seriously has this guy read the books

An Accident of Stars by @fozmeadows

Okay guys this book is fantastic!

Seriously, I found it by chance at Barnes & Noble and you should all go read it. It’s a portal fantasy book (think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia) and its really well written.

As someone who gets tired of reading real books cause there’s never as many LGBT+ characters as there are in fanfic.. GO READ THIS BOOK! Absolutely fantastic characterization, plenty of LGBT+ people, polyamory, fantasy, magic. I love it. And it deals with darker themes as well, everything has consequences, the kind that can be ignored in books like Narnia. People struggle physically and mentally just like real life. Plus the author is gender fluid and bisexual!

Go support LGBT+ authors and LGBT+ fiction books!! There’s a sequel coming out in a few months and I’m very excited for it.

So go read it and then come talk to me about it cause it’s great.

You know what I never understood about the shadowhunter tv show & books? How clary and jace just totally believed that they were brother and sister. Like. A murdering, manipulative psychopath told them, and immediately they believe him. LIKE. GUYS. You wanna maybe confirm that shit??? How about get a goddamn blood test just to make sure that the sci-fi hitler piece of shit that told you you’re related isn’t lying? IF THEY HAD JUST USED THEIR GODDAMN BRAINS AND THOUGHT “hey, valentine has never been a great dude. Maybe he was just telling us that to screw with us? maybe he’s lying?”
I swear to god if they had just taken some sort of goddamn blood test it would’ve saved everyone so much pain and I wouldn’t be making this GODDAMN text post about it.

The Falcon banner

Okay so has anyone listened to The Falcon Banner Podcast? or read the book?

Because I’ve just finished the podcast and the first book and oh my god I am so in love

Humans are oppressed by alien overlords. A moral and goodhearted cop accidentally falls into the role of the leader of The Resistance. A beautiful and cheerful bubble of sunshine is a genius engineer. Future tech. Badass Female First Officer. Space. Starships.

Canon boys in love

Canon captain and engineer falling in love

Canon gays in space 

Seriously guys I’m in love. The podcast covers like 90% of the first book, so I’d definitely recommend listening to it then swapping over and reading the last 50 (or so) pages of the book, and then moving on to the rest of the series (which is what I’m about to do!).

This one ticks all the boxes for me. Darien Taine wants to liberate his people, but refuses to stand by and let others suffer. He is a genuinely good man who is trying his hardest to keep his crew safe and rescue enslaved people across the universe. He treats every man, woman, genderless being and race as equal members of his crew. He’s also sarcastic as hell and his one-liners will leave you in stitches and he’s is goddamn awful at picking up hints. The miscommunication between Darien and Elias will make you want to punch a wall, shake Darien and lock the two of them in cabin for six hours.

Love miscommunication? Love space? Love starships? Love rebellions?

Then The Falcon Banner is for you!  


Recently finished The Enemy series by Charlie Higson, which I have been reading for years. I loved it!

Here is sketchdump of the main characters / characters that have marked me in the story. Had to get it out of my system.

bonus Achilleus + Will because nothing makes me happier than having badass LGBT characters in media targeted to a younger audience.

My favourite characters have to be Jordan Horden, Achilleus and Shadowman.

Seriously, these books have amazing representation, from ethnicities to physical and mental disabilities. The main message I picked up from the books is that no matter who you are and what quirks and issues you possess, your differences are enriching and indispensable to everyone. <3 highly recommend.

Also if you love books where all the adults turn to zombies and try to eat children then this is for you.


It has:
•An entire species that are polyamorous and its like treated really well not made out to be “wrong” at all
•Different sexualities and its just normal and accepted 100%
•Cool space adventures
•It’s honestly so good and actually realistic? About how different species might interact
•space lesbians what else do you need to know



So there’s this beautiful Y/A book series by Julie Kagawa called The Talon Saga.
I really hate doing book review type things but seriously this series is REALLY good.
I’m really not all that into reading, and it takes some seriously detailed action stuff to get me to focus on a book for more than a week. Suprisingly, this 350~ page book has really snagged my attention and won’t let go.
So, this series follows a girl named Ember, who is emotionally torn between two (really cute!!!) Guys that she met. Yes, the dumb love triangle bit, except one of the boys is a human! A dragon loving a human! Crazy right? Overtop of her love problems, there’s a war that she’s desparatly trying to get out of. The only thing that really kept her involved was her twin brother, Dante ( I don’t really like him, so he doesn’t get a cool description). But when she meets Garret and Riley, and also finds out what her organisation has planned for her, she can’t continue preparing for the war anymore and decides to run away with Riley, getting in more and more trouble, and weaving her way deeper into the war she was trying to outrun!

