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Here's my request! KiriDeku (Kirishima x Deku) headcanons? I really love both of them. They seem so cute together!

(Okay, this is seriously a ship I never thought about and I already fucking ship it!! Let’s go!!)

  • How they started dating was seriously the most sweetest and goofiest thing ever. Since Kirishima is the kind of guy who is goofy and likes to joke around, him and Denki pretty much started creating a little scheme that will give Kirishima the chance to ask Deku out.
    • The class was having a session at USJ and they were to be separated into partners. Originally, Denki and Deku were paired up, but Denki offered to partner with Bakugou instead and switched places with Kirishima. The entire exercise was a trust exercise, and since Denki was switched with Kirishima, things would definitely be a lot easier.
      • One student had to climb to the tip top of a rocky mountain, and the partner below had to catch them. Of course, Deku had to climb cause both knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle Kirishima’s weight…especially with that hero costume of his.
        • At first, Deku was scared to death, but after much convincing, Deku finally jumped down, and was caught in Kirishima’s strong as hell arms.
  • “Well lookit that Deku! It seems like you’ve fallen for me!”
    • They for real started dating after that.
  • Kirishima is all for PDA, and never minds the stares him and Deku would get, because all that ever mattered was showering Deku with affection and letting him know that he’s special to him.
    • What Kirishima favors the most, is the cuddling. Deku is seriously one huggable person, it’s even better knowing he’s adorable as hell and would let out a tiny squeak whenever he would be suddenly held.
      • The kisses are Kirishima’s second most favorite thing.
  • Deku enjoys Kirishima’s silly behavior and laughs everytime Kirishima would make a punny joke, or just hit him up with a one liner.
    • He loves staying up at night texting Kirishima and making all sorts of these crazy plans for future dates or just future plans of when Kirishima would come over to Deku’s house and vice versa.
      • When Kirishima comes over, they get straight to cuddling and watching TV, or they just spend the afternoon spooning and taking a nap. Nap time, is always a good time.
  • Their dates are varied, but they always have a good time just being together regardless of where they go.
    • They once kinda had a date fail when they went to the movies.
      • The entire time, both boys would practically shout with excitement when an awesome scene happened. Especially Kirishima would constantly scream “Kick his ass!!”
        • They got kicked out. XD

So here’s the full recap of the concert I went to last night. 

So I went to see Palaye Royale at a place called the Cat’s Cradle in NC last night. The venue was really cute and super laid back (they allowed re-entry). The only problem was that there was not AC or ventilation so once the bands started playing it quickly turned into a sauna. 

A band called Out Came the Wolves was first and I’d never heard of them before but they were actually really good. I ended up talking with them for almost an hour later on in the show. They’re all really nice guys and I would recommend checking them out if you like music like Crown the Empire/I See Stars. They took turns working their merch tent to fill in for their normal merch guy and they were so nice to fans that wanted to talk/hang out. They stuck around the whole night taking photos and meeting fans. 

Then Palaye Royale came on and their set was amazing! They played all my favorite songs. Remington mentioned how hot it was and you could tell all the artists were dying on stage but they still gave a great show. They played their cover of ‘Teenagers’ by My Chemical Romance and they did it perfectly. After their set they came to their merch table and met fans. I showed them my plague doctor tattoo (seeing as how they sell merch with the plague doctor on it). They all gave actual real hugs to fans. I know a lot of artists just do the side hug, but these guys legit hug their fans. All three of them were super sweet and kind to everyone. They all signed my ticket and I got hugs and photos with them all. Emerson and Sebastian both complimented my outfit. I actually talked with Sebastian for a bit and he’s such a nice person! As long as it doesn’t interfere with school I will 100% be going to see them again in September when they come to Charlotte, NC. Seriously, these guys are easily in my top three sweetest bands I’ve ever met. 

They came back out after the show and signed more things and took more photos. They seriously make an effort to thank all of their fans for coming. They are so genuinely grateful that people came out to support them and that’s so nice to see in a band. Also their two merch girls are the sweetest merch workers I’ve ever met. I talked with them a bunch during the show and they’re awesome and if you go to their shows you should tip them!!! 

