love hearing it!
  • hoseok the type to buy you three bouquets of flowers so big that he can’t see in front of him when he’s walking down the street tbh,,,,,,,,,,
  • also last but not least,,,when hoseok wears glasses and is reading or at the cafe with you it literally takes all your might not to kiss him so hard because he looks SOOO CUTE 
  • boyfriend hoseok ,,,,,,is everything ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

seungkwan is the sweetest boy out there like he’s always looking out for the other members and helps them out whenever they need it and he loves them all so dearly like when minghao was sick and came back on one fine day, seungkwan was the first one to greet him and literally tackled him with a hug saying that he missed him and when seokmin started to cry at their comeback showcase, seungkwan literally ran and hugged him and tried to comfort seokmin even when he was on the other side of the stage and how he always tries to make others smile and is always checking up on them and how much he adores his family like when his sister was on duet song festival he kept cheering for her and how much he loves his mother like we all know how much of a mama’s boy he is and it’s the cutest thing ever he’s always mentioning her and we can see how much he loves her by how his face lights up just by mentioning her and just recently he actually gave tangerines to the reporters who were taking photos of them and said that his dad brought them from jeju and he apologized for not bringing enough and there’s so many more moments that i’m forgetting but seriously seungkwan is a total sweetheart and deserves all the love

one of my favorite things about the trans!danny hc is that, assuming we’re going by canon here, jack is suPER supportive

like almost every episode we hear jack referring to danny as “danny boy”

like,, think about this for a second

danny coming out to his parents, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his too-big t-shirt

maddie being quiet at first, taking it in, thinking about how she would have to take her son shopping for new clothes immediately.. and a binder. he would need a proper binder.

she gets so lost in calculating all the things she would have to do to help her son feel comfortable she doesnt realize how quiet shes being - but danny does

he starts panicing. his fears had come true - they didnt accept him. of course they wouldnt.. he begins backing up when all of sudden jack’s face turns into a huge grin.

he claps a hand on his sons shoulder, beaming. “oh danny boy!” he proclaims, “why didnt you tell us sooner???”

danny blanches. he hadnt expected his dad to be so accepting. this snaps maddy out of her trance, and she starts talking at lightning speed, how they would have to buy him some new, appropriate, clothes and the seriousness of proper binding.

danny cant believe it.. they? they’re ok with this? he starts to cry - from relieve and from happiness and also from a bit of guilt he didnt tell them sooner - that would have made things a lot easier

from then on jack and maddy try their best to be as supportive as they can be. maddy always cooing about her precious baby boy and jack going on and on about how they need to have more father-son bonding time. making sure hes always comfortable and correcting anyone who ever dares misgender their baby boy. danny couldnt have been happier.

even so, he stills gets dsyphoria sometimes and it really brings him down - and so jack does the only thing he could think

he starts calling him danny boy.

maybe a little reminder is all he needs… besides, he always wanted a son anyways

Bts Reaction To Their S/O hearing for the first time

A/N: Maybe this could be triggering for some but I thought this was truly a beautiful request and I hope you like reading it !! credits to gif owners


You were impaired of hearing since you were a child, through all these years you faced challenges of your lost of hearing but you were a strong fighter and managed to get through it all. Now here you are in the hospital room with your boyfriend Jin waiting for the doctor to put on your hearing aid. You were nervous once the doc came and started to put on your hearing aid, you felt Jin grab ahold of your hand and give it a squeeze. The doctor finally turned on the device.

“Hi beautiful, I love you so much and now I hope you’re ready to hear me say that all the time,” said your boyfriend

Instantly your eyes watered up and you went up to Jin embracing him. You cried and cried on his chest because he sounded so perfect. In the 2 years you’ve been dating you finally heard his voice and it was symphonies to your ears.


You lost your hearing when you were three years old after an accident you had. After so many years or battling through this, today was the day your ears would be good as new. Accompanied by your boyfriend of four years Namjoon, you went to finally get your hearing aid. The process of getting it put on was brief, now the doctor was announcing that he would turn on the device. 

“Hi baby,” you heard 

You choked on a sobb, you grabbed both of his cheeks and lured Namjoon into the most precious kiss you’ve shared. In the mixture of your lips touching and the saltiness of your tears, you felt butterflies cluster all over your body. Namjoon’s voice was indescribable, the moment you heard it, you fell in love with him all over again. 


