seriously he's the most adorable baby


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Ba-bum. Ba-bum. Ba-bum. 

Harry could feel his heart hammering away in his chest as he waited for you anxiously, his palms rubbing together in an attempt to get rid of the clamminess. Never in his life had he been this nervous - not at his X-factor audition, not when he released his debut album and not even the first time he had asked you out. But now, waiting for you to come out of the bathroom with life changing news - boy, was he nervous.

Having a kid wasn’t exactly the number one priority on his to-do list. He had a lot going on in his life - he was going on tour soon, he had what seemed like a trillion interviews and TV appearances to attend… But the thought of a baby, his baby, cradled in his arms, the perfect mixture of you and him… That didn’t sound bad at all. He loved you dearly and the thought of you carrying his child made him feel all goopy inside. 


The thought of a little human growing inside of you didn’t click in your mind when the symptoms arose. Your energy levels weren’t quite the same, your mood swings were a little more intense, you were craving all kinds of food, and you thought that one time you had puked in the morning was because you overdid it on the sushi the previous night. It was only when you noticed your period hadn’t arrived in nearly a month and a bit that the thought of pregnancy floated into your mind. (The only somewhat positive symptom that came out of this was that your breasts had grown a little bigger - Harry definitely noticed that.) He remembered how nervous you were when you told him of your suspicions. Your eyes were wide with fear because you didn’t know how Harry would react to ‘by the way, I think I’m pregnant’ in the middle of a Netflix marathon. 

“So, uh, babies!” You blurted out one evening, keeping your eyes glued to the television screen while you scooped up a handful of popcorn. “I saw one today. Awfully cute.” This would be easy. All you had to do was casually slip it into the conversation and let the news naturally come on its own…

“Babies are indeed awfully cute.” Harry agreed, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion. Why were you randomly bringing up babies? You were watching a documentary on whales. 

“…D’you think we’d have a cute baby?” This wasn’t the first time you and Harry had the baby talk. One time, you two had used one of those dumb websites online that merged your faces to predict what your baby would look like. You never took it seriously only because the results always looked ridiculous. 

“We’d definitely have a cute baby. With my eyes and your hair, our baby would be the most adorable of them all.” Harry replied casually, turning to look at you with a small smile. 

“Oh, yeah. Definitely. By the way, I think I’m pregnant.” Well, that wasn’t the smoothest of transitions but at least it was now out in the open. 

“You- what?!” 


All of that led up to this moment. Harry immediately stood up from the bed when the bathroom door slowly creaked open, his heart beating so fast he was sure it was going to pop out anytime soon. 

“Hi.” You smiled nervously, stepping out and clutching the test in your hand. He had been waiting for you for only ten minutes, but it felt like he had been waiting for hours. 

“Hi.” Harry replied, his voice soft. He wasn’t even staring at you - he was staring at the stick in your hand. His eyes flickered up to yours as if silently asking you for the answer. 

“So, uh, babies.” You cleared your throat, walking over to an equally as nervous Harry. “We’re having one.” You moved your hand to show Harry the results - two pink lines. Two pink lines.

“We’re-” Harry could hardly believe it, his eyes widening as he took the stick from you to take a closer look. “We’re having a… a…” 

“I think the word is ‘baby’.” 

“We’re having a baby!” Almost immediately, Harry’s lips tugged up in a wide grin, his dimples popping as he laughed and wrapped his arms around you. (Not too roughly, of course. He didn’t want to squish the baby.) “We made a human!” He grinned, cupping your cheeks and giving you a sweet kiss. 

“That’s how sex works.” You shrugged casually, giggling at how excited Harry was. 

“Oh my god, we have to tell everyone! I have to make calls. Or should we have one of those super cute announcements- Oh, no, I can’t wait, I need to call Mum, and Gemma, and-” Harry didn’t even finish his sentence before he was darting out of the room. 

“Harry, calm down-” 

Our baby’s going to be cute as fuck!” 


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BTS as Fathers Would Include: Suga

Fatherhood BTS Series

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  • lots of father children cuddling sessions
  • he’d probably read books to them
  • yoongi would most likely teach them the piano or something like that ( or not )
  • songs about them
  • a lot of naps with them

