seriously guys this is hilarious

Sweet/Vicious is such an important show. It’s so unapologetic with how it goes into rape culture/sexual assault on college campuses. Seriously, guys, please go watch this show. While being serious it’s also hilarious and the two main girls are vigilantes on their college campus and take down the male students who got away with rape/sexual assault. There are other things to the plot, too, but that’s the main premise. It does show sexual assault in the show, so be mindful of that, but it has a warning before the episode. Anyway, Sweet/Vicious the show I’ve been waiting for and I hope everyone watches it.

Yuri on Ice has fixed my life. I believe in love again. Goodbye cynical self. Hello optimism. No but in all seriousness if you haven’t started watching Yuri on Ice please do. It’s amazing for too many reasons to explain but I’ll try to fit some of them.

Non-fetishized and healthy cannon gay relationship
A diverse cast
So hilarious (seriously there’s a guy that nuts every time he skates)

This anime is the first one I’ve actually enjoyed in a long time. Show it the love and support it deserves so it can continue for as long as possible.


I just found one of the greatest Sherlock parodies ever. I love Studio C especially their Star Wars vids but I had no idea they did a Sherlock one or I would have shared it sooner. Seriously guys this is hilarious. 

I may or may not have spent the entire day today animating this little Hatapon.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, I am in over my head with this game, and I am loving every second of it. I have to admit that Hatapon is currently my favorite, and I dunno if any of the other lil guys can match him there!

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My old job would post coloring pages for fun in the break room. We were supposed to give Nicolas Cage a hair style to cheer on a new store that was opening up.

I missed the latter part of that memo.

Who knew Nick Cage was such a diverse actor?

What villain has red eyes, a white color scheme, commits genocide to stop a warrior from said race from deposing him, has a British accent in the English dub, is a royal, knows martial arts but would rather not use them, ended up being screwed over by their own genocide, has an army, likes to act like a smooth evil kind of guy but breaks down when things go wrong, and is noticeably smaller than their arch enemy?

It’s Lord Shen, of course

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Oh my god! 2000+ Followers!
I just can’t believe this! When I started this blog it was just because I was bored and thought it’d be funny and now here are so many wonderful people, who support me and like what I do and I just want you to know that I love every single one of you SO MUCH! Really, guys: THANK YOU!

let’s all just take a minute to appreciate that Ryan gave up a scholarship to give full commitment to Panic! At The Disco as well as being the one who reached out to Pete and inevitably got them signed

While holding down Karma is like holding down a Jaguar, holding back Nagisa must be the equivalent of holding a scrappy Min Pin.


So since my Brolden post got 300 notes, I’ve decided to see exactly how many dollars I would have for every time I’ve seen someone say ‘so Lupin CAN sing!’

atm we’re up to $17, if we’re counting ALL the comments pictured here. The pictures have captions explaining it all.

Tumblr only lets me add 10 pictures per post, so I’ll add more along the way.

(and lets take a moment to appreciate that I found almost half of these on either that excerpt from the Apocalyptour DVD where they sing ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ or from the part of Starship with the ‘Kick It Up A Notch Reprise’)

(and most of these were buried with ‘wow Brolden is so hot’ comments so there you go)

add more pictures if you find them so we can all become super rich together!