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Translation of clip: "Ingen lever lykkelig alle sine dager" (Nobody lives happily ever after)

- ISAK is laying in bed trying to sleep
- Noora is talking on the phone outside his room

I dont know but..
When you’re in love you sort of think that it’s going to be like in the movies
But, that’s not how it works
I seriously thought that me and William were going to be together forever
Nobody lives happily ever after
Because in the real world,  at the end of the day, nobody is willing to make sacrifices for love in 2016

*ISAK is angry and gets out of bed and opens the door*

Noora: Oh, did I wake you up?

Isak: What are you doing out here

Noora: Eskild brought some guy with him home, so I just moved myself over here - the walls in the living room are pretty thin…. (Eskild getting it on, lol)

Isak: Well, the walls aren’t that fucking thick here either!
I need to get some sleep, and I can’t sleep if you’re going to lie here and talk piss!
It’s 2 am, have some respect!

Noora: Ok… 

I: Sorry, but I need my sleep

Noora: Yeah I get it, of course, I’ll talk to Eva tomorrow.

Isak: Yeah… tell her I said hello.

*Isak starts closing the door*

Isak: And… William is an idiot if he gives up the two of you

Noora: Good night, Isak.

Isak: Good night, Noora.

*Isak closes the door*

This totally happened, guys
  • Moana: Maui, what do you think abou this shell bracelet?
  • Maui: Meh. It's too sparkly.
  • Moana: Aw, you're just jealous because-
  • Maui: Moana, don't you dare.
  • Maui: Seriously. Don't even think about it.
  • Maui: I hate you.
People who shit on the arts and complain about how we "waste" money encouraging children to be artistic


Arts and humanities are what make life worth living.

I mean Christ, thanks to all the engineers out there, we do need you guys, but fuck, if all of us were engineers, I think we’d be a horribly boring and bored little race of worker ants.

Culture separates us from beasts.

I seriously do not comprehend Republicans and conservatives always rambling about how theater is worthless and studying film or literature is a waste of money.

Like fuck you.

All of human society is culturally constructed. Anything we want to give meaning has meaning.





They’re as real as anything, and these are things we cherish because they are reflections of ourselves.

They are what make us dream of being something more than what we are.

TL;dr- fuck anyone who tells you your major or your passion is useless or a waste of money and time. we construct who we are through these things and anyone who can’t see it is suffering from serious tunnel vision.

Sometimes the EXO hate really gets to me. It’s sad because people tend to talk so much shit about them without knowing of the difficult times they have been through. So many people jump on the EXO hate train because everyone else does and that, as a fan, frustrates me and makes me angry. I say this everytime: Instead of judging them based on what other people say, get to know them, don’t listen to others and have your OWN opinion of them. They are not just a group based on looks how everyone else think they are. These guys are so talented and so hard working. Their love for their fans is so genuine. You really need to watch how they interact with their fans, it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. They give their everything in each performance and I am glad I stan them. They lost three members, they get hate for no reason, and I am sure there were time when they felt like giving everything up, yet they’re still here, no matter what bullshit the haters throw at them, they always manage to stand up and I admire that. They showed me what happiness means and they showed me that I can do it despite what others say about me. So thank you EXO, for everything you’ve done for me, you’ve done for us.

It’s your girl Lydia, back again with some saphael recommendations!

I am entirely devoted to malec, but this ship is seriously underrated and I’m bringing it to light, so here we go!

A few notes from the compiler:

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Night Hours by carstairsjems (1,5k) Rating: General Audiences

What were Raphael and Simon really thinking during the whole ‘stick around’ scene in 1x11? And what happened after Clary’s departure?

“I like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation.” Raphael says, pleasantly surprised by Simon’s bravery to stand up to him and his loyalty to his friends. Maybe one day that loyalty would be transferred to Raphael and the clan. He hopes so. He hates the jealousy that wells within him when the fledgling chooses the Shadowhunters over him. ‘No,’ Raphael reprimands himself. ‘Over the clan, I mean.’ “Stick around.”

Pizza by RazzmatazzWillow (0,9k) Rating: General Audiences

Based on a tumblr prompt from @gabrielthetricksterarchangel: who gets hungry in the middle of the night and who walks into the kitchen the next morning to find the first person passed out on the floor surrounded by pizza crusts?

side effects of pretending to be in love by themadtilde (1,7k) Rating: Teen

“I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend,” said Raphael, slowly unfolding his hands form where they were placed on the desk before him.

Pointing North by Thewholocked (1k) Rating: General Audiences

“As far as Simon knew, everyone was born with a compass on their forearm, just below the wrist. Some of them were colored with swirling patterns, some of them were plain, some of them looked ancient and no one knew why, they just accepted it.”

AU where a person is born with a compass that leads them to their soulmate

in another universe by themadtilde (0,9k) Raeting: Teen

Saw this on tumblr: Simon gets stuck in AU just to find out the Raphael Santiago is his boyfriend there and wrote it.

too good to be good for me, too bad that that’s all I need  by moriartyscupoftea (2,3k) Rating: Teen

In which Simon and Raphael go and meet Raphael’s bitter ex old friend, and Simon realizes some things.

“I want you to come with me,” Raphael admitted, probably aiming for casual, but to Simon he sounded embarrassed and anxious. Simon was, if possible, even more confused. “Why would you want me there? I’m not very good at this, this vampirething yet, if you haven’t noticed.” Raphael mumbled something under his breath, which sounded suspiciously like 'how could I have missed that’.