All your life you couldn’t hear, it was difficult growing up and not being able to hear the voice of your family and friends. That all was about to change, the doctor was finishing the touches of your hearing aid. All you did was stare intently at the face of your handsome boyfriend and wonder how will his voice sound. The doctor turned on your hearing aid, now you were about to hear the love of your life. 

“I love you so much,” you heard

“Yoongi your voice is beautiful, I-i-i love you-u-u,” you managed to say through your cries

Quickly, your boyfriend pulled you into a  hug and he silently cried into your hair. He felt his heart ram into his chest, finally !! you could hear him and he couldn’t be happier. On the other hand there you were pressed against his chest dampening his shirt with your tears.This moment you guys shared was one of a kind, you couldn’t be more thankful to have Yoongi by your side.


Due to his schedule, Hoseok was aboard touring for his group’s new comeback so he couldn’t attend the doctor appointment in which you were getting your hearing aid. Once the doctor put and turned on the hearing aid you immediately called Hoseok through facetime. After one ring he answered and you were greeted with his glowing smile.

“Hi Hobi,” you said 

“Hello my angel,” you heard him sing

That was all it took for you to unleash a waterfall of tears. With your hand over your mouth as you cried. 

“Hobi I can hear you now, I can hear you,” you said while continuously crying

Hoseok is a very emotional guy so instantly you heard a muffled cry through your phone. You can see the tears rolling down his face as he realized that you can finally hear.

“I love you more than you can ever imagine,” he hiccuped

It was a gift hearing his cheerful voice, he made you melt with just one word.


Jimin was waiting anxiously for you to get back from your appointment. He was in your shared apartment ready with a bouquet of the most luxurious and expensive flowers. He was so happy knowing that your worries and fear were about to be put at ease. You have been impaired of hearing for the last ten years after suffering an extreme injury. He heard the jingle of your keys indicating that you have arrived. The door opened and there he was with beautiful flowers and the biggest smile on his face. You put your belongings down and took the flowers from him. You wrapped your arms around his torso and he instinct to wrap his arms around you. Jimin swayed you and for the first time ever you heard him sing. Jimin ignited your living room with you in his arms while signing his song “Butterfly.”

He could feel your back tremble as you let your cries be silenced by his shirt. Jimin couldn’t keep it together as he finished singing, he too let his eyes spill the locked tears. There you two were in the middle of the room holding each other as if one of you may fade away.

Jimin,my love, you have such an angelic voice,” you said

“Thank you y/n, it makes me happy knowing you chose my voice to be the first one to hear,” he said while kissing you lips


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Here you are in front of Taehyung, with your new hearing aid in. Before you met him you had lost all of your hearing. That never got in the way of Tae loving you to the moo and back. You were anticipating each second as you were about to hear his voice for the very first time.He hasn’t said a word to you since you came to his dorm, you only watched as he pull out his phone and hit play and your ears were filled with a soft tune. As the song began you hearing a husky voice sing and you could tell it was none other than your boyfriend. You took his phone and pressed the speaker up to your ear. Tae’s voice had hypnotized as you felt the tears sprinkle out of your eyes, you look over to him and you can see hims struggle to keep his eyes dry. Through the course of the song you cried like a baby, you were lost for words. There’s not enough ways to describe the perfection of your boyfriend’s voice. 

After the song ended you rushed to him and tackled him into such a passionate kiss. You kissed him until you lost your breathe.

“How did you like the song, babe,”

“It was abosultly beautiful but what’s the name,” you said

“It’s called 4 O’clock,” he said as he pecked your cheek

After not being able to hear him for so long, you couldn’t seaze the amount of love you have gained for him. His voice was deep, intoxicating, and so attractive. You cuddled into him and he began taking about everything, yup you’ll never get tired of his voice.


You had known Jungkook for years prior to becoming his official girlfriend. He was there for you the tragic day you had lost all your hearing due to a very unfortunate event. You shamelessly thought that after you have became hearing impaired that your friend would just abandon you but you were dead wrong. Now years later here you both are in the hospital, fingers intertwined as the doctor finished up your hearing aid. The doctor gave Jungkook a thumbs up signifying that you were all done. 

“It’s been a while y/n, but you made it baby!” he said while kiss your hands

“Kookie, I can hear you again,” you said

“And now that you can I want to say that I love you, more than you can begin to comprehend”

You pulled him into your small arms and repeatedly peppered his face with kisses which tickled him. Jungkook’s laugh was seriously the most precious sound you have ever heard. Howe can someone let out a loud laugh and sound so cute.

