seriously go read it it's so good

pros of reading Ballroom e Youkoso

1. AMAZING art style

2. diversity in body types

3. the main character isnt an idiot or a good for nothing. he actually tries and sometimes succeeds and learnes a lot and gives his all WHILE ENJOYING HIMSELF. he takes it seriously without losing the fun of it! he gives a slightly different vibe from all the other main characters i read so far

4. the characters are very different from what they seem at first glance

same person

6. the characters are very realistic. the manga basically explores what every dancer aspires to become and how they get that. different paths for different people..

cons: none

theres like a hell of a lot more i wanna share but im so bad with words i hope those pictures are enough, please go read it its so good, it made me want to dance while reading it, and i actually skipped a little on my way home! 


Stiles is standing there in his uniform, hair long and hands behind his back. There’s a blush on his cheeks and he can barely look Derek in the eye.

Stiles nibbles his lip. He’s wearing the medal Derek had presented to him. “Hey,” he whispers.

Derek stares. He doesn’t think he’s breathing anymore.

A modern day prince!Derek and soldier!Stiles AU by matildajones


hey so all of u should go read @knaccfornerdiness‘ wonderful beautiful fic “something about us” because it’s a really lovely story and it’s definitely worth your time if u love genyatta!! i love it a lot and i just had to draw a thing for it dgfgfh

hey y'all, do you like: sci-fi, WOC main characters, found family, space operas, and/or lesbians* that get a happy ending?

if you answered yes to any of the above GO READ ‘THE LONG WAY TO A SMALL, ANGRY PLANET’ RIGHT THE FUCK NOW

*technically one of the characters is bi/pan and the other’s sexuality is never explicitly defined, but in any case my point here is that two women have a relationship and neither of them die or really have anything particularly traumatizing happen to them (and one of the women involved is the main character)


There are so many super neat Undertale comics in progress right now, it’s honestly a little bit intimidating. But! One of the advantages of that is being able to draw inspiration from them. I may not be working digitally or working off of my own premise like most comics are, but it’s really neat to see other people working with the characters in their own ways…which brings me to the point of this blurb.

One of the most inspirational comics that I’ve been following as I work on the graphic novel is @xxtc-96xx’s Endertale. It’s a comic following the True Pacifist run, specifically a version where Frisk pulled some shenanigans in order to save Asriel and now they’re living out a fantastic life with their friends and new family. There’s only one problem, though… Chara’s not exactly on board with this idea. Chara wants a reset and is going to get it by whatever means necessary, since Frisk has firmly decided that they don’t want to destroy the happy future they’ve managed to get for everyone. And thus…Frisk endures a lot of torture and flashbacks and suffering courtesy of our favorite ghost friend (which is what the doodle of UTGN Frisk and Chara is a reference to).

The comic is adorable and hilarious for part of the time and for a lot of the time it’s incredibly intense and suspenseful. I’m always super excited when the next part comes in on my dash. It’s very well done and the art style and story and character work are marvelous.
It’s a huge inspiration to me as an Undertale comic artist because well, it’s just so amazing and well-received, and getting to follow a comic like that gives me hope for the future of mine. Mine will never be quite as imaginative and well-done as Endertale, but I can always try.

I look forward to seeing more of Endertale in the future. @xxtc-96xx, excellent work so far and thank you so much for being such a big inspiration to me.

(and if you’re here and have no idea what the heck I’m talking about gO rEAd Endertale)

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Have you read a manhwa called Blood Bank? Its a gay bdsm thing between a vampire and a human and listen. I thought I was going in for the smut but like 20 chapters in i was living for the plot and characters. And unlike a lot of yaoi type comics it doesn't have weird skeevy tropes and the relationship is consensual and it even has fleshed out good female characters and positive heterosexual relationships. It's like captive prince; thought I was getting smut and got a ton of good plot too

Ooooh, I am intrigued. 

*1 hour earlier*
“Aight, let’s draw something delightful!”