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Just saw Baby Driver

Wow! I loved that movie so much. I wanted to go right back in as soon as it was over with. Since I JUST got out, here are a few jumbled thoughts that I have about it. SPOILERS warnings apply:
•Jon Bernthal was hardly in it at all. I thought he was gonna be in it and be a villain, but nope. Showed up once and you never see him again. For the short time he was on screen, he was good.
•Ansel Elgort was AMAZING!!! He is going to be my generation’s leading man. Seriously, this dude’s got a bright future ahead of him. He was charismatic, charming, and adorable, but you bought it when he was being a bad ass.
•I LOVED the character of Baby. Oh my god. Just everything. The fact that he loves music. The fact that he knows sign language because his foster father is deaf. The fact that he’d been driving since he was “tall enough to see over the dashboard.” Possibly the most likable protagonist I’ve seen in years.
•Kevin Spacey Yo! You can’t go wrong with Kevin Spacey.
•Jamie Foxx (Bats) freaking surprised me in this movie! I knew he was a damn good actor, but I’ve never seen Jamie Foxx be intimidating and scary (His role in Spider-Man was neither). He was fantastic in this movie. I bought that he was this scary criminal who wasn’t just intimidating because he would shoot someone in the face for no reason. Bats was like a frigging Sherlock! Deducing his partners and talking about their weaknesses. Dude was crazy!
•Lily James as Deborah was really good. Her accent kept changing and that threw me a little. But she was adorable and she had great chemistry with Baby. I totally bought their relationship, although I did get some Romeo and Juliet vibes. They only knew each other for a few days and he claimed that he loved her. That was the only part that really took me out of the movie. But I could buy it.
•Buddy and Darling could have been really annoying. But Jon Hamm and Eiza González’s chemistry really grabbed me and I loved their characters separate and especially together. Buddy actually turned out to be my favorite character because I legitimately could not have called where they took his character and I like it when movies surprise me. On top of that, Jon Hamm was so sexy in this movie, oh my god. I found it hard to concentrate when he was on screen because of how god damn good looking Buddy was. I have a villain complex to begin with, but making Jon Hamm a bad guy… *drools* I won’t say anymore.
•The stunts were amazing but what made the action scenes INCREDIBLE was how Edgar Wright synced the scenes with the music. The gun shots and crashes and shifting gears were all synced to whatever music Baby was listening to and it was awesome. Along with the random high pitches throughout the movie to remind us that Baby had tinnitus, the audio in this movie really helped the audience see and hear the world as Baby did.

In short, go see Baby Driver. It was such a unique movie with amazing, well developed, colorful characters, a banging soundtrack, AMAZING stunt work, and a satisfying ending. I promise this movie is not overhyped. It’s so good.

The Montreal Canadiens a short Summary

Max Pacioretty

- Captain Patch / Patches / Patchy

- Deep but heart warming voice

- Always gets shit on by Therrien

- Deserves the world

- The face of loyalty 

Andrew Shaw

- Shawzy

- Mutt

- Will fight you anywhere any day

Paul Byron

- Pauly

- Zoom zoom he goes as he scores 

Tomas Plekanec

- Pleky

- Veteran 

- Loyal human being who tries to protect his children

Torrey Mitchell

- Will sometimes fight you

- Loyal 

Alex Galchenyuk

- Chucky

- Was born in America but Russian

- Gets angry at Gally for calling him Russian

- ½ of Gallys

- Will protect Gally at all cost

Brendan Gallagher 

- ½ of Gallys

- The most precious human being there is

- Always fights people bigger than him 

- Will always protect Chucky 

Jacob De La Rose

- Disappears at dawn

- Precious cinnamon roll

Phillip Danault

- Zoom zoom

- Great flow but he got a haircut 

Daniel Carr

- Works so hard its ridiculous

- Underappreciated 

- Deserves the world

Alexander Radulov


- Well loved

- Precious Russian

- Loves his Captain Patch

Brian Flynn

- Zooooooooooooooooom zooooooom

- Overall great quiet human being

Sven Andrighetto

- Always getting sent back and forth 

- Hard worker

- Deserves the world 

Shea Weber

- Dad af

- Habs dad

- Will fight you if you mess with his children

- Slapshot will kill you

Alexei Emelin

- Emy

- Russian Tank

- Will destroy you for messing with his team mates / just because 

Zach Redmond

- Precious Cinnamon roll

- Works really hard 

David Desharnais

- Davey

- Smoll

- Great human being

- Sometimes struggles on the ice but he works super hard and deserves the world

Jeff Petry

- Best Flow

- Kind gentle human being

Greg Pateryn

- Lumberjack look

- Overall great human being

- Rugged beauty

Andrei Markov

- Marky

- Stealthy Russian

- Always serious

- Will kill you if you mess with his team


Nathan Beaulieu

- Nate

- Great human being 

- No seriously he is such a sweatheart

- Trying to get in between the Gallys

- Well loved by everyone

Al Montoya

- Underappreciated

- Honestly the kindest human being

- Deserves the world and more

Carey Price

- Jesus Price

- The Price is right

- Pricer / Pricey

- Innocent but deadly

- Cowboy

Artturi Lehkonen

- Leky

- Baby Hab

- Finnish Ken

- The most adorable and hard working human being ever

- Deserves the entire universe and more

Michael McCarron

- Mac Attack

- Very big

- Sweetest human being 

Mikhail Sergachev

- Sergy


- Puppy

- Deserves the entire world

- Seriously the most precious human being ever (yes i am still bitter they sent him back)