I See Stars and Crown the Empire both put on amazing shows. I don’t really listen to their stuff but they have great live shows. The power and stage lights kept malfunctioning during their sets but they still gave it their all. Crown the Empire legit shook the building with their base. 

Despite the heat I’m so glad I went to the show. I had a great time even though I only knew the one band. It was a pretty small venue (and probably 200+ people there) which made it the perfect size in my opinion to get that intimate concert vibe. 


I’m gonna tell you guys how much I love my pure owl son - Bokuto Koutarou. Seriously, this kid is just so perfect, I want to spend the rest of my life protecting him and cheering him on.

He is literally the sweetest thing ever - the confused puppy like head tilts, the way he gets excited when he spikes, HOW EXCITED HE IS TO HELP OTHERS LIKE TSUKKI AND HINATA.

Not to mention he is the frickin cutest. Those big gold eyes are just asdfghjkl. Also, he probably spends massive amounts of money on his hair TBH. It’s not just flat silver, it’s got lighter and darker tones too. That shit is probably specially dyed. AND THE AMOUNT OF PRODUCT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT SO SPIKEY????! I have a feeling I would cringe if I saw the amount he spent on gels, hair waxes, and hair spray. Boy should probably just buy stock in Aqua Net.

We also concluded that his kneepads are indeed kneepads BUT THIS BOY WOULD TOTALLY WEAR LEGGINGS BENEATH HIS SHORTS IN THE WINTER. Like yeah, sweatpants are a thing, but don’t you think he’s extra enough to just want leggings with shorts over the top? Lmao.

And the other day I got to thinking and he’s probably one of those people that gets REALLY EXCITED about dogs. Like I can just see him darting across the street because he sees a cute dog he wants to pet. Asking all excited with a big grin if he can pet it ASDFGHJK

That’s all I have to say right now. This is not an organized post, merely an excuse to talk about one of my faves.

Anyways. Bokuto Koutarou, y'all…

Open When it's our one year anniversary

I honestly knew from the beginning that this could last a year. I mean, hell, I’m writing this when we’ve only been dating for three months. But Elliott, I am so fucking in love with you. You are seriously everything that I could have ever asked for in a guy. You are by far one of the most caring, loving, sweetest people that I have ever met. You mean the world to me. and all of this sounds pretty cliche but, shit. you are seriously one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. you have shown me in three months the most beautiful love i could ever ask for(sorry that sounds pretty lame too). I don’t know where i’m going with this honestly but please never leave me. if we’ve made it this far, we can make it so much farther. i can see myself spending forever with you. and if that doesn’t happen i will god honestly be crushed. i love you so much. i can’t imagine going a day without you in my life.
like i said, i’m writing this three months in(maybe ill add some later 😝), but already i can’t even thank you enough. you have done so much for me that you never had to do. you didn’t have to bring me home for christmas and you don’t have to treat me to taco bell and you don’t have to give me the last cinnabon or order me an extra burrito, but you do. you go out of your way to make me happy. and i’ve never had somebody do that before, and i know i don’t thank you enough. i know that i don’t give you what you deserve. but I love you and i can’t even begin to thank you for staying with me. i haven’t been a perfect girlfriend, but i am most definitely the luckiest. you bum me cigarettes when i’m drunk, you come take care of me even when you’re already in bed, you’re not ashamed of me, you come and spend time with my family and friends back home, even though you don’t have to. and i know that every night that we cuddle up, even if i’m annoyed or upset or anything with you, i have no doubt in my mind that you’ll still say you love me and kiss me on the head. you’ve done so much that you didn’t have to, but it’s so amazing, el. i know i’m rambling again but whatever, it’s my letter.
ANYWAYS. you know me better than anyone has(other than maybe zach). but you’ve broken down my walls and made it so worth opening up to you. you have shown me so much and made me feel so loved. like christmas? you could have gotten cliche stuff for a girlfriend of a month or whatever, but you showed me how well you know me and how much you listen to what i talk about and what i love. and that’s honestly the most amazing feeling i’ve ever had. knowing that you know how fucking weird i am but you continue to show that you love me. and quite frankly, i adore you too.


(ps make sure to thank cassidy for setting us up!)

