seriously guys you all love the same characters

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Y'all are gross, pathetic hypocrites. A bunch of cyber bullies and nothing more.

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Senpai, can I ask for something really sad or angst?with RFA and Saeran reactio about selfless MC, who always put someone before themself. Thank you :)

i just realized nearly 75% of the asks in my inbox are angst/sad-centric. another asker essentially asked the same question like you, nonnie, but with your ask, i decided i’ll write the scenario as a ficlet. (but seriously, you guys love seeing the poor mysme characters in pain! like bruh!) nahhh, lol, i’m pulling your leg. i have a penchant for my favs’ suffering as well! wow i sound horrible…onward with the story!

Somehow, you managed to lure the entire RFA out of the warmth and comfort of Jumin’s private log cabin. Why the heck would anyone want to stay inside when there’s snow covering the ground for all the eye can see?! Plus, Jumin said there was a local lake where you guys can go ice skating and everything - it was a seal of the deal for you.

Cheerfully you trudged through the two feet deep snow without a care in the world. Saeyoung follows suit, and soon you two are holding hands. Meanwhile the rest lug behind, struggling to weather the cold environment.

“J-Jumin, a-a-are you sure there’s a-actually a lake o-out here?!” Zen says through clenched teeth. He’s holding both of his arms, trying to preserve warmth. Even though he’s wearing three layers of long sleeved shirts, a jacket, earmuffs, and gloves, Zen still complained how cold it was.

“Yah. Fo’ sure.” 

You stifle a loud laugh to yourself. God, you should’ve never let him listen to your playlist of rap songs…Lately’s he’s been talking nothing but slang, much to dismay of Yoosung, Jaehee, Saeren, and Zen; and the delight of you and Saeyoung. 

The ever-so serious and uptight CEO trying to use slang, absolutely emotionless at the same time…Jumin can be so…deadpan. 

You share a secret smile with Saeyoung. He flashes a grin back, and squeezes your hand. A bit worriedly, you side-eye his bare hand, exposed to the frigid air. This loveable fool “forgot” to bring his gloves from the cabin. Despite Jaehee’s offer to give him her spare gloves, he out right refused, saying, ‘it was an excuse to hold your hand 24/7!

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ok guys my feelings on solas are still pretty confused but
for fuck’s sake don’t DON’t make some kind of rebel saint out of him please
you can still love him as a character (after trespasser I fucking do, seriously bravo bioware) without having to redeem him at all costs (same goes for every fucking character jsyk but this one’s going to be a huge split in the fandom)
he might not want to hurt people without good cause but do you understand what wiping entire civilizations that have thrived despite all odds in a post-fadeapocalypse world away to allow his people to come again means? (let alone the fact that the concept of ‘his people’ is still very unclear if you ask me. who is gonna be spared? the dalish? who he considers as still ‘quite less than people’ anyway? the ones who accepted to help him?) he allowed the ‘innocents’ to live on for a while because it wasn’t time yet. Had he succeeded with the orb we wouldn’t have had Thedas any longer, let alone the  inquisition

I hope we can make him change his mind after what happened in game but still
I will not swallow any  unconditional romanticizing of a plan that involves the loss of million of lives for the sake of something that might, for all we know, be in fact lost forever. It’s a bit like ME3 synthesis moral dilemma  all over again, except that people here are going to die. every single one of them.
to people who are knowledgeable about codex and stuff, what if the fade has changed as the ‘other world’ has? so many questions oh my god