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Dating Kim Namjoon would Include

Could you please do a f(x) what would dating Luna and a BTS what would dating Namjoon be like, sorry if it’s too much just Luna will be fine then xx please keep writing, literally all your posts are amazing not just your exo ones xxxx

Note: Ah you’re so sweet! I have posted dating Luna would include –> here. So, this is the Rap Monster version. I hope you will enjoy! 

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  • How does it feel to date the most amazing, handsome, smartest man in the whole of South Korea?
  • Amazing
  • Let’s start with that rapping talent
  • Him singing and rapping to you around the house at the most random times, sometimes he’s being seriously sexy and other times he’s rapping about the noodles you just made him for lunch??
  • But it reflects his passion, especially when you hear him rapping in the recording studio which tbh is the most beautiful sound in the world
  • Him going on tour a lot and working like crazy but always finding time for you because he loves you and nothing means more to him than making sure you feel supported and loved
  • Dates whenever you have the chance 
  • Or just hanging out around the house and having a good time
  • Like one minute you could be deciding on what film to watch
  • The next you’re making popcorn and hot chocolate with whipped cream to go along with it
  • Namjoon understanding how the relationship must strain on you sometimes and always being there for you 
  • Him telling you that he loves his fans but that you should always stay away from the anti’s 
  • Especially the ones that hate on you
  • But aside from being all supportive and loving of you
  • You still have no jams
  • Him liking to be your “knight in shining armor”
  • Like this bitch will purposefully put things on high shelves and put all his washing in the pile to make it heavier so he has to help you around the house
  • But like, he tries to be helpful
  • Though he ends up breaking half of the furniture 
  • Don’t even bother looking at that new table set because 9/10 it’ll last about two hours in your household
  • Him being a klutz but always replacing things or ringing Yoongi to come over and fix things before you get home
  • Him being a little bit protective over you
  • Especially when you’re around the other members because they have no chill and annoying their leader is way too much fun not to tease you.
  • “You’re looking fine today, {y/n}” 
  • “As her boyfriend, I suggest you shut up, Jungkook, or I’ll cut your man parts off before you even know what they’re for.” 
  • Him showing you around his work space
  • And recording you singing if you’ll let him

Night Time

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  • Long nights talking about the significance of the universe and how life is meaningless
  • But like, you’ll live your meaningless lives together 
  • Because together, your meaningless life seem a little bit more meaningful
  • Namjoon taking you out in the car to drive around in the night because he knows that you love it
  • Him taking you to restaurants at night when there isn’t many people around and he loves spending the time with you and not worrying about being caught by the press or fans. 
  • Stargazing together
  • Namjoon telling you the names of the stars and constellations in the sky and it’s somehow soothing 
  • But sometimes he just wants to lie in the mattress with you under the duvet 
  • Sometimes innocent 
  • Sometimes not so innocent 
  • But always loving. 

Today I truly witnessed what I call “the Darren Criss Effect”. I started teaching in a new School and 90% of my students are boys (15-18 years old). Today we were talking about groundbreaking musicals and OF COURSE I took the opportunity to gush about Hedwig. I showed a picture of Darren dressed as Hedwig, then another one of “regular Darren” so they could see how amazing the characterization is. After that, the whole class went quiet. One of the guys raised his hand and said (in a very serious tone): “This is the most beautiful man I’ve seen in my life”. ALL the other guys immediately agreed. I heard stuff like “his legs are bigger than my entire torso” and “I’m seriously questioning my sexuality right now”. They left the class in awe. The Darren Criss Effect is REAL.

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I was going through your art tag and got upset because i have already liked and reblogged it all and you can't be 16 what on earth im 18 and im like still awful at art and im in art collage XD but man just imaging how much better youre going to get amazes me you draw like a professional already im looking forward to watching you progress and watching your style and technique develop keep it up its amazing and youll only get better (also i live for the ice daddy mug 10/10)

OH MY GOSH THANK U…………… I don’t deserve this like they’re just doodles but tysm………. lmfao it’s so weird looking back on my stuff from 3 months ago like why did I think this was ok to post but yeah I try to improve and I think it’s somewhat working bye BUT BY 18 I WANT TO BE ABLE TO WHIP OUT SOME PICASSO-LEVEL SHIT it’ll be amazing is2g


Seriously, you guys, the BEST news I’ve heard in like a month is that Mr Curry WILL be in Paddington 2: Electric Paddingtonloo* filming NOW!

*(Not actual title)(Probably)

YAY! Mr Curry and his AMAZING fashion sense is back!

I suspect I should feel at least a tiny bit bad about juxtaposing him with the actually-in-this-instance-being-quite-family-friendly Mr Tucker, but how can I when the scenes fit together so well?

I mean, Millicent calls Mr Curry

and everyone knows This Charming Man is…

That’s right!

Not to mention Malcolm – like Mr Curry – employing a simple four word proverb to sum up the special flower circumstances.

Of course Mr Curry ends up taking his death gift flowers away too,

but in his case he’s the one who needs cheering up.  Poor Mr Curry!

