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Art for Mazberrypie’s amazing fic, All is Calm, which is the best !Akuma! Marinette fic I have ever read. Her design is as chilling as the title, and her akumatized persona Silent Night (pictured above, obviously lol) is the tough cookie I would expect Marinette to be if this were to somehow happen. 

 The raw emotion and struggle Marinette goes through as she’s trying her hardest not to let Silent Night take control is written so well, and it’s all complimented by Chat’s own struggle to figure out how to help while ironically waiting for Ladybug to show up. Seriously, I can’t recommend this fic enough. Everyone should go read it right now. I don’t wanna spoil the rest of it  : )

Edit: click on the image to view it so it’s NOT blurry. Hate the way tumblr uploads stuff.

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But he’s not really by himself, is he? (Because something else is there, too)

If you haven’t read @icefeels AMAZING Modern Stans AU “Takin’ Care of Business” you need to go do that right now. It just updated!

a short text on why brazil is fucked up and may elect a brazilian version of trump in 2018

because the answer got too long, so i decided to make a post about it @parabatied

and also this is important because apparently the media outside brazil is not talking about it at all. which is freaking terrifying. so please, please, if you see this, at least read it. here we go;

the students here are occupying federal universities campi, federal schools and such as a way of protesting. they’re protesting because the people in charge of our country right now (the white straight rich men who impeached our previous president) are pretty much like trump! they’re fucking us so badly; so far they have;

  • a project to freeze ALL investments on education and health and all public services for twenty years, because that’s money they need to “save” so they can restore our’s economy 
  • AND even if the economy get’s better in like 5 years? STILL NOT A PENNY WILL BE REDIRECTED TO EDUCATION ETC!!!
  • but they are spending money with useless things?? like SO MUCH money!! they are spending (so far); 500 thousand reals on a concert???, 283 thousand reals to reform the chief of government’s office????, so far the ministers had traveled 238 times with an airline without paying anything which is SO illegal it hurts,  they are changing all the government’s softwares to windows, which is gonna cost nothing less than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION REALS!!!!! AND IS SO UNNECESSARY!!! and not a single penny of all this money is going to education or health care or any public service!!
  • and they just decided to pay more for all the cops (a raise of 47%!!!!), because they know they’ll need them on their side if this all goes down in civil war!! 
  • and the senators and governors apparently are going to get a raise too!! how fucking unbelievable is that?? 
  • there’s also another project that cuts philosophy, sociology, etc out of the schools’ obligatory classes, because this way people will come out of school knowing enough to do their jobs like fucking slaves, but not conscious enough to rise against the state. 
  • in my state, TEACHERS ARE F O R B I D D E N to discuss politics, sociology, religion, SEXUALITY AND GENDER DIVERSITY in schools! THEY ARE LITERALLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO and it’s illegal to do it! all they can do is literally teach what’s in the books and that’s it. they can’t tell their students they’re free to be who they are, or believe in what they want to believe, or how fucked up their country is.
  • AND MY FAVORITE ONE!!: the table of men who literally run this country is ALL composed in it’s MAJORITY (if not entirety) by white, rich, straight, catholic men! guess what? ALL OF THEM are being charged with crimes of corruption! how beautiful is that? one of them is even the lawyer of the others!!! THESE are the people ruling a country that was supposed to be secular (free of any religion influence). 

can you seriously believe in that??? THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!! 

  • a brazilian version of trump called bolsonaro (or as we prefer, bolsoshit) is running for presidency in 2018 and he has a LOT of supporters so far, and now we are all terrified cause trump winning might give this piece of shit some influence. 

  • on the audience to vote for the impeachment of our previous president (i miss her so much, she actually cared about all minorities), he fucking praised a guy who was a colonel or something during the militar dictatorship (which is by far one of the worse things that ever happened to us, brazilians!), claiming he was a hero! W T F?
  • he hates woman, and thinks lgbtq+ people are the way they are because they didn’t get beaten enough!!!! 
  • he literally says that! that we all deserve to get spanked in the streets by random strangers!!!!!! and he alongside his catholic trash white straight rich men believe in the conversion therapy, as in being gay has a fucking cure????? and they want to fucking execute it as a law or something?

so yeah, the students decided to rise on their own, because no one here has our backs! and seriously every time i have to explain this to someone i get shocked? because we are literally broke, in the edge of a civil war, and apparently the media is not saying anything about it? 

