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RTX Sydney RvB Panel Highlights

They’re not giving us anything for 15 yet. What we do know is:

  • It will be a continuation of the last storyline
  • Miles is no longer writer/director, someone who wrote for S14 has been selected
  • Burnie thinks this person “gets” the character’s voices

  • Miles says he’ll never tell what he thinks happened on the Staff of Charon, but the new person can do whatever they like
Season 14 stuff:
  • Miles spent like 80% of the budget on the Mercs Trilogy

  • Niner was supposed to get an episode, got cut for time reasons

  • It was confirmed again that there is audio footage of a drunk recreation of episode 2 somewhere

  • Gus hated filming the live action crossover episode because he had to be up late

  • The official ship name for Sarge/Grif is “Blood Orange”
  • Joel wants Caboose to get laid

  • Burnie wishes he’d been able to do more with Junior

  • Miles can do pretty much every character’s voice
  • They are really sick of people asking them “ever wonder while we’re here”, seriously guys, stop it. 

(video can be found here)

Despite the Election:

Be kind to others. Be gracious. Be loving. Try to be understanding. Be gentle.

If we respond to the others with violence and negativity, we are no better than they are. We have to rise up as a community and show people that there is still good in this country.


Derp Emblem: New Year’s Party

I mean, even though uh… Midnight was 17 hours ago in my timezone, Happy New Year everyone??? We have a lot planned for this upcoming year, with the first big thing happening within the next two weeks! I can’t tell you what it is or what day it’s going to be, but I think it’s a surprise that regular stream goers are going to enjoy! As for getting more stuff out, I’m still trying my best to work between all of the other things I have to do! Seriously though guys, thanks for sticking around for another fun-filled year and may many more come ❤

(Wingdings translation in the image captions!)


My aunt is going around to every person in the house making a big deal about how it’s our solemn responsibility to get up by 8:00 AM so that we can open presents by 8:30. “If we don’t do it this way,” she says, “We’ll be so busy cooking the turkey that we won’t be able to open presents until the 26th.”

She means this in complete seriousness. I’m a guy who appreciates having a plan, but holy fuck, my aunt makes everything into a huge ordeal.

Team Work
  • Monokuma: Time for the first Class Trial!
  • Kaede: I believe in you guys! If we all work together, we can do this!
  • *2 hours later*
  • Kaede: Guys, we still haven't decided the murder weapon yet!
  • Hoshi: [smokes] I've done this in the past.
  • Angie: God knows what he does!
  • Himiko: I'm bored. Can I go now?
  • Tenko: It was obviously one of the guys! Men are all the same!
  • Kokichi: [dabs]
  • Kiibo: I'll sue everyone inside of this courtroom!
  • Miu: [crying] It wasn't me...It wasn't me...
  • Tsumugi: Guys, I think Kaito is having a heart attack!
  • Toujou: [proceeds to clean Kaito's body out of the courtroom]
  • Korekiyo: This reminds me of a tale called---
  • Kaede: Seriously, why it had to be Shuuichi!? Someone had to kill the SDHS Detective first!
  • Monokuma: Time to vote!
  • Kaede: Oh no...
  • Rantarou: [grins]
Silk Robe (Johnny!!!)

My fav anons requested:

 - Hiiiii! Could you possibly do a Johnny smut??? Like idc what it’s about as long as he is dominant af because have you met him? Tysm in advance!
 - Can you please make one for johnny.
 - Could you please do a Johnny smut but something that has to do with Trey Songz- Love Faces lol please and thank you

- Can we get some lovely Johnny smut to celebrate his debut?^^

author: ADMIN NI, MAN

genre: smut

word count: 1,953

a/n: HIIIIIIIIII. It’s been forever, guys… Thank you guys for requesting so much of my bias, my baby, my Johnny… there’s still so much more I get to do for him!!! I hope y’all like it(;;;;;;;;;;;; seriously love you all so much, you request such good stuff.  btw I didn’t proof read so there is bound to be some errors

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To all artists of The Artbook

Dear artists,

Can i just say that everyday we are beyond grateful to have this project going, to have this opportunity to chat with so many wonderful artists, to cheer them up with good words, to see how their artworks blossomed from simple sketches to the gorgeous artpieces and how painful for us is to see that many artists are seriously underrated (usually by themselves) and they feel like they don’t belong in the big guys league.