“Gosh, I love you too Kookie,” you said

With that he gave you a shy peck on the lips and made sure the whole day to speak and sing in celebration of his girl finally getting back what she has been waiting for. 

Dating Lee Taeyong...

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Boyfriend Taeyong ahead…

  • Alright, first of all, it’s so hard NOT to fall in love with this angel. ♡
  • An unintentionally cute boyfriend 300% of the time.
  • Buy him chocolate (or any candy, for that matter), and his entire day is made. His eyes will light up the entire room. 
  • You mindlessly tracing the veins that web across his arms and hands, because they’re so prominent.
  • You getting lost in his big beautiful eyes too many times to count. They’re seriously so hypnotic and profound for some reason?
  • Taeyong will rarely smile in your couple selfies, but it’s not impossible. 
  • Expect for him to smile when he’s caught staring at you, however.
  • He’ll be very bashful in the relationship, especially for the first few weeks or so. Taeyong’s the type that needs to warm up to the concept of an actual relationship, because wow… he’s able to kiss you; he’s able to hold you; he’s able to share secrets with you; he’s able to sleep on the same bed with you;
  • Most importantly, he’s able to love you. 
  • This bean is the cuddle buddy king of NCT. 
  • An actual snuggle monster with the intimidating looks of a tough guy.

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2. BTS Reaction To You Falling Asleep On Them.

(Feel free to send in requests with the group that you want I’ll write about anything)


Jin would find you so adorable especially seeing you curled up next to him with your head resting on his shoulder. He would want to put you into bed only because he would want you to be more comfortable but I’m sure he’d let you lay on him a little longer just so he can admire the view he has of you.

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Let’s be real he’ll probably be the one asleep on you. Although if he wasn’t and he did have you asleep on him, he would wake you up to see if you wanted to go to bed but if not he’d allow you to lay on him because I believe behind closed doors yoongi could actually be pretty affectionate. He’d stay where he was being careful not to move too much to wake you but he would definitely just fall asleep with you lmao.

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This boy would love having you fall asleep on him as it gives him the opportunity to snuggle up with you and cuddle. After a while when namjoon eventually starts to get uncomfortable I think he wouldn’t wake you but just pick you up and carry you to your bedroom and join you in bed.

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CUDDLES ALL DAY LONG. Legit he wouldn’t even wake you up or take you to bed he would be so happy you’ve fallen asleep on him even if that does mean he falls asleep on the sofa as well and has a back ache in the morning, he would LOVE it seriously he would make sure you used him as a pillow and have so many blankets. Oh how I wish I could cuddle this boy.

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This little bun would take SO many photos of you asleep on him, he would find it so precious. Expect to wake up in bed though because I’m sure jimin wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable and he prefers to cuddle in bed but he’d love it so much as I can imagine him being a big softie for cuddles especially ones from you.

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He would just fall asleep with you, he’d find it so adorable seeing you all snuggled up against him. Taehyung would grab a blanket wrap you up in it and cuddle you so much that it wouldn’t surprise me if you would wake up during the night because he’s clinging to you like a koala. Expect to be showered in kisses when you wake up though because Taehyungs a cutie.

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Baby boy would not move a muscle seriously he’d freeze, not that he didn’t want to cuddle you back it’s just that he would worry he might wake you and thats the last thing he needs. Although the minute you started moving slightly he’d take the opportunity to pick you up bridal style and place you in bed as he’d only want you to be comfortable, he would still join you in bed for cuddles though.

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A Chance to Come Through

Request: “Could you write something where maybe Sonny gets hurt on the job and the reader is his girlfriend that the squad doesn’t know about?”


Sonny Carisi is a great boyfriend.

You had only been officially dating for a few months, but you knew it was the real deal.  Sonny is thoughtful, sweet, funny…he’s every quality you’d want in a guy, and then some.

You met at Fordham Law, and although the two of you hit it off from the beginning, you weren’t quite ready to be in a relationship at the time.  You texted every now and then, but you didn’t see much of each other after finishing school.

Then, a few months ago, Sonny nearly lost his life on the job, and that’s when he called you and asked you out for coffee.

“I don’t want to take things for granted anymore,” he’d said, his hand covering yours. “I think we both know there’s something here.”