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I've watched the male scenes again and can I just say how much I love the writers for destroying every single argument in favor of clalec and romantic jalec?its so refreshing to see no confusion, hints or double meaning because yes alec had feelings for jace but I really don't think he ever felt phisically attracted to him, he never looked at him the way he does with magnus thats why he strated to think to having a shot at happiness the man himself confirmed it was the magnus bane not jace

It’s amazing, I know, Anon. And let’s not forget that the biggest Malec stan out there (we call him Matthew Daddario, but pssshhh!) made this tweet on Dominic Sherwood‘s birthday when people wanted to trend Jalec while Malec was having their first date? And Matt be like: You don’t come into my house and do shit like that. They’re brothers, stop this crap. How many more times do I have to call Jace my brother. lmao

Seriously, we can’t thank those writers enough for destroying all this problematic shit from the books. Like f.e. the 600+ pages of Alec’s biphobia in the books? Destroyed in 1(!) sentence when Alec assured Magnus that it is okay talking about Camille. He even asked how he felt. Or them talking before the second kiss, and like…I don’t care what’s in the past or if you haven’t had any relationship. I am here now, I want this to work. CC was probably losing her shit, lying on the floor and banging her fists against the floor, sobbing, when she saw that. I am living!

And now watching them falling in love completely? Becoming each other’s rocks? I wanna throw myself from that balcony, because please…. can you believe???

Last night my husband started getting teary eyed while we were laying in bed and of course i asked wtf was wrong because he is not an emotional man, and he said: “Nothing, I just love you so much and you’re so beautiful”.

It was the grossest and cutest thing ever and it just reminded me of how in love I am with this amazing man he’s genuinely my best friend and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

My god this post is gross but for real I’m so lucky.


Egu, Egu, Egu…=w=“

My friend actually compiled these, and yeah, this is exactly what I mean when I say this giraffe has an extremely loose wallet…and these aren’t even all of them yet (some of them are lost…but yeah, Egu never fails to amaze people when they try to look up the prices for his stuff though…=w=“)

So…hope Boss and Wing can SERIOUSLY get the Ryohei Saving to work. This giraffe seriously needs it. =w=“

Not going to tag the man himself since I think some passing Egu fans may find this as unpleasant. I personally love him for this though (and for how Boss and Wing always teased him for this…>_<”)

Note: The second bag one from Boss’s twitter, those two bags are actually Egu’s and OnoK’s according to Boss though.


It never occurred to me until now that he’s describing an abusive relationship. He’s talking about she can live without him, how he’s the reason she’s alive. He’s eating her, smothering her alive, feeding of her. Holy Crapp that escalated fast. Guys, seriously, listen to this man!

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Why do you even love Johnny Gargano so much?

Oh honey… Do not even get me started. For one, how can people not love this man? He’s an extremely talented athlete, absolutely astounding in the ring as both a singles and tag team wrestler. The chemistry between him and Tommaso is off the charts, their friendship is my friendship goals, and I never use that phrase. He puts on amazing matches, just look at the ones between #DIY and The Revival to start with, not to mention any others. He’s a complete and utter dork, I absolutely love his twitter, him, Candice and Tommaso on there is brilliant, they seriously make my day sometimes. He’s just a total sweetheart, he has so much passion for what he does and the fans supporting him, you can see that a mile off, he’s so in love with what he does and it warms my heart. I love Johnny Gargano, he’s an incredible wrestler and no one will ever change that.

My wonderful princess ❤❤❤.

I just wanna make a post about how much I love my little one. She’s seriously the most amazing girl I’ve ever met and I love her beyond so much. I love her to the moon and back, through the galaxy and back, my love for her is infinite. I’m honestly the luckiest man in the whole entire world to have her in my life and I’m so grateful that she is in my life. She makes me so happy and I miss her so much because I’m tour right now and this is only the first day. Idk, she’s just honestly the best person in the world and the best thing to ever happen to me. She’s changed me in the best way possible and I love her so fucking much. She’s the best person, my world, my everything, and she always will be. I love you my princess ❤❤❤.

Hao was very likable and was referred to by my buddies as ‘that Chink that speaks English with an Alabama accent.’ Hao, like most Chinese, called all Americans 'Joe’–except me. He always addressed me by my 'Chinese Name,’ Ee Jen Sheh. This was as close as the Chinese artisan who made brass name stamps could come to Eugene Sledge. After I pronounced my name once, the man look puzzled, but then he said slowly: 'Ah so, Ee Jen Sheh. Such is your name in Chinese.’

'How do you translate it?’ I asked.

'It means golden scholar,’ he answered with a broad smile of satisfaction.

'Golden Scholar!’ I remarked in amazement. 

'Yes, it is so,’  he replied. This provided my buddies an unending source for kidding me–but Hao took it seriously.


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About a year ago I sent you a message, realizing I was transgender and scared shitless. Today I had my first shot of testosterone. Just wanted to say thank you.