…Well that sure as fuck ain’t delightful…

Anyway, I can seriously recommend the ‘Shadows and light’ series -

- It’s. So. Freaking. Good (And heartbreaking to the point of frustration, but really, it’s great, you should go read it)

everyone do yourself a real fuckin favor and read @melancholymango‘s latest fic Feelings on Fire (Guess I’m a Bad Liar) 

i am DISTRAUGHT that i can’t read this for seven years straight, there simply isn’t the time. THIS FIC IS SO GOOD. lance is cursed to tell only the truth to and about the person he lies to and about the most (keith,, duh). SO CUTE. SO GREAT. i’m seriously GOING to explode i’m fucking,,,,, never ever getting over this kms now

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Favourite Hannibal fanfictions?

Ooooh so this is a tough one! I still kind of see myself as a newbie in regards to the fandom, so I’m still reading/finding/perusing fanfics and trying to learn names. So far, this is what I’ve found! I’m putting the names of the authors as they are on Ao3 if you guys want to go check them out as well! Feel free to add on if you can think of any recommendations as well, guys!

-’Redemption’ by HouseofCannibals is seriously so good and beautiful and engaging with its gritty edge of prison life and the realities of such a rough institution with a shameless warden. Can’t wait for an update tbh, it kills me to wait, but it’s so worth it every time.

-’Il Ragazzo e il Suo Monstro’ by Phos is so unique and breathtaking. Their descriptions of the mental state of a young Will Graham just wrecks me, and I am honestly taken aback at how beautiful they craft the plot while maintaining those wonderful elements of the show that we all love and adore.

-’Bound’ by Norgbelulah is so fun and unique! Basically just picture a nordic/viking Hannibal and a monk Will Graham and BAM. So fun, so well done, and so happy whenever I see an update.

-’The Fox’s Wedding’ by TheHoyden is a cute one-shot where Will Graham gets abducted and it’s as hilarious as it is adorable and fluffy. Love, love, love

-’The Tale of Prince William Graham and the Insufferable Dragon Hannibal Lecter’ by Ghostwriter98 is basically the best mash-up of Shrek and Hannibal EVER. So funny, so gut-wrenchingly hilarious, and honestly…a Princess Alana stuck in a tower just is so amazing I can’t handle myself.

-’Omiai’ by Iesika is a lovely and chilling au whose descriptions of the macabre and dark know no bounds, and I’m obsessed. It picks up around where his encephalitis is actually cured by Hannibal rather than left to run rampant, and their work is so sharp and utterly lovely to read.

-’Night Shift’ by Possessivenoun –okay, basically anything written by Possessivenoun because it’s all so good and amazing and fucking fantastic. I think this one is my favorite by them, although they also have ‘Dark Wonders’, ‘Behold the Lamb’ and those are equally recommended and loved.


I have never really felt the urge to “make” anything for a fic/show I got into, but I felt absolutely compelled to once I read @macbetha’s MakoHaru fic Coral and Bone. She’s an incredibly talented writer, and the story is absolutely captivating.

Since I can’t draw for the life of me, I fiddled around with some editing apps and made some gifs of some of my favoritelines/scenes/motifs from the fic that I found particularly poignant. 🌈

I feel like I’ve been a crazy obsessed fan, so thank you for putting up with me!! 💗❤️

Take a Break

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (romantic + gender neutral)

Prompt: University/College AU. School just started back up, and you’re already swamped with the amount of work you have to do. You put all your focus on finishing as quickly as possible, but your boyfriend reminds you that you deserve a break.

Warning(s): Nothing that I’m aware of

Word count: 853

A/N: This is just a little blurb and not a full out fic, but I still thought it would be cute so I wrote it. I’ve been having intense Bucky feels and I blame @buckyywiththegoodhair and her “A Lesson in Love” series (seriously. go read it.) Anyways this probably unoriginal and not very good but I live for au’s so its fine. It got a little longer than a blurb, but alas. Enjoy :))

To say you were stressed would be an understatement. You didn’t understand how you were already so swamped with work in only the second week back. It probably wasn’t even as much work as it felt like, but going from having a few months free of stressful assignments and projects, to this, makes it seem like a lot more. 