Nikita Scherbak

- Scherby

- Precious Russian

- Loyal

- Puppy

- Incredible human with a genuine heart

- Cute accent

Reveling in Richonne

#20: The “This Is Different” (6x11)

“This is different.” Maybe one of the truest and most accurate lines ever spoken on this show. 👌🏽

So since Rick didn’t catch Carl’s smirk to Michonne, he wants to have his own moment with Carl to let him know what’s what. It is such a lovably awkward son/dad moment because it’s almost like Rick forgets Carl is his son. 😋

Rick’s in such a daze and still reeling from finally having the woman of his dreams that it causes him to not have the smoothest approach when talking to Carl. Especially as he repeats that it “just happened." I was like "Bruh, your son doesn’t want to know all that" lol. And I think Judith agreed with me, due to the face she was making in this scene 😂⬇️ 

First; that baby is so beyond adorable!! And she makes the best facial expressions lol. Second; she is seriously giving a look in the camera like "Do y’all see my dad being extra? Excuse him, cuz he’s in love and doing the most rn.” 😋

But even in this cloud nine loopy state, one thing Rick does know for certain is that “this is different”. I love this. Cuz this is different. It’s special and I love that Rick gives verbal confirmation that he is aware that what he has with Michonne is different that anything else he’s experienced with anyone else. Period. Like R&M used to fight their feelings for each other and now that they’re feelings are out in the open they are fully out in the open. For even his son to see lol. 

And Rick is so much more aware of the love he feels for Michonne now. I love that the first thing this new woke Rick immediately knows about this relationship is just how different and special it is.

I also love that he wants to reassure Carl, not just as his son, but also as Michonne’s friend. Rick knows how much Carl values Michonne and he wants to let Carl know that he treasures Michonne just like Carl does. I love that he wants it to be more than clear that this was not a casual mistake, this is who he wants to be with from here on out.

It’s also funny and cute that he tells Carl all of this before even discussing with Michonne how to tell him, because Rick doesn’t need any more confirmation that what they have is the real deal and long term and that Carl should know that she’s it for him. He’s basically trying to tell his son that she’s the one. :)

And I honestly don’t think it even crossed Rick’s mind that maybe talking to Carl about this, at this moment, was too soon. Grimes 2.0 has been the norm for awhile. They’re already a family so, in a lot of ways, nothing was really new.

I also love the moment in this scene when they both see Michonne walking out of the house with Jesus. 

Originally posted by rottenwasp

It’s such a great shot. It really feels like these guys (and even Judith) are looking at their immediate family member and their matriarch. They are looking at the woman who has been, and will become even more of, the glue in their family. Like Michonne truly is the final piece of the Grimes puzzle. And in this shot, it just feels like they are looking at that final puzzle piece that’s made their lives ten times better. 

I also love that Carl can visibly see that Rick is sort of floundering for how to best explain that he’s in love. He sort of lets Rick go on talking cuz he’s clearly amused that his dad is like in a whole other state of mind rn and pretty much lost for words. And then Carl finally throws him a line and smiles and tells Rick he’s cool with it. He says it so matter of fact like “Duh, of course you guys would get together and of course I’d be okay with it” cuz he loves them both and he’s literally seen R&M be in love for the longest.

It’s so sweet that Carl is happy for his dad and happy that their family is officially complete. Carl always knew Michonne wasn’t ever going to leave them, but her now being in a relationship with Rick just solidifies to Carl, and to everyone, that Grimes 2.0 are completely and utterly family for the rest of their lives. 

And as much as this relationship is different than any other for Rick and Michonne, it’s pretty much the same old same old to Carl lol. 😋

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Please, do the "Lords first time holding their child hc" with the other lords! <3

Sure! I left out Kenshin and Shingen because I am the least knowledgeable about their character types. I hope you enjoy this part ii! 


-        Big, bad Nobu is brought low the first time he holds his baby.

-        The little one is so small, it makes him feel small

-        He doesn’t quite grasp how one day the little being in his arms will be an adult.

-        And also the baby is crying????

-        MC expects him to be upset.

-        Heck no, Nobu goes on and on about how strong the baby’s lungs are and about how one day they will be leading the clan. He is actually relieved to see the fire in the little one.

-        Nobunaga helps swaddle the baby, and basically spends the rest of the afternoon rocking the baby and telling tales of his military feats as MC rests and recovers.

-        Absentmindedly gets really personal with his baby, he lays out his divine rule plan and everything.

-        The baby actually seems really happy and soothed by his voice. (score, MC)

-        MC overhears all of his sentimentality.

-        She will never ever forget it.

-        Also MC won’t let him live it down.


-        Out of every lord there is no doubt that Mitsunari was the most prepared for this baby.

-        Once it was discovered that MC was expecting he basically read all that there was to know about babies and childbirth.

-        Honestly made MC equal parts relieved and terrified about the experience

-        The first time he holds his child his entire world stops

-        Here is a being that is he helped create, a little one who will be relying on him.