Christopher Chant and Howell Jenkins
Chrestomanci and Howl Pendragon

I’ve always wanted a crossover with these two. They’d either get along famously or try to destroy each other out of vanity, probably both… 


Prompto_overload (comic 3)

Oracle!Prompto teaches Noctis how to make a simple peanut butter sandwich. Noctis… well, … he tried. I repeat, TRIED. 

Oracle!Prompto created by @chocobaes. More kudos coming your wayyy <3 

Read: comic guide (updated) || comic 0 || comic 1 || comic 2 || comic 3 || comic 4 || comic 5 || comic 6 || comic 7 || comic 8

A Sunday 7 kinda Sunday,

So its been a while since ive actually posted stuff here. Ive been lurking, but it’s been for a reason. A lot is going on….

- Too many people dying. Yeah, you heard that right. First it was a high school friends baby, who we were all rooting for to have a child, who died of SIDS. As someone who is childless , I hurt for them.

Then it was the man who helped shape my personal spiritual journey as a kid growing up, our parish priest. Now before I hear the guffaws about religion, he was pretty big on being mostly socially progressive. But what he gave to all of us was the idea and the feeling of spiritual awakening, teaching about why we did things the way we did them and truly blending the mysticism of traditions with a search and openness for the spirit. I always thought this was an incredible thing, because as I get older and see God in things like whales, the laughter of friends, the look of love on the faces of an older couple, I think he really got that right because I’m still curious and im still open to not just my own interpretation of the divine, but others.

And lastly, my fathers brother, my uncle Marty. Our relationship started the same day that I met my father. He had come along to make sure there was not anything bad in my intent with my dad. And I think the second that my dad and I hugged, Marty knew he was just along for a cup of coffee. He knew my mom pretty well, as like most people who go to small schools and know each others siblings, and oddly enough he was part of the pipeline of people who were secretly checking in on me growing up. He was a good and honest man, was an expert at dad jokes, a hard worker, and left everybody with a smile on their face. And while he had ALS, my last memories of him are of he and his wife having a sweet moment together in the kitchen. I will miss him greatly.

-Both of my parents are going to require surgery this summer. My moms is pretty minor(lymph node removal, thanks to a spider bite LAST YEAR!). My dad however, his is a bit more drastic. His knees are destroyed from, much like me, having an invincibility complex. So Hes having both of them replaced this summer. Not a huge deal, but he has Parkinson’s, and both of my other brothers are elsewhere in the US. Sooooooo…….yeah. Not to mention He’s having his heart stopped and restarted on the 23rd(rhythm issues), so im kinda worried about that.

-im doing my best to find a quick season of work so that I can take a good part of the summer off, but its been a challenge so far. Im probably going to gave to head to AK as early as Friday, but not doing what I had in mind. I need to have this time for my parents, but I also need to pay bills and move AND……go do my maritime stuff. Which means

- trying to set up a meeting with a local tug boat owner who is looking for people to get into the rotation. His company is experiencing severe burn out. They work in the long beach, ca harbour, offer full benes, its union, and it would be a great job to get me out of Alaska for the most part and get me onto tugs.if I can get them to hire me right away and help me get my merchant mariners credentials, that would be pretty awesome.Then I can have a real life again, including music…

-Music is just a blur for me. Ive been playing lots of little local gigs since ive been back, and applying for many northwest festivals. I have 2 so far, and we are putting on a third in Aberdeen, “songwriters gone coastal”. There are 4 groups playing, including one of the recent contestants on “the voice”(who is super cool, btw), and im trying to throw together a thing at the end where we all have a sing a long(may sound hoaky, but we are all becoming a family. Plus, a rousing version of “pastures of plenty”, which was written in Washington state by Woody Guthrie, is appropriate) im not tooting my horn when I say this(and please don’t take this as being conceded), but there’s some serious talent taking the stage that night. Im really excited because we are all doing a CD this summer, and its like a 400 seat show, and im going to do my best to sell it out. The new songs on mine are solid, the other folks are amazing, and its going to be broadcast on Facebook(hint hint).

