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Sisters of Steel, the superhollis AU prequel

Haven’t decided if I want to put it on ao3; but here’s the entirety of the prequel here. For those who don’t know, this is a prequel in preparation of the first chapter of my supergirl Carmilla AU ‘Stronger Together,’ which will be debuting in a few months for the @carmillabigbang!

Please let me know if you liked it. :D

                                               Sisters of Steel

When Ell was almost fifteen years old, Mom and Dad had pulled her aside and explained, gently, that she was going to get a little sister for her birthday.

Ell had asked for a puppy, so she was understandably confused.

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*Irene’s text alert*

MARY: That noise, that’s a text alert noise.

JOHN: What was that?

SHERLOCK: Hm? What was what?

MARY: That’s the text alert of Irene Adler; she’s the scary mad one, right?

JOHN: That noise.

SHERLOCK: What noise?

MARY: She’s dead. Ooh, I bet she isn’t dead, I bet he saved her! Oh my God! Oh, the posh boy loves the dominatrix! He’s never knowingly under-cliche, is he?


JOHN: I’m going to make a deduction.

SHERLOCK: Oh, okay, that’s good.

JOHN: And if my deduction is right, you’re going to be honest and tell me, okay?

SHERLOCK: Okay. Though I should mention that it is possible for any given text alert to become randomly attached to-

JOHN: Happy birthday.

SHERLOCK: Thank you, John. That’s really kind of you.

JOHN: Never knew when your birthday was.

SHERLOCK: Now you do.

JOHN: Seriously? We’re not going to talk about this?

SHERLOCK: Talk about what?

JOHN: I mean, how does it work?

SHERLOCK: How does what work?

JOHN: You and ‘the woman’. Do you go to a discreet Harvester sometimes? Is there nights of passion in High Wycombe?

SHERLOCK: Oh for God’s sakes! I don’t text her back.

JOHN: Why not? You bloody moron! She’s out there, she likes you, and she’s alive! Do you have the first idea how lucky you are?! Yes, she’s a lunatic, she’s a criminal, she’s insanely dangerous. Trust you to fall for a sociopath!

MARY: Oh, married an assassin!

JOHN: But she’s… you know…


JOHN: Just text her back!


JOHN: Because High Wycombe is better than you are currently equipped to understand!

SHERLOCK: I once caught a triple poisoner in High Wycombe.

JOHN: That’s only the beginning, mate.

SHERLOCK: As I think I have explained to you many times before: romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people-

JOHN: Would complete you as a human being.

SHERLOCK: That doesn’t even mean anything.

JOHN: Just text her. Phone her. Do something while there’s still a chance because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it.

JOHN: She was wrong about me.

SHERLOCK: Mary? How so?

JOHN: She thought that if you put yourself in harm’s way I might… rescue you, or something. But I didn’t. Not ’til she told me to. And that’s how this works. That’s what you’re missing. She taught me to be the man she already thought I was: get yourself a piece of that.

SHERLOCK: Forgive me, but you are doing yourself a disservice. I have known many people in this world but made few friends, and I can safely say-

JOHN: I cheated on her.

JOHN: No clever comeback? I cheated on you, Mary. There was a woman on the bus and I had a plastic daisy in my hair, I’d been playing with Rosie, and this girl just smiled at me. That’s all it was, it was a smile. We texted constantly. Wanna know when? Every time you left the room, that’s when. When you were feeding our daughter. When you were stopping her from crying. That’s when. That’s all it was. Just texting. But I wanted more. And do you know something? I still do. I’m not the man you thought I was, I’m not that guy, I never could be. But that’s the point. That’s the whole point. Who you thought I was is the man who I want to be.

MARY: Well, then. John Watson. Get the hell on with it.

*He begins to cry. Sherlock rises and hugs him gently.*

SHERLOCK: It’s okay.

JOHN: It’s not okay.

SHERLOCK: No. But it is what it is.

When Percy rolls over, sunlight is already shining into his eyes. Squinting slightly and scowling at the window, he throws his arm over his eyes. The fact that he doesn’t have to shake Annabeth off is what really wakes him up. With a groan, he turns over to his other side to empty sheets. He frowns slightly to himself- She hardly ever wakes up before him, and he’d gotten used to her warmth being the first thing he experiences every morning.

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“Come here, love. I want to ask you something about one of your pieces.” She walked towards him and sat by his side. He leaned over to point a print at her. “Tell me about this one.” He asked softly.

from The Rembrandt Files (that I suggest you to go read)

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Prompt request: Classmates of your choice reacting to a not yet officially dating and adorably awkward Naekusaba.

A/N belated happy birthday you wonderful person YOU!!!!

And since I couldn’t choose which classmates, I just went with the whole class!

Just Get Together Already Naekusaba

Mukuro and Makoto weren’t going out yet– much to the frustration of everybody else.

“So you tied the knot yet? Please tell me you’ve tied tongues at least.” Junko wagged her eyebrows at them suggestively.