So toward the end of last week, I reached the whopping number of 800 followers on this beloved arrogant tol son! Now, my mind pondered on what best way to celebrate such an achievement and I decided a sort of bias list/ follow forever would be the best option. Now, this is going to get incredibly long, so I am going to put majority of it under a read more just so that it does not bombard people’s dashes.

Please note, that there are over 810 of you all, so I will apologise now if I forget some of you but know that I love you all!

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Hey there :) it's been awhile but I just want you to know that even when you don't post, or you don't hear from us all the time, you still cross our minds and make us happy. Personally, just seeing that you're active makes me happy cause it means the world has you in it and you make it a better place so thats absolutely wonderful♡ i hope this school year treats your kindly and nothing is too much for you to handle. Have a great day~

this is so thoughtful of you oh my word and i was just thinking today ‘i havent gotten an ask in a while’ and then i saw this and im just… so touched and amazed? youre just too kind oh goodness.. im honestly astounded about how sweet you are to say all that, i just feel so happy hearing this.. HHHHHH i hope this school year is kind to you too and i hope your day is just as wonderful as you are and just as much of a blessing as you are to me!!

4k, r u ok?

Do you ever look at your follower count and question it?
Because I do. I really do. All the time. Like what the hell are you doing here and why here?

I feel like I can relate to my followers so much because we make poor life decisions: I made this blog and shitposts/memes, and you guys chose to follow me. This blog isn’t even a year old yet and some of you refer to me as one of the dr fandom’s “senpai” and I’m just?? So flattered??? I’M BLUSHING

And let’s not forget the probably the best nickname I have ever received in my whole life, “fanfic mom” which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Seriously, this is just the sweetest and most pure thing and I LOVE ALL MY FANFIC READER CHILDREN OKAY. EVERYONE.

I honestly have the nicest followers? This is all so strange for me and I still find it so hard to believe most of the time?? Like I can count the anon hate I’ve received on just one hand and I don’t have enough hands to count the love I got on and off-anon!! It’s just all so surreal. How is everyone so nice to me? And how are a lot of you so supportive?? Just why???

But also, THANK YOU. I have never felt this appreciated online before and I’ve talked and bonded with a lot of you. I’ve even made a bunch of friends and I’d be happy to make some more by fangirling over dr and whatnot (hello there. yes, you. i’m talking about you. talk to me. i swear i’m not that intimidating.)

Here’s a shoutout to a bunch of wonderful people whom I deeply love and appreciate with all my heart.

Asahina - Gundam

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Hajime - Ludenberg

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Monkuma - Questionmarkquestionmarkquestionmark

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Ryota - Zzzzz

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I’m pretty sure I missed out on more than a few but I don’t think I can fit EVERYONE here because honestly I love my followers so much and those that I follow, mutual or not! Have I ever told you that yet? It’s true. It’s absolutely true. You are all precious and YOU give me HOPE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this tumblr experience so much fun!

And with that, I’m also going on a following spree sometime this week and the next. I’ll do it as soon as I go back to my hometown for the holidays and get unlimited internet access. And also cats. I missed my cats so much.

Feel free to drop by an ask or chat. Talk to me if you want or need to. Especially if you need to. You are important to me. Take care ‘cause I care, okay?

Happy Havoc Blogging!

Picture from DR Comic Anthology Vol1 - A Chance Meeting

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I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing writers and everything I see from you guys makes me grin from ear to ear. :) Keep up the good work.

Ahhhhhh!!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m so surprised to see this !!! I feel really honored you think this and you’re absolutely the sweetest thing ever doll 💖💖💖💖

Thanks for making my night :)


Silver speaking, and you have no idea how warm and fuzzy I felt after reading this comment! QwQ You seriously made our night with this, and we greatly appreciate your words! UvU

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I've talked to a handful of other members & we all agree - this group is fantastic. The admins and atmosphere is so welcoming and lovely. Personally I am so excited to see where this goes and wanted to thank you guys for doing great so far :)

Oh my goodness, thank you so much anon + members!! Seriously, hearing things like that make me emotional. I’m sure I speak for both Admin L and I when I say we honestly have the most incredible members, ever!! All of your dedication spent to this rp is phenomenal!! Everyone of you really do reach out to one another for plotting and don’t bubble rp. Plus your characters are all so fascinating and different. We can’t wait to continue this rp with you wonderful members!!

