seriously guys like tons

so hey guys just a friendly reminder bc I notice a lot of people seem to get a little negative when penryn is fancast as asian

  • I sweep a strand of dark hair behind her ear” Angelfall, pg 2
  • with her high cheekbones and midnight eyes, we could almost be twins” Angelfall, pg 2
  • he opens his eyes for a moment. dark hair flutters in the breeze.” World After, pg I don’t know it’s on a kindle
  • susan ee:

so what does this mean??

  • signs seem to point towards penryn being asian
  • which doesn’t mean that you have to see her that way
  • bc guess what, it’s a fancast, you can picture anyone you want!!
  • but let’s go ahead and not hate on people who choose to picture her as asian, cool?


  • white is not the default, friends
  • so saying in the tags on someone’s edit “why is penryn asian?? come on, it’s not that hard” is not an appropriate thing to say
  • bc sometimes characters don’t have a specified ethnicity and so sometimes it’s okay to decide they are something other than white



“Hey, Lia, have you seen this guy?” He was already handing her his phone, a youtube channel pulled up. Some of the top videos already showed off videos about serial killers, a mix of lists and actual cases. “This guy does a ton of ‘seriously strange’ stuff. Like, for real, that’s what he calls his series.”

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Bts react to finding a used condom packet lying around their house.

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EDIT: Because the admin doesn’t read her requests that well…she wrote about just finding a condom package. Sumimasen п-п.

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