seriously guys get over yourselves

Aight so some shits going down in the Voltron fandom

And apparently some of you motherfuckers have made a petition to get Josh Keaton, the voice of Shiro, replaced..

..because he ships Shiro and Keith?


Are you people that fucking sensitive that you wanna destroy a man’s career for him thinking “oh! This is a nice pairing! I’ll ship it!”

Now, I don’t particularly ship Sheith, or any Shiro/Paladin relationship. I’m more of a Lance/Keith, Lance/Keith/Hunk and Shiro/Matt kinda guy. But I won’t go knocking down people’s doors with death threats for having a different opinion!

Like could you be so kind as to take into consideration that:

A) it’s a fucking TV show.

B) it’s a fucking TV show for KIDS

C) it’s a fucking TV show for KIDS who DONT SHIP THINGS YET

The target demographic for the first two seasons? CHILDREN! Yep, mhm! Children! Not bastarts obsessed with every single detail from a characters race to a characters age

Because newsflash sunshine!!


For me this show is about *SHOCKER* diversity! Showing that you don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain age or height or race to be a great person!

It’s a show about coming together and.. you people are tearing it apart..

So please. Don’t ruin it because your precious Klance isn’t shipped by someone, or you antis are getting pissy over people thinking about ships. It’s just fiction. No one’s gonna die over it.

I don’t understand how homophobia is a thing.
You might feel uncomfortable when you see two people of the same gender kissing when you know them. Or they may even be strangers on the street.
But it’s not disgusting or unnatural or an abomination or anything else like that.
Guys, seriously, get over yourselves. No one cares about your opinion on who should love who.

Do homophobic people watch?
-Doctor who?
-Harry Potter?
-The good wife?
-Game of thrones?
-Pretty little liars?
-Orange is the new black?

Do they read?
-Harry potter?
-the mortal instruments?
-will Grayson, will Grayson?
-the perks of being a wallflower?
(I can’t think of any other books because I haven’t read any in a while. But go on wattpad and there are gay characters in pretty much all of them).

And if they do watch or read anything with a gay character, who do they ship them with? Because I highly doubt they’d ship Johnlock. Or Destiel. Or even be able to watch OITNB.

What about actors/singers? Do they stop liking a famous person because they find out they’re homosexual? That’s stupid.
I watched prison break and loved it. Wentworth Miller is awesome as Michael Scofield and as Captain Cold (the flash) and as anyone else he plays. I found out today that he’s gay. That’s not going to stop me from liking him but would that affect homophobic people?

Anyway my point is, it’s 2015. Do whatever you want. Be whoever you want to be.

And if you are homophobic, please tell me why. Because I seriously don’t get it.

Dear Supernatural Fandom

Can we please cut the bullshit?
Between fans hating each other and attacking actors I’m kinda sick of it. What happened to being a family? We preach about how awesome our fandom is when we are literal trash.
We’ve had fans make death threats towards Travis Aaron Wade. A sweetheart who was doing nothing but trying to help.
We’ve have ridiculous accusations against Osric, which I’m completely lost on.
We’ve had fans attack Hilly and Hannah who have been nothing but humble sweethearts about their Supernatural Parody.
Then we have fans attacking each other.
Chuck forbid I like John Winchester or don’t ship Destiel. Seriously, what is with you guys?
I mean, I’ve even heard people call Jeffrey Dean Morgan a bad father because he plays John Winchester. Can you guys not tell the difference between real life and a TV show? I’m sure this is the 100th post I’ve made about how childish this fandom is but seriously, do you guys EVER stop? Like for fuck sake, get over yourselves. Get along. Be the goddamned family we keep saying we are. This fandom right now is anything but a family. It’s absolute trash filled with overreacting bratty children who need to get a grip on life. I miss when this fandom was actually true to itself. What happened to it?