seriously he smiles too

All Black.

Authors Note: Here is something that has been in my drafts for a while, cute, fluffy, caring Shawn.

(Him in an all black suit is the death of me. Bye).

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Your eyes first focus on him as he wanders into the bedroom, clothed in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, a mug cupped in his hand while he shuffles closer to the bed.

He gives you a tender smile before placing the mug on the side table beside you. “Here’s some tea and a kiss.” He pleasantly informs you, his lips pressing to your forehead before he tucks a few strands of hair behind your ear.

“Thank you, but you need to get ready.” You sigh, prompting him of the award presentation he is attending tonight.

He has spent most the day making sure you are nice and warm, showered with many kisses and cuddles, completely disregarding the fact that he has an awards show to attend tonight.

He nods, acknowledging his duties that do not revolve around caring for you while you are ill. “I’m gettin’ ready. Do you need anything in the meantime?” He challenges as he steps towards the wardrobe extending his arms up while you admire his body.

“Go get ready.” You groan, acknowledging that he will procrastinate and proceed to take care of you, ultimately not getting himself ready for his prominent night that is ahead of him.

He is a sweetheart for wanting to make sure you are comfortable and okay but he does not need to be late for tonight.

He turns back around and meanders back towards the bed you have been lying in all day, a blanket embraced in his hand. He unravels the blanket and thoughtfully launches it over the bed to add a little more warmth for you.

To say the least, he’s astonishingly caring and considerate when it comes down to you being unwell. “Please, go get ready.” You sigh, cuddling yourself up to the softness of the blankets, feeling warm and cosy enough to fall asleep without him by your side. He leans down and kisses your forehead, finally giving in as he notices your somnolent eyes wanting to close.

You watch as he begins to take his shirt off, tiredly admiring every curve his body has, observing as he throws it towards the floor, heading towards the bathroom.

The last thing you remember before closing your eyes is the sound of the shower and his soft hums of a melody you have heard so many times before— your favourite harmony.

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Taek’s ‘proposal’.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You - pt 2

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Jin had been away for two weeks. He didn’t say anything once he came back either.

He just walked into class, took a seat next to you and put an arm around your shoulder. He put two fingers under your chin and brought your lips to his.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered in your ear before leaning back, paying attention to the board once the professor came into the room.

What could you say at this point?

Everyday you told yourself he had to have a good reason for leaving.

An hour and a half passed by and the professor finally called for fifteen minute break. You began to get up from your chair but he wrapped his arms around your waist and glued your body to his.

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A chapter based on a prompt I received about Brianna fighting and being a feisty-mini Jamie! haha! Thank you for reading! Han xxx 

Bree squared her shoulders and dashed a hand under her nose. She pushed the tendrils of hair which had escaped her cap back under the soft tweed and nodded.

“Alright, I’m ready.”

She looked at her cousin expectantly as small fists rose to guard her face and her elbows pulled in tight, shielding her ribs, but Ian shook his head and left his own fists hanging limp at his side.

“Let’s call it a day.”

“No! I have to be able to fight.”

“Ye can fight!”

Ian cried in exasperation.

“Fight properly! Not just scrapping.”

Bree stuck her chin out stubbornly but Ian folded his arms and shook his head

“I canna hit ye properly. Uncle Jamie will skelp me raw if I bruise ye, besides its no’ fair. I’m bigger than you and ye dinna ken how to defend yeself.”

Bree rolled her eyes and sighed heavily though her nose.

“That’s the point! Mama and Da willna let me go further than the boundaries of Lallybroch because it might not be safe. I need to be able to prove to them I can fight.”

“Prove it to them?!”

Ian cried, dark eyes going large

“Ye mean to tell them about this?”

“Of course! I …”

“Ye canna tell Uncle Jamie I’ve been beatin’ ye to a pulp in the barn!”

Ian’s voice had risen to a near shout and Bree felt her own temper flaring

“You haven’t been beating me to a pulp! I haven’t even got a black eye! You’re just a bit quicker!”

The cousins stared each other down for a few moments before Ian shrugged.

“Fine, I wouldna ha’ thumped ye if I kent that ye meant to tattle but seeing as ye seem determined to get me killed, ye might as well get  on wi’ it.”

He strode over to the door and wrenched it open angrily.

“Ian, no one is going to kill you. I just need to show Da that I can fight.”

“Well ye should pick a fight wi’ him then!”

Ian huffed, striding out into the daylight and throwing his cousin a look over his shoulder as he went. Bree snatched up her jacket from the floor and dashed after him catching his arm before he could go into the house and tell someone what they’d been doing. If anyone found out now, they might want to see for themselves and Bree wasn’t ready yet, she kept dropping her guard and Ian had winded her twice.

“Alright! I won’t tell.”

She said quickly and Ian narrowed his eyes at her.

“I promise I won’t tell, Ian.”

Ian nodded curtly but the tension went out of his shoulders and Bree relaxed as well. She offered him a crooked smile and shrugged

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d be so cross.”

“It’s alright. I just didna fancy bein’ caught up in your Da’s displeasure for tryin’ to help ye out.”

Ian gave her a small smile back and Bree nodded, slightly abashed. She hadn’t thought about Ian getting into trouble for it but maybe he was right. She was ‘Himself’’s daughter and Bree was beginning to realise that came with a particular set of rules, most of which were unspoken but implied in the very fact of her existence. An older boy, even her cousin, hitting her over and over until she learned to fight back was almost certainly going to break one of those rules if not cross over several of them!

“Ye could ask Uncle Jamie to teach ye? I mean, ye ken some things now and he might be surprised by how good ye are.”

“I’m not that good.”

Bree sighed and Ian grinned

“Aye ye are, for a girl you’re pretty tough. Mam says you’re like a wee ferret when ye get your dander up.”

Bree laughed; pleased that at least one of the adults at Lallybroch thought she was fierce.


Bree waited until after lunch to approach her father. He usually either went back to the fields or into his study to look over the books or check the ledgers and so she hovered around the dining room, waiting to see what his trajectory would be.

