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Blind Beauty [Matt Murdock x Reader]

Requested by anon: “How about the reader sees Matt [Murdock] without glasses for the first time (maybe he is telling them about his abilities?). Bonus: the reader says something about how pretty his eyes are (Charlie Cox’s eyes slay me they are so pretty.)“

A/N: I love Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock he’s perfect! Hope you love this <3


To say you were nervous was an understatement, even this being your fourth date with Matt it was still nerve wracking. He’s so handsome and you can’t help but feel so bleh sometimes.

“Why are you nervous?” he asked, sitting across from you. Snapping your head up to meet his shaded eyes. “How do you do that?” you laughed, he only smiled and shrugged. “Attorney’s intuition?” offering up an answer.

“Eh I don’t buy it” Chuckling as he reached across the table, signaling he wanted your hand. You complied meeting him halfway. “You’re beautiful” running his thumb over your knuckles.

“How can you know that?” A bashful smile gracing your face. It’s like he could sense that you were feeling insecure.

“I don’t need to see you to know you’re gorgeous” Feeling a feint blush spread to your cheeks. “How do you tell then?”

“The sound of your voice, the way your hand feels in mine. There are little tells that I can pick up on that allow me to form a mental image of you” His hand squeezed yours gently. “You’re sweet” smiling at him. “I have my moments”

After eating and talking about random things you both stood to head out. Him taking your arm with one hand and his cane in the other, leading him out of the restaurant.

You both laughed while walking the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, not a worry coming from either of you. Matt is really something else, so kind and caring. Even after everything he’s lost, his sight, his father. Everything and he’s still so amazing. How’d you get so lucky to have a guy like him?

“Yeah but we’re seriously discussing making t-shirts, ‘Nelson and Murdock Avocados at Law’“ he joked making you giggle beside him. “I’d wear it”

You both laughed before noticing three guys smoking outside a building. “Hey sweetheart” one of them eyed you as you walked by. You just ignored them, “Who was that?” Matt asked leaning toward you, even though he could hear the three heartbeats.

“Just some low lives” you whispered passing by them. He nodded in understanding. “Not worth an argument?” he chuckled making you laugh. “No, not really”

“We’re not worth your time huh?” They quickly cut you both off, making you tug Matt back some. “Look fellas we don’t want any trouble” Matt rested his hand on his cane.

“Well we’re looking for some trouble, teach you both some respect.” the man in the center growled, before his two buddies grabbed you and the middle one pushed Matt into an alley.

“MATT!” You yelled lurching forward but pulled back by the thugs. “Hey hold on their sweet cheeks we’ve got plans for you too” their hands roaming your body as they held you back. “Let me go!” Screaming and trying to get away.

You saw one of the thugs kick Matt to the ribs. “Leave him alone!” only leading the guy to punch him. You watched as Matt spit out some blood before adjusting his glasses and standing up.

Shocked to see him land a precise right hook to the mans jaw. Knocking him out. The other two dropped you before running at him. He swiftly dodged nearly every punch, getting clipped only once or twice. One of them he took out by throwing him against the wall and the other he pushed himself off the wall gaining more momentum in his punch to knock the man out.

He was panting heavily before coming toward you. Still in shock you only stared at him before his knees gave out. You caught him, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. Helping him to his nearby apartment.

Getting him inside you sat him down on his couch before running into his bathroom. Finding a first aid kit, warm water, and some washcloths. Returning to the couch he stayed silent. 

You took the warm washcloth and began to clean up the cuts on his face, starting with his busted lip. Pulling away to re-wet the cloth he spoke up, “[F/n] I’m sorry” You stopped in your movements, looking up at him. “I should’ve been more honest with you.”

“How did you do all of that?” asking as you returned to wringing out the cloth.

“I may not have my sight but all of my other senses are inhumanly heightened.” he answered. You hummed signalling you understood slightly, “Are you..?” trailing off, but picking up the unspoken though “The devil of hell’s kitchen? Daredevil?” Gently dabbing the rag to his scraped cheek.

He was silent for a moment. “I am”

A silence hung in the air between the both of you. He wasn’t sure what to expect from you, until he felt your hands on his glasses. He allowed you to remove the lenses, hearing your heart speed up. Probably looking at his eyes. “Your eyes they’re…. amazing” a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

But it turned to a somber expression, “I understand if you don’t want to stay with me from now on. I haven’t exactly done the best things with my abilities. If you don’t want to be with me I won’t hold it to you. Do you want to leave?”