EDIT: asdfghjkl what admin T said! This is the sweetest message ever! We have so many ideas and plans for the near future that we’re super pumped about, but trust me when I say that wouldn’t have been the case if all of you weren’t so wonderful. A group is as fantastic as its members, us admins maybe take up 30% tops. You are all so friendly with us and each other, you plot with everybody and don’t shy away from more complex ideas. I honestly couldn’t feel more grateful that I’m part of this community. You’re the reason behind our inspiration.

Protect this precious human being at all cost! Seriously he is just the sweetest guy ever as was the whole cast! 

 When I walked up he welcomed me with a hug without me initiating it. I accidentally stepped on his shoe so I looked down then he also looked down and was like “what are we looking at” so I admit “I stepped on your shoe, sorry” he then goes “that’s it” jokingly throws down his sharpie and walks away haha. So then he comes back and I tell him “we’ve got to stop matching because it was becoming a thing” (I wore white Saturday as did he, then he wore dark grey Sunday and I did too.) he said “well I usually wear white or black” and I told him “well I’m wearing dark blue tomorrow for our photo op” which he replies “oh I actually do have a blue vest” and I was like “yes, wear it!!!” After that he mainly just made sure I didn’t have anything I wanted to say and then we said our goodbyes.

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Hey it's the girl who met her crush at an accepted students event. Just found out today that we'll have a lot of classes together, and several times now at orientation he has been super helpful and sweet to me. Walking me home, giving me his jacket, reading poetry with me, buying me dinner, reading my stories, and he told me he came to a certain event just so he could see me. Seeing him in person after so long has just made me fall for him even more. I think something will come of this very soon

this is such a pure update i’m so excited for you omg

i’m sure you guys will be very happy together !!! seriously though this is the sweetest thing and i love a good love story :) also if you ever need any help or advice or just wanna talk abt it i’m always here!


pairing: post-promised day edwin

themes: good old family fluff

rating: k+ for language and implied *ahem* things

a/n: this thing is like 2000+ words it is like the longest oneshot i’ve ever written so if you manage to make it all the way through without getting bored i’m so happy seriously this thing is a monster but i love it

a/n2: inspired by/for the wonderful m7angela! guys, she is like my favorite artist and she’s the sweetest thing so go check her out she’s positively wonderful!!




Winry took a deep inhale through her nose, eyes concentrated completely on the front door that, in only a few minutes would open, revealing her bumbling husband fresh from a weekend trip to Central. Mustang had summoned him to discuss Ed’s findings while he traveled about the West… or something like that.

Truth be told, Winry wasn’t paying full attention when he’d laid out the details. All she heard was, “I’m going to Central for a couple of days,” in that honey-coated voice of his, presumably so she wouldn’t be angry for leaving her only a few days short of their anniversary. But once she’d heard those nine words, her mind instantly flew a different topic entirely.

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Made tour in Melbourne.

okay so I’m on mobile now and I’ll probably post videos when I get home but today was like a religious experience and I need to document all this down asap.

so I bought the vip package and I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed at first. Everything was so chaotic I literally had no idea where I was supposed to be and where cause there were fucking massive ass lines everywhere. After getting moved around a lot I was finally sorted into a slightly shorter line while waiting for soundcheck. The vip package was a'ight, I got a little laminate and a bag (which I ended up losing) but it cost fucking $45 for a light stick (that ended up malfunctioning and wouldn’t stop flashing sporadically) so I was a bit disappointed there but the real kicker was soundcheck.

Soundcheck was supposed to start at 4:30 and apparently go until 5:30. After waiting around for an hour and a half it finally started at 5 and finished at 6, we of course were told absolutely nothing and had no clue about anything that was happening. Any anger I had completely vanished tho when we finally got inside and soundcheck actually started.

Seungri, taeyang and daesung looked fiiiiiine af and were really energetic. Especially taeyang, I mean in soundcheck u don’t really need to go hard but man taeyang was treating it like it was the real deal and it was absolutely amazing.