She hoped it would be the study because he would be more easily distracted from desk work than from a manual task. They both had that in common, a shared love of working with their hands. Bree watched him from around the edge of the door, almost shyly as he put plates and cups back in their correct places.

Daddy used to say that Brianna should have been a dancer because she moved with ‘grace and poise’ but watching Da move around the kitchen Bree felt positively clumsy. Her father was so big but everything he did seemed like it was choreographed and fitted to the exact space he occupied and Bree found herself practicing turning her own wrists with the small flourish that seemed to come so naturally to him.

She knew he couldn’t hear music but she wondered if maybe his brain still remembered it even if his ears were now deaf to musical cadence and made a mental note to ask Mama if that could happen.

“Ciamar a thu, mo chridhe?”

Bree had been so intent on watching his hands she had not realised that her father was looking at her and a blush crept across her features as she answered him, not attempting to use the Gaelic.

“I needed to ask you something, Da.”

Jamie gestured to the kitchen table and Bree took a seat, expecting him to keep working as Mama would have but he joined her and folded his hands neatly on the table top, his eyes trained on her, earnestly awaiting whatever she had to say.

“I … uh … well I wondered if you would mind teaching me something?”

Bree sat up as straight as she could, eager to show Da that she took their meeting as seriously as he seemed to be. Jamie smiled eagerly, as always only too happy for the opportunity to teach Brianna any new skill she desired.  

“Of course! What is it ye would like to learn lass?”

“I’d like to learn how to fight.”

Bree returned his smile brightly but Jamie was frowning a little as he surveyed her. Seconds ticked by and Bree realised that her request was not being met with the enthusiasm she had hoped for.

“Ye mean wi’ fists?”

“Yes. Will you teach me?”

“Why? Are ye havin’ trouble wi’ anyone at school?”

“No, but you always say a man ought to be able to defend himself and I don’t see why a girl should be any different.”

Bree shrugged and Jamie’s lip turned upward despite himself.

“It is verra important for a lass to defend herself, when ye are a little older, I will teach ye to use a dirk and where to stick it if ye have a need,”

Jamie reached out and tucked a stray curl behind Brianna’s ear

“but fighting with fists is no’ a skill for a young lass and from the look o’ Ian after the two of ye scrap, ye have more than enough prowess already.”

Bree grimaced guiltily but pressed on anyway

“But that’s just play fighting Da. What if someone tried to kidnap me? I need to be able to fight.”

Jamie opened his mouth to disagree but hesitated and closed it again. He knew Lallybroch and the people who lived here and he respected his own ability to keep her and Claire safe on their land but the lassie did have a point. Deserters were becoming less and less of a threat as time rolled on but that didn’t mean the threat was completely removed. Also there was the issue of Brianna herself. Jamie eyed his daughter frankly. If the wee fiend would stay within her boundaries then the risk to her was minimal but he knew well enough that she and Ian occasionally wandered further than they ought. She was an adventurer by nature; as stubborn and curious about the world as he had been as a lad, and as fearless as her mother, a combination that did not lend itself naturally to obedience and if she should find herself in a situation that required a fight, would it not be better for her to be able to throw a punch?



Jamie remembered being eight years old and being knocked into the hay by his father; a series of small jabs that were more shocking than painful, his Da’s hands moving in a blur of dark-haired knuckles as he showed Jamie how to jab and bring his guard back up. He could still remember the feel of his father’s calloused palms against Jamie’s small fists and he drilled his punches over and over until his arms ached, and then a few more again because a man didna stop just because his arm got tired! He remembered his Mam pressing a cool cloth to his cheek when he got back into the kitchen, calling him her wee warrior as she fed him bread and jam. He had been bruised and sore and exhausted but it was the first time he felt like a real ‘man’.

He watched as Bree carefully folded her jacket and draped it across one of the hay bales which lined the rear wall of the barn. Looking down at his hands now, he smiled to himself at the smattering of red hair, identically placed to the hair that had grown on his own father’s hands but a ripple of nerves ran through him at the thought of clipping her. Jamie took a breath and decided to start with something a little easier.

“Right then. Ye ken how to guard?”

Bree lifted her fists to shield her face and Jamie nodded

“Aye good, but no’ so stiff, ye want to be loose so they canna read ye.”

Jamie adjusted Bree’s stance and crouched down beside her

“Ye jab wi’ ye front hand and then ye rear hand provides the cross. The jab should be enough to give ye some space but the cross is for when ye want a man to go down and stay down.”

Bree nodded and followed her father’s actions, turning on the ball of her foot as she threw her arm forward, feeling the twist in her waist as she followed through.

When she had the motion right, Jamie knelt before her and lifted his palms.

“Hit me and dinna drop your guard.”

Bree tapped his palm cautiously at first, then with a little encouragement, she began to pepper him with small sharp jabs, but her excitement to be learning to punch got in the way of her defence. Jamie reminded her each time, reaching out to lift her guarding arm and raising his eyebrows each time it dipped, urging her to recall the lesson but Bree kept making the same mistake and Jamie realised his method wasn’t working.

“Next time ye drop your guard I’m goin’ to show ye why it’s important.”

He warned her finally, a small challenging smile curving his mouth as Bree rolled her eyes

“I’m trying, Da!”

“And ye are doin’ verra well but no matter how well ye can punch, as small as ye are, one good clout in the face and ye will go down like a sack of coal.”

Bree laughed and nodded her head, lifting her fists and centring her weight on the balls of her feet. Jamie flashed his palms and as her left jab came forward her right arm dipped, her fist languishing in the centre of her chest.

Before he could think too much about it, Jamie’s own left hand shot out and he flicked the tip of Brianna’s nose firmly.


Bree’s eyes flew wide as she pressed her fingers against the sting.

“I warned you.”

Jamie shrugged and Bree’s eyes narrowed at him.

“That hurt.”

