seriously have you seen those things

“...why are there so many potted plants?”

Ted the Animator: “…what?”

Carl the Animator: “I was just lookin’ at the model sheets for all the vacationers leaving….”

Ted the Animator: “And they have some potted plants?”

Carl the Animator: “More than that. Way, way too many.”

Ted the Animator: “….really?”

Carl the Animator: “It’s like every other car has one precariously strapped to the top.”

Ted the Animator: “That’s a bit bizarre.”

Carl the Animator: “They just keep driving by! A never-ending onslaught!”

Ted the Animator: “…whoa.”

Carl the Animator: “I mean, who goes vacationing with their potted plant, anyway?”

Ted the Animator: “Maybe they’re, like, souvenirs?”

Carl the Animator: “They’re all so precariously-strapped to the top, though. That kind of disregard for a souvenir plant is inexcusable.”

Ted the Animator: “Also… what with Hawaii being an island and all, I’d be interested in seeing how they intend to bring those with them on the trip home.”

Carl the Animator: “It just never ends. The potted plantpocolypse doesn’t–… doesn’t… wait….”

Ted the Animator: “Huh?”

Carl the Animator: “…hold up, why does that person have a broom and pitchfork with them?”

Ted the Animator: “Wait, what?”

Carl the Animator: “Seriously, they have an actual pitchfork.”

Ted the Animator: “I’d like to see ‘em get that thing through customs and security.”

Carl the Animator: “I’m telling you, this scene is the strangest thing I’ve seen in months, and we’re barely 5 minutes into the movie.”

Ted the Animator: “These, Carl… these are the true mysteries of Scooby-Doo.”

the moving goalposts.
  • trans woman: I'm a woman.
  • transmisogynist: No you're not, women dress femininely whereas men aren't pressured to wear makeup or maintain a feminine appearance.
  • trans woman: Well, I dress femininely, and I am pressured to wear makeup and maintain a feminine appearance as my failure to do so is punished with harassment and violence. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, women experience misogynistic oppression, like catcalling and gendered wage gap.
  • trans woman: I experience both of those things, people see me as a woman and mistreat me accordingly. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, woman is a biological class. You're a biological male.
  • trans woman: I'm on HRT, and my hormone levels are within the average range of cisgender women. I've undergone physical changes due to HRT that have made my physical body more similar to the average cis woman. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have vaginas.
  • trans woman: I've undergone vaginoplasty. I have a functioning vagina, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. This is very personal, but, i can, in fact, orgasm. Do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have XX chromosomes. That's the REAL factor that determines our social role.
  • trans woman: So, are you seriously claiming that everyone goes around treating other people based on their chromosomes, a quality that can only be factually known by a medical test?
  • transmisogynist: Yes!
  • trans woman: But I've never gotten chromosomally tested. I don't ACTUALLY know what my chromosomes are. Have you ever gotten chromosomally tested?
  • transmisogynist: No, but–
  • trans woman: Then your argument is completely flawed. You know with certainty that you present as a woman, are seen as a woman, and are mistreated as a woman, but you believe that those things are totally disconnected? That, instead, your chromosomes are what people are really seeing when they look at you? That's completely preposterous.
  • transmisogynist: Well, what I really mean is, your birth assignment is what really counts, because that's when male socialization is initiated, which determines your entire mindset and outlook on the world, as well as how you treat other people.
  • trans woman: It is true that socialization influences how we view the world. But let me ask you a question, you are female-socialized, right?
  • transmisogynist: Damn right.
  • trans woman: And female socialization includes subservience to men, right?
  • transmisogynist: Yes, very much so. My parents were extremely traditionalist and imposed very strict gender roles on me as a child.
  • trans woman: But right now you're not subservient to men at all, right?
  • transmisogynist: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • trans woman: So, logically, this would be an example of how your gendered socialization DIDN'T control your outcome as a person. Sure, you had to actively resist that socialization, but you've moved past that.
  • transmisogynist: Yes, that's true, but the same can't be said about you, you're clearly male-socialized.
  • trans woman: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • transmisogynist: No, that's wrong! You can't be a lesbian, you're a male!
  • trans woman: Don't say that to my wife, she's gonna be pretty mad if you tell her she's not really a lesbian. She's been a lesbian for years, I seriously don't see how my gender is any different than the gender of her last girlfriend.
  • transmisogynist: You can't be a feminist, either! You're a male, there's no way you can understand the struggles of being a woman!
  • trans woman: Didn't you post one of my essays on gender on your facebook wall?
  • transmisogynist: Er, well, yes, but, that's before I knew that you were trans! See, this is more of your deceptive duplicitous behavior, concrete proof that you cannot overcome your male socialization or produce ideas that deserve consideration as contributions to feminism.
  • trans woman: But didn't you praise that shitty liberal Male Feminist guy's anti-transgender article?
  • transmisogynist: Yeah, but, at least he isn't calling himself a feminist, just a feminist Ally. So he's being honest and knowing his boundaries while helping feminism.
  • trans woman: And didn't you praise that conservative politician's proposed ban on transgender people being able to use the restroom? Why the hell would you ever side with a conservative? You realize that he's the same guy who has previously worked to defund women's healthcare services and repeal gay marriage? Supporting him in any capacity gives him political capital that he'll be able to leverage for future reactionary policies, because he is literally an anti-feminist politician.
  • transmisogynist: But he's one of the few politicians who's willing to stand up for a ban on transgender people in restrooms.
  • trans woman: Yeah, because he's an out-and-out bigot against LGBT people and women. He's literally creating legal contexts for male violence against transgender women, something that you've PREVIOUSLY stated you're opposed to, but now apparently you're for it.
  • transmisogynist: What male violence? It's just a legal protection for vulnerable women and girls in the sanctified space of the public bathroom.
  • trans woman: The male violence of police officers, prison guards, and prison inmates. That's the male violence that you're totally fine with exposing trans women to. If you really gave a shit about reduction of harm, you would support my right to use whatever PUBLIC RESTROOM I wanted, and support gender-neutral restrooms. After all, butch cis women have been harassed and gender-policed in restrooms in states where that law was in effect, and had security guards called on them. Isn't that a fucking travesty? I support butch women's right to use women's restrooms, and if you support trans bathroom bans, you DON'T. Cis and trans women share certain class interests, and often times if you work against trans women's' class interests, you're ultimately going to harm cis women's class interests as well. We suffer a wage gap too, which is why so many of us are FEMINISTS.

i only ever see skinny trans guys.

positivity posts about loving yourself never seem to extend towards chubby/fat trans guys - especially those with eating disorders - and it really gets me down. and side note, i’ve literally never seen anyone talk about the fact that you can have an eating disorder and not be skinny. 

i want to learn to love my body because once i do end up getting top surgery and hormones, the fat isn’t going to go away. 

and like i know. i know being fat isn’t a bad thing. i know “fat” isn’t a bad word. but i just feel disgusting and no one takes me seriously. my dad keeps commenting that i’m overweight. 

but before i deal with them i need to deal with me. that’s why i’m posting these i guess. my stretch marks are pretty cool and maybe i bind better than i think i do. that’ll do for now. 

tl;dr - chubby/fat trans guys are valid and you matter. hang in there

3 Billion Dollars [Part 16] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by blackmind-pastelpinksoul

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: angst and fluff and action

Warnings: mentions of death, sexual abuse, swearing, of course, violence, poor living conditions? 

Remember: if you have a problem with one of these warnings or if there is something that I should’ve put a warning down please talk to me. 

