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Not Your Average Zutara Fic Rec

So I’ve gone through a LOT of Zutara fanfiction, probably too much if I’m being honest, and finding good fics can be really hard. When looking up fic rec lists I’ve noticed that a lot of the lists are just the same select fanfictions recommended over and over (We get it, everyone and their mother loves ‘His Majesty Prefers Blue’ and ‘Stormbenders’ [I never finished HMPB, sue me]). 

So this list is for all of you who are in my shoes and can’t seem to find anything besides the same ten or fifteen stories recommended and are desperate for something new. Everything listed is complete! (If I listed the incompletes/abandoned stories I’d have a lot more chaptered stories listed… RIP ‘The Confrontational Approach’…) 

I have a lot of bookmarked stories that I have yet to read and am in the middle of (Almost caught up on @firelordandlady ‘s ‘Say Anything’!), so I’ll try to update this when I finish something I think deserves a recommendation. 


In the Same Candlelight by Like a Dove

In a world where there is no war, Zuko and Katara spend their summers together. Growing up is messy, embarrassing, and at times sad, but they think it might be okay because they have each other. Edited summary.

I know. I KNOW. I LITERALLY JUST SAID I WASN’T GOING TO RECOMMEND FANFICS THAT ARE ON EVERYONE’S LIST. But I NEED to mention this one. I spent so long not interested in this fic. I don’t like drastic AU’s, or modern AU’s. My taste is strictly canon divergence, so I didn’t think I would like this. I WAS SO WRONG. Trust me, if you are like me and don’t like big AU’s, read this anyway. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Characterization is still so spot on, even with such a different take. Aang is precious. There is nothing but fluff, fluff, and fluff. It will melt you. You will probably die and your spirit will rise up smiling and beaming out rainbows and sunshine. That’s what happened to me. 

Lilacs and Lily Pads by sadladybug

A tale of clumsy courtship and calamitous court weddings, featuring awkward family encounters, floral mishaps, cultural complications, and good old fashioned fluff and conflict. Takes place in the five years following war’s end. For Zutara Week 2016. A prequel to Bones.

Clothe Me in Seasons, Dress Me in Snow is a very commonly recommended Zutara fic (And for good reason, I shed many tears reading it). But this two-shot (A companion to Bones, a smut one shot) by the same author is really underrated and beautifully written. It follows Zuko and Katara as they try to plan their wedding, as well as shows two scenes from before they got engaged that solidified the relationship to be one they knew would last. Just really well done overall and very very sweet. 

EDIT: I talked with the author and apparently it isn’t finished?? But they are apparently working on the next chapters so yay!! And each chapter is independent so it doesn’t feel unfinished.  

The Slow Path by Tazainian Devil

Eight years after the fall of Ozai, Aang returns to the friends he left behind - Taang, Zutara, Sukka

This is technically a Taang fic, and if I’m being honest I kind of just skimmed through the non-zutara chapters, but the Zutara storyline was good enough that I think it’s definitely worth the read. And the overall plot has a great premise. Be warned, it has a sequel that was never finished. 

Another Word For Alchemy by FanPanda13

Five years have passed since the Avatar defeated Fire Lord Ozai, and the members of the Gaang have all gone in their own direction. But when Aang invites them all to a Peace Summit at the North Pole and tells them of his new project, for which he will need their support, the group comes together again for adventure, fun and romance. AU. Zutara. COMPLETE.

So this fic is crazy for me. At first, it started as just really good natured fluff. The writing wasn’t anything fantastic (Although I loved how it broke the 4th wall and didn’t take itself seriously), and there were some definite OOC moments. But I had so much FUN with it. The plot (while definitely not the focus as everyone is more concerned about when Zuko and Katara will get together) was interesting, and there were some really sweet moments. It was also HILARIOUS and I had multiple moments where I genuinely laughed out loud. But then about five chapters before the end, the quality SKY ROCKETED. As the plot and mystery come together, the characters all come together in a moment that truly feels like it came from the show. Even the writing quality increases by a lot and I was genuinely shocked and impressed. Definitely recommend. 

Kyoshi Hold ‘Em by cupid-painted-blind

When a blizzard shuts down the fourth annual Peace Summit, the group has to find some way to pass the time. /Zutara, Taang, Jet/Mai, Jet/Everyone, Sukka

If you’re looking for a good crack fic, look no further. It’s post war and utter nonsense. Jet is alive for some reason??? No one questions it and he’s shipped with pretty much everyone. It’s funny, it’s decently written, there are drinking and sexy time shenanigans, and overall just lighthearted. Also, it does a great job of being a crack fic without crossing the line and becoming unfunny and just a trash fic. A lot struggle to find the balance and resort to going over the top and ridiculous, but this one does a really good job. 

Come With Me by Steamboat Ghost

Coauthored by fuzzytomato. Troubled over his newly restored honor, Zuko finds solace in the familiar guise of the Blue Spirit. In a chance meeting with the Painted Lady, a friendship is forged as the two heroes seek to help the Fire Nation’s neglected.

I’ll admit it: I’ve never gotten into Blutara fanfictions. I only read the first couple chapters of HMPB and dropped it after the tree scene. I don’t know, it felt really OOC for me and I may go back and read it again just because EVERYONE raves about it, but IDK. I’ve never been a huge Blutara fan because while I love the concept, I’d much rather see the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit come together as equals. Most fics present Zuko behind his mask to Katara, and it feels imbalanced. There aren’t a lot of stories where we see their alter persona’s come together even though that’s the entire point of the parallel between the two. Insert this fic. I only wish there was a sequel dealing with Zuko in the Gaang after these events. Hey, a girl can dream. 

A Zutara Story Anastasia by LastSunset

Katara, the only suviving waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, joins two con men, Zuko and Iroh, while a fearful admiral chases for her death. A Zutara Story. Based on the movie Anastasia.

So this isn’t so much a retelling of Anastasia but with Katara and Zuko as it is a fanfic version of the movie but with the characters names and world changed. It takes a lot of lines from the movie. But WHO CARES? It’s Anastasia and Zutara!!! What more do you need??? 


this burden you bear by cowlicklesschick

Word travels, and war stories will be told round campfires and on freighter ships until every person in the world knows what Master Katara did for the new Fire Lord. She fights the burning in her throat at the thought of people knowing why she had to heal him in the first place. Post-war Zutara.

This is an angst-with-a-happy-ending, which I say is the absolute BEST type of angst. Katara deals with the guilt of what Zuko did for her as the Fire Nation celebrates what she did to save his life during the Agni Kai. The two come together beautifully while struggling to see the feelings they both share. Really well written and like I said, it has a happy ending, which we all need. 

The Best of Me by Laririn-Shadow

The night before his eighteenth birthday Zuko wraps a bandage around his left wrist. He has a country to run and no time for frivolous things. It will make everything easier if he waits. Zutara Soulmates AU

Soulmate AU’s usually aren’t my thing (With the glaring exception of one Until Dawn Soulmate AU, but that’s besides the point), but I really enjoyed this oneshot. It isn’t sweeping or insanely romantic and the reveal isn’t “OMG I’VE LOVED YOU THIS WHOLE TIME” But it’s a subtle love that grows, which I really like. 

snuggling dysfunctional cats by emletish

Toph thinks Katara and Zuko were a ridiculously, incredibly, stupidly adorable couple. There is only one problem, they were not actually going out. This confuses Toph. could stand alone or be read as a companion peice to my stalking series

Fun fact: Before this oneshot, I had only ever read one fanfiction over 200k words, and had no desire to read another one again. And then I read this. This one shot was so fantastic that it was the reason I ended up reading the ‘Not Stalking Zuko’ trilogy (Also by emletish), which totals almost 900k words because this companion piece had me so sold. Yeah, it’s THAT good. 

my salvation, he’s not anything by sarsaparillia

Let’s run away and start another war. — Zuko/Katara.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What can I say? I love the ‘Let’s run away together, consequences be damned’ trope. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Time is Ripe by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2012 Day Seven: Seasons. There are many stages that a heart goes through before it can finally be ready for the love it was meant to have. The road is often a rocky one but eventually, it leads you home.

A oneshot for the Zutara Week 2012 prompt ‘Seasons’. Not too much to say about it. Short, sweet, and well written. What more do you need? 

Serendipity by Boriqua-chan

Iroh goes hunting for tea leaves and finds something…interesting. /Zutara week, day 1/

Secret relationships! Fluff! Happiness! And all from Uncle Iroh’s perspective!! Everything I love in one great oneshot! 

Too Close for Comfort also by Casa Circe

ZUTARA WEEK 2010 Day Three: Pain. After watching “The Ember Island Players”, no one is in the mood for teasing. But a little slip of the tongue leads to the painful realization that the play was more accurate than they were willing to admit.