Excuses by kuro1neko2kun (2,2k) Rating: Teen

Simon tries to convince his mom that everything is a-okay and he’s definitely not doing drugs. Things go…interestingly

Mine by babybunnyhunny (1,6k) Rating: Teen

After a long day of hanging out with the shadowhunter gang at the institute, Simon returns to the hotel to find a very irritated and possibly jealous Raphael waiting for him.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3 (3,1k) Rating: Not Rated

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

the art of asking your frenemy on a date by themadtilde (2,8k) Rating: Teen

“Well, how would you have done it? If you were going to ask someone out on your first date. What would Simon Lewis do to make the person you’re frenemies with, agree to go on a date with you?”
“I would do it like this. Raphael Santiago, would you like to go to the movies with me?”
“That wa - what?”

or: Three times Raphael tried to ask Simon on a date, and one time Simon asked him instead.

Texts from Last Night by kuro1neko2kun (0,5k) Rating: Teen

(915): I told you I was good to drive

(1-915): dumbass I drove… you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate

algunos cosas son del destino by moriartyscupoftea (1,5k) Rating: Teen

Simon is pretty sure Raphael is going to murder him one day, and it’s all going to be Clary’s fault, somehow.

"Listen, guys,” he started. “I don’t think you realize what kind of schedules vampires keep.” Everyone present - Clary, Jace, Izzy and Alec - looked at him with confusion. “What do you mean?” Jace asked, frowning more than usual. Simon gulped. “Imean, it’s, what, three o'clock? Raphael’s sleeping.” Or at least had been when Simon had sneaked out of the bed. “Or, you know, probably is. I wouldn’t know, personally, but it’s an educated guess.” Izzy looked at him with raised brows. Simon was seriously starting to think that his rambling was becoming a problem.

Fuzzy Feelings by kuro1neko2kun (1,1k) Rating: General Audiences 

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) nurse” AU

forever isn’t too long, when i’m right where i belong  by moriartyscupoftea (4,1k) Rating: Teen

Raphael sat on the living room chair, the cup of tea Magnus had practically forced on him balanced on his knee, while Magnus himself was slouched on the sofa, laughing. “You,” he wheezed in between hysterical fits of giggles, “are going to propose? To Simon?” Raphael pursed his lips, praying for strength from anyone.

I know what you are (say it) bisexual by thankyouforexisting (6,3k) Rating: Teen

Simon tells himself,

It’s not gay, it’s not gay, I’m totally not checking him out, he just had that stain on his right trouser leg….

Raphael is, apparently, a rich as fuck vampire, because the suit shop they go in is fancy as hell. They park in the basement, because, uh, sunlight, and even though dusk has fallen it’s better to be safe than sorry (sorry meaning dead). Raphael keeps smirking, which does nothing to help Simon’s inner mantra that consists of

I’m straight, I’m straight holy fuck is he licking his lip- I’m straight..

“This,” the vampire announces as they walk into the shop, smiling faintly, looking, almost for the first time since Simon’s met him, as if he’s relaxed, “is the greatest place in the world, Simon Lewis.”

He looks at him then, grinning, eyes dark, shining, looking more polished than ever but somehow oddly vulnerable, and Simon’s breath hitches, his insides turning to goo.

His mantra becomes

Let me not jump him, or, at least, not in public..

Customer Satisfication by kuro1neko2kun (2,1k) Rating: Teen

You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

your left hand man by finkpishnets (4k) Rating: Teen

“Okay,” Simon says, shoving a shirt back into the overly ornate closet that takes up half his room, “this isn’t a nineties movie. There’s not going to be a shopping montage to indie rock chick music, and even though tiny backpacks are probably cool again, please don’t ever buy one.”

Raphael looks at him like he’s a moron. “Do you even understand half the stuff that comes out of your mouth?”

then you’ll wake up by finkpishnets (3,5) Rating: Teen

“How is the training going?” Clary asks, and Simon shrugs, resisting the urge to pull a face.

“Well, Raphael hasn’t staked me yet, so that’s progress.”

5 Times Simon Thought Raphael Was Insulting Him In Spanish (+One Time Simon Realized He Wasn’t) by lizards (6k) Rating: Teen

Raphael likes to lowkey compliment Simon, the only problem is that Simon highkey has no freaking clue what he’s saying.

When’s a monster not an monster? by scalira (7,5k) Rating: General Audiences

Oh, when you love it.

Welcome home by Shadowspeaker (12,5k) Rating: Teen

“Dios,” He whispers to himself, rubbing his face, but it doesn’t take away the absurd thought that’s crossed his mind. He types back a reply eventually and then rolls onto his back to stare at the ceiling. In the dark, the shape of coffee brown iris’ and plush pink lips smiling form. Raphael rolls over with a frustrated growl and grabs up his phone again sending the texts quickly before he can change his mind.

Raphael invites Simon home to meet his family

Not-So Secret Desires by babybunnyhunny (1,7k) Rating: Mature 

With Raphael out meeting with important vampires, Simon thinks he’ll finally have some alone-time. However, his night ends up going way differently then he expected…

I hope I did an okay job, please reblog and share it so as many people as possible get to see it and use it! I appreciate you all and thank you!

/Lydia Isabelle

Originally posted by enochianess

“Um…” You scanned the Avengers tower living room, Where all the Christmas gifts were supposed to be. “Who stole all the gifts?”

“What’s going on?” You saw Bucky round the corner, Lazily rubbing his eyes. Obviously he just woke up.

Someone stole the Christmas gifts!” You huffed, Crossing your arms angrily. You were seriously going to kill the teammate who did it.