And he was right.

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this might’ve been the best episode so far. i loved so many things, it was so well-written and so well acted. i’ll probably just keep rewatching it for the next 3 months

(okay now that i got it out of my system, i can write sth more coherent and not just freak out but those moments were the best parts of this episode)

- magnus explaining the vision was just so amazing? honestly, what would they do without him?

- magnus feeling powerless… just please stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less. we’ve seen this throughout the whole season and it only hurts more and more. magnus can do so much yet in so many situations even his best is not enough and you can see how much it affects him. he always wants to help, he needs to help. but sometimes there is nothing he could possibly do and it hurts him so much

- badass alec is my aesthetic ngl and telling victor that he’s not bad… for a diplomat

- i’m so happy alec called out victor on this whole situation. victor didn’t tell izzy about the risks? sure, he might’ve mentioned something but he didn’t say how exactly serious it is. and he cares about the downworld? sure, he showed it when he was torturing raphael

- magnus and alec being worried about each other in this episode shows just how truly they love each other. it’s not too soon, it’s the best timing. they are always there for each other, trying to protect each other. and when they were apart, all they could think of was if the other one is okay. this is true love

- magnus felt so hurt and betrayed when raphael was about to kill clary. raphael’s people were stopping his hands so he couldn’t help her. seriously, just stab me in the heart it’ll hurt less

- magnus was so gentle with madzie, trying to show her that he’s there to help her. that he’s not the one lying to her. and when she came to him because she trusted him… i wanna cry again. she met alec and magnus once and she was ready to save their lives and trust them with her own. she might be with catarina now but to me she’ll always be their daughter

- alec was so terrified that magnus could be dead. the thought that he could lose him was unbearable. he needs magnus so much, he loves magnus so much. they both need each other. i’m so glad they found each other so they can make each other happy

- that whole malec reunion thing was the best scene in the history of television
alec desperately looking for magnus in the crowd, then the hug because they just needed to make sure they are definitely okay. magnus explaining to him that he wasn’t there. alec talking about his fear, how truly terrified he was. magnus admitting how terrified he was as well. THE LOVE DECLARATION WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. the kiss. the forehead touching. the second, even more desperate hug.
they are so in love with each other, they can’t live without each other. and no matter how hard it may get, they means so much to each other. this is too much, i’ve cried for like 2,5h because of this and i still wanna cry some more

- jace saving simon JIMON CONFIRMED (fight me on this)

- i would’ve killed you
i would’ve let you

- can we talk about how much jace sacrificed in this episode cause i am not okay? first he saved simon which could pretty much kill him because simon couldn’t stop himself from feeding. then he was ready to DIE because he thought he could destroy the sword. and when he could finally have some happiness back in his life, he decided not to tell clary she’s not his sister because he thought she’d be happier with simon
wow can someone just hug him and tell him how amazing he is? please

- jimon slaying together is my everything, they work so great together
dom and alberto have such an amazing chemistry on screen and i hope we’ll get to see more of their scenes in 2b because every single scene in 2a was perfect

- jace facing his abuser and defeating him! this is what i was waiting for

- simon trying to convince valentine… of course it was never going to work but it shows how precious simon is. he’ll try anything just to save clary and i just really love him

- daylighter simon! he was so happy, i’m so happy. 

- CANONICALLY ACE RAPHAEL I AM LIVING THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL (yes, i’m mentioning it again cause i’m still so excited about this)

- luke telling jace about his parabatai bond with valentine. it seriously broke my heart? only jace can understand how it must’ve felt like. and luke is clearly trying to reassure him but the pain is still so clear in his voice

- i get why luke tased maia. but it’s still so not okay? he betrayed her or at least she feels like he did. and she has every right to feel this way. she locked her up, even though he knew she’s claustrophobic. and maia has a point, luke chose clary over the pack so many times

- meliorn did warn luke and the plan did fail. this is gonna get so bad in 2b, isn’t it (i really wanna be wrong about this)

- luke fighting with valentine and stopping him from using the sword. it’s the 2nd time when luke had to stop him from destroying the world. a person who he loved with his whole heart

- I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IZZY alec and victor thought that 4:2 was kinda hard and then she came and absolutely destroyed those 4 people while being incredibly weak because of yin fen. THIS IS WHY I LOVE IZZY, she deserves the world

- izzy and alec are okay, this is everything i needed. it was so simple yet so important
and victor seeing this whole scene and how much izzy was affected. i just hope he’ll realise how badly he fucked up

- but rizzy is dead so it’s a beautiful day

- clary… i have such mixed feelings about her? yes, she slayed and she was a badass but she was also this little girl at the same time, always thinking her way is the best way so everyone should just listen to her. even if they’re more experienced than her

- madzie this is not how you treat your father! even though you saved his life but you should listen to him in the first place!