You’re aware of this idea and would acknowledge it as true, but that doesn’t make it feel any less taxing. That’s why you really can’t be bothered to answer whoever is at your door, leaving your roommate to deal with the incessant knocking as you carry on, engrossed in your work.

You glance up for a moment to see Bucky trying to maneuver around the piles of books and papers you have spread all around you. He sits down next to you on the ground, where you’ve parked yourself in the middle of the floor. He stays quiet for a minute waiting to see if you shift your attention to him, but when he realizes that you’re too busy scribbling away in a notebook he says, “You haven’t been answering your phone.”

At that, you look up and stop your writing. He doesn’t look mad and for that you’re thankful; a lot of significant others would be irritated at the idea that they were being ignored. Bucky wasn’t like that, and he knew that there was probably a valid reason as to why you weren’t answering his calls, so he decided to come check on you in person.

“Yeah I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy with all the work I already have to do. I don’t know how I’m supposed to finish it all in time. I have to work tomorrow night and I know that we were supposed to go out, but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to do all that.”

Bucky could tell that you were starting to become overwhelmed and he hated seeing how it affected you when things started to pile up. School meant a lot to you and you thought that everything had to be done perfectly regardless of if it left you time to sleep or not. It can get to a really unhealthy level if you let it, so he tries to do what he can to keep it from doing so.

Bucky grabs your hand and makes sure you’re looking at him when he says, “That’s okay, babe. We can go out anytime, but I wanna make sure that you’re able to enjoy yourself when we do. We’ll go another time, and that’ll leave you with a few extra hours to get some work done.”

You looked at him warily because the two of you had been looking forward to tomorrow night. “Are you sure, buck?” you asked him, the tone of your voice cluing him in about the doubts you were having.

“Yes. I promise. I’d rather go out another time than have you be more overwhelmed than necessary. You have to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself even though you feel like you have to get everything done.” You smiled at his reply because he knew you so well. You had planned on a really late night in anticipation for your busy day tomorrow, and you were already dreading how tired you would feel in the morning. “But there is something you could do to make it up to me. You know, now that we’re not going out tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” a laugh rising from your throat, knowing that whatever he had to say next could be a range of things.

“Cuddle with me?” he asked, with a hopeful look on his face.

“Bucky, I don’t have time to take a break. I have to keep working.”

“Please y/n. Besides when was the last time you took a break?”

“I haven’t had time for one. I’ve been working since I got home,” you replied sheepishly knowing that you may be overworking yourself.

“And what time was that, hmm?”

“I don’t know, Buck. A couple of hours ago? I’ve  been trying to get this done.”

“Well I think that it’s time for you to have a break. You deserve it if you’ve been working for that long. Besides I came all the way here to see you,” he said with a smug look on his face, knowing that it was impossible for you to deny a chance to cuddle with him for very long.

He jumped up from the floor suddenly, offering you his hand. You stared at it for a second trying to resist the urge, but reluctantly grabbed a hold. He helped you up and made his way to your bed, with you trailing behind him. He laid down and made himself comfortable, opening up his arms so you could situate yourself within them. 

You looked up at him and said, “If I fall asleep, wake me up in a hour. I mean it.”

He chucked at this, and pressed a kiss to the top of your head, “Just relax, you deserve it.”

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I know you've been getting this a lot, but I really love your comic- best part of my crappy sick week was finding it! :D I love how dynamic your panels are, and -in the most recent one specifically- how you present such interesting points I haven't really seen in a reveal story... And I read a lot of them xD It's so good it's the only one I can't help but read in the voices of the original cast without even thinking about it! Keep up the amazing work <3

Wow thank you, that seriously means a lot! I tried to write these characters like they are in the show (and I think Adrien’s gone a liiiiiiittle bit out of character, but only because we’ve never truly seen him get super pissed).

And I’m glad you mentioned the interesting points, that’s what I was going for - meaningful conversations that fans may or may not have thought about. I do hope the show gets deeper, I still feel like we’re only seeing the surface of a lot of these characters.

