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  • Lyanna Stark: *dying* Ned, please promise me you'll take care of him
  • Ned Stark: *holding little baby Jon* I promise Lya
  • Lyanna: You know Rhaegar probably would have wanted to name him something Targaryen sounding, like Jaeharys or Aemon or something...
  • Ned: Jaeharys is okay I guess-
  • Lyanna: But fuck that bitch, my baby's name is Jon
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[trans] 170314 NCT DREAM white day event fan account

1. Mark and Jisung were in charge of taking orders, Haechan and Chenle gave out sweets/gifts, Jeno and Renjun made the drinks (choice of Americano or Choco Latte). Today the artium became like the reality version of Coffee Prince No.1…. [Cr: MARK_990802_]

2. If fan is unable to decide what to drink, Mark and Jisung will play Stone-Scissors-Paper, if Mark wins it’s Americano, if Jisung wins it’s Choco-latte [Cr: 16_qe]

3. Haechan and Chenle would dance and sing. When a fan (or guest haha) comes in, both of them would do a 90 degree bow [Cr: 16_qe]

4. This signature from Jisung writes “Jeno pabo kekeke” [cr: 990802___mk]

5. This signature from Jisung writes “Chenle pabo keke” [cr: happytententen]

6. Mark says, this is their first time to make these drinks, maybe they won’t taste well. Mark also mentioned that he wants to participate in NCT DREAM’s fansigns too [cr: happytententen]


Let him be everything because he is everything.


That new LEGO Ninjago movie trailer seriously showed us A LOT of differences from the original series.

Thanks for making an actual AU, LEGO. 😂

Heads up to my fellow autistic ppl to block tumblr user: atheistic-aesthetica

This person has been saying some pretty nasty and ableist stuff in the #actuallyautistic tag. 

Do not bother engaging/trying to argue with them they are a minor (14) and are most likely a troll. Don’t engage and definitely dont harass them or send hate - just block them. They really aren’t worth the effort.

  • They persistently use the r-word; ‘r*tard’ and their response to people asking and telling them to stop is to only use it more. 
  • They have called self-diagnosed autistic people fakes and insist that self-diagnosed people are doing it to seem “cute/quirky” and to look special. 
  • On top of this they believe that any autistic person that has more than one special interest is not actually autistic and is faking it.
  • They believe that autistic people that say they enjoy stimming or who portray their stimming as something good are not really autistic and are faking it. 
  • Basically they just seem to think that autistic people cannot and should not ever be proud of or enjoy being autistic or have any positive feelings about being autistic. 
  • They find it funny that other autistic people are getting upset and angered by their post - calling the upset/angry responses them “getting triggered” and finding that hilarious. 
  • Calls people who get upset about the r-word “sensitive pussies”

Yes they seem to have a truck load of internalised ableism to work through and I hope they are able to work through it someday but that does not excuse their bullying tactics.

EDIT: They are also enbyphobic/exorsexist and transphobic in general. 

atheistic-aesthetica is very hateful and a bully. They are also a troll and a minor. 
Do not engage. Do not harass/send hate (this is never acceptable). Just block their url and move on.  