“We’re not giving them back until you confess!” You heard Tony’s voice booming from the tower speaker. Your face heated up in anger and in rage. ‘Who does this but the Avengers.’

“Confess what?” Bucky asked, Completely confused of what was going on.

“I hate you guys!” You yelled back at them. Getting even more red as time passed. Did they think that would actually work? Just because it was the holidays does not mean you can get everything you want. Someone like Bucky wouldn’t like someone like… Like you.

“What’re they talking about?” 

“…Nothing. Let’s just steal back the gifts.” You muttered, stomping to the megaphone room. (which you hated, For many many reasons,). You should’ve known they would pull something like this.

“No, I want to know.” Bucky grabbed your hand, Stopping you from walking any further.

“Fine! theywantmetotellyouilikeyou. Happy?” You stared down at the floor, Not daring to look into his eyes.

“Yes.” He smiled, Pulling you into his warm body. “I like you a lot too.” He brought his lips to yours, Something you never thought could ever happen. It was so much better than you could’ve imagined. You quickly wrapped your arms 

“Can we have our gifts now!” You yelled, Smiling like an idiot. Bucky just laughed. “I’m pretty sure you’re the gift.” He added, leaning down to kiss you again. You both wanted to stay like that forever.

114. “Who stole all the gifts!?!”  {Winter Prompts List}

This is the love of my life. The person who knows me better than anyone has taken the time to learn. Who knows how to soften his voice with sincere sincerity to get me to stop crying. Who cradles me and let’s me get his shirt wet with tears even in public.
He knows I’ll like or dislike something before I even try it. Except, that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t get me to try it.
He laughs at the things I say and responds, “you’re lucky you are hilarious”. He tickles me when I doze off. He smiles at me the times I think I’m losing my mind. If he thinks something is wrong with me, he won’t stop asking until he figures out what it is. Seriously, he asks over and over until I come clean.
He showers me with kisses. He kisses me in public when he’s convinced guys were just checking me out.
He loves me for the way I am and the way my mind works.
He listens to me sing and comments about the way I can hit extremely high notes, which nobody has ever said to me before.
He loves the way I lyrically memorize almost everything.
When he smiles my heart stops. When he stares I lose my breath. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful inside and out before in my life.
He’s my soul mate. My absolute world. Everyone has light bulbs to help them through the dark times, friends & family, but he is like my lantern or even my torch. Burning passion that won’t get dull that follows me through every little thing.

I know I’ll always have a hand to hold and a place that will catch me the times I fall. I’m in love with him and I always will be. He’s who I want from now and until forever.