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A/N: I got rid of the drug abuse mostly because I was too tired to write it in, and it wasn’t necessary. This one definitely isn’t my favorite, I am excited for the next one though. A lot of JI Yong and reader coming up! Inbox is always open, please tell me what you think! 

~Admin Brooklyn


3 weeks later

Seungri quickly ducked, letting the wooden object fly across his head. He looked up through his arms, slowly standing up. “Hyung! What the hell?!”

Ji Yong growled at him, a gun loaded in his hand. He was losing his mind, anyone could see it. They stood in the middle of your old room. The dresser that was by the door was completely destroyed, the bed tipped and it’s sheeting ripped and the walls contained bullet holes through all four walls. “Three weeks. THREE FUCKING WEEKS SEUNGRI.”

“Thanks, Hyung, I didn’t know that time had passed, thank you for reminding me.” Seungri ducked again, three bullets flying into the wall behind him claiming the wall with three holes. Seungri looked up and slowly got up from his curled up position. Daesung came rushing into the room, the sound of gunshots bringing the attention of Daesung.

“Hyung, is everything okay?” Daesung regretted asking that as Ji Yong growled and shot the wall next to him.


He didn’t finish his sentence, dreading the possibility of it being true. Ji Yong set his gun down on the bed and sat on the ground next to it, his head in his hands. Seungri looked at Daesung for help. Seungri walked over to Ji Yong’s side, sitting next to him. “We’ll find her. She knows that you’ll do anything to find her, and we will.”

All three boys heard the rush of footsteps. Daesung looked down the hall, staying in his position at the door frame. The footsteps slowed as a young boy entered the room. Ji Yong instantly recognized him. Song Mino, from Winner. Ji Yong’s face lights up as the boy spoke.

“We might know where she is.”

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Off Button

Pairing: Sebastian x Reader
Words:  1967

Warning: Smut

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

This is a little something I wrote based off of one of my favorite pictures on the internet. I don’t know the original source, but it’s seriously the cutest thing and I love it.

          You had planned it for a little while. You thought it might be a romantic, cute idea. But then, when it came time to go through with the plan, you felt like chickening out. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

           You and Sebastian had been together for about six months. You had been sleeping together for the last three of those. So, it wasn’t like he didn’t like your body. Even though your curves made you self-conscious. You had pretty much always been overweight and that had been a big setback for you in relationships. But Sebastian had made you feel beautiful from day one. And the love making was proof that he didn’t find you disgusting like you had feared. But would he like the idea you had come up with?

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Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#174: Korra saved Kuvira from the spirit cannon in “The Last Stand.”

Discussion about “The Last Stand” often gets dominated by opinions about the Korrasami ending. I happen to love the ending (despite not having really seen it coming). But my absolute favorite scene in “The Last Stand” (and perhaps my favorite  in all of LoK) is the one I feel doesn’t get enough love: the scene where Korra defends Kuvira from the spirit cannon.  Because HOLY SH*T.  EPIC.

I mean, LoK had just spent two episodes showing us how incredibly friggin’ destructive the spirit cannon was.  It was a weapon of mass destruction that completely obliterated anything and anyone in its path.  It blew up entire swaths of buildings with no problem.  Also, EXPLOSIONS.  MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS. See, e.g. this: 

And this: 

In “The Last Stand,” Kuvira is about to get a taste of her own medicine and get completely obliterated by her own spirit weapon…

… when suddenly Korra leaps in front to her enemy’s defense:


She bends the pure spirit energy, forming a protective bubble around both her and Kuvira and deflecting the full brunt of the enormous spirit cannon blast: 


Seriously. Amazing.  Seriously.   This scene in particular is why I’m always baffled by those fans who think Korra’s avatar state is somehow “weaker” than Aang’s.  BECAUSE DID YOU SEE HER SINGLE-HANDEDLY STOP THE SPIRIT CANNON BLAST THAT BLEW A HOLE CLEAN THROUGH A MOUNTAIN AND DESTROYED AN ENTIRE CITY?!  

In fact, the force of the spirit weapon blast that Korra spirit-bent was so powerful that her actions BROKE THE SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM CREATED A NEW SPIRIT PORTAL:

I love love love this scene so much. The colors are beautiful. Korra’s courage is beautiful.  And this was Korra’s defining character moment.  It was so fitting. It made me cry. It made my jaw drop with awe.  The young woman who started out the series quick to fight and lacking in any spirituality whatsoever ended the series by defending her enemy, spirit-energy-bending in epic fashion, and creating a new spirit portal. And it was her defense of (and empathy for) Kuvira that ultimately brought Kuvira to heel. 

Some fans lament that Korra didn’t go all elemental sphere batsh*t on Kuvira like Aang did on Ozai. But Korra and Kuvira already had an amazingly choreographed duel in the head of the Colossus. Besides, that kind of final fight may have suited ATLA and the journey that Aang went through to confront his destiny as the avatar, but it would not have suited this show

This is the scene that, in my mind, completes Korra’s four-season-long journey. AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

makosharkies  asked:

Hello! So, asks are open for a bit? Hope i wasn't too late to the party... If it's still open how about (general fluffy) headcanons on MC with werewolf! RFA (+ Minor trio if you do them)? If the asks are closed the you can ignore this. Thank you :3

A/N: aaaa they were open when you sent it love, no worries ^^ I will do my best here, im sorry if its short!! but i didnt wanna get repetitive or anything!! and i dont know too much about werewolves /heck pls i really hope its okay im Anxiety™/ ^^;



               -Honestly? I can see it

               -But instead of some big, bad, scary werewolf he?? Was like a giant puppy??

               -‘Cause it doesn’t change his personality too much in all honesty. Maybe this is why he’s such a puppy in person as well?

               -You have to watch him though, because he likes to run around and takes off after things like squirrels. Really likes to go (where it’s safe) and play around with you. Fetch? You betcha.

               -Seriously is not scary. Not at all. He can try, but nope. He even has puppy dog eyes. Weren’t werewolves supposed to be scary??


               -The /best/ looking werewolf

               -Like you’ve seen those dog shows?? How they’re gorgeous dogs?? If there was a Werewolf Edition™, he would win.

               -His red eyes can actually be really scary in werewolf form, so you try not to upset him. Most of the time though, he tries to give you “The Beast” eyes. It doesn’t work. It does, however, make you giggle every time and that’s good enough for him

               -He has The Prettiest™ white fur and he needs you to take care of it for him. Brush, shampoo, anything to keep up with it. He’ll even let you braid or put bows in his fur, so long as you take them out. They looked pretty spaced out when he’s in wolf form but once he’s back to human form the amount of clips and things actually hurts his head

               -Wolf howls and makes all /sorts/ of wolf innuendos at you while in human form because he knows he can control himself well enough to do so


               -Werewolves can be energetic and really determined but she just wants to sleep

               -With all the shit she puts up with all day and going through the transformation she just wants to cRAWL INTO BED

               -So she does. You’re in it too? Too bad. Large wolf cuddles for you. ‘Cause uh, she wants to sleep too.

               -Sometimes she’s awake enough and will feel bad so she curls up like a normal dog at the foot of the bed but honestly feels much better laying up with you

               -Seriously though it’s her favourite thing? Whether in her wolf form or not? Cuddling? Cuddle her, MC, please. She’s always a sweetheart? How is this even possible?