You stared at him, a bit astonished by his statement. You leaned forward so your lips were just ghosting over his, “Does this answer your question” whispering before closing the rest of the space. The kiss was soft but was filled with trust and love.

He pulled away, a smile forming on his lips “I’m glad you’re staying”

You giggled, “Thanks for having me” before he connected your lips again. Now learning that he’s not just kind and sweet, but also a hero.

Homecoming- Part 1

(Peter Parker x reader)

Y/N grabbed her brown lunch bag from her locker before walking into the crowded cafeteria. Everyone was at their rightful tables as Y/N passed through, making her way towards the very back. Her eyes landed on her two best friends, both of them lost in their own world. Peter had his chin propped against his hand while Ned stared straight ahead, his mouth hanging open.

Placing her lunch bag on the table, she turned her head around to see Liz, a friend from the decathlon team, hanging up the sign for the homecoming dance. Y/N rolled her eyes, not surprised that they were staring at her.

Peter had a huge crush on Liz while Ned just thought she was cute. Normally the two boys were deep in conversation when Y/N joined them at lunch. Most of the time it was about a movie or what the three of them were planning to do after school.

“Seriously guys?” she asked, sitting down.

“Is that a new shirt?” Peter asked, his brown eyes glued to Liz.

Ned shook his head. “Nope. She’s just never worn it with that skirt.”

“You guys are being creepy,” Y/N stated, taking a bite of her ham and cheese sandwich.

Peter looked over at her. “Yeah?”


“Are you going?” Ned asked shifting his attention towards Y/N.  

“To what?” she asked, confused.

“To homecoming.”

Peter’s eyes widened as Y/N shook her head. “I don’t know. I can’t decide. Besides I can’t find a dress.”

“So you’re saying that if I went in your closet right now you wouldn’t have one dress that you could wear to the dance? Y/N I’ve seen your closet and it has a thousand dresses in it.”

Y/N sighed. “There might be a few.”

“So just where one of those. So it’s settled, we’re all going to the dance,” Ned said.

“You guys don’t have dates?” Y/N asked.

Ned and Peter both shook their head.

“You mean you didn’t ask Liz, Pete?” Y/N joked.

“W-What? No..I-I want to but I don’t think she would go with an underclassmen,” Peter said, his cheeks turning a slight shade of pink.

Y/N sighed, relieved to hear him say that. She was secretly hoping that Peter would ask her to the dance but she knew he was oblivious of her feelings towards him. She didn’t make it obvious that she liked him but she showed it enough that Ned was able to quickly pick up on it.

“We can all go together,” Ned said, excited.

Y/N and Peter locked and eyes and smiled at each other while Ned began to make plans for the three of them.  


“Y/N!” Peter called from the other side of her bedroom door.

Just as she stood up from her desk chair, the bedroom door flung open and Peter rushed in closing it behind him. He threw his blue backpack down on the floor, a huge smile spread across his face.

“Guess what?” he exclaimed.


“I-I asked Liz to the dance and she said yes!” The words flew out of his mouth strung together and it took Y/N a moment to process what he had just said.

“You…you asked Liz?’ Y/N asked, hurt filling her voice.

“Yes! I was walking out of the bathroom and she was walking towards the gym and we started talking about homecoming and it sorta just slipped out.”

“Peter…that’s awesome,” Y/N said, doing her best to sound excited.

“So we can just meet you and Ned there then,” Peter said, grabbing his backpack from the floor. “I have to go but I just wanted to tell you because I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”

Y/N could feel tears beginning to form and she did her best to hold them until Peter left. She didn’t want to ruin his excitement because she knew the second she started crying she would tell him how she felt. Their friendship was too good to be ruined by her feelings. She would rather be best friends with Peter than lose him when she told him how she felt.  

He took a step towards her and wrapped his arms around her. Pulling her against him, she rested her head against his toned chest, listening to his heart beat.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Don’t get hurt Spiderman,” she whispered.

His arms dropped from around her as he leaned down to pick up his backpack. Peter gave her a final smile before closing the bedroom door behind him.

Y/N walked over to her desk and picked up her quickly texting Ned the news.

Peter asked Liz to homecoming :(

Within seconds Ned responded.


