seriously he would be tiny

Omg I am so late for @lanceweek ! Free day was a good opportunity so I coloured my entry for @voltroncoloringbook

Yeah, Lance and Blue again nobody can stop me
Mini lions would be super cute !  💙

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Tiny strain Saru is my favorite thing, omfg. Just imagine them dressing him up as the fluffiest little penguin for Halloween or just for fun~ (I'm so weak for Shimipengu)

Tiny Strain Fushimi raised by Scepter 4 is always adorable. I bet Munakata would be all excited to dress him up for Halloween, like he’s of course very keen on holidays as always but he’s never before had someone he could actually dress up and take out (well, he expects all of Scepter 4 to dress up for the annual Halloween party but it’s not quite the same thing). Awashima and the alphabet squad are all encouraging too, like on Munakata’s request Awashima starts mapping out the most advantageous route that they could take Fushimi on in order to maximize his candy acquiring. The alphabet squad are all eagerly asking Fushimi what he wants to dress up as and tossing ideas for costumes off each other, like Hidaka mentions that for a couple years he and his little brother wore themed costumes and Doumyouji’s listing off superhero possibilities while Enomoto keeps thinking of all the cosplay opportunities this could bring. Meanwhile tiny Fushimi is very confused because he’s never really had any good memories of Halloween before, Niki never took him out and probably used to use Halloween as an excuse to torment Fushimi even more than usual. To Fushimi Halloween is the day your dad dresses up in scary masks and delights in terrifying you all day, not a fun time when you go get candy and carve pumpkins and everything. The alphabet squad assure him that it’s fun though, they probably even help him carve the pumpkin into a scary face that somehow looks oddly similar to Captain (also at one point they leave the carving tools where Fushimi can reach them and he becomes slightly fascinated with a  particular knife).

So then a couple days before Halloween Munakata returns triumphantly to the office bearing the most adorable penguin costume, Fushimi kinda stares at it in a mix of wonder and possibly some irritation, like I’m not a baby and that looks like a onesie. Munakata assures him that it will be an adorable costume and maybe he bought matching costumes for himself and Awashima, so they can be like his parents and take him out together. Fushimi doesn’t need to worry about his Strain powers because the Gold clan offered him some kind of bracelet that’s easy to hide even under a costume which will keep his powers in check (I imagine he wears this on and off already, like Munakata wants Fushimi to learn how to see his powers rather than hide them but at the same time he recognizes that considering Fushimi’s youth and mental health the ability to block said abilities id also important). On Halloween Fushimi comes into the office in his penguin outfit and everyone basically dies of cuteness, like they’re all taking pictures and Munakata is the proudest daddy with his tiny gloomy penguin son.

And of course Zah will smooch Davin! 
They’re bros and Zah loves his bro. Best bros <3



where do you even get workout clothes for a baby