- madzie has been through so much because of this psycho. she’s killed for him, she saw simon literally bleeding out in front of her. she’s just a child, i have no idea how she’ll deal with all of this. but i realise that magnus made the best possible decision for her. being with catarina might be the only thing that could help her and she’ll be definitely safe with her

- i’m glad we finally got to see victor’s backstory. even if he actually killed someone who he claimed he loved. i don’t know, it just felt like he really wanted to convince alec that he could never be with magnus and that’s just… no

- downworlders communicating with each other while making decisions, downworlders fighting together side by side. THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL (even if it didn’t end well…)

- i’m so so happy that dot is alive. and magnus taking care of her and making her feel better is my everything 

- i just hate valentine SO MUCH? he’s been abusing and manipulating everyone in his path just to have it his own way. i just… i can’t stand him, i can’t even look at him

- valentine finally admitting that he’s not jace’s father is the only good thing that he did. at least incest is dead

- i’m so sad that alaric died, he really didn’t deserve this. he trusted luke, he wanted to make everything right and yet valentine still killed him

- and now sebastian is coming… this is bad. really bad.

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i know we're all talking about whether or not malec will do the deed but can i just say how excited i am for the alec giving magnus a gift scene? i can't wait to see magnus's reaction, judging by the stills we got he is not expecting it at all!

Yesssss, Anon! Finally somebody who also remembers that this will also happens in that episode—and for that I am actually way more excited than the “sex” or not scene tbh.

I mean seriously, the stills and Magnus’ facial expression on a simple picture pretty much ended me already. It looks so soft and precious and pure. Can you imagine how this will be when we all watch that scene? When Alec gives Magnus that present, his face full of surprise and awe like he cannot believe that Alec went and bought something for him? And when Alec explains to him what it means? That he wanted to get Magnus something that will protect him? (I am sure Magnus knows the meaning but ….)

Like here he is, Alec Lightwood, buying Magnus a gift. To protect him. The meaning, people. Magnus Bane, a century old warlock, getting surprised by his 23year old shadowhunter. He will fall even more in love with Alec than he already is.

Bughead spoiler junkie.

Me: Alright enough is enough. NO MORE BUGHEAD SPOILERS.

Also me: *Scouring the internet like a bloodthirsty lamprey looking for something to latch onto*

OH MY GOD THEY’RE SO PRECIOUS MY HEART MY LIFE *rolling around on fire Bughead trash*

BUT SERIOUSLY How much does Mama Coop love Jughead because I NEED TO KNOW THE DEETS. Is that boy gonna stoop with the Coops? Yeah I have officially lost my fucking mind to this show, why God?

Betty: Mom, can we keep him forever?

Mama Coop: That boy can have your room if he wants. Just saying.

My fellow Killian Jones lovers- if you’re looking for another attractive man in leather pants who’s an orphan that just wants love, is smart and good with kids, uses snark and sass to cover his pain, falls in love with a strong woman who he calls by her last name, and if you’re a sucker for enemies to friends to lovers; look no further than Benvolio Montague of Still Star-Crossed.

Seriously, my baby Benny is precious, as is Rosaline, so go love them by watching Still Star-Crossed. ABC is doing nothing to promote it and wants it to fail so please go watch! It’s also based on a book, so if you want to know how it ends first, you can!

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Well im in love with Keanu and even im 26, maybe it sounds so weird and teenager thing but i imagine some nights me and him sleep together,hold each other and sth else you know.. wow and you imagines help me in that way thankssss😏😏😏🙏

💗💖💫 oooohhh. MY HEART. This is literally so nice to hear, thank you for the kind words. Honestly, It’s my pleasure though.

Also, don’t fret dear, it’s not weird at all. Anyone who says they don’t occasionally imagine falling asleep next to Keanu while tangled in his arms is a either a LIIIARRRR or just plain in denial.

like, seriously, who wouldn’t want to fall asleep next to this angel?

snuggled up, warm and safe in his arms.

or with him gently caressing your skin.

or how about when he gets home from a long day of filming and just crawls into your bed, so he can kiss you, like this:



(p.s i honestly feel like the older you are in the Keanu fandom, the more of an advantage you have. lmaoo.)