-        He and MC have created a responsibility, one that he takes very seriously.

-        Honestly it is adorable though because he has one of the softest looks that MC has ever seen on his face.

-        Both he and the baby are silent for a long moment before the baby gurgles happily, a sudden burst of noise in the room.

-        “The baby gets that from you.” Mitsun sullenly declares

-        He rocks the baby into silence again, contemplating how much quiet time he’s just given up for the rest of his life.


-        Oh no

-        Does he have to hold the baby, MC?

-        What if he drops the baby?

-        “You won’t drop the baby, Yukimura.”

-        But what if?

-        The baby is so small

-        He is secretly very very worried that the baby won’t like him.

-        When he finally (finally) takes the baby from MC he can’t help but marvel at the little one

-        The baby is sleeping, and clearly is comfortable resting against him.

-        He grabs MC’s hand with his free hand, squeezing it in appreciation.

-        “Thank you for this.”

-        This is all he could have ever dreamed of, his life had been so driven toward death before, but now here he was living a life that could be envied by all.

-        Yukimura does cry, and it wakes the baby up and the baby cries

-        MC has to comfort the both of them, but she is also crying.


-        Hideyoshi is just in awe.

-        The little baby isn’t fussy at all.

-        MC idly rests her hand on the baby’s cheek as he holds them

-        The moment is frozen in time for him, as he stands there trying to memorize the feeling

-        The euphoria is unlike anything he could have imagined.

-        Even more than the excitement of fireworks or the feeling in his stomach when he makes MC blush.

-        “I love you.” He kisses the little one’s head, “and you too.” He repeats the motion on MC’s forehead.

-        The baby wriggles in his arms, a bundle of energy.

-        “I guess we have a new monkey to worry about.” MC pipes up, followed by a snicker as she goes to take the baby from him.

-        “Ah Ah, not just yet.” He turns away from her, a smile on his face. “Just a little bit longer.”


-        Oh this poor puppy dog

-        MC loves him and she just bore his child

-        Yeah he cried

-        Is crying

-        But furiously wiping them away, trying his best to keep up his bruiser persona.

-        When she hands him the baby, he spends a moment frozen

-        The baby is crying, he rocks them in a rhythm, trying to sooth them.

-        Honestly all he can think of is the future, the idea of more children, of the loud and happy home he wants to have with MC.

-        He is just so happy.

JUMPing boys

Yama: Hey! I’m the center! Center center! *sparkles* I’m also really sexy look at me I draw a beauty mark that makes me look better but VS Arashi totally ruined it for me! I’m also a bias wrecker haha take that girls *winks*

Yuto: Big baby that’s shipped with everyone. “Look at me drummer boy, I also have too many hobbies!” I’m tall and adorable and love messing with the members and still adorable adorable really adorable like how can someone so tall be so precious

Chinen: dancing mouse. Really good at guessing games too. “miracle chibi” has a 100% cute image but sweet liar will change that Omygosh someone stop him he’s a talented monster

Inoo: enoki mushroom, acts adorable and cute but also clearly sexually aware of himself (have you seen the mgirl photoshoot my God)
39% female, puts girls to shame, like seriously how dare you be so pretty you adorable mushroom that gives sultry looks to the camera, I know you’re doing that on purpose stop being so frickinajdjsksksk

Daiki: rapping clown that acknowledges his height and jokes about it but gets offended when others joke about it. Pure baby that needs to be protected like seriously protected he’s so cuteeeee.

Keito: “notice me” British boy that’s starting to get more recognition and no I’m not biased its not like he’s my favorite but he’s amazing and adorable and perfect and pure but also not pure anymore I don’t know what to think.

Yuya: Sea loving dork that’s super masculine and his heavenly voice Rains down he looks really good in a ponytail and I’m not biased it’d just that he’s my second favorite he was so amazing during the Yes! Performance a Ahhh his voice makes me melt.

Hikaru: Needs more credit baby that’s so good at rapping and the most hilarious person in the group he’s also really sexy but it gets covered up by the other members like seriously how can someone be so jsjsksksk

Yabu: Vocal man his high notes are goals. Soccer boy, mom of the group, but seriously his voice is goals and his smile is so pure and adorable everyone is adorable but he’s the mama bird of the group like seriously you can tell. I guess he’s also the oldest though.

((I keep adding to this everytime I get ideas Lmaoo))

A/N: No smut for this baby cause he is still 17 until August; maybe try requesting it again next month if you want me to include the smut part.