A few sketches as appreciation for Savior Complex by @blairtrabbit <3
If you want a really good piece of OPM readin’, I strongly recommend to check it out - I love the world building and the character development and all the little details in it, it’s so well written with clearly a LOT of thought gone into it!

These sketches show a few of the scenes from the first chapters, ft. Poor Anxious Borg

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What are your favorite au's, and what are your favorite stories from each one?

Heeey.  My favorites au’s are:




Wow there’s a lot of fics and it isn’t even close to all of my favorites but I put the most memorable of them.  - Admin Bia


So…sudden inspiration hit and I had to draw some fanart for @kazliin amazing “Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches” fic, these particular scenes happen in chapter 9! Seriously, go read it, you won’t regret it.

The quality sucks please forgive me.
( T ~ T )

Hey for anybody EVER who has to read Shakespeare for school.

Imma tell you a little secret.

Go watch an adaptation.

NO SERIOUSLY. But you need to find the good ones, like the 3 hour BBC ones where nothing was cut to make it more of a manageable film length. Any of the Kenneth Branaugh ones are pretty good, if its a BBC thing or a recording of the play or even a mini series. WATCH IT. 

See the problem with school making kids read Shakespeare is that the language is so totally alien your constantly having to stop and read the little notes to know what harken means or whatever. It does not make for a fun or even mildly engaging read. It’s tedious.

But the thing is Shakespeare plays are ACTUALLY pretty fun. Even the tragedies will usually cut away to the two guards basically telling sex jokes and none of that really comes across when you read it. But when you see it PERFORMED and ACTED you understand what the words mean even if you don’t understand their literal definitions. (It also helps to watch with subtitles because then your seeing the weird words as they say them, I find it helps it all stick. And suddenly you’ll actually pick up on the drama and the comedy and you might even end up liking some of them. Then if you actually go back and read the play, it will go much better because you remember how they said that line in that scene etc.

Shakespeare wasn’t meant to be read, it was meant to be PERFORMED. I would say reading classics for school in conjunction with watching adaptations has generally helped me actually absorb and enjoy some of these older stories where the very different prose style could be a bit of a barrier.

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I saw your BotW Asks are still open so can you maybe draw Zelda cutting her hair short (like to her shoulders) and Link is shocked but loves it (and maybe don't do this part but he decides to cut his hair too and messes it up so Zelda fixes it and cuts it more pretty short for him but it lowkey looks amazing) thanks :D


This is actually from @rachaeltad-writes ‘s fic From the Ground Up. If you haven’t read it you should really give it a look! It’s really good, and i’m really excited to read the next chapter cuz it just came out >u> 

Week 4: Sunday, September 17th to Sunday, September 24th, 2017 

Welcome to Week 4 of “Aileen´s Reading List”. As always, I read tons of stories, but picked out the once i loved the most which I am going to recommend down here. I chose 30 fics this week which I thought were amazing and i reread them a lot. i though loved all stories i read. if you want your story to be put on this beautiful list, message me or tag me in it :) i love to spread happiness plus i am happy if you guys are. 


xx-aileen <3 

1. “Clean”  by @reids-corner 

i really enjoyed reading your writing. it was cute and so good. it´s a serious topic, but i really liked the way you handled it <3 

2. Wake Me Up - Spencer Reid by @playlist-reid

this was cute and good as hell <3 i really enjoyed reading it. well done! 

3. Good to Know by @traceyaudette

this was one of the funniest writings i read this week :D i can really imagine hotch in such a conversation like that :) well done! 

4. Te echo de menos by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

hi, i love you for writing perfect luke stories <3 this one was perfection, can we be friends so you can teach me how to write like this? 

5. In Your Footsteps: Part 5 by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

bring on the angst <3 i already gave you feedback on your new part of this serie, but i am willing to repeat myself. it was so so good and not what i expected at all. i need them together again. she can not handle this alone. 