Throwing her phone down on the bed, Y/N laid down next to it and let the tears spill out. One of Peter’s hoodie was laying on her bed and she grabbed it and held it against her. She loved the way it still smelled like him and her sobs grew louder the more she thought about him with Liz.

He would never feel the same about her. She would just have to accept it. They would remain best friends and nothing more.

Here For You.

-Bobby x Reader

-Expecting parents au, fluff

-I can already imagine this fluffy ball of sunshine with his future kids. He’s honestly so caring and amazing with everyone he meets that i’d bet he’d be the dad of all dads. Also, I am so sorry this only goes up now even though you sent this in like months ago. School and work got rough and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to do any writing the past month or two. I’m really really really sorry for putting it up so late. I hope you haven’t given up on waiting for it and that it fits your imagination. Father’s day just past and I wish all the dads out there a happy, healthy life. Shout out to all the dads that not only there for their wives and kids physically, financially but also mentally and spiritually. Again, I am so sorry for being this late and I hope you enjoy.

Originally posted by mrskimhanbin

You hiss under your breath, mutter a cuss that gets whisk away faster than your temper lately under the wing of the exhale of a sigh.

“Growing a new life is a beautiful thing my ass…”

Jiwon’s head snaps up at your mumbling of what sounding like a curse in some dead language. God knows what you’re grumbling about now as he shakes his head slightly, having already given up long ago on trying to make out anything you say in your strange trances of wandering around your humble abode all the while glaring daggers his way.

“Whose ass is beautiful baby?” He feigns ignorant anyhow, deciding to amuse himself with one of your all too frequent outburst as of late that he weirdly enough finds endearing. God knows he needs all the entertainment he could get to stay awake having to get up for the 3rd time in the mere 5 hours since you both headed to bed at midnight.

“Of course you’d pay attention to the word ‘ass’”

You drop your body onto the cold tiled floor, chest could barely keeps up with providing your body with enough oxygen to function let alone the dry heaving that sours your lips and sears your throat. Glass of water in hand, he storms into the small bathroom like, like Aquaman…. Seriously, how does this guy survive never wearing a shirt, ever, even when it’s minus 3 billion degree outside. Strong arms and familiar scent bring the comfort not even the most exorbitant of comforters and mattresses could offer as you lay your head onto his bare chest, listening to the calming beats of his heart and the rumble of a giggle from your comment.

“Jiwon, can you please put on a shirt… Looking at you make me cold.” You groan at the salvation of the clear liquid sloshing about meeting your lips, more landing on the floor than your mouth as you shiver under the night cold wind.

“You weren’t complaining about my glorious body last night, baby. And see! I told you the heated floor would be a good investment.” He retorts with all the sunshine might he could despite the graveling in his voice and the low tone of a rude awakening so early in the morning telling you otherwise.

“You say ‘glorious body’ one more time, see what happen.” Ice cold lasers shoot from your eyes as he cowers, pressing a bribing kiss onto your forehead. “Don’t make me regret moving in with you, asshole. We all know how well things turn out that night your glorious body’s decided on exercising its full potential on me.”

“You speak like you have a choice there my partner for life. The little paper in my office said you’re stuck with me in sickness or in health, poor or rich, for this eternity and all the ones after that. Plus, I clearly remember you practically screaming yes after I said let’s make a baby. Don’t act like I lured you into this.” Another searing kiss meets your pale cold skin as tender circles push life back into your frost bitten shoulders.

“I believe the correct phrasing is till death do us part and right now, it feels pretty close to death.” The shudder of another round of acid searing your internal rings through the air like the clearest of bells as you lunge forward over the porcelain bowl. It’s not so much the expelling of various digested unidentifiable content that bothers you, rather it’s the constant dry heaving that drives you insane.

“Baby… I’m sorry. I’d take it all alway if I could. I’ll be the one pregnant and you can just rest. I’m so sorry. I’m so useless… I wish there was more I could do. I just-” He whimpers, mischievousness gone as worry takes hold of his expression and it honestly hurts more than your stomach doing flips and tricks as if it’s a circus performer. Despite the constant complaining and hormone induced mood swing, you cannot be happier to be growing a family with such an incredible human being.