“I daresay it stung a little, but do ye think if someone meant to fight ye they would care that it hurt?”

Bree shook her head and scowled.


“Dinna be sorry, you are doing well. But be mindful of your guard. Would ye like to stop?”


Bree shook her head and rolled her shoulders

“No Da, and you can hit me properly if you like. I have to learn.”

Jamie shook his head and smiled ruefully at her, his bold wee lass.

“No, I dinna wish to do that.”

The thought of actually hitting Brianna, even lightly, made his stomach clench and Jamie wondered not for the first time, how his father had managed to have such grit about him. Perhaps it would be different with a lad but Jamie knew with a certainty that he could not strike Brianna in such a way. He didn’t think Ian had ever taught his girls to fight but he was glad that Brianna wanted to learn. He hadn’t been glad when she first asked, but he was now. Jamie would give his life to protect his daughter, he would do so without a second thought and he believed in his ability to protect her but his own father would have said the same of he and Jenny and yet look at all that had some to pass in their lives! No, the protection of her father was not enough. Jamie wanted Brianna to be able to protect herself too, should the time ever come that she needed to and that thought steeled his resolve.

“However, ye ken what will happen if you drop that arm, so be careful, aye?”

Jamie smiled, hastily kissing the pad of his thumb and pressing it to the tip of her nose.

He flicked her several more times over the course of the next twenty minutes. Each time Bree grunted and adjusted her stance, her guard becoming more reliable and stronger with it, which was what Jamie wanted. Defence was the priority in an attack, aggression was a secondary consideration and one that instinct could deal with for the most part.

Jamie moved her back and forth, drilling the fight into her, letting her swing her fists when she got frustrated and rewarding her efforts by conceding his ground before gradually pushing her back, forcing her to defend. When she lost her temper and tried to kick, he merely caught her foot and left her hopping backwards and forwards, tugging and pushing her until her anger turned to laughter.

“A kick is only ever useful if ye ken ye can land it. Dinna let ye temper get ahead of ye.”

He warned, releasing her and moments later driving the point home as she overshot her distance, side stepping her blow and lifting his foot to lightly tap the seat of her breeks with the toe of his boot.

“But you just said …”

“I said only if ye can land it.”

Jamie smirked and Bree grinned despite herself. Jamie worked his way around her and then turned letting her get her revenge, which she did with rather more enthusiasm than he had counted on.

Finally Bree flopped against him, her arms wrapped around his neck, her heart pounding against his own chest.

“Can we stop now Da? My arms feel like jelly.”

“Of course, mo nigheann ruaidh.”

Jamie wrapped his own arms around her, holding her close. She smelt of sweat and hay and the rose soap that Jenny had made each of the girls and Jamie breathed deeply. He turned in his crouch and patted his shoulder and Bree boosted herself onto his back, giving a delighted ‘Woop!’ as her father stood up, his role as adversary suspended and his role as her protector and guardian firmly back in place.


That night as Jamie tucked Bree into bed, her eyes drooping with sleep, she caught his hand and kissed his palm before murmuring

“I love you, Da. Thank you for flicking me in the face.”

Jamie managed to get out of the room before giving in to the laughter that bubbled up his throat and sat on the top stair, shoulders shaking, until he could trust himself to make it down the stairs.

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Do you know of any fics where Stiles is a werewolf while Derek is a human? I haven't had much luck while searching.


Anonymous said:Do you guys have any role reversal? Where the script is flipped because someone else is the born werewolf, or where someone else gets bitten?

Yup! For anon and @imjustanawkwardgoth! - Anastasia

Originally posted by duzadamanil

Do You Even Lift? by smokesforsterek

(1/1 I 818 I General)

As for a prompt … Maybe some Sterek where Stiles is the werewolf and Derek is that adorable human being? If not, let me know and I’ll think up something else.

So, I had to think about this one a little, my initial idea was filthy smut but after thinking it over, I wanted to do something a little different? So here is Derek and Stiles having a weight lifting competition.

Remember That I Love You by DerekHaleGirl97

(3/? I 3,819 I Mature)

What happens when the person you care about suddenly doesn’t exist anymore? If all of your memories of them were taken away to the point where they never existed? If you couldn’t recall how you meet them, who they were, or why they were ever important to you in the first place?

Would they still be important?

Stiles feels that something is missing. He can feel it in his heart. In his soul. Stiles can’t recall ever losing anything, but maybe that’s the problem? Maybe something is keeping him from remembering, and he has no idea what it could be.

What is Stiles missing?

Why is he missing it?

And why does he feel so empty without it?

The Five Stages of Sexing Derek Hale by FionaRex (orphan_account)

(3/5 I 3,828 I Explicit)

Derek Hale is the creative writing teacher at Beacon Hills High School. Derek Hale lives in a town full of asshole alphas. Derek Hale is a human emissary for Talia Hale. Derek Hale is going into heat soon. Derek Hale will not look at or talk to Stiles when he does. He MUST NOT talk to Stiles. Well, considering Gerard wants him for unknown reasons and Scott’s pack is working with Talia’s pack, that seems pretty impossible. Well, damn.

I’m Hunting on the Night (We’re Playing for the Fights) by PaddyWack

(1/1 I 6,137 I Teen)

Stiles is the unfortunate wolf that gets into some trouble during his moon cycle. Derek is the hapless hunter that finds him.

Or, the one where Stiles steps in a bear trap and has to be rescued.

Trust me, I’m a werewolf. by spac3bar7end3r

(4/? I 6,118 I Teen)

Stiles rolls his eyes at Scott because ten years as a best friend and he hasn’t changed. Even an alpha bite can’t do anything to his friend’s brain at all.
“Dude! Spiderman is a fictional character!”
“Werewolf used to be one too until you mentioned it!”
“Duh. Just because you’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it’s not real. “ Stiles sighs. His voice is pitch higher than usual when he tries to win an argument.
“Prove it, “ Scott says with seriousness. He still doesn’t really believe it though.
“Scott, trust me, I’m a werewolf.”

who’s gonna run this town tonight by callunavulgari

(1/1 I 6,880 I Mature)

“So,” Derek says, after they break free of the preserve. They’re maybe ten minutes away from the station. “Who is it? The John Doe?”