               -The Proper One™

               -Honestly, just as classy in wolf form as he is in human form

               -Hear me out, he also has this dominant way he presents himself. Like, he’s the alpha. Any dogs within a certain amount of miles /know/ it. They can feel it. They can feel it when he’s just human form as well. There’s just that aura around him

               -But not with you. He’s a big softy. At first you were really concerned for Elizabeth but she just rubs on him? That is the one canine-like being that she will ever enjoy. He still demands the high quality of meats to eat in this form too. He has tried at one point to use utensils in this form too, he gets frustrated. Also likes if you put a tie on him. Why aren’t any of these werewolves scary wtf did you watch the right horror movies MC?

               -10/10 will fight Zen in this form you gotta watch out


               -The type to return to human form and just walk around for hours after, in the nude

               -Tries to scare you every time. You can’t count how many times he’s been dramatic in his change or how many times he’s tackled you, growling, pretending like he’s going to bite

               -Honestly you’ve learned to just lightly tap him on the nose with a newspaper and he turns into another giant puppy. Please don’t get him and Yoosung together. They’ll wreck the house.

               -Always wants to play wrestle with you. Always. But sometimes he miscalculates the fact that he is a lot stronger than you. If he hurts you even in /the slightest/ way, he’ll take off outside (obviously making sure you aren’t seriously injured first) and won’t come back until he changes back. Then he’s all apologies, practically begging you to forgive him, constantly kissing all over your face

               -On his calmer days, he likes to try and sit on your lap. Has that 'big dog’ syndrome where he thinks he’s a lap dog and refuses to acknowledge that he clearly does not fit


               -Skiddish!!! I’m talking for the longest time he would physically sprint away from you and you’d find him hours later attempting to hide under the bed and it being a disaster.

               -I’m sure after a while he’d warm up to you and just quietly follow you around

               -I’m talking, you’re cooking in the kitchen? He’s there silently begging. You’re on the couch? He’s against your hip just like a normal dog. What is /wrong/ with all of these werewolves. Might as well have been puppies, amiright?

               -No but really he is 10/10 willing to protect you. Knock at the door? Growling scary enough you have to tell the person that you were watching a scary movie.

               -Belly rubs!!!!!! Will roll around like /the biggest/ idiot, knocking everything over in the process and sheepishly apologizing later on for not being able to help clean it


               -He tries to constantly growl at you and bare his teeth, trying to be intimidating so you’ll leave him alone because 1. he feels vulnerable and awkward and 2. what if he hurts you without meaning to?

               -Though you’re always hanging yourself all over him because he’s “cute” and he just learned to get used to it

               -Seriously he really likes head pats and behind the ear scratches and will crawl into your lap like his brother would until you give him that sort of attention. Fuzzy blankets somewhere? He’s curled up on one. He also likes to sit outside and just howl, it’s like screaming at the void, but in dog form

               -Honestly will sleep most of the time unless he’s trying to be alpha male and “protect” you from Saeyoung

               -Saeyoung just playfully tackles and sits on him though that poor baby he tries so hard


               -The Most Intimidating One™

               -Would rather be alone because? It’s a sensitive time okay, he can get really grumpy

               -I’m talking growling, fangs showing, maybe even some of that like… gross angry drool but he’s extremely grateful when you clean it up off the floor because? Ew that’s gross. Does not want.

               -He will let you sit with him outside, though. If he’s sitting outside, it’s a calm time for him, and you’re more than welcome to sit too. Maybe even pet his head a little bit. BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT. NO MORE.

               -I feel like he would get really embarrassed if he changed back in front of you? Like BAM HERE’S ME NAKED, and I think as much as he plays it off like he’s cool with it, inside he’s like, “did MC /really/ just see… everything?”


lokisdeviouspurpose  asked:

I've never asked anyone this because I feel like a total idiot for not knowing, and you talk about it a lot so I think I'll get a good explanation on it. What exactly is an anti? And a stan?

Dont worry you’re probably lucky and relatively drama free on here if you’re asking, and the term ‘anti’ has only been a widespread ‘thing’ with an actual reputation for like….a year or two really? a couple years ago i didn’t see many fights or obnoxious posts about this stuff tbh. 

Thing is, an ‘anti’ really shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. if you ask one of them, they’ll say theyre against abuse, harmful sexual practices/kinks, power imbalances, pedophilia etc. and it’s like yeah! of course im against that!

But these days when you see me or most others complaining about ‘antis’ it’s because these people like to attack others for the fiction they’re into by cramming anything they don’t like into those categories. Those things are now buzzwords, that are steadily losing their impact and meaning because of how antis use them to condemn any fictional content they don’t approve of, and therefore they are blurring the definitions of those things, watering them down and making them less meaningful and easier to just ignore. for instance, if you ship a villain with a hero they may call it abuse, and so you’re an abuse apologist. yep. if you ship highschoolers together and you yourself are over 18 then you’re a pedophile. you write fic about them having sex then guess what you’re creating child porn. Even a significant age gap might cause them to call someone a pedophile holy shit, I’ve legit seen people seriously think that an age gap of, say, 10 to 15 years is gross in any circumstance (because omg the older one was 10 when the younger was born!!! aging up is unacceptable!!), no exceptions (which i take personal offense to along with scores of other people because i’ve BEEN IN a relationship like that and they were the best ones, fuck you if you’re going to judge that on a surface level when it’s none of your business and both people are over 18). 

To a typical anti, ships or fiction with ‘dark’ elements or morally gray issues involved is bad, and you’re bad for being interested in it even on a fictional level (sometimes even if you’re coping for your own issues through it?), and you’re encouraging minors to think stuff like abuse and age gaps and such are ok in real life etc etc. Being interested in these circumstantially problematic topics in your fiction means, to them, you’re making it like it’s ok for predators to groom kids into harmful real life practices. you’re saying abusive relationships are romantic. You and your fictional explorations are changing reality into a dangerous environment for people who don’t yet know the difference between fiction and reality. There’s no nuance to it, no subjectivity to it, it’s bad, you’re bad. Your fiction should be WHOLESOME! You must ALWAYS constantly extrapolate and elaborate on what points are wrong and which aren’t, clearly and loudly, or else you’re EXCUSING AND NORMALIZING the bad parts!

It doesn’t matter how much you explain that fiction is fiction and that creating fiction does not mean you endorse the subject matter with abandon. And antis are the ones who can’t seem to see a difference between fiction and real life here. it doesn’t matter how much you tell them that an 18 or 19 year old dating a 17 or 16 year old does not mean pedophilia (holy shit, pedophilia is sexualizing PREPUBESCENT children how many ships do you actually see these days that legit involve a child??? And yet I have to see people being called pedophiles every day and being told they are predators because of their freakin run-of-the-mill ships, ALL of which involve people 15/16 and up??? S T O P). 

Most significantly, it doesn’t seem to matter to antis that it’s fucking gross and unacceptable for them to harass and judge people over their fictional interests, or bc they are into bdsm/kink, or to be telling people to ‘go choke’ and die because of the fiction they like to explore. it doesn’t matter to them if you point out the common conflicts and dramatic elements and literary exploration used in fiction by pros, because storytelling is storytelling, and ask them why they’re not calling those authors out for such ‘harmful subject matter’ (example–i like to tell them to go attack GRRM for writing Game of Thrones, go bother the creators of Hannibal, go string up Stephen King if people aren’t supposed to enjoy and be interested in ‘dark’ elements in fiction, and explore the shadier sides of human nature in a safe and speculatory way. Please.)