Seungri was especially rude during Bae Bae he got right up the edge of the stage and did these little slow hip thrusts and right there I died I fucking died.

Daesung the Angel was more reserved but he interacted with the fans a lot more, at one point he smiled and pointed towards me and a friend (we were the only ones along the side of the stage next to the stairs)

Gd and especially top seemed really tired so they were a bit sluggish. Gd would bow and kinda walk around and top just took it easy and made some weird background sounds .

So after soundcheck we left and got snacks, drinks etc. before heading back into the venue to get our seats (cause I had reserved seating right next to the side of the stage)

U know how they play mvs while waiting for the actual show to start?? Well when fantastic baby started playing the crowd went fucking iNSANE. Waving light sticks and belting out the lyrics to the point the sound guy whatever he’s called actually turned up the fucking volume super duper high it was seriously the best.

Now on to the actual concert: it was the beeeeest thing ever but one thing really stood out, or rather one person, fucking taeyang.

Youngbae man, he is literally the sweetest most amazing person on earth istg. He looked soooo happy to be on stage and it translated over into the crowd. He was definitely interacting the most with the fans, when ever he got to the edge of stage he would actually look at people and smile, encourage them to dance and sing along. I was so close to him that we actually made eye contact, I expected him to look away ya know and give attention to other fans but nOPE THAT ASSHOLE LITERALLY HELD EYE CONTACT WITH ME AND SMILED AS I LITERALLY SCREAMED OUT THE LYRICS TO FANTASTIC BABY. Okay so yeah he’s defs competing with seungri as my bias.

Speaking of seungri my god I don’t even have words. He obviously talked the most out of all of them, promoted Google a lot and was basically just…seungri. He would blow kisses to the fans and dance erotically which made me die inside every time. He didn’t really come over to my side of the stage he focused more on the other but damn son whenever he even got close I would scream and wave my light stick around like crazy. Sadly I was not noticed by him .

Now daesung man daesung he’s just…. Wings was definitely my favourite solo song and one of my fave performances of the concert. His voice was just ugh and his smile just ugh and his legs in those tight jeans were just ugh. He would wave and point at fans and at one point he did those little chest pumps that made me want to jump over the railing and let death claim my soul.

Gd. Has. The best. Stage. Presence. My god he could just stand there and do nothing and I’d cry. He was obvs awesome cmon it’s gd, he screamed and got the crowd riled up. One thing I did notice was that in person, bro is actually pretty short and skinny. I would’ve been concerned if he hadn’t of taken off his jumper and let everyone bask in the glory oF HIS FUCKING BICEPS DAMN SON THEY LOOKED BETTER THAN TAEYANGS!!! Also he killed a bunch of fanboys during crooked rip.

Noooooow top. I have never in my life seen someone as attractive as top. During the concert he actually had a lot more energy which made me happy. He didn’t interact with the fans much but honestly he would occasionally glance over and I would just melt into a puddle on the floor. Fucking slayed doom dada I lost my voice from screaming.

So all in all a little piece of me died today. I’m not religious but imma start going to church. Like honestly today was like the best fucking day of my life. Rip me.

i love hearing people’s stories of how they met dan and phil and what they did and how they reacted. because in every single story they are lovely, kind, funny, and sweet to every single person. they’ve been on their feet for hours, meeting hundreds of lovely guy and girls, and still manage to be the sweetest guys ever. they are honestly two of the best youtubers out there, so down to earth, so kind, and they deserve every wonderful thing.

I met Tom Hiddleston last night

So I went out to dinner last night with my family to celebrate me and my sisters birthday and low and behold when we are eating our dessert Tom walks in with a group of people (Elizabeth Olsen included.) 

My sister about had a heart attack and was saying how we had to meet him before we left. So me being the not so shy one got up and interrupted their dinner (I apologized many many times, Im not that rude!!) and asked if we could take a pic and say hello. 

Of course being one of the sweetest guys in hollywood he said yes! He came over and introduced himself to my grandparents and parents, asked us what was the best thing to order on the menu, and how we were doing etc etc. 

Such a kind, handsome dude! He made my sisters and I night!!! 