—  But now you’re gone
If We Were A Movie (Seventeen Preference)
  • AN: this was probably one of the best requests of all time, I felt so so inspired by it and I hope you guys like it to. I'm seriously thinking about turning this into a whole serious, where each of these is a boy x reader oneshot so pls lemme know what you think of that idea? <3
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: The Classic High School AU
  • We all know that our boy Coups would slay as the classic high school heart throb. Nobody would fit the part better than him. He is the meaning of after school football practices and making cheerleaders' panties drop with a wink and a smile. He also has the heart and the smarts underneath his muscles and good looks to bring dimension to his movie character that would surprise the protagonist in the best way and make you fall in love. (I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with him, anyway?) Not only does his character fit seamlessly into this AU/genre, but he embodies the genre itself. The cheesy romance bits of the plot, the corny jokes, and the underlying message to never give up on your dreams that always acts like a big brother to the viewing teens, just like Seungcheol does. He is the classic high school movie - a perfect way to settle into the movie marathon.
  • Jeonghan: Pre-Millennial Crime Thriller
  • That sounds like a very complicated title, but our Jeonghan is a very complicated and beautiful man. At first I wanted to call this one "1920's Mob Film", but I felt that was far too narrow. Mostly because crime dramas set in the 1960's and 70's are becoming very popular and Jeonghan fits that style very well along with the 1920's. So I believe this beauty would fit perfectly into any crime or mob movie set before the turn of the millennium. Mainly during the 1920's, 30's, or the 50's and 60's. His hair was just meant to be tucked neatly under a fedora and paired with a sharp suit that would have all his enemies shaking in their boots the moment they saw him coming. Because yes, he does have that beautiful, angelic face, but I feel that's what would make him the perfect crime boss. He would be the devil hiding in the angel's armour. Nobody would expect it from him until just a few moments before their tragic death. Slowly, over time, they would learn to fear this beautiful man, understand that this was his town and this angel was playing God not because he deserved it, but because he wanted it. I just feel like he's the human embodiment of soft music box music playing in the background of a murder scene during a movie like this, and I love it.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Joshua would be the Glenn of a Seventeen zombie apocalypse. (And because Glenn is my all time favourite character of everything I paired little Jisoo with the genre.) He'd be the good guy who survives strictly because he is good to others, and somehow manages to maintain his purity and morality even when the world goes to shit. That would be the best thing about him. He'd believe that others are still good and he'd high uphold the belief that no one should get left behind. He would be the guy who would often almost get killed trying to save other people. He wouldn't actually have many apocalypse survival skills, but his kind nature would find him with people to save his ass over and over again, no matter what trouble they had to go through doing so. Most would think that a badass type of person would embody the zombie genre, but I really think someone like Jisoo is it. He has the heart warming arch of the story, the loveable characters (you know, the ones you really, really don't want to die but probably get treated like shit anyway), and somewhere deep inside him he probably has the really dark parts that any good zombie movie has. But really he's probably more of a zombie comedy like Zombieland or Dead Before Dawn.
  • Jun: Vampire
  • Jun being the vampire genre is about as certain as the sun rising in the morning. He's a vampire through and through. But I believe he's his own breed of vampire. Not a classic, brooding dark creature of the night like Dracula, or a modern emotional sparkly lover like Edward, but a mix of sexual, adorable, funny, sassy, and something still very human that would make his vampire easily a romantic comedy or teen movie. He'd be the type to go around telling people he's a vampire, almost trying to scare them, and no one would believe him because he just doesn't seem like the type. And he'd drink blood out of those girly reusable athletic cups with straws in public, with no one actually knowing it's blood. He would be a lot like the vampires from My Babysitter's A Vampire, but with a twist of sexuality, and something a little more brooding. Because deep down he has realized his curse - being stuck between death and life for an eternity and having to kill to stay strong - and accepted it. He would just be the perfect main character, as well as the fact that he just embodies every aspect of every kind of vampire that has been portrayed on screen before.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Summer Adventure/Feel Good Flick
  • Some of my all time favourite kinds of movies are the feel good summer movies about teens going on adventures and making some kind of growing leap or major character development over that summer. Like Now and Then, Whip It, The Sandlot, or the Goonies (which yes, I know that one was set in the fall). I feel like the spirit of these kind of movies also embodies a lot of music videos, like SHINee's View, which I really love. Hoshi himself is perfect for this kind of movie because he is a feel good summer adventure in human form. He's all the happiness and bright parts, all the interesting dips and turns in the plot that really keep the movie going. He's all the road trips, all the eating snacks out of crappy gas stations, sleepovers in rickety tree houses, bon fires on the beach, the best kind of montages to a great summer song (maybe Adore U?). Overall he's just a happy, bright little puppy that makes you feel really happy and bright like a great summer vacation and a great summer movie.
  • Wonwoo: Werewolf
  • As much as Wonwoo could be the ultimate emo vampire as well, I believe that his darkness can be channeled into hairy beast of the full moon. I was torn between him and Coups for this genre, but ultimately moody with a touch of puppy cuteness won out over heartthrob. I also feel that he has the mature side of a werewolf thriller or romance, and the silly side for when the genre is targeted toward a younger audience, like the show Teen Wolf (which I love, all time fav). And I mean he's just dreamy, and doesn't everybody have some weird werewolf kinky deep down?
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Magical Fantasy Land
  • My first thought with this one is Harry Potter. Woozi would be the perfect little pastel unicorn prince, slaying enemies with spells and making them bow down just with his cuteness alone. Even if it wasn't specifically Harry Potter, maybe it would be an Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, any magical fantasy would fit his personality and looks perfectly. The adorable shell with a serious, take charge and save the world undertone would belong there and make him the leader of the group or in any position of royalty if there was one - especially if there was some kind of magical "chosen one", he'd be it. Him just generally being ethereal, wise, and talented embodies this genre and if he was in a movie like this I'd watch it over and over again.
  • DK/Seokmin: Superhero Standby
  • There's nothing better than a good, classic superhero movie. Even the ones that are being made and coming out in 2015 seem to have all the classic elements to them, and that's what makes them so easy to love. Just like DK - he's a very classic kind of guy. Classic looks, classic humor, appears very easy going and easy to be around. That's why he would fit perfectly into the world of any classic DC or Marvel superhero (personally I'd go for DC, but that's just my preference). He could slip seamlessly into the role of ordinary citizen by day, and tall, handsome, muscled city saviour by night. His hero would be charismatic, loved by all, and not only treat the citizens as victims, but as everyday people that he loved and cared for. And if we really wanted to stir things up in this genre, DK wouldn't be the hero - he could be the shy, polite damsel in distress to our heroic female protagonist. Either way, Seokmin as a person has all the qualities of this genre - the humor, the drama, the energy, and the overall childish glamour that draws us all to loving superheroes and their adventures.
  • Mingyu: Low Budget Indie/Grunge Film
  • This is a very specific style of film-making, rather than a genre, that Mingyu (especially with his gorgeous silver hair) would fit into so brilliantly. There is a bit of cross-over between this and feel good summer movies, with movies like The Kings of Summer or Moonrise Kingdom, but the more unique thing I find about this genre is that the subject matter of these movies (mostly) is a lot darker. Usually of the nature of drug use and sex and abusive relationships. And what would our happy little Mingyu have to do with movies like this? It's really more about his aesthetic. Movies like this are all about aesthetic - there's entirely blogs dedicated to grunge, and a lot of movie screen caps end up on there - and his looks fit in perfectly. The sharply chiseled jaw, dark, smoky eyes, built form, and most of all, the silvery hair that really says grunge king. That and in my opinion, in the setting of one of these movies, he could turn on a dime from happy-go-lucky into the mystery, badass, soul punk that the story calls for. With an outfit change he could slip right into the world of a movie like How I Live Now, Hick, The Basketball Diaries, or a show like Freaks and Geeks.
  • The8/Minghao: Something Supernatural
  • One of the genres I definitely wanted to use was a supernatural one. Seemingly ordinary people having extraordinary powers (like the movie Push), demons and angels living in the suburbs, basically anything that would be the everyday plot of an anime. In this world, Minghao would be perfect in the role of the protagonist's best friend, the one who undoubtedly panics when he finds out what's really lurking in his world. But the protagonist would have nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, possibly running from the government because of your abnormality, and you knew that Minghao would have your back. So you told him, disclosed to him all the freaky shit that goes on just under his nose, and at first he'd freak out. He'd deny it, he wouldn't really be able to cope. But then his heart would be right there in it. He would protect you no matter what, until his dying breath, doing anything to make sure you were safe. He would be the air of lightness, innocence, and maybe even comic relief that this genre needs.
  • Seungkwan and Vernon: Buddy Cop Movie
  • I know it might seem a little cheap to have two of them under the same genre, but you can't tell me these two wouldn't be the perfect pair of buddy cops. Just like Starsky and Hutch or the girls from The Heat, they'd have the perfect combination of bickering and die hard friendship to make their movie interesting and heartwarming. Seungkwan would be the paper work minded, rule driven, uptight cop that would be 100% about justice and putting the bad guy away, but doing it right. He would probably have some cheesy sap story from when he was a child about why he wanted to join the force in the first place that Vernon would brush off, but it would really get him in the gut. Vernon himself would be more of a dirty cop. He'd have more of a skewed idea of justice, but he'd get his bad guy no matter what it took. He would also be one to make jokes and ignore his paper work and this would bug the hell out of Seungkwan to no end. Together they would be the perfect cops, always get their man (or woman), and have a few laughs along the way. (Personally I would kill for this movie but that's just me.)
  • Dino/Chan: A Chosen One Story
  • This is the Divergent, Maze Runner, or maybe even Hunger Games type of story. Even though stories like this can vary drastically in their setting and details of plot, they usually do have a lot of aspects in common. Dino has all the traits of a protagonist in this kind of story; being young and uncertain, but having a great, strong heart and likely being able to overcome whatever is thrown at him with a smile. Even if he himself wasn't the Chosen One, he would make a great supporting character/best friend to the protagonist. I'm not really sure how else to go about explaining this, but Chan would be such a great character in a movie or even a series like this.

