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2 things I like in Nier: Automata

1) Regardless of the fact that Yoko Taro is a shameless pervert and that the camera can be manipulated by the player to get naughty shots, I do like that in Nier Automata, they didn’t overtly steer the camera (much) during cutscenes to get cheap shots.

With fanservice-y dressed characters, it’s quite easy to do that, focusing on boobs and crotches (i.e. Bayonetta), but they didn’t since it doesn’t fit the grim tone. Although I’m quite aware that the outfits are already toeing the line, haha.

2) Aversions of expectations and gender roles. 2B is the sexy, badass, stoic warrior who actually has a good reason to be so. 9S is the cheerful yet dude-in-distress who’s useful. A2 is also a sexy, badass, stoic warrior.

Those were the first impressions. Turns out 2B does have emotions, and she reveals them quite suddenly when 9S is in danger, and although it’s surprising that she does that when they’ve only met, it’s actually really good because her reactions are actually hints to her true nature and to the rest of the story.

9S is a cute, happy boy, who may grate on you initially, but he’s endearing. And he’s actually a racist, who disregards machines as conscientious despite numerous evidences. And he gets rescued a lot. But he really, really gets to you, especially in his latter character development in 3rd Act.

A2 is strange, because you only get to play her in the last act (and I’m hoping Taro makes a DLC featuring more of her to get more of her character), yet she still manages to win you over. She’s tough chick who went through hardships, but still goes on because she needs to.

There are other characters, but I can’t list them all but haha, they really stick to you, from pacifist Pascal to madwoman Jackass (that name really sticks out), they all work so well because none isn’t used for simple fodder.

In other words, Taro actually wrote them like real people, with complex relationships and complex thought processes while mixing and smashing tropes and stereotypes. You can’t really put any of them in one box as their definite characteristic, and that multi-faceted approach to both men and women is one of the things that makes this game awesome.

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Both are realizing there's no time,the writers are pushing them together with their individual arcs,and when they are there (soon) there will be no turning back,they are not gonna drag it out anymore,its gonna be all or nothing for them,they are so thirsty with each other,they will not be able to resist,dont worry for what bob say or will say this weekend bc remember they can spoil anything, he is gonna talk well,t,but he cant say nothing,im sure he is gonna smile and be nervous, 2/2.

kajfhkjgsdfa!!! Welcome back anon!!!!!! (I think i’m correct in assuming that you’re the same positive anon from ealier….?)

Anon, i personally invite you to my inbox whenever you feel like dropping some “bellarke is happening” posts. It just makes my day :)

And ooooooooooooo Bob has actually been perfect this weekend! I mean, we all knew he would be but today has just got me feelin like i’m on top of the world. He literally refuses to talk about bellarke rather than politely shutting it down, says that he does think that bellamy cares about clarke more than anyone else (save octavia), and that he thinks that we’re meant to read bellamy as having romantic feelings for clarke. like…we already all knew this, but bob morley is a fucking icon

Why is no one talking about the scene in batb where it goes

Dude: *smiling at lady* bonjour, good day, how is your family?
Lady: bonjour, good day, how is your wife? *smiles and looks down and to the side*
*Dude #2 pops up from where lady was looking*
What is this
Why is no one talking about this
What does this mean


Samurai Jack Intro - Latino Animation Remake Collab

Watch it, guys. It’s seriously good! It’s like that Sailor Moon episode redraw from a few years back, but with JACK!

how do u guys get motivation to write essays/do homework? seriously i need help i don’t think i could write this essay if i had a gun to my head :/


Seriously stop. You guys call yourself shippers but do you even care about them as a person? Baekhyun is a guy, a man, a boy call him whatever you want but he is not a girl get that through your thick head. If you are really his fan you would know that he stated multiple of time that he is a man. He is manly. Baekhyun is not a “fragile, delicate princess” who needs his “boyfriend” to protect him. He did freaking hapkido ffs. I was fine with you guys shipping them but sometimes shippers are taking it too far. Making up rumours of them? Like the only reason baekhyun might be limping is because he did “something” with chanyeol. Not because he was dancing his ass off on stage doing what he likes to do. What is wrong with just using real moments of them to spazz. Why must you make something up? Sometimes you guys just like to jump to conclusion without even knowing if its real or not. That hand on baekhyun’s skechers video? Well newsflash its not chanyeol’s. If they are really gay then good for them but dont push your fantasies on someone when they themselves didn’t confirm shit. Some of yall talk like you are so sure they are gay. So what if baekhyun and chanyeol wants to follow some girl on ig. Its their life. If you want to be a shipper, be a fun one not a delusional one.