All my love and well wishes,




Finally back from MICA and ready to make a full post! This time it’s Tharja, who personally, I’m really mad wasn’t able to be a Lucina mom. I mean c’mon, dark mage lucina?? PRINCESS NOIRE?? Mama teachin the lil babies how to hex a man half to death, the girls constantly asking chrom to bring home any bodies from battles so they can use them as test subjects. Maaan we could have had it all.

Dark Mage Lucina charms Falchion with her dark magic to power it up in battle. At first Chrom was all “did you SERIOUSLY hex one of the most precious artifacts in Ylissean history I cannot believe” but Lucina points out that she saved his life like twice with it so he can’t complain

Also, I headcanon Tharja as dark skinned a lot of the time since she’s from a desert nation, which is why Lucy and Noire are darker skinned in this post! Plus it made for some interesting experimentation in how to change up Lucina’s look for this.



Nowi, more nowi

Panne, more panne

I’ll be doing a lot more of these, so follow me or shoot me an ask if you wanna see more ranting about Chrom’s limited marriage choices! The next one is kinda up in the air as of now, so drop your votes in the ask box.

I also do commissions, so click that link if you’d like some Fire Emblem variations for yourself!

Jungkook During That One BTS-Run Episode

You know the one where Jin (JOKINGLY) called Jimin a pig (In A GaME!!!!)?  

(Sorry it’s just that some people were so triggered and I feel a need to defend precious eomma.)


Well just can’t stop laughing at Jungkook’s reaction in the back. He just lays his face in his palms and I’m just sitting here wondering: Man what is he thinking….. 

Jungkook: Damn it Jin-hyung, it took me two years to make my Jminine-hyung understand how beautiful he is. What am I going to do now? What if Jiminie takes it seriously! *Mentally Flips table he is sitting at*

Y'all know those old women you see who have husbands who love them and dote on them and just adore everything they do?

And when you ask them about it, they say he’s just always been like that?

How did I get lucky enough to find one of those sweet, gentle boys that thinks the sun shines only for me? Seriously, I can do no wrong in his eyes.

He cherishes me and legitimately will do anything for me. He thinks I’m something precious. Let that sink in because that word is used a lot.

This man thinks that I am something holy and precious that WONDERFUL, in the real sense of those words…

And I just… How??? How did this happen??? How is he so amazing? Who do I need to thank for creating such an amazing human being?

He’s so special guys… You don’t understand… This little freak of nature would do nothing but stare at my face all day if I let him. He hates working; he does it for me. He took time off school; he went back because I asked him. He was just a boy… And he’s somehow blooming into this dependable, beautiful man, and I am just so thankful to get to be around to see it…

I don’t understand how this happened.

Every time I sit here and think about it… Every time it hits me how much he loves me… I’m just awestruck.

Like, the old man and woman in up. Or my uncle and auntie. Or that one old couple from the church I use to go to. Those rare few relationships that stand the test of time AND BOTH PEOPLE ARE STILL HAPPY, not together for any other reason than love.

I’m one of those lucky people in this world who has someone who loves them unconditionally.

Holy shit.

How? I’ve never been lucky in my entire life. Where is the catch? Come on. This can’t be real… I must have snapped, and this is some drug induced coma dream. This can’t be real. I don’t get to be this lucky.

Wow… Okay. That got dark. But seriously, I’m so happy.

I really hope everyone gets to feel this sort of love. Everyone deserves to be loved this much.

We don’t even fight, guys! Like, when we fight, it’s because he told me a half-truth because he wanted to please me. Or wouldn’t give me his full opinion on something because he wants me to be happy. And those are just silly little spats, really.

Y'all, he loves me more than Snape loved Lilly. This sounds so arrogant, but I promise y'all, I have been denying this and being a bitch to this kid for a year now, and he’s exactly the same. No, he’s better.

And now, he’s gotten me to love him too.

I’m so glad he didn’t give up… He loves me more than anything and anyone and just how?

What did I do in my life to deserve this godsend of a human being? He’d follow me anywhere. He’d sell his soul for me. He’d bust his ass working some shitty ass job just to take me out and make me smile.