Let us tell you: you absolutely do belong here, you deserve to be the Artists, with the big A. You are so powerful, because you have an amazing gift, being an artist and you can share your talent with people. You ALL are wonderful, you ALL are talented in different ways, you ALL deserve to hear nice words everyday.

We love and cherish each and everyone of you, thank you for being with us on this ride, thank you for making The Artbook real for us, we would be nothing without your help. We are proud to be a part of this because of ALL OF YOU.

Love letter to ALL supernatural artbook artists.

S3 (Sasha, Sarah & Sasha)

concept: “cosmic dust” becomes an inside joke as, like, the inverse of “dammit jim”

  • pidge: lance, i program robots, i can’t build a television
    lance: but pidge…isn’t it all made of the same cosmic dust….
  • pidge: guys idk how to use a laser gun, i’ve only ever used my bayard!!
    hunk: don’t worry, it’s the same cosmic dust!!
  • pidge: why are you leaving me with the aliens?? it’s not like i can communicate with them either!!
    keith: [puts a hand on her shoulder and looks at her seriously] pidge, you can do it…we’re all made of the same cosmic dust remember

Can we talk about how Suki is the most badass character in the whole Avatar universe? Here she is, an unarmed non-bender, and here are hundreds of rioting prisoners and guards, plus four armored firebenders and the guy who runs the whole prison, and she just deals with them all while the (tough warrior) guys who are supposed to be helping her are still arguing about what they should do.

Steve: I’m glad Howard got married. I only knew him when he was young and single.
Tony: Oh really? You two knew each other? He never mentioned that. Only, A THOUSAND times. God, I hated you.

Captain America Civil War

We seriously need to talk about this part. This is kinda LONG so you may skip to the last two bullets.

-Imagine Tony’s bedtime stories with Howard are about Steve Roger’s from Zero to Hero adventures.
-Imagine Tony’s childhood bedroom full of his Captain America crayon drawings, with him imagining that he would be as great as this guy someday.
-Imagine Tony as a young adolescent wanting to do something great to surpass Steve’s heroic achievements so that his father would tell stories about him too.
-Imagine Tony showing Howard his little mechanical projects to prove that he can do amazing things like his father did.

-Imagine Tony’s disappointment everytime Howard would point out that he helped creating the weirdest and possibly the greatest scientific creation that is Captain America,instead of being just proud of his own son.
-Imagine Tony growing up hating Captain America because of all of that, but still think of him as a motivation to change the world.
-Imagine him ripping his old drawings and conceptual blue prints because his father died in a car crash without being able to say “I love you, Dad.” and his father will not be there to see him at his best.

-Imagine Tony recieving awards thinking that he’s finally surpassing the greatness of Captain America’s Creation.
-Imagine Tony recreating Captain America’s Shield just to see if it could fit him but ended up being annoyed with it so he leaves it lying around. There’s a vibranium shield in Tony’s lab, shown in the earlier Iron Man films.

-Imagine Tony revealing that he is Iron Man because people will finally tell stories about his heroic side and that he is now a Super Soldier too, and he secretly really wants that.
-Imagine Tony believing that he is finally better than Captain America and that his father is proud of him now.

-Imagine Tony’s annoyance/amusement/relief that his childhood hero is alive.

-Imagine Tony realizing that Captain America will probably take his lime light, again.
-Imagine Tony hearing Howard’s voice in his thoughts about how great Captain America is while trying not to punch the actual Steve Rogers in front of him.

-Imagine Tony being pleased and sad that Steve Rogers despises him.
-Imagine Tony’s contentment that he could be friends with someone like Steve Rogers.

-Imagine Tony’s frustration everytime Steve would point out the casualties of his stupidy when he’s really just trying the best he could to be a hero.
-Imagine Tony’s heartbreak when he realized that his childhood hero is ruining everything that he worked hard for.

-Imagine how much of a let down Steve Rogers is to Tony Stark after all those years of hearing praises about him from his father.
-Imagine Tony Stark not knowing what to do because this is goddamn Steve Rogers.

I hate it whenever my babies fight

If someone would caption this for me, I’d appreciate it.

So this is what happens when you talk about random street harassment. (Sorry, kiddo, you don’t get your name up in this screenshot).

Not pictured, the dude who said @wilwheaton was “reblogging a fake SJW story.” Because OBVIOUSLY a story about street harassment is fake, y'all.

And this post has been up for like … 3 hours.

