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So today it’s all over social media that a famous show jumping rider just sold her mare for $3,000,000. to another rich kid.

And you and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that hundreds of young aspiring riders will see this, and add it as one more example of the way that the system is rigged against them, and will allow this news to add to their existing sense of disillusionment about their own chances of ever becoming successful.

There will be other kids who might give this news a flickering glance, and keep on practicing the sitting trot, keep on jumping the two foot fences to work on their eye for a distance, keep on trading mucking stalls in exchange for lessons, and the chance to ride more horses.

And I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that some day, 25 years from now, it will be one of these latter kids who will be the “big” rider, not the recipients of too much largesse, nor those who use the easy success of some as an excuse to shirk their own struggle.

—  Denny Emerson on Reed Kessler’s horse, Cylana, being sold to a young amateur for $3 million
Despite the Election:

Be kind to others. Be gracious. Be loving. Try to be understanding. Be gentle.

If we respond to the others with violence and negativity, we are no better than they are. We have to rise up as a community and show people that there is still good in this country.


Alright, hi guys. I know, I don’t want to get serious on this blog, but I kinda feel like I have to for today. And I just want to say I know things are looking super bad right now, honestly, I’ve been feeling anxiety for everyone over there for the entire day! 

But I just want to remind you that this isn’t the end. You’ll all get through this, you might think that there’s no point but please don’t give up! Don’t stop fighting! 

But also please remember to take care of yourselves and take care of each other. 

I know it’s easy for me to say this as someone who’s not from America, but I just want you all to know that I’m here rooting for you and I hope that my words and work would provide some form of comfort.

Take care and be safe. 

Support public libraries!!

I am heartsick from seeing so many thousands of books being thrown in the trash, week after week after week with no end in sight.

Please support your public library!

It is super-easy: all you have to do is use the library. The following is a list of things you can do at the library, and all of it helps both you and the library, so win-win!

Not all libraries offer all of these services, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian or to check the library’s Web site!

*Walk through the front door.
(Seriously - every person who enters the building adds to a statistic that tells the people in charge that the library is being utilized and should be given resources accordingly.)

*Use their free Wi-Fi or sign up to use a public computer.

*Check out movies, TV shows, and documentaries (and anime!).
(The library has a lot more than just books! You can check out all sorts of things.)

-You can order items from other branches if the branch you visit doesn’t have what you’re looking for. The items will be sent to whichever branch you specify and reserved for a little while under your name so that you can pick them up and check them out at your convenience.

-There’s also a service that does the same thing, except you can order items from other cities if your local library doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

*Check out music CDs - rock, country, R&B, classical, movie soundtracks, folk, you name it!

*Check out laptops or tablets.

*Use their job center, which can offer free help with résumés and such.

*Attend free classes at their adult education center.

*Use their copier, scanner, or fax machine (there’s usually a charge for this, but most of the other library services are free).

*Check out e-books or vinyl LPs.

*Check out audiobooks.
These are great for people who don’t have time to sit down and read a book. You can listen to audiobooks while driving, exercising, or doing housework.

*Check out books, DVDs, and music in other languages, such as Spanish.

*Read the newspapers and magazines. (You can check out older magazines just like you would books.)

*Attend library-sponsored or -hosted programs and events, such as story time for children, activities for teens, art shows and concerts, book clubs, etc.

*Rent the event room for your own events, meetings, etc.

*Buy used books, movies, etc. for super-cheap prices at the library’s book sales.
(Some of these items were donated for this purpose. Other items were withdrawn from the library’s collection because they weren’t getting checked out, and this is their last chance to be useful to someone - if they don’t sell, they eventually get thrown away.)

*Donate books, movies, etc. to be sold in library book sales.

*And, of course, check out books. Books get withdrawn when they haven’t been checked out in a while. Some of these books go to the book sales, but others…sometimes a lot of others…go straight into the garbage.

Check out books that you have any interest in whatsoever, even if you don’t get a chance to finish reading them.

Check out books you love that you want to remain on the shelves for new readers to find.