-But no matter what, im learning that Facebook, no matter how good a tool it is for marketing myself, is just a pit. I had a guy the other night send me a message about my mom, more or less saying she needed to not be so crass in he opinions and be quiet. I didn’t know this guy from Adam, so I asked a few questions, and he said he didn’t know whether I was her husband or that i might be her brother.


Im going to post this one of these days, not because I want a pat on the back but because this guy really thought it was ok to shame a woman by talking to a male relative and getting her to “understand” . I told him in explicit terms that he was no better than the Taliban, and that his puny words would have no effect on a true feminist like my mom. The stumbling on his retort was typical of a complete copy and paste politibot. You might enjoy the rant, it was kinda funny….

-anyhow, enough of my ranting. I just want to say thanks for reading this, and I seriously hope you are all doing ok. I know, I kinda go nuts on the hearts thing but y'all have great content. Seriously! Keep it up!!!! be kind to yourselves and to those you love, and I hope this finds you all ok, if not well.

To anybody who is reading this.

Mexico is a mess right now. People are seriously going crazy and we are all afraid. Today’s morning, the shops in Mexico City and Veracruz were plundered. The other important cities began to face this problem as well over the course of the day. Nobody quite knows what’s going on, but really important supermarkets have been sacked. Tomorrow is Dia de Reyes, but a lot are afraid of even going out of their houses because of the possible danger. Travel to other states is impossible right now. My father went to Veracruz today because of business, and he is having problems with finding a cap, or even getting in the bus. All the shops are closing their doors. A lot of kids are not going to get their presents because of this. The situation is getting pretty aggressive. We are all very afraid


I’m just so in love with this ship right now. Seriously go read Magnus Chase and the sword of summer ;P

If you like my art and want to see more, you’re always welcome to check out the rest of my tumblr, in addition to the brand new pinterest i opened today!

I’m always open for prompts and commissions :)

LITERALLY HERE ARE MY MOST FAVORITE HAWKSILVER FICS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD mainly because I die of hysterical laughter every time I read them and because they’re amazing okay like seriously go read them. Enjoy!

Bad Lines
His Words (author’s tumblr)
Much More Than a Prank War
pull me back if you want to fly (author’s tumblr)
Knowing Where to Run
A Flash of Blue (author’s tumblr)
Any Hawksilver thing by this author (eight in total as of 5.8.15) (author’s tumblr (2) (3)
Screw Dinner
Wishing to be the friction in your jeans

You Didn’t Hear That Coming?
A Song to Keep Us Warm
Something About This One

(This will be updated as I find more.)
These are seriously amazing; like, even if you don’t ship it you should read the things. XD They’re awesome as heck. <3

{mentioning you, fangirl-4evah, because of the AO3 dilemma, and I need you to fully understand the shipping problem; saunter-vaguely-into-a-bookshop, rainydaydaydreaming, and moviegeek03 because I don’t know how much of this you’ve read, but these are beautiful. <3}

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ok look i know you're busy but seriously... how hard is it to post a chapter?? you haven't posted in like two weeks and im just so sick of writers posting things with cliffhangers and then not following through. you are seriously the WORST. how about you just don't post things if your not going finish.

Here’s a thought… just don’t read my stuff?

I’m sorry for not posting for so long, I apologize all the time, but school is seriously kicking my ass right now and grades are always going to be a priority for me. So I’m sorry y’all have to wait but I’m not sorry for focusing on school.

SM or whoever is hurting my beautiful Llama Angel Amber, come to my house please. Seriously I’m ready to fight! She’s amazing and talented and deserves to shine.