Guys, this is why women and those of us who pass as women are always on edge in public. I seriously can’t even say “exert more caution than usual” - you know, be cautious, the shit we’re supposed to do so we don’t get blamed when something terrible happens to us at the hands of men, even though we’ll get blamed anyway - without being called a liar and told to… what? Never leave my house again, because if I do, I’m at fault for having dudes make none-too-subtle threats at me? Because I went to Best Buy by myself on a Thursday in suburban PA?


LazyTown’s New Superhero (s01e26) might have just become my favourite Lazy Town episode! Here are my favourite things:

-It’s clearly shown that Stephanie isn’t perfect and that’s okay.

-”The least we can do is stay out of trouble.” *crystal beeps*

-Sporty doesn’t know how to sit still and relax.

-Seriously, this man needs to chill.

-Stephanie bossing Sporty around.


-*everyone’s screaming and Stephanie’s in trouble* Robbie: “lol yah, i’ll get some ice cream”

-”I should’ve made a sandwich instead of making you!”

-”That dog is NOT mine!”

-Robbie coming to terms with his new life as “the billboard guy”.

-*smack* “Don’t say the t-word!”

-Sporty saving Robbie.

-Robbie not trusting Sporty.

-”Let go of my leg, I’m trying to help you, Robbie!”

-Seriously he’s so scared, aw.

Ok but seriously

Do you guys even thought of how much YOI has raised the bar for all future anime? I mean it’s episode ten and HOLY SHIT ITS SO AWESOME THEY ARE EVEN ENGAGED althought the Grand Prix hasn’t come yet.

We still have a few episodes to go and for me it’s not like I’ve ever watched a better show. And it hasn’t even ended yet.

So round of applause for every single person who worked on Yuri!!! On Ice, couse all i can say is that we’re truly blessed.

anonymous asked:

Hello hello! I was wondering if you could do RFA(plus V and Saeran if you like)'s reaction to MC being kind of obsessed with self-care, like working out almost everyday and doing face and hair masks 2 times a week and really watching her diet? Thank you💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨ Btw great blog 💗 I really like your headcannons and it's a shame that some people only come for the matchups /: Keep up the good work!


  • Yoosung isn’t really into self care
  • If anything he’s kind of a slob, an adorable slob
  • But seeing you work so hard is kind of inspiring for him
  • He doesn’t completely stop with his current lifestyle, but he does join you with a healthy diet
  • You’ll come into his room while he’s gaming with healthy snacks
  • They’re even better than HBC though, because you prepared it
  • He loves showing you off to his friends
  • Because you always look good, you make sure you look good
  • If anyone says you’re too good for him you can and will kick their ass
  • You gave him a charcoal mask once
  • He cried when you peeled it off


  • Jaehee’s never had time for this sort of thing. I mean, she doesn’t even have time to sleep sometimes
  • But with you in her life she has more reason to try to get out of work
  • She tries her best to support you
  • And you often support her to, through little things like packing her a healthy lunch in the morning and putting little notes on it
  • Anytime you can, you drag her to join you for facials, or mani pedi’s
  • She loves getting her nails done, it evens out all the grooves she puts in them when she bites them under stress
  • Also, she’s a muscle fanatic, have you not seen the way she admires Zen’s physical build?
  • She loves watching you work out, muscle S/O/ is best SO


  • Zen is all in for it, you do everything together
  • You’re actually goals
  • You know those cute couples who always have pictures and videos from when they workout together? That is what you are now
  • Literally you guys have every spa day planned on your calendar
  • And when he does hair masks he lets you play with his hair so it spreads evenly. 
  • Then when he washes it out, it actually feels like silk.
  • You both inspire each other to do more, and push your limits, challenging each other with prizes of kisses
  • Ever since you came into his life he finally is eating like he should be, It helps that you keep his fridge stocked with healthy foods
  • And you bring him lunches during rehearsals Definitely not an excuse to check up on your boyfriend


  • You’re extremely into selfcare? Okay, Jumin can help you get anything you want
  • Remember the building that his apartment is in, also has a gym, and probably a spa
  • He also has a hired nutritionist, that he would willingly pay to also care for you
  • He’ll often search around the building for you, because you’re always doing something
  • Even Elizabeth is healthier with you around, you’ll take her on walks, and play with her when you get bored
  • His bathroom is stocked with the best products
  • You better expect he has like, 50 things of those stupidly tiny glamglow face masks
  • Jumin is pretty healthy overall, his only problem is that he doesn’t get enough sleep, with you around through he sleeps like a rock


