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If we think hard enough can we make Aweemowep a real deity? Because to be completely honest, I could get behind a lion god of sleep.

Other realms of influence could include:

He would be that laid-back deity everyone could go to for rejuvenation and rest.

Possible epithets:
*“He Who gathers the tired in His arms”
*“He Who sleeps to gather knowledge”
*“He Who comes to those who call
And the obligatory
*“He with 1,000 knives”

I can’t believe I have to spell this out to people of our own community

A lot of bisexual people identify as gay. A lot of pansexual people identify as gay. A lot of trans, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid people identify as gay. A lot of people with non-heteronormative sexual practices identify as gay. A lot of people with fluid sexuality identify as gay.

Maybe in some communities monosexual homosexuals think gay only applies to them, but it doesn’t. It’s a word a lot of use, and we have every right to.

The level of homonormativity that it takes to think that someone saying they’re gay means they’re monosexually homosexual is ridiculus. You’re calling people homophobic because you can’t aknowledge the diversity in your own community. You’re telling us we don’t belong here. Why would you do that?

Wtf, guys. Seriously. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I was cleaning in the pharmacy tonight and witnessed someone stealing. She even looked me in the eye while doing it. I didn’t know what to do because most places tell you not to do anything. We most certainly don’t have anything in our policy in place for this kind of thing, so I can assume it’d be like most places where you can do nothing but watch. If I did do something, she would have been long gone by the time I mentioned it to the pharmacists, who were very busy. Sure, it was only some candy from one of the jars on the desk out front, but still. That kind of thing adds up and negatively affect employees in the pharmacy. I work through a cleaning company, not the pharmacy, but I still care about them enough to not want them to get in trouble for theft. Even if the jar doesn’t have a price on it and even if it’s open doesn’t mean it’s fucking free. -Abby

Why do I always have the OTP that needs to be defended? And I’m not even talking about toxic ships that hit 100% on the “50 Shades of Grey”-scale?

Nope, just two five-feet “tall” cutie pies with a tendency to daydream about romance, and their handsome boyfriends who fall in love with their selflessness and courage and who are totally in awe of everything their girlfriends do? I wouldn’t have thought that, on tumblr, that this is the kind of ship I need to defend at every point and turn.

Also, I have a type.

Notice of major update to this weird little blog:

((Fem!Caesar will be joining the blog as a muse.  I will RP the two of them.  Which means the blog is getting a complete and total makeover and name change.

I apologize for this.  I apologize for the blog getting a makeover.  I’m also not good with themes.  Or naming stuff.  Or icons.  

Will need help with this.  Carlotta Antonia Zeppeli is a huge project but she is here and providing approximately 87% of Josephine’s impulse control.))

Hi guys I’m a mom

Okay so this is yet another picture of my cat (trust me there will be so many of these you guys will want to unfollow me.) Lol, but seriously

Her name is Ramsey! I decided to name her after the pool I’ve been swimming in with all my swim teams since high school (and still swim in, haha)! And here she is laying on my swim bag, so coincidence? I think not!

So anyway, she’s literally my favorite thing in the whole planet and I just wanted to share her with you guys a little bit! Sorry for the guaranteed spam of her in the future!

My generation is weird, i was born smack dab in the middle of it yet the younger part of the millennials have made up some stuff that took me a while to understand. I will now tell you guys how i understood them at first.

AF- I looked at this and thought “are they trying to spell ALF and they forgot the L?

Lit- Are they talking about books? Literature? doubtful cause i know that 14 and 15 year olds hate reading.

Turnt- Ok i had some trouble to understand this one, like what the fuck is this supposed to me? how the hell does turning relate to having a good time?

Bae- This one is really stupid to me, why? cause its seriously one letter away from Babe, come on guys its a fucking ‘B’ you can pronounce it, please do so you don’t look like a total tool.

Fleek- Is this like some sort of play on the word Geek? is being a geek cool now?

Cash Me Ousside,How bout dah meme- i swear to fucking god this is the stupidest thing since the Kardashians, seriously tell anyone that says anything close to this to go to a library and hit themselves with a book.

Here is a little piece that I did yesterday for my wonderful and extremely kind friend @lemminglavacake!! <3  I hope you feel better <3  I seriously love this character though!!

GUYS go check out her stuff yo!

Blaire: @lemminglavacake

Kuros Species: @weirdhyenas

Art done by me

For the above mentioned names usage only.
Any copying, tracing, redistributing, usage, reposting, or the removal of my watermark/signature will be considered theft and I will report any people who steal my work or claim this as theirs.  Even if you post it and give credit this is still theft if you are not the receiver.  The person who this art was made for may re-upload to their account or other platforms but ONLY if proper credit is given.  This may not be used for commercial reasons unless discussed with me.

Here’s the resounding sound of the door getting kicked open. Whoops. You can always get a new one guys. 

“You two…you seriously left Wendy…poor innocent Wendy with that arrogant prickish asshole!? Do you even have any idea who he is!?” She was smiling but it was very very strained. She was mad at the two of them. How could they!? Did they know what he did to her!? 

Midori actually couldn’t care less about what’s going on between those two and Serena! He’s here to pick up his dear friend Walani and the door is open already how nice! He ran over and hugged her. “HiiIiii Walani!” He said cheerfully. He would pick her up…if he were stronger. “Thanks for coming with me on such short notice I’m…really nervous about this!” 

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  • Other people: i organise all of my blogs so that none of my interests clash with the content my followers want
  • Me: i fell into this fandom so let me subject all of my followers to it

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I just want you to know that your voltron shitposts are a gift to our species

honestly?? where’s my nobel prize

  • shiro: “I need an adult” pidge: “…you… are an adult?” shiro: “yes but I need a better one”
  • hunk’s hairstyle is definitely inspired by young han solo
  • *paladin sneezes* allura and coran, horrified: “what the fuck was that”
  • pidge is too short for her head to be a good armrest for anyone, but does that stop lance from trying?? no
  • allura is the living embodiment of bringing a gun to a knife fight
  • sometimes lance will go to the training deck while keith is training for the express purpose of making lightsaber noises whenever keith swings his sword to piss him off
  • coran is scandalized by hunk and pidge’s lab etiquette
    • pidge’s approach to science is “safety goggles are for squares” and hunk’s is “eyeballing it is a valid method of measurement right”
    • i mean pidge is 14 and hunk is an engineering student what was he expecting
    • he gets hunk a god damn ruler for his birthday
  • lance: “- so the most important thing is that we get in and out without being seen at all. any ideas?” keith: “okay, so what I’m thinking is that i’ll bust into the main chamber and go for zarkon-” lance: “alright, I’m gonna explain again, and you’re gonna tell me where I lost you”

☆☆ But you and I, we live and die
The world’s still spinning around, we don’t know why ☆☆

When inspiration to draw Klance strikes after listening to THIS SONG by Oasis and watching the new series, Eyewitness, which I highly recommend!

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