There are two Zutara plots/tropes that I am a complete and utter SLUT for. The first is the ‘Let’s talk about that EIP show’ trope. This is one of my favorites. 

The Color of Truth is Red by Mrs. Pettyfer

Written for Zutara Week prompt “awkward.” Zuko and Katara discuss the Ember Island Players.

Another post EIP oneshot

Enlightenment by Blade Quill

Choices are made on the day of Zuko’s coronation, and sometimes, enlightenment is just the simple truth at hand. Zutara. AU of the final moments of the Book 3 Finale

The OTHER plot/trope I’m a slut for is finale rewrites. LET ME SEE THEM COME TOGETHER AFTER HE TAKES LIGHTNING FOR HER. Ugh, I love it. 

Framework by profoundlycan

What if in “Sozin’s Comet” Katara had come into the room instead of Mai? Zuko/Katara. Prequel to Schema.

 Another finale rewrite! Let’s just get Mai out of the picture here… 

Lightning Shocks the Heart by drunkzutarafeels

Why do our hearts remain dormant until a climactic moment makes time stand still?

And here’s yet another finale rewrite. There is a really popular Zutara gifset that someone animated of the Agni Kai ‘Thank you’ scene, but Katara kisses Zuko after she hugs him. This is the fanfiction equivalent of that gif set. 

Sunrise by lewilder

The days go on and on, and even if she feels more comfort from the moon, Katara learns to cherish the promise of each new sunrise. Zutara AU, largely finale-centric. Oneshot.

LAST FINALE AU I PROMISE. Really sweet, starts right after The Southern Raiders and goes past canon. 

all the ghosts we cannot kill (we learn to love) by raisindeatre

Zuko and Katara; the moments we didn’t see. Or: Maybe we are all somebody’s ghost. And maybe sometimes we can be more than that.

“…My quarrel has only ever been with you, Zuko,” she says, his name sharp on her tongue. “This has only ever been about me and you.”

“You’re wrong,” he rasps, his voice rough in the late afternoon sunlight that falls around them, tangles them in golden nets. “This has only ever been about me and the Avatar. Not you and me. What we hold between us has nothing to do with it.”

This is a really beautiful one-shot that follows a battered, war torn and hardened Zuko and Katara through the scenes we DIDN’T see throughout the entire show. A Zutara must-read.

Drabble Collection/Series

And Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Advocaat

A collection of humorous and crack-tastic oneshots corresponding to the days of Zutara Month

Really great Zutara Month themed drabbles, and it contains the only body swapping plot that I’ve read and really enjoyed. Also the chapters ‘Potential’ and ‘Festival’ are some of my all time favorites. 

Zuko Was No Coward by hootowl

Zuko was many things, but a coward he was not. A collection of Zutara100 prompts. Title may change.

Definitely some heartbreakers and angsty drabbles in here, but all well written and thoroughly enjoyable. If you read ANYTHING from this list, read chapter two of this drabble collection. I MELTED when I read it. It’s perfection. Aunt Wu’s prediction has always been a plotline I’ve loved in Zutara fanfiction, and this one just does it PERFECTLY. 

Zutara Week 2012 by ichilover3

A collection of oneshots inspired by the prompts for Zutara Week

Not much more to say. The first, third, and fourth prompts are my favorite from this series. 

Zutara Week 2015 by bianca_anna

It started at a tea shop and ended with forever. My entries for Zutara Week 2015. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh my GOODNESS. So they’re Zutara Week prompts, but all set in the same universe. The Zutara!Family depicted in these drabbles has become my headcanon. I’ve seen many a Zutara family, but this one is by far my FAVORITE. This is now my official family for them. I want the very last chapter fully animated because it’s so good and epic and I want more of this families adventures. 

Writing is Hard, Part 4: Dry Humping

Summary: Dean doesn’t understand the allure of dry humping.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“Where does Sam think you are right now?”

Dean shrugs at you, hair dripping from the light rain that’s falling. “Can I come in?”

You head back for your chair, next to the table that holds your pizza, and leave the door open behind you. Dean follows, shrugging out of his jacket and shaking his head like a dog, though his hair is too short for it to do much good. “I told Sam I was coming to your room,” he says, a forced casual tone to his voice as he drops that bomb.

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working on my fitness (he’s my witness)

They say gym friends make the best boyfriends…right? Eh, according to Jack they do.

Jack and Bitty left an entire list of instructions for the house. Mostly it was about keeping the place generally tidy and not sitting on anything while naked.

Clearly there were a few Haus traditions they didn’t want to bring with them to the new place. 

This was the first time Kent was house sitting for Jack and Bitty, but so far it was a breeze. They gave him free access to their wine collection and he was allowed to eat any of the baked goods that had been left in the house. And all he had to do was make sure no one broke into the house and occasionally dust and vacuum while they road tripped with Bob and Alicia.

After each of their playoff runs were cut short, Kent had drifted around Vegas while Jack settled back down in Providence. With Bitty by his side, Jack had bounced back and jumped right back into photography, planning a road trip with his parents across the US to explore the National Parks.

Kent had lingered, aimlessly trying to figure out life after the abrupt end of the post-season. So when Jack asked if he wanted a change of scenery and to house sit for a couple weeks, he packed his bags. Even Kit wanted a change of pace and tolerated her cat carrier for the trip, and they were off to Providence.

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You don’t own me part 9

Originally posted by bakakhyunbacon


And you. Well you didn’t move at all for a couple of minutes. Just starring after them while feeling your heartbeat slowly regulating itself again.

Is this love?

Word count: 2105 // I did my bescht 💪🤓

Warnings: Kinda angst kinda fluff but surely a bit of violence

Author’s note: I feel like we are getting closer to the end…maybe two or three more parts ;) Feel free to tell me your opinion

♥♥♥ @httpwyf @vicassa @byunbunniess @i-am-a-death-dealer @jookyunhoe @byunshim @galaxy99love @holymolydrrad @imbaekhyunstrash @shesdreaminginoverdose @princess-ellaxo @baekmuffin @dont-hyuck ♥♥♥

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 5 || part 6 || part 7 || part 8


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A Rose by Any Other Name

The snow fell in soft petals over the imposing gray castle, an eternal winter that was becoming more comfortable by the day. Sheltered beneath a worn, shingled roof sat two figures, one vastly larger than the other. To a very distant observer, it would have looked like two young people who were courting. But the truth was far more fantastical.

Belle pushed the snow with the tip of her brown leather boot, listening with rapt pleasure as the deep baritone voice beside her resonated throughout her body. Beast sat close to her on the stone bench inside the gazebo reciting Hamlet, his hulking frame radiating pleasant warmth in the small space “This to thine own self be true-”

“What is your name?” Belle interrupted. As much as she wanted to continue the play, this question had been nesting in her head for some time.

Beast’s sapphire blue eyes tore themselves from the tome in his lap to stare at her, “What?”

“Well,” Belle continued, shrugging her shoulders beneath her cloak, “it doesn’t feel proper to call you ‘Beast’ when that isn’t you’re name. It’s rather rude really.”

“Hmpf,” he looked thoughtful beside her, “To be quite honest, I haven’t heard my true name in a very long time. The servants always refer to me as master. I suppose one just gets used to titles.”

“Well,” Belle grinned, “shall we play a game then?”

“Oh?” Half of the Beasts mouth quirked up into a smirk, “And what game would that be?”

“I will try and guess your name.”

The Beast barked out a laugh. Had Belle not been around him for this long already, the loud sound would have been startling. For a moment, it seemed as though he would refuse, but he only focused his stunningly blue eyes to her brown and said quite seriously, “I could just tell you, you know.”

Belle waved a hand flippantly at him, “Please, where is the fun in that? Shall I start now? No hints!”

He chuckled, “Alright, alright. No hints.”

She leaned forward, seeming to inspect his face. Her proximity was startling. Deep in his powerful chest, Beast could feel his heart picking up a wild tattoo; dear heavens she smelled nice. Like tea and vanilla.

Belle snapped her fingers, “Your name is Jeàn!”

Beast snorted, “Not even close.”

“Hm,” Belle’s dark eyebrow raised, “Raul then.”

“Are you mad? My father was a terrible man, but not that terrible.”


“I may have a tail now, but I certainly didn’t have one at birth.”


“Certainly not.”


The Beast made a gagging noise.

“Oh dear,” Belle laughed, “I think I may have lied and could possibly need a hint.”

How could such a slip of a girl lift his spirits so high? He loved how her voice sounded like chimes. “Oh come now,” The Beast insisted, edging closer to her, “try again. I promised no helping.”

Sighing, Belle looked skyward. After a moment of silence she said, “You are certainly not a Francois, nor are you a Louis. No, I believe you have a strong name. Like all of the literary heroes.”