Requested by anonymous

You weren’t that into cheerleading, but somehow Veronica managed to drag you to every single practice. So just sat on the sidelines watching the girls perform there routine, or well you mostly watched Veronica.

“Like what you saw?” Veronica said to you one day after practice.

“Yeah” you replied with a shrug “you guys were pretty good…”.

“That’s adorable” Veronica laughed “but I was talking about me specifically. Do you seriously think I don’t catch you checking me out every practice”.

You immediately became flustered “I don’t… I… that’s not-”.

“Don’t worry” Veronica said kissing you on the cheek “I think it’s cute”.



Okay, so my bestest friend is moving today and I’m so excited. This means that I’ll get to meet her IN PERSON a soon as time allows. 

@lilredcopcat Thank you so much for always being here for me. Its crazy how  someone from so far away can mean oh so much you. I’ve never actually met you but I can think of another person who has kept me as sane as you. It didn’t matter what you were struggling with, you always came to my aid and I seriously can’t express how greatful I am. And to think: one of the best things that has ever happened to me, happened by chance. What if I’d never made that post? What if I hadn’t followed you to begin with? What if you hadn’t reached out after I made it? There’s so many what ifs. I’m just so glad you’re not one of them. ❤

I honestly can’t believe that the world decided to let me have you either. It’s so tough having you so far away, but soon distance won’t be a problem. I cant wait to hug you and tell you how much you mean to me in person. The odds that you would move so far away, and move near me were slim to none. But thank goodness the universe was with me on that. Because even though you’ve helped me so much as it is, I need you. Its selfish, I know, but it’s the truth. Without you, right now I’d be another patch of dirt under a pile of pretty flowers that no one thought I deserved when I was alive.

Fuck whoever says internet friends aren’t real friends. Actually, they can keep that. This amazing person isn’t my friend, not even my best friend tbh. She’s the older and more knowledgeable person I needed in my Iife. She’s my light and my reason to keep pushing through my roughest days. She’s my anchor for when I begin to drift in my sea of thoughts. She’s the only person I’m comfortable leaning on when I need support. She’s my open arms and my bearer of new opportunities. She’s my wolf mama. She’s the big sister that I always wanted and needed quite frankly. She’s not my friend, she’s my family. 

So if there’s that one mutual or person you follow and you want to reach out to them… Please do. Of course this is the internet so please please please be safe. But you never know what can come from that simple “hey”. 

This lady is the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’d be lost without her. To could go on and on about her amazingness, but when it comes down to it, there’s not enough words. There’s not the right words either. Its a shame my language is so faulty.

Girl, please be safe. I love you so much and i’m already bawling my eyes out thinking about how close I am to meeting one of the few things in my life that I got right… See you soon ❤❤❤ (I’ve waited forever to say that btw) 

You are better than that! (Request #6)


Anonymous said: Dean gets mad at the reader cause they flirted with someone at a bar ends with smut maybe?? Thank you :)

Sam looked up from his books as he heard the door to the bunker slam unnecessarily hard. Dean stomped in and threw his jacket across one of the tables. You were not far behind him. “What the hell is your problem Dean,” hissed at him making him twirl around to face you. “What is my problem? That guy was all over you! And you yell at me for getting him to lie off? Seriously?!”

“What’s it you? Did you ever stop to think I maybe didn’t need your saving?!”

Sam looked more and more uncomfortable as his brother and you yelled at each other. “I.. I am going out to get some food,” Sam said as he grabbed his jacket and left the room but you and Dean barely noticed. “So you are okay with creeps having their hands all over you?” Dean growled at you. “Do you know how many waitresses and sluts in bars I’ve witness your hands all over? Why should I be any different from them?”

Dean was taken back with your response. You sounded mad but still there was a hint of sadness there too. He turned his back to you as he mumbled, “because you are better than them.”

