seriously hit me up if you wanna talk

Just woke up, hello everyone! Just saw that I’m about to hit 700 followers and I’m just.. holy crap, man. I’m absolutely blown away. 

Thank you, guys. Seriously thank you all SO MUCH! Just like the previous Followers thank you post, I’ll be hovering over Tumblr all day to answer any questions you may have!

 Is there anything you wanted to know about the comic? 

Anything you’d like to see? 

Anything you wanted to know about me? 

Talk to me, I’m so thankful for all of you and I wanna stay communicative no matter how big this gets because it’s all thanks to you folks!! 

❤ Peaches


Except. It feels like Christmas to me. 
Alright, I’ll stop yelling. But seriously I’ve been watching so much basketball this weekend, it’s nuts. So far all my teams have been winning, so I’m a happy kit kat twixie chocolate chip peanut butter & jelly. But seriously, if you’re as obsessed with basketball/the playoffs as me, hit me up. My current fashionista friendzies are pretty much done with all my BB talk. I don’t get to talk about it often and I’m going to explode if I can’t discuss how FABULOUS THE ATL HAWKS ARE DOING/KD DESERVES MVP/FUQ DA PACERS/etc.

Anyways. Time to finish off that chocolate egg I opened this morning. Enjoy your Sunday guys! x

Ok, for serious this time. Who here is on DogDayzz??
I know of like, 1 person, but it seriously has to be more popular than that right??

You like the idea of breeding dogs? For show, or sport, or colours? Interested in genetics? Wanna compete in as many shows as possible and collect as many titles as possible? Appreciate good dog art?? Fantasize about breeding dogs one day? MAKE AN ACCOUNT I’m serious!

I guess maybe because it’s quite slow to start it puts people off…. :/ but I am completely addicted to breeding these dogs omg I want someone to talk to and show off my dogs uuuugh.

So if you’re interested, make an account and hit me up on there (my number is 45764) and I’ll help you get started and point you in the right direction! Maybe I’ll even get you a dog ;))) maybe….