“You give me far to much credit.” The Beast rumbled.

Belle nudged his arm with her shoulder. She was so small compared to him, so seemingly fragile. He took great care to stay still, pleased when she settled against him, “I feel like you give yourself to little credit,” she insisted, “perhaps you are in fact named Lancelot.”

“Only if you are Guinevere.” He said softly. The Beast had believed he’d spoken quietly enough for her to miss it, but the way she stiffened against him caused him mild panic, “I-I am so sorry. That was out of line, that would insinuate-”

“It’s alright,” she murmured, smiling up at him, “that is a lovely compliment.”

The Beast cleared his throat, looking out across the frozen lake, “Well, my name is not Lancelot either. Do you have anymore guesses?”

Belle looked thoughtfully at him again before saying, “Let me think on it a bit. Will you keep reading?”

The book in his lap opened to the page they had left off on, and The Beast began reading again, as he could refuse her nothing.


After a time, he paused and glanced down at her, “Have anymore guesses?”

Belle sighed, stretching her legs out straight in front of her, “I’m afraid to keep guessing. It’s more difficult than I thought it would be.”

“May I give a hint?”


“My name is a little unconventional.”

Belle’s brown eyes lit with interest, “Go on!”

The Beast chuckled, “It is only four letters.”

The wheels in her mind were turning, what on earth could it be?

“Any guesses now?”

After about a minute it was obvious she was becoming frustrated, “I feel quite silly,” Belle admitted finally, “I wanted to be able to guess, but I truly have no idea. I feel like any name I say simply would not suit you!”

Shaking his head, Beast rumbled, “Belle, any name you call me I would answer too.”

He noticed her cheeks tinged pink at that, “I’ve been living in your home and I don’t even know your birth name.” She said, “It makes me feel quite awful. I run through any name and they fall flat compared to you. I always felt like my name was misgiven, so I would feel simply awful to-”

The Beast felt the hair at the nape of his neck bristle, “What do you mean your name was misgiven?”

“I mean,” Belle looked gestured at herself, “look at me. I’m a simple girl from a village where I am called odd at best. I have no fancy clothes or home, I have freckles and eyes are brown. I am thinner than most girls. My boots are always muddy and my hands have callouses. My hair is always a mess so I have to keep it tied back. I am certainly not fair or considered beautiful by society’s standards.”

The Beast shook his head, trying to quell the anger surging through him. What kind of a backwards hovel was this village she came from? “Belle,” he said, voice low and deep like thunder, “your name is pale in comparison to you, so in that way, yes, it does not suit you. There is no name in anyone’s language that could perfectly describe how truly beautiful you are. You are NOT odd. It is not that illiterate sty’s business to call your brilliance odd; I can guarantee that you are more educated than any teacher at the school. You have no time to fuss with fancy garments as you are busy with things that are meaningful to you, and all they would do anyway is cover you up until you are no longer visible.”

She smiled at that, so Beast kept going, “Your freckles are like constellations, I can see the night sky written upon your cheeks and your eyes are the color of earth; those bring me back home and ground me when I feel like floating away. You are built like a nymph, ready to run and fly away in search of adventure at a moments notice. Your boots are muddy because you take care of chores those stuck up cows in the village are afraid to take on themselves, and your hands,”

Felling bold, The Beast reached for her, looking at her first for permission. Belle nodded, offering her hands to him. He held them carefully, bringing them closer to his face. After a moments scrutinizing, he murmured, “Not a callous in sight. They are soft and fair, like silk.” He ran his thumbs across her palms, taking care to not scratch her, “these are the hands of a brilliant mind, the hands of a scholar, of an inventor, and a beautiful woman. And you’re hair,” he released one of her hands, she letting it fall into her lap as The Beast ran the back of his paw down the side of her face, “it is wild yes, but it very much reminds me of you. Even tied back pieces of it refuse to be tamed. That is one of my favorite things about you. You are a lovely looking woman, Belle. Not just the outside, which, to be quite honest is very striking. But it is what is inside that counts the most. Which is why ‘winged cupid is painted blind.’ I think your name falls flat to be honest. But it shall do until I can think of something worthy enough of you.”

His paw was still against her cheek, now cupping it and her dark eyes were burning into his, “Will you please tell me your name?” Belle asked, voice wavering.

The Beast swallowed, then leaned forward, lips almost touching her ear,

“Adam.” He whispered.

Pulling back, he was surprised to see her still looking at him, expression very warm.

“It suits you,” She smiled, “Adam.”

Oh, merciful heaven.

Belle suddenly looked concerned, “Are you alright? You look like you have been wounded.”

Adam swallowed the lump in his throat, before managing to say, “Yes, yes I just have not heard that name in a very long time.”

“Would you mind very much if I called you that when we are together?”

“I would be honored.” He said seriously, watching with pleasure as the constellations of her cheeks leaned into his palm for the briefest of moments, before pulling away. “Come Adam, will you continue reading to me, or shall I take a turn?”

Unable to speak anymore, He handed the book in his lap into Belle’s waiting hands. She began to read out loud, her voice sounding very much like the music of chimes and Adam daydreamed of stars.


A little different from what I normally write… but I hope you liked it nonetheless ❤️

anonymous asked:

Jamilton or jeffmads 366? Please, I will be forever greatful for you to have blessed me with such amaze writing.

HOW ABOUT BOTH?? sorry, I had a really dumb idea for jamilton and a serious idea for jeffmads, so…. here you go :D


Word Count: 261 (I promise you, it’s really dumb, I’m so sorry)

Warnings: swearing (of course)

“Well, it’s obvious that the debt plan won’t stop –” Alex stopped speaking abruptly. His friends weren’t listening to him, of course, but they still noticed that the constant yapping had suddenly ceased. They all looked over at him in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Herc asked, genuinely concerned as his friend sat, speechless, glaring at a point over Laf’s shoulder. They all turned to see what he was looking at, and John gave a loud groan. Jefferson had just come out of the school to eat lunch, wearing a hat that offended every fibre of Alexander’s being.

It read, ‘Greedo shot first.’

“Dude, don’t –” Herc began, but Alexander had already jumped up from their picnic table and was striding quickly toward Thomas.

“Yo! Jefferson! Take that hat off!” Alex yelled as he approached.

“What?” Thomas laughed.

You heard me. Take. It. Off.”  

“Does this seriously bother you? It’s a joke.”

“Jefferson, I’m not fucking around, here,” Alex said seriously.

“What are you gonna do?” Thomas asked, enjoying Alex’s petty anger.

Alex’s eyes narrowed and he stood on his tiptoes, yanking Thomas’ head down so that their lips collided. Thomas felt his knees go weak at the passionate kiss, and Alex took the opportunity to swipe the hat off his head.

“Too easy, Jefferson,” he said, walking away with the hat. Thomas was too stunned to try and steal it back. He had to admit; Alex had won.

(a/n: again, I’m so sorry for whatever that was, but here, have a jeffmads)


Word Count: 636

Warnings: spiciness (??), body insecurity

“Thanks for walking me home,” James said, smiling shyly up at his boyfriend. Thomas leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on the shorter man’s lips.

“D-do you want to come upstairs?” James asked, feeling his heart pound nervously as he looked into Thomas’ gorgeous eyes. They’d been dating for a few weeks and had only recently made it official, but still they’d never spent a night together; James was too nervous. Thomas, for all his cocky seducing, however, was very respectful of his decision, and seemed fine with not rushing into anything.  

At James’ invitation, though, Thomas’ eyes lit up. Biting his lip, he asked, “I would love to, but… are you sure?”

He nodded in reply and took his boyfriend’s hand, leading him inside the apartment building and into the elevator, where, as soon as the doors shut, their mouths were on each other’s. They barely broke apart as they stumbled out of the elevator. The only time their lips completely detached was when James had to turn around to unlock his apartment. But, even then, Thomas was kissing Jemmy’s neck, impatient to get inside.

Once James had finally opened the door, he took Thomas’ hand and pulled him to his bedroom. He locked his lips once more to his boyfriend’s, pulling him as close as possible, but Thomas pulled away.

He gave James a serious look. “Are you sure you want to?” He asked, staring directly into his boyfriend’s eyes.

Jemmy felt his heart pound nervously, but he knew it was time, and he really did want to, no matter how self-conscious he was.  

“Yes,” he moaned, attaching his lips to Thomas’ once more. Immediately, Thomas began to kiss him back roughly, picking him up and tossing him down on the bed. James immediately felt heat in the base of his stomach. Thomas had entered a new mode; he was rough and commanding, and Jemmy liked it.