“What did you say?” not having heard his response you still thundered at him at you shot back in front of him, “at least say what you are gonna say to my face!” Dean’s face harden a little again as he barked at you, “I said because you are better than that!”

You froze as his words sunk in. You watched the expression on his face change as he began to walk towards you. “Dean,” you trembled as who took a step back but Dean continued. He put his on your neck pulling you in for a kiss. As his lips pressed against yours he used his free hand to lift you into the air and you wrapped your legs around his waist as you lips parted allowing his tongue inside your mouth. The kiss was deep and passionate and long overdue. As kissed you hand he was not holding you weight with traveled down your body until it reached your thigh. As he squeezed it you dug your fingers deeper into his shoulders and moaned.

Dean walked a few steps with you in his arms before lifting you onto one of the tables in the library. “Dean,” you mumbled through his kisses as he stood pressed against you between your legs letting his hands wander up the sides of your shirt, “what are we doing?”

Dean broke the kiss and looked into eyes as he removed the hair from your face with one finger before resting his hand back you your neck, “something we should have done a long time ago,” he whispered as he pulled you in for a another kiss before yet again breaking it as he pulled your shirt over your head and then his own over his. His hands squeezed your thighs and hips as he started kissing your check, your neck, your collarbone. You tilted your head back resting your back against the table as his kisses moved down your body until he reached the line of your jeans. He’s eyes caught yours as he slowly began unbuttoning them, pulling them off you. His eyes didn’t leave yours as he kissed your knee. Slowly moving his kisses and hands up your thighs until he reached your panties. His hands dug into your hips as he kissed your pussy through them before slowly pulling them down and your head tilted back in pleasure as his tongue started playing with your clit. You reached down digging one hand into his short hair as you moaned and held on to the side of the table with the other hand as you bucked into his movements.

Your breath got heavier and heavier and a you screamed as a tremble shot through your body when you came. “Oh God!!!”

“Nope,” Dean got up and licked his lips as he unbuttoned his jeans. “Just me Dean,” he smirked as he kicked his pants and boxers to the side. You looked at him half in admiration over his impressive physic and half in amusement over his comment. “You are an idiot,” you laughed as reached up wrapping your hands around his neck. “Are you kidding? I am adorable,” Dean joked as he gently bid your ear and kissing your cheekbone making you laugh out load. You placed your hands on each side of his face making him look at you. His green eyes sparkled as he returned your smile. He held your gaze by placing his one hand on your neck as he ran his free hand down your body. He lifted up your leg helping you support it against his hip as he slowly pushed himself into you. You moaned and bit your lip as Dean began to move his hips. Still not breaking eye contact. As Dean picked up his pace you closed your eyes and rested your head against the table but Dean was not having it. He stopped his movements as he placed a warm soft kiss on your lips. “Open your eyes,” he ordered. You slowly obeyed as you kissed him back and Dean started to trust his hips against yours once again. Moving faster and deeper inside you. You dug your nails into his back and moaned through his kisses. His green eyes was filt with lust and pleasure. Never before had you felt this intimate with a man. Dean grunted as he picked up the pase. He was close. As were you. Seconds later your scream once again felt the room, “Dean oh fuck yes.” Dean growled as he released inside of you and collapsed with his face pressed against your neck. You caressed his hair, his neck and shoulders as he rested against you.

“We should get up,” your breath was still heavy as you spoke, “Sam….” “Are you kidding me?” Dean’s breath felt warm as against your neck, “he ran out of here like he saw a clown! He won’t be back for another few hours.” Dean raised his head and looked at you with a cheeky smile, “though I wound mind a second round in my bed?!” You laughed and pulled him down towards you, you whispered softly into his ear “I wouldn’t mind that either,” before you pressed your lips against his.


If only DA characters interacted with you if you were literally staring at their faces for more than one minute. -sighs forever- 

Okay, but seriously...

Has anyone considered why Tapirmon was sacrificed? Why there were five digimon used and only four chosen? I have a feeling it was because only those four were needed at the time. The true hero will make his debut soon and I have a feeling that Tapirmon is meant to become Huanglongmon.

For reference here is what we know so far.

Now let me introduce you to this guy.


He’s meant to represent the core of the four harmonious ones. Now as far as I know, we only see Azulongmon throughout the Adventure and Adventure 02 series, but now I think they’re finally gonna introduce the other three and this guy.

While I don’t agree what Himeko did was right because of selfish reasons and the fact she cost probably the entire human world their digimon partners (which will lead into another theory post.) but I think it’s also a good thing because whatever this “evil Gennai” person is or wants could be something terrible, and it may finally be that Huanglongmon is needed, and if the harmonious ones are the four most powerful digimon…

How powerful do you think this guy will be?

PS: Also what the hell happened to the other three chosen children? Can we at least get names and faces?


Requested by anon

Derek watched with narrowed eyes. Everyone in the room knew what was happening and instead left him alone - angry Derek Morgan wasn’t someone to mess with, especially jealous Derek Morgan. 

No one knew who the guy was except you. To you, though, the guy was nothing more than a dear friend you’d known since you were a kid. But did Derek know that? Nope, and when you heard a sickening crack from a few feet away you wished you had at least showed him a damn picture.

“Shit! Derek, what the hell?” You rushed over to your boyfriend’s side, snatching his wrist away from the wall and inspecting his knuckles. The skin had split instantly upon contact and the cuts were starting to bruise. “God, Derek, why would you punch the wall? Wait, no, first - alcohol. And bandages. Seriously, what were you thinking?”

“That you two were getting a little too comfortable with one another,” he ground out and you glanced over at your friend, who sent you a wave and then was off, seeing it wasn’t really the time to stick around.

