seriously guys she's so nice


I’m waiting Shonda, I’m waiting…

Plus, comments about Swift’s unoriginality as a songwriter – “she’s always writing songs about dudes who’ve wronged her!!” – minimizes her craft in a way that a male artists’ never would. So when a brand – that shall go unnamed – tweeted: “Silver lining for Swifties? New break-up songs!” they reduced the complexity of her work in a really boring, sexist way. Homegirl has earned 10 Grammy Awards, 19 American Music Awards, 22 Billboard Music Awards and 1 Emmy, as well as been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. And you’re seriously going to credit the not-so-nice guys she’s dated (and the perfectly nice guys with whom it just didn’t work out) with all her success? No. That will not stand.
—  People Magazine Supporting Swiftie

“She didn’t even ask, she just sat down and started doing her makeup.” said this confused gentleman later, from his desk at the headquarters of Nice Guy Ltd. “It’s as if my opinion, as a total stranger who just happened to be on the same bus at the same time, wasn’t important.”