seriously he looks so pretty i can't

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It's ridiculous how attractive taehyung is. He's so carefree, cute and dumb sometimes, he's slow sometimes but can't blame the boy for looking cute while doing so. And he has such a gorgeous face on his pretty neck. And the way he talks! He's dragging between sentences, I can't.... i seriously cannot even choose between jimin, jungkook and taehyung. Because they keep on attacking me. I just gave up the idea of having a sole bias. No can do. It's too suffocating.

Why choose one when you can have three? 
GET VMINKOOK: Triple the joy! Triple the pain!

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i know we're all talking about whether or not malec will do the deed but can i just say how excited i am for the alec giving magnus a gift scene? i can't wait to see magnus's reaction, judging by the stills we got he is not expecting it at all!

Yesssss, Anon! Finally somebody who also remembers that this will also happens in that episode—and for that I am actually way more excited than the “sex” or not scene tbh.

I mean seriously, the stills and Magnus’ facial expression on a simple picture pretty much ended me already. It looks so soft and precious and pure. Can you imagine how this will be when we all watch that scene? When Alec gives Magnus that present, his face full of surprise and awe like he cannot believe that Alec went and bought something for him? And when Alec explains to him what it means? That he wanted to get Magnus something that will protect him? (I am sure Magnus knows the meaning but ….)

Like here he is, Alec Lightwood, buying Magnus a gift. To protect him. The meaning, people. Magnus Bane, a century old warlock, getting surprised by his 23year old shadowhunter. He will fall even more in love with Alec than he already is.


Dialogue when you challenge Yami Malik as Ishizu

Yeah it’s about as heartbreaking as you would expect. I love her determination at the end there. I also missed a screencap somehow but Yami Malik challenges her to use the Millennium Necklace to confirm that he’s telling the truth.

Also I don’t understand why she can’t just log off and find Malik in the real world…

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Okay okay but Peter's eyes have you under his FREAKING SPELL MAN like idk it's like hypnosis or some sh*t you just CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM and when he talks to you you just blank and idk man they're just so pretty and warm and brown and soft (Tony thinks it's hilarious how stuttery you get around him cuz you're usually so cool and collected) ~Tessa

man yes i was just gonna add photos & post it but like (also i changed it a bit soRRy)

• yes peter is a god lemme tell you
• there are just so many alluring things about him
• like the list is endless
• firstly, he’s got the softest skin
• you seriously asked him what moisturiser he used because
• what
• this boy can’t have this naturally angel like skin
• like wtf peter teach me your secrets
• “is apart of being spidey? like you get great skin?”
• “w-what? no! a-and i don’t!”
• also yes peter parker 100% has freckles fight me on this
• theyre supa supa light so you can’t really see them unless your up close
• which means you see them whenever u kiss him
• you definitely get distracted by looking at him after u kiss him
• his nose is riddled with them & they are a d o r a b l e
• you love them
• peter?
• not so much
• so you dedicate a large amount on ur time to kissing them all
• so he knows if he doesn’t love them, you will
• just freckley peter dude
• but his eyes
• peter parker has eyes that are out of the fuckin world
• he gets real confused bout your hype about them tho
• “theyre just brown? i don’t und–”
• “shh they aren’t just brown like they’re so fuckin pretty”
• cue blushing
• peter also gets real shy about it too
• we all know he’s an angel and can’t take compliments
• especially from someone as pretty as you
• like he can’t help but get flustered
• “s-stop! you know i..”
• “you what?”
• whispering under his breath
• “you know i get, uh, you know…flustered when you compliment me”
• you just grin at his nervous expression and red cheeks
• “i don’t know what you mean”
• he blushes again because no please don’t make me say it
•you just lean in and kiss him on the nose
• “don’t worry peter, i know u get flustered–that’s why i do it.”
• he glares but his cheeks are still red & blushing so it’s not very threatening

I was at a special screening of The White Princess tonight that had this amazing panel featuring the showrunner. I’m still in awe and shock over it! But one thing not even related in the slightest to the show was overhearing a man tell the woman next to him that “Jamie from Outlander was in this and he’s Jeremy Irons son, and he’s also a model.” Pretty sure he threw in an and I know him in there to impress the lady…. I’m sure @got-outlander-fanfiction can help me elaborate.

