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I can't handle your blog anymore. It's too dang good! Not just the stuff you reblog, but your original gifs and posts. It's honestly been so long since I found someone who was into so many of the same fandoms as me, and has a blog that is so good that it makes my soul brighter. You are the best. ♥ Thank you for all you do. Seriously. Your blog makes life better.

When I read first sentence I thought that I got hate message, seriously, hahaha! Don’t scare me like this! :D
Then I read the rest of the message and omg. You can’t imagine how big smile I have on my face right now! Thank you so much for the kind words. I’m really happy that you’re enjoying my blog and my posts. And that I make you feel better with my blog! Means a lot to me! Like A LOT! ♥
It’s so great to read message like this before sleeping. Now I can go to bed with smile. Thank you so much! I’m sending you the biggest hugs and much of love ♥

a short text on why brazil is fucked up and may elect a brazilian version of trump in 2018

because the answer got too long, so i decided to make a post about it @parabatied

and also this is important because apparently the media outside brazil is not talking about it at all. which is freaking terrifying. so please, please, if you see this, at least read it. here we go;

the students here are occupying federal universities campi, federal schools and such as a way of protesting. they’re protesting because the people in charge of our country right now (the white straight rich men who impeached our previous president) are pretty much like trump! they’re fucking us so badly; so far they have;

  • a project to freeze ALL investments on education and health and all public services for twenty years, because that’s money they need to “save” so they can restore our’s economy 
  • AND even if the economy get’s better in like 5 years? STILL NOT A PENNY WILL BE REDIRECTED TO EDUCATION ETC!!!
  • but they are spending money with useless things?? like SO MUCH money!! they are spending (so far); 500 thousand reals on a concert???, 283 thousand reals to reform the chief of government’s office????, so far the ministers had traveled 238 times with an airline without paying anything which is SO illegal it hurts,  they are changing all the government’s softwares to windows, which is gonna cost nothing less than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION REALS!!!!! AND IS SO UNNECESSARY!!! and not a single penny of all this money is going to education or health care or any public service!!
  • and they just decided to pay more for all the cops (a raise of 47%!!!!), because they know they’ll need them on their side if this all goes down in civil war!! 
  • and the senators and governors apparently are going to get a raise too!! how fucking unbelievable is that?? 
  • there’s also another project that cuts philosophy, sociology, etc out of the schools’ obligatory classes, because this way people will come out of school knowing enough to do their jobs like fucking slaves, but not conscious enough to rise against the state. 
  • in my state, TEACHERS ARE F O R B I D D E N to discuss politics, sociology, religion, SEXUALITY AND GENDER DIVERSITY in schools! THEY ARE LITERALLY FORBIDDEN TO DO SO and it’s illegal to do it! all they can do is literally teach what’s in the books and that’s it. they can’t tell their students they’re free to be who they are, or believe in what they want to believe, or how fucked up their country is.
  • AND MY FAVORITE ONE!!: the table of men who literally run this country is ALL composed in it’s MAJORITY (if not entirety) by white, rich, straight, catholic men! guess what? ALL OF THEM are being charged with crimes of corruption! how beautiful is that? one of them is even the lawyer of the others!!! THESE are the people ruling a country that was supposed to be secular (free of any religion influence). 

can you seriously believe in that??? THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL!! 

  • a brazilian version of trump called bolsonaro (or as we prefer, bolsoshit) is running for presidency in 2018 and he has a LOT of supporters so far, and now we are all terrified cause trump winning might give this piece of shit some influence. 

  • on the audience to vote for the impeachment of our previous president (i miss her so much, she actually cared about all minorities), he fucking praised a guy who was a colonel or something during the militar dictatorship (which is by far one of the worse things that ever happened to us, brazilians!), claiming he was a hero! W T F?
  • he hates woman, and thinks lgbtq+ people are the way they are because they didn’t get beaten enough!!!! 
  • he literally says that! that we all deserve to get spanked in the streets by random strangers!!!!!! and he alongside his catholic trash white straight rich men believe in the conversion therapy, as in being gay has a fucking cure????? and they want to fucking execute it as a law or something?

so yeah, the students decided to rise on their own, because no one here has our backs! and seriously every time i have to explain this to someone i get shocked? because we are literally broke, in the edge of a civil war, and apparently the media is not saying anything about it? 