Dating the most adorable man alive would include:

  • girl, you are dating an energizer bunny
  • he seriously won’t ever get tired and will always be so hyper and active 
  • your own, personal happy virus who at times turns into a human pillow 
  • because he is so soft and you always fall asleep on his shoulder or in his lap 
  • your relationship will be very dynamic and I think he would always want to have dates in the park or by the Han River
  • so cheeky and shameless; super playful and you two would always make fun of each other
  • “damn, I look good today” 
  • “who is that handsome guy over there?”oh it’s just me” 
  • “what about me, hyungseob?”
  • “ehh… you’re ok too.” 
  • he knows you like his aegyo a lot and that you have a soft-spot for it 
  • so he always does it whenever he wants get away with something
  • “i am really sick of chinese food, hyungseob, let’s eat something else tonight” 
  • “but… i love chinese food!” *start pouting and staring at you with puppy eyes until you give in* 
  • “ugh fine, but tomorrow i choose what we eat” 
  • “we’ll see about that” 
  • and he just winks at you and leaves the room laughing 
  • you would have movie nights in the weekend and you purposefully choose a horror movie just so you can see him get scared 
  • and in the beginning he complains about how lame the movie is and acts super manly; starts yawning and tells you he will protect you 
  • but five minutes later he ran out of the room yelling “HELP ME” because the movie is too scary and he can’t handle it
  • “DoN’t WoRrY i WiLl PrOtEcT yOu” 
  • “in my defense, it caught me by surprise ok?” 
  • “I told you to cover your eyes, baby”
  • and during that night he hold you so tight you could barely breath and also woke up at every little sound he heard 
  • “y/n wake up, I think someone is in the house”
  • “go to sleep hyungseob, i have an exam in the morning” 
  • but 10 minutes later he wakes you up again because
  • “i swear i heard someone in the kitchen”
  • “then go check, i wanna sleep”
  • “ok… wait, you mean alone? OH HELL NO!” 
  • so you get up and he tries to be all manly, but then you hear a scratching noise and he is hiding behind you back crying for his mom
  • “you left the freaking window open, dummy!”
  • “or maybe whoever was here, jumped by the window” 
  • “we are on the 8th floor hyungseob…”
  • very sweet and caring in general, probably waits for you when you finish your classes with ice-cream and soda or your favorite food 
  • seriously, don’t let him anywhere near the kitchen like EVER !! 
  • since you kept complaining how you wanted him to be more romantic, he wanted to prepare dinner for you two 
  • so he got the recipe, ingredients and cooking utensils; but somehow the flour was too little and the butter didn’t mix in + the pile of eggs he broke directly onto the kitchen counter wasn’t much of a help either
  • “baby, i’m home”
  • and he starts panicking cause he’s not ready but he can’t lie to you so hyungseob just tries to make it look all a little tidier than it actually is 
  • “oh my god… what the fuck are you doing?! why are there egg shells on the ground and OH MY FUCKING GOD HYUNGSEOB YOU’RE ON FIRE!” 
  • “i know i am hot, but i wouldn’t really call me on fire” 
  • and after 15 minutes when things have calmed down you would kiss him softly and hyungseob would tell you how much he loves and how he is very sorry about all the trouble he caused 
  • because you know that even though he doesn’t say romantic things often, hyungseob truly loves you with all his heart and would do anything for you since you are his first love 
  • “so… what we got for dinner?” 
  • and he looks around, but the only thing left are the eggs he broke earlier on the counter 
  • so he takes one egg yolk in his hand and starts eating it raw while you watch him like “wtf are you mad” 
  • “delicious, try it, it’s really good” 
  • “wtf no, it’s gross” 
  • “fuck no, i’m out” 
  • and he would start chasing you around with the yolk through the whole house while yelling “EAT IT”
“Dean Ambrose is very mad at Roman Reigns! He hasn't spoken to him for weeks!”

😂😂😂 Roman’s petty ass boyfriend Dean Ambrose ladies and gentleman. This drama queen took an uber and ditched Roman 3 weeks ago over an apple pie. 

He also accidently said Roman’s breath ‘tasted’ like cinnamon…Whoops, smelled like cinnamon..Wow, that was weird’ Baby Boy slipped 😉

Now I want a fic where Roman works for weeks to get back in good graces of his over-dramatic boyfriend Dean. But he loves his baby boy so its okay. 

Seriously Ambreigns is the most adorable shit ever. & this little goof is precious for feeding me these glorious canon feels for my OTP.

@missambrose18 @bigbadroman @cookiethewriter @scriptor @titaniumkitten @jackthwagger @magical-witchy-stardust-girl @arrowtothecrown @speareveryone

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Could you write a MLT really love boobs please? :)

No problem! This is my first original post and I made sure to really put thought in it so I hope you like it!

*These are just my opinions. Don’t take it too seriously and just have fun!*

BTS MLT: Really Love Boobs








Jungkook: I imagine the baby of the group is still easily distracted by boobs, as he probably finds them to be the most feminine and sexy part of the female body. If a girl is wearing something a bit more revealing with cleavage showing, he’s probably trying his best not to stare just out of pure fear of being caught and thought of as a perv.