FICTIONAL INTERESTS AND CREATIONS DO NOT MEAN YOU ENDORSE THE SUBJECT MATTER IN REAL LIFE WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. And my interests, as someone who has their own life and their own mind and their own agency, are not going to be dictated by some strangers on the internet telling me what I can or can’t be intrigued by because ‘minors might see it and think it’s ok in reality’. Antis can’t seem to comprehend what’s wrong with that thinking if their lives depended on it. 

Anyways…….i’ve ranted enough lmao. As you can see I get real heated about it because it’s just ridiculous and I’m sick of seeing it. Oh, and a ‘stan’ is short for ‘stalker fan’. It’s used in both casual and accusatory ways for both fiction and irl. Casually is just you really love a certain character or celeb and probably will always love/follow them no matter what they do. In an accusatory sense, you might see antis calling someone a stan of a character just for still liking them even though theyre bad (i would be considered a Loki stan for instance….and it might be considered a bad thing, that is, if antis were consistent across the board for which bad guys are unacceptable lol. Funny, you don’t see anyone getting lambasted for liking/shipping/writing about certain villains that are considered ‘acceptable’?? i haven’t figured out exactly why antis target certain things and not others. Oh that’s right, because it doesn’t make any good sense and it’s personal with them and it’s a power move to feel morally superior, and antis are kinda like a hive-mind cult mentality, it’s seldom based on a logic you can apply across the board). ~

On Jashi

Samurai Jack has suffered a lack of waifus and women in general, so Ashi being a mainstay I think is a good thing. 

The episodes we have so far admittedly do not make good shipping canon, but it does provide a foundation. Even if their relationship does not go romantic, theres still the bases of a friendship, or even a master/student type of relationship because Jack is so much more skilled then she is. 

I personally do ship Jashi, but I can see why others would not, or would even DISLIKE the ship, as Ashi, well, shes kind of a little shit and she has traits that I think would turn people away. 

But then theres the idiots who HATE it and start discourse over it. 


For some reason people insist this ship is incestial because of a headcanon that Jack is actually the father of the daughters of Aku, 

To these people I ask “Are you retarded?” Theres NO evidence that Jack is the father to Ashi or any of her sisters, its just fan theory and not even a particularly good one at that. 


Another one ive heard. You know, im not even sure people know what Pedophila is, because they clearly have no fucking idea. 

Ashi is quite clearly an adult as we saw her grow up from a child. Id say shes in her twenties, shes more then old enough. 

And Jack is Ageless, sure hes around 75 years old, but he still has the body he had when he was in HIS twenties. And even if he wasnt, so what?

Shipping an 80 year old man and a twenty something woman, might be weird, but its NOT pedophilia and its STILL A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. 

Holy shit. 

Now these arent the only two reasons why I think people dont like the ship. I think they dislike it because it interferes with their own ships. 

Remember earlier I said that Samurai Jack suffered a lack of waifus and women in general? Well what happens in fandoms when you suffer a deficit in one gender? You get a bunch of gay ships! (Well you get a bunch of gay ships regardless if the genders are equal or not) So Jashi kills these ships. 

Jack x Johnny Bravo. 

During Cartoon Networks hayday, where Jack originally aired, they had these bumpers that played between shows where it showed the characters of cartoon network all living together in the same universe. One such bumper showed Jack and Johnny Bravo in a laundromat doing their laundry. They have an awkward conversation when Jack’s gi is accidently dyed pink because Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls left her gown in the washer. No one thought anything of this bumper at the time, but of course years later when Fandoms and Shipping became a Thing, people thought the conversation between Johnny and Jack was loaded with sexual tension or some shit. 

Its stupid, its non canon and Jack and Johnny have only ever showed interest in women, so……

Jack x Aku 

Yep, people actually ship this. Ok, when Aku turns himself into a girl and messes with Jack, its kind of funny (He does it once in the show as Ikra, and he does it again later on in one of the comics) But its clearly not meant to be taken seriously. But people took it seriously. Its clearly supposed to be the “Enemies to Lovers” trope, but the things Aku has done is wayyyy beyond forgiveness or redemption. Jack hates him and wants to kill him and Aku does the same to Jack. 

Jack x The Scotsman

*Shudders* I honestly cant tell if this is a serious ship or not, but I have seen mentions of it. No, just no. The Scotsman loves his wife. Thats….all there is to say on the matter. 

Now if you ship any of those ships above, you are certainly welcome to continue to ship them. I dont mean to bash on them and you are free to ship what you want. But I dont have to like it and I gave my reasons why I didnt like them. 

Anyway thats my very long post on the matter

Hoseok Scenario: Spring Day

Request: Listening and reading the lyrics to bts spring day is so sad and touching, can I request an j hope angst scenario based off of the lyrics?? Thanks so much!!

Genre: Angst / Fluff.

Hoseok felt cold, even if it was the middle of April, but the news of you moving away to other country made summer feel like a harsh winter, when you told him about it he had thought you were kidding, normally you would always be teasing him, so he had thought those news were just a joke, a terrible one, and he had laughed, but when you didn’t laugh along with him he knew there was nothing to joke about.

Hoseok hadn’t known at that moment if he could allow himself to be upset or not, you were going because there was an opportunity of a bright future for you, he wanted to support you, and he did, but at the same time he felt lost, not knowing how to feel about his best friend going away from him, about how to react to those news. They were good news, but at the same time terrible ones. He had always thought you were just about to start something, but it never crossed his mind that in reality something was about to end.

-I’m leaving in mid May, will you come to the airport?- you asked when you two were sitting on the porch just outside your house, he lived close by so he would usually be around your house a lot, your parents were used to him, actually they loved him, Hoseok was the kind of guy that lighted the room with just his presence, and when he smiled, god when he smiled you couldn’t stop looking at him, like your eyes were drawn to that smile and you felt better, anew, just because you were looking at how radiant Hoseok was. But your friend wasn’t smiling so much lately and it hurt you because you knew you were to be blamed.

-Of course Y/N- he answered without a doubt. -I have to see you, should I make a banner?-

You slapped his shoulder playfully making both of laugh. -Don’t you dare-

-I will then, it’d say something like “About time”-

-Yah!- you scolded him.

-Alright, it’d say something like “There goes the girl of my dreams”- he joked half heartedly, he didn’t dare yet to say it seriously, but you fell silent and for a moment Hoseok feared that you had seen past his joke and discovered the real meaning of his words, that was just that, you were so much to him, and now he had to see you gone.

-Don’t say those things- you whispered staring at him. You went closer to him until you could hug him, placing your head over his chest as you felt his arms wrapping around you. -I’ll miss you- you whispered even lower this time.

Hoseok held you tighter, wondering if he was just torturing himself by coming to your house every single day just to be a little longer with you. -I’ll miss you too-

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The request was some romantic HC’s, but I don’t know why, I just made a scenario out of it… will of course post the Headcanons but till then…. this is what I have

Ace “romantic” scenario, based on HCs

Ace is really into that soft, loving and romantic stuff. Well, he tries to be. There often will be times, where he completely surprises you with his plans, actions and presents, making you love him more every second that passes. His reactions every time, however, are even better.

On one day, you might be thrown over his shoulder, when you least expect it, an apology flying of your lips to the person you were talking to as soon as you hear Ace laughing. You would scream at him to let you down, but he can’t, because there is a surprise waiting for you, a surprise for you and only you. He would sprint away with you still in his embrace like lightning, leaving the ship and as soon as he lets you down, you would turn around, ready to smack some sense into him, when the view hits you.