Oh man that is AMAZING news to hear and I’m beyond proud of you, seriously! Thanks for letting me know how you’re doing, we all need a little extra positivity in our lives  and knowing you’re doing well and have found not only yourself but strength and confidence in yourself is great to hear! I’m rooting for you! 

More Jeffayette

((Okay, so, I’m loving this so much, because you’re like one of my favourite writers, and you’re responding to my dumb ideas so quickly and it makes me so happy. Thank you for making my day amazing)) Or, imagine if instead of keeping it to himself, Thomas starts rambling to James (and maybe Aaron) about what happened, and how he doesn’t know what to do, and how he has just been freaking out about meeting this very charming and amazing man. And James goes all relationship advisor mode and tells Thomas to just go speak to Lafayette, but Thomas accidentally yells at James because Laf is friends with Alexander and John and Herc and none of them like him and he’s too nervous to do it since the four are almost always inseparable! And it would be super awkward because it was just one kiss or whatever and it probably didn’t matter to Laf at all and what if Thomas gets rejected?? And would it even be rejection?? They haven’t even talked to each other before this whole thing happened! So James just sits Thomas down and tries to calm him down, quietly telling him to do what feels right to Thomas, and just being a super supportive roommate, because their friendship is the most precious. And while Thomas builds up the courage to go find Laf and speak to him about it, Lafayette is casually bombarding the Schuyler sisters and Aaron with questions about Jefferson. Eliza, Peggy and Aaron are happy to provide, while Angelica occasionally teases Laf about it. And Laf is suddenly very fascinated by the man, despite how much shit Alexander talks about him on weekly basis, and how much John would totally fight him. And just *flails arms* Laf, like the romantic Frenchman that he is, decides to send roses or something to Thomas one day, one by one arriving at random times during the day. In classes, during lunch, randomly lying in front of his room, in the library, and Thomas is so astounded. And just, WOW, this guy knows how to charm the socks off of anyone. (((This is slowly becoming my favourite ship. Halp)))

Your ideas are really good!!! I love that you’re sending them to me :)

I love the James/Thomas friendship, that is perfect. And I love how Thomas is like freaking out and needing advice from his friends, and Laf is just like yes, flowers, I know exactly how to handle this. 


For a better post than that last, today DrKotobuki and I went to Machi Asobi Cafe Tokyo for the What’s Cooking at Emiya House Today? collab. And oh man. Oh man. Ufotable Cafe(s) always have amazing food, but they’ve seriously outdone themselves this time. The salmon in foil was so good I could have happily eaten ten. You have no idea how delicious it was. Boys, take note: if you want to attract the ladies, you have to learn to cook like Shirou.

Between the two of us, we drank four of the Archer and Lancer teas (because it was good, we each wanted a coaster, and we were asked by friends to get them coasters, too), and we shared the Shirou-Saber-Taiga and Rin-Sakura drinks.

I did draw the gacha badges and managed to get myself a Cu, so I’m satisfied there. This was an amazing collab cafe, highly recommended!

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Can i just tell you, as an artist myself, I absolutely adore how well and how awesome you draw Solas? Its like.. You took him straight from the came and made it into an official art book. I'm continuously amazed by your talent and I am definitely going to buy your artwork ASAP just because I have an undying love for the racist grandpa egg man with feels. Keep up the work because believe me, It brings e the greatest joy <3

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You have NO IDEA how much this message touched me and made me happy beyond words! I think I teared up a little bit ;—; thank you so SO much!! you pretty much made the rest of my week. Messages like this brings ME the greatest joy!! Thank you again sweetheart! <333333


That last panel always gets me. This whole comic is one of my favorites. Its the aftermath after some pretty bad stuff, and seeing with these characters deal with recent events is pretty heartbreaking. And this is my favorite part. When Silver sees the man he thought was the traitor in the hospital bed, it tears me up. I mean for God’s sake, LOOK AT THE LIGHTING IN THE LAST PANEL! I don’t know how, but they got cool ass lighting (Chalk that up to the amazing art, I guess). These comics are criminally underrated. Sorry for the long text block, but I just wanted to get that out there.

I thought that it has been a long time since i made a coloration. this drawing of miranda is so perfect i kind of had to…seriously hoshino style improved a lot recently and since the first chapiter holy molly how much did her style changed and still look amazing each time.

also here is hoshino’s instragram to source :

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send ‘&’ for 3 blogs i recommend

@espoirose ZACH is amazing !! I remember we met a few months ago and now we are very good friends!! I love how he portrays Nanami and I always love the thought he puts into his characters!! I love Zach a lot and I’m always rootin’ for you.

@kyoukokiwigiri how could I forget me twin??? Lucia is such an amazing person and I’m always lovin how much we’re alike??? It’s honestly amazing that I found someone like you. But seriously I’m sure everyone in the fandom knows you by now but literally A+ kirigiri and I’m love Lucia with all my heart, lucia is family man.

@mispyre | @deiryu 3 am corpse hunting. ok jk jk stevie is so amazing and I literally cry tear @ her writing like especially w/ my new blog its been so fun writing w/ u and i’m cry I love stevie with my heart and soul.