Art for Mazberrypie’s amazing fic, All is Calm, which is the best !Akuma! Marinette fic I have ever read. Her design is as chilling as the title, and her akumatized persona Silent Night (pictured above, obviously lol) is the tough cookie I would expect Marinette to be if this were to somehow happen. 

 The raw emotion and struggle Marinette goes through as she’s trying her hardest not to let Silent Night take control is written so well, and it’s all complimented by Chat’s own struggle to figure out how to help while ironically waiting for Ladybug to show up. Seriously, I can’t recommend this fic enough. Everyone should go read it right now. I don’t wanna spoil the rest of it  : )

Edit: click on the image to view it so it’s NOT blurry. Hate the way tumblr uploads stuff.


Prompto_overload (comic 3)

Oracle!Prompto teaches Noctis how to make a simple peanut butter sandwich. Noctis… well, … he tried. I repeat, TRIED. 

Oracle!Prompto created by @chocobaes. More kudos coming your wayyy <3 

Read: comic guide || comic 0 || comic 1 || comic 2 || comic 3 || comic 4

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Do you have any Supergirl fic recs?

okay so i only really read sanvers fanfics for supergirl so these are all recommendations for sanvers: 

my good friend @lingeringlilies is putting up her maggie and alex backstory stories that intersect at like any moment SO go check that out! ALL her writing is AMAZING.  Soo good! Ao3 link HERE

@queergirlwriting has some of the best oneshots I’ve ever read so go check those out on her blog and on Ao3. Ao3 link HERE

@thesameenshaw CRISTA is my homie and she writes some excellent stuff!! seriously go check it out!! RIGHT. NOW.  Ao3 link HERE

@agtalexdanvers TEACHER AU. GO AND READ IT. She also has other amazing sanvers fics and oneshots! Ao3 link HERE

@radmo has some alex fics (with vicky donahue NSFW) and i think she is planning on writing sanvers in the future so go check her out! Ao3 link HERE

@biisabellelightwood fucks everyone up with their headcanons & like just constantly making me cry. Ao3 link HERE

To anybody who is reading this.

Mexico is a mess right now. People are seriously going crazy and we are all afraid. Today’s morning, the shops in Mexico City and Veracruz were plundered. The other important cities began to face this problem as well over the course of the day. Nobody quite knows what’s going on, but really important supermarkets have been sacked. Tomorrow is Dia de Reyes, but a lot are afraid of even going out of their houses because of the possible danger. Travel to other states is impossible right now. My father went to Veracruz today because of business, and he is having problems with finding a cap, or even getting in the bus. All the shops are closing their doors. A lot of kids are not going to get their presents because of this. The situation is getting pretty aggressive. We are all very afraid

Christopher Chant and Howell Jenkins
Chrestomanci and Howl Pendragon

I’ve always wanted a crossover with these two. They’d either get along famously or try to destroy each other out of vanity, probably both… 


I’m just so in love with this ship right now. Seriously go read Magnus Chase and the sword of summer ;P

If you like my art and want to see more, you’re always welcome to check out the rest of my tumblr, in addition to the brand new pinterest i opened today!

I’m always open for prompts and commissions :)

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Who are your favorite writers?

Honestly, there are too many amazing writers that I have read to make a certain list. That is why I have my rec blog (which is still under construction) so I can showcase the pieces that have completely captured me. The vast majority of my favourite writers are on Ao3, if that narrows things down a little.

But my absolute favourite would be @versigny – I cannot go wrong with my sweet-lover-come-adoring-asshole-of-a-friend, Kappy. If you want to read the paradigm of art, I seriously recommend you hop over to her blog right now and simply drown in her entire master list. I cannot believe my utmost favourite of her pieces is a smut, since smut never really makes an impression on me nowadays, but the one I will always, eternally remember is Provident. It created such an impact, it is just gorgeously detailed. Murder me.

I’m so mad about mama and I’m seriously not trying to bring bad vibes on here but I really am right now. Mama is less then 2 weeks away and I heard nothing about Block B going. Block B had their best year this year of their whole career and showed the world that they are good group but that’s not good enough for this award show? What they didn’t agree to do the red carpet again? Told them they want their own stage and mama told them no?

