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what is the reason to ship namjin?

Okay so Yoonjin is my OTP so I shouldn’t but Namjin is my guilty pleasure so here you go

Let’s start lightly with Namjin feeding each other (also yoongi looking a little ticked off but that’s my yoonjin talking)

Now can we talk about Namjoon’s habit of holding Seokjin’s hand

Okay like that last one I really dont know what Namjoon was doing? He just came over to Seokjin while he was getting his hair done, took Seokjin’s hand, held it for a bit and then went on his way like what?

Also Namjoon has this habit of looking at Seokjin like he’s the most precious thing in the world like literally Korean namjin shippers call Namjoon a honey farmer because honey drips from his eyes when he looks at Seokjin that is how sweetly he looks at Seokjin. Seriously I think I’ll have succeeded in life if I can get a boy to look at me the way Kim Namjoon looks at Kim Seokjin.

Look how happy he is with Jin like Namjoon idk he is in so love with him i d e k


what are you guys even doing you are in public space

let’s not forget that Seokjin once called Namjoon oppa also Namjoon don’t pretend like you hate it I see that smile on your face

Was it really necessary to record in that position

Seokjin is jumping onto Namjoon’s back all the time and the thing that gets me is that Seokjin is not small? So he must weigh a decent amount but every time Seokjin jumps on him Namjoon is steady as a fucking tree like he does not sway at all under Seokjin’s weight like fuck I got my princess yo

Okay there are a lot more like there was this one fansigning where they were playing rock paper scissors and Namjoon kept winning and he flicked Seokjin like the lightest possible I’m not even sure he hit Seokjin but then Seokjin won and he hit Namjoon with a effing marker LMAO but then Namjoon won again and he held the marker like he was going to hit Seokjin with it but he put it back down and he ended up flicking Seokjin just super lightly if that’s not love idk what is


I have a huge affinity for post-apocalyptic scenarios, and I imagine these two would be closer than blood after they find out all they have is each other. 

A few drawings to say THANK YOU for 200 followers!! :D I’m so so grateful to you all, and I love reading every tag on my doodles to see what you guys think <3 

Again, the pictures are much bigger if you click on them and there’s captions for each one!

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Think about my personal brand of kryptonite. Derek Hale with a teeny tiny baby in his arms, cooing and grinning at it like it's the most precious thing in the whole world.

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“What is happening?” Lydia asks, eyes widening slightly as she watches Derek coo, coo, over a baby. She didn’t even know Derek was capable of smiling like that. Or making someone so tiny giggle. 

“Uh…” Stiles says intelligently, trying hide the fact Derek with a baby is seriously doing things for him- to him- right now. He tries frowning. Frowning is a safe expression, right? 

“Did you guys adopt?” she whispers. 

“What?” Stiles asks, not listening, unable to tear his gaze away from the…fuck, he is never going to be the same again. Derek Hale has officially ruined him for life. Monsters are easier than this shit. At least then Stiles has battle strategies. Plans. Nothing, nothing he ever did, could help him deal with this.

With nuzzling and giggling. 

“Oh, come on Stiles. We all know you’re dating.”

That gets Stiles’ attention. “What?he really, really, tries not to squeak. Because, you know, no. He had been so careful not to let his crush on Derek show. He had taken precautions. “Derek and I are not- oh my god. What is he even doing?” 

“Aside from you?”

Stiles narrows his eyes at her, his cheeks warming. “For the last time, Lyds-”

“Derek!” Lydia yells over him, making Derek look up, slightly startled, like he hadn’t even noticed they were there. So much for werewolf hearing when babies are involved then. At least for Derek anyway. “First, a baby? Second, Stiles wants to know if he can baby sit with you.”

Lydia,” Stiles hisses, his heart beginning to pound. He doesn’t think he could handle a rejection from Derek. Not from Derek. He had been quite happy to live in his fantasies for the rest of his life when it came to him. It’s safe there. 

To his surprise though, Derek doesn’t laugh or even roll his eyes. He just grins, says, “I found her in the woods. I’m trying to track her pack down.” And then, looking at Stiles with an expression that can only be described as adorable, “How do you feel about Disney movies and pizza?” 

“What, like a date?” Stiles says. “I mean-” his eyes widen. Fuck. “Not that I-”

“If you want it to be,” Derek winks. And that’s it. Stiles trips on absolutely nothing, falling flat on his face. 


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hello guyS it me cara and im  vvv v v  little away from my goal but i really feel like doing my ff now so yusss

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