Thomas’ lips attached themselves to James’ neck, sucking and biting until a dark hickey was visible, then moving onto another. His hands slid down his boyfriend’s body all the while, thoroughly turning on the both of them.

“Shirt. Off,” Thomas growled commandingly, bringing his lips back up to James’.

James got chills; both from the sexiness in his boyfriend’s voice and from the nerves he felt about revealing his body.

“What?” James mumbled nervously, trying to buy time.

You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Thomas commanded, nipping at Jemmy’s earlobe.

“Um…” James said, and his voice shook slightly.  

Immediately, Thomas stopped, caressing James’ face. “Are you okay? I’m sorry, am I being too rough?”

“No! No… it’s nothing wrong with you, just… my scars,” James said, his whole face flushing in embarrassment.

Thomas’ face fell in sadness. “James…”

“I know it’s stupid, just…”

Thomas gave James a loving kiss and moved his fingers to the buttons on James’ shirt. “May I?” He asked gently.

James nodded, heart pounding. Thomas slowly began to unbutton the shirt and, when it was half undone, pulled the collars wide apart so that James’ chest was revealed. He slowly leaned in and began to softly kiss the scars from Jemmy’s top-surgery.  

“You’re so handsome, James,” he said, moving his lips up to his boyfriend’s. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, but please know that your body is beautiful.”

James smiled shyly up at Thomas. “Thank you. And I do want to, if you still do.”

Thomas grinned and their lips attached once more, James’ insecurities fading.

Promise (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “okay so i have a sort of odd request… could you write one where grayson x reader are dating and they’ve vowed to save their virginity until marriage but it can be hard sometimes?? i’m not sure if grayson would actually do this irl but it’s something that i’ve been trying to find an imagine about for a long time and it’s literally nowhere… thanks :)“
Word Count: 920
Warnings: Talk about sex.
A/N: Sooo guess what?! My Macbook broke last night so I couldn’t be arsed to write anything. But I hope you like this! It was very cute and fun to write! Sorry if it’s short xx

It was happening again and you weren’t even doing anything special. Grayson had been working out, he’d come straight over to your apartment and had a shower there. A meal was waiting for him in the kitchen, and you were eating a plate of your lunch by the television, completely wrapped up in your series.

He had walked out, feeling like a whole new person and halted in his steps when he caught sight of your body sitting, knees drawn up to your chest, bare legs on display and a hoodie that was too big covering the rest. He suspected that it was one of his hoodies that he’d left behind.

Grayson was feeling all sorts of things, staring at you, lost in his thoughts that were beginning to get too sinful than usual. And that’s when you looked up, confusion written all over your face.

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pumpkin | (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader 
genre/warnings: smut…and pumpkins, humour
• words: 2,974
→ summary: you hate Halloween, but you love your boyfriend Jin – even when he’s dressed as a giant pumpkin.
• note. I think I’ve finally cracked guys. I’m getting aroused by Jin dressed as a human pumpkin, and I don’t regret a thing. My take at a Halloween scenario

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Hanbin Scenario: Naggy Boyfriend

Yay! Another scenario! Plot ideas have just been pouring into my mind lately. I’m struggling, trying to write them all down fast before I forget, but I’m such a slow writer because I get so distracted every few minutes LOL and I also run out of words sometimes, so I always have to look at google to have some word variety and to make it more interesting. 

Sigh, why can’t it come more naturally to me? I’m so untalented ugh the struggle.

Anyway, sorry. Here it is! Enjoy this one because I made this longer than my previous scenarios. I also added way more Hanbin dialogues because I noticed that I already wrote a couple scenarios with Hanbin sleeping LOL. Heehees. The likes are much appreciated because they motivate me to write more! :3

It was nearing 1 am, and you finally finished your paper due the next day. You stretched your arms out above your head and scoped the library. There were only a few students cramming left, and you felt comforted by their presence. Thank God you weren’t the only one procrastinating at the last minute. 

You shut off your laptop and started to put away your things in your school bag, then headed for the exit to call it a day. As soon as you opened the front door of the library, the cold air hit you smack in the face, and you shivered into your scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck. 

Summer decided to come in late this year so you silently cursed at the season. You loved the cold, but you were dying for the warmth of the sun to come already. 

Your nose threatened to drip and you sniffed it in before it could escape. The action reminded you of Hanbin who was getting better from a cold, and you wondered how he was doing at the studio.

You pulled out your phone and dialed his number.

To your complete surprise, Hanbin picked up after the first ring. “Jagiya!” He excitedly called you on the other end followed by a cheerful chuckle, making you smile like an idiot in the dark, empty street. Despite the coldness, you felt your cheeks and your heart in your chest warm up from merely hearing his voice and imagining his innocent smile he most likely had on right now.

What is this? You never pick up after the first ring when you’re in the studio.” You replied and giggled into the phone.

He chuckled again then said, “Nice timing, jagi! I was holding my phone in my hand because I was just about to call you, but then you suddenly called.

Why? Did something happen?” 

No, nothing happened.” He paused shortly then continued softly, “I just missed you, that’s all.” The tone of his voice sounded bashful and a blush crept onto your face. You bet that he was blushing on the other end too so that made you laugh.

I missed you too,” You replied, trying to bite back the huge smile wanting to appear on your face. To calm yourself, you started walking in the direction of your apartment. 

He gasped playfully. “Daebak, can we read each other’s minds now? Are we at that stage already?” 

You mirrored his gasp then said, “Hanbin-ah, maybe we are! Shall we celebrate?”  You played along with him and you both giggled at this cheesy exchange. 

Then you heard him sniff on the other end which reminded you of the reason you called. “Oh right! How are feeling? Are you okay?” 

Yeah, I’m okay! Don’t worry about me. My health is at 99.9%. I’ll be better by tomorrow, I promise.

You hummed through the phone, doubtful of his words, and your eyes narrowed at the view in front of you of the empty street and closed up shops. 

Really! Trust me.” He told you, and you gave in with a sigh after a brief moment of silence. “Anyway, what are you doing?” He asked cheerfully, catching him quickly wanting to change the topic but you let it go.

I’m walking home right now. I left the library a few minutes ago after I finished that paper that I told you about.

Huh?” He sounded concerned. “By yourself?

Yup.” The wind blew and you sunk further into your scarf to block the cold hitting your face. 

At this time of night? You’re walking home by yourself? Alone on the street?” His alerted tone shot through the line, and you giggled at your overprotective boyfriend. 

I’m fine. Don’t worry.” You reassured him. There really wasn’t any need to worry since the library was just in the area of Hanbin’s studio and the apartment complex that you both lived in.

What do you mean ‘you’re fine, don’t worry’? Of course I’ll worry! That’s unacceptable.” You heard a rustling noise over the phone and immediately pictured him shaking his head in disapproval. “Hey, do you know how—

You cut him off before he could go into rambling on and on about how the streets are dangerous at night and possible perverts hiding in the shadows, a conversation you had plenty of times when you would give him surprise visits at his studio. “Hanbin, it’s fine! The library is just in our area anyway.” You laughed out loud and the sound echoed on the street. “I’m keeping my eyes out and watching my surroundings closely like you told me.

The line went quiet, then Hanbin asked, “Where are you right now?” His voice went at least 3 octaves deeper as he asked you seriously through the phone. Your heart skipped a beat in its cage at the sudden change. 

Obediently, you answered him timidly, “I’m 5 minutes away from the studio right now.

I’ll wait for you outside the building,” He said curtly then hung up.

Your heart was beating fast in your chest as you stared at the end call screen on your phone. Hanbin would never hang up just like that unless he was in a bad mood. Looks like you were going to be scolded. You couldn’t help the smile from forming on your face.

Hanbin never scolded you as much as he scolded his team mates when they made a mistake in their choreography. He was the soft and caring boyfriend who always treated you gently and who never got angry at you seriously. The complete opposite of the boy you watched on WIN and Mix & Match. Maybe he would nag at you, but it was never at that level with the rest of the iKON members. 

But when he did (so far it was only once) for some reason, that made you feel excited rather than regretful as you should be. You wondered if he would seriously scold you this time as you continued walking.

With anticipation rising within, you approached the studio building that was gradually coming into view. You immediately spotted the tall figure standing in front of the entrance doors with his head down and arms crossed over his chest, dressed in all black. Black hoodie with his snapback under the hood. Black, baggy sweatpants. Black converse shoes.

You cleared your throat quietly to contain your excitement, then gingerly made your way towards him. As soon as you were standing in front of him, his head lifted to meet your eyes with a sullen look on his face.

Annyeong,” You timidly greeted him with a small smile.

He frowned at you then with a warning tone, he started, “Y/n…

Immediately, you straightened up then answered, “Yes?” 