  • clarke: hey, any word from jaha? did they find bellamy's unit?
  • what monty said: yeah. they're back, and we forgot to tell you.
  • what monty meant: clarke i get that you're worried about your totally platonic other half/soulmate/yin and yang-type best 'friend' bellamy blake but you asking me and harper and riley and every other person in this camp every 10 minutes will not bring him back sooner and honestly this is so pointless and annoying because obviously he's trying to get back to you as soon as he can so you jamming all the radio frequencies and staring longingly at the gates isn't going to change anything so if you could kindly stop freaking the hell out that would be much appreciated because obviously i will sound all the alarms (as instructed) and notify you myself as soon as he gets back now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go because i have work to do (as instructed)
  • clarke: ...
About Zutara.
  • I AM of Zutara hardcore fan and started ATLA for them (and Toph) but I love Aang! He’s one of my favorite character of the show! He’s pacifist, kind and innocent. He’s a kid forced to fight in a war he doesn’t want to be a part of. I actually feel extremely sad for him. The most stupid thing in this ? People are bashing Aang and say he doesn’t understand Katara’s pain about her mother’s murder… Uh… Yes he does. His entire people has been killed. We are talking about a genocide. How does he not understand, again? He is a pacifist, of course revenge is foreign to him and he doesn’t understand it, but he understands her sadness. He, by the way, handles it pretty well. He has no family left. Katara has Sokka. You need to stop this hate.
  • As for Mai… Meh. I won’t lie. I don’t like her. But not because Zutara is not canon. I don’t like her because she and Zuko are in an abusive relationship, and she is the one who abuses Zuko. Because, I’m sorry, but she is. She treats him like a slave at the beach party (go get me some food), she throws things at him (and not in a playful way. I wouldn’t condamn her if they were having a pillow fight because everyone loves pillow fights), she actually acts like a bitch when he tries to talk to her about his scar and the fact that is fucking traumatized by what happened to him. Let’s do a little genderbent. Had Zuko been a girl and Mai a man, everyone would be trashing this ship. Serioulsy, their relationship is almost saying that men can’t be abused. Which is bullshit. One of my friends have been abused by his girlfriend, and I can tell you it was hard for him to trust another girl after that. So no. It’s not a healthy relationship.
  • But, before this poor excuse of a relationship happened, I liked Mai. She was a cool bad guy, and actually made me laugh a few times. My opinion did change when I realized she abused her boyfriend, but, had she never done that, she would have stayed one of my favorite antagonist.
  • What I’m trying to say is that it’s not because your ship isn’t canon that you can just go and hate characters for this reason. If you don’t like them, fine. But find yourself a real reason… Otherwise, It’s stupid, childish and immature. Jeez, it pisses me off! I know Zutara was fucking forshadowed and I WAS cheering for them during the entire show, but I still love Aang! (And I used to like Mai).

one piece anniversary

day 6 » relationships/interactions 

∟ luffy + his crew  

okay i was going to write an analysis but let’s be quick: luffy’s relationship with his crew is super important because he even though he has a different relationship with each of them, he treats them all equally and respectfully, which in turn makes their relationships that much more precious. please don’t tell me he values any crew member more than another, because he’s probably die the same way if any of them left. 

great things about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • how they say such stupid shit so eloquently
    • i.e. “will you go to prom with us in san dimas? we will have a most triumphant time.”
  • save the humans
  • keanu reeves actually being a quality comedian
  • napoleon, the short dead dude, is a ziggy piggy
  • that little air guitar riff
  • historical figures wreaking havoc at a local mall
    • esp. joan of arc taking over an aerobics class
  • alex winter’s stomach
i'm just a sucker for a cold-hearted lover (you make me suffer) - grammarkid - Power Rangers (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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it’s.. it’s done

guys i’m sorry

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The Worst Foils

Tarvek to Gil’s face: Do us all a favor and keel over, Wulfenbach.
Tarvek when Gil is nowhere nearby: *calls him by his nickname, expresses unshakable faith in his durability and morals*
Gil when Tarvek is nowhere nearby: That bastard, who cares?
Gil to Tarvek’s face: *wrapping Tarvek in a clingy octopus hug* Can we stay like this forever.

So i’ve noticed in the LWA fandom lately something about Akko’s voice actress and approving the Akko X Chariot ship. I’ve also noticed people becoming happy at this and drawing fanart/writing fanfics without restraint like they have been given the green light to do so. 

Except, here’s the thing about this ship.

Akko is not an adult, guys.

Analysis time.
Now for Chariot’s age. But before anything, lets assume that Luna Nova follows the three year span per student like most other schools in the UK (Akko being 16 when admitted, and 18 usually being when students graduate).
That implies that Chariot was at least 16 (17 or 18 is more plausible though) when she disappeared for 10 years. Meaning she is at least 26 years old in current time, and officially 10 years older than Akko.

Chariot is 26, while Akko is 16. Having them together as a couple would make Chariot a pedophile, and those who accept the ship despite that fact need to reevaluate themselves.