You were standing on a wide- open grass field, surrounded by dozens and dozens of flowers, one more beautiful than the other. In between those flowers would be a little blanket, food patiently sitting next to it, ready to be eaten. You were shocked. Touched, you would ask him if he prepared that for you, to which he would turn around, suddenly embarrassed and say, quote:

“Yeah… I did. I made Thatch do all of your favorite dishes, because, well, I don’t know why. Because I love you. Maybe that’s why… But- uh- if you don’t like it, then I seriously have no idea who made this. Like, really. I’ve never seen this before like… ever.”

But those romantics things didn’t just start with you dating, no. It started with you both realizing that you were, well, liking each other.

There was one time, for example. You were getting ready to leave the Moby Dick, backpack packed and smile on your face, ready to fulfill your duty as member of the Whitebeard crew, when you heard someone knock on your door.

“Come in.”, you had called out, curious about who was in need to see you, even though you were leaving in less than 10 minutes.

The door opened slowly and shortly after, a mess of black hair came in sight. You gulped nervously.

You and Ace had not been together around this time. More than friends, but less than lovers. It was confusing for everyone in the crew and to be honest, it was also confusing for the both of you.

“Um, Y/N? Do you have a second?”, he asked, avoiding your eyes. His cheeks were painted in the cutest shade of red you could ever come up with and he was hiding something behind his back, making you stop your actions.

“Yes, of course. Is something wrong? Did Oyaji call for me?”

“No, no. Um, everything’s alright. Just, uh, I want to give you something.” He said, still looking at everything but you. Amused you had smiled, wondering what would come next.

But nothing happened. He was not moving an inch and you were not sure how to react. You thought he wanted to give you something? Irritated you looked at your backpack, you don’t have much time left, the others were surely searching for you.

“Ace, listen. I don’t have much time, I really need to-”

He took a step towards you and pushed a small box inside your hand, which you mustered confused. What exactly was going on?

Ace then proceeded to turn around, not wanting you to see how embarrassed he was. He started to poke around the wall, not sure of what he was doing himself.

Slowly you turned the box in your hand around. It was just a dark box, nothing too complicated, but you could hear something rustling inside of it, making you wonder.

“You can open it… if you want to, I mean, you don’t have to. But you can. That’s why I gave it to you in the first place, but it’s alright if you don’t want to, I’m not judging you. Just do it if you want to… yeah.”

You giggled and opened the box, not being able to wait any longer. Inside that box was a silver necklace with pedant. Amazed and touched you had taken the necklace in your hand, watching the pedant sway from side to side.

The pedant was formed like a drop. What made you come close to tears however, was the color of it. It was orange colored, almost red. Instantly, it had reminded you of fire, which reminded you of Ace.

“Wow, I-”, you gasped. “That’s beautiful, Ace. Are you really giving this to me?” You looked at him.

He was now, finally, able to meet your eyes and even though his cheeks were flaming up like the drop in you hand, he nodded.

“I just thought that, maybe, since I can’t be with you the next few days, you would like something that reminds you of me.” He started to touch the back of his neck nervously and mumbled, “in case you find yourself forgetting me.”

You walked up to him as fast as you could and swung your arms around his neck, almost making him fall back. Surprised he took a step back, still catching you easily in his arms.

“So you like it?”

“Are you kidding? I love it! Thank you so much! This is crazy, wow.” You shook your head, still not able to understand how beautiful the necklace was. Overwhelmed by emotions, you had grabbed his face in your hands and planted a big kiss against his burning cheeks, which made him smile, stutter and turn around all over again.

You giggled again and grabbed your bag. He must have been crazy to think that you could forget him when, in fact, he was the only thing on your mind.

Seventeen All Unit Reaction: “You Having Freckles!”

@mintykoaladraws Can I get a seventeen reaction? How would seventeen react to their s/o having freckles. Thank😳

Hey!! Here you go lovely! Hope this is what you were looking for <333 

*And as always! This is just a reaction, it is in no way real, not made to offend anyone and should not be taken as being in any way serious! gifs are mine!!*


“Hey Y/N, you ready?” Seungcheol called, peering around the bathroom door to where you were standing in the mirror. In your hands were three different bottles of foundation, on the counter spilled powder, and still your freckles weren’t covered. 

“What are you doing?” he sniggered stepping in and taking the bottles from your hands. He hated it when you became insecure about your freckles. He loved you just the way you were. “Don’t.”

“But, my face looks dirty…” He quickly stopped you by kissing your lips, then on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and back to your lips. “StOopp!” you giggled trying to squirm away.

“They’re beautiful Y/N, and your beautiful! Now, come on I need everyone to see how gorgeous you are!” 


“You’re staring at me,” you whispered, your voice slightly muffled underneath the covers. 

Jeonghan didn’t even deny it lying beside you. He was too busy taking in how beautiful and unique you were. He smiled to himself, tracing a line down your nose with his finger.

“Why do you have to look so cute Y/N?” Jeonghan grumbled as you peeked through your lashes to look at him. He was grinning widely at you, mischief lingering in his eyes as he pulled you to him. 

“I mean with all those freckles you’re literally destroying my cute, sexy image…”

“What image?” you laughed into his chest. “I’m sorry I don’t know the Jeonghan you’re talking about?” 

He took a quick, short shocked breath as he looked down at you. “You’re evil but, you’re still cute.” 


“Hey, jagi,” Jihoon said down the phone, he sounded tired, overworked but, he was just happy to hear your voice.

“Hey! How’s work?” 

“It’s good, I just miss you. Do you want to stop by?” He never called you like this, and lets just say you jumped at the opportunity. You didn’t even bother to change from your pj’s. You two were always unreasonable, in the sense of it was 2 a.m. and there you were outside his studio. 

When Jihoon saw you his eyes lit up. “Y/N! Ugh its been so long I forgot what you look like!” he teased wrapping his arms around you. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?”

“Yes,” you whispered back to him. Honestly he’d only said it twice, once when he met you and again in a coffee shop he’d taken you to. He didn’t say it often, but it meant the world when he did.

“You’re so gorgeous Y/N, I mean those freckles…” he gently stroked a line down your cheek. “Agghh get in here!’


“Jun, I know someone who you’ll think is even more attractive than yourself,” Hoshi teased, smirking widely at him with that mischievous twinkle in his eyes. 

“It’s impossible,” Jun laughed in response, not looking up from his phone. 

Hoshi however merely sniggered, waiting patiently. You didn’t expect the noise that came from Soonyoung’s mouth as you stumbled out of the bathroom. “See, look at Y/N! Those freckles are just so squishy and adorable and…!”

You tackled him instantly. “Shut up about my freckles!” you giggled, dropping him to the ground with a humph! 

“But you’re so adorable jagi, I mean even Jun can’t disagree…” Hoshi looked over your shoulder to where Jun was sitting with a grin on his face. “See look! He can’t even deny it!”


“I look like a child Jisoo,” you grumbled staring at yourself in the car mirror. He didn’t think you looked like a child, to him you were beautiful. “I mean, look at my face!”

Joshua smiled widely at your remarks. “Y/N, I am looking at your face and I don’t see anything wrong.” 

“These stupid freckles make me look like a child! All those people in there are going to think you’re dating a kid…”

Joshua took your hands in his, the smile not leaving his face as he looked at you. “Why are you looking at me like that?” you mumbled unsure of where to look, but his brown eyes were drawing you in deeper.