For a moment, you both stared at each other. His eyes narrowed at you and you kept your obedient stance, waiting quietly for the scolding you eagerly awaited.

“Follow me,” He went back into the building and you trailed behind him. He led you into his studio where it was warmer. He faced you again and continued to stare at you with the same look. You watched him with sparkling eyes of anticipation.

To your dismay, the scolding didn’t come. Instead Hanbin sighed in defeat then flicked your forehead, making you cry out in pain. “Look at you,” He said as he breathed out another exasperated sigh. “Why do you look happy rather than being sorry?

You peeked up at him then gave him a cute smile. 

He shook his head. “You are really…” Another sigh.

You giggled then took his hand. “I’m sorry. I really am!” You shook his hand repeatedly.

I really don’t think you are though.” He retorted. “Just now you looked like you were expecting something from me instead. What is it?

It’s nothing!” You firmly told him then let out a nervous laugh. You shifted the conversation back to apologizing. “Anyway, I’m really sorry for worrying you, Hanbin. But seriously though, there’s nothing for you to worry about!

Thankfully he took the bait without any suspicions. You didn’t want him to know how weird you were about wanting be scolded by him. He instantly replied with, “Of course there is something to worry about! The world we live in is dangerous you know, y/n. You could be kidnapped or a pervert could appear out of nowhere and—”

You cut him off again, “Hanbin-ah! Are we going to have this conversation again? We’ve talked about this so many times already.” You whined childishly and shook his arm.

“Yes! Because you don’t listen to me. If you would listen to me, we wouldn’t have to repeat this conversation.”

“Then what should I do then?” You changed your tone, feigning irritation but honestly your were amused because your boyfriend was so naggy. “Stay at home and never come out?” You frowned at him and crossed your arms over your chest. 

His demeanor softened and his voice quieted. “No…” His voice trailed off.

You stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

It’s just...” He paused then sighed, running a hand over his mouth. His eyes looked into yours and said, “I just want you to be safe. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you or to have you experience anything awful. Sometimes I wish that I could stay by your side 24/7, but we both know I can’t.”

A smile grew on your face, and you took a step closer to him. You looked up at him tenderly and placed your palm over his cheek. He held that hand and leaned into it with his eyes closed, taking a deep breath in.

Then what should we do to give you some peace of mind?” You asked him softly. “I can stop going to the library, but I won’t stop myself from walking to your studio to see you.” His eyes opened and you continued, “Because think about it, if I don’t come and see you here, then we won’t be able to see each other at all. Maybe only a couple times a month, but that’s it.

He had a thoughtful expression on his face for a moment, then a look of realization replaced it, acknowledging that it was a fact. “What should we do..” He mumbled then he placed your hands over his neck and encircled his arms around your waist as he leaned on the desk and pulled you closer.

You hummed in thought then a wild thought appeared. You suggested playfully, “Should I go knock at your dorm and grab one of the members in the middle of the night to walk me here? You’re okay with me walking with someone else at least, right?” 

You giggled when he had a look of displease on his face at the thought. “No.” He pronounced firmly and tightened his hold around your waist. “Definitely not.” Naggy and overprotective.

“Then what else can I do? I don’t want you to come and get me, and disrupt your work.”

He looked at the ground, seriously considering what to do, and you watched as the gears in his brain worked, making you smile at the thought of Hanbin seriously taking this “dilemma” into account.

He sighed and shook his head, “I can’t think of anything. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.” He met your eyes again and gave you a smile.

After you google it, you mean?” You retorted with a knowing smile.

His childlike smile that never failed to warm you up inside finally appeared, and he timidly nodded. You both laughed then hugged each other.

Let me know what you find.” You said as you leaned back to look at his face.

He replied with an okay then got up from the desk. “I’ll walk you home this time.

Your eyes lit up and you excitedly asked, “You will? What about work though?

It’s fine. I’ll continue tomorrow.” He turned to shut off the computer and grab his things. Once he put everything to place, he led you out the door and turned off the lights. He held your hand, and you both happily walked back to your shared apartment complex.

I can honestly imagine Hanbin being so naggy LOL such a cutie <3

On a side note: this scenario ended up being something else entirely than what I had planned to write. Oh well, I’ll just have to write that one up too. xD


Part three of the Miraculous x Hunter series created by @emthimofnight, featuring a prickly Killua (secretly Chat Noir) being saved by Ladybug (secretly Gon), who is determined to protect his best friend no matter what, even if said best friend doesn’t want his protection!

All parts of this series will be put up on my ao3 soon, and there will be more drabbles to come! I wasn’t joking when I said me and emthimofnight were talking about this au nonstop haha XD

Word count: 2067

Other Miraculous x Hunter links: 

GonNoir mirror drabble, Killugon ballroom scene drabble

Fanart by @emthimofnight that started this whole thing

Killua really hadn’t planned on spending his free afternoon running away from the Mayor’s akumatized daughter- but, well. That’s just the kind of thing he’d gotten semi-used to since becoming Chat Noir.

“KILLUA ZOLDYCK!” came the horrible ear-piercing wail. The sound made Killua want to cover his ears as he pelted down the cobbled street but he resisted. He had to find a place to transform as soon as possible, or else that girl would terrorize the entire city-


“Why don’t you try and make me, huh?!” he hollered over his shoulder and smirked at the shriek of rage that echoed off crooked rooftops and looming skyscrapers.

He didn’t have anything against the Mayor’s daughter, really. She was a pretty but shy girl whose parents- along with Killua’s own mother and father- were adamant on setting her up with Killua. 

And that was about as likely to happen as Killua giving up on chocolate.


The pavement shook underneath his feet and he nearly stumbled. Shit. He couldn’t afford to lose his footing now; if he did, he would be caught by the newest akuma victim before he could change into Chat Noir.

Civilians screamed and pushed him to the side in their attempt to get away from the chaos unfolding behind them. Killua did his best to duck around them while simultaneously peering down alleyways, searching for a hidden place to transform.

He cursed under his breath. None of these would work. Not as long as people were still running around in masses like this-

A sharp, sizzling noise filled the air. Nearby buildings took on a greenish hue and Killua’s hair stood on end.


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Christ On A Biscuit (John X Reader)

WC: 2076

AU: Soulmate AU where the first words you hear your soulmate say are written on your body

Warnings: A looot of cursing, fLuFf

A/N: I’ll be going on holidays to a place sans internet while the @hamwriters write-a-thon is scheduled to take place, so I’m posting it early. Here is Day 1!