In addition to fiction (including comic books and manga!), there is fantastic non-fiction on subjects such as:

-Car repair manuals
-Pregnancy and child-rearing
-Movies (as in, books about movies or TV shows)
-Job hunting or career-improving
-Crafts (including crochet, knitting, etc.)
-Political and economic commentary
-Memoirs (in addition to biographies of famous historical figures, there are many fascinating books written by contemporary people with vastly different life experiences)
-Fashion, makeup, hairstyling, etc.
-Academic subjects like math and foreign languages
-Physical and mental illnesses
-Dating and marriage
-Allllllll sorts of books about animals
-Religious studies
-Gender issues
-Race issues
-Home decor
-Various science topics like astronomy, geology, etc.
-All kinds of art

*And more! Check your library’s Web site or ask a librarian about any other services and programs they might offer, such as free help preparing tax returns or free meals for children during summer vacation.

Additional ways you can support the library:

(It’ll look good on your résumé or college application, too.)

*Donate money.
(Make sure it goes straight to the library rather than just the city in general.)

Public libraries are super-important and super-helpful community resources! There is so much cool stuff to do there, everything from entertainment to self-education to enrichment.

The public library is here for you, so make use of it! Prove to the people in charge that the library is valued and deserves more resources to provide even more cool stuff to patrons.


I read The Silver Eyes for Halloween and doodled some images from it. “Good” isn’t really a word I’d use to describe the book, but I like what it set out to do. A lot of horror basically treats murder as a cool thing that happens, but a lot of this book is about the effect the game’s backstory would have on people and how they’d try to deal with it, which is nice.

painting i spent a lot of free time yesterday doing of tom ellis as Fox’s new series lead, Lucifer! THE FINALE? GREAT. THE AESTHETIC OF THIS SHOW? WONDERFUL. i’m so surprised by the lack of fanart i’ve seen for it! but i am MORE than happy to provide!

so excited for season 2!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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I'm definitely with everyone on the hype bandwagon for this zine you and Ren are making! I'd also LOOOVE to see a story with Flint though, as much as I love Tony and co., Flint's the absolute best and there's something so wonderfully gritty about stories that take place on the road (I merely assuming that that would be a factor). Seriously can't wait for what becomes of your guy's beautiful work. <3

THANK YOU I’m always real touched whenever people like this goofball character. He’s been around so long…You all make me want to write more little comics about him. he’s been neglected too long. 

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‪[지훈] 진짜 다들 너무 수고많았어요 ㅠㅠㅠ 우리보다 더 고생하는거같아서 맘이아푸..‬ ‪#크나큰 #KNK #지훈 #JIHUN #팅커벨 #조심히들어가요 #😢‬

[Jihun] You guys seriously worked really hard  ㅠㅠㅠ Because it seems like you guys worked even harder than us my heart hurts.. #KNK #Jihun #Tinkerbell  #Return safely #😢


For the Anon who asked me something with Kanjiklub. I hope you like it!

Special Agent Leonard McCoy spent the last two years deep undercover to infiltrate The Vulcan Brothers; a drugs- and money laundering organization led by Spock. But when he finally receives the signal to take him down, he realizes he has started to feel loyalty towards this new environment, the money, the thrills, and especially, to Spock.


“Thank you to the best cast, crew and fans in television.” - Jeff Eastin

I can’t understand

all this bashing against The Final Problem.

Seriously, guys. How can’t you see all the work that was behind it?

Mark, Steven, Sue, Ben, Martin, Loo, Rupert and all the others put their hearts in this show. And it hurts seeing how some of you, people, are just throwing accusations and faults at them.

Sherlock BBC has been one of the most beautiful show of the 21th century and it has been confirmed again with the last episode.

Johnlock? You can’t criticize the show just because it didn’t become “canon” in the real sense of the word (I am a johnlock shipper too and I can say with all the honesty in the world that for me… johnlock became canon in this way. And it was all I ever asked for them)

It was beautiful, it was perfect and I am proud that I was part of it.

Can we just talk for a minute about how incredible the content in the IASIP fandom is? We might be a small fandom, but we’ve got some frankly incredible artists, writers, poets, and designers in this community. I feel very #blessed, especially as a multishipper, to be surrounded by so much new quality content every day. I love you guys. Seriously.