Jiwon had been nothing but an angel taking all the bullshit you’ve thrown his way, treating you so well you’d bet all your money the queen would be jealous. The adoration in his eyes just lulls all the turmoil of being a young parent and all the worries of all the uncertainties of the future to sleep. Sure neither of you are super young nor was this an unplanned pregnancy. Yet there was still so much… how could you put that uneasiness in words. That unsettling feeling of the what ifs sinking deep in your heart just below the elating joy of seeing that red plus sign flashing bright on the small window of the pee stick.

What if YG decide to put the boys on a 6 months world wide tour when you’re near the due date? What if you can’t be a good enough mother and a wife? What if Jiwon hates you now that you’re all bloated and waddling around like a planet with duck’s feet? Would he be happy with his wife looking less than ready for all the crazy stalker fans and the media? What if you drop your own baby right there in the delivery room? What kind of a mother would you be if child services come and whisk your little bundle of joy away then and there? God forbid something happens to your baby during the pregnancy.

So many thoughts ran through your mind that night as you laid in bed in the dark, awaiting his arrival from a long day of practice. Funny though, he had thought a serious talk was about to ensue as his eyes were met with dead silent and shadow that engulf the living room that’s usually brightly lit. He crept into the house, settling down on the bed just next to your stilled snoring body as he placed a small kiss upon your cheek.

“Hey, baby.” you remember him whispering. “Is everything alright? Do we need to talk about anything?” You can still clearly recall the trembling in his fingers as they so gently swept away your dishevel hair to read your expression.

“Yea, we do…” You mumbled sluggishly under an exhausted groan, body stretching to rid the dull aching of your joints. Then you were met with the terror in his eyes and the panic stricken man swallowed you whole in his safe embrace. He sighed heavily yet made no sound as he waited for your next word.

“I have a present for you… I wanted to wait up but I’ve been so tired lately. I guess it makes sense now why I’m so tired all the time. I’m sorry, Jiwon. I know you like it when I stay up to wait for you. You’ll understand when you see my present.” Nuzzling your face further into his chest, you gestured toward the night stand with your eyes close and body moulding against his. A sigh of perhaps relief permeated through the air as you felt his muscles flexing when he reached toward the stand to grab the small white box adorning a little bow waiting patiently all night for its owner.

“Don’t be sorry. My schedule is erratic enough, I can’t afford you risking your health staying up late for me. But… What’s the occasion, love?” He whispered, fear still rooted deep in his gentle words of uncertainty.

“Just… You know me, I’ve never liked the idea of only giving presents on certain dates. why do we need an occasion to give each other present. Why not just giving it on a random day to show that I think about you constantly.” Still refusing to meet his eyes, you let yourself slipped slowly into one of the strange drowsy trances that seemed to be the norm as of late. A swift sound of air rushing from Jiwon svelte fingers removing the bow, a gasp, and a “no fucking way” later, you were rudely awoken from your slumber with a string of wet kisses.

“You’re not joking right, baby? Like, for real. Wait I need to check the date, where’s my phone, where’s your phone, oh my god where’s a calendar when I need one. SSSHIT.” No sooner than the last cuss left his lips, he hopped off the bed lightning fast, diving for any indication of what day it was.

“Why are you looking for the calendar, silly? It’s June 19.” No chance of going back to sleep now so you might as well get up. Sitting crossed legs in the middle of the bed, you watched as he bounced around the room, the test stick still in his hand.

“Because, I need to know it’s not April’s fool. Christ, baby. For a second there, I thought you were gonna make me sign the divorce paper. Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m so happy right now I don’t even know what I’m doing. I need to call my mom. I need to call your mom. I need to call everyone’s mom.” Kisses coming from every angle, you were nearly toppled backward as he surrounded you with as much love as he could give, a bright smile never left his face.

“Jiwon…” Fond memory fading away, a ragged breath leaves your lips as you clutch tightly onto his muscular arm. “I know I complain a lot but I’m really happy we’re doing this. I can’t ask for a better husband and soon to be dad than you. You’re perfect, baby. Stop apologizing.” Pushing yourself off the cold floor now, you try your best for his sake to mask the storm inside with a smile before heading to brush your teeth.

As you glance at your own reflection, the many nights of restless sleep and early date with the toilet had really taken a toll. Your eyes had not been so sunken to the depth of the Titanic since your grad school years. Skin dull and barely much colors, you honestly couldn’t care much for make up with the sheer exhaustion from just waking up. A slight frown finds itself resting upon your lips as the pace of your toothbrush dawdles to a stop. No sooner than a long sigh begins to huff away from your nose, Jiwon already had his arms tight around your slumping frame, hands smoothing up and down against your belly.