Jimin: He may come off at times as an adorable little squish, but this boy definitely has to have a secret naughty side. While you’re talking to him about something important, his eyes would drift down to your chest, and as he’s biting his bottom lip thinking about how good they look, you’d yell, “Hey Jimin, eyes up here! Aish ..”

Seokjin: I think Jin wouldn’t really care about size, he would just be happy that they are his to admire. If he was feeling a bit kinkier that day, he might whisper to you on the train “Hey y/n, wanna eat some strawberries when we get home and I’ll drizzle chocolate syrup on you?” You’d turn beat red and slap him on the arm. “Jin, you can’t say that here!” “What? No one heard me..”  

Hoseok: He’d be right in the middle, appreciating both boobs and ass equally. A girl with a nicely proportioned body would catch his attention the most. “Wow, did you see the girl that just walked by? She’s beautiful.” He’d follow you after snapping out of it to get your number.

Namjoon: This boy would definitely appreciate a fuller bust, but more so a nice firm behind. A girl with a little something soft to hold on to at night and spank when she’s bad would drive him crazy (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself XD)

Suga: Being the down to earth, chill guy that he is, looks come second to him after personality. If you carry yourself with confidence, that would be way sexier to him than your breasts. Similar to Namjoon though, I think he’d have a secret kink for your ass. He’d smack it in public when no one was looking and give a little smirk when you look back at him surprised. “What? It just looked so nice I couldn’t help it.”

Taehyung: I don’t think he’d particularly care about your breasts size but I see him as more of an ass man. If you two were lying in bed together, he would tap one cheek and watch it jiggle, then start playing with them like drums. “Wow, the way they move is so amazing!” He’d be hypnotized.


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I was just watching the opening for 3.01 and I had to laugh when he asked her if she wants to have a baby of their own. He is ALL IN! He tells her he loves her, asks her to marry him, creates a home together and is ready to start their family. No second thoughts for him. Those walls were totally decimated! Ha! What a cutie.



Seriously though, I can never get over Kurt Weller’s love and devotion and adoration of Jane Doe. It is the most precious thing ever.

Green Eyed Monster: Daehyun

Hey y’all here is another request that I was suppose to do a while ago! Sorry for being such a slow sloth! (Too lazy to type anymore…fingers hurt TT_TT) Thanks Nonnie for your patience and I hope you like the scenario!

Hi!! Can I get a scenario of a super jealous Daehyun because I baby Junhong sooooo much but me and daehyun are not together however we end up together since we like each other a lot but are afraid to confess first? (Don’t know if this even makes sense lmao)

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A/N: Why he so beautiful *o*

You squealed as you held the giant maknae close to your chest. Unknowingly burying the poor boy’s face into your boobs. Though he didn’t mind too much. He was a man afterall. You stared at the screen as you rewatched B.A.P’s cover of Mirotic on MBC. You still couldn’t believe how sexy the boys looked, but you couldn’t help but explode with giddiness at the sight of Zelo being cute yet sexy. It was paradoxical. “Yah, Junhongie! How can you be so precious, but sexy at the same time!?” You unburied his face and decided to pinch the boy’s cheeks instead.

“Cause I’m that amazing.” He playfully squished his cheeks and did a cheesy smile. You wanted to squeal again. Seriously how can this over 6 ft tall giant be so adorable! You loved all the boys to death, but Zelo was special in that he was your cutie baby. You knew Zelo back when he was still a trainee as mini you was shadowing your producer older brother. He had become something like a younger brother to you as you watched him grow and develop his craft  so he got special doting.

To most the scene between the two of you was cute and endearing. Except to one man that was sitting at the other end of couch with a glare on his face at the scene. Daehyun wasn’t too happy to see how clingy the two of you were. He never liked it actually. He knew that the two of you were close and Zelo was your giant baby chick so the skinship and closeness wasn’t all to surprising. It only started to bother him when he started grow feelings for you. When he first met you he was shocked to find out you were going to be the producer for B.A.P’s next album. You were so young yet already so talented. And not to mention beautiful. But beyond that you were kind, funny, sassy, and ambitious. At the time Daehyun wanted to hug the maknae and even kiss the kid on the cheek for being so close with you because that meant that you would hang out with the gang outside of the work environment, but now all Daehyun wanted to do was glare a hole into the poor maknae’s head.

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Kenny what exactly do you like about Butters?

“Holy hell where do I even start? Well….I guess for one is that he has this like….innocence about him. He usually always tries to see the positives in almost anything. He always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He’s a sweet kid. Sure he has his moments were he’s a little bit of an ass or a bit selfish, but hey, he’s human like the rest of us. I think, knowing what he generally goes through daily, that its a miracle he’s such a damn sweetheart.”

“He’s also the most adorable little shit. Like seriously he’s got this like permanent baby face going on. He takes really good care of his hair so it’s pretty soft. He’s also a pretty affectionate guy, always willing to give out hugs or even hold hands, even just as friends might I add. I think as far as platonic relationship go Butters is the damn definition. Like he’s literally the friend you cuddle with and hug and tell secrets to and go to when you’re feeling down and don’t wanna go to your usual set of friends.”