Aand that’s all I’m gonna say for now :b


(Also I made myself a cute phone background with my favorite line from book 3! It’s free to use, even of you don’t read the series)
I just needed to rant a little bit about Snape hate

I highly doubt people understand exactly how I feel about Snape haters. Like, seriously. I want to fight them, but they make me feel really uncomfortable at the same time because a lot of them seem so ignorant and narrow-minded. I don’t like people who pretend to be morally superior to everyone else when they’re really just being hypocritical. Especially when it comes to Snape. Like seriously, did I even read the same books as these people? Snape turning out to be a good guy was, like, oh, I don’t know, the entire fucking point. Even though he was kind of an asshole. I’m not going to deny that. I don’t think anyone has tried to deny that. But given all the shit he went through and the circumstances around him, it damn well explains why he was the way he was, and even justifies his behaviour to a degree.

And guess what? Even if there hadn’t been an explanation for Snape’s sometimes questionable behaviour, I would still be allowed to like him. Liking a fictional character isn’t the same thing as completely worshipping everything about that character. I can see Snape’s flaws, of course I can, and that’s why I like him. Because people aren’t perfect so why should fictional characters have to be? You’re allowed to like a character no matter how morally corrupt that character is. I don’t care if you don’t like Snape, but you sure as hell don’t have to act like you’re morally superior for it. Especially not when Snape haters are the ones attacking people who’ve done nothing wrong except LIKING A FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

Also, most Snape haters should probably try to re-read the books with a more open mind. You know, to realise that Snape is, just like many other Harry Potter characters, not very easy to classify as simply “good” or “evil”. Which is one of the things I like about Harry Potter in the first place. It’s a shame to see that the fandom has just completely missed the lesson the books were trying to teach.


My current read and omg it is so amazing! Holly Bourne is my favourite author by far. Even though I’ve only read two of her books(this and the manifesto on how to be interesting which is just as good). The way she writes about mental illnesses is so true and super relatable. You guys seriously need to check them out - however it could be triggering
The manifesto on how to be interesting has self harming and depression and sort of suicide(that ones a bit complicated)
This one has panic disorder, OCD, depression, ‘bad thoughts’ as the book calls them and kind of anorexia. Again that ones complicated. But seriously you guys should read them they are just so good.


The guy who ghost wrote The Art of the Deal is railing against Trump

Tony Schwartz, who ghost wroteThe Art of the Deal, is no fan of Trump’s. In a new interview, Schwartz described Trump as “a kindergartner who can’t sit still in a classroom.” He questioned Trump’s intellect, saying “I seriously doubt that Trump has ever read a book straight through in his adult life,” and called Trump a liar who “had a complete lack of conscience. But his new title for The Art of Deal may be the most vicious comment of all.


Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins

Rating: ★★★★☆


Harper Price, Southern Belle, is the president of just about every organization, head cheerleader and dating the hottest guy at school. She has her life under control. When she attends the Homecoming dance with her best friend and their boyfriends she dashes to the bathroom. This is where things take a turn for the seriously weird. The school janitor bursts into the bathroom with a huge wound across his stomach, locks the door, passes on some kind of ninja-warrior powers to Harper by kissing her and then dies. Before Harper can recover, her history teacher blows up the door and runs inside with a huge, curved sword. Told you it was weird. After that night, Harpers life will never be the same and her destiny will be forever altered.