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why is Richard Harmon so beautiful? It's not fair, seriously!

ugh, don’t even get me started! The guy’s so beautiful, I mean look at those pretty, pretty eyes he has! All the emotion he can muster in them, from stone-cold indifference to rage to adoration and back around! And like, look at how soft his hair looks when he runs his hands through them or when they’re definitely obviously not soft and they still look goddamn good! And idk his face isn’t exactly what I’d define “beautiful” cause that reminds me like of something vanilla and Richard’s definitely not vanilla, he has so much charm but you know it’s also so down-to-earth and yeah, I think the word I’m looking for is elegant? He has an elegant beauty kind-of-vibe going on around him that definitely captures your attention! And, let me tell you, for the time I’ve been a fan, one thing I realized is that Richard Harmon is the guy to make wearing a blanket look cool and can eat the amount of five meals in one go and then still be in a freakishly good shape! So, yeah. Rant over. All in all Richard’s a natural kind of beauty and it’s definitely not fair!

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Small Plance idea I've had brewing in my head. Pidge laments that she doesn't have any dresses to wear because she feels like changing up what she wears. Allura overhears this and decides to have some Altean dresses made for her to enjoy. So Lance sees Pidge wearing a dress and he can't believe how different she looks. He acts all smooth like he does for 'pretty ladies' but that's so pidge won't take him seriously because he really thinks she's incredibly cute in a way he's not used to from her.

yes!! i can totally see lance overdoing it on the flirting so pidge doesn’t catch on. but unfortunately everyone else catches on and lance has to deal with the subtle teasing for the next several months.

i can also see pidge being really confused because suddenly lance is treating her differently and she doesn’t know why and what to do so she talks to hunk about it and he just gives her this knowing smile

OK basically in my seminar there’s this boy who genuinely looks like a Kagehina lovechild with a bit of Suga, Noya and Oikawa thrown in?! I sat next to him after coming in late and just omg. 

Seriously, I can’t do his face justice but he’s really really pretty ok


I accidentally spooked him! Oops!

A couple gifs of Gilbert, the incredibly handsome crowntail, in his temporary set up!(the black things a heater) His colour and fins are already looking so much better than when he came into my care, the warm water, salt, and stresscoat are working wonders! Thanks to everyone who offered advice, Gilbert and I really appreciate it! I’ve got great news! I dug up some extra cash, and after some crazy begging, this guy is getting a whole 5.5 gallon! I’m picking it up tomorrow, and cycling with some media from a friend’s tank, so it should be ready when he’s done his treatment.

Really, watching this fish’s transformation from a sad, lethargic, pale thing, drowning in it’s own waist, to this beautiful active squiggler in just a few days, shows the difference good care makes, so this is your friendly reminder to give Bettas the care they need, with clean, warm water, and plenty of space, as tempting as it may be, don’t give fish to young children, which is why Gilbert was in rough shape, and that bettacubes are terrible.

Scarecrow from Gotham Knight  requested by anonymous

I don’t care what anyone says. He is frickin’ adorable. When i first saw him i couldn’t stop laughing because he just looked so ridiculous.

I stumbled upon a post loooong ago about it just criticizing his design. I think he was referred to looking “like a confused slug”. ahahaa! and he does! omg

and then he has like gloves on sticks on his shoulders and i’m just, “jon how do you go through doors??”  sideways perhaps. i’m pretty sure he smacked a couple people when turning away akin to smacking someone with your ponytail. haha.

nevertheless i wish there was more of him ;(

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Can you recommend some J2 fanfics by authors who understand grammar, because I can't find any :| love your blog btw

Seriously though hello I’m the one who just asked about fanfictions I’m desperate I saw your last post and I read there’s a hole in me about the size of you and that was SO GOOD please pretty please recommend more



Good J2 Fanfic Rec’s:

1.) In A Mirror Distorted and Indistinct

Summary: They keep calling him beautiful. Pretty. “Come on. Look this way. Give us a smile, Jensen.” He smiles and blinks against the flashes, fighting the urge to lower his eyes, to hide the blush burning under layers of makeup. Sweat runs down his back, his hands tremble. He’s not pretty, not beautiful. He’s small and weak and pathetic and one day they’re all gonna figure it out.

2.) Stretch Right Up And Touch The Sky

Summary:  Jared’s life changed forever the day Jensen transferred to his school two years ago. It must have been destiny that brought them together because Jensen was without a doubt meant to be his forever soulmate and the love of his life. Too bad Jensen had no idea Jared even existed.

3.)  And Heartbreak Ensues

Summary:  Jensen is a newly ‘out of the closet’ gay man ready for his first big gay romance. Jared is everything he never knew he wanted - sexy, carefree and willing to try anything once. Trouble is, Jared doesn’t do relationships.

