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Why I keep logging onto Tumblr to see what’s happening with One Direction

Wow!!! We hit 11k today! Thank you all so much! We’re all super appreciative. I honestly never even considered 10k. I told my roomies, who are now the two other mods, that I’d upload a video of me playing History Maker on guitar if I ever achieved 10k. That’s how impossible it seemed to me, back in October when we got our first thousand.

You guys are all so amazing. I still can’t believe some of you guys have made art related to this silly blog. You’re all just so lovely and talented. I love Yuri on Ice so much and I’m so happy to be able to share that love with all of you.

I’ll spare you my bad guitar playing, but if we get 15k, I’m considering a Yuri on Ice tattoo…

Lots of love and yummy katsudon!
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how is it that I make a post saying that I think the Native Americans should be represented as Alfred and Matthew and somehow you guys start to lecture me about how their white because they were founded by white people. America wasn't ‘founded’ by white people. people lived here thousands of years before that. It was already a place with a history… just because white people decided to come to American and murder everyone doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a country before that. YOU CAN’T FUCKING FOUND A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE ALREADY LIVE! A lot of people, over 500 tribes with different views and customs, they had wars and different religions, OVER 18 MILLION PEOPLE! Sure the Europeans didn’t know it existed but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fucking place. Like you said. The countries are representations of the people who live there. Native Americans have lived here for over 12,000 years. Much longer than Europeans. They have culture and religions, like 1000 different languages, they have stories and folklore, THEY ARE A PEOPLE! like wtf?

With that logic everyone in hetalia should be white because a white person stumbled upon it sooner or later. India would be fucking white! because a white person sailed to India…

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

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29. “I thought you were dead.” Andriel?

bitch i heard andriel not andreil so that’s what you’re getting ayt

fic meme 1-100: andriel (andrew + nathaniel) + 29. “I thought you were dead.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc, but you can send me anything) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

“The last time it got this bad, I remember having to go to… extreme measures to handle it.”

Andrew stiffened at the thought of whatever methods Betsy was implying. Surely she meant healthy and valid preventive measures, which are proven to have worked, designed by reliable and credible psychiatrists?

Then again, when had he ever trusted any psychiatrist? Ever since Neil, really, when had he ever trusted anyone? Betsy didn’t count, even if she was the closest to what Andrew considered the definition of trusted.

Dissociative identity disorder, he learned a long time ago, wasn’t just Neil Josten forgetting himself. It wasn’t just Nathaniel Wesninski coming back to life whenever he wanted to.

It was Andrew needing to have the capacity for two entirely different beings, separate but so intricately intertwined that they were forced to live in the same body, and had no choice in the matter. Because they weren’t conscious of the concept of being separated. Nor could they be.

Putting his hand on the doorknob, Andrew asked, “Who is he today?”

Betsy sighed, and put her hand on Andrew’s shoulder, gave it a reassuring squeeze. She took it away before Andrew could flinch.

“He’s Nathaniel today,” Betsy replied, shoving her glasses up the bridge of her nose. As the door went ajar, she added, “He hasn’t been Neil for weeks. So he might not know who you are.”

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Is it inevitably original fiction when you start writing about the great-grandparents of the canon heroine, whose own parents weren’t even named by the author? :/


So is that what it feels to have your ship canon?

My heart is going to explode. I am crying. For real. I am.

(Just waiting for Destiel to happen now, because I might never stop crying)