“Baby, you know you’re the most beautiful person in this world right? I love you so much. You’re just so kind and caring sometimes I feel guilty because i could only hope I take care of you as well as you do me. You never needed to do much to your appearance, actually you need not anything at all and I fall head over heels for you every. single. damn. time. you look my way.” God the way his voice drips like honey yet there’s just that slight touch of gravel just in the back of his throat from the early hours just drives you insane. You love Bobby and his never ending charms on stage but the Jiwon that whispers in your ears late at night, reminding you of how much he loves you… That’s something you won’t ever get used to. He never fails to light that spark in your stomach, intensify the fire in your heart just with his honest confession while wrapping his arms around your body like you’re the most precious thing in the world.  

“You were always wonderful and understanding when I was anything but that just from being so stress out all the time. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call you my wife, to have a baby with you. Don’t you dare doubt yourself, alright?” He had been resting his head against your shoulder so peacefully up till now. With the last whisper, Jiwon presses a big kiss onto your shoulder as he always did whenever a back hug was called for after a long day of work. “I can’t wait for your tummy to get a little bigger so I can boast to everyone just how proud I am of my magnificent wife. I want everyone to know how lucky I am to have you and our baby in my life. I always hate it when the  media made it out to be that you were the lucky one, marrying some rich idol. If only they know how much you sacrifice for this dumb ass husband of yours. How much I depend on you for every little thing. How lost I would be without you. How truly lucky I was to be the one you picked out of all the bastards that pinned after you all those years ago. If only they now how stupendously, extremely infatuated I am with everything you do, everything you are. Even after all these years, I’m just as smitten with you as I was our first date. Thank you for giving up so much for me and now to give me the ultimate gift of all. I love you.” By his confession end, your mouth was rid of the minty foam and tears of pain replaced with tears of happiness as you spin around in his arms, fastening your own tight around his waist.

“How could I ever thank you enough for always being there for me. I know I raise hell and can be so goddamn unreasonable like 90% of the time yet all you do is smile. I don’t want you to think that I-I don’t want our baby, or or anything like that… I just, it’s exhausting sometimes and you know parenting class, it should help but it doesn’t and all it does is make me worry more about this and that and oh my God what if I’m a horrible mother and our baby hate me and you’ll hate me and and an-” Your frantic words were silenced with a fervid kiss. He kisses you as if you hadn’t kiss in months from the grueling tours, as if this was the long awaited kiss you shared on your first date. The kiss that sealed the deal after years of the shy two way crush burning away with passion at the realization that all along you both love each other. He kisses you and not once did his hands leave your body as the affectionately pet and caress peace back into your perturbed self.

“You talk too much sometimes, you know that? Don’t you dare start with the whole what ifs. No. We’re doing this together and sure we got a big learning curve but so what. We got family to support us. We got this babe!” Damn his eye smile and those too good for this word bunny grin. One glance at your handsome man and you already felt like all is right in the world as he effortlessly carries you back to bed. All tucked in, you breathe easy as the serene air settles over the barely lit bedroom once more. Suddenly, your nausea, the back pain, the aching joint, and the constant mood swings seem to be just a small bump in the road. None of it seems to matter much as Jiwon snuggles close into the crook of your neck, large hand protectively yet delicately places over your slowly growing belly. With a smile, you let yourself fall asleep knowing no matter what happen in the future, Jiwon will always be the foundation that get you through.

dustonmyscreen  asked:

goddamnit now i'm thinking about bb derek playing party games 😑 (hs au, obvs) super awkward jock derek sitting in a circle with jydia and all their jock friends (and stiles too they guess whatever but just because he brought alcohol) playing truth or dare or sth and derek's like. sweating through his t-shirt bc stiles gets handsy when drunk and rn he's leaning over to fondle derek's biceps and shoulders and going 'huh. no wonder finstock's been trying to recruit you for lacrosse.'