Going on Instagram and reading that, put my G-dang heart in my throat, I’m so worried right now. Please stay strong Amber! 

I’m so mad about mama and I’m seriously not trying to bring bad vibes on here but I really am right now. Mama is less then 2 weeks away and I heard nothing about Block B going. Block B had their best year this year of their whole career and showed the world that they are good group but that’s not good enough for this award show? What they didn’t agree to do the red carpet again? Told them they want their own stage and mama told them no?

And the last thing I want to hear/read is someone that knows nothing about being a BBC trying to have a opinion on how we should act. I’m up to last straw with that shit. Be one of us in full. Make them your ult group please do. Now wait I’ll say a few weeks? Yeah a few weeks for a scandal to roll through or for someone to get bored and come in and start hating for no reason. BBCs are keeping to themselves but someone always wants to poke us because they know we will try to ignore and keep calm. Now live through that and tell us how you feel. Now wait a bit more and live through another scandal again. I mean Zico’s sheer existence will bring shit talkers even if he hasn’t done a thing and is in the right. Okay now you know what a scandal feels like? Fight for your group’s placement in the industry as your fandom is getting smaller and smaller. Even in Korea. Block B has thanked the bees that have always came back to see them at their fansignings. That they even said that their fandom got tiny too and hope to get some of the fans back. Now you’re seating here like okay the Zico issue is now over, I’ve lost sleep trying to actively support Block B and making up for the dwindling fans but honestly get no where. You’re tired right? You want to relax enjoy some shows with Block B right? Hmmmm you see OT7 Block B hasn’t had one in over 2 years. They only use the V App to try to sell us Block B’s promotions. They don’t come on to say hi and spend time with us they are put there to make sure we are watching the MVs, going to see them at fansignings/music shows, and buying the albums. They gloss it over with the members doing something cute like cooking or some shit. “Well come on Shayla at least you get to see them stop complaining”. Yeah I do get something and I also get to watch them read off a script if it’s either in their hands or on cards and the PDnim and telling them they have to do this or that. The one time Jaehyo actually wanted to spend time with us they canceled it so fast it wasn’t funny.

You do nothing but your group still gets bashed on every few weeks. Having to try twice as hard to get your group anywhere both with Korean and international BBCs. Only getting to see your group now when it time to make money.
So please be one of us and understand us before you have the right to judge us. Be one of us without having another group to run to when times get hard and you get bored.

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@E Give us a preview of what it would be like if Covy were dating ! Very non canon until the moment is right though. :00

E; Noncanon covy future preview coming up

*Nova and Connor are holding hands*

Nova; ugh, seriously four eyes?

Connor: What? it’s not my fault i had a project due today

Nova; that was your own personal project you dolt, now you’re going fail the english test

Connor: No i’m not

Nova; why? My dad’s not going to help you out

Connor: that’s cool. i got this in the bag.

Nova; Why?

Connor; I read the raven when i was a kid. know it front and back

Nova: i hate you.

Connor: sure you do *kisses her cheek, Nova turns bright pink* Whatever you say sweetie.

Nova; ugh i can’t even be mad at you four eyes! You owe me ice cream for this

Connor: I know. 

Nova: and m&ms

Connor; Okay

Nova: and a shake

Connor: Whoa, drawing the line there. I did not do a level 3 tease. no shake

Nova; please *puppy eyes*

Connor: no.

Nova; *Scoffs* why not?!

Connor: You still owe me for last week

Nova; I thought you forgot!

Connor: Nope

Nova; ugh, fine. m&ms on my ice cream. 

Connor: okay princess

Nova; You are so mean

Connor: hahah 

Nova; *smiling at him as they walk into school hand in hand. 

“Laura Hollis is the most complex math equation you have ever encountered in your life.
You’ve known for a while that something’s off with her, that something’s not right. Something has seriously fucked that girl up. But you have never previously observed her from as close as you have been able to recently, with all the running in the mornings and the going to her games with Kirsch. There’s just something about her that doesn’t make sense and your brain - despite all the trauma it’s gone through or maybe because of it - can’t shake the curiosity.” 