Still have butterflies!

R & RC

So…I saw the whole Relationships & Red Carpets episode on the internet and it drives me insane.

I just… I’ve waited so much for this and it’s totally perfect! I can’t believe it guys! Three seasons, three amazing seasons… 

I’ll just talk about it…

1. The only scene that I’d seen before episode premiered was with them( Austin and Ally) walking in the practice room and hearing “ Auslly”  from Austin/Ross’s mouth made me wait. It’s just so sweet, thank you A & A writers!

2. Carrie is moving to LA?! Poor Dez…

3. So mister Jimmy Jerk Starr, dating Ally would make Austin’s fans to not buy his albums, but dating your daughter, Kirra is okay?! You’re such a jerk!( Good actor btw!)

4. It’s so funny that scene when they try to not hug and hold their hands, but they end doing these things anyway. (“Love is needing someone. Love is putting up with someone’s bad qualities because they somehow complete you.” )

5.I just love the way they were dressed and I totally enjoyed that parents’s scene.

6.Ohh Trish! She can be so sweet sometimes!  And Austin’s arrive? Oh My God,It felt so real…( I couldn’t stop but think at Ross too. Yep, Raura movie. * I can’t help it *). And man , when he saw her, he looked so lost...#loststaringatmygirl . But again, Jimmy Jerk comes in.( And Austin was trying to kiss or hug her or something. I liked Jimmy so much, but now.. Ugh!)

7. “You look cool, bro!”, and then it comes punch no. 1. I laughed so hard. I had tears in my eyes. It looked like she used some power. 

    “I just want to be near you.” Aww, my heart…

8. The interview… Really Aus’, really?! What can I say about Austin? He’s as good at hiding his feelings as Ross is, so yeah.. And BTW, who the hell is Jasmine? She needs to know what is personal space .

 ’‘Austin and Ally are definitely not a couple.“

’'Definitely not, bro.”(And here we go Ally, punch no. 2. That was even more hilarious than the first one. It looked painful a little and judging by Ross’ face, he was a little amused. Poor Austin…or not!)

9.Jerk? Now Jimmy is an ass and an… You know, he doesn't even worth the calories I burn talking about him.How can he be so heartless? C'mon! We’re talking about Austin freaking Moon! This guy brought him thousands of dollars!

  And seriously Dez? Screaming? Very subtle. 

10. This scene outside is just too emotional for me. Tears in my eyes because of that stupid guitar, because Ally can’t say that and Austin can’t just break like that (almost crying while he was saying: ‘‘I don’t want to lose you again!“) and him patting her with his hand, their foreheads touching…

 ” Maybe we’re not just meant to be together.“- you must kiddin’. You’re more than meant to be Ally! For God’s sake! You are a perfect match!!!!  

’'We’ll always be friends, best friends.” - Yes, but you’ll also always be more than best friends too

“A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.“

It’s just too emotional for me. 

11.Dez, LA. Poor Austin!

’'Without love, what is the point of any of this?”

 Okay Dez, this thing made me cry so much! One of the sweetest things ever!

12. Austin and Ally’s parents are just amazing! And seriously? How can that girl win when she’s competing with Ally Moon Dawson and Austin Monica Moon?!

13. Oh My God, Austin! You’re not doing what I think you’re doing… And Dez..He’s just Dez. 

“I can’t hide it anymore. When I came here tonight I was so excited to tell the world that I have a girlfriend. And her name is Ally Dawson. Ally, when I first met you I had no idea you’d be the best thing that ever happend to me. I can’t imagine my life without you. I love you Ally!”

The BEST thing ever! Austin Moon is the most romantic guy I’ve ever seen! He risked his career for Ally. He would do anything for her. And I’m crying. Like a Baby. 

I can’t not notice the way he said “love”. It sounds so strongly and full of meanings and… love.

14. The kiss was a necessity, a need. You can’t practically give up on your career for somebody because you love her with all you have and not expressing it in a kiss!