someone probably dared derek to strip his shirt off and flex his muscles, which, fine, whatever, would probably be no big deal on a normal day because he changes in front of most of these people for basketball anyway and they just wanna make him look kinda stupid. but no. today stiles is here, and lydia knows about derek’s huge crush on him–not that he would ever, ever tell her about it, but lydia is terrifying and omnipotent–and she is 101% doing this to him on purpose. but he’s a little drunk already and feeling looser than usual, so he does it. his friends mockingly wolf-whistle, but a few of their girlfriends and one or two of the guys give him lingering looks, and he feels more awkward than ever. especially because one of those guys is stiles, which is weird and stressful and agh, because why is he staring so intently? sure, he’s a little drunk, but he’s looking at derek like he’s in a staring contest with his pecs. and yeah, derek knows he’s conventionally attractive, his sisters love to tease him about how cuuuute everyone at school thinks he is, but really he’s just wildly awkward and nerdy and would seriously like his shirt back on, particularly so the cutest guy in school will stop looking at him like that. he has no idea why it makes him feel so inadequate when stiles has given no indication it’s negative attention, but it does. he grabs his shirt back and is about to pull it on when stiles grabs him by the bicep, running his hand along it and blinking slowly because he’s more than a little tipsy, and says, “huh, no wonder finstock’s been trying to recruit you for lacrosse.” derek hopes people will attribute the sudden redness in his cheeks to the alcohol rather than being totally and completely flustered, but based on the team’s snickers, he doubts it. the next day, when stiles is sober and derek is on his way to the gym for practice, someone grabs him lightly by the arm again. “so it wasn’t just my drunk mind running wild,” stiles says, winking. “you really should try out for lacrosse sometime. maybe you and i can get in some workouts together. and not necessarily in the gym.” derek is at a loss for words when mccall suddenly turns the corner, and stiles runs to catch him. over his shoulder, he grins and yells, “text me!” and derek is ready to melt into a puddle on the floor. but… after he texts stiles. 


Can you believe I spent time on this. 

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Awkward: An EgoBang Fanfic.

Requested by @i-am-avacado​! Got a request? Check this out!

Summary: They go in for a hug, it turns into a kiss, it gets awkward, makeouts occur.

“Oh, my god, dude. You’re fucking killing me with this.”

Arin’s moustache twitched upwards slightly as he smirked, watching Danny ball himself into a makeshift fetal position on the couch out of the corner of his eye.

“C'mon, man. It’s not that scary.”

“… I feel as though you and I do not always operate on the same wavelength.”

The pair guffawed as Arin casually directed the in-game character down a lengthy hallway that gradually grew darker and worsened in condition. With every quick step, Arin felt the large mountain of blankets beside him quiver more and more evidently.

“You alright, man?”

“No, I’m not alright! We’re playing a fucking horror game - with which our lovelies will be aware … I do not have the greatest relationship.”

Arin snorted. “S'not scary. This is just walls and shit.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Arin rested the controller on his knee and turned to look at his best friend. Danny hiked his knees up to his chest and glanced back in mild confusion. There was a short silence.

“Silly. You can’t be afraid of walls.”

“I’m not afraid of walls, you putz. I’m afraid of what’s behind them. Or, in this case, what’s potentially several metres of darkness away.”

“You heard it here first, Grump kingdom! Daniel Avidaniel is scared of walls.”

“Do not tell them that!”

The next three minutes and forty-one seconds dragged by in agony for Dan. Arin seemed relatively nonplussed about the whole affair - which made the sting of the first jumpscare particularly painful.

“… and then maybe you could – AAAAAAAHHHHH OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT?!”

Arin shrieked, first with fear, then mostly with laughter as Danny’s expression erupted into one of pure terror before completely submerging himself in his heap of blankets.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” Danny screamed from beneath his safe haven of fleece. Arin attempted to get out an answer between laughs, but he’d already fallen off the sofa and was convulsing hilariously on the carpet.

Danny stayed beneath his blanket, heart racing, face hot, eyes stinging with the beginnings of tears. Goddamnit, he wished Arin would listen. Just once.

Several hours after they’d wrapped up the episode - Arin breathless from laughter and Danny begrudgingly chuckling along with him - the Grump office had grown quiet. Danny thought he was the only one left in the building.

He didn’t have to be. He could have left with the others when they did, but he’d insisted on catching up on some songwriting while the place was quiet.

He’d lied, of course. To an extent. He had his notebook splayed out in his lap. There were scrawled working titles for songs and broken lyrics scattered across the pages and the occasional drawing of a penis that Brian had added when he knew Danny was most definitely still looking.