“Sis!” Mukuro shrieked as she blushed furiously.

“But you guys are just so SLOW!” Junko complained loudly complete with wild hand gestures. “Like seriously, you two know you like each other. The WHOLE class knows you like each other. Hell, even the principal knows!” She hollered. “So why the fuck aren’t you two doing something about it!”

“Well maybe the whole class and the principal should I don’t know–” Makoto paused. “Mind their own business?”

“Sorry, man. We’re already invested in this.” Leon commented from the side.

“Yeah, we’re betting on you guys getting together.” Hagakure scratched his chin as he said this. “And I need to win my bet!”

“Dumbass! He’s not supposed to know about the bets.” Mondo swore.

“Language, bro!” Ishismaru admonished him. “And no, we are not betting. That is not welcome in a school environment.”

“Yes, that’s why we do it after class.” Celes giggled. “It’s counted as extra-curricular activities.”

“By the way, if you do some fanservice for us, we’re willing to share the winnings. We also have a running poll for your couple activities.” Hifumi excitedly explained.

“Wait, you guys are seriously betting on us?” Makoto asked them incredulously.

“It’s not really about the bet.” Chihiro piped in. “It’s more of a show of our support.”

“That’s right! We just want you two to be happy!” Asahina cheerfully seconded. “And you two are the happiest when you’re together!”

“T-Thanks…?” Mukuro flushed, not quite sure how to reply to that.

“We believe that you two are just prolonging the inevitable.” Sakura wisely pointed out.

“Hurry up and tell her, Naegi.” Byakuya sternly ordered him.

“J-Just move on with your relationship arc already.” Fukawa commented. “That way there’s room for development for the rest of us here.”

“Why do I feel so attacked right now?” Makoto muttered to himself.

“And Mukuro, don’t be too shy.” Sayaka encouragingly told her. “It’s alright for the girl to make the first move sometimes.”

“Yes, try not to expect so much from Makoto.” Kyouko added.

“Hey! I heard that!” Makoto commented from the sidelines.

“I’ll… keep that in mind.” Mukuro hesitantly accepted their advice.

“Yeah, well now that you’ve heard the pleas of the people, ya both better hold up your end.” Junko playfully winked at them. “Less talking and more dating!”

“Sis! Stop!” Mukuro with a flushed face, hissed at her twin.

“You guys have way too much free time.” Makoto sighed exasperatedly.

Mukuro and Makoto weren’t going out yet no matter how much everyone else wanted them to.

BONUS: Alternate ending

“Well, that was… something.” Mukuro blankly commented.

“Yeah, right.” Makoto sighed as he then lamented, “Now how are we going to tell them that we’re already going out?”

And then just like always, SHE appeared out of nowhere at the most inappropriate times.

“DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT?” Junko loudly and rudely intervened, “Nevermind. That was a rhetorical question. I definitely heard it right. NO TAKEBACKS!”

“Oh, great. The last person we want for advice.” Makoto mumbled as he dragged his hand over his face in frustration.

“I’ll have you know that I am an excellent adviser.” Junko huffed indignantly. “Anyways, I’m telling the whole class about this. They’ll totally be stoked!”

“Sis, you have your camera with you, right?” Mukuro asked.

“Yup! Always ready to snatch me some juicy gossip!”

And just like that, without warning, Mukuro pulled in Makoto for a kiss.

She couldn’t care less if the whole class knew. At least with this, they’d finally stop bothering them. Now that they were officially dating, it wasn’t the class’ business anymore to investigate them and intrude on their privacy.

Mukuro and Makoto were going out already so everyone else can go fuck off.

Birthdays || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 15 - Growing Up

When she turned 10, her dad had already left. 

Klaus looked at the clock and groaned. At 16 years old, he shouldn’t have been exhausted by 8 p.m. His mother had left him in charge of the younger kids, though, and their energy never ran out. Henrik and Kol were already put to bed, but Klaus knew the girls would be up a little longer. He could hear the pop music coming from Rebekah’s room.

Determined to enjoy whatever part of the weekend he could salvage, Klaus decided to play video games in the TV room for the rest of the night. He barely noticed the time passing until he heard tiny sniffles coming from the hallway. Pausing the game, he waited for whichever sibling had woken up.

Instead, Caroline turned the corner, twirling her blonde pigtail around a finger and wiping her red-rimmed eyes.

“It’s nearly midnight, Caroline,” Klaus said gently, startling the poor girl. “What’s wrong?”

As comfortable with Klaus as his own sister, Caroline climbed onto the couch and settled in next to him. “It’s almost my birthday,” she whispered. “I didn’t want to sleep in case Mommy came to pick me up. She promised to spend the whole day with me.”

Klaus sighed, tucking his arm around the little girl’s shoulders. “I think she meant tomorrow once you woke up,” he said, knowing that still wouldn’t happen. Caroline spent more time at the Mikaelson house than her own because her mother’s job was so demanding. “You have to sleep before you get there.”