I stumbled my way through the crowded Manhattan streets, a latte clasped in my right hand. I glanced down at the words so elegantly tattooed on my forearm, reading them for the 7 billionth time in my life. That was the greatest profanity I have ever heard. I had a tendency to curse like a sailor, and my curses were, creative, to say the least. My go to one was ‘mother of god in a fucking hand basket.’ Clearly, my soulmate will have a wonderful first impression of me if the first thing they say to me is a compliment on my handle of the English language. “Sorry.” I muttered as I accidentally nudged someone, a look of exasperation on their face. “It’s not my fault you can’t keep your goddamn arms to yourself.” I heard the man say and I froze, feeling my blood boil with rage. “What was that?” I said, louder this time, and the man turned around to face me. “What was what?” He said, mock innocence in his voice. “You know bloody well what. I can’t keep my arms to myself, huh?” I said and the man sneered, nodding his head. “It’s so nice to know that you agree with me.” He jeered and I felt like I probably had steam pouring out of my ears. “The only thing I’ll agree with is a foot so far up your ass you can taste it.” I said, my voice laced with fake sweetness. His jaw dropped and his eyes widened in shock and anger. I simply turned on my heel, and walked as far and as fast as the street would allow me to. I took a sip of my coffee, proud of my victory of the asshole I had just confronted. What I didn’t notice, in my state of pride, was a man with long hair and freckles approaching me at a breakneck speed. He looked up and noticed that I was in his way far too late, trying to stop but instead slamming into me. “Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit.” I said, feeling the hot coffee burn my skin and soak my clothes. The man started laughing and I frowned at him, wondering whether the scalding coffee or my anger was heating my skin. “That was the greatest profanity I have ever heard.” The man said and I gasped, my eyes immediately darting to my forearm. The man followed my gaze and gasped as he read the words he had just uttered. His eyes met mine, shock on both our faces. He tugged the collar of his shirt down slightly, and there, tattooed in dark ink, were the words Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit. He coughed awkwardly and his eyes widened slightly when he saw something that was clearly out of my line of vision. “I’d just like to point out that your previous statement, which was hilarious, was probably not that appropriate given that we’re in front of a church.” He said and I turned my eyes to the building, confirming that it was in fact Trinity Church. I smiled and shook my head at the irony of the situation. “My name’s John Laurens.” John said, stretching his hand in my direction. I shook it warmly, looking him in the eye. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I said and John smiled, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it. “Stunning name for a stunning soulmate.” He said and I felt my cheeks heat up involuntarily. “I could say the same for you.” I said and John chuckled awkwardly, dropping my hand reluctantly. “I don’t know. John’s a pretty bland name.” He said and I frowned, stepping closer to him, almost subconsciously. “I don’t think so. A name is only as extraordinary as the person who bears it. In this case, John is an incredibly extraordinary name.” I said and John’s jaw dropped, his cheeks flushing bright red. “You an English major?” John asked and I chuckled, shaking my head. “I’m actually majoring in the dramatic arts. I just love to write and play with words.” I said and John smiled, nodding slightly. “Well, Y/N, oh mighty wielder of words, what would you say to a cup of coffee to replace the one you blasphemed over?” John said and I let out a loud laugh, nodding eagerly. “I would love one. New York winters are a right pain in the ass.” I said, and the smile on John’s face widened as he grabbed my hand, almost dragging me alongside him. “Easy Laurens. I don’t know a lot about anatomy, but I’m fairly certain that my arm will come out of its socket if you pull any harder.” I said and John chuckled, lessening the speed he was pulling me at. We continued walking in comfortable silence, John’s grip on my hand like a somewhat comforting vice. “I still can’t believe the first thing you said to me was Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit. Some wordsmith you are.” John said and I scoffed, taking my hand out of his to smack his shoulder playfully. “Shut up. I was covered in scalding hot coffee, so cut me some slack.” I said and John chuckled, taking my hand back into his. “Ok, ok. You remind me of my friend Alexander. He, too, has a penchant for writing, coffee and gloriously constructed profanities.” I laughed at John’s description to his friend and went to say something  but I was cut off by John stopping abruptly. “Here we are.” John said, taking his hand out of mine to open the door. I immediately noticed the absence of the warmth of his hand, but followed him inside. “John! You have a visitor today!” A young woman with dark skin and curly hair said, a smile on her features. “That I do Maria. This, is Y/N Y/L/N. My soulmate.” John said, stage whispering the last two words. Maria chuckled and turned her eyes to me. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Maria Reynolds, John’s favourite barista.” She said and I chuckled, shaking her outstretched hand. “The same goes for you Maria. That it’s nice to meet you, that is.” I said and Maria smiled. “You don’t strike me as the kind of person that would say something like 'Jesus motherfucking Christ on a biscuit.’” Maria said slyly and I groaned, burying my head in my hands. “I just can’t catch a break, can I?” I said and Maria and John chuckled, John squeezing my hand reassuringly. “It’s all good Y/N. So, what can I get you two lovebirds?” Maria said and I glanced briefly at the menu behind her. “I’ll have my usual. Y/N, what do you want?” John asked and I paused, biting my lip in thought. “I’ll have a caramel macchiato, thanks Maria.” I said sweetly and Maria nodded, jotting our orders down on a piece of paper. “I’ll have those ready in a jiffy. You two have a seat, get to know each other.” Maria said, shooting us a wink before moving around the kitchen, making our coffees. “There’s this one booth I know that’s like right near the heater.” John said and I smiled, the adrenaline and excess caffeine in my system convincing me to lean up and press a kiss to his cheek. John froze momentarily, a steady blush creeping across his cheeks. “That booth paired with a coffee will work wonders for my half-numb fingers.” I said and John broke his trance, laughing lightly at my comment. We sat down at the booth and I immediately felt a wave of warmth roll over me. “This was a brilliant idea John Laurens.” I said and John smiled sheepishly. I reached across the table and laced my fingers with his, the warmth of his hand warming mine. “So, Y/N, how’d you end up studying the dramatic arts, as you so eloquently put it?” John asked and I chuckled, licking my lips. “Well, I grew up in Philadelphia and I always had a passion for theatre. I started my wonderful theatrical career as a doorknob in a second grade production of Beauty and the Beast.” I said and John let out a loud, booming laugh. “Seriously? A doorknob?” He asked incredulously and I nodded, a wide smile on my face. “It’s true. I was so untalented they cast me as a doorknob! That didn’t stop me from loving the theatre.” I said and John smiled brightly, looking at me with something unidentifiable in his eyes. “Here you go lovers. One caramel macchiato for Y/N, and a cappuccino for Johnny boy.” Maria said, handing us our drinks. I held the mug in my free hand and felt the warmth seep into it. I took a sip of the drink and let out a hum of delight. “Oh my god. This is the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life.” I said and Maria chuckled, sticking her pen behind her ear. “It’s no biggie. You want anything to eat or is this good?” Maria said and John shook his head. “I think we’re good, given Y/N’s reaction to the coffee.” He said and I blushed a bright pink. Maria laughed and nodded, walking away from the table towards another group of customers. “This is nice.” I said softly and John nodded, looking at me with his bright hazel eyes. “So, Johnny boy, what’s your major?” I asked and John laughed a little at the name I used for him. “I’m a visual art major. Third year.” John said and I nodded in approval. “That’s so cool. I can’t draw squat. My artistic skills are few and dismal.” I said and John smiled at me softly. “We can work on that, don’t worry.” He said and I felt my cheeks heat up under his gaze. We continued talking long after our coffees had disappeared, and my cheeks were beginning to ache from all the smiling and laughing. I looked at my watch while John was in the middle of telling a story about a turtle that nearly bit him and gasped when I saw the time. “What? What’s wrong?” John asked, immediately cutting his story off. “I just noticed the time. We’ve been here for at least 3 hours.” I said and John’s eyes widened, a sheepish smile settling on his face. “I’m sorry. It’s just, it’s not every day you meet your soulmate. I wanted to get to know you a bit better.” John said and I smiled, placing my hand on top of his. “It’s fine John. You’re my soulmate too.” I said and John smiled brightly. “I should probably get your number.” John said and I nodded, passing him my phone. “Just put your number in.” I said and he smiled, nodding as he typed his number into my phone. I did the same on his, entering my contact name as Church Kid, hoping he picked up on the joke. “Well, it was a pleasure running into you today Y/N.” John said, taking his phone back and chuckling at the newly added name in his contacts. “The same goes for you John. I never thought my soulmate would be that attractive, and appreciate my awful profanities.” I said and John let out a loud laugh, his eyes brightening as he did. “It has been my pleasure.” John said and I nodded, standing up from the booth. We walked outside, waving goodbye to Maria as we left. “It’s been wonderful meeting you Y/N.” John said and I smiled at him, stretching my arms out for a hug. John wrapped his arms around me tightly, the heat of his body filling me with warmth. “How do you feel about dinner tomorrow night?” John mumbled into my hair and I disentangled myself from his embrace. I looked into his eyes and pressed my lips to his, wrapping my arms around his neck. John’s eyes widened briefly, but he quickly melted into the kiss. He rested his arms on my waist and I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling a few strands free from his ponytail. John pulled away from the kiss and a dumb grin was painted on his face. “I take that as a yes to dinner tomorrow?” John said and I laughed, nodding my head. “Of course, you idiot. I’d love to.”

Joker Imagine - You’re a vampire

sotinycynthia-17 said:Could you please do an imagine where the reader is a vampire and j finds out?

/Here it is. I tried haha

Originally posted by jokerish-darkish-mindish

Originally posted by blacksilk-gothmodel

Your P.O.V.

I thought I had found the perfect resolution for my life. I thought that he’d never find out, but boy I was wrong.

I am a vampire.

A couple months ago I met my boyfriend, the one and only Joker. I was on a desperate hunt for fresh human blood. So I followed this juicy looking man to an alley where I attacked him. Little did I know that I was being watched. As I hit the guy’s head from behind and then got him down on the ground, I heard laughter. It made me tighten my grip on my victim and look around. I was so hungry, so angry and so bloodthirsty that I wouldn’t let anyone bother me.

As my victim was wiggling beneath my strong touch, the person stepped out of his hiding place. That’s when I saw Joker. I remember how his cold eyes met mine and his red lips curved into a wicked smile. ‘’I haven’t seen such a pretty girl take down such a big and strong guy in a very long time’’ Joker broke the silence with his carefully chosen words that sounded crazy from his mouth. I liked it.

I had just stared at him and held myself back from biting into my victim. I couldn’t let anyone see me, at least not fucking Joker. ‘’Why are you after..’’ Joker started and kneeled down. I watched as he kneeled down in front of the man who was scared for his life. Joker touched his jaw with his hand, hidden behind a white glove. I couldn’t deny that he looked very attractive all dressed up right in front of me. He was very interesting, I had admit it. ‘’..this fella here?’’ Joker finished his question. I yanked my victim’s hair and made him yell out loud, but I put my hand in front of his mouth.