But the pages hadn’t been updated in weeks. Danny was struggling, and he wasn’t in the mood for writing now. Not after proverbially shitting his pants again in front of several thousand lovelies and his best friend. Who had laughed at him.

Danny’s stomach lurched with embarrassment. God, he felt like such an idiot. Arin was his best friend, but he’d always felt inferior. Arin had tons of other friends. Cool friends. Like Mark, who was muscular and handsome and worshipped Arin, despite being something of a YouTube god himself. Like Ross, who was an asshole but knew exactly what to say to make Arin laugh for centuries. Like Jon, who was rarely ever around but that dynamic they’d shared never really left and whenever they met up it was just like old times.

They were all so cool.

Danny knew he wasn’t good enough. Not for him.

“… Dan? You still here?”

Danny drew a sharp and shaky intake of breath as the deep familiar voice rebounded off the walls of the almost-empty building. Before he could answer, Arin pushed the crack in the doorway further open and stepped into the recording room.

“Oh, hey. Uhh, did I leave my keys in here? I got all the way back to the house and –”

“They’re over there.”

Danny gestured vaguely towards a shelf located behind the television. Arin noticed a glint of metal.

“Awesome, man. Thanks, I –”

He paused, noticing Danny hadn’t looked at him once the entire 15 seconds he’d been in the office. Danny was attentive. He loved eye contact. He liked letting you know he was listening to you and that you mattered. Arin always loved that about his friend.

“Hey. Uhh. You okay, man?”

Danny stared at the uninspiring pages of his notebook, unsure what to say.

“Uhm. Yeah. I’m alright. Just tired and stuff, y’know.”

Arin exhaled. He knew what was up.

“Sorry about the game, man. I know you don’t like ‘em. I just thought that maybe we should play one to stop the fans from freaking out because it’s Halloween next week.”

“Yeah, no. I get that. I’m just a total puss. It’s fine, honestly.”

“You gonna look at me and say that?”

Danny sighed and went to meet the eyes of his best friend. Before he could even focus on the colour of them, Arin dove forward and swept him up in a strong but warm hug. Danny blinked, giggling at the sudden gesture of kindness but reciprocating his friend’s actions, wrapping his own wiry arms around Arin’s broad shoulders.

“Arin … I don’t think this counts as me looking at you.”

Arin shifted his body as he went to kiss him jovially on the cheek and Danny went to make a quick joke but his words trailed off as Arin’s mouth accidentally pressed against his own. By reflex, his lips puckered slightly before both pairs broke apart almost immediately with that kinda gross but kinda sexy kissing noise.

“… I … oh my god.”

“Oh my god.”

Arin cast his eyes down to Danny’s notebook, too nervous to meet his gaze. Usually, the two would have giggled childishly at something like that. But something felt wrong.

“Shit, man. I … I’m really sorry, that was …”

“No. Wait. Don’t.”

Danny’s mind was wild with ideas right now. Ideas he shouldn’t be having. He didn’t want Arin to leave. Not after that. He wanted him to kiss him again. That couldn’t have been an accident. But at the same time, that’s exactly all it could have been. He wanted to feel that again. For real. But how?

“I … Maybe we should try that again.”

Arin blinked.

“Dude. I’m married.”

“No, dude, I … I know. I’m not trying to be a homewrecker here or anything. I just … Maybe it would help me write some more songs.”

Arin stared at him.

“Hear me out. It’s … it’s new. It’s different. It’s something we’ve never really done before. It doesn’t have to mean anything. Maybe my brain just needs something different. Couldn’t hurt, right?”

Danny couldn’t believe he was saying these things out loud. And to Arin, of all people! What was he even thinking? He was asking his best friend - his married best friend - to make out with him under the guise that it would somehow be inspirational.

“I … Alright.”

“… wait, seriously?”

Arin shrugged. “I know how much your writing means to you, man. If it helps you get some weird ideas that’ll sell you some albums, I can get down with that.”

Danny beamed. Arin was a big goofy cinnamon roll and he loved him.

“… thank you. I, oh god … I don’t know how we’d start this, uhm –”

His words were cut off by Arin cupping both hands round the sides of his angular face and pulling him forward into a very warm and very wet kiss.

Danny squeaked with surprise, but found himself melting into his best friend’s mouth more quickly than he’d anticipated. This was real. This was happening. He was kissing Arin. Arin Hanson. His best friend. Oh, god yes.