This is the funniest book I’ve read in a long time. Harper is incredibly frank and hilarious and I very much enjoyed her stream-of-consciousness kind of narration. When I first read about her character I expected to dislike her. I thought she would be snobby and a bit of a drama-queen, but she certainly proved me wrong. Harper is the kind of selfless person who does things for the benefit of others, even though she might not know it herself. She puts so much of her time into her various organizations just so that she can make her school a better place. When she realizes the purpose of her new powers, this will work to her advantage. I loved how she took it all in a stride. After testing the limits of her newfound abilities (for example by jumping up and down and trying to hover) she takes to Google and superhero films to try and understand her new situation. Harper is also the queen of the casual explanations, which is necessary when you are trying to hide your superpowers from your family. “Harper, why are you doing a handstand on the fence??” “Oh, I was just practicing a new move for cheerleading, mom!” If you’re looking for a fun read with awesome characters, then you should definitely pick this one up. I believe it’s the first part in a trilogy, so there’s lots more where this one came from.

//Love from L

More reviews here 



“…von kleinen Haus aus gingen…”


“…der Fussen…”

Has anyone else noticed that Camus is reading in German?!


Something about candy, walking away from a small house and fear…at first I thought it was Hansel and Gretel xD but I can’t tell for sure. I didn’t think I could love Camus anymore than I already do but German did it xD


Update: I noticed some names on the page in an earlier scene, Rodger and Klaus, so I don’t know what he’s reading. It’s always the same German written the three times I see him turn the page so maybe it’s just something random put in by the animators cause they think no one will notice xD The point still remains though. German. Camus is bae.
Wow okay I need to rant quickly

Feel free to read this, or not. I just need to vent right now.

Most of the time I love being part of this fandom… you guys can be really lovely and I wouldn’t give up this page for the world but then there are some moments such as yesterday where I am seriously disgusted at how selfish, close minded and prejudice we can be. I know we all hope for an accurate, word for word adaptation of the books (which fandom doesn’t?) but chances are that will never happen.

A movie usually has a limited amount of time for it to run. That limit is around 2 hours because otherwise it drags on, people start to lose attention and get bored. You cannot fit every little detail into 2 hours. It’s impossible. The City of Bones movie tried to and they butchered it horribly.

With the tv series we have the opposite. We’ve gone from having only 2 hours of screen time to 13 hours and now we are left with not enough book to make a whole season out of. So what are they going to do? Add things in, change it, make it more adaptable to the screen and ensure that a *TV* (key word there. Not book fans, but fans of television) audience will enjoy it, watch it and become fans.

I will try not to rant too much about this but there are a few points that I would like to point out regarding the TV series that people have been especially horrible about.

ISABELLE’S DRESS SENSE!- “Isabelle is fashionable and usually wears a dress; Clary once even stated that she never saw Isabelle in anything other than dresses”
“She is also somewhat promiscuous”- Isabelle Lightwood’s official wikipedia page

Isabelle draws a lot of attention to herself such as wearing dresses that show off her body, flirting and dating boys she shouldn’t be and generally acting against her parents. Do you know why she does this? To protect Alec. She knows that if the Clave ever found out that Alec was gay he would get pushed aside and bullied for it so she starts drawing the attention to herself instead. It. Is. Canon. That. Isabelle. Is. “Slutty”. Early on in the books.

EYE COLOUR!- Guess what? Editing exists. Just because you see a couple of pictures showing them with a different eye colour doesn’t mean they won’t have the eye colour. Magnus now has his cat eyes added in, Dom has hinted on twitter that he will be wearing contacts, some actors might not be able to wear contacts so they might add it in using photoshop or CGI. A few pictures doesn’t show you everything.

THE SHOW HASN’T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET AND YOU ARE ALL SAYING IT’S HORRIBLE!!!!!!- well excuse my language here but how the hell do you know?!?!?! Have you read the script? Have you seen the actors in the roles? Do you know what’s happening on set? No. Don’t judge before seeing anything.

My last point is that the cast has admitted it will be different from the books. Cassie making a statement of “the movie was closer to the books” does not mean the show will be a huge disaster. It just means that they’ve had to add things in and change it to make it more appealing to a different audience because us book fans aren’t the only people watching the show funnily enough. There are millions more people out there that will be watching too and are you really going to ruin it all for them? People hated the movie and now it’s been cancelled everyone is suddenly defending it again? What hypocrisy is that?? Just be lucky we get a second chance.