‘’Just..killing my boredom Mr. J’’ I replied with a tough voice. He faced me again and smirked. I knew that I shouldn’t have kept looking at him, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to look away. I think at that moment he sneaked inside my soul and did something that made me want to stay.

I wanted him.

Not in a victim way, but something more..serious. I wanted to belong to this crazy man. I could already picture us together.

And my thoughts came true.

We saw each other at his club for a few weeks. I came by usually on Saturdays and he happened to see me there. Our ‘innocent’ talks developed into more heated discussions and until recently Joker and I took a big step forward. I wasn’t quite sure what I was thinking tho. He wanted me to be his partner, aka his girlfriend. I said yes.

How foolish.

We had been together for a little while now and I was just anxiously waiting for him to find out my big secret. We went out together at night, because I told him I hated days. I also slept all day and he did too so it was perfect. But I was scared to kiss him with tongue because he’d definitely feel my sharp teeth. I avoided mirrors. I just tried my best to act human. When we killed for fun and he left, I would come back to our victim and drink up the precious blood. 

There was a myth that vampires couldn’t eat anything else, but that was wrong. Or else Joker would have known something was wrong. 

       My eyes looked at the man we had killed a few minutes ago. His body was against the wall and he was bleeding from his wounds we made. Joker walked back to the car and I promised I’d be there soon. Little did he know I was going to suck this man completely empty of blood. I stepped closer to our victim and I noticed something. He still had a pulse.

It just made me smile. ‘’The fresher, the better’’ I muttered to myself and then grabbed his head so I could lean closer to his neck. As I opened my mouth, I already tasted his blood in my mouth. My senses were really sensitive which I liked. I could know what people’s blood tasted like by being close to them. For some reason I never got a temptation to drink Joker’s blood. It was strange, but right now I had other things to think about.

I sunk my sharp teeth into his neck, piercing his veins and then I attached my lips onto his skin. Then I could drink up. Just as I got started, I heard someone sneaking up to me. ‘’Y/N ‘’ I heard a familiar yet confused voice. My eyes widened and I dropped our victim down, quickly wiping my mouth with my arm. Then I did a cool thing where I made my fangs look like normal teeth again.  I turned around to face Joker. Our eyes met and I felt like a little girl caught stealing candy.

His face said it all. He was shocked and confused. Although I doubt he was scared, but I knew he was disappointed I hadn’t told him anything. ‘’I can explain..’’ I broke the silence between us. It didn’t make me feel any better. ‘’When were you planning to tell me?’’ Joker raised his voice and made me step back. He had never been angry with me so I wasn’t sure what to do. ‘’I kinda..uh I don’t know..’’ I mumbled nervously and looked away from his face. I screwed up.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my jaw. He was breathing heavily and he tried to make me look at him. ‘’Are you really a vampire?’’ He almost growled. My eyes stung, but I didn’t cry. I was just sad that I was caught. Instead of speaking, I just nodded. ‘’So that’s why my baby never made out with me’’ Joker purred and surprised me. I faced him and saw a big smile on his face. 

‘’W-why aren’t you mad?’’ I stuttered because I was surprised. His eyes were full of adoration.It really threw me off. ‘’Because that’s hot’’ Joker giggled darkly and then made me smile. I didn’t care about getting in trouble now, so I just jumped at him and gave him a big hug. Joker didn’t mind that I hugged him first. He wrapped his strong arms around me and then took a deep breath.

‘’Damn baby..You’ve got to show me all your tricks’’ He spoke happily and then pulled back so he could face me. ‘’With pleasure’’ I promised him. His blue eyes were darker. It’s like he was turned on. ‘’You need to promise me something’’ He suddenly got all serious. I nodded, allowing him to continue. ‘’Never bite me when you’re blowing me’’ He whispered into my eyes and it made me laugh softly. ‘’Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands’’ I tried to reassure him. J slapped my bum playfully. 

‘’I think that you’re the real batgirl Y/N’’ Joker thought out loud. I rolled my eyes. ‘’haha that’s funny’’ I tried to say seriously, but I couldn’t help but to chuckle. I knew he’d make so many jokes about me being a vampire and how vampires had things to do with bats.

‘’Now go get him baby’’ He encouraged me to finish our victim. I was more than happy to.

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 4

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“You have to keep taking the derivative. It might take two, three times. When you can’t do it any longer then your done.” Yoongi explained.

“Like this?” You asked, showing him you scribbles.

He quickly glanced at the paper and nodded.

“You should be in school, not me.” You sighed, finishing the rest of the problem.

“If you paid attention in class then you wouldn’t be struggling.” He said.

He was right but ever since he came, this semester has been weird. After the so called test your father prepared, it seemed like you couldn’t focus on whatever the professor was saying.

Instead you focused on the side glances people gave you. They looked at Yoongi and you with judging eyes.

It seemed like they were a bit scared of Yoongi. The seat next to him was always empty and whoever sat next to you was always quiet.

You couldn’t figure out why it bothered you so much now.

“I don’t want to think about school anymore.”

Closing the notebook, you packed your things and sat on the blanket, looking up at the sky.

It looked like it would start to rain in a few hours.

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Note: Wrote this at 4am last night. (It when all my good ideas come to mind lol) The fic’s not long, but it’s funny…and cute? :D

Word Count: 749

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

Warning: fear of spiders

AU: Modern

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“John!” He heard his name being called out.


“Jonathan Laurens, help!”

You were yelling frantically from the bathroom of the apartment you two shared. John raised an eyebrow and rose from his seat on the couch to tread over to the bathroom you were in.

He opened the door to find you cowering on top of the countertop, well away from the edge. Your eyes were wide and you were panting as if you’d been scrambling to get away or hide from something. John’s face contorted into a confused one.

“What is going-?”

He was cut off by you uttering a single word.


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Just came across some random anti-Wicca blog that was just ridiculous (as they usually are). It had the usual claims of Wicca being a cult that abuses children and uses sex to control others, etc. None of it true of course, but when people really hate something they just can’t help themselves but spout off nonsense. 

Anyway, I came across this sentence that seriously made me laugh out loud: “Robert Cochrane and Alexander Sanders were the two major ones to create offshoots known respectively as Cochranian Wicca and Alexandrian Wicca.”

Guys, Cochranian Wicca. Hahahahahaha. I’m dying.

He's Going To Propose, But Not To You Part 2

Part 1: - Harry slammed the shot glass down, his anger increasing by the minute.
“Why the fuck would she fucking say no to me? I gave her everything.” He growled, downing another shot of the completely forgein liquid.
Zayn sighed, spinning his empty cup upon the table. He shook his head, gaze fixed on his hands as he shrugged.
“We all told you, man.”
“Yeah, I don’t give a fuck what you told me.”
Harry felt tears building up in his eyes. It fell silent between them. The sound of clattering glass and loud laughs filled the room, but Harry could barely care for it.
His entire life he had waiting for someone like her. He loved Grace. He loved her more than anybody. She brought out different sides of him nobody had ever done. He was convinced she was the woman he was going to marry, have kids with, die with. But whe she said she didn’t expect their relationship to turn out so seriously, she ran off. It was then that he realized it was no where near what he thought.
“Nobody is ever going to love me.”
“Harry, are you e—”
“Every single fucking time. The most amazing women that could ever step into my life never fucking love me. I give every girl everything and what do I get? I get shit. I get pure and utter shit. Might as well fucking drop every girl I’ve ever kn—”
Before he could finished, he was pinned to the wall right behind him. Zayn was fisting his shirt in his hands, his face red. His jaw was tense, his hand only squeezing harder.
“You have got to have such a fucking nerve to say shit like that. You have got to be some sort of idiot if you are so selfish as to think someone doesn’t love you.”
Harry let out a laugh, attempting to push Zayn’s hand off of him. He failed.
“Selfish? It’s the god damn truth.”
Zayn pushed him even further into the wall, wanting nothing more than to punch sense into him.
“You are some sick bastard. Every man in the world would kill to have someone love you as much as Y/n loves you. She—God damn it Harry. She’s so in love with you. It’s not even like she fucking hides it anymore either. When she was ring shopping with you, she left. She left you. Not because she was feeling sick like she said, but because she fucking broke. When I ran into her in the middle of the streets, she screamed. She screamed to ask why the hell you couldn’t love her. She was the only girl to ever spend an entire two days non stop with you, running on no sleep so that your heart coulf be cured by girls who destroyed you. She was the only girl to cry with you so that you wouldn’t feel alone. That girl didn’t leave your side, not once, ever. And if all of that goes unnoticed by you, and you still fucking keep your damn adittude about someone not loving you, I won’t hesitate to beat the living shit out of you.”
Sighing loudly, he quickly let go of Harry. Zayn shook his head as he slipped on his coat, walk away from Harry completely.
Harry was out of breath, so much information hitting him at once. He felt tears slipping out of his eyes the more he thought about what Zayn had just told him.
“Wait! Zayn!” Harry yelled, jumping out of his seat.
He ran to him, grabbing onto his shoulder once he did. Zayn turned around, his face softer than usual as he saw the state his best friend was in.
“You didn’t—she really loves me?” Harry sobbed.
He cried out of guilt. His guilt for not giving her what she deserved, for him not seeing what he should of. He should have seen it, he should have seen it.
“Let me put it this way,” Zayn mumbled, placing a new cigarette between his lips, “the way you feel now over Grace, is how she felt with you for five years.”
With that, Zayn left the bar, leaving Harry confused, lonely, and broken.