  • He loves how healthy you are because he doesn’t have to remind you to do anything. Like eat, or get enough sleep.
  • He also loves watching you, while you do anything, work out, masks, sleeping, you name it
  • He takes pictures of you while you’re at your worst and zooms in really close to your face
  • You are a meme now.
  • But you also make sure that he stays somewhat healthy to. Like bringing him to bed, making sure he eats full meals and having him take breaks from hacking when he’s sat for too long
  • It actually makes him more productive


  • V is cool with everything and anything, if there’s a new product you want to try, he lets you use it on him
  • He literally could care less what you do as long as you’re happy, not killing anyone, and not leading a cult… *cough, cough*
  • He doesn’t really work out with you, maybe hiking once in a while, He used to love hiking.
  • “V watch out for that trE-” *Thump*
  • You don’t go hiking for a while
  • He loves how healthy your diet is, you guys always eat together after you cook and it does wonders for him
  • Before you most of his time was spent worrying over Rika, taking pictures, and trying to hide his affiliation with the RFA from her. He really didn’t have time to worry about eating.
  • He’s even got a bit of pudge on him now.


  • You are really into self care, and Saeran has never really taken good care of himself
  • So now, you are here to rid the toxins from his life
  • He is originally really against it, he doesn’t trust you to control his diet/make his food, and touching him is a no go.
  • He doesn’t want you to be in control of anything now that he’s finally free
  • But after a bit he gets a bit more lenient
  • He starts eating the food you make for him, which helps him regulate his eating schedule. Even eating with you
  • And he had you show him how to use those weird products you’re always using, like the facial masks (He hates peeling them off) And hair masks
  • Hair masks are his favorite because after his hair has been very damaged from all the bleaching, it kind of smooths it out
  • To be honest, with you in his life he is healthier than he’s ever been

Admin Lilac is back again guys!

This one was pretty fun because if I had enough money and time I would totally be into this stuff. I mean, I already am. Just not as high key as MC here

I’m Out~


okay guys i need to fucking rant for second. im getting incredibly tired of people glamorizing drug abuse and making into something “beautiful”. this was me days before i overdosed, im sorry but do these pictures look cool? do you seriously want to look how i do in the second photo? i was so miserable and wanted to just die. i was doing 8 balls of coke, heroin, meth, crack, seriously anything you can think of, we were doing 8 balls of it a day. my hair started falling out due to the shock of all the drugs in my system. THIS IS NOT BEAUTIFUL, THIS IS NOT FUN,  THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO ASPIRE TO. for me, i started off smoking weed when i was 15, by 16 i was doing molly and coke, by 17 i was taking bars all day everyday, by 18 i was smoking meth and by 19 i had done most every drug available. seriously guys this isnt me bragging this me trying to make everyone see THAT THIS IS A DEADLY DISEASE. I ALMOST DIED FROM THIS FUCKING DISEASE. i am absolutely DISGUSTED by instagram/tumblr users that glorify their drug use or glorify their unhealthy bodies since theyre “skinny”. i sometimes miss partying like this, i really do but then i realize that this has caused me the most pain in my life. i have done some horrible, disgusting, cruel, evil things to people while on drugs and i do miss some of those friends i had before. others on the other hand, im glad to see them go. if you couldnt handle maintaining contact with me while i was taking time to heal and better myself you are not my friend. honestly, if you have to question if were friends or not, we probably arent. im sorry for the long ramble but i am so sick and tired of seeing people who are so sick from drugs but just try to pass it off at “heroin chic” or whatever. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HEROIN CHIC. IF YOU ARE DOING HEROIN YOU ARE NOT CHIC, YOU ARE AN ADDICT AND NEED HELP. i dont care if people get pissed about this post because im so fucking tired of all this shit and it has taken me ALL the strength in this world not to tag people.

I have 84 days off heroin and meth and I will continue to work on myself and continue this path to enlightenment through meditation and connecting with other like minded individuals in this world.

sorry again, 

love u guys who support me <3

anonymous asked:

Guys, seriously, DO NOT keep calling hiring managers. DO NOT go into their place of business to inquire about your resume. If it worked for you, that doesn't mean it works, it just means they were desperate for the help. Ask anyone who has worked at a hiring manager, asking about your application more than once is a great way to get it run through a shredder. And when they say, "We'll call you," it's code for, "STOP." If you call again, we take it as a sign that you can't follow directions.