And that happend. That kiss was full of emotions and feelings and sweetness and love. And Auslly.[ And Raura. It doesn’t matter they don’t love each other that way *cough* yet  * cough*, their friendship is STRONG and they like each other and I think Austin’s declaration was real. They’d looked pretty nervous and emotional before they kissed. And that makes me so happy because it was real. It wasn’t scripted ( “THEY COULDN’T STOP THE LOVE!” - Ellington Ratliif) , it was an understanding by eyes. I think both of them are kind of 'scared’, confused about their feelings.The attraction and that confusing thing that happens between them( Ross and Laura) made that kiss even more perfect.]

15. And the end was just how it supposed to end you know? It felt right even through it brings us some questions.

“You’re ready to do this?”

“Yes I am.”

And I am so ready for season 4.

*I’ve just realized they wore red and blue twice on this episode ( first time when they told Jimmy about them dating again and second time at the finale). *They wear these colors like almost every time when they sing together *

This episode just rocks, okay? It’s full of sweet and sad moments. They’ve grown up so much!

I remember season 1 -Ally was a talented girl with stage fright, and Austin, that rockstar at the begging of his road, and Dez with his stupid jokes and Trish with those amazing jobs!

Austin & Ally is the best Disney show ever. I want a season 5 too. And a season 6.


omg…. stop it you guys! T______T i cant even ..  i have no words :’)

ive been sick the past two days, and have been toughing it out at work, needless to say, the past two days have not been the best for me. and wow. just wow.

we got one package yesterday from millie may and amabel, and i was seriously so touched. i never ever ever wanted anyone else to feel obligated to send us anything and i was so touched that amabel had sent us a little gift. 

and then today, we get another box… and another… and another! corgfather texted me like “what is going on ?? how do they have our address???” LOL! 

i cant even begin to express our gratitude and thanks… you guys are the freaking sweetest :’) i legit teared up! i seriously wasnt even expecting any of this, i was kinda over the whole secret stumper thing, given that its the end of january now.

but no seriously, noone really understands how great the corgi community is. corgi people are always the best kinda people,  i’ve seen such great things happen and i am so happy to be apart of the community! so again, thank you! thank you! thank you! the warmest and most sincere gratitude from my family to yours <3 

(seriously, how do i join the corgi lady council) 


Disclaimer: before you message me telling me that Luke is staring at my boobs, don’t. I’ve had enough of that last night and today. Most of the time I didn’t care about people saying it, but one person set me off with the way she worded it. I’ll explain why he’s looking down.

I had the MOST amazing experience. Two years ago, I slipped into depression again over some family issues. Then, my friend showed me the Janoskians. I went on a three day binge watching them because they made me laugh so hard, I was crying and my stomach was hurting. They helped me take my mind off of everything around me. I instantly wanted to meet them and thank them for helping me smile when that was the last thing I wanted to do. They’re the reason I signed up for Tumblr. The problem was, they were all the way in Australia and I was in Small Town USA. I waited and waited and WAITED for a chance to at least see them from afar in person, let alone meet them. Last night, I finally did just that. I had everything all planned out of what I was going to say to them but shit happens and it was a semi quick m&g. I ran right up to Luke and hugged him because he’s my sunshine. I was OVER THE MOON when he squeezed me and said “Hi, baby” We were coming out of the hug and he saw the tattoos on my arms and asked if they were, in fact, tattoos. I said yes and pointed to each of them real quick and the one on my chest was the last one I pointed at. THAT is why he’s looking at my chest. We were being rushed to take the pictures and he was interested in what my tattoos were. After the pictures, they were trying to rush me away and Jai basically pushed the guy trying to get me to move out of the way so he could hug me, say “I love you, baby”, and give me a kiss on the cheek. At 20 years old, that’s the first time a guy kissed me on the cheek or called me baby. I don’t care if they call every fan that. For those few quick minutes, they were genuinely interested in me when the one thing I was most afraid of was them not being interested in me because I’m a bigger girl. I almost had a panic attack afterwards because I FINALLY got to see the guys that have helped through the hardest times in these past two years. I don’t care if you hate me for this long post. I don’t care about any negative shit right now unless it’s something bad about the boys. They are seriously some of the sweetest boys I have EVER met and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for everything they’ve done. They’re amazing entertainers and altogether amazing people and I’ll honestly never stop loving them.