And the last thing I want to hear/read is someone that knows nothing about being a BBC trying to have a opinion on how we should act. I’m up to last straw with that shit. Be one of us in full. Make them your ult group please do. Now wait I’ll say a few weeks? Yeah a few weeks for a scandal to roll through or for someone to get bored and come in and start hating for no reason. BBCs are keeping to themselves but someone always wants to poke us because they know we will try to ignore and keep calm. Now live through that and tell us how you feel. Now wait a bit more and live through another scandal again. I mean Zico’s sheer existence will bring shit talkers even if he hasn’t done a thing and is in the right. Okay now you know what a scandal feels like? Fight for your group’s placement in the industry as your fandom is getting smaller and smaller. Even in Korea. Block B has thanked the bees that have always came back to see them at their fansignings. That they even said that their fandom got tiny too and hope to get some of the fans back. Now you’re seating here like okay the Zico issue is now over, I’ve lost sleep trying to actively support Block B and making up for the dwindling fans but honestly get no where. You’re tired right? You want to relax enjoy some shows with Block B right? Hmmmm you see OT7 Block B hasn’t had one in over 2 years. They only use the V App to try to sell us Block B’s promotions. They don’t come on to say hi and spend time with us they are put there to make sure we are watching the MVs, going to see them at fansignings/music shows, and buying the albums. They gloss it over with the members doing something cute like cooking or some shit. “Well come on Shayla at least you get to see them stop complaining”. Yeah I do get something and I also get to watch them read off a script if it’s either in their hands or on cards and the PDnim and telling them they have to do this or that. The one time Jaehyo actually wanted to spend time with us they canceled it so fast it wasn’t funny.

You do nothing but your group still gets bashed on every few weeks. Having to try twice as hard to get your group anywhere both with Korean and international BBCs. Only getting to see your group now when it time to make money.
So please be one of us and understand us before you have the right to judge us. Be one of us without having another group to run to when times get hard and you get bored.

LITERALLY HERE ARE MY MOST FAVORITE HAWKSILVER FICS OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD mainly because I die of hysterical laughter every time I read them and because they’re amazing okay like seriously go read them. Enjoy!

Bad Lines
His Words (author’s tumblr)
Much More Than a Prank War
pull me back if you want to fly (author’s tumblr)
Knowing Where to Run
A Flash of Blue (author’s tumblr)
Any Hawksilver thing by this author (eight in total as of 5.8.15) (author’s tumblr (2) (3)
Screw Dinner
Wishing to be the friction in your jeans

You Didn’t Hear That Coming?
A Song to Keep Us Warm
Something About This One

(This will be updated as I find more.)
These are seriously amazing; like, even if you don’t ship it you should read the things. XD They’re awesome as heck. <3

{mentioning you, fangirl-4evah, because of the AO3 dilemma, and I need you to fully understand the shipping problem; saunter-vaguely-into-a-bookshop, rainydaydaydreaming, and moviegeek03 because I don’t know how much of this you’ve read, but these are beautiful. <3}

“Laura Hollis is the most complex math equation you have ever encountered in your life.
You’ve known for a while that something’s off with her, that something’s not right. Something has seriously fucked that girl up. But you have never previously observed her from as close as you have been able to recently, with all the running in the mornings and the going to her games with Kirsch. There’s just something about her that doesn’t make sense and your brain - despite all the trauma it’s gone through or maybe because of it - can’t shake the curiosity.” 

White Blank Page by zbrockman (tumblr: sedinbrothers) and antisocialgod (tumblr: hedalexsa)

Summary: Laura’s mother leaves and Laura has to deal with the fact that she’s unwanted.

Pairing: Hollstein

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this story and if you’re not reading it you’re seriously missing out on some amazing writing. 

Find it here: (AO3)

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You are Kevin Feige now! GO!


Well, as my first order of business, I greenlight a Black Widow movie. Then I put YOU in charge of the MCU because your ideas are much better than mine. (Seriously, read @blueincandescence‘s answers HERE.) Next I run away screaming from all the MCU responsibility (and use my producer powers to resurrect Hannibal for a fourth season, but I digress). My final act as Kevin Feige is to go to the movies and watch the next MCU phase with the satisfaction of knowing I did the right thing. ;)

But you asked me what *I* would do, sigh, so let me try to actually think of something.