6. S5E21 - Exit Wounds by @cm-drabbles

this was so good and funny and idk i just can always imagine this being part of a real episode <3 

7. Moments Series (2): ´Stay`  by @reidimagines

i really loved the second part of your serie :) i think it will turn out really good and i am so excited for what is about to come. <3

8. Loss by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

i am still hurting from reading this writing. it was so heartbreaking. my poor baby. (but i really enjoyed reading it because angst <3)

9. His Infinity by @dontshootmespence

this was so cute awww. i loved it. can i have a boyfriend like spencer thanks.

10. Paw Prints by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars 

ROXY OMG. i love her. okay besides adding roxy, the story itself was good af. <3 

11. Canine Comfort by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

same with this one. i love reading stories about luke´s time with the rangers. <3 

12. I´ve Got Your Back by @consulttheoracle

this was literally so good. i am a sucker for emily x sister!reader fics and this one is def one of my favs <3 well done! 

13. Washington´s Payoff by @dontshootmespence

i literally died bc this was the funniest thing ever. it was such a masterpiec. i really liked it <3 

14. A Friendly Face by @omg-imagine

AWWW HOTCH <3 i just reread it bc i love it so much :) really good writing! 

15. Caged - Part 12 by @dontshootmespence

i just can´t help myself anymore. i deeply fell in love with this serie. seriously, every time i get a notification of you updating caged i literally freak it. it´s perfect and i love reading it. <3 (btw is there a masterlist for caged?)

16. two sporks in love // s.r. // by @thefandomsmultiverse

this was so cute and good and very well written! i love it <3 

17. Love Songs - 2 by @traceyaudette 

the chapters are short, but i still love it! i can feel that this serie will rock! 

18. You´re Special  by @butsomeofusarelookingatthestars

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww….like yes, thanks. idk, i´m at loss for words bc i deeply wished and imagined that would be me! 

19. The One After Her: A Relationship in Pieces (Part 10) by @stunudo

i just discovered this serie so i still need to check out all of the previous chapters but i love it! it´s perfect <3 and angst <3 

20. Criminal Minds AU Episode 14: Due Date (Part 5) by @remember-me-forever-silent-angel

omg i love ally so much <3 i really enjoyed reading this part. it was really good. you are such a talented writer. i wish i would be as good as you. it was perfect <3 

21. Office Secret, Ch.9 by @teeswritingescape

let me tell you that this story is confusing the hell out of me. but i am so in love with it <3 

22. Shifting Narratived - Part Five  by @illegalcerebral

you are such a talented and gifted writer :) it´s perfect. i really love this serie and i need to know more about Y/N. <3

23. Heartbreak (Spencer Reid x reader) by @spxcxrrxid

this story made its name all honor like it literally broke my heart reading this but spencer was so good and i loved reading it! well done <3

24. S6E2 - JJ  by @cm-drabbles

idk what´s going on but you guys were killing me this week with your angsty stuff. this one was part of the “squad”. like seriously my poor heart. it broke in a million pieces. idk what i would have done if it would havebeen like this in the show…i think i would have died…a million times…over again.

25. Light at the End of the Tunnel by @dontshootmespence

this was amazing and so well written. it´s such an important topic (which i tend to struggle with too), but you handled it so well. very good writing! <3 

26. Penelope & Derek´s Matchmaking Service by @huh-imagine-that

i just discovered your writing yesterday evening and let me tell you it felt pretty real. like i can totally imagine penelope and derek doing things like this. it was very well written <3 

27. We All Fall Down - Nineteen by @criminal-minds-fanfiction

i really enjoyed reading this part of your writing <3 i am always looking forward to it bc i love this serie. things are starting to get very interesting and i can not wait for the next part.

28. Take It Away by @not-moose-one-shots

a very well written story <3 anxitey is a serious topic and you handled it pretty well! i really really enjoyed reading it. (btw people it´s not cool to steal other people writings. it´s not that hard to actually credit them for their work.)

29. Promises, Pledges and Vows by @dontshootmespence 

i sobbed. this was perfect and pure and overall goals. <3 

30. S6E4 - Compromising Positions by @cm-drabbles​

your drabbles are life. i love them! <3 

A/N: this was this week´s reading list. i hope you enjoyed and i could spread some happiness. have a great week! 

xx, aileen