4.) One Of The Perks

Summary: Ball boy!Jensen and older!Jared. Jared’s new to the Grand Slams and doesn’t realise some of the perks (use of any and all ball boys). He’s against it at first but when he sees Jensen he just can’t help himself.

(This one’s short, but you’ll enjoy it!)

I hope you enjoy these, after you read these if you want just ask and I’ll rec some more!


1.) The Night That Almost Happened

Summary: Six years ago, Jared Padalecki almost had the best night of his life with his brother’s best friend — and long time crush—, Jensen Ackles. Or that was until Jensen ruined everything arguing that he couldn’t get involved with his best friend’s little brother, unintentionally breaking Jared’s heart and his will to stick around after being rejected.Jared uprooted and moved to New York, vowing to never cross paths with Jensen again. Sadly, his efforts go to hell when Jeff and Adrianne’s wedding invitation arrives attached with a big problem: Jensen is his brother’s best man.After not being able to completely get over Jensen in the past years, Jared decides that if erasing Jensen from his life didn’t help him forget, then maybe sleeping with him during his brother’s wedding will bring him some sort of closure. But getting someone in bed after ignoring them for six years is no piece of cake, especially when Jared realizes that Jensen has been waiting a long time to see him and this time he’s not letting Jared run away.

2.) Oh My Queen: 

Summary: Supernatural has been over for three years, and, despite his best efforts, Jensen can’t help feeling like his and Jared’s friendship ended with the show’s wrap. Now a successful film director, Jensen travels back to Vancouver to try and convince Jared to star in his next big project. Before meeting with his former co-star, Jensen visits a gay club with a former member of the Supernatural crew and discovers a whole life Jared has been hiding from him—one in which Jared is one of the star performers at The Cobalt’s weekly drag show.

(This one is really good as well)

Thank’s Shery for the extra fic’s!


- K


Even though this scene actually made me wonder whether Aramis had lost his brain along with his crucifix (Seriously dude? „Hey, that’s so rad that you’re down with us breaking up, too! Look at you crying tears of joy! Thank god I don’t need to have ruining your life on my conscience along with all the other treasonous shenanigans I’m up to!“), he was exceptionally pretty in it. So I forgive him for being stupid and merely hope it’s not becoming a permanent affliction. 

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Dear Outlander fandom…

They are not promoting Sam as a devoted family man…because he’s not one. ONE picture from ONE photoshoot being compared to ONE picture from one other photoshoot does not magically make anything different,

Sam is sexy. In a sexy fantasy kind of way that makes women drool. He’s young. And he’s single (as far as he claims). HE SHOULD be marketed as young, single and ready to mingle.


And maybe maybe the playboy thing doesn’t work for you but it works for PLENTY of women. Because guess what…I’m going to marry the guy, so I could care less if he’s marriage material. But hey, maybe tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little randy and I’ll want to take care of myself…and a sexy Hollywood playboy that looks like Sam…yeah, that’s perfect spank bank material.


When I’m looking for a boyfriend…yeah, I want someone without committment issues that wants a white picket fence and 2.5 kids…but when I’m looking for a celeb to drool over and enjoy…I could care less if they’re married or sleep with every woman in the world.

More importantly…it has NO reflection at all on their acting ability or the career they should have. BOTH work. Chris Hemsworth is a HUGE sex symbol with a wonderful career….he’s married with 3 kids. Leonardo DiCaprio is a HUGE sex symbol with a wonderful career….he’s a total manwhore who only dates models. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING.

Stop acting like what you’re attracted to is the only choice.

Stop acting like people attracted to something else are silly or immature or don’t matter. Stop slut shaming people for their sexual attractions.

Oh and Cosmo is read by 18 MILLION people. 18 MILLION.

So…how about we don’t shame 18 million women for how the choose to consume media?

Oh and The Scotsman is read by…99,000 so…guess what demo is probably a hell of a lot better for his career? I think that’s pretty damn clear.

An finally…

Patrick Dempsey. 50 years old. Family man. Has been acting for over 3 decades.

And sometimes he looks really pensive and mature in photoshoots…

and sometimes he looks like this…


Seriously guys…Sam’s being promote exactly how he should be and his career is going just fine so…how about we stop jumping on every little picture and shaming people for finding something sexy that you don’t?

This fandom just needs to stop.

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I seriously can't get over how gorgeous and tiny and dainty Louis looked last night. We've always said he's a pretty boy, but last night really just emphasized how PRETTY he is. That Styles kid is so lucky.

He’s such a beautiful boy, inside and out. <3