“But what if she doesn’t come back,” Caroline asked, her lip wobbling in fear. 

Bill Forbes had left the town in scandal just a month ago, so Klaus was familiar with Caroline’s worry. “She will,” he promised, reminding himself to tell his mother about this. “But since it’s your birthday in,” he looked to the clock, “two minutes, how about a little treat before you go back to bed?”


Klaus shushed her for fear of waking up the others before nodding. “Come on,” he whispered. He took her hand and led her to the kitchen, where he made them both mugs of hot chocolate, only topping hers with some whipped cream.

“Happy birthday, Caroline,” he said, chuckling at the whipped cream covering her wide grin. At least she wasn’t crying anymore.

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Storytime: As soon as I knew that Bob Morley would be at Phoenix Con I knew I had to get his autograph for my sister’s, @grounderbellamy/@ghostprep, birthday. Not only is Bellamy her favorite character, but she’s done a ton of fanart for him. I remembered back in season one when Jason Rothenberg retweeted her fanart and Bob liked it. So I had that piece printed out (along with a smaller copy) for Bob to sign.

I was able to go to his booth Saturday morning. I tried to get Ariel to come but she stubbornly refused to attend. I was one of the last people in line but it wasn’t too long as it was first thing in the morning.  It took a while due to the fact Bob spent several minutes chatting with each person. Though lucky for me (and everyone in line, really) he took off his top shirt, leaving only his t-shirt.

When I finally got up to him I told him that I didn’t want an autograph for myself but rather I was here for my sister and that it was her birthday.  I pulled out the art and set it in front of him, telling him how she had drawn it and that Bellamy was her favorite character. I added that the smaller copy was for him, and he was super thrilled, saying how awesome this was. He asked me if he could sign Happy Birthday and I told him he could do whatever he wanted.  He spent a good two minutes trying to figure out what color marker to use and how to position it! It was very cute how seriously he took this.

Bob asked me about what I was doing next and I told him I was going to panels afterwards. He joked how sadly this (the picture) hadn’t happened yet. I replied telling him that she had drawn it back in season one and that her new favorite thing to do was draw Bellamy and Octavia. He asked if she had really drawn this and I told him yes. He said how incredible an artist she was and wondered why she wasn’t there. I told him he had a rule against meeting her celebrities. He laughed, replying that that was a very good rule and that she would be disappointed to meet him. Of course I assured him that that was in no way true. He asked if I could give her a message, which of course I agreed to:

“You’re an incredible artist. Always keep drawing.”

I had taken one of the photos of him (just ‘cause). And he signed it for me too! When I told him my name he then started repeating “Erin and Ariel”, “Erin and Ariel”, over and over again. The girl behind me started laughing to which he told her “Sorry, just like the way that sounded”.  I told him that there was also a Kalen. He (of course) had to repeat it with his name as well.

I asked for a hug to make Ariel jealous so she’d come with me next time, causing him to burst out laughing. But I got my hug with a, “let’s not make her too jealous though”.

I was feeling a little ambitious so I asked for a photo for Ariel. He told me he didn’t think he was allowed to take a photo with me but I assured him I did not want to be in the photo. He couldn’t believe that, saying “You’re dressed up so beautiful! How could you not want to be?” I was in my Sailor Pluto cosplay so I informed him that if I was to take a photo with him I was in the wrong fandom cosplay. He smiled really big and stood up, allowing me to take the photo   (pictured above).

He made me promise to deliver Ariel his message and to make sure she continued doing her art because she had “too much talent to waste”.

Hide Away Part I: Abbie

For one week, Abbie and Crane have to pretend they are married and madly in love… oh, we all know what happens next. A completely AU Ichabbie fic using the wonderful and ridiculous trope of having to go undercover as a married couple. A very wealthy married couple. 

Written as a late birthday present for @sleepymr who didn’t bother to tell me it was her birthday until after the fact. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope I finish this before your next birthday!

Part I: Abbie

“Seriously, sir?”

“Seriously, Mills.”

“No, listen… Danny… you have got to be kidding me,” she said with a nervous chuckle, but there wasn’t that drop in the pitch of his voice as he had told her what her next assignment was going to be. He wasn’t lying. “Undercover? And with Crane? You know he’s just a civilian, right?”

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Uggggggghhhhh.  I made the mistake of going to Twitter to see if people really were harassing Gillian to tweet David re: his birthday, and now i have the second, third, and fourth hand embarrassment.  I mean, seriously… that was cringeworthy.  I will never fault her for pulling back from the fandom even a little by not taking a photo with a fan or not stopping to sign an autograph or even choosing to tell her co-worker happy birthday privately rather than give into that kind of “Look at me!  Look at me!  Respond to me!” ploy.  She and David aren’t our dancing bears, and I personally would hate to be lumped in with fans who can’t seem to find their boundaries.

People, please… if she tweets him happy birthday, join me in enjoying it, but don’t drag the rest of the fans down with you by guilting her into doing it.