“Those freckles are one of the reasons I fell for you, now please. Stop beating yourself up. I love them, you should too.”


It was the first time you’d met Jun. He was a friend of a friends, and he hadn’t stopped staring at you. You were in a big group, and he quickly snaked his way to your side.

“Hey, I’m Jun,” he said, a slight nervousness to his voice which you couldn’t help but smile at. “Your Y/N?”

You couldn’t say much with him standing there, so instead you nodded cursing yourself for being so shy. “You’re really pretty Y/N,” Jun suddenly blurted after moments silence.

“Excuse me?” you stammered slightly taken aback. He too looked shocked at him own words. “Did you just say I was pretty?”

Jun couldn’t say anything and so he nodded. “Thank you…”

“I haven’t seen so many freckles before,” he said pointing to your face and arms. “They’re really, really pretty. I like them.” And, then the smile infectiously spread across both of your faces. “Do you want to get a coffee with me? Ditch these guys?”

You glanced at your group of friends then back at him. “Definitely.”


“Wonwoo, you’re staring again,” you muttered as you worked on something on your laptop. As you glanced up he smirked, still not drawing his eyes away from you.

“I’m sorry Y/N,” he laughed. “You’re just remind me of someone…” Wonwoo laughed nervously as he closed his book.

His words suddenly caught your attention as you looked up at him over the screen. “Oh yeah?”

“No, not like that!” Wonwoo laughed closing your laptop as he leaned towards you. “I was reading about a character who was described exactly like you, they even had all the freckles right.”

Wonwoo quickly pecked your cheek, before his lips trailed to your mouth. “You’re such a cheeseball Wonwoo,” you whispered before kissing him back.

“But, you’re the one with the cutest freckles I’ve ever seen.”

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Can I Have A Volunteer

Hey Everyone, Here is part 2 of the social workers AU I have been working on, which was originally meant to be only a one shot but has developed into more. 😉

Part One called ‘Meeting Time’ can be found here.

Apologies for the ‘Keep Reading’ cut for mobile users.

Betty and Jughead find themselves in an unusual situation as Weatherbee searches for a volunteer.

Betty was dragging her feet as she walked back into the office. She glanced in the direction of Jughead’s desk hoping that he would be there to talk to and debrief, but could only see Kevin and Archie glued to their computer screens. She took a deep sigh, readjusting her bag on her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen instead. She needed coffee, lots of it.

It had been the home visit from hell. They were good people in a difficult situation. They always hit the hardest. A young mum who was doing everything that she could to get her life back on track despite the poisonous family situation created by her own mother. Betty could relate. The same thing had happened with Polly and her mum and to some degree with Betty as well.

She was making her way to the kitchen when she felt an arm grab her arm and pull her into the dimly lit supply closet. Another hand was placed over her mouth to stifle her scream. Her eyes changed from fear to anger as she narrowed them at the face in front of her. Jughead. He slowly removed his hand while pressing a single finger to his lips making a shush motion.

Betty kept her voice low. “What the hell, Jughead?” Even in a whisper there was a clear edge to her voice.

“Weatherbee is looking for a volunteer.” His voice was barely above a whisper. She shook her head at him.

“So?” She looked at him incredulously. Her hand jutted on her hip.

“We are hiding,” He whispered back to her. Taking a peek out the closet door before slowly closing it shut again behind him.

“This is ridiculous.” She made a move towards the door, ready to leave him in the closet on his own. He quickly moved ahead of her within the small space blocking the door and exit. Betty widened her eyes at him letting out a frustrated groan. “I have paperwork to do Jug.”

“Look, just here me out. I was walking past Weatherbee’s office, when I happened to hear -”

“So you were eavesdropping again?” She was smirking her arms crossed across her chest.

“Yes okay I was eavesdropping it’s the only way I ever find out what was going on in this place.” Jughead tended to use his hands a lot when he was frustrated, much like now even within the small space of the closet they were gesticulating wildly. Betty was trying to hide her amusement. “Any way Archie got a complaint. A big one. So Weatherbee needs someone to shadow him.”

“So you are hiding in the supply closet?”

“And I brought you in and saved you as well Betty. You should be thanking me really.”

“And how long do you plan to stay in here for?” Betty looked around the cramped space piled high with boxes of stationery and miscellaneous forms. She was already starting to feel closed in in the small space.

“Long enough for Weatherbee to come out of his office, find a volunteer, who is not you or me. And then we sneak back out.” He crossed his arms over his chest puffing it out a little as he explained his very simple but effective plan.

“Foolproof plan then.” Betty replied.

“Of course -” Betty was about to launch into a speech into how they had just sacrificed poor Kevin to this volunteer position when they heard voices outside the door. They both pressed themselves solidly up against the door to listen. Their ears pressed against the solid door both keen to catch the words spoken on the other side.

“Who has left their storage key in the lock again?” Weatherbee’s voice boomed out across the office. Betty looked up expectantly at Jughead who already had his hand searching around his neck for the lanyard with his set of keys. “This is how things go missing people.” They heard the key turning in the lock effectively locking them within the closet. “If anyone has lost their keys they are in my office.”

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anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about what Jen/Colin said when at the Atlanta panel. Jen mentioned again that she loves that a&e don't break up CS, that they work through their problems as a team (don't remember exact wording). At that point they were on 17 I think? Do you think there's anything there? That maybe Emma won't give back the ring? I'd have to imagine that would seem like a break up, at least for a bit. Or maybe they'll work it out quick enough to not seem like a break up like other shows have.

OK I apologize in advance because this might get a little wordy. LOL

There is no doubt in my mind that this is not going to be a standard breakup–even a short term one. And here’s why.

Killian and Emma have never been written as an average couple. They’ve never been staged as as average couple. Their relationship arc has not been that of an average couple. The stakes in their relationship–both on a physical and emotional level–have never been average. 

This isn’t an accident. It’s all been carefully handled since day one. At no point have they ever veered off this path. This isn’t just love, it isn’t just true love, it’s epic true love. 

Of course even epic true love faces bumps in the road just like any other relationship. The difference is how epic true love handles those bumps.

I don’t believe for one second we’ll see Emma give the ring back to Killian in a flouncy “we’re over” type scene. That’s not happening.

Here’s the bottom line. 

In any relationship there are a series of moments when you either trust the other person or you don’t. You either believe in them or you don’t. You either have faith in them or you don’t. These are the moments that define a relationship. 

Emma and Killian have faced every one of those moments unflinchingly. They trust each other not only with their lives but with their hearts. They believe in each other’s vision of not only the present but the future. They each have tptal faith that the other will be there for them in every way imaginable.

You don’t build an epic love story and then damage it with a retread of a plotline we’ve all see 100000000 times. And there is absolutely nothing in what we’ve seen on screen up to this point that shows they have any intention of doing that now.

Speaking from a strictly structural point of view–and those of you who read the bullets know how I love me some structure–the bookend scenes of the proposal were Belle not only understanding but applauding the reason why Gold did the bad thing he did ala the Blue Fairy and Regina wrestling with the idea of reconciling the two sides of herself. I mean seriously–they’re not even being subtle here.

I think anyone preparing themselves for a worst case scenario where Killian and Emma have a big fight, break up, he heads off and they spend several episodes up to their eyeballs in hurt feelings and bad behavior is in for a very pleasant surprise.

And those people hoping for that scenario are going to be sorely disappointed.