“Should you really be asking me that, Deputy Hale?” Stiles mutters into his knees, voice strangely weak for someone who spent the last thirty minutes mouthing off to the people arresting him. “I’m not afraid of you,” Derek says before he can stop himself, glancing quickly at the road before returning the majority of his attention to the rear-view.

“Maybe you should be,” Stiles whispers, and Derek jolts like he’s been hit. He returns his attention to the road, ignoring Stiles slumping back into his seat, so he almost misses the quiet voice from behind him. “Scott McCall. Someone killed my brother and I mean to find out who the fuck did it. Nobody’s going to stop me, not even you.”

To Be Alive by funkmetalalchemist

(8/8 I 7,193 I Mature)

Derek is a human. One night, he meets a werewolf named Stiles who begins to insert himself into Derek’s life bit by bit.

Broken Lines by lilithduvare

(2/? I 7,799 I Explicit)

Stiles looked at the woman who used to be his mother dead in the eyes, his blood sitting frozen in his veins from terror and heartbreak. She was still beautiful, even with her husband’s blood covering her mouth and fingers, matching the color of her glowing, inhuman irises, but she wasn’t Stiles’ mother. This monster, who wore that achingly familiar smile, crouching over the mangled and barely recognizable body of Stiles’ father could never be his mother.

Stiles is turned into a werewolf by his own supposedly dead mother and has to spend the next three years being tortured and terrorized under the Alpha Pack’s tender care. But he doesn’t break and in the end he makes his escape. Only to get recruited by the American Alpha Council which eventually leads him to cross path with the Hales’ only human child, Derek in more ways than one.

The man I’m supposed to be by Narya

(2/? I 8,471 I Mature)

Derek just couldn’t understand Stiles at all. For a werewolf he was too loud, talked too much, and smiled too widely. He couldn’t take him seriously, no matter how much he scared him sometimes. But Derek was just a human, and he couldn’t resist temptation for too long.

little life-giver by The Byger (Byacolate)

(5/5 I 9,039 I General)

It looked like Stiles. Mostly. But there was hair growing out the sides of his face, and his teeth were sharp, and when he reached over to grip at the side of the stall, his hands had become claws. And Derek had to cover his mouth before he screamed because never, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought he’d actually meet a fairytale monster.

Bonds of Power by Miya_Morana

(2/2 I 18,313 I Teen)

When Stiles suddenly wakes up as an Alpha werewolf and finds out that Derek has become human, he reluctantly accepts Derek’s pack as his while they attempt to find out what exactly happened and how to reverse it. But as they all try to adjust to the situation, the Alpha Pack is breathing down their neck, and they’re going to need all the help they can get to face that threat.

Vise Versa by thedarknovak

(7/28 I 19,868 I Mature)

Once upon a time long before the events of teen wolf began, a butterfly was killed and skewed the events of reality in the universe. This resulted in the Stilinski and McCall family being werewolves, and the Hale family being human. Reality in the Teen Wolf universe is not the same because of this. A cascade of differences are now a reality. Stiles and Scott lose their entire family to a fire.

Or Derek Hale was just a normal human teenager until he gets dragged by his best friend Erica into the forest and she gets herself bit by a rogue werewolf. They also encounter a 23 year old Stiles Stilinski who they thought had long since left the town. Derek’s life spirals into a barrage of supernatural occurrences and a complicated relationship with the lanky werewolf named Stiles.

Or In which some roles are reversed, but also some totally messed up and rearranged. The events of teen wolf happen, but things aren’t the same, things are changed, and characters go through the events in their respective personalities. See chapter notes for a more in depth explanation of my train of thought about this fics inner workings.

tested and pained, blessed and sustained by The Byger (Byacolate)

(4/? I 36,952 I Explicit)

“We spent four days camping in the Rockies just for you to prove it was possible to ‘live off the land’ and ‘get back to your wolfy roots’,” Derek said, bringing up his free hand for those sassy airquotes, “and by the fourth day, you’d snuck into the nearby village before I’d woken up to buy yourself magazines and a skinny latte.”

“I think the point you’re missing here is that I was a true man of the wild for four whole days, Derek. You can’t scoff at that.”

The New Kid by princessmandablackleg

(4/? I 40,091 I Mature)

Derek and his sisters move back to Beacon Hills to start a new life away from New York. However he wasn’t expecting Stiles Stilinski and his group of odd friends and their furry secret. Not to mention some secrets from his own family’s past to add to the complications.

Ruin me, Alpha. by Lizamineliy

(17/35 I 64,388 I Explicit)

Stiles was bitten when he was 18 years old and since has been an Alpha. He happens to also be the lead singer of “The Pack,” a world-famous rock band that his best friends and he started during a time of chaos to spread werewolf awareness.

Derek needs a new job after working as a Personal Assistant (PA) to asshole Jackson Whittemore. Derek happens to land the job as a new PA for “The Pack.”

Can he handle the new job and all the work he’s cut out for?

Or better yet, can he handle Stiles, the young, hot, Alpha who threatens to turn Derek’s moral compass all the way around.

Will he step into the darkness with Alpha Stilinksi or bring him to the light?

Forgive me

Word count: 902

Breaking up with Kai but then he tries to fix it and bring you back

You and Kai were completely fine. Happy. Enjoyed everything your relationship brought to you. Until one day when Kai made a huge mistake. You knew he was capable of everything, but you  never thought Kai would hurt you.

‘Save it Kai, I don’t care.’ You said as you packed everything you had into your suitcase. You closed the zipper and stood  up, Kai still standing in front of you.

