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i’m doing a rewatch of twd before sunday, and there’s no way i’m gonna finish but point is. Can we talk about Beth Greene’s character development? I remember when she first came in, I’ll be honest I was like every other person out there who thought she was some annoying teenage girl. But then I got it, ya know? She was fresh out of high school, her whole ahead of her when the world went to shit. Her daddy had her believing there was a cure, that one day the world was going to go back to what it used to. Then that all kinda came crashing down when the barn opened, when she had to face the world Hershel was trying to hide her from. She had to watch her mom, her half-brother, people she loved and cared about, they weren’t those people anymore. 

She grew strong, the prison, the time with Daryl, and at Grady. She grew to be so much more than that little girl on the farm. Some of it came from daryl, teaching her to track, being out there in the wild, I’m not discrediting him, but gentle reminder Beth is so much more than her friendship with Daryl Dixon.  But Beth is responsible for finding her own strength, her own courage. Beth changed, she became the person she needed to be. I will forever be salty about the potential and development that Beth had, and lost. Beth saw the world for what it was finally, and she changed. She got it, and I honestly feel like the person she had become wouldn’t have been dumb enough to stab Dawn with those scissors, like Beth Greene deserved so much more than the ending she got. 

I could honestly like ramble on about this forever but I’mma keep it short. 

so hey guys just a friendly reminder bc I notice a lot of people seem to get a little negative when penryn is fancast as asian

  • I sweep a strand of dark hair behind her ear” Angelfall, pg 2
  • with her high cheekbones and midnight eyes, we could almost be twins” Angelfall, pg 2
  • he opens his eyes for a moment. dark hair flutters in the breeze.” World After, pg I don’t know it’s on a kindle
  • susan ee:

so what does this mean??

  • signs seem to point towards penryn being asian
  • which doesn’t mean that you have to see her that way
  • bc guess what, it’s a fancast, you can picture anyone you want!!
  • but let’s go ahead and not hate on people who choose to picture her as asian, cool?


  • white is not the default, friends
  • so saying in the tags on someone’s edit “why is penryn asian?? come on, it’s not that hard” is not an appropriate thing to say
  • bc sometimes characters don’t have a specified ethnicity and so sometimes it’s okay to decide they are something other than white


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Bts react to finding a used condom packet lying around their house.

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