Gideon may have something up his sleeve but don’t underestimate Emma. She’s the farthest thing from a brainless little piece of fluff, susceptible to manipulation by a sociopath with training wheels that there is. She’s smart and she’s strong and she loves her man. She’ll behave accordingly.

As for Killian, his only doubt at the moment is in own worthiness. He blames himself for what happened with Robert far more than anyone else will in the end. And yes I include Charming in that.

He’s about to face a test but it won’t have anything to do with Emma. He doesn’t have to prove anything to her. Or convince her of anything. He has to convince himself.

And in an epic love story when one partner is facing a crisis of confidence in themselves the other partner is there to hold them up, to support them, and to love them.

While I don’t think Emma will hurl the ring at Killian in anger I do think at some point it will come off and there will be a second proposal. Because what we see in the sneak peek is Emma realizing that she robbed Killian of his moment. Not intentionally and not with malice but nevertheless she took it from him. 

And at some point we’re going to see her, and the show, give him that moment back.

Get the kleenex.

Two's Company - Stiles Stilinski - Part 3

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski.

Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by stilesstilinskiandlydiamartin

You’ve become a stereotypical pregnant, raging, hormonal, bitch. It’s not like you can help it, you just had two aggressive little boys inside you. The only person who could stand to be around you was Stiles. That was because you’d become extra clingy with him. Noah had said Stiles’ mom was the same way, so Stiles expected it. You never got 10 feet away from him. You slept in the same bed, went to class holding hands, you even sat in the bathroom while he showered. Noah told you it was because of the whole werewolf thing. He said it was because you knew he’d had a near-death experience before.

You waddled up to Stiles at his locker. He smiled and pecked you on the lips. “How are you?”

“30 weeks pregnant and hating it.” You groaned, giving your boyfriend a sarcastic thumbs up.

You started wearing maternity clothes, which in turn made your stomach even larger.

Stiles said goodbye to Scott and the two of you took off down the hall.

“How about we skip? I’ll take you out.” He smiles at you.

“You have no idea how much I’d love that.” You lean up and kiss him. He leads you out the double doors and helps you into the Jeep. He hops in on the other side.

“I love you. I’m sorry you’re going through this but..I love you.” He smiles before patting your belly.

“I’m glad I’m going through this. I mean, we’re in high school yeah…but I love you too, and from the moment I met you I knew I wanted to have kids with you.” You reach over and pat his thigh. “Also, I could go for some Chinese.”

“Let’s go get you some Chinese then.” He puts the Jeep in gear and pulls out of the parking lot.

You arrive at the restaurant. “Baby, can we just get takeout? I wanna go eat in bed.” You smile at him.

“Of course, princess. I’ll go order and come back out. You want the usual?” You nod and he goes inside. While he’s inside you get your phone out, responding to Lydia’s text. You feel a sharp pain in your lower stomach, causing you to double over. The pain stays for awhile, subsiding when you spot Stiles coming out.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He looks at you as he gets in. “Babe..” He looks down at the crotch of your jeans. You follow his gaze, gasping when you see a wet patch on your thigh.

“I think I’m in labor.” You look up at Stiles slowly.

“I uh..what? Right now? You’re in labor like now?” He says frantically.

“Yes! We need to get to the emergency room. Oh my god, I’m not due for nine more weeks. Oh my god.” You begin rocking in your seat, quietly repeating ‘oh my god’ to yourself.

You’re so wrapped up in the pain and worry that you don’t realize that Stiles has pulled up in front of the hospital. He jumps out and runs around to your side, leading you inside.

He spots Melissa at the front desk. “Her water broke!”

Melissa hops up and wheels a wheelchair over. “She’s not due for nine more weeks..”

“I know.” You sigh. “Is everything going to be okay?”

She nods. “Twins are almost always born early, and it helps that these boys have two incredibly strong parents.”

Melissa takes you upstairs and gets you set up in a bed. They put an IV in and begin monitoring you.

Stiles sits beside you, jiggling his leg furiously.

You reach over and place a hand on his knee. “Stop. I know I’m early and I’m scared too..but it’ll be fine. I know it.”

“We don’t even have names picked out. The cribs aren’t put together, we haven’t even painted their room.” He doesn’t look at you. Instead he stares at the ground.

“We’ll get that done, no matter how long it takes. We can name the boys right now.”

“You pick one, I pick the other?” He smiles and you nod. “Personally, I like Alexander.”

You smile. “I like Alexander too. We talked about it before. What about Benjamin?” You turn on your side, scrunching your face up during a contraction.

“Ben and Alex.” He smiles wide. “What about middle names?”

“What about…Mieczyslaw for Alexander?”

“Honey, that’s a mouthful. Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” Stiles smiles.

“It sounds like an important name. It sounds like the name of a groundbreaking surgeon.”

“It kind of does have a ring to it…okay. Let’s go with Mieczyslaw.”

“You pick Benjamin’s middle name then.”

“What about Noah?” He says quickly.

You nod and smile. “I think it’s perfect. There you go, there’s one thing off of the list.”

“What list?” Lydia walks in, her arms full of bags. Scott trails behind her.

“Lydia I told you so you wouldn’t worry, not so you’d skip school and come up here.”

“You didn’t get your baby shower so I just brought the gifts over. What list?”

“Oh, Stiles was just worried because we haven’t bought cribs or painted the room.”

Melissa enters the room, smiling at Scott. “I’m just here to check your progress.” You nod and she examines you quickly. “It’s time to start pushing.” She pokes her head up.

“Already?” You look at Stiles.

“Time goes by fast, huh?” She smiles. “I’ll go get your doctor.” She leaves the room.

“Scott and I will go sit in the waiting room.” Lydia smiles and follows Melissa with Scott on her heels.

Your doctor arrives and preps you. You spend about 10 minutes pushing on baby number one.

You see them pull him up, he’s screaming his head off and there’s tears running down your face. They let Stiles cut the cord before handing him to you. You examine the tiny baby’s face. He’s got a head full of hair and little tiny moles splattering his face, just like his daddy. They tell you to give the baby to Stiles when it’s time to push again. You push for less time and the sit the baby on your chest. He’s identical to his brother, he’s just missing a couple moles.

After you’re cleaned up, they give you both of the babies, Noah walks in, smiling widely. You’re admiring their little faces, amazed at how much they look like Stiles.

Noah walks to the side of the bed. “God, they’re identical to Stiles when he was born.” He shakes his head, cooing at the babies.

“I thought the same thing.” You smile, thinking back to the baby pictures you’d seen of him. You lean into Stiles, he’s climbed into the bed with you as soon as everyone had left the room.

“What’re their names?” Noah asks.

“This is Alexander Mieczyslaw Stilinski.” You nod towards the boy on your left. “And this is Benjamin Noah Stilinski.” You nodded to the boy on your right.

Noah smiles proudly, “Those are strong names.”

You nod, glancing up at the door when the doctor walks in.

“It looks like we may have a problem.” She says seriously. “The babies seemed fine but the tests from their exam just came back and it seems they have some underdeveloped organs.”

You and Stiles exchange the same worried glance.

“Now, it’s nothing to worry about..they will just have to stay in the NICU until they’re fully developed. That would be about four weeks.”

“Four weeks?” You sit up. “You’re telling me you’re just going to stick my babies in a plastic box for four weeks?” Tears start to well in your eyes.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s the only option. We’ll send someone for them as soon as possible.” She left the room and you looked at the two small boys. You just gave birth less than an hour ago and you’re already so in love. You’re not quite sure how you’re going to cope.