Guys i seriously need to interact with some cool lesbians who watch like supergirl or the 100 or love kristen stewart or kate mckinnon or johnlock or just sherlock in general or carol and like literally any of y'all out there. Follow me or msg me or like this and I’ll msg u or idk let me know in some form so we can do sth cause i have all these feelings inside and i need to share! Hit me up you like minded fellow homos.

Who is Kuroko Tetsuya's first love?
  • Kagami: This is unusual... Why on earth are you here?
  • Aomine: This is a public restaurant where people can come here...
  • Kise: You guys are fighting again... Kurokocchi! How are you!?
  • Kuroko: Hello, Kise-kun, Aomine-kun.
  • Kagami: Seriously. Don't sit with us.
  • Aomine: Like I said, this is a public restaurant, we can sit wherever we want.
  • Kagami: This is the first time I heard such a thing!
  • Kuroko: Let them join us, Kagami-kun.
  • Kagami: ...
  • ---
  • Kise: Hey, hey, over here, Midorimacchi!
  • Midorima: This is troublesome. Why do I have to join you guys?
  • Aomine: Tetsu said it's like a reunion. Though, all of us agreed not to invite Akashi and Murasakibara.
  • Midorima: Because they lived far away from here... And why is Kise here?
  • Kise: I have a gig around this area-ssu!
  • Midorima: So... what's going on?
  • Kagami: Well, I was the one who suggested it... May I asked all of you?
  • Everyone: Hm?
  • Kagami: Who was Kuroko's first love?
  • Kuroko: !!!
  • Kise: Eh?!
  • Aomine: ...
  • Midorima: Stupid...
  • Kagami: All I want to know is who was it?
  • Kise: I bet it was me! Because Kurokocchi was my personal trainer when I first joined the club. Also we spent a lot of times!
  • Midorima: Wouldn't be clear if Murasakibara was Kuroko's first love? They do get along pretty well when it comes to snacks.
  • Kuroko: I used Murasakibara-kun for snacks testing. No feelings included.
  • Aomine: So Murasakibara is out.
  • Kise: It wouldn't be Akashicchi, right?
  • Kuroko: Well...
  • Kagami: Are you somewhat have a fetish for red haired dude, Kuroko?
  • Kuroko: How rude. Akashi-kun wasn't my first love either.
  • Midorima: Would you just tell us then?
  • Aomine: Hey, Midorima, why are you so eager about knowing it?
  • Kise: He's expecting it to be him!
  • Midorima: I was not!
  • Kuroko: Well, sorry Midorima-kun, it's not you either.
  • Midorima: ....
  • Kagami: So it's between Aomine and Kise?
  • Kuroko: Exactly... well---
  • Aomine: Was it .... me?
  • Kise: No-ssu! It was me!
  • Aomine: Don't be ridiculous, Kise! I was Tetsu's partner.
  • Kise: So?! I was Kurokocchi's underclassmen.
  • Kagami: Would you guys stop it? It's bugging me, Kuroko. Would you just tell us?
  • Kuroko: Can't be helped it.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: It's Nijimura-senpai.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Kuroko: Nn? What's wrong?
  • Midorima: W...why Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Kise: Who? Nijimura-san? Why him?!
  • Aomine: I was ready! But didn't expect to be that devil dude!
  • Kagami: Who was that?
  • Midorima: Teiko's former captain before Akashi got the title. An upperclassmen of us.
  • Kagami: Ou... Wait?! Aomine, why are you entering the ZONE?!
  • Aomine: Must... Hunt... Nijimura...
  • Midorima: ...
  • Kagami: Where are you going?!
  • Midorima: My lucky item for today is Nijimura-san. I must get over where he is and hunt him down.
  • Kise: Do you even know where he lives?
  • Midorima: Takao can take care of it. Well then.
  • Kagami: ... Kise, I'm surprised you weren't--- what the fuck?!
  • Kise: Kagamicchi, it's just once in a life time... so, let me use this tray and hunt him as well.
  • Kagami: You're scary... Kuroko, stop them.
  • Kuroko: I doubt I can. The only person who can stop these three is Akashi-kun.
  • Kagami: Call him then!
  • Kuroko: Akashi-kun just sent me a mail and he said that he will hunt Nijimura-senpai as well.
  • Kagami: How did he... Ack?! You were there all along?!
  • Akashi: I cannot missed this once in a life time reunion. If you'll excuse me, I have a senpai to exterminate.
  • Kagami: ... Kuroko.
  • Kuroko: Do you want to watch a bloody scene, Kagami-kun?
  • Kagami: You fucking started it! Now fix it!