This love… I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but a big thank you to the universe for giving him to me. He’s too wonderful to exist.

AND HE’S SO HANDSOME! Like, usually it’s a trade off between super sweet and super attractive, but not with my lover 😂 He’s got both 😏

Anyway, anyway, sorry for the super cringey rant. This has been on my mind for all day. He’s at work now. So, thought I’d just let these thoughts out.

TLDR; @playdoh-king is the greatest man on the planet, and I hope you all find someone like him 💖

SM Needs to Find a DJ

SM: Okay, so we need a DJ for Amber and Luna’s song at the concert. Who’s free?

Staff: Shinee’s back. Exo is busy, Suju never has time, Red Velvet is promoting and Girls Generation is too good for that. You only have NCT.

SM: Okay let’s use Taeyong.

Staff: He’s busy with a photo shoot that day.

SM: Okay then Ten.

Staff: He’s taking some personal days after Hit The Stage.

SM: Mark???

Staff: He’s prepping for the new unit, NCT Bling Bling.

SM: Right. Oh yes! My precious Shinee Jr. group! Well who else do we have that’s super popular and can make the crowd go wild?

Staff: Um how about WinWin?

SM: *bursts into raucous laughter*

SM: *wipes tears from eyes* WHEW BOY! I needed a good laugh badly, but seriously, who can we REALLY use?

Staff: Well….there is Johnny.

SM: He’s still alive?

Staff: Sometimes in the mornings, I go to the locker and open the door a little just enough to let light in and water him some so that he won’t die out.

SM: Perfect! This works out. He’ll be great!

Staff: Great enough to maybe even debut?

SM: *starts laughing again*


SM: But like seriously again, no. Lol why would I even?

Staff: Yeah I mean why would you ever ACTUALLY debut a trainee?


SM: Are you being sarcastic?

Staff: ….no

SM: Good because I can never tell. Go get the boy ready! And tell him that the event is for charity so that he doesn’t expect a check.


Staff: Of course. *leaves*

SM: Look at me. Always making dreams come true. I think I’ll spend his check on me as a reward!

“When there’s a common threat, people become one and find a purpose together. I finally felt like I had a purpose in life. I was so close to joining the other side, but instead those on the other side created a path for me to avoid going over the cliff. That path led me to Las Vegas, which led me to where I am today.” 

Just a reminder Zak Bagans said that. 

Just a reminder Zak Bagans didn’t have it easy. 

Just a reminder Zak Bagans went through a lot. 

Just a reminder Zak Bagans is 38 years old. He got bullied, he suffered social anxiety, he was suicidal, and he went through so much in his earlier years. But you can look at him now and it’s like, wow. He went through all kinds of hardships and he has gotten this far, and he’s still going considering everything he goes through. 

So many more people need to realize this about him. I seriously cannot believe how much he has grown and it makes me so proud of him. 

Zak Bagans is a precious human being and people need to see there is so much more behind him than his looks.



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Heeey!! You don't know how much I've fallen in love with your blog! You write amazing and everything seems quite in character! I absolutely love it! So I have this scenario in my head where the straw hats meet up with the whitebeard pirates. I just got in my head that sanji would be absolutely enamoured with ace s/o (Not just the noodle dance but also his charming side) and ace would get jelous. Would you mind writing it? You don't have to if you don't want to.. or if it's stupid! I love you!

It’s ok if I request hcs for Ace feeling insecure because he thinks his s/o might like someone else? If you are not comfortable with it I understand so don’t worry ^^ thanks a lot in advance, your writting is simply amazing!

so I put those two together, hope nobody minds^^ Also thank you for thinking I keep the hcs in character, I’m glad  love u too <3

  • OH Ace is a jelly guy actually xDDDD
  • I think that scenario is possible considering Sanji’s persona and I don’t think Ace would fancy it all that much
  • Tho I think Ace mostly pretty chill and won’t even notice or take Sanji’s flirting attempts seriously 
  • but still can get jealous and pull his s/o from Sanji, until Sanji annoys him so much Ace punches him
  • or until he does get some sort of inferiority complex because he’s gotta admit Sanji is damn handsome and does the gentleman thing with ease
  • Everybody would tell Sanji to hold his horses and Ace’s eyes would angrily twitch when Snooj is around his precious s/o
  • And by the end the s/o ofc would say how much they love Ace and that everything is fine ahhaha <3