A nurse came in and took the boys, you watched as she wheeled them away, crying silently. Noah had left the room to give you some time. You glanced over at Stiles, who was back in the chair. He had tears rolling down his cheeks too.

“I know we haven’t even taken them home yet, but now we won’t get to for another month? It’s not fair, Y/N.” He wipes his eyes and you sigh.

“I just want to go home with them. They’re going to discharge me and I’m going to go home empty handed. I’m going to have to come during visitor hours to see my kids. That sucks, Stiles.”

He sighs. “It does…but we’ve got each other, right? We can do this. You gave birth to two strong boys.” You looked over at him and he’d sat up, tears still rolling down his face. You hope he’s right.

How To Ensure A Relationship With The Signs
  • Aries: Do what they want to do; make an effort to play their sport or go and do some physical activity of their choice. (bonus points if you like anime bc weeaboo trash right here).
  • Taurus: Buy them things, show them you can really be there for them, financially or otherwise. Whether it be food or a dress.
  • Gemini: C o m m u n i c a t e. Talk about things that make them happy. Be interested in what they say. Nod and maybe even copy movements. Tell them your opinions and don't yell at them about them - state them rationally. They love?? that??
  • Cancer: These are the people who, when they see you being good with kids, they melt. If you want to get into a Cancer's heart, show them how caring and compassionate you are... and show them you can be an amazing parent.
  • Leo: Be supportive and attentive. Talk to them, show them you care. Like Gemini, listening and paying attention is key. Treating them like they're important and they're valid is a sure way.
  • Virgo: Communicate, discuss things. Show them you are more intelligent than you look. Seem interested in them and everything they say. Ask them to explain things if you don't understand. Ask questions, challenge them intellectually.
  • Libra: Okay lets be honest here they bounce back and forth a lot. You just have to show them that you really do think they're attractive... though usually they are the ones trying to wrap you around their finger... 🌚
  • Scorpio: Show them that you understand. Live with them, go and do crazy shit... but also understand their somewhat introverted tendencies and their complex emotions. Be empathetic... even if you can't see beyond the wall they built up.
  • Sagittarius: Adventure ho! 🛳. Go out and live with them. Make memories. Throw caution to the wind. Laugh. But, don't treat them like they can only be fun with you. Talk to them about what they want. Where they want to go, what they plan to do.
  • Capricorn: A fairly manipulative sign, usually they try to wrap others around their fingers rather than the other way around, but, showing interest in what they do, needing them, and maybe copying some of their lesser mannerisms will do the trick.
  • Aquarius: Be unique. Show them parts of you no one else has seen. Be there when they're too afraid to admit they need help. Go and do those weird things with them, sit down and talk about your adventures with them.
  • Pisces: Listen to what they have to say, don't push their ideas away. Talk to them about their unrealistic ideas and make theories with them and laugh and honestly, just listen to them. Very few take them seriously, but, if you were... That'd mean everything.
‘The Hating Game’ starter sentences

» Feel free to change pronouns as needed. || Mix of fluffy, angsty, NSFW, etc. «

  • ❝ Now we screech out of here like Thelma and Louise. ❞
  • ❝ It’s a corporate truth universally acknowledged that workers would rather eat rat skeletons than participate in group activities. ❞
  • ❝ Elbows are not erogenous. At least, I didn’t think they were. ❞
  • ❝ I was going to run down the middle of the street like the Terminator. ❞
  • ❝ I’m going out stalking. ❞
  • ❝ I want to juice your head like a lemon. ❞
  • ❝ One of the corporate lawyers told me in the kitchen he was, quote, ‘a fucking hardass’. ❞
  • ❝ I’m an evil mastermind! ❞
  • ❝ I love when a restaurant worker finds a body in a dumpster. ❞
  • ❝ Did you just quote Martin Luther King Jr. in relation to your car? ❞
  • ❝ Screw human civilization and all it entails. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t want anything that means I can’t have you. There’s nothing worth it. ❞
  • ❝ I don’t know whether to laugh or scream. ❞
  • ❝ Take me in there, feed me pastry, and then drive me back to your pretty blue bedroom. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ Let me deal with him. If he turns up dead in the river you’ll know to keep your mouth shut and provide me an alibi. ❞
  • ❝ I think my underwear is curling off me like burning paper. ❞
  • ❝ So, how was work? You clearly missed me. ❞
  • ❝ I tried abusing some of the gentle folk in payroll but they got all teary. ❞
  • ❝ Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. ❞
  • ❝ I always thought you’d live underground somewhere, near the earth’s core. ❞
  • ❝ You can’t completely neglect him, yet trash his choices. ❞
  • ❝ What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy. ❞
  • ❝ I’m like the mayor of a city I’ve never seen. ❞
  • ❝ I can only apologize in advance for the things I’ll do to you. ❞
  • ❝ Maybe you should have hired someone better looking than me. ❞
  • ❝ You seriously got those abs while listening to Poison and Bon Jovi. ❞
  • ❝ I hate being asked about myself. ❞

anonymous asked:

What is your favorite interview of Chris?

Seriously, I’ve seen/read/heard so many of his interviews that I can’t choose only one. So these four gotta be the ones I like the most:

Rolling Stone magazine - I’ll let you read this one so that you have your own opinion. One of the things I admire about Chris is that he give this impression of being honest during interviews. I truly appreciate it when he shares those vulnerable moments with us and even if he’s very protective of his privacy, he knows that talking about his struggles can help some people. But what I like the most is that his mother and his close friends also spoke about him so sweetly.

“I love acting – but that’s not all you’re asking me to do.”

“Chris, you fuckin’ meatball!”… This is where the meatball legend was born! This one is not only hilarious but genuine! The whole thing lasts longer, though. What I like is that he’s very flirty with the interviewer (as well as the makeup artist and hair stylist). That moment when he shared how his audition for Gone Girl - wonderful book and movie - went, made me laugh so hard! He’s just a nice guy and he had a lot of fun during this interview. His smile is contagious.

[About Captain America’s role in The Avengers.] “Thor is calling out lightning, Hulk is ripping apart jets and I’m like taking the stairs. I’m like I’ll meet you there!”

This one here. This one is very, very special to me because it broke my heart and then fixed it right away. I love how genuine he was and the fact he shared the real struggles behind all this fame and all these successful films brought me to tears. He just makes you realize that he’s regular guy who has his own battles and one of them is fighting anxiety like a lot of people here. He’s a human being and some people/fans tend to forget that only because he is famous. All the things he said just went straight to my heart!

“Maybe the thing you’re most scared of is exactly what you should do.”

Here we have the director! When I knew Chris would direct his very first movie, I went through a lot of emotions at once. I was excited and I was anxious because of this challenge. This is where we see how excited he is about what he’s done behind the camera and even if Before we Go isn’t a perfect movie, I fell in love with this because of all the work behind. We can feel his excitement here and that’s what I like about this interview.

[About his directorial debut.] “I’m not saying my movie is perfect - it’s not, but the experience was wonderful.”  

So hear me out…

I know you all love Ray/Saeran/unknown whatever you choose to call him. You want to love him, protect him, rescue him from the hands of Sata- I mean Rika but haven’t you all thought of maybe letting him sleep first. Seriously, have you seen those eye bags!? The poor thing probably sleeps less than 3 hours a day! In a computer chair of all places! Someone should give him a bed, a comfy pillow, maybe some sleeping pills to knock him out for a few days, anything, just let him rest!