Danny’s hand reached up and gently caressed the side of Arin’s face. The guy was a good kisser. No wonder Suzy stuck around, he jokingly mused to himself, smiling as the younger man’s moustache tickled at his own stubble. His upper lip would probably be sore after this but he didn’t care. Arin’s lips were soft and full and warm and gentle and he was kissing him and oh god, was this real?

Danny gasped lightly as his best friend’s tongue darted in to meet with his. Yes. This was real.

Any inhibitions the two men had started out with dissolved rapidly in minutes as Arin pushed Danny slowly onto his back, pinning one of his wrists up by his unruly hair in a subtle but gloriously arousing display of dominance.

Danny let out a whimper as their lips broke apart and Arin began kissing at his neck, pecking teasingly along his chiselled jawline and Adam’s Apple. Oh my god, this was perfect. This was so perfect.

His lips moved upwards, kissing along his cheek and breathing hotly into his ear which drove Danny insane with closeted lust. Arin appeared to be enjoying this too - as he moved upwards to bury his face in Danny’s 'fro, he found his neck on the receiving end of the Jewish’s man’s lips and let out a deep rumbling noise of enjoyment which only caused the blood in Danny’s body to circulate further and faster. He wanted this to last forever.

The next few minutes were a blur of kisses and moans and heavy breaths and filthy thoughts that eventually dissipated into shocked mutual laughter. Arin chortled until he couldn’t support his weight any more and collapsed, resting his head on Danny’s chest, his mouth glistening with the remnants of their impromptu passion.

“Shit, dude. That was actually pretty fuckin’ good.”


“Yeah, man. You’re good at that. You ever kissed guys before?”

“Never seriously.”


Arin eyed the soft fabric on Danny’s shirt, reading the faded print as he collected his thoughts.

“So … you still straight?”

Arin stiffened. Was he? He thought so. But things were different now.

“Yeah. I mean, I’m still married. Obviously not giving that up. I’m definitely still into girls.”

“But guys are okay too, huh?”

“… I guess.”

Danny smiled, his understanding only marginally tinged with sadness. The two lay in silence for a few minutes, Arin listening peacefully to the sound of his friend’s heartbeat while Danny tenderly toyed with the wedding bang on Arin’s finger.

“So … did you get any new song ideas yet, or …?”

Danny giggled. “Not right now, but maybe a few more minutes of awkward pillow talk and I’ll have an album.”

The two laughed raucously, still dumbfounded at what they’d actually gone and done. They’d known from the get-go that their friendship was destined to be an eventful one, but this was never an outcome they had considered.

After a few more minutes of watered-down embarrassment and quick retorts, Arin propped himself up so he could get a better look at Danny.

“Hey. You ,uhh, wanna brainstorm some more? I … I think I got a couple ideas.”



“Seriously, guys?” Lucifer said, wiping off the pizza stain on his shirt. You and Gabriel just laughed from behind the chair you were using as protection and threw some tomatoes at him, one accidently hitting Michael in the face.

You quickly hid behind your chair as you heard Michael and Lucifer mutter, “Oh, it’s on!”


Reaction no. 144: When your friends start whispering to each other right in front of you.

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  • Zelena: ahahaaaa I was Marian, I got to make out with Robin and I got Hook to bridal-carry me, swoon
  • Regina: wait what that's not fair
  • Regina: Hook's supposed to be the hot one, why didn't you turn into Emma or something and try to kiss HIM?
  • Zelena: are you kidding me?
  • Zelena: that would break them up
  • Zelena: I can't break them up
  • Zelena: Emma is finally kissing him for reasons other than saving his life
  • Zelena: and they're holding hands and being cute look
  • Zelena: my OTP is finally together properly
  • Regina:
  • Zelena: pfft breaking up Captain Swan, what do you take me for
  • Zelena: I may be wicked but I mean there's a line Regina
  • Zelena: I've invested too much time and effort in this ship to purposely sink it
  • Regina: oh my god my sister is a CS shipper
  • Charming: WELCOME ABOARD THE HMS CAPTAIN SWAN DESTINATION TRUE LOVE YEEEAAHHH (we have t-shirts) (well I have a t-shirt)
  • Regina:
  • Regina: seriously screw you guys I'm gonna go hang out with Tinkerbell