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30 Day Idol Challenge - Day 21 - At The Car

Day TwentyOne of the challenge @devikafernando found is ‘At The Car’


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“There’s one extraordinary aspect of the play, which is that when Hero’s chastity is in doubt—it’s called into question because of the plot of Don John—an extraordinary thing happens, which is almost unique in all of Shakespeare, which is the man, Benedick, takes the side of the women in blind faith. So he says to Claudio and Don Pedro, I think, “What you’ve done is appalling. This is an act of brutality.” He doesn’t explicitly say that, but it’s an amazing thing where the leading male character takes the side of the women, and I think it’s, yet again, evidence of Shakespeare’s extraordinary compassion and understanding of human nature.” - Tom Hiddleston.

Just look at this for a minute or two. Just look at all of the details. How Tom smiles at her with such fondness. How he lightly hugs her as though scared to scare or break her. How he lightly grabs her hand as though she were a princess. How he bends over as though to protect her from the cold wind. Things like this, are what makes you think about how he would treat his own child, a little girl none the less. How much he would purely adore her with every fiber of his being, treat her like the most important princess in all the nine realms. These moments, these amazing moments, are what draw us to him, are what make us adore him so much, are what make us want to love him so fiercely. These types of things are what makes him such a beautiful human being and such a wonderful man.

anonymous asked:

Every time you mention a new actor on this blog I don't understand or see the appeal and then the more you post the more I get it When first you started mentioning Jeremy Irons my first thought when I googled him was he's old enough to be my grandfather that's disgusting and now I'm slowly becoming more and more obsessed with him ( mostly his voice) and I blame you. I didn't realise I had a thing for much older men until I started reading this blog

#NotSorry. Ahaha!

There’s nothing wrong with liking older men, dear. Don’t ever feel bad about it. Life’s too short and you’re free.

The thing about Jeremy is… that even if you’re not attracted to him, you respect him as an actor you know? He has a very strong presence and beautiful voice. And he speaks his mind and he’s not scared even though people are constantly on his back. And then the more you see his films the more you fall in love with him because he’s a magnificent actor.

I guess what i’m trying to say is… just give in. Ahaha!

Besides… he’s tallllllll. As tall as Thomas.



[One Shot] Picking Out a Christmas Tree with Tom

Background: Just Christmas-y Tom Hiddleston fluff where Tom accompanies you to pick out a tree, but there’s a cute miscommunication on what you’re looking for :)

The twinkly lights lit up the Christmas tree lot in a winter wonderland glow and the smell of fresh pines filled your head.  You loved everything about Christmas - the mistletoe, the family, snow angels, fresh baked gingerbread cookies.  And the man you were getting to share it with just made it all the better.  Walking towards you, trying to maneuver his giant frame through the happy families whilst balancing two cups of hot cocoa in his extra-large hands, was Tom.  You smile to yourself when he almost trips over a toddler who ran eagerly in front of him, chasing his little sister through the trees. “So sorry,” he mumbled to the mother who looked at him wide-eyed.  He shook it off with a little chuckle and when his eyes met yours, somehow they shone brighter.  “Here you are darling.”  You grasped the cocoa and smiled, lifting yourself up on your tippy toes and then some to press a light kiss to his cheek.  “Thank you,” you whispered.  “I need to keep you warm, don’t I?” A nonchalant smile spread on his face, but a blush highlighted his true emotions.  

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