MOAR WOMEN. Seriously. Sometimes I stop and think about the ratio of male heroes to female in the MCU, and I’m reminded of the time a student of mine saw my Black Widow shirt and commented, “There aren’t that many girl heroes.” :( And the female characters that DO exist don’t have their own movies. I know the source material contains more male heroes, but…how can that change if we don’t, you know, change it?

No more Bryan Tyler composing for any MCU movies. Me-as-Kevin will allow Michael Giacchino and Henry Jackman automatically, everyone else will need to be considered. (The power is already going to my head.)

I’d ask the writers/directors/production teams working on Marvel movies to be more adventurous and individual in each movie. I’d ask for movies that can simultaneously function as standalone films with unique aesthetics and finite stories with definitive beginnings, middles, and ends. They can still connect into an overarching story, but I think we’ve reached a point where the serialized nature of the movies is actually interrupting emotional continuity. And the stories are getting less focused. I’m also getting weary of the sanitary sameness of the MCU’s aesthetic. It’s feeling a little mass-produced to me.

Action sequences that don’t devolve into CGI debris whirling so fast I can’t track the action and go comatose instead. This isn’t all the MCU movies. I’ve always loved the Russo-directed fight scenes.

•Character arcs with follow-through. A lot of the emotional beats in Civil War, for instance, felt terribly underwritten to me. I had an argument with my brother about whether it made emotional sense for Tony to try to kill Bucky after the reveal about Tony’s parents. I said “yes, absolutely” and he said “but really, though?” I realized that I was doing a LOT of the storytelling legwork in my own head by extrapolating intensely about Tony’s childhood, experiences, and emotions. Headcanoning and extrapolating is fine, but when it’s the most foundational part of my emotional understanding of a character…there’s probably a writing problem. Too much flash, not enough substance: an overarching MCU issue these days. (In my opinion! *dodges the rotten fruit that’s probably flying my way*)

A very big thank you to @blueincandescence for making me speak publicly about my MCU feelings. Now I can look forward to everyone disagreeing with me. ;)

(send me a tv show/book/fandom and i’ll say the top 5 things i’d change about it)

I just finished a Series of Unfortunate Events

I’m… wow. Just… wow. 

To avoid spoilers, I’ll keep this brief but…

I FUCKING LOVED IT! And yes, I admit, I’m simple to please, but I really, REALLY enjoyed it. Anything they did change didn’t seem like too much (though, if you’re a stickler about book accuracy, take that with a grain of salt. It’s been a LONG time since I read through the books)

Just, go watch it right now, seriously. Before you can be spoiled

  • Lily: Marlene, we have a serious Code James.
  • Marlene: Well it’s not really code if you say his name.
  • Lily: He told me he liked me, and I’m gonna go make out with him right now, on his face.
  • Marlene: That’s awesome!
  • Lily: No. Read me the script.
  • Marlene: Seriously?
  • Lily: Yes!
  • Marlene: Alright: “Lily, it’s Lily Evans, head girl of Hogwarts, speaking to you through Marlene Mckinnon, friend and beautiful roommate,” thank you. “Do not do anything with James. Be responsible no matter how cute his mouth is. Your reputation is on the line!”
  • Lily: Shut up, Marlene!
  • Marlene: You wrote that.
  • Lily: No…you…then. Lily, Lily you don’t know what you’re talking about. I care about him very much, and I’ve had two and a half glasses of red wine and what that means is I’m gonna go make out with him right now, and it’s gonna be awesome.
  • Marlene: Yay!
  • Lily: No! You’re supposed to talk me out of this.
  • Marlene: No… don’t… stop…
  • Lily: Shut up Marlene, I’m doing it anyway.
  • Marlene: Yay!

Just finished Saizo’s route and I’m bursting with emotions right now. He is the sweetest guy ever?! Just look at his blushing face!! (//∇//(//∇//(//∇//) テレテレ

His route is seriously so thrilling and heart wrenching and just so sweet!!! I’m not going to be able to forget him for awhile. Too much of a deep impression on me.

In dilemma now. Should I re-read his route again or try a new character?! choices…..