White Blank Page by zbrockman (tumblr: sedinbrothers) and antisocialgod (tumblr: hedalexsa)

Summary: Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted.

Pairing: Hollstein

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this story and if you’re not reading it you’re seriously missing out on some amazing writing. 

Find it here: (AO3)

hey y'all, do you like: sci-fi, WOC main characters, found family, space operas, and/or lesbians* that get a happy ending?

if you answered yes to any of the above GO READ ‘THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL, ANGRY PLANET’ RIGHT THE FUCK NOW

*technically one of the characters is bi/pan and the other’s sexuality is never explicitly defined, but in any case my point here is that two women have a relationship and neither of them die or really have anything particularly traumatizing happen to them (and one of the women involved is the main character)

Jikook Vkook feud: the analysis no one asked for

that broadened into a questioning on shipping in general ….wohoo! is anyone even gonna read this ? lmao 

Alright guys this jikook vkook feud that’s going on right now is getting out of hand. I mean it’s ridiculous how seriously some people take it, soo i’m adding my grain of salt in a sea of butthurtness … enjoy.

I’ll start by playing the devil’s advocate.I mean I kind of get how shipping can become personal; once you fall far enough into the rabbit hole it kind of feels like your otp is a  “substitute relationship” maybe ? or some kind of transfer happens ? and most of the time your notp has one part of your otp in it right ? so if said notp is sailing, it implicitly implies in a twisted kind of way that your otp is sinking a little bit doesn’t it ? i mean most of the time this translates into a feeling we don’t really try or want to put any concrete thought into ( i’m talking from my own experience and those of fellow shipper friends here, i’m personally a jikook shipper mainly but i do mingle into other ships that involve one part of my otp , i don’t really have a notp but i guess if i had to still pick one it would be vkook (not really but i guess the one i ship the least ?maybe because i’m a die hard jimin fangirl and i tend to gravitate more towards ships involving him? i don’t kow man…anyway) so i kind of feel more drawn to one party of the argument , but i mean this is excactly the same thing the other way around so it’s not hard to empathize …I’m rambling dammit… were was i?) yeah… that untold feeling may be compared best to your otp being cheated on ? or more like the one party non involved in the notp?  (in my case jimin). 

 Bottom line the issue might or might not result from an emotional transfer or an exessive involvement in the ship,either way we can’t really say that people’s feelings are invalid, and we all felt this at some point if we are tash enough, but the problem starts when we don’t get past that first primal reaction and start being downright nasty with each other about the whole thing when we are in the same fucking fandom i may add.                    

I guess the first step towards stoping this mess is seeing how ridiculous this whole thing is, and ackowledging the root of the issue, because when it come down to it shipping is finding a relationship beetween two people cute enough to root for ( be it an established one or a desired one ) so in an ideal world we would all be able to detach ourselves from the equation and stop being so butthurt about the whole thing, but i guess the reason shipping is so fun is directly linked to said involvement in the dynamic… 

sooo the more i think about it the more it feels like we should just add humor to this whole mess (not that it’s not a joke already) but i personally got into shipping for the gay, i’m all for the gay all day every day, this is supposed to be a parade of rainbows and unicorns and buttsex people!! come on !!!         *insert supernatural gif* ;)

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and now it turned into some highschool drama, down to the passive aggressive tone and bitch talk. 

My amazing world altering, groudbreaking, solution ? everytime the whole feud starts again (and it will fucking start again fucking dammit -_-) we should just answer it with some cute vmin gif, in my masterplan this should destabilize the traget and render them confused about who to be angry at … wait that may drag a perfectly drama free ship into this …a hater’s gonna hate right ?… i know! gifs of puppies and kittens (…not different from vmin then) …no one is heartless enough to stay angry after watching cute animals right ? every angry post should be reblogged with a cute puppy gif and a nice fuck you …yes yes that should work … there you go tumblr i’ve solved shipwars … you are welcome.

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no but seriously i don’t know man… just stop being jerks i guess…

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that wasn’t very helpful was it ? lol