go listen to stronger by britney spears cause 1. it’s gonna make you feel better 2. it’s britney spears ofc it’s gonna make you feel better 3. IT’S BRITNEY BITCH OFC IT’S GONNA MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER

Peter Parker x reader
  • Peter has created a chatroom.
  • Peter has added Clint, Nat, Tony, Wanda and Steve.
  • Peter: GUYS
  • Tony: What is it kid?
  • Tony: I'm busy
  • Clint: I just saw you in the lounge watching TV
  • Tony: Exactly
  • Peter: Guys. Seriously. I have a problem.
  • Nat: ....
  • Nat: What kind of problem?
  • Peter: It's y/n
  • Wanda: Is this all because of that time you tripped and fell on your face because you where staring at her?
  • Peter: ...
  • Peter: no!
  • Peter: well, Maybe...
  • Steve: I remember that
  • Tony: Aww Peteys got a crush
  • Peter: Anyway. How do I tell her I like her?
  • Clint: ooooooooo
  • Clint has added Bucky
  • Clint: Bucky, Peters got a massive crush on y/n
  • Bucky: One moment please
  • Bucky has added y/n
  • Y/n: What? I'm doing homework
  • Nat: Read the chat
  • Peter: DON'T READ IT!
  • y/N: Aww I like you too Spiderboy
  • peter:
  • Peter has left the chat
  • Y/n has left the chat
  • Nat: We have to do something about this
  • Tony: Agreed

Yes, I read xreader fanfic and what?! And yes, unfortunately I don’t have choice to read xfemale!reader. We don’t have many choice with male!reader *sigh*

This is short, or just smut/lemon or, hu, cliché gay. I don’t have problem with that (I mean, I read male!reader with male Canon characters soooo…) but seriously,., nha, I’m not a lil’ cute guy really slim and pretty.

But, yeah, this is difficult to read with a female!reader when I’m a man. This is rare a female!reader not too much girly or overly cute.

So, yeah, this is funny to imagine me in a dress without effort for a good passing.


(Because yeah, I AM, a 90kgs, 180cm tall guy. And the Canon characters are rarely more big than me)

sorry for my bad englisshhh

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Speaking of synths and the Institute, where does Guy stand on Acadia and the events of Far Harbor? I started thinking that living in a community of people like him might do Shaun some good if Guy had to SERIOUSLY distance himself, but at the same time, we don't really know how he'd react to DiMA's... Machinations.

ive always had the idea that when/if guy meets dima, and they went through the games dialogue, guy would completely freak out when dima mentions the possibility that guy might be a synth. not the best first impression for either side. but i think guy would be ultimately ok with dima’s actions and acadia itself, as long as he doesnt have to live there. out of sight out of mind and all.

if he knew about acadia before getting to the institute, he probably would send shaun over to acadia to be with people who could understand him and stuff. even though dima has some morally grey actions going on, the other residents of acadia are good people and probably would teach shaun right, with or without dima.

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Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I know I've said this already but I seriously love your writing! I love your fluffy prompts they just make my heart melt every time! and even though you believe your smut isn't very good, I love it sooooo much and it does some serious things to me *wink wink* I'm always creeping your blog for new posts and I've read every story at Least 100 times each and they still have the same effect on me *wink wink*. Keep up the good work hun!! I look forward to what you post next! ❤️❤️

Thank you soooooo much! Seriously, guys, you are too sweet, my heart can’t take it! 
I am so happy I can contribute something to this community and even happier that you like the (sometimes) bullshit I write. Like, really, you’re making my day with each like or reblog or comment! I appreciate each and every one of you, and even though I’m not good at keeping my schedule you are still here and that is just - hnnnng!

I love ya all to bits, my little smutlings!
Thanks for making my day (especially because I was sick the last night and felt horrible)