“As for me personally….Even though like most everyone else he doesn’t really remember my deaths, but when I come back he always lights up when he sees me, like he’s actually looked forward to seeing my face or some shit. He’s been around for some of my less than pleasant times to take care of me, like that whole ‘cheesing’ fiasco back when we were little. I actually consider our time in Hawaii like a little vacation date, it was nice to know that I was the person out of this whole mountain town he thought was decent and trusted me enough to take me with him on his little Hapa Noa journey.”

“Oh my fucking god….I think I’m in the L word with Butters.”

Seventeen reaction to you kissing them then running away: performance unit

Can we just confirm that they will all most likely want more kisses?

Hoshi(Sooyoung): Adorable child right here. He is gonna be so confused, but once he understands what happened he is going to want more I mean who wouldn’t kisses rock. If you happen to be with the members or other peoples he is just gonna watch you run away

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(aaaaaaaahhhhh my baby!!!! He looks so grown up! dead)

Jun(Junhui): Beast…Hahahha no, But seriously it is Jun he is one greedy boy when it comes to kisses, even more than the other members. If alone he is gonna go get more and he will stop at nothing. With members he might just look away or he will just walk to you caalmly

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Dino (Chan): Idk man he could either just shy up ( with or with out members there) or he would be like “Why run away? I still have lips”. He wouldn’t really take action like holding you back to get more like i think the others would, he would just wonder why you ran away. He might ask later when you guys are alone or after he isn’t shy anymore

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The8 (Minghao): It could go two different ways one being: He would kinda shy up like Dino and just be like “Why”. If he shys up (I honestly dont think that would happen often) He would just look away and quietly continue with what he was doing. Two: He (Okay a lot like dino) would just kinda be like “Tf you doin’ get back here and give me a better kiss” and you would listen because he can scary as fudge

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I’m working on an exo reaction it is going to be ot 12. Feel free to request or just talk to me!

Unshown versions of Edolas characters.

As requested by anon and anon.


  • Wears comfortable clothes over anything fancy, though she’s often seen in a tank top and shorts.
  • Only ever fights with long range weapons like a bow.

  • She’s incredibly rude and has no respect for her elders or guildmates.


  • Cat.
  • I mean, seriously, Edolas version of Millianna has to be a cat.

  • Just… cat.


  • Wears as many coats and layers of clothing as Gray Surge.
  • A bit of a cry-baby actually, he’s often a bit of a pushover except when around Edolas’ Juvia.

  • Because then he’s a complete pushover.


  • Hates showing skin, he’s always wrapped up in at least a jumper, scarf and mittens.
  • Also hates: Rogue, the cold, animals of any kind and everyone and anything ever.

  • But because of the way he dresses, he is considered the most adorable ball of hate in Edolas (and hates everyone who tells him so).


  • Sunny, shiny and always smiling, except around Sting because they hate each other’s guts.
  • Dresses in a muscle shirt all the time, showing skin is second nature (he practically has Earthland Gray’s stripping habit).

  • Fights easily with his fists, though he prefers to avoid confrontation altogether.


  • Big scaredy cat.
  • Rarely leaves the guild.
  • Really, he’s a giant teddy bear, though he has a habit of being snappy when he’s stressed too much.
  • #ProtectEdolasJura2k16


  • Tall.
  • Freaking giant.
  • Bigger than Elfman.
  • Like, I seriously can’t stress this enough.
  • Goes from ‘gentle giant to ‘gonna kill you’ pretty quickly.


  • Hasn’t touched alcohol once in his life.
  • Wants to politely court Cana.
  • Is afraid of fights.
  • Because the rest of the guild is just like him, everyone call him ‘Captain Coward’.


  • Will forever deny being ‘fun sized’ even though he’s tiny.
  • Dresses the same way as his Earthland counterpart.
  • He’ll fight you on anything and everything.
  • Apart from being short, the only difference between him and Orga in Earthland is that the Edolas version keeps his hair cut short.


  • Very quiet and polite, best friends with Mirajane.
  • Friends with literally everyone (except Sting), which is good; they comfort her when she’s upset, which needs to happen a lot because she’s a bit of a cry-baby.

  • Modest.

  • Ships Sting and Rogue together.


Happy Valentine

@theclairebear1982 I hope you enjoy the Valentine :) 

Little Cupid

“Alright, Harry.” James looked seriously at the toddler. “You’re my saving grace. We can’t mess this up. Alright?” Harry gurgled up at him, a big smile showing two tiny teeth. James’ shoulders slumped, though he smiled at his beautiful son. “You’re the most adorable baby ever, aren’t you?” James tickled the squirming baby. “Your mother will look into your huge, emerald eyes and she’ll melt into a puddle of goo.” James nodded seriously. “We’ll use your adorableness to counter her wicked ways.”

