seriously guys she's so nice


I’m waiting Shonda, I’m waiting…

The Fandom Friends Tag

The rules are simple, list the people you consider friends that you have made on Tumblr and why you like that person, then tag some people to find out who they consider to be friends.

In no particular order:

@queenrosales Ok so she is one of the first friends i made on tumblr and i thank every star in the universe that i joined the fandom at the time i did cause it made me meet you I love you more than starlight you are amazing and such a fun person to talk to you always listen to my absolutely crazy theories i just love you wife so much!!

@catarinalosss you are the first person i talked to here and you made me feel so welcome in the fandom and i know that whenever something exciting happens i can always come and yell about it with you and we can freak out about it together  you are the nicest person ever seriously guys she is so nice!!

@cristinqrosales Ale you are the best seriously you are always there to talk about pretty much anything and i love that i don’t know what to say except that i love our weird friendship

@thepurplewarlock  Becca i love your writing and helping you whenever i can is a pleasure i love talking to you so much i enjoy every interaction we have and i hope sometime we can meet in person and watch movies and eat popcorn together and even though you are older than me i love how we totally ignore that and act like 3 year old’s on a sugar rush when we talk

@alessapenthorn my Love my other wife i don’t know what to say except that i love you and you are the greatest person ever you are just so nice!! how do you do it? i hope you get everything you want cause you deserve it

@mostawesomepineapple i love how much you love Julian and i know that whenever the feels hit i can talk to you about it cause you just understand how much it hurts to love him your blog is AMAZING one of my favorites here and you are just a great person to talk to

@ladyofroses we started talking not that long ago but i already consider you one of my friends (hope you don’t mind) every time i see that i have a message from you i get so happy and i also love that we love a lot of the same books and once i read Hunting Prince Dracula you are the first person im going to talk to so we can rant about Thomas (he is just so dreamy)

@alexandraherondaleblackthorn even though we only talked once about hair and pancakes it was a very nice conversation hope we have more love you blog

I tag every one i mentioned and whoever wants to do it!!

“She didn’t even ask, she just sat down and started doing her makeup.” said this confused gentleman later, from his desk at the headquarters of Nice Guy Ltd. “It’s as if my opinion, as a total stranger who just happened to be on the same bus at the same time, wasn’t important.”