Sleep - pt 10

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He held your hand going into the theatre. It wasn’t busy tonight and there was no line at the concession stand.

“Two sodas, two small popcorn, gummy bears, a cotton candy bucket and nachos. Will that be all?”

“Oh and chocolate drops.” Hoseok added.

He tried to hold everything besides your drink and you laughed as he struggled with the snacks.

“I didn’t even want all this stuff Hoseok.” You giggled, taking some of the snacks off his hands.

“It doesn’t cost that much.” He bluffed.

Theatre three was empty, and Hoseok bought tickets to see a new horror film.

As the movie started, you guys picked at the snacks and it was obvious that there was no way you guys could finish it all.

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s y n d r o m e s - pt.8

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 3,072

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : I hope you like part 8  :) please don’t kill me  :) I love you  :) the story is not over yet :)) 

previous : part VII | next : part VIIII


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Memory loss  Joker x Reader

A/n: So I used a different prompt and then I realized someone made a request for that prompt, so I had to switch to these prompts because they looked like they fit the best.

5. “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

38. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

55. “I fell in love with my best friend.”

35. “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

Y/N cried as Frost told her the news. She let out ugly sobs as Frost stood there awkwardly, not knowing how to comfort her. Stage one: Sorrow.

“I-is he okay? Will he be okay?”

“Miss, he’ll be fine. There is just some memory loss-”

“How did this happen?” Y/N snapped. Stage two: Anger.

“The deal went wrong. He was too close to the blast. Y/N, he’ll be ok-”

“How much does he remember?” Stage three: Act like you weren’t crying five seconds ago.

“He-” Frost paused. He didn’t want to upset her and have her crying again.

“He didn’t remember me, but you’re closer to him so maybe-” Here come the waterworks.

“I want to see him.” She sobbed.

“Miss I don’t think that’s a good idea. His memory comes and goes. One minute he’s back to his old self and the next he’s a little kid-”

“I want to see him. Now.” She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and stared up at him. Giving a little sniff, her red eyes blinked as she started to pout subconsciously. Frost sighed and led her to where he left J. When they walked in, J must have been back in gangster mode because he was putting on his gold chains.

“Oh! Freeze, there you are. Where were you? I told you to bring me a latte. Who’s this?” He raised his brow as Y/N sobbed.

“J, it’s me. It’s Y/N.” He scowled at her.

“That’s Mr. J to you, sweets. What are you suppose to be? Housekeeping?”

“I’m your girlfriend!” She was almost pleased when J smiled, until she realized that smile was one of his evil ones. J placed a hand on Frost’s shoulder.

“Freeze, you never told me I had my own personal stripper!” Frost had to hold Y/N back as she made a move to punch him.
“You can’t hit him, he still has a concussion.”  J laughed as he watched the scene in front of him.

“Honey you’ll have to show me your moves when I get back.” Y/N gave Frost a confused look.

“Where’s he going?” Frost shook his head.

“I don’t know. It changes every five minutes. The doctor said he needs to rest, so he can’t leave.” Y/N nods and sighs.

“Frost, take the day off. I’ll deal with him.” Before Frost could open his mouth, Y/N beat him to it.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He hesitated but eventually left, leaving her alone with J who was looking at her stuff.

“I’m going to be late.” He told her and she made a noise of fake-concern.

“J, I’ll make sure you’re not late. I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

“It’s Mr. J.” He whined like a little kid.

“I’m sorry, Mr. J. What are you going to be late for?” Her heart beat sped up as he picked up a gun, but she sighed with relief as he put it down.

“I have a dry cleaning appointment.”

“Oh? That’s cool.” He nodded and picked up a flower from a vase. He handed it to her, and as he extended his arm she noticed he reeked of gunpowder and sweat. Of course Frost wouldn’t have bathed him.

“Thanks, Mr. J. How about we-”

“It’s J.” Y/N blinked.

“Ok. You need a bath, you smell like gunpowder and death.”

“What’s that?”

“Gunpowder? That’s the stuff that-”

“No, what’s a bath?” Oh dear lord. Y/N pinched the bridge of her nose.

“J, it’s-”

“Mr. J.” He corrected and she clenched her teeth.

“Mr. J-”

“J.” Y/N grabbed a pillow and screamed into it. When she got her anger under control, she realized he was laughing at her.

“I’m hungry.”

“I don’t care. You’re getting a bath.” He didn’t seem to like this and glared at her. She ignored him and grabbed his hand, leading him to the bathroom. She got the water running and noticed J was still pouting. When she went to take off his chains he looked sad.

“What are you doing?”

“You can put them back on afterwards. Get in the tub.” Her patience was gone by this point.

“No.” She clenched her teeth and took in a deep breath.

“J, I’m not going to ask you again. Get in the damn tub.” He glared at the floor.

“It’s Mr. J.” He grumbled.

“Take off your clothes and get in the tub. Now.” She raised her voice, feeling a little bad when he pouted at the floor.

“Seriously? You’re going to be like this? Fine.” Y/N took off his chains and his shirt, closing her eyes when she got to the lower areas. She blindly fumbled with his pants. When she finally got them off, she then gave him a shove.

“Get in the tub.” He didn’t move. Her eyes were still closed, and she bit her cheek.

“J get in the tub!” She gave him a hard shove. A wave of relief filled her when she heard him get in. She peaked one eye open cautiously, then the other when she noticed the bubbles covered everything. The look on his face reminded her of a puppy who didn’t want a bath. He glared at her, which would have been intimidating if he wasn’t a 5 year old stuck in a criminal’s body. She scoffed.

“And everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” She picked up a loofah  and started moving it up and down his arms. He let out a purr as she massaged his neck.

“Turn around.” She giggled when he did a little spin in the tub. It went from cute to annoying real fast when he kept spinning.

“J, enough.” He stopped and swayed, giggling as he noticed the look on her face. Then he picked up some bubbles and placed them on her head. She wiped them off, annoyed. He splashed her and she ended up throwing the loofah at him, satisfied when it hit him in the face. Her satisfactory vanished when she saw the loofah disappear from beneath the bubbles. She swore and dove her hand in to try and grab it. J saw his opportunity and yanked her in with him.She sputtered and coughed when she came up.

Before I do this, I need you to know I’ve always loved you.” Her intention was to smack him, to get him to stop goofing off, but that urge went away. He smiled at her and then gave her a kiss on the cheek. His smile soon disappeared when he realized she was crying.

“What’s wrong?” She leaned into his chest and wrapped her arms around him.

“Do you really not remember me?” She sighed when she noticed he wasn’t paying attention.

“I’m hungry.” She placed a soft kiss to his neck, causing him to purr.

“We met at Arkham. I was your psychiatrist. You should have seen me, I’ve never been so excited to go to work everyday.” She let out something between a laugh and a sob. “I used to sneak in your cell at night sometimes, remember? You still had control over me even in that straitjacket.” She blushed as she remember most of those nights ended in them kissing.

I fell in love with my best friend.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked up at him. She frowned as she noticed he was silently wheezing.

“J, you- you bastard!” She hit his shoulder as he kept laughing, tears of his own rolling down his cheeks.

“It’s not funny! I thought I lost you.” She glared at him as he kept wheezing.

‘You had control over me even in that straitjacket’ ” He quoted her and then started laughing again, this time a loud cackle. Her face turned red and she flinched.

“How long have you known, asshole?”

“Oh come on, my own personal stripper? Did you seriously not get the joke?” Y/N thought for a second.

“You mean to tell me, you had Frost lie to me, just to play a stupid prank?” She was seething. J only rolled his eyes and ran his hand up and down her thigh.

“The water is gonna get cold soon, wanna-” He was cut off by her angrily stomping out.

“Aw, c’mon honey! Don’t be that way!” he got out and followed her, still naked. She went into their spare bedroom and slammed the door. Frost heard the commotion and went toward the source, quickly averting his eyes when he realized his boss was naked. J looked at him, not a hint of embarrassment on his face.

“Do you think we went too far?”