“Who? Him? He’s just a friend - and he’s married! Wait, are you…jealous?” Your voice took on a teasing tone and he tensed up the slightest. You were a profiler as well and could easily see he was; you just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. “The mighty Derek Morgan - jealous! I never thought I’d se - hey!” 

He was dragging you off to one of the empty conference rooms, chest heaving and as soon as the door slammed shut, he was on you. His lips crushed against yours and he was sliding your jacket off. If this is what the outcome was each time he got jealous…well, you certainly weren’t going to complain.

anonymous asked:

if you were a candle what would smell like?

Anxiety and disappointment.

Okay but in seriousness? I have no idea. Probably cherry blossoms and hints of chocolate.

Then again I just based off the two perfumes I wear (Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom for everyday and Thierry Mugler’s “Angel” for formal occasions) so idk. What would you guys think?

Also, you know what’s so great about stanning Jin?

This guy improve IMMENSELY every comeback.
Like seriously.

Back in 2014 I already thought he was a good singer and I thought it was going to stay that way bc he’s the visual and only a sub vocalist…
But then, they released I Need U and I was like “WHAT THE???? THIS IS PURE HEAVEN”

And then we got Run and his two covers and it was EVEN BETTER

And even if WING and YNWA aren’t the best era for us Jin stans, we still get to listen to his amazing solo track
And yknow… I dont know how he sounds like in live bc I’ll never get the chance to hear it but I’m sure he does an amazing job

I Du-it Better

Summary: In which Shadow Dui wants to prove he is better in bed but you’re at work, so—yup. You guys would have to do it on the desk. Is that a problem? Certainly, not for him. [#8]

Notes: Smut. Kids. Run. So yeah, in this fanfic, it’s your first time having sex with Shadow Dui. Pretty hot and heavy. I might change the title because I think no one will take this fanfiction seriously, ahuehue! So yeah, let me know what you guys think. Let’s get nasty.

Inspired by this one line:

“What do you mean I play favorites?”

Shadow Dui was deliberately ignoring your question. He busied himself with the magazines you have in your office. He scanned through the pages with such dull eyes, muttering how typical human beings were with their fancy furniture, clothes and weird penchant for shoes with extremely high heels. Puny humans. You could actually read that from his face. You held your sigh as he stubbornly sat on the edge of your mahogany office desk. Telling him to scoot off would be as impossible as shoving him into the ground from your office desk.

If any of the supervisors or co-workers dare to walk in, your promotion in the planetarium and privileges to keep a neat office would crumble at the sight of this “currently” annoying god who happened to barge in after doing his duties without a fail. You gazed at him, utterly confused as to how he even arrived to such statement as he lounged in your office.

That statement being: “You seem to play favorites, my goddess.”

Was it something you did a while ago with the other gods? You guys only played a really hardcore Monopoly out of every god’s curiosity of the board game! Figuring that was it, you spoke calmly, “You’re my boyfriend Dui. There’s nobody else I’d rather be with. You’re my favorite person.” 

You smiled at your own words but Shadow Dui’s eyes were dangerously turbulent as if they kept a hurricane within them. “Is that so? I don’t believe in you,” he sneered. “Are you sure that there’s nobody else you’d rather be with now? What about the other guy, huh?”

“What other guy?”

He shot an are-you-stupid look and you could only gawk at him in extreme confusion until finally, your mouth shaped into an “o” and you fidgeted with your earlobe. Of course. How could you forget that the person you love has two separate sides of him? You didn’t know what to say and upon seeing your silent realization, he clicked his tongue annoyingly.

“Such an idiot—no wonder you get along more with him.” His voice was like steel. Hard and cold. Shadow Dui was getting bored and even more uninterested with the stack of magazines while you continued on with your work. 

“You want to know why?” you began. “It’s because he doesn’t give me that attitude.” Honestly. It’s like talking to a spoiled brat. The Shadow Dui glowered at you and with such sharp eyes—you became more aware of his proximity to you. He was too close. 

“Maybe if you stopped treating me as if I’m the bad half.”

“You aren’t a bad half. You’re just as good as him… but with an attitude.” At this point, you were just exasperated and wanted him to stop babbling so you could continue your work at peace. Quietly to yourself, you knew very well how this conversation was going to go and you didn’t want the other Dui to feel bad…

“I’m not as good as him. I am better than him,” he snapped with his eyes narrowing at you. “And I don’t appreciate the fact that you favor him more than me.” 

“He is not—”

“I already accept the fact that he’s better at cuddling you during these worthless movies, bringing you home from work, sleeping beside you in a heavenly peace, giving you what you desire so selflessly however…”  Determination clouded in his eyes, urging you to believe in each and every word he says. Your stomach churned yet again. Malice etched on his perfectly structured face. “I give the better sex.”

You stopped writing on the papers given from work—choking the air abruptly at his last few words. Right before you, Shadow Dui scrutinized your shifting expressions. A smug smirk graced on his face. Upon seeing it, something fluttered in discomfort in your belly and you subconsciously set hand over it. 

This was one of those times you realized just how different the two personas of Dui are. It was always stunning to know that Dui’s sweetest side has a part of him that completely contrasts him. This Dui you’re dealing with now often has that hot, smoldering gaze and there was just some kind of particular aura that he wears often. “You… you are both good at it,” you struggled to find your words and what’s worse was how very obvious you were. 

The split-personality god locked his gaze at yours as he leaned across your mahogany desk, his fingers interlaced at his side to prop him up like a demon looking down.