Harry babbled up at him happily, and James’ lips twitched. Damn, he really had the most adorable son in the world. He heard the Floo flaring to life and his eyes widened.

This was it, it was finally time. He raced around the room, getting everything ready, and just when he heard Lily’s footsteps approach the living room, he turned towards the entrance, smiling at his wife.

Lily froze in the doorway, here eyes going wide. She was completely flabbergasted, and James patted himself mentally on the back. He had done a pretty good job, if he might say so. The living room was decorated with hundreds of Bleeding Hearts – Lily’s favorite flower – with several others thrown in the mix, like the Passion Flower, Plumerias, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Orchids, and Roses. The whole living room was covered in them, and in the middle of the room was James.

“Even amongst all these flowers, you are still the most enchanting.” He wasn’t even lying. Lily looked beautiful to him, nothing and no one could compare. “There isn’t a single day that goes by where I’m not thankful that you picked me, that you allowed me to love you.” With a swift swish of his wand Harry floated from behind him – giggling all the while. Lily gasped when she saw the fluffy wings beating softly behind Harry’s back, as well as the tiny cupid’s bow strapped behind him. Harry was giggling and waving his arms around. He babbled at his mother, obviously happy to see her. Harry landed softly in her arms, waving his tiny fist at her. Only then did she notice that he had something clenched in his fists. Carefully, she opened his hand, gasping when she saw the locket he was holding.

James walked towards her, taking the locket and opening in, showing her the picture of their little family inside. He closed it again, letting the engraving of a doe and stag glitter in the soft light for a moment, before he leaned in to clasp the locket around her neck.

He traced the locket with a finger, laying a soft kiss on her lips.

“Happy Valentine’s, my love.”

She smiled up at him, warm and full of love, and James felt like the luckiest man in the world.

“Happy Valentine’s day,” she whispered back, giving him a sweet kiss in return. They both grinned down at Harry when he babbled up at them. Lily leaned down, kissing Harry’s forehead. “Happy Valentine’s, my little angel.” Lily handed him Harry and started backing out of the living room – James knew she was going to get a camera, Lily had always one on hand – before she stopped and turned around. “You’re still sleeping on the couch for losing Harry because you wrapped him in your Invisibility Cloak.” She smirked at him, sauntering out of the room and James groaned.

James looked at the happy toddler in his arms – who was making a valiant attempt at taking of his glasses – and sighed. “Well, we finally encountered someone immune to your adorableness. Don’t worry, Harry, I’m sure your mom is an exception, you still have all of us wrapped around your tiny fingers.” He tickled Harry’s tummy, grinning at the joyful shrieks it produced, not even noticing the flash of a camera going off and the love filled smile his wife aimed at them.

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Hi! So happy to see a 2PM blog! Keep up the good work! What would be each member's best and worst traits as a boyfriend? Thank you! :)

Thank you 😚

Jun. K - is absolute perfection in my eyes so I can’t really think of a bad trait but something that’s not necessarily good is the fact that he has cameras in his house so that would probably be weird.
Best trait is the way he would pretty much dedicate his life to you if you’re were together. He’s incredibly romantic and loves skinship so you would never question how much he loves you.

JunHo - I really don’t see anything bad about him either 😂 maybe his seriousness might be confusing, like you wouldn’t be able to tell if he was joking around with you and it would make certain situations awkward.
On the other had he’s super adorable most of the time and loves holding hands in public and doing simple things together and isn’t shy to call you names like “baby” or “babe”

Taecyeon - you would probably get frustrated by his lack of sense. He’s not into being cutesy or too much hand holding and things like that but when he has a romantic event planned for you, be prepared to have your breath taken away.
He is very selfless though and would always put you first and try to make you as comfortable and happy as possible.

Nichkhun - he’s just too wanted lol you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from feeling jealous because everyone wants him and he would probably jokingly go along with someone giving him a flirty compliment or something similar.
But he would of course make it up to you with his cuteness and tell/show you that you’re the only one for him.
Best feature is he’s complete husband material. He’s always willing to cook together or decorate your house together and doesn’t mind spending the day at home and relaxing as long as he’s with you.

WooYoung - I just recently noticed this; he takes forever to do things because he’s so unsure of himself. You can see it a lot if you watch the cooking segments him and Nichkhun have been doing on the V App and it’s so frustrating to me 😂 one other thing is he can be a bit whiny but that’s not too bad because he uses aegyo and it’s pretty cute.
One of his best features is he likes spoiling you and seeing you happy, like if he found out you really like a certain dish he would actually learn how to make it just for you and surprise you with a romantic dinner.

Chansung - he’s the member that I know the least about so I haven’t seen any bad boyfriend features from him. If anything, you should be worried about how much groceries you have to buy to satisfy his endless stomach lol.
I’d say best feature would be his strength. He seems like he would be very protective of you and always make you feel safe and loved.