'Please, you need to listen-’ Kai started talking but you interrupted him. You just shook your head and took your suitcase. You walked down the stairs, struggling with it, the suitcase constantly hitting your feet. You kept stumbling while going down. Kai offered help, but you refused it. You finally reached the front doors as you opened them. You turned around where you saw Kai standing with his hands in his pockets. He looked like a kid whose mom just yelled at him for doing something wrong. Your eyes started watering, but you refused to cry in front of him. You wanted to act strong, not letting him see how hard this was for you. You never even imagined you’d break up with Kai this soon. Seeing him like this was breaking your heart, but you thought this was the best for both of you. He swallowed hard and took a deep breath. You weren’t  even able to look him in the eyes without crying.

'Goodbye.’ That was the last thing you said as you walked out of the house and closed the doors behind you. You got into your car and closed the doors. You couldn’t find yourself to start the car so you just sat there. Tears started rolling down your cheeks as you finally gave in and cried your eyes out. It hurt too much. You wanted to go back into the house and hug Kai and take him back, but it was better this way. You drove off to your old apartment, which was empty. You left the suitcase on the floor and went to your room. You laid on your bed, covered yourself and started crying again.

Days have passed and you felt a little better but you missed Kai like crazy. He kept calling you, he even stopped by your apartment. Every single time he stopped by, you were standing by the doors, listening to his words which only made it harder for you to forget him, but somehow you managed to stop yourself from opening the doors and running into his arms. You got ready to go out with friends, but when you opened the doors, there weren’t your friends waiting for you. It was Kai and there was no way you could avoid the situation you were put in.

'Hi.’ He said, an obvious smile appearing on his face when he saw you.

'Hi.’ You trailed off as you kept looking at him. Everything in your body was pushing you to kiss him, but you managed to control it.

'Can we…talk?’ He asked, his hands in his pockets.

'Um, yeah sure’ you said, letting him into your apartment and closing the doors. You turned around and saw him looking around your apartment. It’s been a long time since the last time you were here together. All the memories started flooding back, making your eyes watery.

'You look beautiful.’ Kai said, smiling at you. A smile appeared on your face but disappeared too soon, making Kai go serious.

'What do you want Kai?’ You asked, wanting him to get to the point already.

'Look, I’m sorry. I can’t explain how sorry I am. I am here because my guilt keeps me up at night. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t even describe how empty I feel without you. It’s like someone ripped a part of me from my body.’ He said as he cupped your face, making you look him in the eyes. They were even more beautiful than the last time you saw them.

'Kai, you hurt me like never before. You broke my heart.’ You said, your voice cracking on the last word.

'I know and I’m an idiot for doing that. Just please, don’t give up on me. You’re the only person who believes in me and I don’t know what I’d do without you.’

'I don’t know Kai. There’s so much things that-’

'I know, I know. But we can fix them. I’ll change again. Just please don’t leave me. I need you in my life.’ He said, making your heart melt. You couldn’t stay mad at him. You needed him too. The last few days felt like hell to you and at the end of every day you just wanted to be with Kai, in his arms. You didn’t say anything, you just pulled him close and kissed him deeply. He wrapped his arms around your body, hugging you tightly.

'I’m never letting you out of my life again. If I have to do that, at least let me watch you while you sleep.’

'Kai, that’s kinda creepy.’ You said, making him laugh.

'You know I’m joking.’ He said, smiling. 'But seriously, you’re too important, so I guess you’re kinda stuck with me.’ He said as you hit his arm playfully and laughed. He leaned down and kissed you again gently. At that moment you knew everything was gonna be alright and that you have nothing to worry about.

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Whamilton 8


8 - moonlight reflected in your eyes, balcony overlooking the sky

“Mr. President?” Alex approached him carefully. He saw the tall outline of his partner, his broad shoulders, his large hands along the balcony of the venue. “You should be in there celebrating. You were re-elected after all.” 

George looked out at the city, admiring the night life for a moment. The moon was full, bright and bursting amongst the stars in the sky. A gentle breeze began to blow and he closed his eyes. He took a deep breath before looking up at the sky, stars and the moon reflecting into them so perfectly.

He turned a little, smiled at the sight of Alex’s small frame in the doorway. He held a glass of champagne with one hand, but with the other he beckoned Alex closer. 

“Mr. President, you really should be inside.” Alex advised, stepping closer to George. “There are people you should be greeting or thanking or -

“Shouldn’t I be telling you what to do now?” George chuckled a little, looking down at his partner. He tapped the side of his champagne glass, leaning against the balcony casually.

“I won’t listen to a damn thing you say and you know that.” Alex started off seriously, but he quickly broke out into a laugh as George smiled too. He wrapped his arms around George’s torso, smiling up at him as George slipped a free hand around his waist.

“For now, we celebrate.” He smiled, taking a sip of his champagne, rubbing Alex’s back.

“We can celebrate in there.” Alex tugged his hand, but George didn’t budge. 

“I like it better out here.” George hummed. He smiled down at Alex, lifted his chin gently with his thumb. Alex’s eyes were pleading, bright, and shining, but above all, they were still beautiful to George. 

“I like the view.”

Jun x Reader

Jun x Reader


College AU

Warnings: Language

A/N: This one took longer to update and I’m not even sure why since I already have the parts written .-. but anyways I mixed two of the parts I had to make it longer to make up. I really hope you’re enjoying it ^-^

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You were out grocery shopping with Jeonghan, Jihun, and Wonwoo. Sungcheol asked if I could go since he didn’t trust them to get essential foods. You got to meet Jihun and Wonwoo after  your encounter with Mingyu. You walked into the grocery store and Jeonghan walked up next to you.

“So do you know how to cook?”

You looked at him. Seriously adoring his hair.

“I can survive if I need too.” He smiled

“Good, Mingyu is usually the one who cooks. What’s your favorite to eat? Can you eat spicy food or no?”

“I told you. I survive. I’ll eat anything. I do love spicy food though”

“Ahhhhh, Jun likes spicy food too”

You guessed Jun is the one person you haven’t met yet. You wanted to ask more so you were prepared and didn’t run into another Mingyu situation but Jeonghan ran over to link arms with Wonwoo. Jihun walked up to you.