Like I said, I needed to vent. I might delete this later… just too tired of it all.

Soma Week: Geeking out

So I was thinking ‘why the heck not?’ I mean seriously it is 4 am… What the fuck am I doing with my life?

Well, here you go:

“Maka, you don’t get it. THE GUY CAN PLAY THE PIANO WITH HIS FUCKING TOES!” 10 minutes. He has been going off about this for 10 god damned minutes, and it’s ridiculous


“Like how the FUCK DOES ONE LEARN THAT SHIT?! Maka-”

Soul stopped as soon as she was standing right behind him, where he was watching the toe-pianist on YouTube. That’s when he felt his breath hitch in his throat, fearing that she would slam the book she was currently reading upon his face. What he did not expect, however, was for her to bend down and kiss him on the cheek. He could tell, just by the hot feeling he felt pooling in his face, that he was as red as a tomato.

“Ugh… you[re cute when you geek out.” And with that, she left the room they were in, and him sitting there frustrated and confused. Who in the fuck kisses a guy, and then just leaves? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?


You’d think that after 2 damn weeks, and being 24 years old, he would be over it, but no. He just had to get confused and flustered and sexually frustrated and… WAIT WHAT?! No, bad Soul. You absolutely do not think of your partner like that. 

His thoughts were interrupted when said  girl knocked at his door. “Hey Soul?” Usually he’d say something like ‘What do you want?’ or ‘I’m busy.’ but this time, something was wrong. He could tell by the tone of her voice, she was really upset right now. So instead of being his usual dickbag self, he got up, and opened the door.

“Maka is everything-”

She had been crying. A lot. “Jeez, what the hell happened?”

“My fav… favorite… ch-character d-died.” She sniffled and tried wiping away her tears, but Soul beat her to it. He chuckled and pulled her into a gentle embrace. 

“Do you want to talk about it over some cocoa?” She sniffled a little more before she nodded her head in agreement, and let Soul drag her into the kitchen. “How do you want it, extra chocolaty or normal?” 

“Chocolaty.” She stood next to him as he made their cocoas, and told him in little sobbed fragments how cruel Fred Weasley’s death was, and how he didn’t deserve it. When Soul was finished making the cocoa, he took her into the living room, where they sat on the couch sharing a blanket.

“Okay, I know it sucks, but you’re going to be alright.” She looked up at him from the spot where she was nuzzled against his chest, and started to cry a little more.

“But you don’t get it! He’s gone! And it’s so sad and-”

“It’s going to be okay.” He tilted her chin up so he could look her in the eyes, and then cupped her cheeks with his hands. He slowly wiped her tears away with his thumbs, and didn’t pay any attention to her moving her cocoa to the table along side his, almost as if she were moving it out of the way. 

Maka took his hands in hers, and rubbed them between her fingers. He was studying her every move, wary of how gentle she was being. He looked to see past her blank expression, trying to reach out to her soul. He still couldn’t tell what she was thinking, but he wanted to test something. Maybe… 

He took a hold of her hands, snapping her back to reality, and kissed them very gently, going from the knuckles to her finger tips. He waited for her response, whether it would be the nastiest Maka Chop he’s ever been through or something else, he didn’t care. He just needed to know how she felt (even though he would prefer the ‘something else’).

She looked at him with her eyes wide, but not angry. She looked at him as if she was was searching for something,making his mind race. Then, she leaned forward and kissed him. It was gentle, but longing. It was slow, but quick. It was strange but… right. 

They pulled apart, and then they both started to laugh. Maka was the first to say something. “Thank you.”

“For what?” She  crawled over to him and sat in his lap, receiving a playful grunt from him, causing her to uncharacteristically giggle. 

“Being good at dealing with other geeks.”

“I am not a geek!’ He puffed out his cheeks and made a puppy dog face, which just led to Maka kissing him again.

“Th toe-pianist?” She raised her eyebrows at him, which was followed by another Soul-pouty face.

“It was cool…”

“And you are adorable.”