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Not a week later and I’m still so hurt over japril.

The time since I’ve realized, I’m 100% right in feeling this way. The writers played us. They built a story and had a climax in Montana (didn’t go for the pun but I’ll take it) to just completely wipe them aside and build a Jackson and Maggie relationship.

Kay from the Seriously Greys Podcast said it best, even though she’s not a japril shipper (but loves april and enjoys japril), AS a shipper if you were given montana and then literally japril’s next interaction was that three person scene between them and Maggie where all he did was snap at april and act annoyed with her for doing the same thing Maggie was doing…like omg that is such a slap in the fucking face.

Even his fucking body language was all about Maggie. It’s subtle but his body was angled toward her and April had to keep pulling at him to look at her while she was yelling…ugh.

The problem with these writers, besides shitty quality control and pacing, is they don’t consider their entire audience. At least I don’t feel like they considered the japril fan base at all.

Mind you, this isn’t even necessarily about japril being together or not. It’s about being toyed with and given the promise of a really interesting storyline for the rug to just be pulled out from under us.

They could have still had jaggie get close and April alert Maggie to jacksons feelings without bitch slapping japril fans like they did.

I’ve never felt more relieved for a hiatus and my status as a greys viewer is highly unlikely at this point.

The Seriously Grey’s Podcast just asked Shonda Rhimes a question on twitter and she answered! It was a question that I kept thinking to myself and has been brought up in many conversations, and now we know. But I find this kind of sad… especially since we never heard it in the show, and you would think that maybe we would find out but since we haven't heard much from Arizona’s point of view, I could see why we wouldn’t.