“I heard you screaming back to Minghao screaming earlier today”

“I get irritated when I’m woken up.”

He nodded like he totally got you.

“It’s a never ending screaming fest in this house. I’m usually always just in my room working on my music or sleeping. So it’s getting annoying to listen to the screaming all day. So thanks.”

Huh. I still feel like he doesn’t belong in college but alright. You began walking around throwing things into the shopping cart that Wonwoo was pushing around.

“So Wonwoo, what are you like?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t think I’m the most interesting person in this household. The usual. I like playing video games, listening to music, or watching movies.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m scared of dogs”

“Seriously?” So no dogs. I don’t hate him so I wouldn’t want him to live uncomfortably.

After paying we got into the car. I sat next to Jeonghan. It was quiet in the car until Rap Monster started

“bogo shipda ireoke..”

Jeonghan yelled


Wonwoo turned up the radio. Jeonghan turned to you

“Sing with me!”

You thought what the hell. I love singing.

You and Jeonghan:

“nunkkochi tteoreojyeoyo
 tto jogeumsshik meoreojyeoyo
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
eolmana gidaryeoya
tto myeot bameul deo saewoya
neol boge doelkka (neol boge doelkka)
mannage doelkka (mannage doelkka)”

Jeonghan looked at you

“You have a nice voice!”

I smiled “Thank you, you’re not bad yourself”

He smiled back happily while you guys continued to jam out.

Once you guys got home. Jihun got inside deciding he’s done enough and was going back to his room. Wonwoo decided to start putting things inside. While Jeonghan went to call others to help. You decided to help Wonwoo and grabbed two bags and was beginning to walk towards the front door when you tripped nearly face planting the ground when someone caught your arm. You looked up to see this blonde guy that you didn’t recognize.

“So you’re a klutz? Literally there’s nothing around you to trip on”

You heard Jeonghan yell, “There you are Jun!”

So Jun’s a douche. So far is what I grasped. There’s 10 of them living in this household so I guess there had to be a douche.

Jun looked at you and took the bags with one hand and offered his other to you.

You looked at his hand and decided on taking it because you’re not sure on who’s bad and good side you need to be on yet.

“Thanks. I can carry those in”

Jun looked you up and down. You hid slightly.  He handed you a bag.

“Looks like the other guy’s got the rest anyways.” He started to walk inside. You couldn’t help but notice he has really good legs.


You swear you could’ve hit the roof with how high you jumped. Turning around ready to smack the shit out of someone, you chose to back away when noticing it was Mingyu.

“What the actual fuck Mingyu.”

“I saw your encounter with Jun. He can be an ass.”

“Well so far I think you’re more of an ass”

Mingyu laughed.

“Hey so since it’s your first day here lets go to this party” You looked thoughtful.

“Sure why the hell not. I need to get loose after this day”

He smiled at you.

“Alright. I’ll let the other guys know and see who else wants to join” He went to go ask the other members.

Later that night you were wearing a black crop top that came just above your belly button with some black skinny jeans because all black was your forte.

Mingyu came up to you.

“Well damn. I didn’t know you wanted to get that loose.”

You shoved him.

“Me? When I met you you wearing nothing but a towel!”

“Oh! So that’s what you’ll remember of our first encounter.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever. Just be glad I actually remember you.” You walked off to go grab yourself a drink because you were going to need it. You downed a couple of shots and grabbed a red solo cup filled with beer.

“So you’re an alcoholic?” Jun came up next to you grabbing a solo cup of his own.

“No. But you live in the same house as me. Wouldn’t you drink after a day with them?”

He shrugged and took a drink of his cup.

“They aren’t THAT bad once you get to know them.”

“I don’t think they are bad. Just.. it’s been an intense first day…”

Jun nodded. “You got lucky I live there” He smiled at you and left towards the dance floor.

He seriously has some nerve. He thinks he’s all that. You scoffed and decided to walk around.

Mingyu came up to you pulling you to the dance floor. Which you didn’t mind since you loved to dance and so you danced.

Every so often you’d escape for another shot. Coming back to dance. The more shots you took the more provocative your dances became. After other guys started coming up to you to get closer to you. The boys started to pull you away from them.

You started to stumble your way for another shot when an arm grabbed you.

“Listen princess, I think you’ve had way too much to drink at this point.” You looked up to see Jun. He was slightly sweaty from dancing. His blonde hair sticking to his forehead. Also either you were really drunk or his sweaty self smelt really good. You leaned towards him, which resulted him in grabbing your shoulders.

“Yeah, you’re done”.  

You could hear voices talking between them self. Probably about you but all you knew is that the arms you were being carried by smelt good and you felt safe.

You woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. You looked to the side and saw water along with painkillers.

Bless their souls. They’re considerate. You took the pills and decided to contemplate on what the fuck happened last night.

Well one thing you can ensure. You’re fully clothed and none of the boys are in bed with you. That’s the biggest relief. You pulled yourself out of bed and to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. You started to head downstairs after hearing commotion in the kitchen.

Mingyu was standing by the stove making something. Soonyoung and Minghao were standing by the counter looking like hungry wild animals. Sungcheol walked in and looked at you.

“Oh Good Afternoon. Fun night out I take it?”

“I suppose. I have a killer headache and I’m starving”

Mingyu looked at you and smiled “It’s almost done!”

You sat.

Jeonghan came in and grabbed some water.

“You know Y/N. You can really fucking dance. So many guys were so on you last night. You really could’ve gotten laid”

You put your forehead to the table and groaned.

“Who let me drink so much” Mingyu put a plate in front of you.

“We tried to stop you. But your feisty. Which only got people turned on more.”
Jeonghan laughed out loud.

“He probably means himself. He had his eyes on you like all night”

Mingyu shrugged.

“I appreciate attractive people when I see them.” He looked at you.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to you though. I’d like to be wanted back” He winked. And left to go serve the others.