“Even he admits it’s true,” Shadow Dui drawled with a smile that resembled a sly fox’s stretched on his face. “But seeing that look, I guess you don’t enjoy rough sex. Tch—what? Are you scared I’d hurt you?”

Shoot. You gulped with your hands grasping tightly on the arms of your twiddling chair. You didn’t know what to do at this point especially if he’s just hovering close to you. This side of Dui was was undoubtedly devilishly handsome, nothing compared to adorableness the other side brings. In his eyes right now, the stars danced with dark glints and his sexy lips pulled to an even more conceited smile. You could no longer resist the feeling your stomach was lurched.

“I love you both,” you told him firmly. In turn, he gave you a deadpanned expression before sliding down the edge of your table and taking a few strides towards you. Hesitance took over your body as you pushed yourself back a little on your chair. That didn’t go amiss. 

“You didn’t answer the question,” snarled Shadow Dui. “Are you scared? Answer me.”

His shadow towered you and you felt intimidated. You pursed your lips. You had dealt with Shadow Dui’s madness firsthand numerous times and there were multiple times when he did try to murder you and what stopped him was the only fact that the first Dui loved you… 

“I am scared,” you admitted. “But there are times when I’m not…”

“I’d believe you if your knees aren’t shaking.” 

They were. He scoffed at the sight of them, shaking his messy head.

“Just so you know… every woman I know would give their soul just to have one night with me. I can pleasure more ways than the other guy.” Leon would have objected to that but that lion wasn’t around. Or the other gods. It’s just you and Shadow Dui who was closing in the space. You shuddered as you pushed your wheeled chair back once again, leaving enough distance between you and him again. 

“We aren’t having sex in my office,” you said sternly, trying to establish the boundaries that even a god shouldn’t dare pass. After all, you would get into trouble, get demoted—maybe even fired!—since nobody knew that your boyfriend has just decided to snap his fingers and hang out in your office. 

… You look like you want it though. His voice grated in your mind. It was a lot hotter than you imagined. “And may I remind you that you’re not talking to the goody-good-shoes…” Shadow Dui opened his arms, pushed his chin towards you with such lustful promise. You sighed out of exasperation.

“I’m going to lose my job and I won’t be able to make you cherry pies!”

“You’re forgetting I’m a god.” Shadow Dui arched an eyebrow, quite disinterested as always. Crossly, you got up from your chair, not wanting to screw around in the office with the part of Dui who claimed to be a bed-extraordinaire and the living fantasy of every woman (Leon would be very upset with that). 

“Well, you could pop up any cherry but I won’t make anything with it. Now, could you just go back to reading magazines?”

As a last resort, you were going to pick up something that could capture his reflection and make him switch with the other Dui—but he was quicker. Shadow Dui lifted you up on your waist and put you on top of the desk. He nudged your legs apart and stood between them. He placed his hands on either side of your and leaned in so close until his face was only millimeters away from yours that both of your breaths interwoven. 

“H-Hey, what are you—”  

“Be quiet… if you can.” Dui ordered with a teasing smirk as he snapped his fingers with his sinister tinted eyes. Just like that, you heard the doorknob of your office twist into a lock. The hairs on your back stood up abruptly at the closeness of his breath as he leaned forward. You swallowed the lump on your throat and felt your rosy cheeks bloom into a feverish heat. Your eyes grew bigger and felt electricity shoot through your veins from one touch. 

“I’m going to be your favorite in this pastime and you won’t be able to stand being without me when I’m done with you.” 

You looked at him knowing full well that Shadow Dui was only just as charming as a poisonous cobra. You tried to put up enough fierceness in your gaze as a last resort while squirming out of of his reach.

“I don’t have favorites,” you snapped out of exasperation, “when are you going to realize—!”

He kissed you. Hard.

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How Sam would comfort his girl if she were big
  • Big Girl: *Looking sad while with Sam*
  • Sam: *Notices her expression* Hey, why the long face?
  • Big Girl: *Sighs* Some guys on the street called me fat today.
  • Sam: What? Did you know them? *Seriously starts to consider hunting them down to beat them up*
  • Big Girl: No, they were just a couple of strangers. And I'm just thinking of how nice it would be to not have the truth thrown in my face all the time like that.
  • Sam: ... You think you're fat?
  • Big Girl: Well... I know I'm a bit hefty but there's not much I can do to change that. I've tried but nothing really works. But I just wish, sometimes, that I could love how I look and that I wouldn't have people affect me that much. You know?
  • Sam: ... *Contemplates for a moment before he suddenly scoops her up bridal style, lifting her with ease*
  • Big Girl: Woah, what are you doing!?
  • Sam: What are you talking about, doofus?
  • Big Girl: Wha-?
  • Sam: You weigh, like, nothing to me.
  • Big Girl: That's because you have super human strength!
  • Sam: Yeah, and so what? Even without it I can still lift you as easily and can do this. *Starts to spin her around.*
  • Big Girl: *Lets out a little squeak as she wraps her arms around Sam's neck and quickly starts to laugh as he continues to spin them both around*
  • Sam: *Slows to a stop* There we go, that's better. *Waits for her to calm her giggles before he touches his forehead to hers* It doesn't matter how much to weigh, I'll carry you around the whole friggin' world if it'll make you happy. Those asshole who don't know you like I do, don't fucking matter. You're beautiful, oofus. That's a fact.
  • Big Girl: *Stares into Sam's eyes and her face glows from her smiling. She leans forward and hugs him tight while still in his arms* I love you Sam.
  • Sam: I love you too.