Jeonghan looked at you and leaned in.

“He’s such a fucking flirt. My god. Don’t fall for that. He’s full of shit”.

Sungcheol looked at Jeonghan.

“I’m going to make a swear jar, that way we use that money to buy groceries. It’ll fill so fast.”

Jeonghan stuck his tongue out of him.

“Whatever. I’m going to get my food.” He walked out.

You saw Jihun come down and retrieve some food then leave. Seokmin came in.

“I’ve got a class today so bye!”

Sungcheol grabbed a bagel. “I have work. So don’t destroy the house. Seriously.”

Minghao and Soonyoung ran off after eating. Probably to go dance. They were dance majors.

Mingyu came to sit next to you. “Guess it’s just us now.”

You shifted away a bit and ate.

“I have somethings to take of at the campus. So I’ll be going soon.”

Mingyu nodded. “I have work to go too”

You guys ate in silence. Then you put your dish away and looked at Mingyu.

“Well have fun with work. Bye” You left quickly.

You got to the university and took care of what you needed to take care of. Deciding to wander instead of going back to the house alone. You walked past this dance practice room that was playing music and peeked in. There you saw Jun by himself dancing. You stood there peeking through the tiny window. You couldn’t help but admire that he had a good body. He was wearing black jeans and a white sleeveless shirts. His arms looked good.

Suddenly you vaguely remembered last night. Drifting off into the memory you remember his arms and him laying you down in bed. Then you placed your forehead against the door remembering you pull him down once he laid you down.

You felt yourself fall forward. Jun catching you.

“Hi, I see you’re up”

You blushed. He seemed to always be catching you and now he knows you were watching him!

“Uh, you dance well…” Might as well keep up with that you saw him.

“You don’t dance bad yourself” He said as he walked to go drink some water.
You couldn’t help but watch as he drank his water. His Adam’s apple being prominent and sweat dripping down his forehead. You swear you weren’t into this before. Jun looked at you.

“So what are you doing on campus?”

You shook your head to pull you from your thoughts. “I had some paperwork to turn in”

He nodded, “Ah, I see. So you’re free? Let’s go get food. I’m hungry”

“Alright let’s go.”

You went with him. But you weren’t going to tell him you just ate before coming..

A/N: LOL so this is three parts of what I have. It seems like a lot.. Anyways I know there are three members missing from the household but they seemed kind of young to put into college so I left them out of the house but I promise that they will appear. OH and I wrote this like a week after seeing BTS live and PCD is fucking real hence the song.. yeah.. Anyways thank you for reading, I’ll be sure to update soon~

I’m Yours - Derek Hale smut

- Okay, so rewritten, but whatever. Also, first Derek imagine, yay! Thanks for being lovely, anon, I tried, really, I hope it’s okay and you like it :)

 - Apology; most of my typos occur due to having a keyboard that I’ve used a lot, so not all of the buttons need the same pressure, which is why there may be letters missing and stuff (because I type freaking lightly so I don’t kill the rest of my keyboard). Also, I type really fast, and I don’t always look, so sometimes the letters are switched up. Sorry if I don’t pick those up when proof reading and stuff… Requests are copied in, not written out by hand or anything. I’m too lazy for that. -

Request: You are such a good writer!! I was wondering if you could do a smut where reader and Erica are fist fighting because Erica is flirting with Derek, the readers crush, then could it end with smut between the reader and derek please?

Warnings: swearing (bc you get hella angry, I mean Erica’s trying to get with your almost boyfriend, hey whoa no) some violence (nothing drastic or graphic though) and smut smut smut (bc this is Derek and he’s either totally sweet or hella rough, amiright)

This smut is going to be slightly different form my current two others, it’s just a little more detailed, I guess.


Erica was known to cause trouble. She often flirted with Derek, appearing in the loft with revealing clothes, short and low cut, ready to do whatever it took to turn Derek away from you and towards her. Actually, it was like that with any guy but this time, it was personal.

It took one fight between the two of you to make her hungry for revenge.

You had commented on her wanting way too much with Derek, and of course, she immediately found it way too insulting. Though to be honest, who wouldn’t if you called them a slut? You knew it wasn’t right, but you’d been jealous. She was trying too hard to try and charm Derek, who you liked a lot, let’s face it.There wasn’t one thing, it was literally everything in that guy. And she knew that. You and Derek had an interesting relationship. You flirted sometimes, he protected you, but it was somewhere between a brotherly protectiveness and a ‘this is so not right’ flirting. It’s complicated…

Today however, was one of those days when she tried to finish her revenge plan.

“Derek, is this okay?” you were sitting on the couch, reading the new book in the series you had to catch up on, Derek sitting on the table and reading the first book which you recommended. He was waiting for Erica so that they could train.

“Yeah, whatever you feel comfortable in,” he said, not even looking up.

Apparently that was not enough, because Erica rolled her eyes and walked in front of him, hooking her thumb into her short’s waistband, pulling it down just slightly to reveal the band of her underwear. She looked up at Derek, over his book. “Are you sure it’s okay?” she asked, acting innocent. You ignored her because, hey, Derek wasn’t an idiot and you trusted him to at least not do anything with her in front of you, however much it would hurt if you knew that he liked her over you, but when he looked up and gave her a sarcastic look, like he usually gives Stiles, you only smirked a little. Erica leaned over, one hand on his knee, the other reaching to pull at the bottom of his shirt while she leaned over and whispered something into his ear.

That was the moment you decided to clear your throat and you saw Erica smirk one more time before turning to you with her eyebrows arched. “Am I bothering you?” you asked as Derek hid a small smile. He seemed to know that you and Erica had some kind of rivalry going on, or at least you just hated each other so he didn’t want to get caught in whatever was about to happen.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” he said, getting off of the table and then walking out.

So chaos ensued, and punches were thrown left and right, each of you throwing out curse words such as ‘bitch’, ‘fuck’, ‘asshole’ and the lot, both of you having the worst words in the ammunition stack. But the fight didn’t last too long, as the door opened and Derek pulled you off of Erica, since you didn’t hold yourself back, seeing as she had the upper hand, and anyway, she fought back with just as much power and more.

“Erica, leave,” he said seriously as she just smiled at the fact that you were being held back before shouting more potential insults at you.


“Leave!” Derek’s eyes flashed red and she immediately left, picking up her normal clothes straight after while Derek sat you up on the table after having calmed down a little and just mumbling under your breath about how much of a bitch she was. Apparently it was fun for you because you didn’t react once he started to talk to you. After realising you weren’t hearing any of it, he took a more drastic turn and pressed his lips to your neck.

“Derek, what-“

“Calm down,” he almost growled and you sighed out as your annoyance and insecurity seemed to just turn into ashes and you melted into his touch, your back relaxing and your head tipped back as he wound his arms around you, pulling you close to him and continuing to kiss your neck, pushing your legs apart and standing between them. You didn’t even care that he didn’t know. You wanted this since you met him, now was the time to just enjoy it.

“Derek, I-“

“If you’re about to say you like me, we’re a bit past that now,” he said with a smile as he pulled back.

“I do. Seriously-“

“I like you too, all right?” he chuckled.

“But I thought you and Erica-“

“No. No way, are you kidding? I prefer someone like you,” he said a little softly before placing his lips on yours and you once again just gave yourself to him, letting him do as he pleased. You really weren’t bothered, you were overwhelmed with happiness that his words brought you.

“Holy shit is this happening?” you asked as he once again started to kiss your neck and he smiled into your skin before nodding and tightening his hold, pulling you right against him onto the edge of the table and reached behind him, pulling your legs up an around his waist.

“You want it to?” he asked and you quickly nodded, swallowing thickly in anticipation.

“Fuck, yes,” you sighed out and he took that as the sign, slipping his hands underneath you and picking you up, taking you up the stairs before pushing you against a wall, unable to continue before his lips found yours again and much more heated kiss. You jumped down and pulled him down to your height by his shirt, your tongues meeting and a groan being emitted from his side.

He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you close to him, backing up onto the bed before falling down, and then rolling around to be on top. You got a grip on the back of his shirt and tugged at it as he pinned you down to the mattress before pulling away and sitting back on his knees, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it to the side while you did the same and he once again got between your legs. You understood the message and wound your legs around his waist, locking your ankles behind his back, pulling yourself up so that your middles touched and he groaned as you gasped before he silenced you with another passionate kiss.

He started moving his hips, putting yours down to cause more friction. A moan tumbled out from your mouth to his as he bit down on your lips and lowered one hand to unbutton your shorts, slipping them off once you put your legs down for his torso. He smirked as he sat the wetness of your underwear and he moved to sit up against the headrest of the bed, pulling you up to straddle him, which you gladly did, going back to kissing him while he slipped his hand between both of your crotches, making you move into his hand, your hand interlocking behind his neck with your other as you pulled back and started to grind down faster into his hand, moaning as the friction you craved for was granted. He moaned as your breasts pushed up against his bare chest. You took one of your hands and traced down his front before reaching his jeans and you started to unbutton it when he lifted his hand and slipped it under your underwear, akin you gasp and moan in one.

“Shit, Y/n,” he groaned as he started to play with you, making you let out a loud whimper mixed with a moan, turning him on even more as you managed to undo his jeans and slipped a hand into his underwear, grabbing his length as he hissed, making you smirk through the pleasure you were feeling.

“Fuck, Derek, please,” you almost begged as you needed more. You could feel the pleasure rising in your stomach, but God, it just wasn’t enough. You needed him.

“Slide up for a second,” he groaned out and you did so, getting off of his hand, letting him slide his jeans and briefs down. Meanwhile, his finger had run along your slit, causing you to shiver. You never knew you were one for lots of moaning, but Jesus it felt so good. “Down,” he told you and you did so, suddenly feeling him over the thin material of your underwear before he reached over, pulling a small packet from his jean pocket and sliding the contraception on.

“Oh my-“ you cut off into another moan, once again, unable to even find words. Derek, without asking - and thank God he didn’t because all he’d get was probably a whiny moan in response - hooked his fingers into the sides of your underwear and you rested on your knees before leaning into him to help take them off. Once they were off the bed, he grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you into a breathtaking kiss, taking on of your hands and putting it down to his length, letting you position it before you slid down.

You’d never felt so much pleasure racing through your veins, all confused and flustered. You couldn’t believe it. And each slide made it even more unbelievable. This was Derek. Derek Hale. Freaking sour wolf, Miguel, the sculpted Greek God who you had been crushing on for way too long. After introductions from Scott, who you worked with, you hand’t felt calm again. If you weren’t thinking about what he was doing, you were daydreaming about dating him. This wouldn’t have happened even in your wildest dreams.

“Fuck, Derek, yes,” you moaned out once the pleasure intensified and he did also, but cursing and groaning out your name. In the big and spacious room, your moans, groans and other noises of pleasure were swallowed, none of the words really making it past the blood you heard pumping in your ear.

You told him when you were beginning to find relief and he nodded along, biting his lip as he released into the condom with you before rolling you both over so your back rested against the bed while you moaned out one last time and he helped you come down gently before withdrawing and pulling the sheets over both of you while he lay next to you, the used condom in the bin just seconds before he pulled you into his arms, staring down at your face with a smile.

“Not the first time you got jealous?” he asked, lightly sweeping your hair out of your face so he could see your eyes and lips as you answered.

“No,” she admitted.

“You don’t have to worry,” he told you, pressing his lips to yours in a simple kiss. “I’m yours. That is, if you’ll be mine?” he asked.

“Are you- Yes. Fuck yes,” you grinned as he chuckled and pulled you closer to him as you burrowed your head into his chest, a different type of warmth and euphoria filling you. One that appeared just when everything seemed to be right.

- Hope that was okay! Request if you want :) -